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  1. Mungler

    The Admirable Gordon R

    Nice darts gentlemen!
  2. Mungler

    Tommy Robinson at the Oxford Union

    I have to say I’m amazed that a number of left wing London boroughs are not more visible in this fiasco. We’ve had vote rigging and organised council infiltration by the same demographic and just on probability alone I can’t believe that this is just ‘a Northern thing’.... I do wonder what world we live in. I remember Dawkins writing about his time in the 70’s and 80’s - they’d just set on the path to unlocking DNA and particle theory and the intellectuals of the time really thought that science would logically bring about the end of religion. And yet here we are importing ‘the stone age’ and doing all we can to foster, protect and support it. I digress....
  3. Mungler

    Tommy Robinson at the Oxford Union

    I watched all the videos. The Times journalist piece was interesting in that the turning point for them was the whistleblower who gave them the files / evidence they needed. Rotherham Council’s reaction was not an enquiry into the contents of the artclie but to start legal action to find out who was the whistleblower. That’s scary stuff right there - your house, your marriage, your liberty on the line right there. Thankfuly someone was brave enough to take that risk. What’s disappointing for me is how the institutions (and the people working within them) escape justice - there’s a good few people in Rotherham Council, social services and the Police who should be behind bars.
  4. As has been said; 1. That family kitchen appears to have quite a few ‘miles on its clock’. Indeed, most ‘family’ kitchens end up battered as kids swing on doors, slam drawers and abuse worktops. 2. I could only describe the colour of the kitchen in the photo as ‘suicide brown’. If where it’s going is dimly lit or you’re thinking ‘I could repaint it’ you might as well walk away and just wait for the next one. 3. As per Moose Man, the sales sites are littered with people giving kitchens away just to get them removed; round my way I’ve seen people throw in Neff appliances and granite tops. Thinking about it, if someone has had their money out of a kitchen they have probably mentally written it off and are Focused on the next one and saving on 2 skips and a good few days labour getting the old one removed.
  5. Mungler

    Amazing just how Essex Police deal with drugs

    It’s a toughy subject alright. I remember the chimp test they did years back - they put a load of chimps in a controlled environment and laid out on a table everything from healthy foods to booze, fags and drugs to see what the chimps would naturally do. To a man/chimp they all went for getting off their faces and smashed up the booze, fags and gear rejecting the bananas and salad. So, it’s in our genetic make up to want to get off our faces, thus demand will always always be there. Then factor in the value of the drugs trade (trillions) and that all the most unpleasant people on the planet are involved, profiting and growing (and not a penny of tax paid). The natural economic result should be market regulation and taxation and yes I think this is possible for the lower Classes of drugs. However, heroin (because of its sheer addictive and destructive qualities) and cocaine (because of its physiological addiction and mental effect) should be controlled. Toughy alright.
  6. Mungler

    14 million in poverty

    Like so many things, life is what you (and no one else) makes of it. If anyone is sitting around for the government or a social revolution to come along and solve their problems then they will have a very long wait indeed.
  7. Mungler

    14 million in poverty

    Simple, the additional travel costs are slight and are dwarfed by the reduction in rent / property purchase price. If it didn’t it wouldn’t happen.
  8. Mungler

    14 million in poverty

    Try getting a cheap gaff in New York, Paris, Berlin, anywhere in Hong Kong. This is not unique. Move on.
  9. Mungler

    14 million in poverty

    😆😆😆😆 Were you lot about to break out into a song or start waving red flags? I fear that if there’s a revolution it’ll be the fascists and not the socialists that get the first shout (which could be problematical for you chaps 😆😆😆😆) Back to reality... If you buy a property under a governent scheme (or indeed anyscheme) and you don’t understand what you’re in for then you are a moron. It’s a property and a 20+ year term mortgage not a phone contract - you will appreciate the significant difference. When I bought my first gaff my old man made me write out by hand a spreadsheet of expenditure and income to make sure we could afford it and I’ve done that ever since with any big decision.
  10. Mungler

    14 million in poverty

    Back in 1999 I bought a flat with my then girlfriend (now wife) for £94,000 with £5,000 down. My old man and everyone we knew swore blind that we were mad and going to take a bath. They are now £400k or so a go. The worst of it is the mortgage was about £500 a month (repayment mortgage and when interest rates were 6%). Time, inflation, demand, location and interest rates... We had to sell it to buy our next house but I wish I’d have kept it; better than a pension. There’d have been about £200k in rental income on top of the £300k capital appreciation. Ah for a tardis. I still reckon people will he looking back in twenty years time at the crazy cheap prices we’re currently enjoying 😀
  11. Mungler

    14 million in poverty

    The nurse was married but her husband was a dole monkey (fags, phone and big telly) unable to help with the rent and so she did what all savvy nurses do, and that was marry a Consultant and now she owns a street in Bromley (mortgage free).
  12. Mungler

    14 million in poverty

    So the way inflation is measured is not right? Maybe in the same way as poverty is measured eh?
  13. Mungler

    14 million in poverty

    Yes Bromley is an expensive place. Her and her husband should look at somewhere else and then consider commuting. I don’t think I could afford to live there; indeed I couldn’t and so I don’t. When I worked in London (Barbican) renting or living anywhere near there was not financially viable. I wasn’t jealous of the people who did mine you...
  14. Mungler

    14 million in poverty

    But that’s the point, they rent in Germany (Germany has less recorded poverty than the UK) and so the nurse (which is where all this started) should rent.
  15. Mungler

    14 million in poverty

    No, drawing in Maxwell and Green into a point about the German population renting and not buying is entirely random. I think there’s lower home ownership in Germany and Switzerland probably because property prices are so high. Interestingly though it suggests you can rent and not be in poverty, and so rounding back to the nurse, perhaps she should rent in Bromley 😝