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    pigeon shooting, rabbiting,and riding my quad bike on the farms where i shoot,

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  1. i just looked and it loaded ok,
  2. sorry just sold, nice to meet you again alan.
  3. i send mine in 12 weeks,befor its due then they have loads of time.i sent mine in and 2 weeks later i had the letter come. dont wait for the letter to come.
  4. good video and nice lot of birds,but a lot more could have be killed.
  5. well some like them others dont, i dont think the gun shop will be open any way, so will have to wait,till after lock down,or when they can open again.
  6. going down to look at one friday.30" who has one and do you like it,if you have the 30" do you get on with it.
  7. well thats another good day you had,27 is a ok bag, good old jacko he loves to get out.thats a lot of rape in one block.
  8. mossy835


    i just cut the brest off.and yes feed them each day.
  9. well done you went out and got a few,
  10. well i have never needed it and hope i never will, but was looking at the legal insurence.
  11. but are they any good.i was looking at them.
  12. that would be the one, i used to plow with the 165.
  13. well done thats a good days shooting.
  14. i blame all the above.
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