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  1. 7/10 Missing rubber strips which rest against stock (they all fall off) £45 posted
  2. Often called 101 for hare coursers and generally call doesn’t get answered. If it’s serious it’s 999 now
  3. B25 C3 trap 30” on guntrader which would shoot reasonably flat. 1/2 & full. The B25 handle really nicely too
  4. There’s a great MK60 with trap wood on at Steve Beatys
  5. Depends on how many you fire! If a slab or so id say use normal 28 gr. I used 800 mix of 24g and 28gr once in my 3800 trap at Stoke Farm salisbury and was ok. Temperature of the gun is nothing to worry about. Think of Argentina dove shooting where you may fire 3000 a day and how hot those semi autos get!
  6. The standard wads will still be intact in 20 years in water! The bio wads are good and I chucked one outside on the gravel a week ago and it’s a slimy mess now. Recon another week with rain and will be almost gone. I got mine in 3’s and paid a lot, £10 box which is a lot for steel and is top end lead game load price.
  7. Good guy, good videos but won’t bring many kiddies in as the days he’s promoting are guessing nearly £2500/3000 for his big days. Being a multi millionaire he won’t mind but most people it’s out the league. Not digging what he’s doing but most kids I know came in from small farm shoots etc. Wish he’s come south a bit to Hampshire or Dorset as there’s some fantastic shoots there
  8. Pair of Webley 700’s 25” for £1400 in Somerset
  9. Well said. My friend is now using 32g 7.5 shot with fibre wads for most of his game shooting and getting on really well with them
  10. Not quite the same no, but think we need be much tougher.
  11. Yes, and how true . Hungary as a country gets labelled as racist . They built a fence to keep Turks and Syrians out. They deport and arrest anyone coming for refuge. They are pure and clean country and don’t want hassle. Their proud of what they do and can see all the problems the U.K., Germany, Sweden had etc.. Some times facts as facts and the truth may sound racist but it’s reality. My friend in Sweden said since they cut finance to the immigrants they mostly have gone and crime levels are low again. Am I racist having splurted all that out?
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