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  1. FH1 You just highlighted it and asked for other's opinions......... All for 1 and 1 for all
  2. Personally, I wouldn't have mounted my gun at any of them, and couldn't see you connect with any as Supergoose has already stated, would have pillow cased at that range.
  3. ninjaferret

    Back pain?

    Mine is the facet joints as well as sciatica been told its too far gone to operate, I do get some ease from Turmeric, tried the cannabis oil but no use, Tramadol and Codeine etc too many side effects. Just remember, Pain don't hurt.
  4. I really don't know the age , but works perfectly and its the black version
  5. Hilux tonneau cover , was on truck for delivery only £50 collected or courier, or may swap for something shooting related
  6. LA 06 LUX For Toyota hilux ? Already on retention so can go straight onto your vehicle £200 or swap for something shooting related ?
  7. I have a double cab canopy plus the stick's for sale in good condition looking for £200 collected or courier
  8. Bushnell Yardage Pro1000 Range finder, in case very good condition £80 posted ?
  9. In that case it could be a Lesser Kestrel, note the lack of facial markings. But I'm not certain.
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