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  1. The only merit to keeping them locked up is to study them or see if they give up details of others. That being said, by all accounts Brady (for example) spent his entire time inside saying as little as possible and being as unhelpful as possible - he’s someone who shouldn’t have burdened the tax payer for all those years.
  2. Airking date, white face, Roman numeral dial. or Omega sea master planet ocean orange Can’t lose money on either of those two.
  3. Nick Ferrari nailed it this morning; why are these people entitled to disrupt the lives of so many who do not wish to be disrupted and who have no desire to support these loons. Following on, why are the police standing by idly just watching? Can we each now just decide to rock upto town and cause chaos for a whole 2 weeks? How does that work? Get ‘em wet and they’ll get bored and go home. In the absence of a water cannon, I am praying for rain and a cold snap. Selfish attention seeking ******. 😝😝😝😝 Good one 👍
  4. Whenever I hear the words "diplomatic immunity" I hear them in a sneering South African accent delivered by Joss Ackland. I bet I'm not alone. Incidentally, diplomatic immunity stretches to spouses / off-spring to stop any foreign power "getting at" a diplomat by going through his or her family. It is tragic and not right but there are bigger issues at stake and there is / was never ever any chance whatsoever of the Yanks nibbling into the diplomatic immunity regime over this. Indeed I bet the woman had no intention of flying back to the US and that it was the US State department that worked out that getting her on a plane and home asap was the best option, that that this will all blow over a lot quicker once everyone knows she's gone and not coming back (and which it will). Like I said, it's not fair and my heart goes out to the family but this is one of those terrible 'taking it for the team' moments. If you think about it, if there were some sort of precedence / case law for a waiver of diplomatic immunity for spouses in road traffic accidents, then in every hostile foreign country there will be a line of agents ready to throw locals under motorcades to get relatives of diplomats into custody.
  5. I'd have waited a bit and got the bigger one
  6. These child experts eh? It's going to end in tears and her having a full blown meltdown. Anyone remember the strange white haired boy antiques expert who went on Wogan? Turned out the little fella wasn't an antiques expert or a few other things. I blame the parents.
  7. Indeed! I have a brand new jump pack which cost a fortune which I have at home, but a spare will come in handy for my van which I keep at a lock up I own. The van stands for long periods and does start first time on the button but one day it won’t through lack of use. it’s a 1 owner Toyota HiAce LWb with over 250,000 miles on the clock. It’s a pleasure to drive and it’s a miracle of motoring - it proper shifts (high pressure turbo) and everything works including the AC. I flipping love it. It’s on an any driver policy so it does get its legs stretched when anyone has need. I digress.
  8. Shared driveways are never a good idea - you may get on with the neighbour now, but who knows who will turn up next. Do your neighbours own their property or do they rent? It might be worth speaking to the landlord - if they’re awkward with you then they’ll be awkward with him. Just touch base and see what’s what. Neighbour disputes are disclosable on a sale and are the easiest way to take money off your own property. You escalate anything in writing and you’re 100% on the record with it.
  9. ‘Offence is taken, not given. No need to disarm the world. Just make yourself bullet proof. Sticks & stones people. Block. Unfollow. Laugh’. Not a particular fan of Ricky Gervais but I think he nails it.
  10. I’ll take the M frames if they haven’t gone already
  11. I always feel for the kids. We are nothing more than refined animals with biological traits which "nature" dictates we possess as "must haves" in order to ensure the survival of our species, indeed any species. In nature, more often than not you will see the female of species defending their off-spring to the death, but this is increasingly uncommon in human beings. I know it's old fashioned and gender stereotypical but I have to say that I have no time for any woman who does not put her children first; it's the classic "you had one job to do" and if you weren't going to do it properly or commit to that task then you shouldn't have had kids in the first place. One of my colleagues went through the most bitter divorce with a narcissist - the world span round them and only them with little regard for the carnage left in their wake. I digress...
  12. This. As I approach 50 I come to realise that I only regret the things I haven’t done, not what I have done.
  13. I remember a judge once saying that most divorces were like an old firm derby where both sides intentionally turn up to kick 7 bells out of each other and then when they don’t get the result they want at the end they blame the match officials and everyone else but themselves 😆 When you’re in the thick of it, it’s all about the raw emotions, however, divorce is an accounting exercise and it’s all about the money - yes kids’ needs come first, but that then becomes all about the money as everyone works out the cost of their housing requirements and how many bedrooms they need to house the kids. So, given that the divorce process really is just all about money, people separating and moving forwards, you’d be amazed how much time, money and energy is spent on other distractions as the parties actively search to find something to argue over - that’ll be the hurt talking. Businessmen know that there is no profit in a dispute and whilst the court process has transformed divorce into an accounting exercise, marriages are funny things and they aren’t businesses. The courts long scrapped fault based divorces because the parties would just argue, argue and argue about who forgot the anniversary through to who who shagged the neighbour and so by this, who did what, stuck what into who just doesn’t matter or count at all in the court process. But of course it does matter to the people involved and that’s the rub of it. Oh and divorces are only amicable right to the point one partner finds out the other is ‘over the side’ or well advanced in their plans for a Plan B life with someone else - then it all goes off. Needless to say, get you’re own legal advice and cut your cloth accordingly.
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