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  1. Nice shooting and thank you for the write up. Its always satisfying to get amongst them once in a while and shooting 100 will be a day to be remember for a long time. We are coming into harvest time which in my opinion is one of the most promising times for shooting pigeons- I particularly look for OSR stubble. Let us all know when you achieve your second ton. Hitman.
  2. Really sorry to hear that you have had to say farewell to your dog Ozzy - I am sure he was a faithful companion.
  3. We had to say goodbye to the wee man this morning- he never recovered and I called the emergency vet out. Saddest of times losing a pet and a shooting companion. He like nothing better than sitting in a pigeon hide - giving me disbelieving glances when I missed. RIP Rio
  4. He has fitted again at 9pm - he is calm again now. I am going to sleep in the kitchen with him tonight. I have to be honest- this has never happened before and at 14 1/2 I am fearing the worst.
  5. Hi folks My 14 years old cocker had a fit / seizure at about 6.30pm today which lasted about 5 mins.It was very distressing to witness- but thankfully he seems ok now just very tired. He was a little unstable on his legs for about 20 mins after- but no signs of a stroke. I am keeping him close to me tonight and will get him to the vet in the morning. I have googled causes- and overheating is a common cause- although we have been keeping him in the kitchen where it’s nice and cool. Very worrying- and I hope it’s a one off event. Does anyone have any experience of this ? Hitman
  6. Yes indeed- about 2 miles upstream of where I was shooting. Nice village with good fishing on the Tweed . I think the chain bridge which take you into Scotland is currently closed due to ongoing repair work.
  7. If you want to impress the Mrs - go to Tigerlillys restaurant on George street it’s quirky and good food. Try the Edinburgh dungeons- and as mentioned camera obscura is good fun. Try Rose street for bars, and of course the royal Mile. Edinburgh is beautiful and everything is in walking distance. Hitman
  8. Hi Folks I found 2 side by side pea fields late last week- both pulling a fair number of pigeons. The weather has been shabby locally so I kept my powder dry until an opportunity arose. Yesterday I went for a recce and discovered that one of the pea fields had be harvested and was covered in pigeons. With a dry forecast and a decent wind I loaded the gear and was set up on the cut field by 12 noon. I chose to use 20 sillosocks which were soon bellowing and moving in the wind . The wind was coming over my left shoulder and the pigeons were crossing from the right and swinging around. The first 10 minutes produced 2 pigeons which I put out on the magnet which gave the eye catching movement they were looking for. I was surprised how many large groups of pigeons were flying about- I sometimes had 20 + pigeons over the decoys at the same time. Most of my kills were singles to begin as they were cautiously skirting the outside of the pattern. I replaced the sillosocks with shot birds which really helped and gave the pigeons the confidence to commit to the middle of the pattern and soon I was knocking down the occasional left and right. I had that annoying spell of missing easy shots plus the school boy error of changing my mind and looking for an easier shot - resulting in 2 missed shots. After a talking to myself I shot 13 straight without a miss. By 3pm the sun was out and the pigeons were giving me plenty of shooting. One pigeon was committed to the decoys- just as I stood up to shoot- a large female sparowhawk came out of nowhere in hot pursuit, but at the last moment she chose to attack one of my dead bird decoys instead. I needed to be somewhere else by 5pm so I called it a day at 4pm - with 68 pigeons in the bag. This was my best bag in some time and a very enjoyable afternoon out This was the view from my hide with Holy island and Bamburgh castles in the distance, and Berwick upon tweed’s famous royal border bridge. Hitman
  9. I thought they had a couple of good performances in the knockout games- and deserved to be in the final. At half time Italy made changes with great affect, we didn’t and had to defend for an entire second half. After 65 mins I really expected Grealish to come on and Mount to be subbed off- just to give a fresh attack option. Penalties are down to pressure and a test of nerve- some of the best players in history have missed penalties. The England team should be proud that they gave the country something to cheer. Hitman
  10. the hitman

    ENG v DEN

    Very weak penalty award, however we have had so many decisions go against us over the years we won’t complain. Shaw, Walker & Rice were massive and never stopped running. Pickford needs to take a breath and just compose himself. Italy vs Spain was a decent game with Spain being the better team - in fact Italy we’re hanging on for penalties in extra time. It will be a good game on Sunday and we will need to put in another big performance 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 .
  11. Having a couple of mini breaks with the misses - 4 nights in an Airbnb in Portpatrick- then a further 4 nights later in the month in Gourock both come in about £300 each . it’s not the Mediterranean but nice to get away. We looked a lodges & cabins in the Scottish highlands but just couldn’t justify the cost.
  12. He has fallen on his own sword as no doubt knows there will be more footage to follow. Someone who is or was a member of the inner circle gas done a job on him. His wife and family are the real victims.
  13. I work in education and also own guns. You wouldn’t have any issues unless you have any historical or pending criminal convictions. Hitman
  14. Yes - well done to Mark . Maybe we can encourage a few more members to join next season and make it a bit more competitive.
  15. I have googled this and apparently it’s not so uncommon for a pair of carrion’s to attack young rabbit’s, however they don’t have the tools for a quick kill so it’s a prolonged end for the rabbit- well named a murder of crows.
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