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    pigeon shooting, rabbiting,and riding my quad bike on the farms where i shoot,

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  1. mossy835

    A quick 21

    nice few pigeons there. not a big lot but at least you got some.its not all about big nummbers. i would be happy with that.
  2. i had that book the pigeon shooter, good book is john batley still alive, and pigeon shooting,he was very good.
  3. dont they keep there HRH but not going to use it, and they still get money off of daddy.
  4. i have one farm that has it, and another that is fine, hope they grow it this year,as said a lot will not grow it any more,
  5. mossy835


    both my cars go though first time,
  6. i use them a lot and work well.when wet they are ok. had some good shooting on rape with them.
  7. i dont use them in any of my guns.
  8. keep looking im sure you will find one.
  9. mossy835

    Ferrets as Pets

    they make very good pets.they like company
  10. they want to sell things, but never put a location.
  11. she will get what she wants harry will be a shadow in her life. give it time she will dump him,
  12. and i dont blame them, they want to go over there, pay for it them selfs.
  13. this is the kind of post i would not put up.but you have learnt buy it and will not do again.
  14. took the ferrets out yesterday on 2 farms not one rabbit came out.all the holes looked dead.
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