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  1. Went out today to a field where there was a lot of birds about so set up where I thought was best at a about 1030 ( 12 half shells 3 home made crows a floater and a magnet with two dead birds) nothing seemed to be interested so a shuffle about with the pattern and In came 2 boom first one down second was off as quick as I could move missed.. over the next 40 mins lots of bird on a flight line that where off to feed somewhere would not decoy and they was well out of range for my talent they where way too high as there was not much wind .. the wind picked up a little for the next hour and half had a dozen decoy in mainly in pairs managed to get 4 more and a crow by no means a great day but a good few hours out in the fresh air learning out on the clay tomorrow for some practice
  2. Joshua is still a work in progress I think the loss as made him realise that pure bulk is not the be all end all in the heavyweight division... I think h needs to fight the way he did against Parker and keep Ruiz on the outside , wear him down and pick the big shots if an opening appears
  3. But that’s still enjoying Christmas
  4. Ha ha .....I did go but there wasn’t a pigeon in sight the gas guns must have been doing there job so just sat and watched for a while while eating my pack up so hopefully better luck next time I go
  5. Jacko3275


    Well the Jackson's are all lit up for Christmas 🎄 Would like to see others if you have put any up
  6. So sun in eyes wind behind ... I thought this maybe the idea .. I might not even get a days shooting but I just want to Know what experienced guns would do
  7. I’m booked in on Sunday to shoot on a couple of rape fields no idea if there will be any birds there but if there is and looking on google maps where set up place with cover will be possible the wind is forecast NNW So is wind in the face better than sun in the face or vice versa
  8. Have you just come out of the pictures
  9. How many times can or do you freeze and defrost your shot birds if at all ... do they get to a point where they are no good
  10. Jacko3275

    The Truth

    It’s just round the corner just one more ill pack up in 5 mins i forgot i never heard you he’s/she’s never done that before And we have all used at least 2 of these
  11. Would I have got a cup of tea and a slice of cake as well as an aunt sally to keep me warm🤪
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