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    pigeon shooting, rabbiting,and riding my quad bike on the farms where i shoot,

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  1. iv not had to use it, but i think others have and it worked ok.
  2. they sent me a new cert.when mine was full
  3. she has not changed much then.
  4. labour are a waist of time, they have no time for the people,as said it will be a long time befor , they get back in power,
  5. any one been out yet on them,is it time i have one rookery but not been up there yet,as iv been away.
  6. yes i have ref numbers, thanks.
  7. i taxed both my cars yesterday,it came back on email that all was ok, looked today and both show untaxed, both payments have come out of my bank,have they not cought up yet, and can i still drive them,
  8. that looks very nice ,as said i love walking around woods on land i shoot, just sitting and looking a round,
  9. i have one farm that grows it, and they go mad for it,they keep coming back for more so watch the field, you will have some fun.
  10. yes you never know you may get it on time then, 😀
  11. if you have nothing to worry about, get it up now.
  12. got up 6/30 sun is out coffee in hand nice day so far.
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