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  1. Do you have a link? If you are in discussion with the author tell him it’s a fantastic piece.
  2. Rewulf that’s a brilliant piece. Where did you find it? And yes, I’m borrowing it.
  3. We are witnessing the end of the Labour Party as we know it. It’s time for the Lib Dems to regroup as centre left and collect any sensible remnants of the Labour Party. The Labour Party can then become the mad fringe far left Party it craves to be under Corbyn and Co.
  4. Word is Corbyn is hanging on to appoint one of his hard left momentum acolytes like Rebecca Long-Bailey whom I can best describe and the embodiment of running all your finger nails down a blackboard. She grates on every single nerve in my body. Anyways, as a Conservative I wish him all the best in sending labour further into the wilderness. Indeed I think people will willingly vote for a dose of Herpes instead of Rebecca Long-Bailey. I quite like Jess Phillips - she at least appeared to be human unlike all her colleagues.
  5. Random blast from the past. I bought this watch - the 1911 is a bit of geek classic in that it’s a chronograph with a date feature (the movement was later bought by Ulysse Nardin). These watches only have one draw back (which depreciates them second hand) is that they take a proprietary screw-in strap which means that if you want a new strap for your Ebel watch, you have to buy one off Ebel and the most simple strap is just ridiculous money (£500+) So, a trip to a local watch / jeweller geek called Richard and for £50 he cut out the strap lugs and drilled holes to receive a standard strap bar. Like all craftsmen, his ‘done in 2 weeks’ turned into 6 months 😆 Add a deployant strap bought new on-line for £25 and it’s done.
  6. I’m on my second diesel SQ5 (3 years a piece) and rate it as ‘the’ do all car. I’ve thrashed both like the proverbial ginger step child and neither has missed a beat. I’d get another tomorrow but they don’t make the diesel one any more. Indeed, I’m due for a change next March and I’ve no idea what to get although I’ve seen some SQ7’s on super low offers. If Boris gets in there’s an M5 Competition itch that needs a scratch but if Corbyn gets in I’ll be looking at a Prius, which will be handy for the second job I’ll be needing.
  7. If I had £1 for every time a labour politician in this election run up said let’s be clear, I’m clear or we’re clear, and then went on to say something irrelevant or totally unclear, well I wouldn’t have to go to work again.
  8. We change our cars at the end of Q1 next year. If labour get in I’ll be walking 😆
  9. I don’t know what the big deal is. Remember the first series of any of the reality TV shows? Remember the first series of the Apprentice, when it was pure, the contestants were naive, idealistic and focused on working for Lord Sugar and nothing else? That gave us Tim, the nice black fella who worked on the London Underground and wanted more for himself and who had the erstwhile hidden skills for the job with the big dog. Then with the passage of time these TV series become magnets for the wannabes and the media whores, those with other agendas and the message or mission in the underlying TV concept is long lost. Politics is the same. Why do we expect our politicians to be flawless and pure as the driven snow? They’re all driven power hungry loons who have made it to the top of their respective piles by climbing over the bodies of their vanquished enemies and colleagues. It is a matter of picking the lesser of the evils and anyone in their right mind can see how potty the Corbyn lot are. The nationalisation of BT is just jaw dropping madness. I just don’t know where to start with that one it’s so out there crackpot bonkers. Maybe we should start with where the £100,000,000,000 could be better spent than giving fibre to Mrs Miggins at Wiggley Farm in Cornwall.
  10. I think it’s because he and his fellow loonies have been kicking around in opposition now for some time. Following on, the shock and awe of precisely what it is that they represent and will mean for the country if they were actually elected into government is now becoming reduced. In short we’ve all got rather used to them now 😆
  11. I get worried when I see snow flaking millennials and champagne socialists spouting on line about how Jeremy’s a solid well meaning bloke and all the negativity surrounding him is just a media conspiracy to put him in a bad light. I do wonder what alternative reality I am in - Diane Abbott as Home Secretary and John MacDonnell in charge of the nation’s finances? Just saying that out loud and you should know how crazy a vote for Corbyn actually is.
  12. This - just sack ‘em off. Out of interest, has anyone had their wooden work tops ‘re-clad’ in granite? There’s a few companies round my way that say they specialise is ‘graniting’ over the top of whatever worktop is in situ and I always wondered how that worked out and what the cost was like. Edit Incidentally when we did our kitchen we did it all in granite; there doesn't appear to be that much price difference anymore - I suppose with the new man made alternatives this market space is quite competitive.
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