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    1. Rim Fire

      Rat and Raptor

      Yes he was he been looking every where for her he tried to give me money for finding her but i wasent having none of it hope somebody do the same for me
    2. Rim Fire

      Rat and Raptor

      I had an experience yesterday with a Red tail Hawk i was running my cocker spaniel when she came across the hawk on the ground i walked up to it you could tell she was tame i video her then picked her up with a towel out of my van i put the video the Falconry page on FB within an hour she was reunited with the owner it turned out she had been lost for over 3 weeks the hawk was 32 yrs of age
    3. Rim Fire

      What are these.

      Got then in my shoes now
    4. And Mr pacstard took Jays off the general license here in Wales so now protected 🤬
    5. Which part of wales was that done
    6. If you go looking on a thread saying sporting pictures you will find pictures of shot foxes and this time of year it be of milky vixens if you dont want to see dont look
    7. What is the point in vaccinating an animal then having a cull in the same area you end up shooting the vaccinated animal or am i missing something
    8. Imprinting is great if you get it right but if you don't you get a very aggressive Hawk or falcon back in the eighties i used to AI (artificial inseminate ) my goshawks . My Harris Hawks was always parent reared no need to imprint them as they was such a gentle Hawk if handled right My red tail hawks which is the american Buzzard is much more aggressive than our Buzzards so they was sought after for hunting i was a member of the Welsh Hawking club for over 20 plus yrs
    9. Have you got any permission at all as you already got dogs and i assume shotguns train them there
    10. You got to put a price as well as the swap in the add
    11. All my feeders get visited by Badgers if you put a mixed feed in them the squirrels will empty feeder until they find the bits they like the rest go on the floor which will attract other vermin
    12. Well i've just read your post and can't for the life of me see what's wrong with it
    13. i have some runner beans that are black have you got a pic if they are the same you can have them don't know how many there is
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