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  1. G&T😊🇬🇧 Nope just these left, have been giving them away over the years.
  2. Ok ok got the message set of sarkies😊 Thought I had corrected it with photo but it didn't . 2/Two 380 calibre eley paper gas tight cartridges 6 shot
  3. Don't see many of these about. paper case gas tight, 6 shot 380 guage.
  4. This helps keep you cab space warmer. in excellent condition. £55 posted
  5. Have. Reloaded 1000s when money was tight. dont pick up any from bolting rabbit stand as could gave sand embedded. put them thru the washing machine if you have an understanding wife, I have happy reloading👍
  6. snarepeg


    Have. 2 send me your address and will post you one. John.
  7. snarepeg

    Old HW77

    That brings back some memories, Bulmers, if they hadn't got it it hadn't been made.
  8. Try some cardboard or other material under your scope with the medium mounts, might look s b,,,,,ger but it does work.
  9. This was for 12 guage but turned down for 20. But can still trim 12 . think it could be blacksmith manufactured. £15 posted.
  10. Found this in cupboard, no longer have the 366 it came with, never got round to fitting it. what you see is what you get. £25 posted
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