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  1. Fairly new to shooting so my list won’t be that long 1. Magpie (just Because of my hate for them) Joint No1 is pigeon the most amazing sport it can jink and dive turn on a penny and be off 3. Pheasant 4. Squirrels 5. Rats
  2. I’m hoping they are all near me this Saturday on some bean fields
  3. In one hand yes in the other with that grin I don’t know what he called it
  4. But are you not allowed to prevent for future Crops if said fields had been attacked and caused serious damage throughout the year before they where harvested ..... the OP never stated what bird were flying over either
  5. If I have fields to shoot over And they are all stubble can I legal shoot them
  6. So if I shoot a pigeon and it as an empty crop that must be illegal as I ain’t causing damage and Shooting over stubble is to prevent serious damage to other crops it does not say other crops on the bit of land you have permission on so is that illegal if your perm As no crops left to harvest????
  7. Only just got a GoPro and it’s hard to try and set that going and the shotkam for arriving pigeon so was hoping just to leave the GoPro running and pull parts from the video
  8. Just wondering what most you Guys use to edit your videos e.g cropping a long GoPro video to adding comments cheers jacko
  9. Bbq at yours in a few weeks then and shoot to accompany
  10. I bought 1 box of 10 cost about 5/6 quid not sure as I bought a few other thing at the same time
  11. During lockdown all I did was stand in the garden shooting at pigeons with snap caps and the next time I went out After lockdown shot petty well So if you can and have time it is worth doing
  12. My mrs can’t say owt about my driving when I’m looking at pigeons as when she drives driving is about 5th on the list of things to do
  13. Gamebore mammoth 36g 3s not cheap but hopefully won’t need that many
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