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  1. Asking for a friend. can travel local, anything considered. john
  2. Have just got a sample pack of 50. rapid FAC, slugs doing 32.5 ft/lb, Bisley mag 31ft/lb havnt tried them for grouping yet.
  3. That's a good one Andrew.👍
  4. Yes, it still here and yours for collection.
  5. It is, it's ICI Nobel, 500 grams in each tin.
  6. Free to a certificate holder,2 tins of number 1 pistol powder. pickup DN11 , fetch your certificate.
  7. Simmons 1x5x20, great scope.👍🇬🇧
  8. My £4 .95 pump delivered by Amazon works fine strait out of the box. the fitting works on my Rapid with a Dr Bob quick fill, which I think is a daystate fitting. magic.😊👍🇬🇧
  9. snarepeg

    fac air

    Rapid in .22, Paul Williams walnut stock good scope silencer adjustable power wheel( theoben) 32 ft/lb with new 16 shot magazine" .no issues what so ever.?
  10. 75 grain, worked good yesterday and some comments as you would expect, lovelly push on shoulder and certainly does the trick when you conect.😊👍🇬🇧
  11. Ready for Thursday, a bit of wind will help for second shot.(should I need it)😊 30 gram 6s. Spinner is pre WW1 and still works a treat.
  12. So did my seriese 2 LWB, never had petrol in it in 10 years and never failed to start
  13. Nice magazine system with the right pellets. easy to set up, found crossman premier worked well, there is an adjuster for pellet length.
  14. Shot my first left and right with those at Witton on the Humber one foggy morning. we called them lion killers, kicked like a mule but did the job. Happy days😊
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