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  1. Trap 100 was my go to cartridge for decoying pigeons back in the day, gutted when they stopped making them.
  2. I did ok, 1st & 3rd but very small bets . I won £14 so that’s me for another year. Hitman
  3. Yes it depends which disc is bulging and which nerve is trapped in the back as to which part of your body goes numb. i was offered surgery however no guarantee that it would give me the feeling back in my foot so I didn’t bother. like most things we just learn to live with it.
  4. I no feeling in along the outside of my right foot including the little toe as a result of a bulging disc in my lower back pushing on a nerve. i walk with a slight limp and cannot stand on my right leg alone. on the up side , on the occasions that I have stubbed this toe I always think oh that would have hurt. Hitman
  5. Locally I have noticed pigeons starting the day on one field then moving on to another in the afternoon. Earlier this week I was set up at 9am ( conditions were good bright and sunny) by 1pm I was packed up and heading home with 43 pigeons, most of which I shot in the first 2 hours. If had gone out at 1pm would I have shot more? Possibly as it all depends on the weather conditions and how they react to being disturbed. local reconnaissance is so important, as you need to know what pigeons on your patch are doing.
  6. Also agree. you know through experience when pigeons have somewhere else in mind, and it doesn’t matter how many decoys or magnets you have out.
  7. the hitman

    Das Boot

    I have watched all episodes of the new Das boot on sky and really enjoying it, subtitles and all. it has two story lines- one on the u-boat and one on land with the French resistance and both kept me hooked. The program portrays the German sailors and German soldiers as a bunch of murderous thugs who have no regard for the French civilians men or women. I know that recent generations of Germans are appalled and ashamed of their history and perhaps this new Das boot is letting everyone know how they feel about the war. just my opinion. Hitman.
  8. I have shot a lot of George’s 32g No 5 at pheasants and really like them. Back when George was was just starting he made a 30g No 5.5 pigeon load in a dark blue case which I thought was possibly the best cartridge I have ever used on both pigeon and pheasant. Hitman.
  9. the hitman


    Mrs May is anything but thick , and she was taking the pee out of Jezza who is an easy target. If Jezza had Mrs May’s work ethic and intelligence he would be in a better position to topple a very fragile PM rather than choosing to sit on his hands and tell lies.
  10. the hitman


    I feel sorry for the poor chap dancing with Katya, as it must be difficult keeping his mind on dancing from now on. if I was one of the judges with the option of scoring from 1- 10 then I would definitely give her 1 🤔
  11. Best advice is to ignore this email, then delete anything further emails without opening if you don’t recognise the sender. I often get fake invoices which I just delete. Hitman
  12. Gingercat I bought 1000 from Bywell shooting ground about a month ago, and I think they were almost sold out. they did mention that they wouldn’t be getting any more. Hitman
  13. Hi Folks i have been very impressed with LA Jocker 28g no 7 cartridges, and not just the price. I have been using them for decoying pigeons and roosting and find that they kill very cleanly indeed. I have done some research and was interested to find that the shot used is reclaimed from clay shooting grounds and therefore is recycled from more expensive cartridges. I am not wised sufficiently on the process of reclaiming lead shot but it must keep the cost down. is anyone else using these cartridges and what are your thoughts? Regards Hitman
  14. Hi chaps I am looking to buy a copy of the Eric Prior book- a definitive guide to woodpigeon shooting. Cheers Hitman.
  15. I tend to use a 28g no7 when shooting over decoys and recently I have been using LA joker cartridges, before that it was prima. I have used no 5 & 6 shot over decoys, and don’t think they perform any better than no 7s, with the right choke combination. 32g of No 7 shot would be a great pigeon shell, in my humble opinion.
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