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    1. Rim Fire

      FAC Grant

      The licensing manager will go on the FEO recommendation thats what he is there for if he cant see an issue you will get it
    2. Rim Fire

      Problems with Neighbours (again)

      Nearly every town or street has foxes exploring them when we are all asleep at night if you do a lot of night shooting like i do when returning home you see more foxes in the streets going home than you see when out in the country .Not all the time but they are there
    3. Rim Fire

      FAC - Medical Certificate Invoice

      I have never been ask but my mate who is coming up to 75 has been ask have it got something to do with age on renewal and maybe first grant becoming mandatory and he only paid £20 which i dont mind but there is no clarity on price
    4. Rim Fire

      A Very Lucky Man

      Hahaha he looked the fighting type in that dress
    5. Rim Fire

      A Very Lucky Man

      MI6 has no rank of captain all confessions under duress having said that who would go there doing a thesis on spying asking for trouble
    6. Rim Fire

      .17 once fired brass

      or Hornet ?
    7. Rim Fire

      one piece quick release picatinny mount

      what size 25mm or 30
    8. Rim Fire

      Cabinet for a rifle/moderator

      Same here stored my RF for 20 yrs with moderator on no problem but CF will cause rust on threads and on crown
    9. My mate just had his letter stating they need a Doctors report he phoned up and doctor ask for 20 quid his son in law same police force different doctor 100 quid
    10. Rim Fire

      England vs New Zealand

    11. Rim Fire

      England vs New Zealand

      +1 I dont think England had there harts in it as they had won the series anyway
    12. Rim Fire

      England vs New Zealand

      They are not trying for an advantage they are inviting the other players to go to war nothing to do with an advantage if the players on the field want to react to the Haka its to them not the crowd disrespectful and if Wales do the same thing i will say the same about them
    13. Rim Fire

      England vs New Zealand

      i just watched highlights of the England v NZ can someone tell me why the crowd disrespected the HAKA by singing over it shameful
    14. Rim Fire

      Well done Wales

      Nice to get that monkey off our back well done boyo
    15. Rim Fire

      England vs New Zealand

      Why did they build such a grand stadium and no roof