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  1. I previously used fixed mag Kahles and Docter scopes before changing to the more 'addon friendly' Hawkes. Though not as good in daylight, the latter do nonetheless perform surprisingly well and give an excellent NV image with the PARD 007.
  2. I also received superb service from Hawke. Had an Endurance scope that didn't adjust correctly. Sent to Hawke who informed me that adjustment spring was faulty. New scope received within a week. I now own several Hawke scopes.
  3. Another for ultrasonic cleaner with Birchwood Casey. Cleans cases inside and out and leaves primer pockets spotless.
  4. Loughview Guns & Country Sports. You'll get them on Facebook.
  5. A local RFD here in N Ireland has a new one with thumbhole stock for £925. I was going to buy it, but went for a CZ527 instead.
  6. Had this on a 22 Hornet, but has had less than 100 rounds shot through it. Changed to 17 Hornet with different thread, so no longer needed. £60 which includes signed for postage.
  7. I had a Tikka 204 on order for 5 months and got fed up waiting. The following was bought, but will not be used as I'm now going to get a 223. I f/l sized the Remington brass and primed all the cases, but have obviously deprimed them now (used a universal deprimer). Apart from using one of the sizing gauges, everything is unused. Prices include postage (from N Ireland) 2nd class, signed for. 100 Remington brass £45 Case length/headspace gauge £25 Lee Pacesetter die set £40 Lee Collet die set £40 LymanE-Zee trim (including 204 pilot bought separately) £30 Also selling the following bullets: Hornady V-Max 32gr #22004 (98 in box) £30 Sierra Blitzking 39gr #1039 (just over 100 in box....the extra couple are not the missing 32gr!!) £30 SOLD Payment via Bank Transfer only. Will sort stuff tomorrow and post on Monday. Haven't posted anything to mainland UK since this invisible border nonsense, but my local Post Office assures me that items from here to UK Mainland are OK. Attachments 20210226_154432.jpg 285.4 KB · Views: 11 20210226_154221.jpg 285.2 KB · Views: 11 20210226_154129.jpg 345.9 KB · Views: 9 20210226_154003.jpg 302.2 KB · Views: 9 20210226_153438.jpg 308.2 KB · Views: 11 Quote Reply Report Edit Delete B beanieboy Well-Known Member Today at 6:35 PM Add bookmark #2 Blitzkings sold. Quote Reply Report Edit Delete B BoldItalicFont size More options… List Alignment Align left Align center Align right Justify text Paragraph format Insert linkInsert imageMore options… UndoMore options… Preview Text colorFont family Strike-throughUnderlineInline codeInline spoiler SmiliesMediaQuoteInsert tableInsert horizontal lineSpoilerCode RedoRemove formattingToggle BB codeDrafts Write your reply... Post reply Attach files Insert quotes… Share Forums For Sale & Wanted Classifieds Reloading SD Contact us Terms and rules Privacy policy Help RSS Forum software by XenForo® © 2010-2021 XenForo Ltd. Quote | Reply Copied and pasted from my ad on Stalking Directory......seem to have copied some unnecessary blurb....but you get the message!
  8. I too have had great service from Uttings. They always have great offers available on hunting and fishing gear.
  9. beanieboy

    204 ruger

    I've a new Tikka t3x on order since start of September. Still no availability until at least December, maybe well beyond.
  10. Had one years ago on an old 223. Got knocked about quite a bit, but always held zero. Well built scopes and great for the money.
  11. Sorted for die, still looking for brass.
  12. Looking for both of the above in 204. 👍
  13. The Ledray Tracer f900 has a sliding dimmer switch. It's an excellent torch and the ir version is outstanding with photon xt and rt.
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