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    pigeon shooting, rabbiting,and riding my quad bike on the farms where i shoot,

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  1. sent my licence off last monday,no medical came back today done for a year.
  2. my wife said mine will be quick, in and out, no messing.
  3. i used mine today they are good guns,you will like it.
  4. they do have a very large place there.
  5. i had one in 3 shot, very good guns should have kept it.
  6. the battery is good, just cleaned the connections,and its still clicking at the solenoil.so might get a new one, the quad bike is 14 years old.
  7. if there birds come on your land you can shoot them,they are free birds they roam.glad you had a good day, shame 2 idiots were there.
  8. because of cv19. the form D4 is not needed it says on there web site,so iv just sent in the green form, to renew it.same as others did where i work, openreach.
  9. the connection are clean, battery on charge now,thanks
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