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  1. How much you thinking per gun how many days over a season how many birds put down how many birds per shoot ..what about beaters and pickers
  2. Wish some opportunities like this came up close to me ☹️
  3. Well shot good report wish I would have had the chance at that many today
  4. Been out this afternoon to a rape field for NPPC that as 2 decent flight lines got there about 1230 set up as close to the flight lines as possible with a magnet a flapper 12 dead birds and 12 half shell decoys wind at my back although a very gentle one , sun behind and to right five mins after set up shot a bird flighting over at about 30 yards up so started as I finished yesterday ..over the Next few hour had hundred plus pigeons fly along both line but they where super high and not really interested in the pattern had a couple come in and took them manage 3 in 3 shots so was shooting well just could get them to take interest bit gutted with the amount of birds about but hey ho it passed a few hours
  5. Think that may come under the inappropriate images rules of this site
  6. I am fairly new to this but I don’t think I have ever seen so many pigeons in one area.. great days experience for me
  7. also Need thank jasper for retrieving some of my flyers
  8. I was honoured to be invited to shoot with jdog and it was a pleasure to meet clodhopper who I hope to shoot with again ...the day started with me shooting like a muppet but once I got my first I did improve ... as a novice I did notice the best decoys in the field was three men stood talking or packing up...when me and jdog called an halt at around 245 I left my gun up against a tree just in case and one did come in, I moved to get my gun and turned around and killed it as it finally turned away from us ... as marsh man says good to get jdog out in the field after a 6/7week lay off and I will be happy to do it again anytime hopefully this is all a tonic to a healthy recovery 👍
  9. I’d use that to drive there never mind carry my kit does it come with a chauffeur
  10. If it is I didn’t get it there out of stock at the moment I preordered mine at a price of 579 including import taxes and postage
  11. My local RFD stock them I have had a pair for 3 year and still going strong just got to remember to look after the leather so the don’t crack they are only ankle boot though bought some jack Pyke hunters leaked through the bottom lace hoops the first time they got wet had jack Pyke tundras these where great for 2 year then wore where the toes bent
  12. Jacko3275

    Pellet prices

    I get mine from eBay 13/16 quid for 500 just depends who’s doing the cheapest and how many you buy that’s for .22 jumbo heavy exact 18gr
  13. Jacko3275


    It was my first anniversary as a PW member yesterday so would just like to thank you all For your help and advice this last year and a special thanks to Jdog for taking me out and showing me the ropes and getting me hooked on pigeon/ game shooting 🍾🥃🍺🍻🎂
  14. Glad to hear your on the mend ... when your up to the punishment of recoil and a muddy walk I will be more than happy to Carry all your gear for you
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