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    Taunton Somerset
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    pigeon shooting, rabbiting,and riding my quad bike on the farms where i shoot,

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  1. mossy835

    hatsan 12 bore 3 shot

    had one years ago, with no trouble at all.no jamming with it.
  2. mossy835

    What would you do...

    this one is hard,if you shoot at them or hit them you could lose your licence and as its a sport we all love. it could be good buy to your guns for good.i am all ways out on my own with guns never came across this yet,hope i dont.
  3. mossy835

    Spice Girls Tour

  4. mossy835

    Benelli M1 Super 90

    well done glad the gun came together ok,and good on the ducks.
  5. mossy835

    Loose action pin on Miroku MK70

    on my armsan A612 a pin would move if i fired it a lot,so as said taped it out a bit, super glue on it done the trick,
  6. mossy835

    Fireworks ban

    years ago they were talking about banning fire works,it just had to come.
  7. mossy835

    Stuck in the house

    i know how you feel, been there got the t shirt, all grown up and gone now.
  8. mossy835

    Oilseed Rape

    i have farms with rape and they not even looking at it yet.give it time and they will be there.
  9. mossy835

    Cleveland police

    thats good service. i had no visit or phone call,
  10. mossy835


    asda £12 last me 2 years.
  11. mossy835

    Goodbye London

    glad it worked out for you, and all the best to you,bet your glad you got out of the uk nothing much here.
  12. mossy835

    Potatoe famine.....

    i get mine free of the farmer each year .a bag or more a month.
  13. mossy835

    Renewal Form

    i just all ways put,motoring offences. works for me,