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  1. If it was just an holiday not my best mates wedding I would have had a refund
  2. Was supposed to be best man at my mates wedding at the end of may in kefalonia but due to circumstances they a postponing for a year . Phoned tui today to alter holiday to next year and they have downgraded us to bnb instead of full board and charged us an extra 250 quid for the pleasure when asked why the price is increasing so much the answer was demand.. so anyone going away next year expect to pay school holiday prices ☹️☹️☹️☹️
  3. Shotkam not cheap a 570 but I can review misses which give you an idea of what your doing wrong so ye I think it can improve your shooting and you get to watch your shot of the day over and over again
  4. Think I hit this one with the Center of the pattern wish I could do it all the time
  5. Ye feel fine now just not allowed out but thought sat in a field can’t do no harm
  6. Nice shooting guys wish I could have bin there but had to sit in a field on my own for one pigeon and one crow but beats bin in house
  7. Is that cos I know nowt or because pine marten are bad
  8. Nice shooting I too isolated in a field but the birds kept landing where I wasn’t or I couldn’t be ended up with a crow and a pigeon .. nice day to be out of the house though
  9. Excellent day good report keep up the good work I’ll be happy with a tenth of that tomorrow
  10. Did they fly off before you could get a photo
  11. To be fair with the shotkam it’s not always easy to see the direction of travel with clays if there no back ground
  12. been today it’s a really nice friendly place gonna go a lot more often
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