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  1. Drip drip drip. Once civil liberties go, they never come back. George Orwell, a man of insight and vision.
  2. But that’s not going to happen for me, you see I don’t drive on the pavements.
  3. Yes, that’s a truly brilliant comparison to driving at 35 mph in a 30 mph limit.
  4. And there we have it, that is "house" on my forum bingo card. The point of a discussion, such as this is to challenge and discuss. So, what if the government tomorrow passed a law and made the "legal" speed limit 10 mph everywhere? Would you crow that anyone who broke that limit "shouldn't do the crime, if they can't do the time" or might you pause, question, reflect and discuss: 1. the imposition of a 10 mph limit as being irrationally low 2. the systematic criminalisation and over fining of the motorist 3. the driving rules and regimes of other countries e.g. the no limit autobahn in Germany or the French variable limit of 80 mph in the dry and 50 mph in the rain? 4. the wider policing strategies where we have millions spent on the police going after drivers and journalists who listen to non pin protected voicemails and yet everyday people are being stabbed on our streets. 5. the actual effectiveness vis. the immediacy of "getting people" 2 weeks later, by post and long after the offence / event And lastly I would add that I don't have any points on my licence and I have never been on or been invited to a speed awareness course. Because it is genuinely impossible to drive at under 35 mph on the roads and anyone who says otherwise is off with the fairies or routinely hooted and overtaken on an hourly basis Indeed, are you now volunteering yourself as someone who *never* speeds and so presumably someone who will *never* get another fine, set of points or speed awareness course?
  5. Yes, I saw that. GPS, black boxes and paying road tax per mile is all coming over the horizon....
  6. Yeah that made me giggle too; the amount of people I know who preach to me about speeding, swear blind they never speed but get caught by the odd sneaky camera like everyone else, thereby proving everyone speeds at some point and that in itself doesn't make you an unsafe driver or a bad person
  7. You will probably find that they are the people on their phones or otherwise distracted. It's not speed, it's in appropriate speed. You can't tell me that 90 mph on a clear German autobahn in dry weather is worse than 28 mph but on your phone or generally being off with the fairies and rubbish at driving. One of the blokes who works with me is a terrible driver. He's 50 and just a dreadful dreadful driver. I hate getting in the car with him. He'll do 50 mph in the outside lane of Dual carriageway and be oblivious to the irate stream of cars undertaking him. He wanders across lanes without checking his mirrors or indicating and his overall road awareness of what is going on is close to zero. He's had plenty of accidents but he hasn't got any points though because he doesn't speed.... Fact 1 is BS. I drive every day and yet the last accident I had was over 10 years ago and not my fault - caused by someone overtaking (but not speeding) past a line of stationary cars stopped to let someone cross a zebra crossing - the person who drove into me thought the cars were just parked up. Indeed, I thought he was on coke because his eyes were blazing and he couldn't stand still. Fact 2 is BS : my car in a measured 70-0 braking test has a stopping distance of 148 ft. The highway code says 70-0 is 315 feet.
  8. Indeed, when I was at school we were taught to stay out of the road and now we are taught that anyone driving over 20 mph is at fault. As a last observation - the last set of points I got (some number of years ago now) was 98 mph on an empty M4 on a sunny day and I was lasered from 1 km away and I got the letter within 2 weeks. If all of this is about ‘road safety’ how does a letter 2 weeks later, 3 points and a fine help that? I could have been drunk as a skunk off my head or intent on finding the car’s speed limiter further up the M4 at 150 mph - there’s no real policing, it’s automated revenue generation in the name of road safety. In fairness though, I know it’s a numbers game (and it is a game) and ‘it is what it is’ as the kids say.
  9. I find I don’t drive anywhere I don’t know without having the TomTom app on with the speed camera map / notification running. Yes, cameras outside schools, I’m all for that but that’s none of the speed cameras / speed traps near me. What I can’t get to grips with is the arbitrary nature of it all. Down the road from me there’s a single carriageway main road running to the A12; 20 years ago it was national speed limit now it’s a mix of 30 mph and 40 mph and the mobile speed trap is always 10 yards the other side of the 40 into 30 mph sign. Truly amazing that in that 10 yards 40 mph becomes so dangerous, triggering points, a fine, expensive speed awareness course etc. It’s just an industry now. Anyways, when did ‘speed’ become the last word in evil on the road? I suppose speed enforcement you can automate but drink / drug drivers and plain bad drivers need real police and we don’t have any of those left. I digress.
  10. The thing is that that article doesn’t take account of the leverage that comes with a mortgage. The example given is a house bought for £100,000 becomes worth £200,000 and so the gain is £100,000 but that’s not what people do in a rising market. £100,000 would allow you to buy 4 x £100,000 properties each with £25,000 deposit down and a £75,000 mortgage on each property. If property goes up 100% in value then you make £400,000, not £100,000.
  11. DUO 428C MkI Cortina. Was a 1500 4 door, but I put a 1600 cc rally engine in it and made it look like a Lotus Cortina.
  12. I see them like the Watch off GOT; but standing on the top of the wall keeping the nutters out (or maybe that’s in, who knows).
  13. You know what, I couldn’t even ‘point’ a gun I even knew 100% to be safe / empty at anyone else let alone pull the trigger. What’s the old rule ‘don’t point a gun at anything you don’t intend to kill’
  14. Mungler

    Heart burn

    Bread, crisps, potatoes, coffee and any fizzy alcoholic drinks. Indeed any ‘white’ food really. Also, lack of water. I was told that if you drink the 4 litres of water a day we’re all supposed to drink then it just goes away. I can just look at a room temperature can of lager and a sandwich and I get indigestion 😝
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