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  1. Nice write up- thank you for posting. 9 pigeons is a decent return considering the calm conditions- if nothing else the dog got a run out . Hitman
  2. The ploughs are out locally breaking up old stubbles - spring drilling can only be weeks away- hopefully we will all have some bumper days in the near future.
  3. Hi Folks The blustery conditions today had me out again on a local farm which seems to have more than its share of hungry pigeons. Thankfully the choose field today had a thick hawthorn hedge at my back so I had some shelter, and I had the hide up and decoys out by 11.30am. The pigeon in this area really do travel in huge flocks and, and took Geoff Garrods advice and tried not to educate 200 pigeons by only shooting at smaller flocks. The sun was out and lightning up the decoys which made them stand out, the incoming pigeons were battling in 5 feet off the ground and mostly
  4. Hi Topgun 113 I have used Joker cartridges but not the load you have mentioned. I bought some LA Joker 28g no7.5 of n a light blue casing which are a nice load to shoot. Google search for some reviews about the cartridges you have bought- however if they are too heavy for a busy decoying session, then keep them for the high pheasants. Hitman.
  5. Personally I think the choice of choke is equally as important as choice of cartridge. A standard trap load 28g no7.5 through a tight choke is a potent pigeon killing combination- if your aim is true of course. Hitman
  6. I have used a selection of cartridges over the years- usually whatever is on offer/cheapest at the time of purchase. 30g of no7 shot would be my choice of load for decoying and roosting, however this is not an easy load to find as 28g of no7.5 shot being the popular clay load- which does the job very well. Hitman.
  7. It’s to show off tattoos around here
  8. the hitman


    I took this photo this morning of the sea in north Northumberland, it was -9 at the time and the sea is evaporating. I was planning on taking more but my IPhone didn’t like the cold and put its self off. Properly cold here tonight again. Hitman
  9. They are a budget cartridge manufactured in Spain. I normally use their 28g 7.5 but these were under £200 per thousand ( 18 months ago) and do the job.
  10. Hi Folks The heavy rain and light winds had made roost shooting a non starter locally- however with the arrival of a strong easterly and snow showers today, I decided it was time to have a crack. Most of my best roost woods are just a little to far to travel under current circumstances- so I opted for a nice little wood which has provided some good shooting over the years. I put about 100 pigeons out when I arrived at about 2.45pm - which filled me with optimism. The first group arrived almost straight away, and even in the strong wind they came over surprisingly high - which m
  11. Johnny Walker black label is a really nice whiskey- and is what the Lidi whiskey called Abrachan is trying to copy- unsuccessful. Its usually about £28- 30 in supermarkets, however Amazon are currently selling it @£20 with free delivery.
  12. Well done getting out and a good write up- 23 is a very respectable bag. There seems to be a difference of opinion about when is the optimum time to be out at this time of year. When I was starting out pigeon shooting in the 80’s I bought a pigeon shooting book by John Gray, where he states that you can go out at first light in winter but don’t expect to be out all day. I have in the past been set up like you before 8am and home by 12ish - sometimes with as many as 40 in the bag - so it’s just a case of what works best in your area. Hitman.
  13. the hitman

    No Corvids?

    More corvids than ever in my patch- especially magpies. They are such wary are vigilant birds, and not easy to catch up with. Hitman.
  14. My new passport arrived last week and I was delighted to see it was dark blue- I had it in my head that they would use up any spare burgundy ones first .
  15. Fair point Tightchoke- although I do normally drink all my bottled beer -Newcastle brown, speckled hen chilled. Real ale in a pub is in a different league and can’t be replaced by a home served keg .
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