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  1. some high scores! looking forward to the next one
  2. Is anyone shooting at the air Ambulance shoot at high lodge on weds 17th April ??
  3. i shot a 35 , the pair of battue messed me up - shot just one of them. and the stand in the woods where the crosser dropped down killed me also.
  4. i am up for it from mid may till end of June.
  5. I shot a 37 today I dropped 5 on the 8 stand. Josh shot 32. Was a testy shoot
  6. Keep up the great work chaps - a private facebook page might be the answer!
  7. twitter is extremely easy to use if anyone hasn't experienced it !
  8. the first 2 stands killed me on the bank - the batts and 2 quartering away - dropped 7 on those 2 stands alone...
  9. That's an excellent score - will probably beat most in A Class with that - i only shot 35.
  10. Essex Fluke - which Class is that in ? josh my brother also shot a 36 from B.
  11. worth the wait - very chuffed with that!!!
  12. Hello - can someone give me some more information on Barrow Heath Shooting Ground ? my little brother and I are members of Colchester Garrison but looking to shoot a bit more regularly and have seen it mentioned regularly on the CPSA website. thanks
  13. Are there any scores from the weekend ? Was a good shoot
  14. My first post - unfortunately missed the first shoot of the year , thoroughly looking forward to the next one.
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