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  1. Are you in a clay area? Having come this far you might as well whack a bit up and have a gander. Report back when you do, I’m intrigued. I’d like £5 on no heave boards and voids wrong. If you do a historic aerial photo search of your gaff, what was there before (have a look at getmapping.com).
  2. Mungler


    It’s the shameless entitlement though isn’t it? Anyone normal would have altered their behaviour, not escalated it. Not sure what message all of this sends out.
  3. Just seen that the Germans are going to chop Nordstream2 in their waters and re-divert the pipeline to get gas from non-Russian sources. If this actually happens (and I don’t know how long it will take to do) then it’s a big move.
  4. I thought Dalmatians were specifically pegged as the least intelligent breed and also known for being a bit bitey.
  5. James Kilner, Telegraph reporter, Tweets 17th June. There’s a link in there to video too. I don’t ‘do’ Twitter and struggle a bit
  6. Just as I’ve never seen an Audi R8 being driven by anyone who isn’t under the age of 40 and of Pakistani origins, I’ve never seen a Panemera being driven by anyone who isn’t an indian doctor 😆
  7. If anyone says they never speed, they’re lying. The end. No one here is condoning 60 mph+ outside a school at 3 pm, but I think any of us could find ourselves going too fast in a 20 mph for example, given that the variation for a prosecution / going over 20 mph is probably the width of the speedo needle on the average dashboard. And the link about speeding, ‘flaunting’ the law and holding an SGC (etc) just makes you look like a massive girl. Indeed, the winter nights must just fly past in your house 😆
  8. Putin has come out again today to say that Ukraine is part of historic Russian territory and that he’s putting the empire back together Peter the Great Stylee. And on the same day, Lavrov is saying the invasion was because of a Ukrainian security risk. I wonder if the two of them have spoken recently? 😆😆😆
  9. Mungler


    Or there’s a government with at the very least a tax system sitting behind it. My mantra is property - not silly overpriced stuff mind you. As one of my clients told me a long time ago, whatever is going on in the world people always need somewhere to live and somewhere to go to work in. Oh and ‘if it’s cheap enough, it will rent tomorrow’. I digress…
  10. Some very good points. I’m always amazed that when you look back in history, the two best shots at total global domination were via a Greek (Alexander) and a Mongol (Ghengis) and perhaps a Tunisian. Let’s not be modest, but our peak was at the peak of the British Empire. Add in a Roman Empire, some Egyptians who must have been pretty pleased with themselves and a few Mayans too from what we have found of their temples…. in the modern world the Greeks, Italians, South Americans and certainly the Mongols are barely relevant in this world and time. One of our favourite expressions at work is ’in time this too will pass’.
  11. They are expensive, comparatively slow and unreliable - and there is not car index / review site that doesn’t disagree. Whilst it all depends on what you want out of your SUV (assuming you don’t want thundering depreciation and unreliability) I’d have a look at BMW X3M, Macan, SQ5. And no I wouldn’t look at the Alfa Romeo - all the groovy motoring journos rave about them just because of the historic love of the Alpha and Lancia brands, but parts, repairs, servicing, dealer network and reliability take it off any list.
  12. Depends how you measure it. I’d rather be living in a middling bit of free Germany right now than the nicest part of anywhere in Russia.
  13. Well, all of that skips over the whole Taiwan really really doesn’t want anything to do with China, let alone be invaded and occupied by China. But hey, why bother listening to Taiwan or helping them?
  14. Yeah that’s the worry. I accidentally found myself in a 20 zone the other day; and outside of 1st gear, you’re off to court 😆
  15. I was told by a copper years ago that: 1. police forces can prosecute for 31 mph but don’t because of technical arguments over small variations which really are so small they shouldn’t be worried about 2. the police only prosecute when speed is over +10% and +3 mph. So that’s 80 mph in a 70 mph motorway and 36 mph in a 30 mph. Mind you, that was a conversation some decades ago and with the advent of speed awareness courses I’m sure the tolerance levels have dropped because I have heard of people getting nicked for 34 / 35 mph. If someone on here could be so kind as to get a GPS speedo and go through a local speed trap at increments of 1 mph over the speed limit we can get this settled 😆 The point to all of this is with 20 mph zones we’re all in big trouble 😆
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