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  1. gummy_bear


    ok, thanks
  2. gummy_bear


    is the rail fitting a ruger rifle?
  3. gummy_bear


    hawke was the on my list but the 400m was around £125; the no name was £40 for 600m
  4. gummy_bear


    i do not have the time to measure the deer speed after the miss
  5. gummy_bear


    here the link, with a new price https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/192539736941 this is a basic model, but there are models with extra functions - over 100 etc; if you have time, search the net for more opinions
  6. gummy_bear


    all depends on your "budget" I had a Nikon and I managed to lose it while stalking at home, after a quick search, based on few reviews and prices, I decided to buy a £40 one from ebay until a good secondhand will surface. Now 6 months down the line, for me, the no-name works better that my old nikon I compared the measurements against a top range and is bang on, the optics are brighter than Nikon maybe not as "slick" as the mid range brands, but comes at only a fraction of the cost
  7. swibo is the professional range of victorinox, best prices here https://www.butchersequipment.co.uk/knives-sharpeners/knives?manufacturer=33 I have few models but my preferred is https://www.butchersequipment.co.uk/swibo-13cm-boning-knife-curved-semi-flexi and here why victorinox
  8. are these "home made"? or original for a specific shotmaker?? thanks
  9. thanks for details goggle is saying that they are to be used with black powder is this correct?
  10. would they take a normal primer or the pocket is for the old eley ?
  11. up for sale four quality shotgun slips, all thick sturdy veg tanned leather with brass loops and studs from the top (p1) first - never use, as new, dark brown 45" , flap and zip, £95 (p 2,3) second - very good condition, chocolate brown, 51" , flap and zip, £75 (p 4, 5, 6, 7) third - used, good condition, just aged leather character, 45", flap and zip, £50 forth - used, good condition, just aged leather character, 51", flap and zip, £50 prices include postage, pics for the forth on request, can't upload
  12. up for sale duracoat paint and hardener left from my project will do two shotguns / color choice: OD green, black matt or durablue https://www.duracoatfirearmfinishes.com/ cant post, must be collected from Dundee might be able to help with spraying if you do not have an airbrush £25 for one shot
  13. handpresso pump --- brand new, in original box, £43 posted Handpresso Pump , ESE pods or ground coffee and hot water and the usual brewing process: all you need to make a delicious espresso . The Handpresso is designed to make an exceptional espresso on the go. Handpresso, a whole new world! Handpresso has combined coffee quality and mobility, meaning you can now enjoy premium-quality coffee wherever you are. The Handpresso concept has five key features: Innovation, Simplicity, Quality, Mobility and Usability
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