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  1. wymberley


    Because it's free I use wheat or barley.
  2. I would hope not as in all probability it would be to our detriment, but on the other hand if there is further information it would be to our advantage irrespective of whether it's good or bad news for us to know about it "all this talk of banning lead shot....." All what talk? Dogs were sleeping until someone was silly enough to wake them up. In view of the history, I can't help but wonder why one would do that for no apparent reason.
  3. This is where I came in and this issue is in the main the reason I went out again. Into PW and out of BASC after half a lifetime. To offer criticism when you consider it necessary and be termed a BASC Basher is nothing more than infantile alliteration so is of no consequence. Now we've progressed to BASC Hater. HATE! REALLY? This, of course, is no criticism of BASC - I've lost that right. What is particularly sad is to see more than one previously stalwart BASC member now becoming somewhat disenchanted. Unlike the "debate" when WAGBI changed to BASC, if this dissatisfaction continues I can see BAGSC will be born without a murmer. It won't affect me so I have no axe to grind; but forget shot material, forget WJ and also Joe Public, our biggest threat sooner or later is going to be education - the lack of it.
  4. wymberley


    Is anyone else getting a sneaking feeling that someone doesn't fancy being at the helm in a few short years from now and is beating a hasty retreat before it all hits the fan?
  5. I wouldn't over egg it. If you can clean them up and they provide grip, call it quits. There's nothing worse looking no matter it's value than a 'done up' gun.
  6. Memory on the way out, but earlier on didn't some counties have a different start year although even if so it would have been corrected by then.
  7. That's a sign of the times - used to be a fag packet.
  8. Tend to do my own thing now so don't know what's what currently, but when working with BASC back along although not frequent this train of thought was not uncommon among the students. The pellet spread is constrained by the choke and the only way to increase it is to reduce the level of choke. That's all very well, but a shotgun is a scattergun and does it very well. Consequently, any testing, experiments, pattern checks, etc, etc carried out have to rely on an average performance for a result. Here's the rub. By it's very nature an average is no good to us as we require a specific pellet count when working within reason. Therefore our required average is one that gives the minimum number of pellets that we require on every shot - again within reason.
  9. So why not use 36g for the same reason? The answer is that the reasons are many and varied. In short get to know how many pellets are required to ensure as far as is possible a clean kill when taking into account the quarry, your maximum envisaged range and the performance of your gun/cartridge in terms of pattern density. You have already taken into account energy by your choice of shot size. Just in case you misunderstand more pellets do not mean a bigger effective pattern area although I'm sure you understand that already, but it's not unheard of. using a greater load than necessary is wasteful for various mostly obvious reasons.
  10. Was going to say something about flippin' kids getting everywhere but there's a couple or so members that would firmly put me in my place so I won't.
  11. Good idea. See if you can get it right as we're still celebrating the previous failure.
  12. I'm very sorry to hear about the fall. When you get to a point in life such can be a bit of a blow. But there's always someone worse off. I have a 53 year old bottle with a good vintage that my son gave me for my 75th last year but my medication will not permit me to drink it.
  13. Or was there too much drop in the previous gun?
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