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  1. wymberley

    Sbs help before I give up and sell it

    Ain't that a fact!
  2. wymberley

    Tom Clancey's Jack Ryan

    Not familiar with 24, but thoroughly enjoyed JR.
  3. wymberley

    Payne Galway

    Well, I think we've had it! I've just got the Napier 10 bore chamber (8 bore barrel) version. OK, I won't go as far as saying it slips through without touching the sides of my 12 bore, but you get my drift. Whereas the pictures supplied by John and TC are the real Turks' Heads, they're somewhat rare now-a-days and the name has often been applied to the Tornado style of brush. Fortunately, it seems Bore Tech do a phosphor bronze version of the Hoppes gunsmiths' steel one and which is available in the UK.
  4. wymberley

    Sbs help before I give up and sell it

    We're going 'off piste' a tad here, but I suppose it is relevant to a degree. I've tried various 28g of 7s to get the pattern density I would like and have noted that the majority have c350 pellets so let's stay with that figure. The clock stops when the first pellet in a velocity check breaks the tape so that's the figure that the manufacturer will boast about. Unfortunately, at this point the pattern is somewhat thin so one might have to wait until more arrive. Naturally, these will therefore be a little slower and have less energy. If we go with the recognised energy requirement to kill a pigeon and have a look at the Eley energy levels in their diary, then combining thes two elements it will be seen that we're talking about a maximum range of some 45 yards. Keeping one choke more open to cater for closer shots, what would the choke requirement be to take advantage of the maximum range for the 7s' energy if we define that distance (the maximum range) as detailed by Gough Thomas?
  5. wymberley

    Sbs help before I give up and sell it

    No doubt you have read the only reason why I mentioned the 'C' word. We know that pattern kills and equally understand what is meant by that. Patenetly, putting it in the right place is essential. I have to say that I'm envious of the highlighted sentence. Previously, I would have agreed with you but am now finding that with the cartridges which I wish to use It is a struggle to find a brand which does as you describe. Here we differ a bit as for my needs 3/4 is pretty much essential.
  6. wymberley

    Sbs help before I give up and sell it

    The content of these two posts is/was true enough but is also somewhat historical. Currently, if we ignore the possibility of having a gun made to your specification with a particular cartridge in mind (can't escape from history) or the RFD letting you take a selection away to pattern before you buy, then I'm now inclined to look at the tighter end of things if multi chokes are not in the equation. In my - and I acknowledge that this is limited - experience for various reasons a gun/cartridge combination now seems to shoot more open than was the case in the period that the posts quoted relate to. Although OPP's £8 is most certainly historical, this can always be carried out if necessary whereas even if possible the opposite is somewhat more expensive.
  7. wymberley

    Sbs help before I give up and sell it

    A good point becoming increasingly valid. I only mentioned the 'C' word in case having got it really cheaply, the OP has got his hands on a Star Shot bored gun which in effect for any other purpose is ruined. There are some about and are usually those at the cheaper end were chosen to be modified for that very reason
  8. wymberley

    Payne Galway

    while looking around t'net I see what rightly or wrongly I would call a turk's Head in two flavours - brass or PB - on offer. Has anyone tried these?
  9. wymberley

    Payne Galway

    It's looking as though we've come to an end of an era. I fall into the category of John's last post so have taken a punt (delivery charge is steep) and ordered the 10 bore version. The napier site is the only place I could find these and as there is a full range apparently available have added a link. Will advise if the 10 bore over eggs the situation. I've been here before and have previously ordered the chamber version which is not up to the previous barrel version standard so fingers crossed. https://www.napieruk.com/acatalog/Payne-Galway-Chamber-Brush--17.html
  10. wymberley

    Opinion on Drilled Wheat and Barley

    I don't know about 'up norf', but as already mentioned the drill's efficiency means very little sport down here as regards pigeon. However, a week or fortnight dedpendent upon the weather after sowing and when the shoots just start to appear means just one thing - corvids.
  11. wymberley

    Payne Galway

    Thanks, Scully, I'll have a shufti.
  12. wymberley

    Sbs help before I give up and sell it

    These. Not forgetting as you haven't mentioned it, does the gun still have any choke? Above all, don't panic. I have just been precisely where you are. With my new to me Webley and Scott which I thought to be the same "spec" as my AYA, I couldn't hit the simplest of decoyed pigeon. This last weekend, neither could I hit any clays but concentrated on one until I could. Have just got in from driving back from Leicestershire and not being a total plonker, we heaved to at UKGR. It took Brian a couple of minutes to confirm what I thought and just a few more to correct the major stock problem. It was like mounting a totally different gun. It now just needs a very minor addition to the cast and the finish restored where the stock has been dropped. I'm absolutely certain when I get it back in a few days, all will be well. Time spent in the hands of a skilled professional is always a sound investment.
  13. wymberley

    Payne Galway

    Is it me (I think not) or are the phospher bronze brushes whether they be branded Napier or Bisley inferior to those previously bought? The degree of compaction appears to be comparitively slack and the wire itself somewhat less firm. Anyone know where to get something decent?
  14. wymberley

    Duster 2018

    I used to have to Zig-zag up in my 1936 (Ithink it was) Morris Minor side valve.
  15. wymberley

    Side by Side Club

    Well said. No doubt the receiving RFD will either also refund you for the 20 bore cartridges or replace them with what you now need. In the event that you should ever need one, you'll probably find that your sensible and considerate customer attitude, but obviously one who won't be ridden roughshod over, will generate a good working relationship with a particular local 'smith whose attitude towards their customers' satisfaction is also exceptionally praiseworthy, not to mention their work being beyond reproach.