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  1. johnsyboy1974

    30-06 full set up

    Sorry forgot to put scope not important. But looking for a screw cut gun. Cheers
  2. johnsyboy1974

    30-06 full set up

    Looking for a 30-06 full set up if anyone is looking to shift one? Before I buy new Cheers
  3. johnsyboy1974

    Adjustable mount

    Great stuff pm me your payment details cheers Andrew
  4. johnsyboy1974

    Adjustable mount

    Is that £25 posted? Cheers
  5. johnsyboy1974

    Cz 452 22lr Silhouette stock

    After a synthetic Cz 452 22lr Silhouette stock as mine has snapped in half. Will consider wood but would rather synthetic cheers
  6. johnsyboy1974

    Looking for HW90

    I have one I don’t use but I’m in South Wales, pm’d you
  7. johnsyboy1974

    Armsan A612 youth 20 gauge

    Yes it is an A620 not an A612 my mistake sorry.
  8. johnsyboy1974

    Armsan A612 youth 20 gauge

    Cheers mate, I can rfd ha ha
  9. johnsyboy1974

    20 bore

    No worries, hope you find one
  10. johnsyboy1974

    20 bore

    I have a 20 bore armsan junior that I bought for my boy brand new, comes with around 150 carts, and with two stocks a junior and a youth, he doesn’t like it so I’m going to keep him with the .410 for now, only thing is I’m in South Wales but am up the office next week (wed/Thursday) in Wolverhampton if that’s any good?
  11. 2nd dibs if it falls through
  12. johnsyboy1974

    Wanted nikko stirling nighteater 2.5-10x42

    After a nikko stirling nighteater 2.5-10x42 SF rifle scope if anyone has one they're not using. Cheers
  13. johnsyboy1974

    Photon SW-30 mount

    Yukon SW-30 mount. Great condition comes with sport match mounts to fit straight to a dovetail rail, not using it as I bought a quick release mount to change day to night. Struggling to put up pictures but can Email on request. £45 posted payment by bank transfer or PayPal plus fees
  14. johnsyboy1974

    Mtc 6-24x56 IRS scb ret scope