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  1. There is a few young pigeons in my patch, however I don’t shot them if I can’t see white neck bars( just my personal choice) , but impossible to tell when they are over your head. Hitman
  2. I had spotted a few pigeons flitting about a large area of about 8 stubble fields but hadn’t had the time to do a proper recce. A good westerly was blowing so I decided to have a little sortie out. I spotted a few flighting up a willow lined ditch that separated 2 stubble fields, and quickly decided where to set up. After about 20 minutes I realised that I was in the wrong field and should have set up on the other side of the willows, so I picked up my decoys and 2 shot pigeons and moved. Decoys out again and magnet spinning the pigeons started to fly past clearly going somewhere else however I was more or less under the line. I was beginning to think that a bag of 20 was possibly until about 1pm when things picked up and passing pigeons started heading straight into the decoys having spotted the magnet. One memorable shot was a second barrel that occurred after killing an easy first barrel pigeon totally committed to the decoys I took a crack a second bird well out which dropped dead. I paced it out to 52 yards not bad for a 28g no 7 and certainly a fluke shot for me. I called it a day at 3.45pm as I had promised to take Mrs H for a drink in town, and a quick hunt of the willows with the dog I picked exactly 50 pigeons so I was well chuffed. It was a enjoyable day in the sun and wind, and a good run out for my 13 year old cocker who will dream well tonight. Hitman.
  3. Most buildings societies have an investment department within the branch. Tell them that you have 10k to invest and the amount of interest you can earn is based on the level of risk you are preparing to take ( it’s stocks and share based). very low risk will give a return of around 4% rising to around 8% for higher risk investment. Probably find some middle caution investment with 5 or 6% return. You will be changed a one off investment change of about 3% so you would not see the benefits in year one however after that your 10k will grow. I have had an account like this for years and have never had less that 5% interest year on year. Dont be concerned about Brexit and political uncertainty as most stocks and shares are not affected by this ( oil, gas etc) . you cannot achieve this level of interest with an isa or current account. Hitman
  4. I watched him knocking down some excellent high pheasant a few years back. sad news indeed
  5. A few years ago I started to have terrible shooting pain in my head and by tea time I was totally floored. My wife is a nurse and spotted small blisters developing on my forehead and knew what it was. As it was out of hours I went to A&E and the on call GP gave me meds to take every 4hrs and pain killers to follow. Thankfully I caught it in time but still felt rough for a few days.
  6. The league kicks off tonight so now is the time to submit your team. i am hoping to secure a champions league place this year in the league and defend my head 2 head crown ( pure luck last year) come on chaps it’s just a bit of fun. Hitman
  7. Hi Harry You will need to go to the fantasy premier league website and make an account. its very easy to do and when you have registered and chosen a team name just select auto pick and you good to go. then select leagues and add the codes in the earlier posts to join the 2 pigeon watch leagues. I hope this helps. Good luck.
  8. I think we need a few more teams to make it competitive. even if you don’t follow football just press the auto pick option and it’s done for you.
  9. I received a call from a farmer friend last week, as he had pigeons hammering his peas and the gas guns were not moving them. I set out my woodpigeon models some with wings outstretched, as recommended in GL31 and fired some shots to put pigeons off the field. The pigeons could not be deterred so I had to shoot these that came to destroy the crop of peas. Hitman
  10. It was luck more than anything, as I often was the second lowest scorer in the H2H league but managed to be paired with the lowest scorer that week. my 6th position in the main league confirms this. All good fun though, and hopefully we get a stronger league next season.
  11. Well done everyone who took part in another competitive season. I was fortunate enough to top the head 2 head league and 6th in the league. Roll in next season. Hitman
  12. Thank you for the information. JJsDad, that’s great and very well explained. I will indeed inform my farmer friends your advice about non lethal methods first. Hitman
  13. Hi Folks like everyone else I have been trying to keep up with developments regards shooting pigeons in England. just in case I have missed anything, are we still waiting for a revised version on the individual permits to be released? Can we now shoot pigeons as long as we can show that non lethal methods have been tried. Any information would be very welcome. Hitman
  14. the hitman


    Firstly I am a tea drinker, at least 8 cups of Yorkshire tea everyday, however Mrs H is a coffee lover and get stuff called everyday filter coffee from home bargains. its really nice and easy to drink apparently.
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