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  1. We all know that steel does work, but these are a tad slow. A No 7 lead fired at the same velocity as the Subject cartridges will hit 1 ftlbs at 41 yards and have an Energy Density (ED) of 141.1 and a penetration capability into ballistic gelatin of 2.7".. The Subject offerings in 5 steel flavour will hit the 1 ftlbs at 47 yards but with an ED of just 88.4 and a penetration capability of just 1.99". A like penetration with the lead is achieved only at 28 yards (679 ft/sec). This simply reflects that when two dissimilar pellets have the same energy, then the smaller is more lethally efficient.
  2. I can see how that happened, but it wasn't me: I'll get back to you.
  3. Used to be called genteel poverty. Not so common now as many of the old properties have either been demolished or made into flats.
  4. Are there not legislative moves afoot to change this but particularly for white goods at the moment?
  5. The very best of luck, but you may be forced to go here - good people though - Ruger 6K30 30mm Stainless Extra High Rifle Scope Mount Rings for M77 10/22 etc (tacticalscope.co.uk) But you could ask a moderator to move this to the 'wanted' section which might help.
  6. (posting as an old man) - Yet. Looked back to your original post, so won't, but was going to ask if you considered a 22 WMR in lieu of the HMR (I thoroughly enjoyed mine with the Remington ammo.)
  7. I had them in my Maxus and had two fixed and permanently installed in the Chapuis. Facts: If it helps, the vulnerable area of a cock pheasant is 41 sq" and the hen 31. The woodpigeon is 16.
  8. Thank you. The advent of NTS did us all a favour. The by product was the need to ensure that we knew what we were doing with lead so that an accurate assessment could be made when comparing it with other new materials. We had hardly heard of Journee or Gauss and his bell - not to mention the law of probability Add their knowledge to the mortality trials in the USA and we gained an all new understanding of shotgun capability. Basically, they aren't as efficient as we once thought and in order to achieve clean kills we can understand that more pellets in the pattern are required - not necessaril
  9. Quite right, my apologies. I said 'is' and meant/should have said 'was'. This was the case even though an open choke could stretch a fair sized gamebird somewhat further and some 40 yards would have been considered stratospheric. I believe half the problem is that some folk have got confused when we went metric and think that a yard is 36 centimeters.
  10. True enough provided the 'mere mortals' who shot under the Burrard rules still do so. Open chokes and 30 yards is considered a high/long bird which conceals the inefficiency of the 3 pellet requirement which is readily exposed once the range is extended.
  11. If we assume that the 'birds' are pheasant and that the hens are included, then BASC tell us that some 60 pellets are required in the central 20" viable zone of our pattern in order to be reasonably certain of a clean kill - obviously assuming a satisfactory level of marksmanship. Working with the 5s and the 34g this in round figures equates to an overall pattern density of 45%. A quick look at the shooters' diary suggests that even with Full we're only going to get about 30% at the 60 yards. Question is, as sportsmen how do we define 'bring it down' and are we content to rely on luck as oppos
  12. Come the day and if you think that the money will carry on game shooting which they will as they always have, then you can bet your bottom dollar that in view of the current in vogue move to higher birds they will not be using steel shot. No, it will be smaller loads of TSS 18 through a smaller bore. Supply and demand will ensure a price rise for these guns. If you fancy one and the itch needs scratching, don't dither.
  13. Incorrect terminology can be a problem and be misleading. I would imagine that an air rifle pellet is closer to a shotgun pellet than a rifle bullet in terms of terminal ballistics. Being in the land of Ed Lowry, having a shufti at 'lethal energy' and 'energy density' might help with the choice of pellet for live quarry.
  14. Thanks again. I'll see how we get on - hopefully at the weekend. If necessary, I have my eye on the Walther Micro Shot.
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