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  1. I’m not convinced - Brexit and a pandemic and it’s not gone substantially down?
  2. I’m not going to do the fixed rate. As for the stock market, with all that’s gone on, it’s a total mystery to me how it’s sitting at over 7000. It’s a tricky one - I’ve no idea how or where anyone in retirement is supposed to get a worthwhile income from, and with real world inflation running way over interest rates, cash in the bank is costing you money as it devalues itself.
  3. I’ve just asked someone who treads these boards and his response was that in his view rates will stay low and for a very long time to come. This chap’s credentials are good enough for me to stop thinking about it at all now. And so now we’ll all just have to wait and see.
  4. The Chinese, it was made in a lab. The end. And the government’s response has been a pretty good stab in response. Indeed even with hindsight, apart from some nibbling round the edges it’s all broadly gone as well as anyone could hope. Look around the world and show me better. Please also clarify ‘responsible’ - responsible for what? Not walking on water, not feeding the 5000 or what other hindsight induced miracle? Not a government on the planet got it 100% perfect and the once much lauded N Zealand / Australian approach of isolation is unravelling and or will bankrupt them as island nations. And you’re wrong again, because that didn’t take long at all.
  5. So, all the figures are suggesting inflation is through the roof and I’m wondering if this is short term or a longer term problem and either way, what’s next. A mate in freight was saying that the primary driver (the cost of a container being shipped from China) is looking like staying high - it used to be £3k to £4K to get a container from China, now it’s £12k-£15k. However, the Chinese have got used to doing less work for a greater return and are now deliberately throttling supply because it suits them. If the world falls off a cliff and the 4 million people currently on furlough end up redundant then inflation may reduce and things calm as people all start pulling up ladders and tightening belts. I doubt it though because all the Brexit predictions were for inflation (as a net importer nation) and we’ve not got stuck into that elephant in the room yet. The government could try and take the heat out of the economy by putting up vat say to 25%. Traditionally it’s taxation or interest rates that are used to tackle inflation. Currently base rate is .1% and what’s the lowest that can realistically go to, and any further reduction is not exactly going to make anyone a big saving. There are 10 year fixed rate products out there and I’m weighing one up. Any bright banker types on here with any idea what’s going on and what’s going to happen next? Cheerd all.
  6. No way! Viking he’s back! Awesome 😆
  7. Not a chance. Remember how banning handguns was going to stop gun crime? The thing is, criminals are just that and pay little attention to law. Laws are only for the law abiding as they say. What we will find is we will all get taxed through the nose and for everything, and the criminals will trade Rolex’s, gold coins and whatever crypto is in fashion.
  8. This announcement is incredibly significant and I doubt that most ministers understand the tech / concept or where this is heading. Notwithstanding that the government will know everyone’s spending habits the government of the future will be able to specify / limit / inhibit individual spending. The sky really is the limit. You see your GP and your GP determines you are fat. You then have your sole means of purchasing (your britcoin) disabled in Greggs and Pizza Hut. You want to emigrate because you’ve had enough and so the Government restricts (yours, and others) ability to buy an airplane tickets. The government approves certain shops and businesses, say Sainsbury’s (or it could be anything - bank, car dealership, chain of builders merchants). If you are in receipt of state assistance, you can now only spend that money in a sainsburys. It’s the slippiest of the slippery roads.
  9. Spot on Dave. That’s battlefield triage right there. It remains worthy of mention that the average Covid age of death still remains higher that the usual average age of death in the UK, thus this disease is primarily a concern of the very old and those who are of an age where every day is a gift. You have a 90+ year old with Covid bed blocking a short supply HDU bed and you have a 50 something year old in need of a bed. The 50 something year old will have a job, a mortgage, dependants and so on. Do you apply battlefield triage and save the overworked and run down 57 year old prime minister or do you put your Woolfy Smith beret on and just start moaning about a lack of staff on the NHS notwithstanding that the NHS already employs more people than the Chinese, Indian or North Korean Armies (@ 1.5 million people).
  10. "Belay that last Dave, popcorn might be in order because another egocentric wants to shove his opinion down my throat." Oh the irony.
  11. In fairness, I think most had just ignored you. The way the left now seek to embrace DC as some now credible truth-telling whistleblower who needs to be listened to is just nauseating. Ever seen a warring couple divorce? Ever then unequivocally accept what one says about the other as absolutely true and that the information was delivered with absolute accuracy and without malice, slant or spin? .
  12. I’ve no interest in this Olympics-lite. Either do it properly or sack it off.
  13. Amazing stuff. I always said you could lock me up in an art school for 10 years and I still wouldn’t be able to knock out anything like that because it’s just not in me.
  14. You know what, I quite like it and it’s what I watch now. Ok it’s not got the budget of the Beeb but it’s different, it has more ‘outside of Westminster’ reporting and interest, and they will voice / test counter views on Covid and race (and with that comes wider discussion which is otherwise stifled by other mainstream media).
  15. Round our way there’s lots of dual carriageway that goes from 70 mph, to 50mph or straight to 40 / 30 mph. I used to drive round london quite a bit and if I tried it now (and as unfamiliar to me) I reckon I’d lose my licence in a day not by doing anything daft, just being caught out.
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