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  1. Last chance to join before 11am tomorrow morning. Hitman
  2. Go to the fantasy premier league website or download the app. Register- then pick a team name , then pick a team ( use auto pick if you are unsure). Select the More tab and drop down to select leagues-then select join league- join the PW league using the code in my previous post .
  3. Here’s the code to join 3q4zn0 good luck
  4. Hi footie fans The premier league begins again this weekend and wondered if we were running a league again. Hitman
  5. I don’t think pigeons like rapeseed leaves- it just keeps them going when nothing else is available in winter. When rape stubble has greened up - there are better options to eat.
  6. Marsh man- I agree about your advice on timing, ideally I would have been out a couple of hours earlier. There is an autumnal feeling here in North Northumberland tonight although the sun was warm when I was shooting.
  7. Hi folks I haven’t been out for a while-and I was very excited when yesterday I spotted a strong flight line across a particularly favourite field that has produced some great days in the past. I couldn’t get out before 12 noon however I was set up by 12:30 - with a dozen flock coated shells, and the hope of getting a couple if pigeons straight away for the magnet. The field has a line of beaches on it’s westerly edge- perfect as there was a good westerly wind blowing. First pair came straight in and were shot, followed by another pair which were also shot- great start and t
  8. Attitude readjustment- I am definitely going to use that one - thank you 😊
  9. If little Wayne was under my supervision and said FU his little feet wouldn’t touch the ground and he would be subject to all kinds of horrible sanctions- primitive but effective. Courtney would get a nice call from me suggesting some parenting advice and an invitation to have a chat with me in school with Wayne present so we are all on the same page going forward.
  10. I work in a school and the government advice covers everything from catering to pupil movement in school. Teachers will move from class to class being the new normal. One way systems, masks in school transport, temperature checks on arrival etc will all take time to get used to.
  11. the hitman

    Wind River

    Someone told me about Queen of the south on Netflix- I thought it was about Scottish football, however it’s actually about a Mexican drug cartel. I am absolutely hooked now and on series 3 of 4 . Hitman
  12. I have had the eat out to help out deal 3 times now and it’s great value. I have paid with plastic each time- so unless a restaurant is producing fake receipts then it’s all traceable. The trick is to make sure the price of the food you order is at least equal to £20 per head to get the max discount of £10 each . Last week I had a fillet steak and peppercorn sauce for £21 so I was charged £11 - bargain ( the wine was full price) .
  13. I preferred the semi finals as they were both had so many twists. I don’t watch much snooker, however it’s always good to watch Ronnie in full flow - the best ever ? Absolutely in my opinion.
  14. That’s unfortunate as the Chinese had a terrible time at the hands of the Japanese before and during WW11. Chinese troops fought against the Japanese during the war. I have spoken in the past about Chinese/ Japanese history with some Chinese students from my school who say that China will trade with Japan but will never forget what atrocities that took place.
  15. Great film and indeed a true story. Eric Lomax lived in Berwick-Upon-Tweed where much of the filming was done. He was a local legend long before the movie was made. He was a quiet unassuming chap who always said hello to everyone.
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