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  1. Ok, I’m looking at a road trip to Italy in October. Is there a Europe wide electronic toll / pass I can get or do I need one for France, one for Germany, one for Switzerland and one for Italy? Anyone know what the score is? Ta verily
  2. Most employers will look to ‘last in, first out’ because it’s the cheapest route - you’re binning off people who haven’t been there long and who haven’t hit the magic 2 years where the employee has to be treated fairly. However, most employers will dress up a different looking points based scheme to get to the same result else it could be seen as a form of indirect age Discrimination because last in first out will invariably effect the younger members of staff.
  3. This Bang on I’ve been saying this from Day 1 👍
  4. I am a fan of the Q5. How many miles do you see yourself doing and are you in your own business? £10k gets you a brand new Q5 (with no bills on it) for 3 years plus. If you buy a second hand Q7 with miles on it for £10k then after 3 years that’s going to be worth at best £5k and you will do a few bob in maintenance I bet.
  5. Mungler

    Cold Frames,

    I like the brick ones but reckon access and plant maintenance would be a faff.
  6. I watched that and: 1. His jumper was the giveaway to what was coming 2. it’s all too precious for me - part of the reason I like the Flavia system is it is sachet in, press button and you get a coffee that doesn’t disappoint every time and there’s zero maintenance, set up or cleaning (life’s just too short right) 3. As I understand it, the Aldi £299 bean to cup machine is pants and before you get anywhere near to a machine Captain Precious Jumper Silly Round-Glasses will drink, you’re looking at spending at least twice that and that’s before buying any actual coffee. Don’t get me wrong I like to waste money on tat that amuses or interests me and my shopping excesses / wastages are too numerous to list but I just can’t see the day where I spend £600 plus on a coffee machine. Will that deliver a cup of coffee that is £600 better than what I have now? No.
  7. I’ve been down this long and winding road. It all changed about 7 years ago when I visited a garage to buy a car and got a coffee out of a Flavia coffee machine. Looked into it - made by Marrs confectionary and the cheapest per cup serving of any pod / vacu sachet type machine and which appealed to the accountant in me. Easy to use and clean, cheap to run and no messing / faffing about with maintenance. Never looked back and I’ve tried them all. Lavazza Italian roast or espresso for me (I like my coffee the way I like my men etc 😆)
  8. Mungler

    Lord Geordie

    I’m in for a whip round. Can Teal or the mods set up something official and hold the bag?
  9. Mungler

    Lawn damage.

    Get a nasty dog and a long bit of rope.
  10. Mungler

    Lord Geordie

    Blimey. Hope he’s alright. That’s going to be stress.
  11. Another vote for the Makita. The whole range is magnificent; they do a battery leaf blower and hedge cutters too. All lightweight and cracking bits of kit.
  12. Mungler

    Lamb Meat Boxes

    Teal - send me a PM with how much and how you want paying - happy to do that bit now.
  13. Mungler

    Lamb Meat Boxes

    Only just seen this thread - did I miss the lamb boat? If I did, no worries, if not can I get two whole lamb boxes please. Ta very.
  14. I’ve got 3 teenagers in the house - we do a loaf a day and so automation is key. I fell back into this with the lock down and when the bag of flour I ordered off amazon turned out to be 16 kilos - in fairness we’re over half way through it (running at 1/2 kg a day).
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