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  1. Welcome. Obviously you have the main qualification to survive PW - a sense of humour!
  2. Fences are the killers. We knew it had been raining but just didn't know how much until we got into the fields. Before long our shoes were sopping but being summertime, no problem. Oppo paused to look at something while I carried on. Unload, step over fence move away and re-load. Heard the shot and was quite prepared to fall down dead but after a couple of seconds as nothing was hurting I turned around to see Oppo stood still looking down at his foot. In a voice two octaves higher than normal, "Look at my foot", he squealed. The end of his shoe had most of a a perfect 10 bore diameter hole in
  3. The best safety 'put down' came from this era - or perhaps a tad earlier: Keeper to Gun waving a closed gun around, "Good morning, Sir, see you're using 6 shot today". (Youngsters may need to think about this, perhaps.)
  4. 50:50 shellac and boiled linseed oil. french Polish in lieu of shellac if necessary.
  5. Does anyone have one of the Subject rifles and who could do me a quick favour? MTIA EDIT: Or a 22LR even.
  6. Why ever not? It wouldn't be the first time. Why do you think the M40 stopped at Oxford? The Alma Mater evening run for dinner.
  7. Difficult to be precise - all you need is ground cover which encourages the game to sit tight and what I'm about to say goes out of the window with regard to range. However, pigeon over decoys and driven are incoming but walked up is largely going away so you could argue that it's the latter of the two that may need a bigger load and some choke. We mentioned a smaller bird - woodcock. Just some figures. Its vulnerable area is 12 sq ins. There as 707 sq ins in a 30" circle. In order to kill, 2 pellet strikes on EVERY shot are required if you accept this as a small bird. In order to give a
  8. Little confused here. Did you not say, "If anything I would love to have some 30/32g 7’s." There is obviously no need to change from what you have with regards to what you're currently doing. As clearly said, a heavier payload will only enable you to shoot smaller quarry species to the maximum effective energy range with an appropriate degree of choke.
  9. Yep, I've met him. He never shoots at anything beyond 35 yards. Good shot though.
  10. If you've only shot clays and only therefore have clay loads - having sensibly asked before buying any game versions - they may not be up to it. It's odds on that walking up you won't be firing too many so that expense will not be excessive. Some 30g 7s, 6s and as it's walked up and possibly rangey giving the cartridge some work to do, 5&1/2s. Any left over can be used for pigeon. If it's an organised do, just ask the organisers or a regular visitor- any of those mentioned will cover it.
  11. Sorted. Ideal for max' energy range for woodcock with appopriate choke.
  12. If you're having problems with heat when charging - usually down to charging too fast - you could try swapping the standard (nitrile) 'o' ring for the viton version.
  13. Spot on. I didn't go far enough away. The power/phone lines running lower left to right in the video just have to be those in your top screen-shot at below 6 o'clock in the top circle and just below that square pondish looking bit and running from NE to S and from there straight as a die to above the building at 2 o'clock on the lower circle and below the RSPB buildings.
  14. Don't know. I was happy to let Neil Chard get on with it and I've elected to collect it on/after Dec3. If the truth be known, it could well have been sorted under the original warranty, but although I did find a problem I may well have compounded it because of my arthritic grip. If you knock off the VAT and two way delivery and as I know it was an internal seal/s it didn't cost a fortune. Apart from which, BSA have been superb with their handling of another matter.
  15. Agree. The perspective changes when you scroll left - which I didn't do far enough. I can't match it on Google either. Pity we don't have anyone really local.
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