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  1. English springer spaniels for sale all KC registered, all had their first injections done, and microchipped ready! All ready to go 9 weeks old. Three bitches two dogs left, prices are £1500 each. Struggling to upload pictures so have posted a link with all pictures details etc. https://www.pets4homes.co.uk/classifieds/3456147-english-springer-spaniels-ready-to-go-newport.html
  2. Could you PM me your payment details for two camo please. Thanks
  3. I agree it’s expensive and I will more than prob never use it again, but I have several rifles that I reload and it will stop a lot of guess work, according to the load data for my .222 I’m at max load with 40grain vmax bullets with the speed should be around 3500 ft/s with a 4.9” drop between 100 yards and 200 yards (according to the speed in the reloading book and strelok app) but it’s more of a drop! iIt would be nice to pick each rifle I have up and know the drop, and eventually want to work out to a 1000yards with my .223 with 69grain Sierra bullets. Not saying the link you’ve posted is not no good but I have seen and used the said £400 one in the past. But unfortunately can’t find anyone with one in stock. But appreciate the link thanks andrew 👍
  4. Thanks for that mate but I’m looking for the £400 one
  5. I’m after the above if anyone has one tucked away not being used? I’m debating to buy new but once I’ve used it possibly will never use it again. Cheers
  6. Sorted by the gent above. thank you tightchoke
  7. Perfect if you have. Let me know how you want paying 👍
  8. Being a Wally I have managed to break the cocking lever on my hatsan escort 12guage. Anyone have one as a spare in their drawer or know where I could buy one? cheers guys
  9. Expansion vessel is flat I would imagine, as the water heats up it expands and the vessel is designed to take up the expansion. If you are to do this yourself this would need no water in the boiler to fill it with air correctly, best to drain boiler and leave the drain cock open whilst you pump air into it, normally 1, 1-1/2bar of pressure, if your unsure get a gas safe registered engineer and he/she will sort it quite easily. Hope it all works out for you
  10. We did look at that one before. The stock we need is slightly different where it attaches to the gun, that one is flat and the one we need is rounded. thanks for that though mate.
  11. Perfect thanks, will give them a try 👍🏻
  12. There’s a Hornady one for sale on the stalking directory website 👍
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