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  1. I'm not quite sure whether or not BASC are qualified to make this recommendation. Suffice to say in their information sheet for steel shot where they mention this they quote both the CIP and the UK proof houses - you pays your money and takes your choice.
  2. Steel is self limiting within the terms of CIP. If you want high and driven which means that you're prepared to pay big time, make haste slowly, leave the ASE as it was made and think Tungsten.
  3. Made me smile. That's just like our "foggy dews". We went to bed, saw nothing, heard nothing, but when we woke up in the morning they were there = incomers.
  4. Said it before; style never goes out of fashion.
  5. No, it's not new, just the wheel being re-invented. The first real gun that I bought myself was 26". I have one in the cabinet and, sadly, one on UKGR's 'for sale' rack. Your shooting life is a little longer than mine so I'm sure that you've come across them on occasion. I figure that unless folk go for the expensive option with regards to NTS, they're going to be short lived now.
  6. And besides let's face it, no one is ever going to be so misguided as to drop a 20b cartridge into a 12b chamber - just simply is never going to happen, is it?
  7. That's because ever since the ladies Of Exmouth paraded along the cliff tops (known as The Beacon) in their finery - some with their delicates on show - in orange and red dress in order to convince the invaders that our soldiers were waiting for them, the Spanish simply haven't been the same.
  8. Well. that's the old school motto - Facto Non Verba - out of the window and 'Do as I say not as I do' in through the front door. Another blasted Spanish Armada to contend with it seems.
  9. Thank you very much. The baize and the sticky backed velcro were already on the way.
  10. You're lucky in Leics, then. Here if you have 6 or more the FEO will be asking you about your alarm system.
  11. The heavy long guns have had to go and they've been replaced with something more suitable. The problem now is that the double gun motor case needs 'adjusting' to fit. All I can think of is high density foam whatever that is - I really haven't a clue. Could anyone kindly give me a steer as to what I could best use to pack the compartments to suit. I imagine something that could be sawn would have a neater finish. I'm fine with the baize. MTIA
  12. "She has asked if I would put them on my ticket and store them" As I read it, that means roadkill will be adding them to the ones he already owns and stores on his property. If that is wrong, then, yep, I'm out of order; but if I'm right then in all probability down here and unless they can be persuaded that this is a temporary - unlikely currently - measure, I would, as previously, be hearing that word.
  13. Could well be out of order here, so just a tentative heads up. You have an unknown quantity (to us) of shotguns, your work mate also now has some - how many is a few? - and if you were in Devon I'd probably be hearing the 'alarm' word.
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