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  1. I was in the same boat not long ago this lot cost me less than 60 quid eBay n charity shops not including boots
  2. I love women especially boiled with mash and red sauce
  3. Sturgeon is just a racist
  4. Jacko3275


    Up to now it’s been worth it had a few ok days during harvest which if you ain’t got a perm is a good feeling being out on ye own but just waiting on the new list to come so will know if it’s worth it for me then as the last list I only had 3 fields with in. Half hours drive fortunately they had pigeons on them
  5. I wish but one day I’ll better you👍Well I hope I do 🤣🤣🤣 Well done Jt91 it a great feeling and jdog is a great mentor and a top bloke for giving us novices of break to have ago out in field with him
  6. This what not to do as nick a bird that’s someone else’s and cheers for the slagging off when there was more experienced shots taking lower birds than me... thanks B725 for the support IMG_0632.MP4
  7. The gun was mounted as picked another but It flew in to someone else’s path I did hit it it dropped behind me
  8. That about 1300 clays to make your membership fee back
  9. The first duck drive they where 40 yard up easy and this one is definitely a bag filler.... ye enjoyed it
  10. Not for that amount 😄😄we got bacon and egg sandwich and drinks in the morning ... sausage rolls and sloe gin with preseco for elevensies the to the pub for pie and peas but didn’t go for that as had to be back for a birthday do Yes just a small private shoot on part of the estate
  11. Ye 250 for the peg it was supposed to be an hundred bird day
  12. Just a little vid of a drive IMG_0633.MP4
  13. Cost 250 plus tip used ata sporter 12b 1/2 & 1/4 choke With hull superfast pigeon
  14. Well shot wouldn’t fancy that walk up to the line if it was the same place hard enough without kit
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