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  1. Nv thermal meet south East Cm21 0lx

    Nv thermal night for tomorrow CM21 0LT. Weather doesn't look anything special but certainly not terrible. Id like to think everyone is coming along 07894504507 I am not canceling it in anyway I shall still be there, hopefully from 6.30 and suggest everyone dresses appropriate and brings a flask as no electricity shops or water at location.
  2. For the usual suspects,.got another nv thermal night. Basically for like minded users to bring their gear and meet n show others also with their gear. So if you have some gear to share be it a gen1 nv upto thermal truckmounted spotters come along and share. Im aiming for 21St October around Cm21 0lx area. For those who came before know of both locations either my yard or farm. Please pm me etc as is by invite only ie Tom **** n harry won't be coming it's a private function not held by any shops or retailer altho they are welcome to bring n show. I shall be bringing Xp38trial and wdv800s
  3. 32GB Phone 7 O2

    No worries, cheers
  4. 32GB Phone 7 O2

    Hi,would you swap for an hawke sidewinder 6 to 24 x 56 o l6 ever zeroed and that's it. Has box etc and invoice
  5. Primos 2 Point rifle rest

    Pm on route
  6. Primos 2 Point rifle rest

    Does any one have a primos 2 Point rifle rest for.sale in good condition please, Same as this http://m.uttings.co.uk/p115859-primos-gen-2-2-point-gun-rest-trigger-stick-attachment-pri-tsa/
  7. ward d vision

    How much u looking to spend I got the newest one and used it once and tbh im using thernal weapon scope all tine that dont think il bother with nv any more, got everything here too like ir etc etc
  8. Hi all from South Essex

    Im still awaiting my renewal to be done properly from may, altho sent back feb
  9. Tx200HC or Prosport mk3

    I've got one in 177 walnut with a tin bum tuning kit and a little hawke scope. After as close to 300 as possible Its a mk3 with fishbscale stock
  10. Rifle bench rest bag

    Are you going to shooting gamefair at Hatfield next weekend because of have it if u were
  11. Air arms s510 stock left hand or ambi

    All sorted Martin above sorted me out. Cheers
  12. Cerokoting

    Rifle craft
  13. Air arms s510 stock left hand or ambi

    Pm sent sorry for slow reply
  14. Air arms s510 stock left hand or ambi

    Lh or ambi airarms s510 s410 stock Looking for a lh or ambi stock.for airarms s400 s410 s510 Doesn't need to be mint cheaper the better Cheers