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  1. Expansion vessel is flat I would imagine, as the water heats up it expands and the vessel is designed to take up the expansion. If you are to do this yourself this would need no water in the boiler to fill it with air correctly, best to drain boiler and leave the drain cock open whilst you pump air into it, normally 1, 1-1/2bar of pressure, if your unsure get a gas safe registered engineer and he/she will sort it quite easily. Hope it all works out for you
  2. We did look at that one before. The stock we need is slightly different where it attaches to the gun, that one is flat and the one we need is rounded. thanks for that though mate.
  3. Perfect thanks, will give them a try 👍🏻
  4. There’s a Hornady one for sale on the stalking directory website 👍
  5. Wabbitbosher cannot help so still looking
  6. Looking for a stock for my mates AYA over and under boxlock. Believe it or not the original was snapped in half by squeezing it in his gun cabinet. Thanks
  7. Thanks for the replies, found her an iPhone 7 local on gumtree.
  8. Looking for a second hand iPhone for my daughter something like an iPhone 7 on O2 network or unlocked. Cheers
  9. As above please if anyone has any or even a full set. PM me if you have anything thanks
  10. Hi Edd, I’ve dropped you a text message if you’ve still got same number. cheers
  11. As above after a wildcat evolution M18x1 Bridge, checking to see if someone has one on the shelf before I buy new. thanks
  12. Fenix hp25r is the best one I’ve found, has a good beam if needed or flood, and also has a small red light which is just enough to see what your doing. Uses 18650 batteries and it’s rechargeable via usb https://www.veals.co.uk/cgi-bin/sh000002.pl?WD=fenix&PN=Fenix-HP25R-41.html#SID=11
  13. Also interested if your not too far away. If the others in front don’t take them
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