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  1. swibo is the professional range of victorinox, best prices here https://www.butchersequipment.co.uk/knives-sharpeners/knives?manufacturer=33 I have few models but my preferred is https://www.butchersequipment.co.uk/swibo-13cm-boning-knife-curved-semi-flexi and here why victorinox
  2. are these "home made"? or original for a specific shotmaker?? thanks
  3. thanks for details goggle is saying that they are to be used with black powder is this correct?
  4. would they take a normal primer or the pocket is for the old eley ?
  5. up for sale four quality shotgun slips, all thick sturdy veg tanned leather with brass loops and studs from the top (p1) first - never use, as new, dark brown 45" , flap and zip, £95 (p 2,3) second - very good condition, chocolate brown, 51" , flap and zip, £75 (p 4, 5, 6, 7) third - used, good condition, just aged leather character, 45", flap and zip, £50 forth - used, good condition, just aged leather character, 51", flap and zip, £50 prices include postage, pics for the forth on request, can't upload
  6. up for sale duracoat paint and hardener left from my project will do two shotguns / color choice: OD green, black matt or durablue https://www.duracoatfirearmfinishes.com/ cant post, must be collected from Dundee might be able to help with spraying if you do not have an airbrush £25 for one shot
  7. handpresso pump --- brand new, in original box, £43 posted Handpresso Pump , ESE pods or ground coffee and hot water and the usual brewing process: all you need to make a delicious espresso . The Handpresso is designed to make an exceptional espresso on the go. Handpresso, a whole new world! Handpresso has combined coffee quality and mobility, meaning you can now enjoy premium-quality coffee wherever you are. The Handpresso concept has five key features: Innovation, Simplicity, Quality, Mobility and Usability
  8. wood turned wall clock engineered walnut 28cm diameter victory 12 ga cartridges inserts, brass fittings with German electronics £40 posted
  9. 98 .223 rem - winchester brass £12.5 posted
  10. Hi am after a gaep roll die on 12 ga and 20. for 12ga would be after the star roll finisher preferably no2 and the OTC. for 20 mainly OTC. pls let me know if any surplus thanks, a
  11. Will swap for molds that cast for 12ga or 20ga -- .690"; .600"; buckshot; slugs
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