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  1. https://www.newstatesman.com/politics/staggers/2017/10/no-eu-did-not-stop-theresa-may-getting-rights-eu-citizens
  2. It is called salami tactic. They will come for all firearms eventually. Logic doesn't apply in this. Why don't they enforce existing legislation?
  3. https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/offensive-and-dangerous-weapons-new-legislation
  4. I believe that by now the UK is my country too, so I can have a say in what's going on here. Regards
  5. Like: Main thing is freedom, we never had that... belonging, we are working for the same, common goal as Europe. What would I change: gun laws, less corruption and bureaucracy, more freedom on state level decisions.
  6. Examples from my family's history for a communist dictatorship (which are I believe not true about the EU): For being a land owner (100ha), grandfather 2yrs prison, great grandfather beaten to death in prison, all land/house/everything confestigated/nationalised, other grandfather still POW in the Urals 2 yrs after the war ended (5yrs in total from Stalingrad), elections 1 candidate only, living in fear, black listed for life, no freedom of speech, etc. Any of these happening now?
  7. You have some valid points in the history of the Common Market, I give You that. I understand that independence is a fundamental thing for the UK. Always has been. Always will be. However my opinion is different on the EU''s future. Time will tell how was right. My friend.
  8. Not having a problem with this post. Only disagreeing here and there...
  9. I think we disagree in a few points. If there is no EU citizen, why the UK gov website using this term? I like the idea of the EU. Not perfect. You can not compare a communist dictatorship to the EU (or the future EU). I have my opinion, You have yours. I respect that. Also obey the law, Brexit but campaigning against it. It is my right. Peace.
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