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    pigeon shooting, rabbiting,and riding my quad bike on the farms where i shoot,

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  1. very good guns, took my A612 out yesterday and not a jam good guns.hope he has lots of fun with it.
  2. mossy835

    Royal wedding why should tax payers fund it

    been shooting all day so not seen it yet,
  3. mossy835

    young rooks

    went up the same farm as last saturday.on drilled maize. and shot 74 rooks.fired 95 shells.not a bad day.
  4. mossy835

    Anyone remember Les325

    there was a young under keeper that worked there .i was out shooting on one of my farms and a young lad and his brother was out there walking round with a gun, this was 3 miles away, i walked up to him and said what are you doing here,you should not be here and told him to go,he said he worked for mitferdslade,as a under keeper.and i could go out there shooting, i did not go.i wonder if it was the same boy.any way he did not have the right to be on the farm .i told the farmer about him, he said no kick him off, i said that i did,never saw him again.iv not seen les at all now,
  5. mossy835

    Royal wedding why should tax payers fund it

    me im out shooting all day tomorrow,
  6. mossy835

    BASC statement on Home Office proposals

    looks like the police,and the goverment have the upper hand.
  7. mossy835

    Royal wedding why should tax payers fund it

    ya well the yanks go mad over any thing.
  8. glad it all came together for you. ladd will be happy
  9. mossy835

    Anyone remember Les325

    the ground belonged to .the sherrif of somerset, i new his son chris, iv been in the big house,the owner is mitferdslade.me and my mate years ago used to go pigeon shooting there.and all the keepers there are a funny lot.one years ago said we could not shoot there, i said to him go to the big house and ask,all turned out ok.
  10. mossy835

    BASC statement on Home Office proposals

    i think we new that from the start.
  11. mossy835

    Crow decoys

    i use sillo socks, from uk shootware house,work very well.
  12. mossy835

    Anyone remember Les325

    he did work for the nhs,in the boiler house musgrove park hospital.but he retired from that.must be about 5 years ago.
  13. mossy835

    Anyone remember Les325

    he lived up the road from me,i used to see him a fair bit,he sold his big flat he had one xmas eve,and moved to taunton i think he lost all his shooting ground.never seen him since.
  14. mossy835

    Plant ID Help Please

    one of the farms has had it for years.all along the head land.
  15. mossy835


    iv never got on with bouncers,and never used turbo decoys.best buy flocked decoys.or real birds are best.