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  1. wymberley


    They'd be wasting their time with him anyway. With the amount of flack that he's had incoming over the years, having reached the ripe old age of 97 he's become damned good at dodging it. Am I not right in thinking that on this occasion the council already had this down for discussion before the accident. Nice one, Kalahari!
  2. wymberley

    best place for new firing pins

    Under the hammers.
  3. Yep, it's the old, old story from 100 years or more ago - pattern fails before energy and it's pattern that kills.
  4. wymberley


    I bet there'll be the odd headless council worker or councillor around who have just found out.
  5. wymberley


    If you're on the A149 in that neck of the woods, watch out for rolling heads.
  6. wymberley


    Haven't got the hang of posting images or doing links yet; remember?
  7. wymberley


    Who wasn't looking where he was going then?
  8. wymberley

    Speeding enforcement

    Having a purge for a fortnight here with unmarked cars. Fastest so far was on the A38 (dual carriageway) at 124mph.
  9. wymberley

    Motion to Ban Lead Shot

    Passing the Shoot/Estate names to Guns On Pegs, the CA and BASC might just have a beneficial effect without airing any dirty linen in public.
  10. wymberley

    Motion to Ban Lead Shot

    "Well done for picking up on this at a time when the media’s gaze was understandably elsewhere" An extract from a recently supplied link. I'm getting that feeling.
  11. wymberley

    Motion to Ban Lead Shot

    With no response as yet to my previous question, I'm undecided, but are you saying that we owe John Swift and his cohorts an apology?
  12. wymberley

    Motion to Ban Lead Shot

    Are you really sure about that?
  13. wymberley

    BREXIT - merged threads

    And is of no further consequence. Within the hour he will have lost his swansong vote. In short; he's yesterday's man. A smart move will be to keep an eye on Isca Man.
  14. wymberley

    Motion to Ban Lead Shot

    Keep calm and carry on: the House has more than enough going on to concentrate their minds without worrying about this load of drivel. Can't help but wonder where the figures give came from though: plucked out of the ether one suspects.
  15. wymberley

    bornaghi cartridges Pigeon 36

    Didn't that load relate in the main to the competitive live pigeon shooting where you needed to stop it dead before it left the kill zone and there was big money wagered? Archie Coats always used bog standard Grand Prix and even in the 30s Burrard was similarly minded.