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  1. I’m from Rotherham welcome to pw
  2. I do struggle with incomers I forget that they are dropping and more than likely miss above
  3. I only know that is there a flight line Into them and are the feeding on them
  4. I was going to shoot it then Left one for my shooting buddy As a few more came over my left shoulder
  5. Found a few shots the last one is long but it wasn’t the Longest
  6. But we are talking clays and why do pros in competition shoot gun up on less it’s fitasc
  7. No videos unfortunately I’m just glad I had a witness to the shots
  8. But I’m not shooting quarry so do you sit at the stand with the gun a cross your lap pouring a cup of coffee a some stands
  9. Count n mount I think is the best method
  10. We have sparrow hawks 80 yard away From a barn owl box in concrete and tin storage bunkers at work
  11. Well I met with Jdog for the third time this week (very generous man you know) at around 3pm we had previously talked about the options which where a standing rape field still getting hammered and just showing mustard .... Jdog was going to set up on the mustard and send me to checkout the rape field as I arrived at the top of the rape field about 20 or so birds lifted but at the bottom of it there was a lot of movement so I thought I would give it a go at the bottom sun behind wind slightly behind and from the right as I drove to the set up point I’d chosen there must have been 200 birds lift up sadly after set they all decided that the top of the field was the best place to dine I gave it an hour had one or two kind of look at the magnet but unlike yesterday I couldn’t hit them ... after a call of off Jdog who was having as much luck as me I bangered the top of the field to see I would have any joy ( didnt have any ) Or pack up and join jdog .. as I got to Jdog his fortunes had change and he was building a nice bag I set up 50 yard to his left the bird did come in either fast above from behind some from the left and some on a returning flight line that may fancy a snack on their way home ... my first kill was a 45 yard crosser which made me grin again after the first couple of hour after that I hit a shot I will never ever replicate again I didn’t shoot many but the ones I did will be etched in my memory forever yet again another great day with the legand that is Jdog great company great afternoon shooting class bloke and a true friend ( even though I’m never getting invited again) cheers .. the bag was 28 picked about 5 lost p.s. jdog didn’t shoot too bad either
  12. It’s got plenty of scratches on it anyway I was trying to give it the golf ball effect
  13. Thankyou Jdog for yet another invite and the 110 mile Round trip is well worth it for the company and chance if not always to have a day like that shooting I hit my PB and we could have probably got more if not for the interruption From the locals as the birds where still decoying as I stood the talking to them😡😡😡 ... shotkam video posted on sporting videos if anyone wants to watch
  14. Went to meet Jdog again today Very generous for inviting me again .. he gave me a pea field that had been hammered by pigeons for weeks but unable to shoot ( see jdogs post) Anyway jdog trusted me to keep the pigeons off it for the afternoon as I have now graduated his beginners coarse while he and mighty mariner went to shoot another ... I set up with a magnet and 24 shells and with in minutes the birds where coming in some at a good to far distance I carried on some good form from Tuesday but did miss some easy ones as ye do.. Jdog came and join me as he was getting blown away where he was positioned In the other field but also perfect timing due to my second visit from a local ... After an hour Jdog told I was either not getting invited again or we must social distance by 100 meters I’m guessing this was because I was shooting well and he was not getting my usual left overs🤣👍☹️We ended the day with 50 in our field MM with 22 in his so a good day all round .., anyway here’s my hits and some misses hope you lik
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