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  1. Holy **** I want one. Do they do a portable version? I would just go around lasering a dripping cock and balls on anything and everything 😆
  2. Mungler


    I love bread like no other food. I feed, next after bread, I love toast! Alas, I have been on a diet since Chrimbo and haven’t had a slice - not even toast with melted turkey dripping jelly and salt on Boxing Day. I have to go now, this thread and that photo is making me tear up 😆 .
  3. I can see the government willing on a little inflation to wash away some of the debt / borrowings to hand but I am not sure what the knock ons are. From what I see at the coal face, if there is any long term increase in interest rates to traditional rates of old like 5% (but hey, that was so long ago now to almost be ancient history) then it’s the end of everything - whilst the cost of borrowing is so low and there is real world inflation running at a higher rate than interest rates then people are happy to borrow to spend, punt, invest or buy and it’s that activity that keeps stuff circu
  4. The FTSE share index is a total mystery to me - how, just how is it knocking on the door of 7000? One of my clients bought Easy Jet shares at the bottom of the bottom and I said I thought he was mad buying an airline stock in this climate. The Easy Jet share price is pretty much back up to where it was before Covid and he’s doubled his money. How? Just how? Wins like that are what can cheer you up on a sad day 😆👍
  5. That did make me giggle. Loving this thread. Remind me to link back to it when the ‘I can’t believe the solicitor wants £200 to draw up our Wills’ thread comes back round 😆 Incidentally, and this is one for the economists: 1. We can all see and feel prices rising, right? Especially in construction. 2. Interest rates are and remain in the toilet and there is even serious talk of them going negative in the coming months to help re-boot the economy. 3. Inflation has to come, if it isn’t here already. 4. How does the government control inflation without touchin
  6. Yes, it’s all only because he got a trip to Barb. So he raised the thick end of £35m for the NHS and BA threw him and family a free trip. On any analysis he and his family earned that trip or a trip like it. If I were 100+ and was offered a trip to Barb with my nearest and dearest followed by Covid or the 4 walls of a care home in Wales.... well, the only question I’d have is ‘can I meet Garfield Sobers please?’ .
  7. I’m all for free speech and I don’t think any right minded person pays any attention to what an obvious or distasteful troll has to say and the response is to point and laugh or ignore them. However, it’s an interesting subject about people anonymously gobbing off on line and seeking to deliberately cause damage / aggravation for example through Google and Trust Pilot reviews. With freedoms come responsibilities and people should be responsible and accountable for what they say and with this in mind the process for identifying anonymous posters should be streamlined and made far far
  8. It's soppy, but I feel it is disrespectful to the dog we had, and who was truly unique in our eyes.
  9. Hahahahaha you are actually right. And I don’t know why I’m laughing 😂
  10. If that’s what you took away from the clip...
  11. This interview tells us all we need to know. The total exasperation in his voice... When the media willingly forgive ‘a little bit of evidence tampering’ because it was for a greater cause i.e the pursuit of the arch villain of the left, Mr Trump, well there’s just no hope is there. .
  12. During Covid most were doing exchange and completion on the same day (something we try to avoid at all cost because experience tells us it’s a recipe for disaster for all sorts of reasons). If you exchanged and aimed for completion in + 2 or 4 weeks, well, no one knew what would be happening in 2 weeks, what level of lockdown we would be in or whether you could get a removal company booked. That’s how you get gazumped on completion day - the vendor just says ‘no thanks, a better offer has materialised’, and who doesn’t like more money?
  13. And this is where local knowledge counts - use solicitors and surveyors from the locality. The current trend is to use the cheapest from centralised factories miles away. Yes it does need a dose of modernisation.
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