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  1. I use a Wildcat Whisper in 17 HMR. Much better built than the SAK, but I'm not convinced the human ear can detect any significant difference between any of these mods.
  2. According to the calculation listed on the Sportsmatch site.....should be around 3mm clearance.
  3. I am currently awaiting delivery of a Tikka T3X Stainless Lite (204) and I prefer mounts that fit directly to the rifle dovetail rather than using rails, etc. Have always had great confidence in Sportsmatch and am looking at getting their HT073 high rings in 30mm. My scope has a 56mm objective, and the rings are described as fitting 'up to' 56mm......I was wondering if anyone is using these rings with a 56mm objective scope, and if so, what sort of clearance do they give?
  4. I have the Savage Bmag with heavy SS barrel and Boyds stock. I use it for night shooting. It is very accurate and the 8 rounds capacity is handy. Bolt cocking can be a problem as ammo rim thickness is not consistent. The build quality of the magazine is poor and I intend to buy a spare in anticipation of the original falling apart. It is better than the HMR in the wind and definitely hits harder. Great wee calibre, average rifle.
  5. Used the above with Gen 2 Primos Tripod, but prefer my quad sticks. £60 (bank transfer) posted first class, signed for. Can email pics to those interested.
  6. Photon RT bought from Scott Country in February this year. ATP90 height and windage adjustable mounts bought from Tawn Airgun Supplies for £110. All in perfect working order. £450 posted (first class, signed for)
  7. You can get one of the new Pard 007A units for just over £400. Much better option if you have a suitable scope to use with it. The image will be much superior to the 550.
  8. Changed some of my scopes to Hawke to make a few of my rifles compatible with Pard 007. Currently have Sidewinder 30, Airmax 30 and Endurance models. The latter developed a fault and wouldn't adjust for elevation or windage. I literally stuck it in a drawer and forgot about it until I read somewhere about the outstanding warranty offered by Hawke. Long story short, contacted Hawke and sent scope to them for inspection. Just received an email from them stating that their inspection revealed a faulty adjustment spring and that a replacement scope is being despatched. Having read in this and othe
  9. Looking for one of these in 204. I have the cutter mounted on my Lyman Xpress and need the length stop pin for the 204 case. Lee don't seem to do one. https://www.cdsgltd.co.uk/case-length-gauge-223rem.html
  10. Which rifle did you go for tweedledee?
  11. Friend of mine was getting faster from his 223......40g Vmax with 26g of Benchmark behind it.
  12. Fancy the above in 204 or 223 (1:12). I want to use 40 Vmax and was wondering if the 204 has any significant speed advantage given that both have a 20" barrel? I was of the opinion that the 204 had to have a minimum 24' barrel in order to get the best out of it.
  13. Went back to a Photon, the RT. The image with Solaris SRX on top is excellent and it holds zero perfectly.
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