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  1. ninjaferret

    Wasp sting

    Last year I disturbed a nest in a bird box, while tipping grass cuttings over the fence . 17 times they got me, I was wearing a pair of shorts and trainers as it was a nice day. It tickled a bit. Next day my mate brought some stuff round and I got my revenge, was easy over 100 in that little bird box, fascinating little creatures.
  2. Only a quick glance but I like the black and white that one leads, the other follows.
  3. No too busy shooting over them to mess about with videos.
  4. One of my German Wirehaired Pointers
  5. It's not all over til Fat Sarah Sings
  6. Kind of an educated guess, looks TO ME like a female EU polecat. Male would be quite a bit bigger, but hey I can only see the same as everyone else, so just a guess.
  7. Yeah polecat, you did right to let her go
  8. If I couldn't shoot better groupings than that at 50 yds I wouldn't dare show anyone.
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