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  1. I get a Christmas card off of my electric supplier they love me this time of year😂😂😂neighbour loves it but what she does not realise is its plugged into her garden socket
  2. I bet the 50 yard shots ain’t yours either Jdog I bet you pay other shooter to sit in the opposite hedge
  3. You always out do me I hit a 40 yard bird you hit a 50 yard now my Christmas lights
  4. They take some adjusting to only my 3rd time ever on them and first this season I did miss a lot but that’s all part of it
  5. Tried charcoal biscuits and all sorts of things but my wind is still here hope it stays about till next week when I finish work ... I hope like most pigeon shooters that your birds feeding on rape is a sign that they are moving from berries and corns to the green stuff
  6. It was the gun next to me hit it I just finished it off
  7. Had a great day out shooting on a walk one stand one managed to record one drive without forgetting something or the battery running out ...met some new people and big thanks to all those involved
  8. Thinking of splashing out on some pro hunters or mountain gtx so would like to know if they are worth the £299 price tag do they last ( if looked after obviously) they would only be used for shooting not walking the dog daily .. cheers in advance
  9. Spent many a day listening to his ramblings Made the game enjoyable to watch
  10. As soon as they see my truck in the area on Saturday they will be off ... Mondays 14th conditions look good with a 16 mph SW with strong 38 mph gusts if it doesn’t change
  11. Nice write up and a good little bag
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