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  1. You are far from being a oddity , in fact I would say your thoughts are the same as the majority of the members on this site , a good Pheasant for us would be around the 40 yard mark , this is mainly due to the flatness of our countryside . One shoot we had a few years ago was in late January in a gale of wind , the Pheasants were pushed from some game cover on the highest point of this field , we were lined out at the bottom of some tall Popular trees , time the birds had reached there full flight they were some of the highest Pheasants we had seen on the estate , with them twisting and turning in the wind I knew they were totally out of my league and I must admit I let one or two fly over without firing a shot as I didn't have a clue where to pull the trigger , we all had a good laugh about it at the end of the day and I was glad that this was a one off event .
  2. THANKS for that figgy , the old Bygones ones normally consisted of the first half was about life in the countryside and the second half was about an unusual object connected to someones trade like thatching or cleaning dykes out . His collection of old relics were on show for a while at Holkham Hall ( still might be ) and was a visitors attraction in it's own right . Another site for old clips from the past is E A F A , ( East Anglian Film Archive ) click on to countrymen and a list will come up with gamekeepers ect , one of them is the well know name amongst keepers was Harry Grass and another one worth watching is Frainnie Brooks who was a marsh man from Burgh Castle just a mile down the road from mine , that one shows you the ole boy catching Coypu's.
  3. I used to love the old Bygones series with **** Joyce , very similar to the Out Of Town with Jack Hargreaves ones, I am not sure if the above film was from the Bygones series but I hadn't seen it before and really enjoyed watching it before I went down down the marsh , so a big THANKS to figgy for sharing it . I started beating on an estate not far from that one in 1968 , at that time we got £3.00 and a bottle of beer at dinnertime , this was the only place we would see a Pheasant as it was very rare we would see one on the marshes let alone bag one , a mate of mine who is long gone once got a hen bird from a reed bed near the estuary wall in the late 60s and that was talked about for ages . On our very early shoots you would rarely see any other gun apart from a s x s , in the above film it was taken in the mid 70s and you can see the odd one using a o/u , now it is rare to see a young gun using a s x s , if you do it could well be handed down from his father or even his grand father . Another thing that was noticeable was the height they were shooting them , whereas today a lot of them birds would have seen another day , now we have a thread going about shooting 80 / 90 yard Pheasants , from one extreme to another , still we are still running and taking part in shoots but looking back I would say not everything have changed for the better .
  4. This morning I had the pleasure of meeting one of our regular members Old Boggy and his charming wife , not only was he kind enough to pick up a slab of cartridges I bought from a member in Suffolk, he also brought me some boxes of cartridges he no longer wanted and a wild fowling book . Maybe the time will come when he have got more time on his hands so I can give him a longer trip around my area and a chance to shoot a few Norfolk pigeons , he know he is welcome anytime he is passing by and the kettle is already plugged in . We might have one or two members who push the mods to the boundary line, but overall the vast majority are people out of the top drawer who will offer there time and knowledge just for the sake of helping people out , this is what makes Pigeon Watch one of the best , if not the best forum to be on . THANKS O B
  5. 😣😣😣😣😣😣🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 Call me thick but could you please let me know how this works. Genuinely interested 👍 There you go Harry , Yellow Bear have simplified it for the likes of us two , our old teacher used to write on my report , must try harder and room for improvement , that is putting it mildly in case of any ten year old children are reading this
  6. Lovely looking healthy birds , you won't have any problem finding them good homes and not forgetting your kind offer . GOOD LUCK
  7. Tell yer what Harry , how on earth can a ten year old work that one out , I have read it half a dozen times and still no wiser , maybe living in Norfolk we didn't do a lot of hand shaking when we were ten year old
  8. No doubt , like you Walker we have seen over the years on shoot days just about everything that can go wrong on the day do go wrong and one or two more we never thought existed and yet I have never known a bag so way off the mark as the one on this thread . To get a 150 bird day on most shoots you would need more than the six drives on the shoot itself, , so if for any reason one that was planed couldn't be shot like say the hunt went through it the previous day or some other disaster happened then you would have another drive to fall back on . The main reason for a bad day is the weather , this you cannot do much about , heavy rain is not nice but you have to grin and bear it , if the guns decide to pack up at dinnertime because the conditions are getting to bad then normally a compromise can be agreed with the keeper or the shooting agent . I can only remember in at least the last 15 years we have called the shoot off twice at dinnertime , once about four years ago when it rained so hard throughout the morning they gave it till dinner and most of the guns were so cold and wet they said enough was enough and called a day , and the only other time I can remember was through thick fog , again we went through till early dinner and if anything it was worse when the guns came out , that day we shooting Partridges and the fog was that bad you couldn't see the next peg or medium to high Partridges , the guns were then offered another day later in the season if they wanted it .
  9. The team that were shooting must have been very good shots to get 350 birds , my only concern would be if they were that good at shooting birds at that range , how many more were hit that didn't come down with the other 1650 shots ?
  10. Sad state of affairs , how on earth can they put on a 150 bird day and the team of guns only had 30 shots and the beating team only consisted of five people , also I don't think the keeper should be carrying a gun neither . Maybe there isn't much you can do but I know one or two who would have certainly made it difficult for those who were running the so called shoot unless they got there money back . How much were you charged for the day ??
  11. Watching your video was the perfect start to my day , what stand out is how happy your dogs are, you can clearly see they enjoy it as much , if not more than we do , many a time when I am cold and wet with an empty bag I give it a few more minutes to try and get something for the dog to retrieve rather than for my own satisfaction , Nice one Big Al and I hope your season both on game and fowl is a good one to look back on .
  12. You do seem to get plenty of the wet stuff when you go out on a Saturday , mind you, earlier on during the week they did forecast rain around our way , today they couldn't have been more wrong as it was unbroken sunshine . I was waiting for the three figure bag at the end of your report , but no it was rain stop play and one of the rare occasions you decided it wasn't going to happen , at least you done your best and gave it a go , your luck will change before long .
  13. Make you wonder how we ever managed , all the Eley ones were paper when we first bought them , for wildfowling we bought Hymax and Alphamax when we could afford them and they would soon swell up if left in the old wax jacket , I think the only ones that are paper are Impax and maybe some of the Grand Prix .
  14. If you are talking about today lloyd then we have had clear Blue skies with not a breath of wind , in fact it was to nice , this afternoon the sun was low and it certainly saved a few Pheasants lives as the guns were looking straight into it. As for wet cartridges , if they are plastic you can put them in the airing cuboard ,or give them a wipe with a piece of paper kitchen towel and they are then ready to use, paper ones are a bit more difficult but only posh people use them
  15. All my surplus goes to Bambridge at Watton , was that advert from Oct 2018 , or the Oct just gone ?
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