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  1. Cat, so sorry to hear this.
  2. Adjali and Front View offered up so far, but with other distractions this week I haven’t really been able to get my head into a form guide yet. So what’s everyone wasting their money on today? 😆😝😂
  3. I’m no fan of referendums - the Scottish one in a lifetime vote now appears to be once a year or as many times until the SNP get the result they want. Ditto for Brexit. However, correct me if I’m wrong, but without decent a oil price and English support, Scotland is no better than Greece but without the sunshine, the history, the culture or the olive oil 😝 Discuss.
  4. Mungler


    Yes, the theory (put forward by the police and alarm company) was that cars stolen to order have to first be spotted and located and that means someone looking them in a car that doesn’t have stolen plates and is not drawing attention to themselves ie wearing a hoodie. The logic was that if you lived down a cul de sac and collected the details of every car that ever entered the road (and perhaps the driver’s face) then there may be a later link back in the event of a crime and failing that anyone entering the road in the first place may then strike that road off their list ie not return and go and find someone else to steal from.
  5. Mungler


    I’ve got CCTV at home but previous experience is that they turn up in hoodies and masks, and the masks have UV thread in them so all you get is a bright blur. CCTV is sort of a deterrent in that they may want to go to house with no CCTV but on the whole I think it’s looking like a waste of time. The insurers have asked I get Vodafone tracker fitted and I’ve got an old fashioned steering wheel lock - I got a combination one because the easier it is to use the more likely I will use it What we really need is more physical police and the local council not to turn all the streetlights off at midnight in order to save on their leccy bills.
  6. Mungler


    As above: 1. GDPR? I will await Contact from the GDPR police - I hope they don’t kick in my front door at 3 am for a list of the vehicles traversing the cul de sac. 2. physical barrier on road on at individual property level is just aggravation - coming, going, post, milk, deliveries, guests etc. Don’t get me wrong, if I lived in SW1 and my neighbours were all rich Arabs we’d deffo be having the whole man in a hut at the top of the road by now 😝
  7. Mungler


    Nice one Gordon - the link at the bottom of the amazon page to ‘what people bought’ has a couple of rated products in the hundreds and not the thousands.
  8. Mungler


    So, not that long ago I was sniffing for info about bollards because of local vehicle thefts. Well the bloke 6 doors up the road has had his new 4x4 stolen off his drive last Tuesday at 1 am. The thieves appear to have arrived in a Tesla 3 with moody plates. In all the Esso garages they have a number plate recognition system - if your car number plate doesn’t stack up (tax, mot, vehicle registered etc) then the pump auto locks and you can’t get fuel even if paying by cash. Not sure if the tech stretches to matching plate to car or car colour though. The tech seems simple enough - OCR the plate, quick handshake with DVLA or whatever Database sits behind the ASK MID System. If you operate a private car park you can licence a commercial system - they’re everywhere now. Anyone got any experience of these systems and could I run one at home? My house is at the top of a cul de sac and recording everything coming in and out of the close could be easily captured. Needless to say police say they’re giving up on the missing car now 😝 Edit I should add that the cars going missing in a cul de sac will have to be scoped out first to be targeted. Just having a record of who has been in and out of the road will be a good start
  9. Just to add, he said that all the motoring manufacturers lie their backsides off about battery range and in winter if you use headlights, windscreen wipers, heaters, ac, the stereo then it’s anyone’s guess, hence the constant anxiety. He said that until you get one you won’t know 😝 I suppose that if you jump on a train everyday to London and your missus will only use the car to pootle to the shops and her mates during the week then go mad. Saying that every once in a while (at least once a year) I’ll do a long journey - this May I’m driving with a mate to Italy and back (and yes the route will include an autobahn). No chance of doing that in an electric car.
  10. There are a whole load more electric cars on the road following the P11D change - this year a wholly electric company car will cost you £0. That’s quite an incentive. I have to change my work lease car at the end of March and I nearly went electric but my brother who has had A variety of electric cars for 5+ years and who has this year gone back to petrol, swung me not to do it. He says the pros are speed and torque and fill up cost, but the pros are outweighed by the whole charging routine and rigmarole, the constant anxiety of running out of juice if you are on a journey of more than 50 miles (which of course is but 25 miles there and 25 miles on the return) and the soulless driving experience. Also, he said to keep your eyes open for what cars you see in the back of breakdown trucks - I’ve been looking and the amount of electric cars is an eye opener given that they amount for probably less than 1% of cars on the road. I reckon wait 3 years and for the major manufacturers to cycle through 1st / 2nd generation and the country to get better grip of the whole ‘charging away from home’ thing.
  11. I might get some plastic drainpipe and make a look a like 😝
  12. Random I know, but has anyone here had any fitted and if so any hints, tips or tricks? Also a price indication would be great, I don’t know if we’re talking £1000 or £10,000. Round my way cars are going off driveways every night; we check the CCTV once in a while when one gets lifted Nearby and on average there’s someone on the drive and looking at the cars once a week. They have masks and hoodies and aren’t bothered by flood lights or cctv. It’s a combination of lack of policing and the local authority in their infinite wisdom turning all the streetlights off at night. Anyways, I’m seeing loads of driveways with these bollards springing up and wondered what the score was. Ta very.
  13. 1990, Day 1 at Manchester, our course lecturer gives a speech which starts with ‘ah you’re all here, you’re all right on and ready to change the world eh; I bet you’ve all even signed up with the Socialist Worker lot?’ He then starts laughing to himself and says ‘ah the naivety of youth, give it 10 years and you start to pay tax and you’ll soon be voting Tory’. That’s always stuck with me because it’s true. People will be groovy and woke for so long as it suits them and their personal identity at any particular time. My Humanities studying housemate at the time (who long term wanted to be a stockbroker) joined the Student Socialist Worker Party only because he thought it would make him more appealing to the opposite sex 😝 Daft naive young people don’t tend to stay that way forever; they have to grow up, get employed / run a business, pay tax, become a parent and so on. If labour are counting on retaining the young vote when it matures, well they really shouldn’t.
  14. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone etc. My list is long as the next man’s but I won’t put it up on here because you don’t know who is reading this 😝
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