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  1. As I understand it, many of us pointed this out in our submissions to DEFRA. If (when) we're right, the people who would have planted the covers and the families whose ancestors planted the spinneys, woods and those hedgerows still remaining as a shooting benefit and now having lost their sport will have no reason to maintain them so will have them grubbed out in the name of profit. As the antis will be also in part responsible for this destruction, they must also shoulder some of the blame. The general public will not be too enamoured when they realise - too late - the antis' legacy. Naturally, the LACS et al are not going to mention this possibility out loud which in turn is precisely why we via our organisations should do so.
  2. wymberley

    East Devon

    I Think it's well worth it if you have any interest in the various aspects of history. One thing I would say though is that the enjoyment of your visit is really dependent upon the quality of your guide. As the quarry is associated with the church (Exeter Cathedral in particular), the records from way back are available and it just depends on whether or not and to what extent the guide has done their homework. One other point, stout ("sensible") shoes for the good lady.
  3. This might just turn out to be the wannabes feeling their oats and in so doing annoying people. With a bit of luck, one of the big boys will put down his cognac and cigar, clamber up out of his armchair and give them a slap.
  4. wymberley

    East Devon

    Yep, another two goodies. Not so well advertised as it's not "family" by any stretch of the imagination and would probably traumatise the toddlers is the Beer Quarry Caves. The location is in the title.
  5. Not quite sure what you mean by the, "education van". If you mean a small vehicle, then, yep that's all it is whereas in the time a little earlier than you suggested, by comparison it would have been a 40 ton five axled truck. Should you mean a group of people leading from the front, then with the relatively shallow content currently on offer, said van will suffice. Neither of these points can be attributed to a BASC failure. We hear a lot about the need to support our organisations. Fine, makes sense, but there's need to define 'support'. Joining and paying our subs? No, that's nothing more than a rite of passage. Having a bunch of the "I can tell them a thing or two" chaps turning up to give a couple of lectures over a few weeks without any payment as was a regular occurrence some 40 odd years ago is more like it. It is currently unlikely that that will happen on such a basis as render a course a viable proposition. Consequently, any course of any depth will incur costs which will mean that potential students will not wish to pay such a fee. Consequently, what we have is similar to the NAAFI's supply of tobacco - the Three Nuns - none yesterday, none today and none tomorrow. We didn't/don't need to take aspects from any other country's education programme as we were/ are(?) perfectly capable of doing our own without external input - incidentally, this also applied to a procedure for checking shotgun choke - which was proven by the fact that FACE stated that the BASC offering that I have in mind was a match for anything on the Continent.
  6. wymberley

    East Devon

    If you do decide to have a go at the following, I'll just say on THE FACE of it there's nothing I can do about it, but ever-the-less I apologise - you will understand. This is not on the Bicton Park map - which is particularly useless anyway. There was a TV programme called, 'The Burrowers' which was actually filmed at Bicton and the warren is still worth a look. There is a descriptive board for this as there is for the molehill which strictly speaking the correct term for which is 'fortress'. This however, I couldn't see - we went again today. Directions. If you approach the kiddies' play area up an hill and have to cross the miniature railway line, then turn left and follow the path around as it bears to the right and continues to climb. You should find the mini golf on your right. Just keep going and you won't miss it on your right. As it happens, this is also the best walk for many of the trees.
  7. Re the last two posts prior to the very last one: Magic, that's a relief and thanks for posting. Following a forced change of employment -ie - early retirement on medical grounds - with an associated hefty reduction in income, I have been quite happily doing my own thing in my neck of the woods for very many years. Because they got repetitive and thus boring I knocked the magazines on the head way back and now I rely on just PW and my association magazine for any news. Consequently, it is good to hear that things have improved considerably in the intervening years. The one thing that has always concerned me - which explained my work with BASC - would appear now to be negated from what the posts tell us. This is also, perhaps, assisted by our imminent departure from the EU. I hadn't realised how much shooter education and knowledge had increased for many. It is a relief to hear it because I've always figured that an anti would eventually come along and who would actually know about our sport and having a precedent already set would be in a position to do us - with some exceptions - untold damage, certainly in the short term.
  8. What I don't understand is what Sporting Gun were thinking of when they gave him column inches. Someone will be hanging on every word in a waiting room in a month or two.
  9. Unless it has been changed and I haven't noticed, there is no requirement to provide a reason in order to have a shotgun. Apart from which, shooting clays and undertaking vermin control are two very good ones. Those who have been doing this with regards to pest birds for some time know what they were doing and why, but over the years this has morphed into a sport which it, under the law, is most certainly not. Consequently, in the current climate, it' essential to understand what the GLs do and do not permit
  10. Quite right, I think Boris, or possibly Piers, needs a loud word with Donald.
  11. " Possibly like yourself, I dont see this current fiasco as being the last of our fights. Once the dust settles, the `Packhams` of this world will look for other causes to attack." Not wishing to sidetrack the other thread, I've lifted this from JJ's Dad's post in the General Licence Discussion sub-forum because it's a good point. Any opinions on where we may be vulnerable?
  12. As a member, would agree with the couple of posts re the NGO and should you be looking for another, how about the GWCT?
  13. I have to say that to me that sounds a lot like you're advocating blind obedience to a cause. I don't think for one minute that that is what any of our organisations would want, let alone demand, as if they were to they'd be classed as something unpleasant which it and its members should be avoided at all costs and is most certainly not the BASC that I knew.
  14. Hold 'ee 'ard this is Darset and people have been transported for less.
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