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  1. wymberley

    Got the WSM

    My apologies. I missed the "to me" and therefore of course it's correct. Not doing too well here at all, I meant my post to apply to the general PW readers.
  2. wymberley

    Would you take the shot #2

    We know that the Cornish do things a bit differently, but as this is the first I've heard of this, which goes in the tea first, the cream or the jam? Think I'll stay with the scones though.
  3. wymberley

    Got the WSM

    Should that be correct, look out for the JM version should they do it. The only reason I sold mine in 22 flavour was so that I could play with a Ruger No 1 and 50 grains.
  4. wymberley

    Begara Folding Shooting Chair

    For a potentiallly dangerous sport that relies upon self regulation for its safety aspects, where the necessary conduct is underpinned by what on the surface appears to be nothing more than courteous or sportsmanlike behaviour, but in fact has become shooting lore because the underlying reason for that behaviour is safety based, not simply good manners and if over time that courtesy is eroded then so too is our safety.
  5. wymberley

    Begara Folding Shooting Chair

    Not just in the Trading Forums, but in general, this is on a particularly noticeable increase. Many now start a thread with a request for information or advice and then simply don't bother to post further. Currently, there's a fair few guys talking among themselves about pocket knives. I think I'm too old and don't understand the modern use of the media, but if this lack of courtesy is becoming rife throughout our sport and not just on the internet, then we could be heading for trouble in the long term - assuming we have one. As you say, rant over, time for lunch.
  6. wymberley

    I need shotgun restorer suggestions

    Ain't that a fact, especially if you throw in a gleaming stock covered in '10 gauge' - this is not a calibre but a metal thickness. These are the first ones I pass by when looking for something - a shame really as as said it could be a good honest gun ruined.
  7. wymberley

    Straw hide net

    Longstrider, Many thanks for both posts - it was the lone oak tree that did it for me.
  8. wymberley

    I need shotgun restorer suggestions

    Although my comment is valid, if you are thinking of having some work done, don't let me put you off as a quick call will will give a better current state of play.
  9. wymberley

    I need shotgun restorer suggestions

    + another one. However, a temporary heads up. Just at the moment there's a back-log of work. Having recognised that they were getting busy - in part due to PW recommendations - a vacancy for another 'smith was placed but it proved difficult to find someone suitable. But not impossible and the successful applicant started work last week. With 3 at the bench, I'm told that this should be resolved in short order. I hope so as my Webley and Scott after 2 months is hopefully nearly at the front of the queue.
  10. wymberley

    springy washers ?

    Jiborish? It makes perfect sense to this Devonian ( OK, I did spend 9 years in Norfolk). A brilliantly descriptive name with the one letter cleverly omitted.
  11. wymberley

    springy washers ?

    That's torn it - I was going to say, 'grapeshot'.
  12. wymberley

    Horse fly bite

    Social Services I would guess.
  13. wymberley

    Elf and Safety

    No, it makes sense. It's because in the police crime statistics it looks less horrific to report 'beaten with a blunt instrument' than 'killed with an axe'.
  14. wymberley

    Side by Side Club

    Now, that is interesting. The photo here is much clearer than the other one posted. As a result, I can read Pollard's address. My step-son has a Williamson which was made at either No 3 or 5 - they moved from one to t'other. We do know which as we worked it out from the proof marks but I can't quite remember the specifics offhand.
  15. wymberley

    Side by Side Club

    There isn't one, but you could PM me with your name and address.