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  1. I get the flu jab each year, now as a matter of routine; you feel a bit rough / dopey for a week but that's it and if you do actually get the flu, you only get 'flu lite'. My mantra for the winter months is half a 1000 mg tablet of effervescent vitamin C (redoxin tablets) every single day and not to pick your nose; it's taken me a while, but I've worked out that every time I have a good dig around I can set my watch to getting a cold / chest infection.... brutal I know, but a top tip for Winter nonetheless
  2. I’ll wait for retirement for that 😆 Otherwise life is too short for that nonsense 😝
  3. I’ve had a day on a reservoir and enjoyed it, but a day on a river bank is better - my first intro to fly fishing was a day’s tuition on the Test and so I got spoilt. However everything so far has been turn up, put the vest on, grab a rod and off you go. I’ve no proper knowledge of the kit / set up to go it alone. I think I’ll plumb in for the day’s tuition in Maldon (above link - thank you P) and try and get as many answers / wisdom as I can. cheers all! PS I bought a whole load of fly kit off someone on here in anticipation of this moment - that was pre a house move so I’ll get looking now 😝
  4. Okay, so it's been some years since I was last fly fishing and it wasn't something I ever did much of - I've been about half a dozen times. However, I would add that I loved it, but I had to leave it alone given that I had my hands full with a young family, work and a whole load of other hobbies. I knew where the limits to my marriage were and adding days out for fishing to the list would have been a bridge too far. However, time moves on and I have room to manoeuvre and I would like to edge myself into some fly fishing perhaps starting with a guided day somewhere. Any ideas, views or guidance from the PW massive most welcome.
  5. Bang on. I know that because we're not the worst offending Country, that is no reason not to set an example or to do our best to be clean and green, but the hard reality is that whatever we do will make no difference at all when the likes of China and the developing countries will happily throw all environmental issues onto the big bonfire that is fuelling their growing economies. I read somewhere that every week China opens up a new coal fired power station bigger than the largest in Europe. If that's true then it's incredible and evidence that we're all screwed and there's nothing we can do about it because short of WW3 we certainly won't be able to tell or convince the Chinese government to abandon any of their new shiny coal fired power stations anytime soon. An interesting conundrum for the hard left, given that the worst global polluter is errrm the hard left.
  6. Any protest which massively and deliberately inconveniences people is an own goal. Moreover, no-one likes to be preached to or told what to do.
  7. I’m in. Let me know how you want paying
  8. Mungler


    I have lots of different clients all doing different things and so I get to look over a few fences. A retired surveyor told me that from the 90’s he read the RICS stats about housing demand vs housing supply and since then he’s just bought property whenever he could. He’s a very unassuming double digit millionaire now. The housing bandwagon has come and gone because everyone and their dog is now looking to do a cheap development. That being said, inside the M25 demand is out stripping supply and with each year another generation wants to buy their own home. Short of Spanish flu, a world war or Corbyn re-introducing something like the Rent Acts, starter home property (catching people on the way up the ladder as well as coming back down) still makes sense and it’s what I know and understand. People will always need somewhere to live, and with net immigration still way into the positive and people living longer, you just can’t argue with supply and demand. My best chance ‘‘investment’ was a Gold Submariner Watch I bought in Italy (when there was still an exchange rate between the euro and the pound) and I paid £8k. That was 3 years ago and I wore the watch every day like any old watch and I’ve just sold it for £15k because someone made me an offer I couldn’t refuse and I wasn’t prepared to leave that kind of money in a watch on my wrist. That’s nearly a 100% return in 3 years for something I liked and enjoyed everyday and that’s the blue print now for me. I was ‘sensible’ and booked into a pension as soon as I started working and that has woefully under-performed. Lastly, I know someone who had a £1m pension pot and he said he wouldn’t bother doing it that way again - he needed £350k in a hurry for something serious and for him to get that out of his pension pot in one go he had to pull £600k out and pay £250k in tax.
  9. Mungler

    Tragic Accident

    It’s all a bit too weird. If the gun was unloaded as is alleged by the owner (who was out of the vehicle going for a pee when the gun discharged) then someone in the car interfered with the weapon. Indeed, it’s very unlikely the gun (loaded or otherwise) just went off by itself. When chummy in the front was asked did you touch or otherwise interfere with the gun causing it to go off, he said he couldn’t recall. There’s a thousand miles between ‘I can’t recall’ and ‘no I didnt’. An avoidable tragedy.
  10. Big plant with the big fruit came from Lord Seagrove, the other with lots of small flowers and fruit is Twilight.
  11. In the unedited footage (which includes what's going on in the rest of the venue) it's chaos, there are alarms shrieking off, people running, people screaming and shouting, other people scuffling (who aren't ministers and so haven't been singled out) and anyone there at that moment in time would not have been able to assess the threat, what was going on, what was / was not to come or what the intruders objectives were. LBC had a 20 year plus serving doorman on who confirmed that the neck hold (a favourite with parents across the world) is actually their trained response - it's not harmful to the recipient, it keeps them at distance from you and it controls the head (move / guide the head and the body follows). I am genuinely at a loss as to what the fuss is about.
  12. I think everyone with any sense will all be shouting at the telly this morning. What irritates me is the BBC in presenting the story show a minister grappling 1 protester in isolation with a clip of an interview with a Greenpeace rep where the Greenpeace rep is unchallenged on making out it was an entirely peaceful and lawful demonstration. It’s all a big set up; it’s no mistake that it now transpires all the protesters were women (no one would have known that at the time) because of course the entire flavour of this changes with just 1 male protestor.
  13. So, I’ve woken to all manner of handwringing on the BBC as a group of female activists have been manhandled out of a private event where Philip Hammond was speaking. Seriously, when did we become so wet and entitled to expect that gate crashing and disrupting a significant private event won’t lead to a manhandled ejection? If you were at that event and in the midst of the fire alarms going off, the screaming and shouting you would be forgiven for thinking the worst and responding / protecting yourself accordingly. However, and in my view with some restraint, no punches were thrown, no black eyes sustained, just some grappling and shoving and now the police are investigating, like they haven’t anything better to do. As an aside, if you were in charge of a significant event (having regard to the stress and hours it takes to make any function work properly) you’d be as mad as hell at having it ruined by a gang of entitled twits and I’m amazed there wasn’t footage of the organisers windmilling into the lot of them 😆
  14. I always wanted one (for nostalgia) and I'm on the scent at present. A friend of mine with a gaff in Italy said "you don't see any farmers selling them" i.e. they buy them and never let go of them. Indeed, the last time I was out there, everyone seemed to have a Mk1 Panda and so there must be a plentiful supply of parts. It's a small 4x4 that fits into a garage that a newly passed driver could actually insure and they ain't getting any cheaper. Following on, they seemed like not a bad buy. Also they are small and cheap enough that if something catastrophic happened you could always roll it into a ditch or lose it on eBay. I'll let you all know how I get on.
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