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  1. Pigeons in my patch have been really difficult to decoy this winter and after many hours driving to recce fields followed by bags of one’s and two’s I finally got a few shots off yesterday. This particular field of OSR has a main road on its easterly side and the pigeons had been feeding along this edge to shelter from the westerly wind and were completely un-shootable. The recent easterly wind had pushed the birds further into the middle of the field where a small patch of bushes made a great place for a hide. I set up 15 sillo decoys in just enough wind to give some movement and settled into the hide. Its a big field and the birds were pitching in 150 yards in front of me, however a group of 6 came for a look and I shot one quickly followed by another, and put these straight onto the magnet. On this occasion the magnet was a game changer and as the birds returned to the field they came straight for the magnet in groups and singles. I could see distant birds approaching spot the magnet and set themselves to come in. I had some Trust 30g no 6 to try and was more than happy with the way they stopped the birds although most shots were at committed birds over the decoys so any cartridge would have done the same job. I had a couple of doubles but mostly singles as they flared off so quickly after the first shot. It was my first day away from work (school) because of the Coronavirus and I was taking calls and sending emails and relying on my old cocker spaniel to keep watch over the decoys and probably didn’t shoot as much as I should have. After 4 hours of good shooting at around 1pm it started to tail off and I picked up exactly 40 pigeons, which I just finished breasting as my usual outlets are now closed. After Boris’s announcement last night I won’t be out for a while and I wouldn’t shoot pigeons that I cannot eat or sell. Hitman.
  2. After the PM’s announcement I will cease pigeon shooting as I won’t be able to get rid of them and probably shouldn’t be out anyway. Difficult but necessary measures being taken. Hitman
  3. I bought 1000 Trust 30g no6 which I suppose is a UK 5.5 for £215. I actually bought them for pheasant and they did the job well, and have shot some high roosting pigeons so all good and a reasonable price. Hitman
  4. I used the old eley Olympics 28g -7.5 for pigeons for years. Recently I have used both Trust & Jocker 28g -7.5 which I really rate through 1/2 & 3/4 choke combination. I have on occasion taken some 30g- 5 game loads decoying and to be honest I prefer the lighter loads over decoys 25- 35 yards out. Hitman
  5. Hi m8

    I am guessing that you are not far from me in Berwick.

    Its pretty hard going around here at the moment, and I am sure they are still eating beechmast and only a few on the rape.

    I shot a dozen last weekend but other then that it’s been ones & twos.


    1. Just watched it after reading this thread. Me And Mrs H haven’t laughed so much in years. Can’t believe I hadn’t come across this film earlier ( no pun intended).
    2. A true Hollywood legend in every sense. With the recent passing of Terry Jones it’s fair to say - I am Spartacus and so is my wife. Hitman
    3. Hi Folks So far this winter in my patch, I am averaging about 3 pigeons per outing compared to 25 last year. I think the beechmast crop is still keeping many birds going, as the OSR in my patch is almost untouched. Whilst out today I was surprised how much heat was in the sun, and unless we have a big freeze farmers are going to be preparing the ground for early drilling ( normally mid March in my patch). As frustrating as it is at the moment, I have had some of my best bags on spring drilling’s after a disappointing winter. I have noticed that one of my permissions has direct drilled OSR into stubble which looks really patchy in places and could be perfect for decoying late April when all other OSR is tall. Better days to come chaps just keep picking away. Hitman
    4. I like Frankie Boyle's take on this by saying “ when we have a dinner party we always have an option for veggies- go home ! or words to that effect.
    5. The current owners are possibly getting some unwanted attention from visitors with the tv program fuelling renewed interesting in the story.
    6. No not seen any of the Walter presents, but someone at work often raves about it, so I will give it a try. The actress who plays the part of Keeler is rather more attractive than then Keeler was- in my opinion.
    7. the hitman

      Tv programs

      Hi Folks There is some decent stuff on tv at the moment. I am watching White House farm, and The trial of Christine Keeler, both of which are really good and well acted with a good cast. The Christine Keeler story was well before my time but I remember the White House farm murders and remember the news coverage of it at the time. Worth a look chaps . Hitman.
    8. Jocker 7.5 28g are a good decoying load as are Trust 7.5 28g. I recently bought 1000 trust 30g no6 which I suppose will be a UK 5.5 for pheasants and I am really pleased with them. I paid £215 for 1000 . Hitman
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