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    1. look on FB lamping Foxes they pop up now and again
    2. Why would you put up such a post you know what response you will get or is that what you want Maybe it should be locked before it starts
    3. I applied for coterminous SGC was out but had 1 yr left on FAC they said no if other way around all ok
    4. I can honestly say in 50 yrs of owning a license Gwent police force have never been late with mine
    5. I will take these please if you can wait until the banks open for a bank transfer after xmas if its ok please send me your details via PM
    6. I counted 33 on a field when i went back to the yard and told the farmer he said he had counted 52 that was most he had seen on that field
    7. Rim Fire

      merry christmas

      Nadolig Llawen Blwyddyn newydd dda Merry christmas and Happy new year
    8. Try stalking in a thickish wood with barrel upwards and you will hit every branch there is
    9. i use the wife's hair dryer to warm up leather then wax then use dryer again to melt it in
    10. Rim Fire

      London bridge

      The video of it was out before the news got it on FB
    11. https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fbbc.in%2F37HQjyd%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR01-Yi2ZClm7lm-4pxY2l1pqetOHGex5bp5QJgN6lKm7vqzdAtdCjB-u3I&h=AT0OKpqh_2gKA_yxVHArhkxHD-tzaL7cF8A_SjoCELNbzUG9w4wBYnuDpzLAgxc5fzPgvGXWIQhvTKsaPWKC6cjvzsnE-b-4Z5kjW1Nembo_xKw5QPshkb_xk4C4fvmMmacaUfIjXXRJOQX6EESGbaB6fzL9IlgJe-oDBXFH5oS_cpH_l0Wm61l72Ln6QONOD_UvenWAYDU7Qb__SfzvgX9crb7gYs3u2q5yfPDGbYQZ3aodRkqw4MdGPmB2jQMoWn6NcQ2KRNhFx7C28XO-cvy94sgjhsZEN8thoZkhIUOWfcRqILgBQSj9SbGb6MI9n1TdC6MUn8PPP4sJKPT9oMJzRdGbQo0TiIAbErU5gER0hvOOk0Q4jfsjGbQKDWxsb4aYGLqIHUMc-ojELHxVvEbPRTfuXv33sifPWSzd4oLOuQIRYQ0mUSgothJKrK_AUn1pvgpkRsxakABi_0IrsCL3Yg4_06jrKKLaGQcNMhcfynsdWu7AKySQkcNI-qr6SsQhQg8UNmrgaldpp_Gm3St5drcieGAB1JY1p75NIqCjWNtKxIGj9ADbQRrLy1axfjZf0cvcfkAdGVcLq1hFU_dQgyiL94lAb45LQJjAv31wpSRKoPQHPlggrD7-2EoSocxCskZIAASoh6OSXIcbK0I
    12. From 2 yrs ago i am doing the 10 day challenge at the moment that's why the heading is like it is
    13. It doesn't look that big so it won't have any tusks to speak of cant tell by looking at the pics either
    14. Rim Fire

      First for me.

      Had a similar experience many years ago was digging a fox out for a farmer when plod was coming across the field with some chap from the Badger society. As they got within 200 yards of us a fox bolted and i shot it he said the chap had reported us for digging Badgers they even had a chap come later in the day to see if it was a badger set we was digging on which it wasn't so all was ok
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