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  1. rws-89

    RC 28 bore

    hull high pheasant or 21g eley work for me
  2. rws-89

    bowman 12g

    ive got 16 bore resizer if you can get it bored out
  3. rws-89

    bowman 12g

    theres a bowman on ebay
  4. rws-89

    bowman 12g

    have you got the dies for final crimp
  5. rws-89

    browning 525 20g skeet choke

    browning 525 skeet choke wanted for a friend
  6. rws-89

    Ponsness werran 375

    contact snarepeg he could possible help
  7. rws-89

    S.1 semi-auto wanted

    fabarm 125 had a repair to stock £150
  8. rws-89

    410 /28g

    remington wingmaster 410 £550 ono
  9. rws-89

    Cz 527 stock

    ive got one off a 222 £50 posted
  10. rws-89

    20 bore gauge reducers

    little skeeters browmwells uk
  11. rws-89

    Baikal IJ27 O/U wanted

    im selling one for a lad who is packing up single trigger ejector £175 ono not sure what chokes are
  12. rws-89

    20G & 28G New High Brass cases

    how many are you after ive got some new primed cases 15 mm heads 20g
  13. rws-89

    28 bore empty carts plzzzz

    remington are green