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  1. Aldi do a chocolate hobnob called Oaties - very nice and can be double dunked.
  2. The PW fantasy football leagues will be running again on Wednesday- good luck everyone 👍
  3. In a certain sunlight the town has a pink glow due to the sandstone. Yes it has changed hands 13 times between England & Scotland, and has been the venue for some epic battles. The ramparts built by Elizabeth 1 to keep the Scots out never seen any conflict and are quite magnificent especially from an aerial viewpoint. Other historical characters like William Wallace & Robert the Bruce all played their part in Berwick’s history .
  4. We were indeed until the 1960‘s ! The declaration of the Crimean war between Britain and Russia stated that Berwick-upon-Tweed was an independent state within the UK. When the declaration of peace was signed Berwick-upon-Tweed was not listed- so as a result Berwick was technical still at war with Russia. During the 1960’s the then mayor of Berwick traveled to Russia to sign the peace declaration- it was reported that he wrote “ People of Russia you can rest easy in your beds tonight “.
  5. We have the oldest barracks in the UK - formally home of the Kings Own Scottish Borderers, which also has a fantastic military museum. We also have possibly the best salmon fishing river ( tweed) running through the town .
  6. It’s a lovely seaside walled town that is steeped in history- more pubs than most towns, and a few decent restaurants. The beaches are as good as you will find, in fact the whole of Northumberland is regarded as a hidden gem- there are worse places to live. We also have the only English football team playing in the Scottish league- good pub quiz question.
  7. Not many holidaymakers here at the moment- real shame as the weather has been glorious. Strange to see the beaches so quiet at this time of year.
  8. Windy overnight with lashing rain, Wind is still here but rain has cleared with occasional bursts of brilliant sunshine. The North Sea here at Berwick-upon-Tweed is very angry this morning, compared to having looked more like the Mediterranean recently. Hitman
  9. Bigroomboy You are at the other end of the country from me, however I could always say that I am testing my eyesight.
  10. Hi Folks I have been wrestling with the idea of how to protect farmers peas and dispose of the pigeons without burying them. I decided to only shot as many as we could eat as a family. My first outing was in Saturday afternoon, after spotting a decent number on a pea field. I was set up by 2pm with a decent easterly wind and bright sunshine. Pigeons began to show interest in my 20 sillo’s and I soon had 2 for the magnet. They were coming in groups of 6 & 7’s and I was shooting only one pigeon from each group- it was more important for me to be out shooting than the size of the bag. I shot for 3 hours and picked up 24 pigeons, which I breasted the next day - and Mrs H made an excellent pigeon casserole. I returned to the same field yesterday and shot a further 17 - which are going to be pan fried with garlic and onions, and some for the freezer. I was trying some Trust star shot 30g no 6 which definitely need to shot through at least 1/2 choke as they seem to throw quite an open pattern through anything less. Hitman.
  11. I have used 30 & 32 g 6’s & 5’s from George and they are good punchy cartridges- and I prefer the 30g 6 for decoying. When George first started out he manufactured a 30g no5.5 called proper pigeon in a navy blue case, which was a great cartridge. I was once beating pheasants and one of the guns had forgotten to pack his cartridges and borrowed a few from the other guns. At lunchtime I offered him the 100 of George’s 30g 5.5’ s that I had in the car- he was so impressed that he ordered a few thousand for himself. Hitman
  12. That’s a fair point, and yes I completely understand your thinking. I will have to wrestle with my coincidence if the farmers I shoot for are have pea crops destroyed in the coming weeks. Thank you for adding your comment to the discussion. Hitman.
  13. Motty Excellent bag- glad your game dealer is still taking them 👍
  14. And what are people doing with the shot birds? Game dealers and butchers local to me don’t want any- one butcher I know was offered some free pigeons just to get rid, however he still didn’t want them as all restaurants are closed. I have been contacted by a 2 farmers lately to shoot over peas, and it’s the disposing of the bag that is preventing me from shooting. Is anyone else having this problem? Hitman
  15. No worries Always good to know what others are using. Hitman
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