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  1. Which you'd expect to find on the Guns and Equipment forum. Possibly on the SbS Club until I blew it.
  2. Has anyone noticed the title of this sub-forum?
  3. Side by Side Club Sorry, All, this was my fault. Restoration is hopefully in hand.
  4. I've just unpacked it. You could well be right and I might just finish the stock before the model. And we're off, just 7536 pieces to go.
  5. Had to correct this just in case anyone thought that you were right.
  6. Well, nothing's changed. Apparently the UK lead pollution in the 12th century was as bad as that in the 19th century industrial revolution. How on earth did we survive? Naturally, given this discovery someone has got to come up with a means as to how to exploit lead's toxicity. In this case, they've blamed it for the murder of Thomas Becket.
  7. What is this thread actually discussing? Covid 19 or GLs? My answer related to GLs.
  8. I'm assuming that "what we can and can't do" relates to the current coronavirus situatuion. Is this fellow saying that we can shoot them for sport outside of these current restrictions?
  9. No. The worst case scenario is that the number of shooters will be reduced to those prepared to acquire the necessary qualifications and obtain the appropriate licence.
  10. Saw this on Amazon last night, worth watching: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1950186/ Brought back memories as Dan Gurney was mentioned very early in the film. Was there and saw this - and he made it back to the pits I believe: https://www.roadandtrack.com/motorsports/a23007587/dan-gurney-chevy-impala/
  11. One good thing about this is that we seem to have finally been able to put the footpath/ 50ft/3 conditions to bed.
  12. It's always struck me that when it comes to the actual shooting we should always consider ourselves as 'fools' but outside of that 'wisemen' has its place.
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