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  1. I went out on the rape last friday,very breezey,first shot knocked down three birds,next shot knocked down one bird and that was that for the whole day.So i too had a treble for one shot,never done that before.It was nice to get out for the first time this year.
  2. Combines started on wheat yesterday evening here in east kent.
  3. Combines out yesterday here in sunny East Kent.
  4. I personally don`t think Britain should get involved in building spaceships because one morning we could wake up with a man on Uranus.
  5. Panic over we have a new PM.
  6. Do you not think that a majority of Tory MPs are praying for a Euro lite outcome,something like the Norway option?Whether that would be a better option than remaining,I don`t know.
  7. Now I`m even more confused.
  8. I`m getting confused now ,is that the same magi who went to see Jesus at his birth.
  9. Thank you for the chair leg by the way.
  10. No problem,I personally will be glad when this is over,it`s been too divisive by far.
  11. Ooops apologies I have just reread my first post what I should have said was the odds on Remain are shortening all the time,meaning that the probability of the Remain vote is increasing.
  12. Well have a look now then its 1/8
  13. Paddpower are now offering 7/1 on Brexit.
  14. maxie

    Just voted in

    I`m sure there are plenty of closet remainers on PW ashamed of their dirty secrets,me being one of them, but I dont care anymore what anyone else thinks I`m proud to be Stay.
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