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    1. 😔 sorry to hear🍺raise an edrink with ye
    2. I like my gin and vodka but on the lager at min
    3. My wife sups them am gonna Cleethorpes in morning gonna try north cotesbutts shooting ground
    4. I will look into investing cheers
    5. I’m just chilling in hot tub and wondered what the PW massive where doing
    6. Built this with the mig at work
    7. I can make the gas one splatter 😆 I just ordered the thicker wire 0.8 think it came with 0.6 ...I take it you are a welder/ fabricator of some kind Built this with the mig at work
    8. My dad still uses my old old Sony Ericsson k750i lol
    9. Tried changing mine to the picture jdog took of my first pigeon killed in the field too large tried editing on my phone still too large( ARE YOU LISTENING PW MONITORS?) think you need to have a old phone with a 2 megapixel camera
    10. Ye just an home no gas one am not too good and even worse with stick
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