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  1. well you can try and get an infinitive answer and have a clear conscience or take a chance and keep looking over your shoulder i myself was involved with the police last Thursday involving a firearm incident when everything was checked and ok with serial numbers on rifles and permission was established there was no mention of lockdown all was asked was are you foxing and the reply was yes so doing vermin control answer yes haven't heard a thing since even went today and shot a fox sunning itself at 11am this morning
  2. Shoot factory ammo for your first year keep all your brass then decide next year if you think you need to reload you might not shoot more than 50 rounds on foxes a year depending on how many farms you shoot
  3. As Scully said just get on with it you need to check zero you don't want to injure any animals so need to see if scope is on to do your vermin control
  4. It was reported in the time frame and to be fair it was the FA department that did me the photocopy for me which was produced last Thursday night and all good with it no problems
  5. It probably is but the question was asked and per usual the PW jury is giving there verdict 🤔
  6. I always carry a photocopy of mine which is in black and white because i once lost a FAC when i was out surely with todays criminals they could copy a certificate with colored and the right paper and change the photo same as they do with bank notes
  7. Cant shoot them in wales off the general license
  8. How dose it undermine his achievement as i said he was the best on the night only time will tell if he can go all the way again
  9. Obama a caught one of the biggest terrorist in history Osama Bin Laden what did Trump catch COVID19 🤣🤣
  10. Higgins played brilliant against Ronnie but that was a poor show last night i don't think Yan would have won against the likes of Selby or Trump but as they say you can only play what's In front of you so well done to him 👏
  11. Funny how the Brexit boys keep saying it was the vote of the people get over it but with the Americans it was a stich up The anti Brexit brigade did march on London peacefully not carry guns and knives god knows what else incited by Trump
  12. where is the proof he is a terrorist's best mate at least Biden wont cause a third world war He wont go around saying my RED BUTTON is bigger than your RED BUTTON 🤣🤣
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