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  1. I have had Buzzards /Peregrine/and Goss hit the birds on the magnet and still had a good days shooting here where we are in Wales we are over run with Goss there is a buzzard on every lamp post and nothing to see peregrines flying overhead all the shoots here suffer with Goss i have with ours for years they will land on the ground and run around footing the poults and to find them dead later
  2. I think its time for Cliff Richard to re release his song Carrie doesn't live here anymore Carrie used to live on the second floor 😣
  3. Meatloaf is now brown bread
  4. That pic reminds me of a person i wont say his name we was on a fox drive and he had a young terrier with him and the dog jumped up that's what he said and exactly the same out come as that
  5. Il fight him for £15000000 it wont last long ☹️ i used to get punched for nothing on a Saturday afternoon
  6. I don't think so either Putin knows the west are weak not in arms but in culture and life style
  7. Thanks my mate was looking for one i will let him know
  8. I had trouble with the legs on the gen 3 just take them off and clean them the inner leg just unscrews and the outer leg prize open the lugs that hold it on and the leg will come off hope it helps
  9. You are right but it will never happen i am just watching Game of Thrones they seen to have got it right if you dont do as you are told off comes the head 🤣
  10. If i was a betting man my money would be on Rishi Sunak he has got an air about him that's becoming a PM and not Billie Smart circus
  11. Cant shoot them in Wales and i see loads of them i beat on one shoot in England and the landowner wont have them shot or Pigeons
  12. There will be a lot of other shoots looking at there transportation and routs around the shoot and will the liability insurance cover it I know it sounds bad and its not about it but it will be looked at
  13. Just get it rethreaded i would be wary from China
  14. That bridge doesn't look like it was meant for vehicles
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