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  1. A couple of weeks ago I bought the Aldi equestrian gillet - which is great to wear in the hide or walking the dog- similar are the neoprene muck boot lookie likie wellies. Today we tried the Aldi raspberry and white chocolate hot cross buns- which are delicious. Hitman
  2. Yes I completely agree with your last paragraph- I think anyone who has been shooting pigeons or clays for a number of years will know which perform best and are capable of clean kills- I would not use anything less than ounce load for pigeons. I would never advocate chucking any old cartridge at pigeons- however I have yet to find an ounce load trap cartridge that didn’t kill pigeon, regardless of price. I was had a similar discussion with a friend who was really a game shooter rather than a pigeon shooter, and he used 32g no5 Sipe for decoying pigeons. When I suggested a cheaper li
  3. No sure what you mean by “respect for the quarry” steering away from cheap as possible mentality clay cartridges for pigeons? I have shot more pigeons with clay cartridges than any other cartridges. I begin using Winchester trap 100’s, in the 80’s then Eley Olympics . In recent times I have used Primas, trust & Joker cartridges all 28g no 7 or 7.5 - don’t be too quick to dismiss clay loads for pigeons. I have been using a 30g no 6 load recently and I have to say that I prefer the clay loads for decoying. Hitman.
  4. Just as a follow on from my previous post- I went to check some fresh drilled fields which have historically produced some decent bags. I glassed the fields and more in the neighbouring farms and didn’t see a single pigeon on any of the drilling’s. I spotted a line of pigeons and followed them to a field of winter rape that I have shot a few times recently. I was set up and in the hide by 11.30- I shot 15 fairly quickly, before the heavens opened with hailstones on a bitter wind. I was back in the car by 1pm as the pigeons had cleared off. The farmers locally have taken advantage of the m
  5. I think this is a very thought provoking question- and I would have to say yes. I would be more inclined to expect a decent day on stubble or chitting peas than fresh drilling. I think I posted something a couple of years ago suggesting that shooters should look to find pigeons on heavily grazed patches of winter rape if they are unsuccessful on drilling’s - and that may well be a situation this year. I have been shooting long enough to always get a buzz when drilling’s start going in - so I won’t give up on getting a decent bag or two yet. Hitman
  6. Agreed But at £25 they are a decent dog walking boot. I don’t expect them to be of muck boot quality for such a low price.
  7. The was lucky enough to get a pair of size 10 wellies at Aldi today- put them on to walk the dog- and @£25 they are not unlike a pair of muck boots that I paid near £100 for a few years back.
  8. Hagler was a true great and word legend is appropriate. he didn’t hide from anyone and fought and beat some of the best fighters to grace the sport- the Hearns fight is widely considered the best first round in history. very sad news indeed.
  9. The Tory ministers will be pleased that they won’t get grilled by him anymore - Suzanna Reid might be able to get a word in now - poor thing makes me want to give her a cuddle. All this Meg & Haz nonsense is a distraction from the real news of nurses getting 1% pay rise .
  10. Nice write up- thank you for posting. 9 pigeons is a decent return considering the calm conditions- if nothing else the dog got a run out . Hitman
  11. The ploughs are out locally breaking up old stubbles - spring drilling can only be weeks away- hopefully we will all have some bumper days in the near future.
  12. Hi Folks The blustery conditions today had me out again on a local farm which seems to have more than its share of hungry pigeons. Thankfully the choose field today had a thick hawthorn hedge at my back so I had some shelter, and I had the hide up and decoys out by 11.30am. The pigeon in this area really do travel in huge flocks and, and took Geoff Garrods advice and tried not to educate 200 pigeons by only shooting at smaller flocks. The sun was out and lightning up the decoys which made them stand out, the incoming pigeons were battling in 5 feet off the ground and mostly
  13. Hi Topgun 113 I have used Joker cartridges but not the load you have mentioned. I bought some LA Joker 28g no7.5 of n a light blue casing which are a nice load to shoot. Google search for some reviews about the cartridges you have bought- however if they are too heavy for a busy decoying session, then keep them for the high pheasants. Hitman.
  14. Personally I think the choice of choke is equally as important as choice of cartridge. A standard trap load 28g no7.5 through a tight choke is a potent pigeon killing combination- if your aim is true of course. Hitman
  15. I have used a selection of cartridges over the years- usually whatever is on offer/cheapest at the time of purchase. 30g of no7 shot would be my choice of load for decoying and roosting, however this is not an easy load to find as 28g of no7.5 shot being the popular clay load- which does the job very well. Hitman.
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