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  1. Where abouts are you squire and what are you looking for cash wise, I‘m near Brentwood
  2. In the past I’ve had an AL391 in wood and in synthetic and an Extrema 2 - probably should have kept hold of one of those. I’m looking at the Maxus Carbon fibre, but can’t find one in Essex
  3. It’s been a while since I’ve been gun shopping and was wandering what the current synthetic semi of choice is. Something that needs next to no maintenance, is lightweight, can go in the dishwasher if need be and if I drop it I won’t cry. My favourite site picture is the standard beretta - flat rib, bead on end etc. I can’t get my head round anything with a stepped rib etc. I was going to go with my beretta pump, but that’s pretty heavy recoil on the face with a heavy load. So, what’s the recommendation and what’s about Essex way? Cheers all.
  4. Mungler


    I’ve followed it and thought it superb for the ‘graft’ that went into it - the sheer work put in by the actors, the work put in by the researchers and through to costumes and set designers. It’s factual and accurate, it’s insightful, it’s entirely harrowing without being gory and does not sensationalise etc. If you were a loon watching this looking to hero worship or get some tips, well you’d come up short. I felt enormous sympathy for the investigating officers and the horrors they witnessed at that time and in an era where they would have been expected to suck it up, draw a li
  5. I really hope that some good will come of this and we get all the laws necessary (and more) to stop the ever growing scourge of lawless travellers. I do wonder how we as a country reached this point, where overt and endemic criminality goes unprosecuted and unpunished.
  6. eBay is good for body parts. There was I, on private land smoking a fag whilst reversing the car and on the phone... Audi wanted £500 for the whole sealed light unit. £50 later, copy part off eBay and Bobs your uncle.
  7. I couldn’t understand why Maxwell was so stupid enough to hang around in the US or indeed any country where she could be reached by the US government. You would have thought that she’d have got her running shoes on as soon as the Netflix documentary came out.
  8. Mungler

    Heads up

    So as to not self incriminate, I am aware that some people in a camera zone will determine speed off their sat nav (because it’s more accurate than the speedo) and then adjust to +10% and +2 mph on top, because that was commonly understood to be the threshold before prosecution eg in a 50 mph you’d be alright doing up to and including 57 mph. And despite what the holier than brigade say, it is entirely possible to do this on clear and quiet roads not in built up areas (eg the M3). The OP’s story is an eye opener.
  9. Ok, I’m looking at a road trip to Italy in October. Is there a Europe wide electronic toll / pass I can get or do I need one for France, one for Germany, one for Switzerland and one for Italy? Anyone know what the score is? Ta verily
  10. Most employers will look to ‘last in, first out’ because it’s the cheapest route - you’re binning off people who haven’t been there long and who haven’t hit the magic 2 years where the employee has to be treated fairly. However, most employers will dress up a different looking points based scheme to get to the same result else it could be seen as a form of indirect age Discrimination because last in first out will invariably effect the younger members of staff.
  11. This Bang on I’ve been saying this from Day 1 👍
  12. I am a fan of the Q5. How many miles do you see yourself doing and are you in your own business? £10k gets you a brand new Q5 (with no bills on it) for 3 years plus. If you buy a second hand Q7 with miles on it for £10k then after 3 years that’s going to be worth at best £5k and you will do a few bob in maintenance I bet.
  13. Mungler

    Cold Frames,

    I like the brick ones but reckon access and plant maintenance would be a faff.
  14. I watched that and: 1. His jumper was the giveaway to what was coming 2. it’s all too precious for me - part of the reason I like the Flavia system is it is sachet in, press button and you get a coffee that doesn’t disappoint every time and there’s zero maintenance, set up or cleaning (life’s just too short right) 3. As I understand it, the Aldi £299 bean to cup machine is pants and before you get anywhere near to a machine Captain Precious Jumper Silly Round-Glasses will drink, you’re looking at spending at least twice that and that’s before buying any actual coffee. Don’t get
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