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    pigeon shooting, rabbiting,and riding my quad bike on the farms where i shoot,

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  1. young birds are not about where i am not like last year.i shot loads but this year not seen many at all.wonder why this is.
  2. on one farm im waiting, for 100 acres to be cut.
  3. how right you are bye bye guns, and its on the way.
  4. i have a 250cc quad and i pull a trailer full of logs, pulls it very well.
  5. i had one there good for the money, mine never jammed, but i do like my armsan A 612.it will throw out 65 mm carts.but i use 70mm.
  6. on last renewal. i asked my doctor if he was qualified for any judgment on meical history he said yes he is,
  7. never had they on any of my trailers,
  8. well its the last night here, had a good time been all over the cove and very nice they are, went today up in the light house today at the lizard right up next to the ligth.weighs about 3 ton,it was £4 for a tour around.
  9. avon @ somerset you can do it on line.
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