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    shooting, off roading, working, my allotment, allsorts really

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  1. theosmith


    If not sold I'm keen
  2. theosmith

    Pulsar XQ50 Helion spotter

    Pulsar XQ50 Helion spotter
  3. theosmith

    Tikka t3x super varmint

    Hi, I was thinking to sell my 204 varmint..... And actually got the bits to make it a super varmint as have a brand new 243 supervarmint here and could swap the stock over and bolt knob or leave current bolt knob on as is an aftermarket any way. It has a weaver rail already on
  4. theosmith

    Avon 'Skin so Soft'

    Doesn't work. Waste of time
  5. theosmith

    Essex variation

    1 for 1 took me less than 5 days
  6. theosmith

    Sightron S-Tac

    Mine are all covered locked. I had the 2.5 to 17 which were not and all ways played on my mind. Also kept in aim drag bags but all ways had to cleck them each time I got them out so annoyed me
  7. theosmith

    Sightron S-Tac

    I have 4 and no idea why anyone would ever want a hawke over these very good value and brighter than what my bushnell elite were
  8. theosmith

    Kestrel Wind Meter for Long Range

    Turned up today thanks smooths transaction
  9. theosmith

    Kestrel Wind Meter for Long Range

    Payment sent thanks
  10. theosmith


    Use homing pigeons to courier them
  11. theosmith

    Idle back chair top of range

  12. theosmith

    SOLD: ACCU-SHOT BT12QK Rail Mount Monopod

    OK no worries. If no one is keen then I got loads of bits n bobs, custom knifes torches etc etc. Cheers
  13. theosmith

    SOLD: ACCU-SHOT BT12QK Rail Mount Monopod

    Are you looking for any px or swaps
  14. theosmith

    Photon xt

    This is sold, payment received
  15. theosmith

    Photon xt

    No problem