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    pigeon shooting, rabbiting,and riding my quad bike on the farms where i shoot,

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  1. GP letter. Should I worry?

    mine came 2nd class.all ways do.
  2. Opening FAC

    avon and somerset, i had to wait 5 years, on my renewal they gave me a open cert.never had to ask for it.
  3. GP letter. Should I worry?

    if the police dont here from your doctor in 21 days you get your licence, i never paid the doctor for the letter.he wanted £20.
  4. Jim Bowen RIP

    R.I.P jim
  5. Not the best of days

  6. 16g to .410 adaptor, made in Birmingham.

    yes it would be ok, need not go on ticket.
  7. H & h decoys

    well they look good, not seen them for years.
  8. Massey Ferguson 35 x tractor

    i remeber driving one in the old days.
  9. RiP Ken Dodd

    such a shame another one gone.R.I.P
  10. Armsan semi auto 20 gauge

    good guns, i love my 12 gauge.
  11. yellow light showing

    when it stops raining will have a look, thanks all
  12. yellow light showing

    cant see one just been out,and the water for the back is fed though a pipe. going in the roof coming from the the front,
  13. yellow light showing

    ford focus 2005 yellow light on.it says low washer leval filled up the water bottle light still on.
  14. Bib and brace recommendations

    i buy a lot of cabelas, very good gear.
  15. neoprene pigeon decoys

    well if they do then in the bin with them,