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  1. yes as you say they will keep chipping away at us, and a lot will give up, after this mess up with the licence of shooting piegeons it will never be the same.as it was no matter what they come up with.talking to a farmer yesterday he has day shoots on game he said give 5 years, and it may well be all gone.witch is a great shame.to many auntis about .
  2. and a lot of damage is going to be done,to crops
  3. who ever gets in it will be a mess.
  4. this is going to take a long time to sort out, i for one will not be shooting pigeons.till sorted out, sticking to squirrels and rabbits,
  5. well this is not looking good,they just dont understand ,they just want shooting stopped.
  6. basc do try hard,they have done a lot for us but they can only do so much.they are not god
  7. dennis and brian, are both nice chaps,10 mins up the road from me,
  8. hope he gets the same, and banned from keeping animals.
  9. with out any of the orgs we would not stand a chance.
  10. may have been used in a crime,,chopped up and put in the canal.
  11. you dont need a licence for pigeons, just make sure you do all you can to keep them off.if they keep coming back then you can shoot them.
  12. mossy835


    sorry to hear this, you have lost your best friend.
  13. the goverment wont lose out we will.
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