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  1. Lyman case length/headspace gauge £22 posted Redding body die, as new in box £25 posted Lee decapping/neck sizing die and bullet seating die with scoop and sheel holder (trimmed a tiny bit off the pin as was too long) £24 posted Lee safety powder scales £24 posted
  2. Thanks for that Zetter. Think I'll take a look at the Panther.
  3. Just traded my CZ527 223 for a Weihrauch 22 Hornet. Have a Wildcat Evo that I used with the CZ, but it is too heavy for an already hefty rifle like the Weihrauch. Was thinking of something like the Wildcat Panther 22......anyone using one on a Hornet?
  4. The newer model Nightfox 120R has an internal battery fitted. It also has a fitting on top for those wishing to attach the unit to a head harness. This fitting is also useful for attaching external IR. More expensive though at £160-180.
  5. beanieboy

    Pard 008

    Bought as part of the bulk buy offer by CRS on the Night Vision Forum. I have recently changed all my scopes to Hawke for NV use and I prefer the flexibility of the 007 unit. The 008 is superb though for both night and day use and I was thinking of keeping it as a Spotter, but it's much too good to be used for spotting only. I used it as a sight only and never bothered with the wifi and recording stuff.....not my thing! Comes complete with case, box and accessories, including the wee sunshade freebie thrown in by CRS. Looking £375 posted within UK only. Will be posted first class signed for. Should say, there are the usual marks, especially around the weaver fittings due to fitting torches etc. Should also point out that unit was only used on rimfire.
  6. I generally keep both scopes at relatively low mag, however I find that using a stronger IR like the Solaris SRX affords me the flexibility to increase scope mag to 7x/8x whilst still retaining a clear image.
  7. Had to let my beloved 8 x 50 Kahles go and replace it with the recommended Hawke Airmax 30 SF 3-12x50 for NV use on my .223. It's a pretty decent scope during the day (not as good as the Kahles) and is very good with the Pard 007. I was about to buy a second Airmax to replace a Docter scope on my .17 WSM, when I noticed a Hawke Endurance SF 5-15x50 (25mm) going for £100 less than the Airmax. I bought it and I have to say the optics, in my opinion, are more crisp and clean on the Endurance. Both are equally good with the Pard. So if you're after a scope for your Pard, have a look at the slightly older Endurance....it's also shorter and lighter than the Airmax.
  8. Includes tail switch and snoot. Superb IR with dimmer switch, which is a brilliant feature. In excellent condition. £70 posted first class signed for.
  9. Anyone know where I can buy one of these? Have a mint Photon for sale but I never used the cable that came with it. I listed the Photon for sale here and on ebay before I realised this cable is missing. Don't want to sell something that is incomplete.
  10. Still available. Sell for £240 (not including f900), otherwise off to Ebay.
  11. If I can't get a suitable swap, I would sell for £260 posted, £300 with the Ledray F900.
  12. I have the above, complete with all original packaging etc, that I would like to swap for Hawke Sidewinder 30 4-16x50 SF. I can email pictures of the Photon to those interested. It is in excellent condition and if these units were better in daylight, I'd never let it go......absolutely superb night vision with my Ledray F900. Any scope offered must be in excellent condition.
  13. Nikko Gameking 6-24x50 - well used, but has been a brilliant scope. Always holds zero. Minute fleck inside lens since new, but hardly noticeable. Some cosmetic marks on body....I've had this for many years! Pictures can be emailed to those interested. £50 Evo T75 Mk2 torch. Excellent condition. Comes with green and IR pills. Extension tube also included. £45 Evo T50 Mk2 torch. Excellent condition. Comes with IR pill, plus extension tube and and extra Mk2 T38 head. £40 Prices include signed for postage.
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