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  1. This is why I always say to people to go where you know or have contracts or use a professional to book your day.
  2. One gun needed for small farm shoot, south Dorset, 6-7 guns 60-80 pheasants. Not high birds but nice enough. We are using .410 and 28b but use what you want as long as safe and shot game before. Bring a sandwich type thing. Pheasant , odd Partridge, Pigeon , odd duck maybe. £150, good solid day out. Offered on other places so first come first served type thing etc
  3. From a new silver pigeon 28bore Full choke , 3/4, 1/4 available. £15 each or swap one for another 1/2.
  4. Sorry, i can but the place i get them have been slow to ship and made me look a bit unreliable and i hate that so would rather not sell anymore. Thanks for letting me know
  5. Hi, apologies I work in very rural area. If anyone has not received please message me and will refund instantly by bacs. I have these through a third party shop and for some reason , which I am finding out now, postage was delayed. I have a very good reputation on here for sales and obviously disappointing to both you and me if these haven’t come. I am working on it now and if anyone who bought one wishes for refund please send me details. Doing what I can now and update buyers this evening. Regards
  6. Yes got a 42, and they do zip in the ptarmigan coats but not the lightweight version Best, S
  7. Yes. Last Navy one here.
  8. The best colour- dark Havana
  9. https://crootsengland.co.uk/shotgun-slip-with-flap-and-zip.html Exact same as above, for 30/32” Brand new , RRP £300 £195 posted
  10. Size can be only the following 40/42/44/46/48/50 Navy or Olive Green RRP £135- Each of these £92.50 inc postage. Brand new never worn.
  11. Good tikka 695 on Guntrader for not a lot money in .270
  12. ive sent message requesting payment details please?

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