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    1. I use both im ir flat and nipple type
    2. I will have these please if you can pm me your bank details please
    3. i don't think there would be enough of a reduction in workload to lay staff off but would make there workload more manageable
    4. Been with these a few years now never had any problems
    5. I know of a couple of shooters who have got many calibers that don't go out from one year to the next so maybe they are trying to get rid of some of the dead wood so to speak. It will clear up some of their time if they havent got to keep so much paperwork on so called shooters who don't go out it will make things a lot quicker for those who do use there rifles or shotguns as the saying goes use it or lose it
    6. In my mind you haven't given smoking until the day comes when you don't have to say to yourself i've given up smoking i now get up and don't even think about it And another thing is the smell of cigarette smoke is awful and you don't realise it when you smoke yourself
    7. I have been stopped in America and didn't get treated like that and of all place to get stopped it was Lass Vagoss
    8. After looking at the phone footage i wouldn't want to get out either that one officer was looking for an excuse to use his baton
    9. We had this rabbits if you don't want to bye don't reply if he can sell them all the best
    10. Maybe if the ones you lifted was up against the sleepers but not any that was any distance away even by a foot you shouldn't get any taste of it
    11. Rim Fire

      Divers bottle

      it's for my mate i don't think so his rifle is coming tomorrow so he will have to pull his finger out
    12. Rim Fire

      Wasp sting

      I was out topping up some squirrel feeders other day and one somehow got up my shirt it had me 3 times before i got it out
    13. Rim Fire

      Divers bottle

      Any one selling a divers bottle in test with gauges near S Wales
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