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  1. Now Now Salmo, your only jealous cos he has the good looks and the Ferrari, oh and I forgot the little Winkle
  2. Bullet placement would and could answer quite a lot , angle of entry . Dropped on hard or soft ground , angle dropped anything where it was dropped that could perhaps squeeze the trigger ? Probably a chance in a million, but reasonable doubt ? etc etc etc.......To be honest my opinion, gun would not go off.
  3. Got 2 Monday afternoon both about 200 yds , 2 vixens. Got 1 dog fox yesterday afternoon 366yds.
  4. I'll shrink it for you mate lol The hoggs one is a lovely warm coat that's xl
  5. Changed the log book to green also sent a pic, no problem
  6. I've got a landcruiser swb COMMERCIAL that I'm looking to sell shortly 3.0td has had all sorts done to it only 88000 miles from new, year 2000 and it's in realtree camo same paint job as the jimny
  7. Gorgeous George's number 07912 327199
  8. Field pro fleece coat [very heavy] in good condition, keeps you very warm £30 posted
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