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  1. theosmith

    Kestrel Wind Meter for Long Range

    Turned up today thanks smooths transaction
  2. theosmith

    Kestrel Wind Meter for Long Range

    Payment sent thanks
  3. theosmith


    Use homing pigeons to courier them
  4. theosmith

    Idle back chair top of range

  5. theosmith

    SOLD: ACCU-SHOT BT12QK Rail Mount Monopod

    OK no worries. If no one is keen then I got loads of bits n bobs, custom knifes torches etc etc. Cheers
  6. theosmith

    SOLD: ACCU-SHOT BT12QK Rail Mount Monopod

    Are you looking for any px or swaps
  7. theosmith

    Photon xt

    This is sold, payment received
  8. theosmith

    Photon xt

    No problem
  9. theosmith

    Photon xt

    Photon xt unmolested and barely used. Comes boxed Extra night master infra red with a mount 8 for torch Asking for £260 It's the 4x mag not 6
  10. theosmith

    Idle back chair top of range

    I have a Idle back chair only tested and played with indoors so very good condition https://idleback.co.uk/premier-combo Which also includes the Extra feet pads https://idleback.co.uk/idleback-hard-standing-feet This would cost 425 new for bits. I am asking for £300 or swaps px. I also have a photon xt to px on top
  11. theosmith

    Wildcat predator 8 or 12

    Wanteda wildcat mod. Either for 243 M18 thread or 300wm 1/2 unf Looking for a good condition
  12. theosmith

    Cz455 stock. Boyds evolution

    How strange, Il put some more pics up later
  13. theosmith

    Cz455 stock. Boyds evolution

    https://www.livens.co.uk/product/ss-evolution-cz-455-any-barrel-channel-forest-camo/ I have for sale a boyds evolution stock in vgc (pics via email jist pm me) It's to fit a Cz455 and is the blue colour. Reason for sale is it wont fit into my monkey clamp with bipod on so I've gone back to standard stock which is longer Cheek weld is absalutely lovely and is ambidextrous. Has a sling stud fitted Price 125£ add £30 if you would like a Harris 9_13 bipod left on there too. Thanks https://drive.google.com/file/d/17Kdbk7wd638zf51S9QsLuOIbZwUk5u9m/view?usp=drivesdk https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rLrWFV_ph1VBiGcrtXzmtjl6NnkLw929/view?usp=drivesdk https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rPC7ccADGpE83UjrPOP2Jfc4GQrp0J6k/view?usp=drivesdk
  14. theosmith

    Bergara B14 HMR in 300 Win Mag

    Any pics.on group size, I have a slot for the 300 ajd was thinking this very rifle
  15. theosmith

    Nv thermal meet south East Cm21 0lx

    Nv thermal night for tomorrow CM21 0LT. Weather doesn't look anything special but certainly not terrible. Id like to think everyone is coming along 07894504507 I am not canceling it in anyway I shall still be there, hopefully from 6.30 and suggest everyone dresses appropriate and brings a flask as no electricity shops or water at location.