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    1. Put some silicon spray in in vacuum pipes to try and free up the solenoid do mine every 12 months
    2. Done all that need to sit in a field and be stressed wondering where the next pigeons coming from have I set up the right way and place and should I move .. why did I miss that easy one but then that 40 to 50 yard kill comes in and it’s so sweet boom destressed
    3. Hope so👍 And hope not
    4. Ordered a niitehawk heavy duty magnet kit off of eBay but when it arrived it was missing wing spreaders and spread controller and remote ,a cable extension and a carry bagI messaged the seller to inform them of the problem he told me he would sort it I came home from today and he as sent the full kit so now I have 2 extending ground spikes and motors , 4 extending arms 4 full body decoys with spinning wings 2 wing spreaders and the speed controller and remote all for 60 quid
    5. Other than asking all my neighbours 300 yard either way no I’m trying to get in with a guy who is allowed to shoot pigeon on the estate was drinking with him the other week gave him my card and told him if you need a partner or your boss needs beaters give me a ring
    6. When your sat in your own back garden and there’s a flightline over it day in day out you know you can’t shoot it even though they are 20 yard up incomers and you know where they going but can’t get the perm on them fields never really noticed before how strong a line it is aaaarrrrrgghhhh
    7. Jacko3275


      Are they any good thinking of getting rid of the l200 for something cheaper to run
    8. eBay 11 quid for five 3 meter length
    9. I’ll leave it till afternoon then cheers as this week I have chance of a full day on Sunday but it’s my mam and dads 50th wedding anniversary on sat and I’m throwing them a surprise party for family and friends so dragging my ares out of bed at 5am ain’t gonna happen this week 😝🥴😴😒
    10. Gun is an 12b ATA bronze sporter with 1/4 & 1/2 chokes and carts are hull superfast pigeon 6/29g it’s all a learning curve I’ve only been shooting shotguns for 7 month so the lead on pigeons is something I need to learn and I think I was trying too hard and rushing my shot or trying some that where way out of my talent range
    11. I’m looking forward to going out Friday and Sunday both weather permitting would’ve Ben out today but covering my supervisor so working later ☹️
    12. I was sat in the garden last night and had to go in for an hoodie our lass said you must be coming down with somet I replied yes autumn blues cos that’s how it felt
    13. What times best to set up for a morning shoot or what time do the bird normally like to feed only asking as I’ve only done afternoon shoots cheers
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