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  1. Thermal imaging and foxes

    RF is right; you don't have to shoot at night unless you're on a mission. By the sound of your post, you're not going to be reloading. If that is correct, think hard about your proposed maximum range - day or night. The vast majority of foxes are shot at a distance well below 200 yards. Choosing a calibre that will handle that can save considerably on ammo costs. Although NV or TI can be advantageous, careful use of a spotting lamp has worked for decades and is not to be sniffed at especially when used with a decent caller.
  2. Diamond shot

    Sound aerodynamic principles. If you wanted to pay for it then shot could also be made the same. The dimples achieve the same objective as Figgy's shape but make it easier to putt the ball.
  3. Buck knife reccomendations

    It does - even TC would like that I think. That one is UK legal so the blade doesn't lock open which, dependent upon use, might not be a good idea though. Vantage small?
  4. Buck knife reccomendations

    If you have a Buck collection that doesn't include one of these then it's not a collection but some knives stuffed in a drawer.
  5. Buck knife reccomendations

    Won't argue with that, but if you know the model and what they're currently fetching then they do seem to be somewhat more attractive particularly one like this that'a never really been used.
  6. Buck knife reccomendations

    A big one always beats a small good one.
  7. Buck knife reccomendations

    Yep, My aunt had a knife for a wedding present which lived on the kitchen table. Engraved on the blade was, " to cut your bread but not our friendship".
  8. That Was Lucky

    Picked the grand-daughter up from the nursery and moving slowly in the Sowden Industrial Estate Exeter in rush-hour. Something didn't seem quite right and being in the inside lane - out of the two available to get back the few miles to Exmouth - I just got the briefest glance of the M5 which appeared stationary - and with a split second in which to make a decision after which it would have been to late I moved to the other lane. Good decision. Otherwise I'd still be there but as it was I had a free run home on the virtually empty road which is normally chokka at that time. If you're thinking of heading that way, keep clears or at least check first. Seems there's a chap on the wrong side of a bridge over the M5 and the traffic on it is staionary as it has been for over 2 hours.
  9. Binoculars for Christmas

    Can she push it a bit: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Bushnell-Legend-Ultra-Roof-Binoculars/dp/B00200C7L8 This price can probably be beaten a little - near yet so far - same as the binoculars - superb bit of kit.
  10. Top Gun, 10,000 hr Rule

    This. Mine is to hit something occasionally.
  11. Flippin' 'eck. How can you not fill yer boots there! Will that be a single or return ferry booking, Stevo?
  12. You most certainly don't. I would not be at all surprised to find out that you are a particularly well qualified C Eng. Perhaps with a little youthful arrogance borne of rightly taking pride in your achievement. I was simply interested as what you said tends to go against the grain in my experience - which after all, that is all I have to rely on. Most people who have worked and studied hard coupled with their own natural intelligence and have achieved a given qualification more often than not recognise that similar was necessary for others in different fields to achieve a similar status and therefore treat them with their due respect. It's just that this doesn't appear to apply to your goodself. Yep, OK an untrained and unskilled mechanic can be a costly proposition for any car owner. Once you find one without the 'uns', best hang on to him.
  13. It has been deemed that the term 'engineer' can be defined as 'someone who works in or is associated with the engineering industry in one form or another. In other words, the term can be meaningless. As a one time meagre technician who is simply interested, would you care to detail your qualifications that warrant that title?
  14. Top Gun, 10,000 hr Rule

    Yep, true enough. I don't shoot clays - haven't done so for some 20 years until a couple of months back when my step--son who's just started shooting dragged me along a couple of times. As I'm down yur and he be up thur, it's not going to be a frequent occurrence. What I noticed though was that nothing seems to have changed. No one seemed to be very happy - what the hell happened to simply just enjoying yourself?
  15. Wad plastic or fibre

    Which brings us full circle back to: Safe Effective Affordable Non-toxic I'm sure any self respecting government would have preferred to include 'ecologically' in their definition of 'safe'. If you exclude that requirement from the above criteria, then there's only one which meets all of the others. The UK Government (DEFRA) spent a load of dosh in assertaining the effectiveness of NTS, so perhaps it could cough up some of the revenue it collects in taxes from the UK shooting industry in an effort to fund research into an alternative to plastic which in turn would actually meet their stated four criteria.