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  1. Good news. However, if this is the first of its kind, what is different from the last one?
  2. Based purely on the description given, it's worth noting that one of the two activities highlighted is very probably - if not definitely - illegal.
  3. Like my old granny used to say, " Style never goes out of fashion".
  4. The man's prose is hard work. It's taken me several days, but I think what he means is that he would rather shoot the higher rated barrels which cater better for fox loads as they're "more suitable" But there again if it was 4x4, had some ground clearance and I could afford one I'd use a Bentley for any and all shooting.
  5. OK, sorted. Not what I've seen, but will do nicely although not cheap - small white nylon penny (repair) washers and the sizes are perfect.
  6. Does anyone happen to know if you can get these fo 'S spring' stud fasteners (press studs). I have seen them but am unsure whether or not this was a 'one off'. I'm using 10 and 12.5mm sizes with very thin material and have to keep cutting out bits to pack them out. Cheers
  7. Well, I suppose it had to happen sooner or later. I actually agree - not entirely, but certainly to a degree. If PG had put down his pen at the end of his first paragraph all woul;d have been well. After all, anyone thinking that we have no need to have consideration for our neighbours and acts accordingly does the rest of no favours at all. Neither does the inability to accept that fact. Unfortunately, he kept on and whereas he made a valid point he then destroyed any consideration that it was such as witnessed by the comments subsequently made here.
  8. Yep. All I would add is what is best is what suits you and the gun regarding comfort and patterns respectively. Sometimes a "hot" load can have an adverse affect on patterns. Before lashing out loads of dosh unnecessarily, you could just try the nice slow Gamebore Super Game High Bird.
  9. Oh my giddy aunt! They could really do with a better photographer. Wait until you've got one in your hand. Anyone tempted needs to move before they all disappear off the shelves.
  10. Could I make a suggestion? I would draw your attention to Page 1, Section 1. Introduction And Background, Para 1.1.2 of the report "A ballistic Measurement System to Assist the Developmwnt and Evaluation of Non-Toxic Shot" of which BASC has a copy. In 1992 it was decided that in September of1995 we would adopt a 2 year phasing out period to allow time for a selection of non-toxic ammunition to become available to shooters. This new ammunition was to have met three criteria in addituion to being non-toxic - namely Safe in use, Effective and affordable. Now, the 2 year period as history reflects was nowhere near time enough. In fact, not only was it not achieved in the 2 years and bearing in mind the four required criteria for its use has still not been achieved despite all efforts by all concerned in the almost 25 years since the 2 year period expired. Now we're told, it's OK, we can do it in five years. My suggestion would be that as the main thrust of the introduction of NTS which relates to wildfowl has been met is to stop faffing about with the shot and concentrate of getting rid of the plastic which arguably is the greater evil. Naturally, the medium chosen/preferred should also meet the 4 criteria already in effect for the introduction of NTS. Once we have achieved this, then in another 25 years perhaps we could have another look at the possibility of finding something to replace lead - however doubtful this may be.
  11. I think you're right. As far as I'm aware these are just for the older 22 Hornet and now it's just the choice of two - 40 and 45g from Sierra.
  12. wymberley

    0.17 WSM?

    I have one. The Savage bolt is OK, just different. Back along the RWS 22WMR chucked out 360 ftlbs at the muzzle and was quite a good short range fox round. So I figured at 400 the WSM might just be a tad better. It is, but accuracy lets it down and with Hobson's choice for ammo it means that it's not up to the mark for long range rabbit. If you're after rabbit then Dougy makes a good point. However, before doing anything else and as I used to use these, try the Remingtons in your 17HMR if you haven't already - you might just decide to keep it. Can't answer for the moderator as I don't have one.
  13. I now use 50g In mine so no problems. The long range performance of the 35g V Max is well documented on here. In short, it's a disaster - its BC will give you a clue. The calibre is traditionally associated with 45g and the Hornady Hornet tends to reflect why.
  14. Well, I've got the little Butterbean and it's an absolute delight. I think scalpel is the word I'm looking for. What it isn't is a general purpose carry all the time jobby - one would probably ruin it if you used it beyond its desgn parameters. Now more expense! This wasn't there a couple of days go - they're new - I'd have seen it for certain. This is the general purpose jobby for those who think that a gentlemans' pocket knife should look like a gentlemans' pocket knife while being UK friendly: https://www.moonrakerknives.co.uk/shop_product_details_s.php?perm=club-knife-gentleman
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