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  1. Cartridges Suitable For Pigeon

    Yep, I'm now of the opinion that that is increasingly the in vogue opinion. To me, the humble woodpigeon is arguably our finest sporting quarry and as such deserves better. As I'm in a very small minority on here, I think I'll leave it there. Cheers.
  2. Nissan X trail Diesel

    Ain't that a fact! I still regret selling the 2.5 T Spec some 12 years or more later. Have you ever had the sun roof fail to close - usually on a very hot day after,say, a zeroing session - almost closes until is starts to push down the blind and then opens again to the first stop?
  3. Cartridges Suitable For Pigeon

    All sorted for you now.
  4. Cartridges Suitable For Pigeon

    That would be good. Thanks to Stevo who's sorted me out with the one gun I was having trouble with, there' s no panic. However, ther's another gun on its way so if you could help me out as my head is spinning from poring over the various spec's and give a 32g load of 7s in fibre which are readily available in the UK that would be superb and greatly appreciated.
  5. Cartridges Suitable For Pigeon

    Hear what you're saying, but the option to spend a bit more for those extra few grams which can make a difference giving that extra bit of confidence has disappeared.
  6. Nissan X trail Diesel

    Have read this as: "Out of window? What's up with full sun roof?" If that's correct, the answer is nothing. If you are driving around picking off rabbit as you go and you're on your own I find it difficult from the sun roof. I don't (can't) do this though in the sure and certain knowledge that sooner rather than later the damned DPF light will come on. With the odd exception when I know precisely where it'll be when I will shoot from the window, but the vast majority of my fox and rabbit are shot from the roof. Said it before, because of the size of the sun roof the X Trail is one of the best mobile semi highseats on the market.
  7. First of all, tin hat is on. Game shooters have an extensive choice available ranging from 3s ( often described as 4s having magical game getting qualities) downwards and anywhere between 28 and 42g. Have we pigeon shooters shot ourselves in the foot? Because it seems to me that the range now available for us in the shot size that has served us well for decades - 7s - is now 28g (or less), take it or leave it (OK, there is the odd exception). For anyone who understands the reasoning behind the old phrase 'pattern kills' and who also concurs with the BASC and BRL given requirements for the necessary average pellet strike count in order to be reasonably sure of a clean kill and who wishes to use that pellet size out to its sensible maximum limit, has little or no chance of doing so. Can we blame the manufacturers for no longer making something that they can't sell? Or is it a case that they have decided that they believe that we don't need them? Either way, it seems to me that we're stuffed. Edit: There, hopefully that should sort it.
  8. .22 best in my budget?

    +1 But if you figure you might also get an HMR later then Anschutz makes good sense.
  9. The Boris Bridge Proposal

    Exactly and it serves us damned well right if those countries don't wan to play ball with us.
  10. foxing

    It was in Maggie's day to0 - after all, she was a prime example of avarice.
  11. the times page 3

    Two out of two so far. I've set you up on your Boris Bridge so you should make the hat-trick.
  12. foxing

    And there was me thinking that politicians and ethics was a contrdiction of terms.
  13. the times page 3

    If it's anything like the trains it should run on time faster.
  14. The Boris Bridge Proposal

    This won't be off his own bat; there'll be some support for it amonst his cronies. Probably wants it for the same sort of reason as was muted for the M40 to Oxford.
  15. foxing

    1. I don't suppose you can blame any businessman for maximizing his business profits. 2. I bet that £500 isn't on the books 3. Greed is increasingly endemic in the UK - I blame Maggie.