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  1. And you can add libraries to that list. People only use our local library to collect recycling sacks and vote, but when it comes to the council wanting to redevelop it it’s like the end of the world. There’s never anyone in there and that’s the bottom line I’m afraid.
  2. There were a number of very valid reasons why it was cheap 😆😆
  3. Alrighty, so we completed our purchase today. I’m not sure how to post large photos or video files following photobucket shutting up shop. Anyhoos here’s a photo of the bog - it’s since been cleaned out by specialists 😆
  4. proper lol’d 😆
  5. Yes he’s had to pack in his other earners and I reckon he’s skint - the divorce would have done that. We should pay the PM a proper wage for the role - he earns less than half of what the top 5 charities pay their CEOs.
  6. My mate had a penchant for Ferrari woman - stunning looking, unreliable, loud, expensive to acquire, expensive to maintain and everyone else wanted to jump in them and steal them. He lead a very unhappy and financially crippling existence. I’ve posted before about what to do in divorces on earlier / other threads if you are inclined have a search and look it up. Alas you have broken the first rule and you have moved out and for no real good reason. You are now 1-0 down - she’s in the gaff in sole occupation, you’re still paying half and she has zero motivation to do anything, indeed
  7. Bang on. How are the vaccinations going, how is the economic recovery going and can I now please have a holiday? Brutal and ignorant as it may be I couldn’t care any less about who paid for the refurb of a flat Boris won’t even get to keep. Again, mainstream media entirely misses the mood of the nation. And... not a word of congratulation for having the best stab at getting us through all this and with a vaccination program about a year in front of continental Europe. I am exhausted by how dreadfully off mark the media and the opposition are - that luvvie Westminster
  8. Just out of interest, how much is a door like that these days? Im not going to create a Howden’s account to sign in in order to get the price etc
  9. Forget for one moment who is actually under the knee - forget whether man or woman, black or white, convicted criminal or suspect and just remember that person had their hands cuffed behind their back and said ‘I can’t breathe’ about 50 times before being asphyxiated. Indeed, set an egg timer for 10 minutes and have a ponder. I’m no fan of scumbag wasters but stuff like this is just not on.
  10. This. Theres a lot of old nonsense going around the internet about a case where the bottom line is you don’t kneel on someone’s neck for 10 minutes especially when he’s cuffed, you’ve got a gun and you’re not in any immediate danger. .
  11. One thing I noticed is that anyone self employed or working in a small business can pretty much make a decision about just about anything and inside of 5 minutes. It just happens. I’ve done some charity stuff and sat on a few boards and in so doing have been exposed to a number of local authority managers - my word, what a culture shock - death by committee meetings, inertia and total inactivity.
  12. It’s not everyone no, and as you say it is more likely that those dedicated workers end up working twice as hard to pick up the slack from the shirkers. It would be better put to say that there are a disproportionately higher number of shirkers in those organisations and that’s because in a commercial environment, it just wouldn’t happen indeed it couldn’t be allowed to happen else the place would go bust. Yes, there are shirkers in private companies but they aren’t left there with a job for life, union protection and a generous pension.
  13. Yes that’s right the moral of that story is not to stop being a whiny girl and to place yourself in charge of your own employment and future, but that 21 is too young for a mortgage or marriage.
  14. They look very healthy and happy
  15. I’ve little patience for any of this ‘us and them’ Woolfy Smith nonsense. I remember going to a mate’s 21 birthday party and his old man (wealthy employer of lots of people) was mingling and chatting and someone was moaning about their bosses and their job - his response was swift - ‘if you don’t like it then just leave. If they’re doing it wrong, you go and do it right - standing here moaning will achieve nothing and get you nowhere. You’ll need to expose yourself to the slings, arrows and risks your employers have, and you’ll need a second mortgage on your house to raise capital and you
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