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  1. thanks for your advice, a bit hard with .410; I will probably end up buying some new ones , play a bit, then go back to 12ga.
  2. empties for reloading
  3. gummy_bear

    .410 shells

    as per title, I am after some .410 shells. pls pm me if anything available thanks,
  4. will take the 20ga if still there
  5. Tony, many thanks for this. I will take the spring out and check with them. I contacted GMK - they can't get it. Franchi in Italy is not answering. In most of the US online shops is out of stock. It looks like this make is not the one to have. adrian
  6. probably a long shot, I am after a safety spring for a OU single trigger Franchi any gunsmith out there having a spare? thanks, a
  7. I was looking for a similar gun for a while. There were few browning medalists with shortened stocks. For me the potential "problem" is the gun balance. I think that a 28 or a 30" adult gun with the stock shortened could be barrel heavy. I ended up getting an O/U 26" with 13.5 stock on guntrader. It should be here today.
  8. after a pcp preferably .22 // "pandemic driving distance" around Dundee. pls pm me if any available thanks
  9. up for sale three CONWAY LONDON leather shotgun slips dark brown, flap and zip, brass buckles, 50 inch long little used, in good condition, £75 posted each
  10. gummy_bear


    is the rail fitting a ruger rifle?
  11. hawke was the on my list but the 400m was around £125; the no name was £40 for 600m
  12. i do not have the time to measure the deer speed after the miss
  13. here the link, with a new price https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/192539736941 this is a basic model, but there are models with extra functions - over 100 etc; if you have time, search the net for more opinions
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