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    1. Rim Fire

      Bass lures

      any body wants to get rid of any Bass lures mabe you got to many
    2. Well my way is you state weather you want Air rifle or .22 RF or a centerfire all three are completely different . you can't put down you want a .22 air rifle then go and buy a .22 centerrifle
    3. I said about this a couple of months ago here in Wales and they would not except your medical records printed off because they can be altered to suit your needs so my mate had to sign a declaration form giving permission so the could send his records to them . He has now had his renewell through
    4. No you can't to start with one is an air rifle one is a rimfire rifle and other is a centerfire rifle all three are different
    5. you apply for a .22 rf and ammunition after buying it it then becomes a specific rifle the .22 can cover long or short in bolt or semi but all are a .22 RF
    6. i will take squirrel call please pm me your bank details
    7. one of the things i used was a rabbits tail works well
    8. As title looking for some Trapline mole traps
    9. I thought land was rated the first time it was visited by FLO upto a certain caliber so no need to visit again
    10. That was my first thought
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