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    pigeon shooting, rabbiting,and riding my quad bike on the farms where i shoot,

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  1. mossy835

    Time off

    nice to have to have time off, but glad i can work,
  2. one of my girls cuts our hair, but she cant come round at the moment,she is a hair dresser and cloesed down for 3 weeks,i need a hair cut,
  3. there is a lock down, the farmer should under stand that,a few bits of corn or you life,
  4. if you dont shoot them some one will,
  5. all the farms i have none of them have fresh drilling on them, its all winter corn, so nothing to rush in for.i have phoned them all, and they said see you when its over no rush.the one thing i will miss is branchers,there is loads on one farm.but ha ho.
  6. yes i will if that is what it takes to stay safe, for me and others.and all my ground will still be there for me, i have some good farmers, get on well with them known them years,
  7. looks like and year not on the young rooks.
  8. well lets hope no one gets caught and have there licence tacken away.just for a few shots.
  9. agree with the above posts, iv not been out in 2 weeks, and i love my shooting, but will not go out till this is over,if the pigeons eat some corn then so be it, so STAY at Home.
  10. well done thats the way to get them.right place right time.
  11. iv all ways sent the forms in. but might give it a go on line in two and a half years time.
  12. its a bad time for licences to run out.
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