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  1. Bottle Nerve Haven't quite got the full story yet as Oppo mentioned that the farmer has told him this. Any requests for shooting in writing are passed to me to sort out and anything verbal or casual I'm made aware of it. I'll get the full story when I next see the farmer. However, it seems that a youngster - 20 ish - who has an air rifle has asked if he can do the vermin control and that it won't cost the farmer too much. Wishful thinking in the extreme, I fancy.
  2. Brilliant, many thanks indeed. Hang on to them, you never know. I have it covered having spent 40+ years getting soaked in hydraulic oil.
  3. Being second hand, I took the action off the stock just to check that all was well which it was (I thought) and re-assembled, but it was a bit of a fiddle. Having shot it, chose my preferred pellets and set about adjusting the second stage (the first stage according to the gospel is a no-no) trigger pull. Most will see the advantage of disconnecting a full buddy bottle before pulling the trigger as often as is necessary when doing this job. As it happened, faffing about emptying it might have been better on this occasion. Having damaged something I knocked it on the head as having refitted th
  4. Yep hopefully as it's the only one that I disturbed but the first sign of the external leak is around the fill/guage area. I don't know whether or not something internal has rolled. However, at 04;10 I awoke with the sudden realisation that this was not down to me and I'm pretty sure I know what happened. I'll check it out and will post again when I've got the full story on the cause just in case anyone else has the same rifle and this is not a known problem.
  5. Part of the instructions to adjust the 2nd stage trigger pull.
  6. I read the instructions and as there's no easily seen marks on a BSA R-10 I put on a couple of sticky markers as I can't really now rely on having a good grip. Unfortunately, one wasn't sticky enough and fell off. The upshot of it all is that I unscrewed the buddy bottle a bit too far and have rolled (damaged) a seal as advertised. Anyone know how much this is going to cost me?
  7. Motorists were already an endangered species when the M1 was started and were extinct before decimal currency came in.
  8. I hear where you're coming from, but the last thing we want is a driver. We have millions of those - these are the ones that fail to give way when they should and especially at round-a-bouts and fail to indicate - or worse indicate when they should not. What we need is a motorist.
  9. Although misguided: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-54197344
  10. Well, yes, I wouldn't be at all surprised as after all, they've been relieving me of my hard earned LSD under various guises for years. They've just kindly written explaining how pleased they are with the considerate manner by which they've been able to help themselves to some more via my new over 75s TV licence.
  11. Is anyone else starting to get the impression that -and excluding that which comes across the ditch - the shortage of ammo coming in from across the pond is going to get worse before it gets better?
  12. Can't you calculate this sufficiently from your Post of 24th July?
  13. My 'smith has had a problem with a couple of kickeez pads splitting so on my Beretta he's put a Pachmayr Decelerator - one with a hard heel insert to ensure that it rides smoothly over clothing. OK, it's not the London Orange as per the SbS, but it does look tasty in my eyes.
  14. Yep, complement that with 2 steps up for 1/2 and you're good for 40 and 45 yards. Odds on are though that for a IC performance you may just need a tad more choke than the nominal.
  15. To be honest, I didn't think so and even Bristol were telling porkies.
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