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  1. If she wasn't already married, I'd make her miserable myself And don't worry if she can cook we'll live on love......................or takeaways...........................
  2. It's Island gun's Eagle
  3. At Distance ? Wouldn't you see the bird fall before the shot ??????????
  4. That's the stuff, decent job
  5. Polecat, ferret cross, far far too light for pure polecat. And looks to be well fed.
  6. I'll have the cage bird hybrids please
  7. Try the bitch at 9 day's that you've seen, most times the bitch will already be in a day or two before you notice, so if you think it's her 11th day it could actually be her 13th or 14th day, then you've probably missed her . It's worth having her temp done, because the bitch will read a false high a day or two before her actual high.
  8. Easy to apply, I've used it with and without undercoat, painted rifles, jeeps, ferret boxes, flask, lol
  9. Where do you get the update ?
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