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  1. This. We first started buying 8 years ago and since then prices have doubled - they won’t do that again and they are about to go down. Our best buy was a side plot of land in a london borough for £80k, built a 3 bedroom end of terrace on it for £100k and that’s currently worth North of £500k. Even if property values drop 50% we’re still in front and still collecting £1800 a month in rent. Long term though, the right property in the right area will always increase in value over the long term (supply and demand) and will rent out. Look for good schools and stations. Our trick
  2. I’ve got the Blackvue front and rear with battery pack hard wires into all my cars - not the cheapest but the best.
  3. Agreed, cars are depreciating assets and a total waste of money. They are impossible to make money on, even the tastier classics - the best you can hope for is your money back and a bit of fun in between.
  4. Business leasing is a different ball game and in this arena the advantages electric has over petrol / diesel are extensive. However, the average depreciation of a new car is 15-35% each year and so if you were a private individual in the habit of changing your car every year, every 3 years or even every 5 years, leasing is still likely to work out better for you. If that’s not you, or for examine you buy your cars 10 years old or to a max of £5k and then scrap them when you’re done then leasing is not for you.
  5. Indeed, it’s to encourage people to jump in and make the change and it’s good for the next 3 years which is the leasing cycle on our work cars. After 3 years we’ll have another look at what’s what and go from there. There’s business leasing deals on the new Tesla 3 at £365 a month plus VAT and that as a business expense is a no brainer. I’m looking at the Model S Ludicrous option is £790, and that has hyper car performance and a 0-60 in 2 seconds. It’s a bit of fun in an otherwise depressing world.
  6. We’ve done the maths at work and the current P11D value of a 100% electric vehicle makes them a no brainer. indeed, with the money you save you can run another car, be that 4x4 or classic. I am a total petrol head but I am realistic enough to know that combustion engine motoring is now substantially over - it’s just when not if.
  7. I wasn’t looking for sympathy. Anyone who has actually run a business will know of what I speak. 30 people x 5 minutes (min) for an individual coffee at 9 am, then again at noon and one in the afternoon. Say 15 mins a day per person (and that’s on top of toilet breaks and the morning mother’s meeting that takes place at 9 am every day etc). That’s 2000 hours a year and at an average of £17 per hour that works out to £34,000 a year right there in coffee making time (and which is why dedicated tea ladies in offices are a good idea).
  8. Let me help you with some context; our monthly wage bill is £100k.
  9. I’m not a fan of the pods purely based on the volume of coffee the office drinks and the time in motion man in me doesn’t want everyone taking 5 minutes to make a cup of coffee. I reckon the answer is a new bravilor machine 😆
  10. We are in the process of refurbishing our reception area at work and are looking at a new coffee machine. For years be have used a bravilor filter machine and kenco ground coffee by the kilo bag. In fairness it’s been brilliant and when a brew goes on people queue for a fresh one out the pot. Trouble is +10 minutes past brewing and the coffee gets that ‘brewed in the bot’ yukky flavour. So, I know there’s some coffee ultra pros on here and some vendors - so what’s the recommendation for an office and say 30 regular users. Ta very.
  11. Mungler


    Blimey. He was perhaps the last of the great counter-balances on here. I didn’t agree with much of what he said but I really enjoyed exploring the issues and having the discussion. Do we have any further details?
  12. And then there’s objectification to throw into the mix. Who knew there’d be a tat thread with deep thought thrown in. I’m still waiting for the zig and zag tat picture though 😆
  13. I find that as you get older you only regret the stuff you didn’t do, not the stuff you did.
  14. Where abouts are you squire and what are you looking for cash wise, I‘m near Brentwood
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