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  1. I had a decent year last year, and was fully expecting the same this year until lockdown # 1 happened. we will have a better idea of numbers when they choose to leave the woods and hedgerows and head out into the fields in search of winter rape. Hitman
  2. With less birds having been shot during the first lockdown- and the decent weather we have had this Autumn/winter so far, plus the abundance of food available to the pigeons - makes you wonder by how much the pigeon population will have increased. Maybe 2021 will be a great year for pigeon shooting. Hitman
  3. Probably firethorn or something similar- not that popular locally and I never seen pigeons eating there, but I am sure they will. My best bags on OSR have always been in late spring when the drilling is over and the pigeons concentrate on the bare patches that were grazed off during the winter- great sport. Hitman
  4. I really wish this news didn’t receive any air time on tv - and his remains disposed of without ceremony. Perhaps we should just forget this excuse for a man ever existed and hope this gives the families of the victims some peace. Hitman
  5. Thank you for the replies chaps. Vet told to make sure water is readily available to him . He’s not a fussy eater so hopefully I can find something that he likes. Hitman
  6. Hi folks My 14 years ago cocker has been diagnosed with kidney disease and the vet has recommended a few types of kidney friendly dog food. He is still full of life- and we have been told by the vet that 8- 12 months is possible with a change onto a kidney friendly dog food. Has anyone experienced this problem with their dog and which food did you choose ? Any help is appreciated Hitman
  7. I think this is an interesting topic- and gives a running account of when pigeons will begin to show interest in OSR regionally. It will be interesting to see if the colder northern regions see the first pigeons on the rape this year. Hitman
  8. I spotted a above 40- 50 yesterday feasting on hawthorn berries- still too much food available for them to glean first before moving onto OSR. Hitman
  9. Nothing on OSR yet locally- too much many beechmast and acorns to finish off first. I have never seen so many hawberries as this year which they will hit before moving onto the rape probably mid December locally. Hitman
  10. Sad loss indeed- a true movie icon. It may look dated by today’s standards - however Goldfinger is in my opinion was his best Bond movie. like I say a sad loss to the film industry.
  11. I watched a program during lockdown about the World Cup 66 - Portugal were favourites to win with star player Eusebio having scored 9 goals on Portugal’s way to the semifinals where they met England. Alf Ramsay gave Nobby the job of man marking Eusebio - which he did to great affect, and the rest is history. Great player- and another of the legends of 66 gone. RIP Nobby.
  12. What happened to family allowance that was paid to parents to feed and clothe their children? I am sure that I am missing something as I have fortunately never been in such a disadvantaged family environment. I think Marcus Rashford is doing a fantastic job - and his motivation is from personal experience.
  13. Been married for 27 years and it took me a while to learn that even when I thought I had won an argument I really hadn’t. Me “fancy and early night darling” Mrs H - “no” - clear winner 🤔. Hitman
  14. Here in North Northumberland on the east coast we have as much OSR as ever and it is looking very healthy and established. I am no expert on farming but I have never seen any sugar beet or maize growing up here, as it’s probably to cold- hence the huge acreage Of OSR we have. I won’t expect to see any pigeons on OSR up here until late November/ December as they are currently on old stubble, beechmast and acorns. incidentally I have never seen so many haw berries as this year which will also be a draw for the pigeons when the winter kicks in. Hitman
  15. Hi Folks When I started this tread I was reflecting on the time during lockdown when you really needed a reason to be out shooting. I don’t recall any recent statement from any of the shooting organisations to say this was no longer necessary. I think that as we are no longer in full UK lockdown and unless you have any neighbour or boundary issues then I don’t think we should be informing the police of our legal shooting activities. I was just testing the water in case I had missed anything. Hitman
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