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  1. If you look at the little vid I put on talk from the field there is two similar birds one hit one missed by over leading
  2. Some people go to the coast and walk on the beach some go to the lakes n Pennines and walk round the hills we on the other hand go out into the countryside and look for pigeons so I cant see how it’s a waste of time and fuel if it’s something you enjoy doing
  3. I went to look at a couple of new fields of rape today on of which is quite close to a wood as I drove down the track to the birds where lifting from the hedge line and trees and headed back towards the wood .. I sat in the car with a cuppa and watch the pigeon fly about aimlessly in flocks of about 50 I thought as it’s a fiat trek to get here and the weather was nice I might as well put an hide up and watch for lines and behaviour with a gun in my hand I had about half dozen shots at some quite testing birds ( testing for me anyway) I managed one pigeon and a crow diced to pack up whe
  4. The birds will come in lovely till you fully commit and set up then it will all stop😡😡😡
  5. Well your Saturdays improved by one bird 😜😜😜every pigeon I see flying seems to be at an astronomical height even on windy days ... can’t see me having a better day tomorrow but it’s worth a go
  6. So what your saying is an half asleep bird brain pigeon can still out smart you🤪🤪🤪
  7. Well Jdog you can’t blame it on the birds seeing my silver truck in the area this time ... Grubbs had a sale on last week on there wellies don’t know if it’s still on
  8. Went to look at a 60 acre rape field today was there 2 hours must have seen 200 ( too high to flightline) pigeons fly over not one interested in hitting the rape but may be good if the weather gets worse or they just find it
  9. Hopefully with lockdown there will still be plenty Ha ha
  10. My day as moved from the end of November to middle of January what differences should I expect as I have never shot later than end of November and it’s only my second season cheers in advance
  11. You need to be on the selling section
  12. This is so true I have just had 5 guns in my 3 gun cabinet till I sold
  13. You are allowed to meet one other person off of your own property so if you want to sell they can stand on the pavement or meet somewhere outside of your house
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