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  1. I might get some plastic drainpipe and make a look a like 😝
  2. Random I know, but has anyone here had any fitted and if so any hints, tips or tricks? Also a price indication would be great, I don’t know if we’re talking £1000 or £10,000. Round my way cars are going off driveways every night; we check the CCTV once in a while when one gets lifted Nearby and on average there’s someone on the drive and looking at the cars once a week. They have masks and hoodies and aren’t bothered by flood lights or cctv. It’s a combination of lack of policing and the local authority in their infinite wisdom turning all the streetlights off at night. Anyways, I’m seeing loads of driveways with these bollards springing up and wondered what the score was. Ta very.
  3. 1990, Day 1 at Manchester, our course lecturer gives a speech which starts with ‘ah you’re all here, you’re all right on and ready to change the world eh; I bet you’ve all even signed up with the Socialist Worker lot?’ He then starts laughing to himself and says ‘ah the naivety of youth, give it 10 years and you start to pay tax and you’ll soon be voting Tory’. That’s always stuck with me because it’s true. People will be groovy and woke for so long as it suits them and their personal identity at any particular time. My Humanities studying housemate at the time (who long term wanted to be a stockbroker) joined the Student Socialist Worker Party only because he thought it would make him more appealing to the opposite sex 😝 Daft naive young people don’t tend to stay that way forever; they have to grow up, get employed / run a business, pay tax, become a parent and so on. If labour are counting on retaining the young vote when it matures, well they really shouldn’t.
  4. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone etc. My list is long as the next man’s but I won’t put it up on here because you don’t know who is reading this 😝
  5. Some very good posts on this thread.
  6. Barry Gardiner was wheeled out to the media in the week before the election when they had run out of people to put in front of the camera - he knew nothing about nothing but played the role of a well meaning inoffensive grandad type. Total magnolia. As for Boris, he exudes a deep seated love of his country and pride in it; the total opposite of the Shadow front bench. The reality is that the majority of people who go to work are relatively content - yes it could be better but it could be a whole lot worse and they weren’t prepared to gamble what they currently have against a JC return to the 1970s. That article posted earlier in this thread from the Bruges group nailed it - people aren’t serfs waiting to be rescued from their masters nor are they stupid enough to be bribed with government spending their own money.
  7. Harry is pussy whipped. We will never know who the real Megan Markle is, she’s an actress. The best bit is I couldn’t care any less about any of it 😃
  8. The Unions will use their block vote and will instal Rebecca Long-Dailey and that will be the end of that. You couldn’t make it up.
  9. The thing about GDPR etc is that it’s so new no one really knows what it’s all about and as a result there’s a whole load of BS floating about. Indeed, even the consultancy industry that has sprung up does nothing but spread BS and fear of some sort of GDPR transgression. More often than not though the benefit of the recording (be that voice audio or video etc) will outweigh any data protection issues whether they be real or imaginary.
  10. Mungler

    Dianne Abbot

    Beautiful 😝😝😝
  11. Mungler

    Dianne Abbot

    If you look at the mud slung at Boris during the election I think Dianne Abbott has got off lightly. What I am still struggling with is someone told me that she has a degree from Cambridge University and she sent her son to private school. Leaving aside the obvious hypocrisy of her position on education I still can’t reconcile the education she has purportedly received and her appearing thick as mince at every interview / opportunity. I am genuinely stumped. If someone can direct me to anything that she has said which has made sense or dare I say it has been determined to be ‘quite clever’ then please bring it on. If we had a potted plant offered up as shadow Home Secretary then obviously there would be uproar and lampooning - this is not a million miles away from where we currently are no?
  12. Yes that’s one direction I can see but it then falls to funding - the unions and their sponsorship will of course go with the hard left. The centre left in labour should jump in with the libdems and make the libdems the 2nd popular party choice. I’ll have to look up the background to SDP because I think we’ve been here before.
  13. Spot on with all of that. They are searching for reasons why they lost the election and which defects away from Corbynism. Yes, it’s started; hold tight, it’s going to be both fascinating and entertaining.
  14. And it looks like Caroline Flint and Emily Thornberry are going to be suing each-other over disputed comments made. One thing about the Torys is that they ‘do’ party coups quickly and cleanly. We are going to see labour tear itself apart and eat itself well into the next year now 😝
  15. It seems so obvious to anyone looking outside in on the party doesn’t it, but it appears totally lost on everyone ‘within’.
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