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    pigeon shooting, rabbiting,and riding my quad bike on the farms where i shoot,

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  1. thats very good shooting,one only dreame of.
  2. thats a very good day pigeon shooting.that did take some doing, i have 2 cut fields of barley nothing on them.only 4 pigeons today.
  3. yes helston guns is worth a look went there july, we stayed at mullion cove.flambards very good,and got wet on the flume,lots of other rides there,the high tower where it goes up and drops.
  4. BASC have done a good job with out them W J would walk all over us.
  5. what do you think of them are they any good.
  6. same here 2 weeks ago i was hitting them well, but been out after work waited but nothing going in on it, i have wheat fields pigeons are on the lines, but not going in on it.funny things they are.
  7. another very good shooting day for you well great shooting.coming in there great.
  8. mossy835

    hide poles

    4 hide poles and net.£30 pick up.
  9. well done good shooting. i wish i could shoot bags like that here.
  10. been with rac 6 years now, £20 a mounth never had two call them out yet, for my 2 cars.
  11. that update has been on there for 4 weeks.
  12. think your ok with a 3 shot auto,
  13. barley is beening cut round here.rape has been sprayed off days ago,
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