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    fly fishing<br />wildfowling and watching the toon..

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  1. the hitman


    I feel sorry for the poor chap dancing with Katya, as it must be difficult keeping his mind on dancing from now on. if I was one of the judges with the option of scoring from 1- 10 then I would definitely give her 1 🤔
  2. the hitman

    E-mail ransom demand

    Best advice is to ignore this email, then delete anything further emails without opening if you don’t recognise the sender. I often get fake invoices which I just delete. Hitman
  3. the hitman

    LA Jocker

    Gingercat I bought 1000 from Bywell shooting ground about a month ago, and I think they were almost sold out. they did mention that they wouldn’t be getting any more. Hitman
  4. the hitman

    LA Jocker

    Hi Folks i have been very impressed with LA Jocker 28g no 7 cartridges, and not just the price. I have been using them for decoying pigeons and roosting and find that they kill very cleanly indeed. I have done some research and was interested to find that the shot used is reclaimed from clay shooting grounds and therefore is recycled from more expensive cartridges. I am not wised sufficiently on the process of reclaiming lead shot but it must keep the cost down. is anyone else using these cartridges and what are your thoughts? Regards Hitman
  5. the hitman

    Eric Prior book

    Hi chaps I am looking to buy a copy of the Eric Prior book- a definitive guide to woodpigeon shooting. Cheers Hitman.
  6. the hitman

    Cartridges Suitable For Pigeon

    I tend to use a 28g no7 when shooting over decoys and recently I have been using LA joker cartridges, before that it was prima. I have used no 5 & 6 shot over decoys, and don’t think they perform any better than no 7s, with the right choke combination. 32g of No 7 shot would be a great pigeon shell, in my humble opinion.
  7. the hitman

    Major Coates

    I met Archie Coats at the CLA gamefair at floors Castle Kelso in the late 80’s. He was being kept busy as the queue for his stand was rather long. He was clearly enjoying himself chatting and giving out advice to beginners like me.
  8. the hitman


    Pm sent ?
  9. the hitman

    Holidays recommendations

    Cadiz is a beautiful historic city on the Atlantic coastline of Spain. Great beaches and not a tourist hot spot.
  10. the hitman

    Spectre - James Bond

    I watched Spectre when was released and thought it very watchable, as have been all of Daniel Craig’s bond movies. The Bourne movies did raise the bar, and I think the Craig bond movies are not far behind especially Casino Royale.
  11. the hitman

    new year

    Happy new year to all in the PW community. Have a good time tonight and tomorrow whatever your doing. I am indoors tonight, then off to Edinburgh for a day on the lash tomorrow. Hitman.
  12. the hitman

    Mitsubishi outlander

    I have a 61 plate 2.2 diesel Outlander, and really like it. plenty of poke, and economical when I drive it sensibly.
  13. the hitman

    Any winter pigeon experts?

    I would always recommend using a magnet when shooting over OSR, and a decent wind will always help. Be prepared to move your hide if things don’t go to plan , and always do a good recce to see where they want to be.
  14. the hitman

    These birds cannot be decoyed.

    Jd I have been watching a line of pigeons going to a big patch of hawthorns which are hanging full of red haw berries. they are using a line of trees en-route to the berries, so that’s where I will be on Saturday hopefully.
  15. the hitman

    Fantasy Football

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