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  1. beanieboy

    Hawke Vantage SF

    Thanks chaps......I actually managed to get a very good image using the Gameking, but refocusing is nigh on impossible. Super crisp image at 100-150 yards though. Hopefully the Vantage will make things a whole lot easier.
  2. beanieboy

    Bins suggestions please

    Hawke Frontier ED or Vortex Diamond. Both superb for the money.
  3. beanieboy

    Hawke Vantage SF

    Just ordered a 3-12x44 for use with a NV Addon as my main scopes are Kahles and Docter fixed mags. I have a Nikko Gameking AO which works to some extent, although the AO is very difficult to turn and I'm not convinced it makes a great deal of difference when it does. The Vantage with SF is supposed to go well with these Addons.....just wondering if anyone is actually using this scope as part of their NV kit and how do they rate it?
  4. beanieboy

    Savage WSM??

    Yes Dekers, have had it since June. Must say, thus far, I'm very please with it. I initially used it with a wee 6x42 Docter. Proved very accurate and definitely hits harder than my previous HMR. It is also much better in windier conditions than the HMR. The bolt soon becomes a non issue, although I do still 'short stroke' it on the odd occasion. Ammo wise, I have only used the 20g Hornady.....that is all that is available locally. Luckily though, this has proved very accurate. The only issue I've had is a couple of failures to extract empty cases.....it appears this is an ammo issue though. The magazine takes a bit of getting used to in terms of loading, however it cycles really well and has proved very reliable. I wasn't sure if I'd like the thumbhole stock, having only ever used traditional wooden ones, however I've come to realky like it and would consider putting one on my 223. I currently use my WSM for night shooting....have it topped with a Photon XT 6.5x50, wich along with a Tracer F900, is excellent. I use the Wildcat Whisper 17 that I previously used on my HMR and I don't find the WSM noticeably louder. A SAK would probably moderate just as welk, but the Whisper is much more robust and should handle the pressure better. Overall I'm pleased with the WSM....the Savage has proved very accurate and feels very well balanced in the hand.....still consider CZ a much nicer rifle though.
  5. beanieboy

    SOLD Photon RT 6x50 S Night Vision Scope

    Absolute steal!
  6. beanieboy

    LL-760 Night Vision

    To be fair both chaps from Nightvisionstore and CRS covered this in a very lengthy thread on another forum and I'm sure neither would wish to have to go over it all again. Don't think I'd have an issue buying from either.......both seem decent enough chaps.
  7. beanieboy

    LL-760 Night Vision

    I would of thought the Kwikfit unit made by 'Somebloke' is the closest thing to what you want. The ir is attached to the screen/power unit. Supposed to be very good.
  8. beanieboy

    LL-760 Night Vision

    That is very interesting Rewulf. The unit doers seem very light and portable....would be very handy when I'm out on my own. Thanks for the clarification.
  9. beanieboy

    LL-760 Night Vision

  10. beanieboy

    LL-760 Night Vision

    I was thinking of one of these for spotting, however if it can only spot rabbits at sub 100 yards, it's not worth buying imo. I use a Yukon Exelon 3x50 with dovetail rail fitted with T50 ir mounted....can easily see (actually see) rabbits out to 150/200 yards. It is a tad bulky though, which is why I thought the 760/Addonight might be worth consideration.
  11. beanieboy

    NV Add-On [Nitesite Wolf etc]

    Ah, parallax adjustment!
  12. beanieboy

    NV Add-On [Nitesite Wolf etc]

    Dave, when you say fixed focus, do you mean fixed mag? Both the Kahles & Docter have quick eye focus adjustment, but fixed mag at 8x and 6x respectively. Excuse my ignorance on this subject. My NV experience doesn't go beyond the simple rifle mounted lamp.
  13. beanieboy

    NV Add-On [Nitesite Wolf etc]

    Thanks for the reply Steve. I've read how the coating on higher end scopes can affect IR. Suppose the question will be, just how badly will performance be affected? I note that the Nitesite Wolf can now be had for £375.....worth a punt, even if it ends up being suitable for use with my .22lr/Nikko gameking combo only.
  14. Do these work ok with fixed mag scopes? I have a relatively cheap variable scope on my .22lr, but use Docter and Kahles fixed mag on my other rifles.
  15. beanieboy

    Crime and Punishment in the snowflake age

    Yes, they appear to be completely out of touch with reality.