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    1. When stuck in a remote area food and warmth are important things ..trangias ain’t that big n heavy and will work anywhere an a rat pack will split down into separate parts of a rucksack
    2. A trangia stove or something similar some 24 hr ration packs and some mess tins
    3. Under 4 week from app you lucky **** wish mine would hurry up been 14 week since app went and won’t get any news on in it till may
    4. If I want a piece of paper off the police to show me my conviction it costs a tenner so that’s the back ground check....if I I tell them of relevant medical issue I have to go to doctor to get a medical report cost to me not the police..... feo visit call it 2hrs with travel not sure how much there on but call it 15 quid an hour so that must mean 38 quid for admin costs I.e right click then print ... on less it’s gone to the superintendent like mine then a lobster dinner while he meets the manager
    5. She just thinks all sgc holder dress in tweed own a Purdey pay hundreds sometimes thousand to take a brace home ... what about the working class who buy the gun they can afford and go bust a few clays at the weekend once a month
    6. 11weeks ago had my feo visit she said she was happy with my past conviction medical history and that she could see no problems I asked could I go ahead and buy and fit a cabinet to which her reply was yes she then told me it’s taking 4 to 6 week for grants to go through ... after 6 week I phoned to se how my application was going I was told the manager had to put it too the superintendent at a meeting the following week I emailed my feo and she said not to worry .... I rang them the following week to be told the super didnt get round to mine and it would go to the next meeting I rang the following week to find if a date had been set the told me the manager was off for 2 week.. emailed my feo last week her reply was it will now be may sometime before the next meeting with the super....would you start to worry with the New Zealand shooting and all the gun and knife crime on the news at the moment or would they have put a letter in the post with my cheque telling me unfortunately you have been declined
    7. I’m new to this so was asking for clarity on the 72hrs from experienced guns
    8. So how do they know when the 72 hrs is from ?
    9. Do you have to notify the feo that you are loaning them to a friend? With a cert obviously
    10. This may sound daft but 72hrs from when
    11. Mine said 4 to 6 week that was 10 week ago
    12. I have an abh about 17 year ago and my feo told me I would get mine and that I could fit my cabinet so thought it was sown on ... now I have found out it’s got to go to the superintendent so emailed my feo and she told me not to worry as it’s all in her report and I will be fine it will just take longer... I’m not sure though with everything that’s gone on with gun and knife crime lately
    13. Good luck ... I’m still worried mine might get rejected but on my feo’s say so I ordered and fitted my cabinet and the local RFD called to say the gun I ordered as come so I hope she’s not wrong.... and the waits excruciating been 7 week but feels like 7 month
    14. Still waiting.... emailed feo on Tuesday and was told not to worry and be patient as there as been a lot of applications and renewals
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