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  1. For many years my "passport" consisted of a tatty, coffee stained and creased sheet of A4 known as a NATO Travel Order which became defunct way back. '.er indoors has finally persuaded me to get a proper one so "we" can go on a cruise. Seems a pity not to use it. Although I can do a search, is there anything in particular that has caught your eye in case I miss it? Cheers
  2. Would recommend that whichever one you go for is "for life". Roughly, this means that if the same problem re-occurs usually more than a year (in which time you remain covered if it's not " for life" but no longer than the year is usual) later, then you're still covered at any future time. Hope that makes sense
  3. Proper job - 50,000 rivets in loose formation:
  4. Side valve split screen Morris Minor c1953 vintage.
  5. I was having trouble at night in bed because of the arthritis med's. I remembered Mum's trick - she had a hiatus hernia - and have put a couple of bricks under each leg of the top of the bed, raising it about 4 inches. If your problem is acid moving up out of your stomach then gravity keeps it where it should be.
  6. I wouldn't know and can well imagine that they know what they're doing, but are they missing a trick with only offering insurance with the Premium membership package? Have to wonder what the membership strength would be if they tacked insurance on to the standard membership level.
  7. Are you thinking air gunners for the use of?
  8. To be fair, it was more a case of small amounts of residue in nooks and crannies. Had a chat with the MoD POL guy and he thought it might have been the carrier which was the problem.
  9. Steady as you go. In a former life I was the rigger on a small RAF development team and was doing a trial with a dry lubricant. Come the weekend our sooty took some home. He came in on Monday with his hand strapped up. He'd been playing with the lubricant and his shotgun. He thought he'd finished and put the gun down but then noticed it was smoking. Top lever over but it wouldn't open. Being a black belt Taekwondo chappy, he hit it damaging his hand but it did open although he reckoned that in another couple of seconds it would never have done so - ever again - apparently it was getting quite warm. He realised his mistake - in not ensuring that all of the existing oil/grease had not been removed and had reacted with the new and possibly with some pressure involved with the tight fit of the barrels to the action.
  10. Well, that didn't go down too well with the garage. Just had to cancel the order for the Aston Martin I placed earlier.
  11. Right enough back in the day when those chokes and possibly Imp by 1/2 were termed "game bored" when you consider who was shooting what and they still work today on the same targets at the same range. But haven't things evolved in terms of distance? I very rarely shoot at (even more rarely do I shoot them) clays and have noticed that currently one has to stretch far more than previously. On the live quarry side isn't this reflected by the names that the makers are giving to some of their current offerings. In my neck of the woods the pigeon numbers have dropped right down and if I want to make the outing worth while, even when decoying, I need every advantage I can get. Not too keen on the multi chokes (an age thing I suspect) so for many years have settled for fixed at 1/4 by 3/4 and if I do need something different, I change the cartridge. Whereas previously I used more open choke, I was persuaded by the results from the American mortality trials and the UK research - both aimed at better understanding the performance of lead shot so that it could be fairly compared to the then new NTS - to tighten things up a tad. It seems to have worked for me.
  12. The craftmanship of some of these carvers is beyond belief. Is there any chance of some photos of the exhibits, please?
  13. Re this photo. Is that your work-place? Because if not, then that's some man-shed!
  14. Have I mis-read or do we have a contradiction in terms?
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