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  1. Yep, doing good since they took the seats off the Riggers. Just because they didn't think a hammer and GS were the right tools for the job. Can see their point though.
  2. https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/world/pilot-caught-on-high-voltage-power-line-after-fighter-jet-crash/ar-AAHwYST?li=BBoPWjQ&ocid=mailsignout Lucky chap.
  3. Many thanks. I've heard that name mentioned elsewhere. Yep, I've got some clip on lenses as a temporary measure. Specsavers can do quality polaroid sun lenses in their snooker glasses and as I already use these with clear lenses, I think I'll go with them as my starter for ten and see how I get on. Handy for the fishing too! Yep again, the Azath' is now my third - and counting - attempt to treat my arthritis. If it works, I can put up with the dashed sun cream, the spec's and 'at aren't a problem
  4. Cheers, both. Had a feeling that might be the case, Al - seemed too cheap. Plan B is a chat to Specsavers. I use their snooker glasses for shooting. Ideal for me, so am going to see if they can do a prescription sun glass version. There's bound to be an offer on - get one pair and get another blah, blah blah. I can keep my existing pair for indoors and get two more pairs, one for every day outdoors and one for shooting (patch) both sunglasses. Probably work out quite economic even with bi-focal lenses.
  5. https://www.rapideyewear.co.uk/en/shooting-sunglasses/402-prescription-shooting-glasses-uk-online.html These really aren't my thing but as anyone taking Azathiorpine - I start tomorrow - will confirm, I have little choice. Does anyone know anything about these or any possible - not too pricey - alternatives. I suspect, as ever, I'm going to learn by my mistakes, but this set-up allows me to keep at least one lens prepped for my left eye blocking patch. These, or similar along with sun block now looks like probably being a permanent fixture when outdoors. Cheers.
  6. Yep. Notwithstanding the exceptions already mentioned so don't need repeating, it's worth bearing in mind that the vast majority of our traditions/lore were founded on safety considerations so we need to be a tad careful with regard to which ones we kick into touch.
  7. Was at Lakeside at Wymeswold this morning. Anyone else there and saw it? You'll know the one.
  8. There's a recent thread about this gun where someone mentions something about excess pressure while within the normal charge weight limits. This is the first excess pressure indication that he had. 12 to13 grains has been mentioned so no problem with practical application, but can you rely on your scales? After that it's anybody's guess, but if those Winchester (?) were the original factory loads and have only been shot the once, try loading them.
  9. Re your last point, no. If any kak was getting passed the wad, then so too would the gas/ pressure and you'd know all about it in the form of abysmal patterns as well as dirty barrels. For peace of mind, a quick parents check will tell you.
  10. I've always wondered if by using steel shot of various sizes and velocities through various chokes when the gun makers say you shouldn't means that you're relying on the proof safety margin. Having said that, it's the guys who are using them that know what's what. I could understand if you didn't want to get the salt water into the grade 5 or generally damage it were the reasons that you're now going to keep it for the more sedate pheasant use. However, neither of these reasons get a mention, just that it'll not get fed any more steel shot. So, if as we're lead to believe there's no problem, why not just crack on? Or is there just that niggling little doubt?
  11. Good question. In the UK, probably Burrard in the 1930s and no one said differently for some 50 years. Bad luck really as he was aware of Journee's work but either missed or decided to ignore the bit about what the Yanks call "central thickening". He also decided to ignore what his mate, a vet, said. Had he added, "on average" to his 3 pellets we'd have been home and dry if he'd also decided that Journee's work was valid. Unfortunately, it wasn't until the advent of NTS which lead to more in depth studies of lead shot in order to compare the performance of the different materials accurately that we gota better idea of what was what. Now that the good doctor has gone, BASC could tidy up their pattern testing article and correct a couple of errors which would do ua all a favour.
  12. Steady as you go. That depends very much on the 'smith's idea of what IC is. It's OK if you specify the gun to shoot that, but keeping it nominally at, say, 1/4 it's easy enough to find a cartridge which will shoot IC as it is finding one to shoot 1/4 if necessary.
  13. Not too long ago we were talking 1oz of 7s at 40 yards. Now it's 30g at 45. Eley would have your 36% to be 33, but no matter, lets take the 36 and as you say, 130 pellets. Unfortunately the Gaussian figures that I have starts at 40% patterns and 20.3% on average in the central 20". With the 36, this will drop so let's call it 20%. This equates to just 2 more than my last offering and as such it still won't cut the mustard. You're quie right, though, the 3 pellets is indeed a myth
  14. Actually, no, as we've reached/passed the well known point relating to the saying that, "pattern fails.......". Assuming pigeon - wheat stubble - power is good for a few more yards, but the pattern has already gone. If you accept the known measured average pattern for TC and assume the No 7 shot is to size, then you'll have 70 odd pellets in the central killing area of the pattern. I've always thought that the BASC idea of a 95% kill probability is somewhat ambitious so settle for a more "reasonable" c90% and even so, some 100 pellets in that area are required to achieve this. A 1/4 is near the mark at that range.
  15. From the existing tight 1/2 and Full, it may pay to nominally drop to 1/4 by 3/4. Possibly still a tad tight for your needs, but you can't put it back and by changing the cartridges you'll probably be able to get what you would like. It would be interesting to see what the 12 bore TC throws with fibre if that is a nominal choke and not the result of a pattern test that you've done yourself.
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