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  1. time and tide

    Tweed jacket

    Arrived today top man many thanks mark
  2. time and tide

    Tweed jacket

  3. time and tide

    V mesh fencing

    Hi what lenghts are the Panel ? thanks mark
  4. time and tide

    tweed jacket and waistcoat

    Yes please, Pm sent Regards Mark
  5. time and tide

    Breeks and how to wear them?

    Breeks, stockings over the top, boots and gaiters very comfortable and good ankle support, works for me
  6. Free cartridges, yes please fibre please Regards Mark
  7. time and tide

    Selling up

    Browning jacket please Regards Mark
  8. time and tide

    20 gauge shells

    Love both, but in 5s this time of year and if you are going to be under extreme pheasants I love black gold 32g 4 1/2
  9. time and tide

    Shotgun slips

    Musto slip please Please pm payment details
  10. time and tide

    Shotgun slips

    Pm in coming Regards Mark
  11. time and tide

    River west jacket

    yes please, please send payment details regards mark
  12. time and tide

    aldi trial cam

    yes iv got one, think it fine for the money, using it around the pens and it looks like i need to do a bit of fox before the pheasants arrive !!! regards mark
  13. time and tide

    Proper Cartridges Topic

    as above im there on saturday, is it ok to call you when im there ? kind regards mark
  14. time and tide

    Browning Maxus carbon fibre 12 gauge

    Sold pending the usual
  15. time and tide

    Browning Maxus carbon fibre 12 gauge

    Price drop £725