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  1. Yep, and to compound matters that penetration in real life would be further reduced if the velocity figure which related to a reduction of some 0.5 ftlb of energy by having to cater for the need for the pellet to first punch its way through feather and skin was taken into account
  2. Let's just hope that it's not a case of resting on our arms, reverse for our sport.
  3. Therein lies the rub. It is known that if two dissimilarly sized pellets have the same energy, then the smaller is the more lethally efficient. This point is often reeserved for, say, comparisons with lead and NTS. The advantage of the smaller shot size becomes obvious when you take pattern density into account. The problem here is that the sheer distance involved is such that a smaller pellet can not be launched at a velocity to maintain that neccessary down range so a larger pellet is required and thus the associated sparse patterns. This is valid because for deducing penetration it is not pellet energy that is taken into account but just one of the two factors of its make up - velocity. Hull Cartridges have been mentioned. I can't imagine what they're playing at unless they're using UK shooters to trial a product development for some overseas or peculiar niche market. I reckon for the average (majority) UK shooter there'd be a bigger pecuniary advantage in revisiting the smaller shot sizes, say 6&1/2 and 7 for our smaller quarry species.
  4. Your first sentence is undoubtably true. A sporting chance is inextricably linked to the previously quoted definition."Extreme" shooting is a relatively new activity (hopefilly to be short lived) and in view of the preparations made and the description of the manner of the birds dying is such that it is only possible to conclude that the shooters are fully aware that a clean kil is going to be the exception and the norm is wounded birds. If your peers can not persuade you that this is not the sporting standard that they'd wish to see in the field, then once the antis wise up to this new-ish activity, you can be damned sure that they will do their best and in so doing take the rest of us down with you.
  5. No, afraid not. The last time I tried to speak to Hull - even though I had sufficient of their products to meet all my needs stashed arounnd my house and no maker can ask more of any customer than that - was two years back at Hatfield. Even though there was no one else at the stand I was shuffled off with, as though, a poly bag, a couple of brochures and a brassy cartridge head broach was the answer I was looking for. There's no way that I can get ttheir published figures for their extreme 4 shot to match up and I bottled out at 1625 ft/sec at the muzzle. I honestly suspect that they're somewhat ambitious, but even if not then it's worth noting that their figure relates to the first pellet passed the post and not the main bulk of the pattern which is what normally does the job. Unfortunately, we're now talking a little smaller 34g of an even larger shot than my previous effort which even if you could call the now truly sparse pattern as having a main bulk, the situation is now even worse. Fortunately, Hamster's penultimate sentence saves me from the need for a rant.
  6. Many shooters will recognise this quote: The maximum range of a gun in relation to a given kind of game is the greatest range at which it is reasonably certain that a clean kill will be made by a truly aimed shot. As we're talking pheasant here, we'll give the shooters in question the benefit of the doubt and assume cocks only (larger vulnerable area). In view of the above quote, we're going to need c1.5 ftlbs of energy for penetration and 93 pellets in the 30" for a sufficient strike rate within the central effective area. It might be worth pausing at this point. 35g is a somewhat unusual load weight. 36 would up the ante on pellet count a tad. An advantage. However, many of the "extreme" load shot sizes are over size and 3 & 1/2 for 4s is more usual. Another advantage here for energy but also a loss of strike rate. But, we'll stay with what we've been given. No 4 loses it (1.5) at 68 yards and at 80 is down to 1.1. Not looking good. Full choke will give the required pellet density out to c52 yards. Up against it now and super duper full plus+ is not going to stretch another 30 yards. One thing that I've always appreciated is skill no matter what form it takes and would be delighted to watch the shooters cleanly killing pheasant at the specified height. All I would ask is that if someone could explain how these sportsmen are able to do it in view of the figures just given while remaining within the sporting definition given above ( - by Gough Thomas for those who didn't know or weren't quite sure ).
  7. And in all likelyhood, the definitive one. Purely out of interest, why did you change shoulders and did you then run into a problem with cast?
  8. At the time as has been mentioned before on here, there was a very strong rumour that Archie Coats was lucky to survive the encounter for the pigeon shooting episode.
  9. Oh brilliant! PM inbound with an explanation.
  10. Either that or some or elderly folk that would be traumatised if told that they were about to be arrested. Making light of this disguises the harm that these scum can do and therefore prevents them from being awarded the punishment that they deserve when finally caught.
  11. Don't know about these things, but don't you need permission/approval from the - for the want of a better description - the water/environmental agencies as appropriate?
  12. Good and clever move. As we all did back along, I used 6s but then discovered 6 & 1/2s which I used for many years until the supply started to dry up - all but gone now - so moved to 7s with a smaller load which also suits my age - and now what's happened. I do use Blue Diamond in one gun which has a 3" chamber, but in the others the 28g of Supergame Hi-bird rule. For me these being slower, equate to the patterns from the quicker diamond shot. I'm just wondering how long Gamebore will keep this solitary offering of 7s in the 12 bore game range going
  13. That's the one. I was on the I Pad and it wouldn't play ball.
  14. Can't seem to find a definitive straight to it link, so search Haughley green memorial. The baker deserves a pat on the back.
  15. It's just a shame but not surprising perhaps that the piece on large balls is vintage, outdated and incorrect. Unless of course the author's intention was to tell it as was historically considered to be the case.
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