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  1. That would still make perfect sense - right or wrong.
  2. This ^^^^. The NHS aren't being too kind to me so having fired only 16 shots the delightful little S56E which I bought for the reasons under discussion it may have to go. It did the job nicely, but unfortunately it's double triggers/SHS and now because of considerable arthritic pain I now find that I'm far better off (hopefully) with one trigger/pistol grip. For some reason, Beretta - which I don't particularly care for - seem to have the knack of producing smaller calibres with appropriate weights. In fact they are the only maker who it seems can do a 20 weighing less than my W&S 12.
  3. As said in January, I'm doomed. Never mind July, that hasn't/won't happen. August it seems doesn't exist in the German firearms industry (in common I suppose with other Continental countries/industries) and it's just annoying that RUAG didn't think before making a promise that would not be kept. We're now talking September - any advances!? The only saving grace out of this is that UKGR who will be obliged to keep the Weihrauch when it finally arrives have kindly offered to buy the dedicated items that I'd bought to go with it from me and for them to sell on with the rifle.
  4. The 16 is the Continental 12 for good reason. Weights are all over the place as I'm now finding out. Personally, I can't think of a single reason - barring the exception to the rule - why anyone would want a 20 that weighs more than a 12. OPP above makes sense with his Yildiz especially if a stock sleeve is acceptable if necessary while the lass grows so you can both us it.
  5. How's your sense of adventure? I think I'm in more medical trouble than I first thought so was looking for something else and saw this: KRUPP JNTERNATIONAL HAMBURG 20 gauge Shotgun | Second Hand Guns for Sale | guntrader
  6. It all started to go wrong when they replaced the straw bales in the BASC members' enclosure with plasticky stuff.
  7. Did someone not recently say that the customers are the new QA staff - increasingly so I fancy.
  8. Oh! How I envy both of you. Agree totally, John, It's not coincidence that your 'C' word is the last one which I wrote in the piece I referred to earlier. I too can now go out and shoot without much thought about it - that's probably the problem as I often end up going out twice having forgotten something the first time. However, sadly, for me that didn't just happen by magic. I had to listen, read, learn and practice and then do it all some more before it all started to make sense. Even then something didn't seem right even though I'd faithfully followed the 3 pellets plus 10% for stringing mantra and studied the Effective Range Of Game Cartridges in the Eley Year Book - why do you suppose that table was omitted some time back? Fortunately, I was doing some work for BASC and met some folk who were involved in the NTS research. This started with lead believe it or not so that a fair and accurate comparison assessment of the various NTS materials could be made. Apart from the science, much of which was not openly published, we in the UK are probably not generally aware of the practical trials that took place elsewhere - WJ would have had a melt-down. The upshot of it all is that we hadn't quite got it right. Changing my then preferred IC by 1/2 to 1/4 by 3/4 for pigeon shooting at the ranges I wished to improved the situation no end. So, yep, although I am now in the process of dropping down to more open chokes this is only because I'm also having to reduce my ranges in view of my current capabilities. But, yep, anyone who thinks that the effective range for pigeon using a Grand Prix 6 or equivalent through IC as according to the gospel is 45 yards is correct, then perhaps the technicalities may well be of some benefit - you just have to apply the right ones. Then you're free and clear to go and shoot.
  9. Me also fixed, but because I liked a stretch and as I mainly shoot pigeon mine are (were) 1/4 by 3/4. As range judging can be a tad iffy, I've always used marker stakes if I've felt the need. For the odd pheasant shooting, I've changed the choke by changing the cartridge. As per the OP, today I've taken in the 20 bore in to go Imp x !/2 and the W&S will be done when I have the Beretta back. End of an era really for me. I was open choke minded until while writing something I spotted an anomaly. The late Dr Roger Giblin bought a copy of what I'd written and noted from how I said something about what I'd spotted and for which I'd been correct and he knew the reason for it whereas I hadn't a clue. Roger headed up the Ballistic Research Laboratory and put me in touch with other like minded folk whose brains I picked mercilessly. This convinced me that we were too open choked at times.
  10. Yep, Naturally, a more open choke for the shorter ranges would complement the tighter choke for the 40 yards. Your 1oz of No 6 through 1/2 choke would be good for 30-35 yards. 1&1/16oz of 7s and 3/4 would give you the 40 yards complemented perhaps by 1/4 for the more usual range. As an aside, for pigeon your combination would give you some 35 yards and for the 7s, 45. If 35 yards was deemed sufficient, I'd settle for 1 oz of 7s and IC. Handy thing choke, it's there to be used.
  11. Pricked: Well said, John, I wasn't having a go. Way back we could get away with it and did, but now we have to recognise that we're not fooling anybody and particularly not the antis, WJ, et al and we have to accept the responsibility for our actions. Shooting: You have an invitation for a woodcock shoot where you can expect to be taking shots at a maximum of some 40 yards. It's fibre wad only. This is a chance of a lifetime as a successful day will lead to further invites so you would be expected to shoot at the maximum range. Can that encourage you to answer the question?
  12. Can't fault the last few posts - except that is, for a "pricked bird" as there's no such thing, it's wounded - so let me take another tack. Everyone is saying 'my birds' - what birds are those? We've ascertained that apparently 30 yards is nowhere near a high bird so let's step it up a bit to the proverbial 40 and as this is Pigeon Watch, let's go with that species and with lead shot. To be reasonably certain of a clean kill as far as it's possible so to do what gun choke/cartridge load - I think as we can all possibly accept that any of the more popular choices from 7s, 6&1/2s and 6s will all have sufficient energy at that distance we can simply look at pellet count - would you select? For those whom 40 yards is excessive, just select your preferred maximum? eg: True Cylinder with 2oz of BBs at 40 yards
  13. Yep, based on the premiss that the shot is accurately placed, then any cartridge/gun combination will work really well if sufficient pellets each having sufficient energy arrive at the requisite location at the same time. As we're talking choke, we'll assume sufficient energy. Too many pellets - apart from damaged meat - means that things are not working really well and that there's too much choke and the by-product is that we're making things unnecessarily difficult for ourselves. On the other hand, too few is equally detrimental - I would say more so as the chances of wounding our quarry increase. Back along everybody and their granny lived by the 3 pellet plus 10% for stringing rule, but then, thirty yards was a long/high bird. It would really help if the open choke advocates explained their current methodology so we can all benefit.
  14. Cheers, All. That will teach me to buy a gun bored differently to the vast majority of others. I was hoping to avoid it, but the pattern plate it'll have to be. I've known what I've been doing since the 80s in order to maintain as far as possible a clear conscience, but also test myself a little. A tip, do not grow old. If you find it impossible not to do so, do not get rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Should you slip up, avoid a treatment which does its best to stop you breathing and ultimately results in seropositive RA associated Interstitular Lung Disease. A run of the mill RA treatment caters for the disease itself but is not a painkiller and you may well need some help in this respect. Just pray that you're not one of the 60% of the population that don't take kindly to codeine. I have failed on all counts. As previously mentioned, I now have a W&S 12 which suits me nicely. Or so I thought at the time. I was going to have it opened up - it's survived in the original 1/2 by Full since '62 - and fortunately I haven't done so yet as now it might have needed doing twice. Yesterday, not having been out for a while, it became obvious I've also gained weight on my fingers - or more accurately, they've swollen - as I hit the bruised finger problem. - even more swollen now! I've already ordered the protector and if it works as it should, then we'll be looking at Imp by 1/2. As for the Beretta, a decision to be made after the plate. All this because I'm finally going to have to bite the bullet and reduce my range. All in all not a good week as it looks as though the promised Anschutz delivery for July isn't.
  15. Please. Both my barrels, give or take, at 0.632/0.630" equate to the 16.0 stamped on my Beretta. I don't know but suspect that the 2 and 4 spots are as per - 3/4 and 1/4 - .605 and .615 respectively. Questions: Would those chokes be right and what would you expect the figures to be for Imp and I/2? I have to say that the 0.632" is alien to me for 20 bore but this does equate to the 16 - obviously mms - stamped on the barrels.
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