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  1. But hey, good looking ones, just remember, ugly bull , pretty calf. Which I'm sure you know .
  2. Update. Third visit to the dog today again very successful , that's 3 out of 3 ties. ALL GERMAN LINES
  3. Just lined my bitch today so fingers crossed. Gentlemen form an orderly queue.
  4. more like stilts lol
  5. Very nice, if I wasn't a short **** I'd have it
  6. I had a jimny, loved it, but moved on to a swb commercial landcruiser. Can't beat it.
  7. Alternate the ponds you feed, keep them looking for the food.
  8. Even something similar ?
  9. That could be to do with all the Wetherspoons breakfasts
  10. Looking for a pair of bins Steiner 8x42, 10x42, Burris fullfield 10x42 or similar What you got lads ?
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