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  1. wymberley

    Shotgun problem

    The bits about the years relate to the awards he won when attending the exhibitions at those locations in those years. I have a family member who lives close to you. If I ask, he'll probably call around and take it off your hands and he won't charge much more than a fiver.👍
  2. wymberley

    Shotgun problem

    Can you read the maker's name for the middle one?
  3. "But if generally speaking we are obeying the conditions of our licences and the law, we shouldnt really have a problem should we ?" Oops, that's down to me, apologies. Having some bother engaging my brain at the moment and my fingers have a mind of their own which is not helping Yes we are and no we shouldn't. I meant for my words that you highlighted to relate to our sportsmanlike conduct and not that which would relate to the law. What I was getting at is as far as I'm aware there's no legislation regarding minimum velocities/energy/range. Consequently should someone be able to prove that we are not acting in a sportsmanlike fashion and consequently inflicting unnecessary pain and suffering and this point is well circulated in the media, then it will do us far more harm than a story about Joe Bloggs getting fined because he had an unlicenced firearm simply because he'd inadvertently failed to renew his certifucate.
  4. wymberley

    New shape Nissan X trail

    Couldn't remember what level code it was that I had done. Found it now, the Blue.
  5. wymberley

    New shape Nissan X trail

    If it's a diesel and you do decide that a bit more poke would be handy, have a look at Quantum Tuning. I got caught out a while back and bought a 173 which turned out to be a 150 so had it done. A very good move with no trouble whatsoever in some 5 years. The HP went up to 178 and the torque was an even higher percentage increase. I won't say more as I'm talking 57 plate and things might have changed with regards to your newer model.
  6. With you all the way, but there's a point that you've missed.We are no different from any of the anti elements, nor they us. We - as do they - make our representations to either the general public or the powers that be. They may get away with it if they - that well known expression in HM's armed forces - the public but they won't with the powers that be. However, if they produce irrefutable evidence to both groups that we're up to no good, then that becomes a different story altogether and we won't have a leg to stand on if the authorities decide to act. It is, perhaps, fortunate that the vast majority of Joe Public are open to reason and hopefully will continue to be so provided we don't screw up.
  7. Yep, the LACS have been provided with a bonus on a public forum for any who do 'tune in' the form of a bean feast of information over the past few days. They now know where to go to watch and record this attempted slaughter, they's also aware that it's not just the 'toffs' who are partaking in this activity but also the working class shooters so therefore it must be rife throughout the so called sport inspite of the fact that some other shooters are not altogether happy. Unfortunately, this latter group are unable to do anything about it.As yet, it has not been ascertained which element is leading the charge. Whether it be the cartridge makers who have seen a potential market and have taken advantage of it or whether they've been lead by the number of shooters demanding the necessary equipment to partake of this activity. However, whichever it is, it is of no consequence as this "latter group" can have no effective representation - even if some think they should as they believe they're actually paying for it - other than to say, "well, we told you so", when it all turns to all goes wrong.
  8. Was thinking along the lines of a mobile Payne-Gallwey.
  9. Haven't you got that back to front? Taking a No 6, give it a muzzle velocity of 1500 ft/sec then at 50 yards it'll have just 0.1 ftlb of energy more than one with a muzzle velocity of 1300. So, yep that bit is correct but as the pattern will fail before energy that extra 0.1 is neither here nor there but you can be quite sure that in all probability the pattern quality and density of the slower load will be superior to those of the faster one.
  10. This is just going to drag on going nowhere so I have a cunning plan which will enable us to put it to bed for once and for all. I don't suppose there's anyone who works at one of those outdoor activity centres that has a high zip-wire - you know about 90 yards up.
  11. Whereas that is perfectly true, it may be fair to put it back into context from where it was taken and just think for a minute what VG was actually saying.
  12. No need to. "Having opened up a 40/4 last night the wad only has 2 petals." "your painstaking dissection of a cartridge is a pointless and worthless excercise." Such a contradiction in terms from the same source negates the validity
  13. Couple of points if I may. Is "George" Proper Cartridges and with regards to the original thread, is "only two petals" related to plastic wads?
  14. Let's quickly gloss over the fact that you probably are and move on to your final question. Most certainly; when faced with the evidence witnessed with ones' own eyes it would be impossible to do otherwise. Talking of questions, there's one you never did answer in the other thread. Yes, as was mentioned you will see wounded birds at a 'normal' driven shoot. However, here it will in all probability be down to an inaccurate shot for whatever reason and is highly unlikely that it was caused by the Gun being 'outgunned'. Should this be the case and one is overstretched on one of these "ultimate" shoots what should be a sporting activity ceases to be so. A wounded bird at low level is unintentional and can be corrected with practice: At high level in addition to the marksmanship element it could also be considered to be foreseeable collateral damage which is assessed to be of no consequence and due to the birds being beyond the capability of the gun - please note the lower case 'g'. This in turn can easily be defined as 'indifference to suffering', ie, cruelty. On the other thread I gave a well known definition of 'maximum effective range'. This is based on reason and ensures that there is sufficient pattern density/pellet energy on each and every shot. Failure to ensure this as far as is reasonably possible takes the word 'sportsmanship' out of the equation and has its place taken by 'cruelty'. Consequently, could I refer you back to that original thread and ask you yet again for an answer to my question: This definition has kept us on the straight and narrow for decades. How would you re-word it? "The maximum effective range of a gun in relation to a given kind of game is the greatest range at which it is reasonably certain that a clean kill will be made by a truly aimed shot." I think it is prudent to ask because all the evidence I have seen is that there is insufficient pellet density to meet the definition given above. Given the evidence that this is not the case would alter opinions on the matter, but until something reasonable is forthcoming you're going to continue to be up against it.