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  1. I have one with black action. Bought many moons ago as new, having shot less than 100 shells. They're built like a tank. I've put less than 500 shells through it as I am more into rifles. Wouldn't ever part with it though, despite the obvious limitations of 26" skeet barrels in the field.
  2. Some of the options recommended may well have better glass than some of the Hawke scopes (although sidewinder and endurance are very very good), however they won't work well with night vision addons should you decide to get into night shooting.
  3. I have a CZ527 thumbhole 24" varmint. I too reload with H4198, but my load is 11.6g. Ridiculously accurate with 20g Vmax and a very hard hitting little calibre. Was lucky to buy over 300 once used brass for £20!....Still loading and reloading the first 100.
  4. beanieboy


    Jack Pyke Hunters Trousers, size L. Super quality waterproof and breathable, but too big for me. Only tried on, so as new. Sherwood Forest Hardwick Trousers 34", again, waterproof and breathable. These also are as new having been tried on only. I prefer corduroy or moleskin trousers. £65 posted for both.
  5. These were bought for me as a present at Christmas, but I cannot wear 'in ear' stuff like this. Genuinely never used. I told my folk to return them to Argos, but they wouldn't refund due to the clear film on the box having been removed. As you can see from the receipt, they cost £119.99, selling for £85 posted. Bank transfer preferred.
  6. Had the Panther on mine and now have the 17 version on my 17 Hornet. Light and effective.
  7. In excellent, lightly used condition. Works flawlessly. £500 + postage at cost.
  8. Pard sold. Scope still available. Will include suitable Pard adapter worth £19.99.
  9. Hawke used on rimfire with a Pard 007. Super combination. £170 for scope posted. Pard 019 purchased new from Custom Rifle Scopes. Comes in original box with accessories and with a set of Neweer lenses. £165 posted.
  10. I did a comparison between the One leaf Commander 12mm and the Pard 007 here https://www.thestalkingdirectory.co.uk/threads/oneleaf-commander-nv100-12mm-vs-original-pard-007-16mm.230324/
  11. LED's are best for the XT. Lasers are too much for the sensor on this unit. Try a T20 with a Black Sun 2 pill or, if you can get one, a Ledray Tracer f900. The latter has a very useful magnetic dimmer control.
  12. I previously used fixed mag Kahles and Docter scopes before changing to the more 'addon friendly' Hawkes. Though not as good in daylight, the latter do nonetheless perform surprisingly well and give an excellent NV image with the PARD 007.
  13. I also received superb service from Hawke. Had an Endurance scope that didn't adjust correctly. Sent to Hawke who informed me that adjustment spring was faulty. New scope received within a week. I now own several Hawke scopes.
  14. Another for ultrasonic cleaner with Birchwood Casey. Cleans cases inside and out and leaves primer pockets spotless.
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