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  1. Our Barley was started on yesterday, but after cutting for a couple of hours the rain came in and brought it to a abrupt end , today they carried on and with a nice evening forecast they will knock a few more acre's out before they call it a day.
  2. Good man , you sound like perfect company on a days shoot , where do you mainly do your shooting ? I don't know what you think Walker , but I find the present days guns are much more social than the guns of yesteryear , when I first started to go brushing it was only on the estates and big farms where we would ever see a Pheasant , the guns were mainly made up of the gentry with some letters in the front of there name , some of these wouldn't give you the time of day if you never had a watch and you felt there were miles between you and them , now I find todays guns are mainly on the same wave length , we start the day having coffee together , the same with 11s and at lunch , we know each other by the first name and know the hard work done by everybody to try and make it a success ,
  3. Sound like a pre dawn beverage before a days wildfowling on a very cold morning , would the Rum be Woods by any chance ? , or whatever is available at the time when needed
  4. And not forgetting Horlicks old'un .
  5. Morning Chris ..... As far as I know you can still buy Camp coffee from the super markets this day and age , before we went up market to the condensed milk we were brought up on the tins of powder milk , this we often ate straight out of the round tin by the spoon full without putting it in the water first , I am now beginning to wonder if we were normal
  6. It's a good job there are a lot of people think the same way as you do , I couldn't afford to spend £5k a year on shooting as I only have the state and a small private pension to live , we don't go short on anything and I am more or less shooting all the year round with , Pigeons , Wildfowl and some game shooting , although I can't afford to stand on the peg I do attend every shoot we have and if the dates don't clash I do the same on another shoot , for a number of years I done the brushing , then for a good number of years I drove the guns and beaters wagon and now with me being in my later stage of life , I just do the picking up on a shoot day . So for some it might not be same, but I get just as much enjoyment from a days shoot as the person who is paying to be on the peg , in fact I would say when we all meet up and have a good yarn we have a better day than a lot of the guns , so thank you very much because if it wasn't for people like your good self we wouldn't be doing what we enjoy . GOOD LUCK and I hope you have many good days in this coming season
  7. While we had the coffee my ole chap was a tea drinker , the tea was Hornimans in a packet and had a cigarette card between the wrapper , nice cup of tea it made.
  8. It took a long while for Bovril to reach our household , the nearest we got to it was a mug of boiling water with a oxo cube dissolving in the bottom , didn't do us any harm , then for a nightcap we had a cup of Camp coffee with a spoonful of Nestles Condensed milk , sheer bliss
  9. You must have got a very good pension Walker to do 14 days on the peg , things are looking slightly better than it did two or three months ago even though there are several local shoots that have either called it a day for this season , or cut down on the number of days , these are mainly the smaller shoots not the bigger commercial shoots .
  10. That was a very good account of your afternoons pigeon shooting Chris and to get 40 odd in the time you were there you and your friend done well , yesterday was wet virtually all day and not the type of day to be perched on the edge of a Wheat field although I did go out just to look , today it is looking a lot better and with a bit of luck we will miss the showers forecasted later on today . I am with Mr JDog on Marmite sandwiches , not something I would look forward to when the time come for a bite to eat , normally if I am out for just the afternoon then all I take is a flask , or a cold drink on a hot day . GOOD LUCK when you and Stour Boy have a go
  11. Very enjoyable read 7diaw , some of the shots you connected with will stay in your memory bank and the others will fade in time . As you rightly say , this coming harvest is going to be very patchy , all that long spell of very hot and dry weather have taken it's toll on some of the grain fields and apart from making it an early it certainly wont produce many records.
  12. Another well executed and detailed write up Ginger Cat , for some people who are short of perms and pigeons would think it was there lucky day to have the choice of three or four fields very close together that are all shootable , but for others this is how it is at the moment , we have got small to medium numbers of pigeons everywhere , I got a call from the farm foreman to tell me about three Wheat fields that were getting a lot of attention from Pigeons and on another field Rooks as well . Tuesday afternoon I passed our old Pea stubble and there were a nice lot on there , trouble is it don't look right going on the Pea stubble where they are not doing that much harm and the Wheat field a few fields away are getting hammered , so I made my way to the Wheat field , I opted for a spot where I could get near with my motor rather than a long walk where the shooting would have been slightly better , when I set with the rotary and two floaters the sky was already dark and rain was on it's way , as it turned out I managed to get a good hour and shot eight Pigeons before the heavens opened up and that was it , nothing wetter than walking through a standing Wheat field in the pouring rain. Yesterday it was time to look at another Wheat field that had good numbers on , the Wheat was already wet from the overnight rain and I wasn't going to get sodden wet trying to walk to a decent spot so again I looked for the easy way out and this was driving over some rough grass and setting up on some game cover on the other side of the hedge from the Wheat field , on the game cover I had the rotary and 20 odd decoys scattered about , for the first 30 mins there was a nice lot about but after a few shots and the sky getting darker it slowed up , then like the day before it started to rain and I am now not keen on getting myself and everything else wet so with ten pigeons that will need drying out a bit before they go in the freezer it was time to call it a day . On the way home I passed another field of rape where a lot of pigeons were sitting on the wires and dropping onto the ripe rape so maybe if the rain clear up later on I might venture forth and see what today can produce , I know it sound like hard work but someone have got to do it .
  13. No cutting here today due to heavy rain from mid day , the outlook for the next few days isn't that good with rain off and on till the weekend .
  14. One of the reasons it is difficult to make a decent bag of pigeons around our way , our Peas are cut and forgot about even though there are still pigeons and Crows feeding off the stubble , the Winter barley have got to the cutting stage without a stem been flattened by wind and rain , Pigeons are now feeding on the ripe rape ,and the Wheat is now getting the most attention from Pigeons and Corvids , today I found a field of Wheat that had only grown about a foot high in a lot of places so the Pigeons have only got to stretch there necks to eat the ripening corn , this will be my next port of call but I dare say after a bit of shooting they will move a few fields over to find another free meal . still it keep you on your toes trying to outsmart our feathered friends . All the best for the coming harvest MM
  15. Nice one TT , glad health wise you are feeling a lot better and are managing to put a brave face on your bad luck . All the best MM
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