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  1. ninjaferret

    Wadwizard Choke - sold

    Yes please. Please send payment details
  2. ninjaferret

    Goose Decoy Bags

    Need the ones with separate compartments mate.
  3. ninjaferret

    Goose Decoy Bags

    I'm needing 3 or 4 goose decoy bags, what you got boys?
  4. ninjaferret

    6 Slot Magnum Goose Decoy Bag

    Yes please, please send payment details
  5. ninjaferret

    Lyman Pro-Touch 1500 reloading scales

    If still available, sent pm
  6. ninjaferret

    Ck3100 parrot

    I'll take it please
  7. ninjaferret

    Gun light

  8. ninjaferret

    Gun light

    I'll do that, Thanks
  9. ninjaferret


    Looking for a half decent pair of binoculars, cash waiting What you got or any advice please
  10. ninjaferret

    Gun light

    Looking for best gun light out there 300m tight beam not big and bulky , to sit on my .243 What you got or any advice please
  11. ninjaferret

    Gun Lights

    Hello Boys, can anyone advise on the best light to sit on top of my .243 looking for a tight beam at 300 yds, much appreciated
  12. ninjaferret

    Pulsar N970LRF and nightmaster 800IR

    Is this still for sale?
  13. ninjaferret

    wanted fox hat and racoon hat

    Aye all funny to the southern Jessie's
  14. ninjaferret

    wanted fox hat and racoon hat

    I'm looking for a fox fur hat compete with tail and a racoon fur hat with tail and mask, had one a few years ago and give it to a friend, but regretted it since. Anyone got any please ?