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  1. Back then when this is alleged to have all been going on no one cared and with the first brush with the law Epstein negotiated what they call a "sweet heart deal". Indeed, before Epstein this wasn't on anyone's radar nor were the possible consequences or long term ramifications. I still reckon there's yet to come, something big and juicy coming over the horizon and which forced the palace to chop Andrew off at the knees. After all - this is but one civil claim, he's denied it, they all surely believe him and would like to stand shoulder to shoulder with him in his fight to clear his good name? 🙂
  2. Even at 17 she’s just a kid, an abused kid. No voice, no ability to push back, no parental support structure. No ability to question authority or adults with power and money. I have recently had to sort some **** out for a couple of kids / young adults and you forget that they know absolutely **** all and are at the start of trying to find their way in life. They just don’t have the wherewithal or wisdom that comes with age and life experiences to understand when and how they are being manipulated and when they do work it out, what are they going to do to a billionaire and a direct line member of the Royal family and the Queen’s favourite son. I’m at the point that this needs a proper airing, so bring it all on.
  3. If the civil suit is successful there will be calls for a proper criminal investigation again. This isn’t going to end, let alone end well for him. That interview handed the other side so much rope - he’s gone on the record about sweating, pizza express etc and they now have all the time in the world to unpick that and show lies / bad memory on his part (if they do unpick his stated story). I just can’t get my head round the advice he received about the interview or why the people around him didn’t stop him or get a grown up involved to stop him.
  4. They want to get into her medical records. If you’re abused as a young kid, chances are you will have had psychological problems at some point in your life and they will flag in your medical file. She could of course genuinely be a fantasist of sorts but that remains to be seen but what we do know is she’s been abused and chances are there’s something in her medical records which will support a theory her head’s not right. Additionally, if there is something damaging in her medical records, then the first sign of a probe by Andrew’s legal team ought to help pressurise an early settlement. Saying that there’s no way her lawyers haven’t had a good look already and I get the distinct impression that this is not a case that can be settled and there’s going to be a trial - think how much money, books, film, TV deals etc fell out of OJ etc. .
  5. This. We kicked the issue round at work over the water cooler, so to speak, and one of the guys who works with me is a true technical nerd and he went straight to ‘privity of contract’. Andrew was not named as a party to the settlement agreement and he was neither specifically mentioned nor conferred any rights in the agreement and he didn’t even know about the contents of the agreement, thus he has no legal right to enforce an agreement he didn’t know about and wasn’t a party to. Also, in most courts in the free world (and so of course I’m not talking about a court operating in the Middle East, Russia or China etc) there is a maximum that justice has to be seen to be done. Attempting to stifle a viable claim (which is demonstrably not baseless) because of a chancy technicality and with the world’s media watching - well I wouldn’t want to be that Judge. .
  6. Mungler

    Rolls Royce

    Rolls Royce are now geared to flogging their now tasteless motors to Arabs, Russians, Chinese billionaires and footballers - their clients don’t run out of money.
  7. I loved the line ‘if you want to steal £10,000 then you will need a mask and a gun, but if you want to steal £10,000,000 then you will need a pen or a laptop’. There was an interesting article in the Guardian on line (yeah I know, it’s the only free one not behind a paywall) where some girly journo flexing her woke credentials was arguing that the CEO of Theranos was getting it particularly bad because she’s a woman and all men and the prosecuting authorities are all men and misogynists. I say it was interesting only to the extent that it reminded me why I don’t and never will pay for a Guardian paper / subscription.
  8. She got her mug on the front cover of every major publication across the globe, was hailed a genius and all the while she was peddling pure nonsense - the queue of people admiring her emperor’s clothes went round the block. And what happened to old fashioned journalism and the application of intelligence?
  9. That’s right up my alley. Will listen now. Thanks.
  10. I watched the Sky documentary on Theranos and it was fascinating - she’s of a type - total narcissist and borderline nuts, but not enough to run any medical based defence because of course she knew exactly what she was doing and what was going on. I’ve just finished the ‘Man who bought cricket’ documentary about Allen Sandford on Sky and would recommend it. Before the world went nuts we stayed on the beach just down the road from the failed Four Seasons Resort in Barbados (now spookily derelict and inhabited by monkeys) and learnt the tale of Allen Sandford. Ponzi was an Italian immigrant to the US, and I think the record holding swindler remains Bernie Madhoff. Between Madoff, Sandown and now Theranos I reckon that’s £30 billion swindled and only since 2000. Yanks eh? Seems like they fall for a good presentation and any old BS. Mind you, over here there’s been plenty of monkey business with ‘unregulated’ investments like the Harlequin Property Scandal and that mob who were flogging airport car parking spaces as investments (and the airports weren’t any of the airports anyone had ever heard of). Indeed, I don’t know of a single ‘unregulated’ investment scheme that hasn’t ended in tears - most only ever get recommended to investors (aka poor old gullible pensioners) because the introducer cops a massive fee / commission. I digress.
  11. Mungler


    They are virtue signalling hypocrites of the highest order and it turns out they run their business like every other unhappy capitalist money focused entity - hoards of ex staff saying how horrendous it was to work there - brilliant.
  12. This kind of caper is a joker card subject for me and something I see everyday. Needless to say, you can’t wake up one day and ‘suddenly’ find yourself £31,000,000 in the red. The prevailing wrongful / fraudulent trading legislation is woefully inadequate. It’s a game, and like any game you shouldn’t play unless you know the rules and that means not extending credit to a company that is unlikely to pay you back. You want to borrow £50k off a bank and they will take your kidneys as security but we see trade credit arrangements for enormous sums where no one has take a PG or carried out any due diligence or insurance.
  13. Before the baying mob turn up we need to know more before judging. What caught me was the local sweet shop owner said the children were the politest and most well behaved children that would come into his shop.
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