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    1. That's going to the same on both sides of the argument as for the Raptor lady i think she is jumping on the bandwagon
    2. Rim Fire

      Owen Jones

      It's a pity his one cell didn't fall out of his ear
    3. At least i was 23 at the time in 1977🤩🤩
    4. As for a kicking in the cells i had one of these in my youth and also they tried to stitch me up and it wasn't just a clip around the ear as some say
    5. In America they got the death penalty it don't stop them committing crimes
    6. He did with a taser if he had a firearm who knows This happened to my wife's cousin and two friends here in pontnewydd about 12 yrs ago he purposely ran over them
    7. This👍 There was an incident a couple of years back where a man was walking down the street with a walking stick and an officer thought it was a machete and taser him in the back just imagine if he was a firearm officer 😕
    8. Was foxing on a farm last week and got talking to farmers wife and that very day she seen to men dragging a Deer out of the hedge early morning i ask her did she report it she said no as she didn't want them coming back in the night Farmers are afraid these days as there is no back up from police
    9. In a nutshell yes provided the FAO passes the land suitable for the calibers you apply for
    10. England was to strong for us and our ball handling was dismal to say the least hopefully got the rustiness out looking forward to next week at home Well played England
    11. My mate has done this he and his son inlaw share two rifles
    12. As your spuds are growing put slug pellets down then cover with soil so pellets are in the soil when spuds are growing
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