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  1. My benelli's fire everything you put through them ...... I know i'm just AMAZING.....
  2. Who said go for Benelli so many moons ago ? AND for what it's worth i had an old , old , Baikal 3.5" semi auto and it never missed a beat on any cartridge size, 3.5's for the ganders or little ones for clays.
  3. Had a couple of hours and training the young lab . Picked up 77 mixed and 8 skemys. TOTAL 2290
  4. What price are they please
  5. Of what you're looking at, Franchi. OR look for a benelli, and never need to buy another semi auto again.
  6. I'm open to swaps, trades, for anything useful ?
  7. I'm sticking with mink , legs look long but has it just jumped ? And head shape looks wrong for pine marten, their a lot more pointy. And no visible bib , i'm sure you'd see at least part of it.
  8. Well i went for an hour this afternoon, that turned into a couple of hours picked 86 mostly jackdaws and 7 skemy pigeons. TOTAL 2213
  9. Couple of hours earlier 47 mixed TOTAL 2127
  10. Lanber, good starter gun and multi choke available and always a good price.
  11. Only seen one once , it could be, BUT i feel even at that angle you'd see part of the bib. I fancy it's a mink. But hey i could be wrong, try and bait near the camera.
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