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    Taunton Somerset
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    pigeon shooting, rabbiting,and riding my quad bike on the farms where i shoot,

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  1. how people make a living out of pigeon shooting i dont know, i know some one went out with jim albourn, last year and shot 5 all day.cost more in petral,
  2. mossy835

    The mrs and energy drinks

    when i was 18,me and mates went to a holiday camp for a week.met this other young lad he was 15,down with his mum and dad i went to buy a pint and the chap be hined the bar said no to young, this 15 year old said let me try and the chap served him, and i got my pint.
  3. mossy835

    Hatsan Escort not cycling

    as above clean gas ports, and 70 mm carts
  4. nice meeting you. top man.
  5. mossy835

    Just what the doctor ordered

    very nice bag, and good shooting, wheat stubble seems to be the thing round here at the moment as well.
  6. mossy835


    well done you had a good day.i found it hard as first with my 20 bore, but it gets better.but i use my 12 bores more.glad you had a few.
  7. i will take them,sending a pm.
  8. mossy835

    All the rape has been drilled

    not to good on drilled rape,but get on the maize.
  9. mossy835

    All the rape has been drilled

    the frost will knock the rape back .all my rape was put in 3 weeks ago ,dont see how I can cover it all its all over the place.3 farms of it,
  10. mossy835

    Saturday great day out

    thats very good well done.
  11. mossy835

    8 KW Generators

  12. mossy835

    Do they feed on maize?? (sweetcorn)

    i have fields of maize being cut tomorrow,so will be out on it friday,and more next week.
  13. think there are paying elton john, five million pounds for the xmas ad.
  14. i think jim he is still going at it.
  15. mossy835

    a few more woodland pics

    very nice enjoy it,nice to get out with the kids.