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  1. I’d give £800 for it
  2. For an Australian friend visiting early october Done google and no one has one
  3. Not many people will have them. Best is find a shop within a hundred miles or so and go pick them up as no online senders will post a box or two, needs be a slab
  4. Someone on Facebook on the deer stalking uk page looking for one
  5. Gamebore now sell bismuth cartridges. Are they same price as Eley I wonder?
  6. dodeer


    28 bore beretta or browning etc 30” Money waiting
  7. They did a trap version in 32” fixed choke So that is probably what that started as then got the adjust stock and teagued
  8. I only want as a bash about third car
  9. Got offered a 2005 grand Cherokee 3.0v6 crd with full history and 155k on the clock. Towed a caravan a bit but nothing major. They want £1500 and seems a good car for what I want it for- driving through woods, dogs, deer etc Any negatives to look out for? Mpg I am not worried about.
  10. My local Tesco was doing mince pies last week
  11. Or there so screwed up mentally that if they don’t win their life goes to bits
  12. Good wack on the top of head should do it.
  13. https://www.alanpaine.co.uk/combrook-men-s-tweed-shooting-waistcoat-woodland Forest green £80 no offers posted Brand new never worn. Bacs only
  14. Lapland is a good place good place for this. I have a co fact but price is around €1000 for 3 days hunting shooting black grouse, hazel grouse and cappercaillie
  15. I use a 28” for local farm shoots where low birds are , using 28g 7’s and a 32” for decent stuff with 32g+ Found light weight long barrels with fixed chokes a dream to shoot but no good for me if partridges are bursting over a hedge 15 metres away Horses for corses
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