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  1. ninjaferret

    u caller card

    no sorry mate
  2. ninjaferret

    u caller card

    Well thanks for looking
  3. ninjaferret

    Plastic or metal Disc's

    I'm looking for plastic or thin metal [ 4-5 mm thick ] disc's approx 8 or 9 inches diameter for a project. Needing around 30 of these, if anyone knows where I can get some, it would be much appreciated. Cheers man
  4. ninjaferret

    u caller card

    Looking for a u caller card, magpies and crows anyone got one spare ? Cheers man
  5. ninjaferret

    Hornady V-Max, 6mm/243

  6. ninjaferret

    Hornady V-Max, 6mm/243

    yes please
  7. ninjaferret

    Stickleback Knife

    They look nice, who's fatchap? Could you pass on his details
  8. ninjaferret


    Set of Goodyear Xtra Grip all brand new set of 4 7.50 x 16's £250 collected from co.durham
  9. ninjaferret

    7 Seat 4x4

    LANDCRUISER The name says it all
  10. ninjaferret

    For sale my Photon RT 6X50s

    Still waiting for reply from earlier pm's
  11. ninjaferret

    Christmas Paint Job - Prezzie From Me To Me

    I've got my landcruiser done like that but more drab and brown, not as much khaki as yours, darkens it down looks well
  12. ninjaferret

    OK what do you think it is ?

    C'mon boys too much Christmas spirit, its obviously a hippacrocodillapig
  13. ninjaferret

    Barrel blowups

    Last time I saw one like that was a twelve and he'd put a twenty cartridge in first followed by the twelve
  14. ninjaferret

    Goodyear Xtra Grip Tyres 7-50 x 16s

    Brand new set of 4 Goodyear Xtra Grip 7.50-16 £275ono collected or you arrange a courier.[ Co.Durham