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    pigeon shooting, rabbiting,and riding my quad bike on the farms where i shoot,

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  1. mossy835

    Where did they go?

    plenty on rape here, but they dont hang about, one shot and the big flocks are gone, they come back in ones and tos and thats it for a while,
  2. mossy835

    car trailer for sale

    no mate never go that far up.
  3. mossy835

    car trailer for sale

    where are you
  4. mossy835

    car trailer for sale

    i have 2 trailers i only need one now.4ft by 3 ft back comes down,no trailer board the trailer is sound,it has a break away chain on it.pick up only. £30 for quick sale.
  5. 700 acres of winter rape, that will keep you going for a bit, well done it is out there.
  6. mossy835

    shooting on foot paths

    i used to shoot a farm with a foot path by a hedge, and people would come along,when i saw them i would get out the hide. un load the gun wait for them have a chat, let them out of site and start shooting, they were good with that,but i know you will all ways get the odd one, thanks for your comments.will give it a go today,this time of year you dont get many people there,only in the summer mounths.
  7. one farm i shoot on,the farmer has bought a lot more land and a 8 acre wood comes with it,now this wood has a foot path right thought the middle of it.the farmer has been in there with a digger, and put gravel right thought it,on the foot path, looking at BASC web site i can shoot on and across the path, but must look out for people coming,i would not shoot near the path but up over the top of the wood, this wood has never been shot.in the 15 years iv shot the farm, so hoping for some sport on pigeons,come from the rape fields,
  8. mossy835

    Shotgun certificate Table 2

    years ago, i filled mine up and the flo said am i buying and selling guns, i said no if i dont like them i get rid of them.he thought i was acting like a rfd.so now i just keep them.
  9. mossy835

    Smart meter?

    i wont have one, happy the way it is.
  10. the way its going,it will be going on for a long time.BASC seem to be dragging there feet.
  11. mossy835

    Best of the shelf decoys?

    have you tryed sillo socks. they seem to work ok for me.
  12. mossy835

    Openreach trainee engineer

    you have a pm.
  13. mossy835

    20 gauge O/U

    why not go for Kofs point it right and you hit birds,
  14. mossy835


    liked her R.I.P