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  1. ky322

    L20 ODA

    Private registration on L200 I’ve just bought for sale. Is printed on plate as L200 DA. £500 ono
  2. ky322

    NM800 IR pill

    Would you sell the IR of not interested in the green one?
  3. ky322

    NM800 IR pill

    Ok, cheers for that
  4. ky322

    NM800 IR pill

    Morning. I don’t have a white one, have a green one though?
  5. ky322

    NM800 IR pill

    Hi, looking for an IR pill for an NM800. Anybody have any lying about they’re looking to shift on? Cheers
  6. ky322

    .222 brass

    60 PPU once fired cases, £15 posted it swap for .308 federal brass
  7. Evening, got 60 once used PPU cases in .222 , looking to swap them for .308 Brass if anyone’s interested. Cheers
  8. Thanks for that. Interested in the press, any chance of a couple photos and a price please?
  9. Morning , looking to start picking up bits and pieces for loading .308. Due to a new job and a lot more time on my hands I’m interested in starting to load my own rounds. Preferably single stage press to get started out with
  10. Looking for a clear/white pill for an nm800 torch. Possible swap for a spare green one I have or cash
  11. ky322

    12g O/U

    Looking for a change, 12g O/U. Have something along the lines of a beretta 686E in mind but open to suggestions
  12. Anyone got a Picatinny tail for a browning x bolt?? Thought I’d try this before I order a new one
  13. ky322

    Lightforce lamp

    Looking for a new foxing lamp as my 170 has given up after many make shift repairs. Preferably 170 or consider a 240. Cheers
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