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  1. That is the plan. Just needed something that supposedly might work to give things an initial purge before running on the Shell 99.
  2. Cheers, was still asleep, have seen it now.
  3. Seems they're getting bigger. Burrard carefully measured the vulnerable area (plucked) at 16 sq ins.
  4. Did anyone ask if they've found the chihuahua hey?
  5. And there'd be enough to guarantee a head shot instead of it being pure chance.
  6. Yep, that 10g can be made up to a degree by more choke. You have an advantage over me - well, 2 actually - I'm not good enough to rely solely on making head shots - but mainly, I know virtually nothing about 410s. With the 20 and 12 I know that it's only the central 20" of the pattern that is effective when considering the vulnerable area of the quarry. Purely for debate - should you feel so inclined - and I'm content to accept your thoughts on what the effective 410 central diameter is - what would you say that figure is as it applies to accurate shooting for a head shot and to complement it, how many pellets would you deem necessary on average in order to achieve a minimum strike level for a head shot - pigeons here - of how many in order to be reasonably certain of achieving a clean kill by a truly aimed shot at an effective range? As said, not being good enough for purely head shots, I have to rely on taking into account the vulnerable area. My answer to the above is 20" (as said), 5.5 (this is just an average figure and the actual figure for the 20" is 110) and 3. Expressed simply, I need to put 110 pellets in a 20" circle which gives an average strike of 5.5 on the vulnerable area of a pigeon in order to achieve a minimum strike of 3 for each shot in order to be reasonably certain of a clean kill.
  7. 50%, both English. Just be patient with the 6.5s, there's nothing new under the sun and what goes round comes round. There are a few about, but now not recently too popular. Used them for many years, but age has caught up and I've downsized from 32g of those (Rottweil) to lighter guns and the 7s.
  8. I can pick up two different but reasonable quality cartridges from besides where I'm sat, both in 25g and 7 shot - both boxes annotated as 2.4mm. One has a 280 count load and the other 330. If that qualifies as as is highlighted above, then those few bits are going to make a difference - quite an appreciable one as we're talking pigeon. Still, as is said, ignorance is bliss - what is hit is history and what is missed is mystery.
  9. Yep, both 12 and 20 using 28 and 25g respectively. What just might pay - out of interest if nothing else perhaps - is to count the number of pellets in the load. In my preferred 20 cartridge there are 373 to the ounce - c330 in the load - and I'm happy with that for good reason.
  10. Me too, scraped in with a couple of weeks to spare. However, the "but" might be a general election.
  11. Hope it doesn't turn out to be used chip shop oil - just ordered some. Many thanks
  12. But would if anyone can recommend anything that works, like to clean up the new to me car petrol injection system. It's a 1.8 tsi Yeti with 60k on the clock. Obviously, I have no idea what it's been fed on up to now - possibly some of Tesco's finest. Don't know ( it's a long time since a generous dash of OM 15 in the plug hole was the best solution to many problems and the fuel was leaded then), but was thinking perhaps of STP high mileage fuel injector cleaner or similar on an ongoing basis. Advice, please. Many thanks.
  13. If you're driving down and need to stop for a break, drop the family at Exeter Services J30 on the M5 while you nip over the road to The Sportsman Gun Centre.
  14. Really, I suppose it's down to horses for courses and personal preference. Some 20 years ago I bought a special order 12 687 EELL - OU DT SHS 26" and fixed choke. It weighed a ton and the hand was similar to the handle on Thor's hammer. I can well image it would have suited someone but I now have a Chapuis to the same spec' and it's like comparing a rapier to a cutlass and the rapier is ideal for pigeon. The Italians are currently know for fashion, but I prefer style and the little S56E - same spec' as above except it's 26.5" has it to spare.
  15. Although my experience is still somewhat limited, I'd go a little further and suggest S56 E. I've got me a little cracker from '77 - a right little sleeper - so they're out there to be had. Actually got two of the same spec and year - one is for my step-son. This would need the varnish swapped for oil, the checkering given a face lift and the barrels blacked - nothing of consequence - and this then would be as good as t'other.
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