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  1. News reporting 25 year old Somalian male of a particular religious persuasion. Things are about to get squirrely.
  2. All the electric cars top out around the 100 mph mark which makes sense because that’s license losing speed and there’s so much traffic now at all times it’s physically impossible. My commute is stop start traffic lights on dual carriageway and a belting 0-60 is where it’s at for me. We’re waiting for delivery of a couple of Jag iPaces Black at work but the delivery has been put back twice and they’re taking stuff off the car (with no reduction in price) - we booked them a year ago and got a cracking deal and I suspect that they are trying to hack us off so we walk away and they then re-lease the cars for an extra third of the price we negotiated.
  3. So, when I was a lad Skoda was the car you didn’t want to touch with a barge pole. Ditto Kia. Oh, how the world has changed. The Kia EV GT looks like an absolute belter and it’s not going to break the bank. I’m going to see if I can get myself on what I reckon will be a long waiting list. Can I do any better or is there something else to wait for?
  4. I understand what the OP is getting at - the world seems to be lurching from one crisis / cock up to the next. One of my clients is an energy consultant and I was on the phone to him today for over an hour having my eyes opened to the enormity of the energy / carbon crisis that we can now all see, but which is just the tip of the iceberg. The numbers and examples he went through were jaw dropping, being the extra cost that businesses will face and those costs will get passed onto consumers and yes, that means prices going up and dreaded inflation. The problem with energy supply is that a plan / decision today could take a decade to come on stream. We should have been building nuclear reactors a decade ago. The anxiety is in the future - it feels like the world is currently holding its breath and waiting for some big economic collapse / catastrophe and the whole pack of cards going over. Indeed I still have no idea how the FTSE is still knocking round the 7000 mark. As for running a business, it’s impossible to plan for anything and planning for a disaster is all very negative.
  5. Hell yeah. My old man is old enough to have seen the Battle of Britain as an evacuated child, and he always said that a country needs to be able to arm itself and feed itself. We can add ‘energy’ to that list and the predictions are according to the press we’re about to be reminded that our food supply chain isn’t as robust as it should be. Couldn’t agree more. We need small scale nuclear and over multiple sites but they will take a decade plus to come on line and current lunacy suggests that we should be getting the Chinese to build them for us. ***** now to fill the gap. And that will open a budget deficit somewhere else and a new / different tax.
  6. No, if you read the reply, that figure was notional loss of income based on the quantity of midweek days shooting - it’s not a club fee. Indeed that figure shouldn’t have been intrigued into this thread because it’s misleading and the problem is no one actually reads the correction / explanation 😆
  7. It’s for retired people. Keeps them off the streets and it’s more interesting than golf 😆
  8. £3600? Is that a published joining / annual fee?
  9. ReHeated Rice, ice cubes made from / salad washed in local tap water and ice cream are classic food poisoning territory.
  10. You only need to walk down the road and smell the air or look at the proliferation of grow shops to understand it’s absolutely everywhere. If it’s everywhere and the police can’t do anything because there’s not enough cells / court time and don’t want to do anything because it means criminalising a whole load of people who outside of some rather outdated legislation are not on any definition ‘criminals’ then the Government should look to legalisation and taxation. The accountant in me tells me it’s a massive earner and an entirely new industry - the economic growth, jobs, tax etc, well the numbers are beyond compelling. All that black market money propping up the most unsavoury people - get it on the books, in a system and tax the life out of it just like booze and fags - the country needs the money desperately right now. You only need to look round the world and most of Europe now to know it’s coming and in all seriousness I’d cash out everything I could lay my hands on to get in on that investment at ground level. Back to effects, definitely not for anyone under 25 years of age. The last time I read in on the subject there was a definite question mark on its effect on a growing / developing brain.
  11. Years ago I did a double on Pierce Brosnan and Arsenal to do the double. My money would be on Tom Hardy but he’s in demand elsewhere. Long gone are the days when a slight male like Moore or Connery would do, whoever it is they will have to be a bit of a Unit.
  12. I have been looking at knot videos on You Tube following the loss of my leader line whilst hooking and wrestling with a monster. All my own fault, wrong knot and poorly executed. Problem is I find, unless you’re tying regularly it’s in one ear and out the other for me 😆
  13. Jangly leg syndrome- put a bar of soap under the corner of the mattress. It’s mad, just do it and report back 😆 Cannabis legalisation is coming, because there’s £1 billion of annual tax revenue with it. As for the ‘it’s so bad for you’, well I’ve seen what booze can do to people and let’s face it, we can all go and get smashed 24/7 but the majority of us don’t through free choice. I was told by a high ranking copper that the only draw back to cannabis legalisation was the unintended consequence of taking a nice regular cash earner out of the hands of the great unwashed who use dealing cannabis for income - it’s not as though they are going to retrain and jump on a brick laying course, they’re going to look to burglary and fraud etc. and so plod are concerned not to upset that existing eco system.
  14. As much info in the ad as possible and exchange photos of FAC’s over WhatsApp. I tend to only deal with people who have years on here, who I have worked out to be normal and who to the greater extent have on line reputations to protect.
  15. I need a simple bit of software to generate some floor plans for a house, in the much the same way as you might see on a set of estate agent's particulars. I've looked at this before and I know there's very expensive software out there for industry experts, but I am looking for cheap and cheerful floor plans to go with a DIY application to the local planning department. I did see on amazon, there is a laser room measuring device and which promises free floor plan building software with it (and such that the device talks to the software and can build a plan for you) - anyone know anything about this before I go wasting my money on amazon.... Cheers all.
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