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  1. Went back to a Photon, the RT. The image with Solaris SRX on top is excellent and it holds zero perfectly.
  2. Will include 45mm scope adapter for pard (£19.99)
  3. Rarely used and in superb condition. Comes as it did to me when new, (less than a year ago) with box and everything in it. Excellent with Pard 007 and no doubt, other add-ons. Surprisingly good in daylight also. Can email pictures to those interested. £200, which includes first class, signed for postage.
  4. I use Hawke Airmax and Endurance scopes with the 007. The lowest mag on the Airmax scopes is x3, x5 on the Endurance. I use x5 on both with Solaris SRX and the image is very clear.
  5. I currently use a Pard 007 with all my rifles, however I'm considering dedicating either my 22 Hornet or 17 WSM for night vision use only. I know many recommend the Pard 008 as a dedicated NV sight, however I had one before and didn't like the mount and found the focusing ring didn't give a sharp image. I like the fact that both the Sightline 450 and the Wraith have a 4 base mag, but I'm not sure which to go for. I know the Wraith is colour for daytime use, whilst the Sightline isn't. But I'm unsure as to how sharp the black/white daytime image of the Sightline compares to the Wraith. More importantly, I would like to know which performs best for night time use. I know there are pros and cons regarding the onboard IR of both, although the Wraith does seem to offer greater flexibility in this regard. Would be interested to hear from anyone who has used both of the above.
  6. I have the Wildcat Whisper. It's better built than the Sak, but there's no difference in performance.
  7. 2 Bisley 2" English Canvas/leather rifles slings £18 each posted (£30 posted for both) Nice quality leather sling with stag head detail. I glued a strip of neoprene on the inside of the sling to provide better grip when walking. Complete with quick release swivels £20 posted 2 Smart reloader ammo trays, each holds 86 rounds £20 posted for both. 17 Calibre pull through cleaning kit. Nice quality coated wire cord with T handle and jag and brush. All housed in a nice little zipped wallet. Unused and as new. £20 posted.
  8. I find a slight flare really helps when seating flat base bullets like the 35g Vmax. I also give my reloads a gentle crimp. I am currently experimenting with Lilgun loads from 12g-13g to see which groups best. My rifle is the Weihrauch HW60j.
  9. Bought from CRS less than a couple of months ago. Spec as below: http://customriflescopes.com/shop.html#!/Night-Vision-spotter-25mm-lens-and-4-5-with-IR-torch/p/141433773/category=34270034 Prefer near eye as I have to wear my specs with the handheld. Great wee unit though that will comfortably do 150 yards.......the stated 200 yards is perhaps a tad ambitious. Condition as new. Paid £140, asking £100, which includes first class signed for postage.
  10. I have a 6-24x50 IR. It was bought for me many moons ago and was used on 223, HMR and 22lr. Never lost zero and built to last. Mine had a tiny fleck on the lens from new, but I never bothered to return it as it was bought for me....wasn't really an issue, to be honest. It's been retired for some time, but is still a very good scope. Usual marks from use which I'll do my best to show on pictures, if you're interested. No problem either way.
  11. Lyman case length/headspace gauge £22 posted Redding body die, as new in box £25 posted Lee decapping/neck sizing die and bullet seating die with scoop and sheel holder (trimmed a tiny bit off the pin as was too long) £24 posted Lee safety powder scales £24 posted
  12. Thanks for that Zetter. Think I'll take a look at the Panther.
  13. Just traded my CZ527 223 for a Weihrauch 22 Hornet. Have a Wildcat Evo that I used with the CZ, but it is too heavy for an already hefty rifle like the Weihrauch. Was thinking of something like the Wildcat Panther 22......anyone using one on a Hornet?
  14. The newer model Nightfox 120R has an internal battery fitted. It also has a fitting on top for those wishing to attach the unit to a head harness. This fitting is also useful for attaching external IR. More expensive though at £160-180.
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