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  1. rsrjerry

    PARD Nv008

    As above digital day/night scope basically as new took out charged and looked through and played with menu not been mounted on a rifle I have tried and tried with this digital stuff but it’s just not for me quality little unit this and not many about atm getting some rave reviews as well NOW SOLD
  2. rsrjerry

    Radio Scanner

    Hi anybody on here point me in the right direction ? Give me advise ? Radio scanner to pick up air craft ,marine etc what do I need ? Looking for something that is easy to use thanks in advance Jerry
  3. rsrjerry

    Red kitten

    No materhink it’s just the angle of one of his fingers Me and Mrs get orphaned and or sick reds usually a few a year. This chap was about 3 week old , eyes and ears still closed when he came to us. Mrs is very good with them mothers them
  4. rsrjerry

    Red kitten

    Well not so much a kitten now one that we have hand reared be going out to the woods soon
  5. rsrjerry

    First half a dozen

    My first lot for 2019
  6. rsrjerry

    Another good day on the Greys

    near k/o mate
  7. rsrjerry

    Another good day on the Greys

    it is in another area just outside the area i cover I will add my total at the end of the year mate as i keep a month by month record Another area different from last week but all the same plenty there or was
  8. Cracking day again nailing the tree rats
  9. rsrjerry

    .22rf and .17hmr

    no still use Fac Air
  10. rsrjerry

    .22rf and .17hmr

    seems to help mate
  11. rsrjerry

    .22rf and .17hmr

    Yeah feeding on the deck on scatter feed and or feeders, these were all feeding on deck om scatter feed with a bit of aniseed mixed into the feed
  12. rsrjerry

    .22rf and .17hmr

    yeah sure does mate and yes pulsar thermal game charger for us Rangers
  13. rsrjerry

    .22rf and .17hmr

    good hit on the greys in one small area 8am to 1pm with a mate
  14. rsrjerry

    S&B PMII 4-16 x 42 scope

    S&B PMII 4-16x42 P4FL(reticle) Third eye mounts. This was bought 'new' from S&B and is in EXCELLENT condition. Slight wearing on edges of turrets (through use, hardly noticeable) and on the underside from hot ejecting cartridges (see pic attached). The glass is in MINT condition as is all other aspects of the scope. £1600 this belongs to a very good mate of mine any interest please drop me a pm and I will put you in touch
  15. rsrjerry

    Red Kitten

    Red Kitten, been hand rearing few weeks now, came to me eyes and ears closed , lots of time and effort by myself and the Mrs and he is about ready to go out into the outside enclosure before release back out into the woods