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    1. Rim Fire

      What am I hearing?

      what about woodcock
    2. Rim Fire

      Doctor Refuses Medical Report

      What gets me is the Firearms department are telling applicants it is a new law when it isn't . They told my mate if he didn't get the medical report within 21 days they would not be able to process his renewell . Now this wasn't about payment it was about the surgery not supplying the medical records are these people who are processing your application forms being told it is a new law and know no difference this is where the orgs should be stepping in and making sure they know it is not the law to demand a medical report
    3. Rim Fire

      Doctor Refuses Medical Report

      Totally agree with all that's been said but when your firearms department tell you that it is a new law now these people suppose to know the law if so are they lying . So why aren't the likes of BASK and the other orgs making it clear that is not law and these firearm departments are breaking the law by saying it is law
    4. Rim Fire

      Doctor Refuses Medical Report

      Forgot to mention that you cant send them yourself it has do be done by a GP I agree Sully but if the FAd is stating that there is how do you go about it how do you argue with them they are the ones that say yeah or nah
    5. My mate has put in for a renewal on SG and FA ticket to cut a long story short he had sent to him yesterday a letter of Gwent FAD saying the Doctor wont give a medical report so he has 21 days to sort it out or no renewal it was the new law. So he got in touch with his Doctor today and they are saying it used to be that the FAD got in touch with them and they would send them a letter stating that you are fit to own a Firearm. This is no longer going to be the case as the doctor is saying if you go bonkers a couple of months down the road they are not going to be responsible for stating that you was fit to hold a firearm so what they have said today is if he goes down to the surgery and sign a form stating that the FAD can have his records they will send all of his records. As it is he dont go to the doctors unlike some of us so he got nothing to hide. So he phoned Gwent FAD told them and they are fuming as they used to have a letter stating that you was ok now somebody over there is going to have to check your lifetime of records to see if you ok to hold a firearm not only that they will access to a lifetime of you going to the doctors who are they to make a medical judgement on you The surgery also said that all of the surgeries in the area is going to do the same surely this will cause a backlog the surgery in question is Clark avenue in Pontnewydd Cwmbran by the senitaff
    6. Rim Fire

      SGC/FAC with cautions

      sound advice👆 what he said
    7. Rim Fire

      Butchering bits

      That is a good deal if i didn't already have these they would be gone
    8. Rim Fire

      FAC form advice

      no problem Megan if you want to know anything just PM me and if i can help i will
    9. Rim Fire

      FAC form advice

      Depends on which FLO comes if Terry ok if steve ok but the others no so good x officers they cant let go they no longer in the force The old tip up Pontnewynydd might even end up around the mountain
    10. Rim Fire

      FAC form advice

      i might be up there tonight lol up around the old ash tip and on around which shop the one in Ponty or cwmbran
    11. Rim Fire

      FAC form advice

      im in S Wales which part me cwmbran
    12. Rim Fire

      FAC form advice

      Which county do you come under mabe someone on here has had experience with them
    13. Rim Fire

      FAC form advice

      Has the land you got permission on been passed for any other rifle if so no problem unless it's only rated up to .22RF as been said if dont put on the form you won't know
    14. Rim Fire

      Pigeon scarer or ultimate decoy?

      I think he could be onto something there but it would come down to cost
    15. Rim Fire


      That is true to a point but the ones that are members of these orgs are not getting represented by them so what are they paying good money for. It seems to me they pick and choose their cases to fight. It might not bother them who seem to have money on their hip but your average jo it make a difference when there surgery ask for a hundred quid and the next bloke pays £20 at least get a consistent price to pay