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  1. Well what do you think you use a knife for ? Knife things
  2. Good morning. Gary is that really my ermmmmm......... knife ? Looking good so far kid cheers man.
  3. Hope you're not near anyone's chickens. A wise old man once told me never tell anyone you've lost a ferret. If they turn up in a chicken pen, you'll have a bill to pay, even just to keep the peace. Or if they do any other damage. If someone comes to you with one and ask's is this your's say no but i don't mind giving it a home, you never know what it's done before they caught it...... Good luck.
  4. If i have a litter of pups i actually start the recall as soon as their eyes are open and on solids, they soon pick it up.
  5. I wonder if that would prune my roses ?
  6. Well i've never been one for fashion, i've had them since before they were fox red's, i've also had black's , whites and yellow's in fact i've already got my name on another black, think i've had 9 lab's now. i've had spaniels, liver and white and black and white, only 6 of them. And obviously my pointers. Oh and i forgot 2 cockers.
  7. Maybe next time i have room in the kennels.
  8. They are beautiful dog's one i've always fancied, but never scratched the itch.
  9. Yeah they are well fed, i had to keep them looking good for the job they were doing.......................... And call them fox red and they double the money, but if you have it who gives a ...................... and for what it's worth i had a litter of real dark fox red's . But being the Gentle Man that i am, and some people take this as weakness, but believe me it's not, i sold them at the same price or even less than blacks or yellows.
  10. Yeah officially there yellow, not a good pic but she's the same colour as my other two fox reds. And there's always someone got better or done better no matter what you put on here....................
  11. Try your browser mate, mine won't work on explorer but is all good on chrome.
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