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  1. Withdrawn for time being.
  2. In In good used condition, pickup or post at out. £70
  3. You may find it's been fire ing 65mm for so long the extra 1/2 inch is corroded so it's causing more back pressure? a piece of dowel split and emery cloth in the drill could?? Sort it out??? never had any problems with mine.
  4. snarepeg

    Lathe wanted

    Exactly. this came from a model maker, so small scale work. i have threaded barrels and made parts for loading presses, nothing big or heavy. Comes with travelling steady, gears for threading, cuttingtools etc. inherited another so letting this go.
  5. Still have mine, myford 10   With travelling steady gears and cutting tools.

    have inherited my nephews so have two, no problems with it, runs as it should .

    in Gran Canaria till 17 th

    have tried photos to lsphil.harrison01@outlook.com but not going. Reg john

    1. Had springers for 30 years then got a Labrador 😊 Have my Rapid but also my bsa 635 in .25 makes a refreshing change, doesn't put holes in cans , puts caves.
    2. Send me your address and will post to you. John
    3. Have got what you want here Jim if you are not fixed up?
    4. In nice working condition,( bench mounted but not included). comes with assortment of cutting tools and change gears for various speeds in threading etc. pick up only from DN 11, will fit into a van or car with seats down. .£600 photos be e mail.
    5. Fix barrel into vice with lead sheet or something and tap out with a brass copper wood dowel. just had the clicking on second cartridge, ground a bit off sledge, (hammer hitting it) that cocks your hammer and it's working fine. cup and spring go into recess in under hammer, you will fiddle to line it up but I did it a few times (it gets easier) educational.😊
    6. Have had the same symtons, light strike and misfires. boiled down to a weak hammerspring. got round it by fitting a fireing pin spring inside the original, works a treat.
    7. Still using post office bags from the 60s genuine hand sown in the clink workshops , nothing better out there
    8. One in FAC in my local gun shop, L/H but not sure it's 22??
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