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  1. For this reason alone, no real employer will touch him with a barge-pole Only time will tell
  2. I dont get it where people are saying no body will imploy him the only people that wont imploy him are the ones that got got something to hide if you run a straight ship he will be an asset
  3. Anouther 19 reported with covid this morning
  4. I am not a tory and lots of my shooting friends are not tory so to say only tory shoot is ridiculous and there was many on here that defended DC now he is telling the truth so he says about Boris if true he should be outed
  5. If you want to get rid of wasps just puff Nippon ant powder on entrance of hole it will kill them outright also the workers will land and carry into nest and queen will leave
  6. Rim Fire

    The Scots

    Have you seen that on FB English fans beating up Italian fans as they was leaving the stadium i see taking the knee meant a lot to fans
  7. Rim Fire

    The Scots

    Well it was worth the money for the extra kit 🤣
  8. Its nothing new the first time i seen police corruption was when i was a teenager some one had broke into a chemist shop a copper turns up looks around puts his hand in nicks a couple of watches back in them days they used to sell all sorts and they was on dissplay in the window
  9. Its a weed for one person and a flower for anouther if you like the head on it keep it
  10. My mate had a pard he had to use the flat top batteries not the ones with a raised top
  11. Well done i retired when i was 53 and never looked back not enough days in a week never mind hours
  12. If you cant shoot just trap them you haven't got kill them just drive out to the outer limits of the town and release
  13. The video of him groping her is on FB when they said he was HARD at work i thought he was doing a good job and i don't mean her
  14. So why did they take the job as the saying go if you cant stand the heat get out of the kitchen
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