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Found 15 results

  1. Hey guys! I was hoping someone could help me out I've been doing some research on the UK gun laws for a short YouTube video I'm putting together I can't seem to find any up to date information on how many rounds would be allowed to be stored per calibre maximum I know that under a sgc license it's pretty much unlimited for certain ammo but I read there was a limit on rimfire, also another question I have is is it compulsory to keep your rimfire bullets locked away from where the guns are stored or can they be stored in the same place? TIA Lee
  2. hey guys wondered if you could help me im doing a youtube video on uk gun laws and im stuck as im having trouble finding any information on how much of each calibre you're allowed to keep and does the ammo have to be stored in a separate locked box to the guns, there is some information out there but i cant find a credible source . TAO Leesmithyt33 lee :)
  3. Hey Guys, I put my completed SGC application into Gwent police HQ in September and payment was taken 3 days later. I new the wait time would be longer than normal due to covid but didn’t think i would still be waiting. I have sent them a email but just get told they working though a backlog and I just need wait. Is anyone else waiting for gwent police or have recently had the cert so I can workout how far down the line I am? Thanks in advance
  4. Hi all Thanks for having me A pal of mine and me got into shooting a couple of years ago - eventually got our FACs and SGCs just before lockdown kicked in 🙄 Some experience down the range and at the local clay shoot - none in the field though (apart from air rifles when everything was in black and white) so looking to pick up hints, tips and the benefit of your experience. Hope to compliment my love of cooking with some fresh game along the way! Take care all
  5. Hi there, in in the process of renewing my sgc I’ve realised i haven’t notified the police that I have moved address. My guns are kept st my parents house (previous address) but I now live with my wife’s parents just down the road. I obviously have the cabinet key in my possession. My only explanation for the omission was that the ‘move’ to my wife’s family home was incremental and took me years to change it on all official documents. Advice please !
  6. Some good news - I finally received my SGC grant from the Metropolitan Police! All in all it took two months 19 days with the certificate being posted exactly two weeks after the FEO visit. The FEO was a friendly chap. He went through my application form confirming the information I had provided. Asked these three Q's: 1) How do you handle a shotgun safely? 2) How far does shot travel? 3) What protection should you wear? He inspected my gun cabinet. Gave it a pull from the top half and bottom half. He also asked what shooting experience I had and which grounds I had visited. It was a long wait but worth it!
  7. Right guys so I had my interview 2 days ago and got my license today, bloody speedy service! Now, one thing I asked for was a shotgun for practical, I always wrote down shotgun slug cartrdiges. Its probably the only thing he asked about, and I explained how its commonly used in practical. Now far as I am aware the whole interview went excellent and we had a crack on. Now when I look on my license it says under ammunition 12 Bore - 800. I did put 800 like a tool even though I have a SGC >.< So the question is, am I able to purchase slugs then or would it actually say slug cartridges on license? Anyone here actually have them on their license?
  8. Evening all, I'm about to send my application away but have stumbled across a problem, I can't pay by cheque... I don't have a chequebook! I've asked my local bank, Lloyds, whether they can make one for me, a bankers draft will cost me £20! I'm currently up in Lancashire, the issuing authority will be Merseyside. Can i send a postal order or do a bank transfer? They need to get with the times and get a PayPal account
  9. So, after months of putting together an application (time spent working to get permissions and club membership etc) and then having put in my application for FAC and SGC about 6 weeks ago, it's finally here! Interview went well, had to fire in a couple of reminders to the FEO to push it along at times but it was well worth it. I now have my tickets, some slots to fill and a massive smile on my face. Well done Cleveland Police. I've heard horror stories about poor guys who've waited months and months before so it was a relief to have this go through so quickly. I've been insufferable since the interview, waiting for the post everyday like an expectant dad lol. Still, it's here now and I guess I need to start shopping
  10. Hi all. I'm currently doing my SGC application and need some advice with the convictions and cautions section. I have never been convicted of anything but was arrested when I was 14 but not charged and I don't believe I was cautioned. I also received two or three 'yellow slips' from the police when I was a teenager, not sure what they really are. I was also pulled over a couple of years ago but not ticketed for anything. I'm not sure how strict they are about all these things and I cant remember the dates of the yellow slips. So, my questions are: Do the dates matter? Are the yellow slips necessary to include? Will the arrest be a problem even if i wasn't convicted/cautioned? Should I include the pulling over? Thanks!
  11. Hello guys this is my first ever forum and he only one im on so no idea what to do really? Anyways, im 22 from manchester been shooting air rifles for 3 years only targets tho and really looking to get into the field sports tho dont want to pally for fac and Sgc if i dont really like it.. Im here hoping i can join a few of you guys on shoots? Day and night to get a really feel for the country man sport.. I am willing not to shoot and only collect game/vermin set up decoys and watch till your happy with me joining in.. I play fair il pay my way in cost and may even buy you a good ye old cuppa.. Willing to pay you to shoot with you (small fee) be honest if you want a helper im free if you fancy teaching a young fellow a trick or two il pay for the service.. Thanks for reading ( feel rude talking about money online ring me *****************************
  12. Hey there, I'm looking into gaining my own permissions but I would really prefer to tag along to a shoot with somebody from here that can show me a thing or two.. Any offers or advice just drop a comment. Am willing to set decoys ect and pay my own way maybe a little more to go with a certain person/s that can teach me the art of this great sport Also im new on here so any regular people from this site i would love to get talking to for future outings
  13. I'm ready to send my Shot Gun Certificate application through and just want to make sure is done properly... can please someone confirm, question 12 (business adress) is applicable only if you have your own business, or should i fill in my work adress? Many thanks!
  14. Well the time has come ad not soon enough have my inspection booked for 12 tomorrow afternoon cabinet installed and just see what's said now any advise on what might be asked said would be helpful . I'm with Lancashire police force also . John
  15. my sgc runs out on the 1st april, and on thursday all my new forms were delivered for my renewal, now if i send them in next week is my current ticket still usable? the reason i ask is because im supposed to be buying a .410 off my mate sometime next week so what do i do? because it'll be on my current ticket and i'll obviously notify the police ive brought it but it wont be entered onto my application forms will it? sorry if this sounds confusing but does anyone know what i can do? fudd
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