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  1. Yes. I assume they're waiting for stock. Paul did offer to split a double, though, so worth sending a message if you're interested.
  2. I don't usually post spontaneous recommendations but hopefully this might help if people are looking... After a lot of research on here and some physical shopping around, I recently bought a double leather slip from the Patrick Leather Company - who trade as Murphy199 on eBay. I'm honestly completely blown away by the quality - especially as the price was so keen. And the icing on the cake was that Paul was incredibly helpful and delivery took less than 48 hours. Highly recommended!
  3. That's interesting. I wondered how the forced regen would work with the auto start/stop. Is this on an S-Max or something else? If it is then I'm sure my wife can be trusted to thrash it for a bit if it doesn't do the auto-stop on arrival at school or wherever.
  4. If you like American IPAs but don't have the kit to do the all-grain recipes on the Brewdog site then this stuff is excellent. https://www.brewuk.co.uk/ab-ipa4kg-40pt.html Follow the instructions, don't let it get too warm while it ferments and leave it in the bottle for a month. More expensive than most but the best 'instant' kit I've come across.
  5. Thanks for the advice everyone. Have decided to avoid the diesel and look for a petrol. Cheers.
  6. Hello Gents. One for the mechanics/motor enthusiasts. My wife needs a new car to drive our 3 kids and dog around in. Average use is getting the kids to school (5 minutes into the village on country roads twice a day), running various errands (4-6 15-20 minute journeys a week) and then occasional family outings (maybe a couple of 45+ minute journeys a month). We're out in the sticks so these journeys are fairly speedy and uninterrupted. Having test driven a bunch of options, the S-Max Diesel 2.0 is her definite favourite. However, we've been warned that new diesels with particulate filters can be a problem if they don't get out on the motorway regularly. The obvious solution is to buy a petrol but there are very few about so it would mean spending an extra £5k+ and (probably) settling for a slightly under-powered engine. Everything I've read says that modern diesels are not good for 'short journeys and stop start urban driving' - which isn't very helpful when making my decision because that's not what we do BUT as I've outlined, most of our journeys are short and from a cold start. Any advice/opinions welcome. Many thanks.
  7. After a lot of pestering, I recently promised a couple of colleagues that I would take them shooting. I thought about coaching these two first-timers myself for about ten seconds – before deciding that I needed the services of someone qualified. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to get to know Terry 'Bakerboy' a few years ago when I started shooting. Back then he was just finishing off his BASC and CPSA coaching qualifications. So I got in touch and we set a date at the A1. Well, as expected, from the moment we arrived to the moment we left it was brilliant. Terry is a natural teacher as well as a lot of fun to be around. He even managed to tailor his non-stop banter to suit two ladies – one of whom is vegan! So whether you need to work on your own skills or introduce a friend/colleague/kid to the joys of shooting I couldn't recommend Terry more highly. My only problem now is that the rest of my staff are all demanding an outing. You can find him at http://www.claycoachterry.co.uk or just PM Bakerboy via the forum.
  8. +1 to mixers on top. Super simple and the most fun you can have carp fishing – especially if you're on holiday with limited time. A few hours between late afternoon and dusk on a hot day can be frantic. Just need a controller float, a catty, a bag of biscuits and a fake plastic mixer on a size 10 hook. Some Mucilin line-floatant will help too but vaseline works OK.
  9. Hello all. Thanks for your replies - really sorry not to get back sooner but the automated email update thing didn't work (i.e. I didn't set it up right!) so I assumed nobody had replied. Terry, thank you very much. Am still trying to get back to you with some dates but might take you up on a loan and go and have a go at A1 on our own. Stuart, as with most things if it's what I need I'll spend as much as I have to and as little as I can get away with! rwade, thanks for the offer. I am actually in N. Wales in July so I will make a mental note and if I'm still looking I will get in touch! Cheers
  10. My son is seven and doing OK with a borrowed .410 but I'd really like to get him something smaller. Does anyone have a twenty or .410 with a shortened stock in the cabinet that they no longer use? Doesn't have to be anything special but would be good if the trigger was half decent - I've shot quite a few old bolt actions where you really have to give it a tug and this would be a problem for him. I'm in north Herts near Stevenage. Thanks folks.
  11. My son (7) shoots a .410 with these on and seems fine. They seem very well made and well padded although I can't vouch for their effectiveness on any technical level.
  12. Spooky timing. Just put in for my variation. So knowing my luck this will sell pronto!
  13. Sadly I'm in Spain but I'd thoroughly recommend this. Awesome fun.
  14. Nobody has to give to the RSPCA and it's clear that many are exercising that right. But it's good to understand the story behind the headlines. They are the largest private prosecutor in the UK and have a higher conviction rate than the CPS – which I take to mean that the cases they bring are overwhelmingly legitimate. To say that the RSPCA has no business prosecuting animal cruelty cases and it should be up to the police and CPS is like saying that the RNLI has no business saving lives at sea and it should be left to the coastguard. Yes, it's a shame that a charity is performing this role but that's how we've ended up – partly because the RSPCA was around before the police. I'm sure that many inspectors will not be aware of or sympathetic to fieldsports and farming issues – but as plenty of posts will show, a lot of police officers are no different. And yes, the job does attract animal lovers who might not be 100% objective all the time. And yes, the Chief Exec was very pro 'animal rights' and seemed to have an agenda – but he went months ago. The long and short of it is that if the RSPCA disappeared tomorrow then the dog fighters, cat torturers, puppy farmers, crossbow hooligans and all kinds of other scumbags would have a much easier life.
  15. Many thanks folks. Maybe the cat needs a kick up the whassit to get it down the end of the garden.
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