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    pigeon shooting, rabbiting,and riding my quad bike on the farms where i shoot,

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  1. sat out in the hide this morning after rooks, stood up and there was a fox to my left,he saw me and started to run gave him the first shot still going second shot he ran in the wood walked up where he went in ,no site of him, looked on the new drilled grass field and he was laying in the field,
  2. nice video lots of pigeons about,saw jd there.well done jacko,
  3. 3 years ago i went out and shot a rookery i had about 150 .then it was lock down so never went out for 7 weeks,because we could we could not shoot, i have one farm that has so many every year they just dont go away,but as said can we shoot the rookerys now,
  4. the hob ferrets smells more then the gills,so i would have a gill ferret if you have one.they like to be kept in pairs, i had one on its own for years.as a working one,
  5. i sent my paper work in , 4 weeks ago thats 12 week befor it runs out, if i were you id send it in .
  6. well MM your doing very well.
  7. poor old dennis, R.I.P
  8. same here maize gone in, but no pigeons at all on it,
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