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  1. Yesterday I looked at a cut Barley field that was cut and bailed four days ago , number wise , there wasn't big numbers but enough to pass the time , I mainly looked to see what shade there was in these hot Southerly winds and yes there was a nice Sycamore Tree that had about 10ft shade from the sun . Today was even hotter than yesterday with a light breeze and very humid , there was no need to go before dinner as 3 / 4 hours was going to be more than enough , so at 2pm saw me driving on the field and unlike yesterday there were very few pigeons on the deck but a nice lot were getting out of the trees , having set up with just decoys and a couple of floaters I was soon ready for the first customer , many a time the first one can be in the bag in a matter of minutes , but not today , for ages there wasn't a pigeon moving , then at long last one did pass just on the outside of the decoys and a shot from my choked barrel left it laying in the stubble , a few were moved by the shot but all they done was going back to the woods for a bit of shade , then a tractor and trailer came onto the field to cart off the bails , with him seeing my car and decoys showing above the stubble he started on the other side of the field , this would have normally helped but today it made a little difference but not that much , by a little after 4pm the sun had swung round a bit so I was no longer in the shade and the heat was getting to much for me , so with only six in the bag it was time to head off home for a cold drink . I know a lot of you would have shot good bags in the heat in the past as I have as well on many occasions , but today was very hot and humid and I was wondering weather it was just to hot ??
  2. Your tea sounded like the perfect finish after having a day sport in our lovely countryside , the pub where I sell 40 pigeons each week gets rid of any before I take the next ones by including the breast meat onto kebabs , up to now ( touch wood ) they manage to use them all up each week . GOOD LUCK with your new job
  3. I just wondered how some of us would feel if a photo was posted of a bag of 100 Canada Geese ( 1/10 th of the bag of pigeons ) that were shot on a grass field next to a golf course , with a title , shot before they coursed any damage to the golf greens , I don't think it would go down well with most members , more so with those involved with wild fowling .
  4. Brainwashed might have been the wrong word to use and it certainly wasn't meant to be an insult , you will in time learn by your mistakes and believe you me we still make many after pigeon shooting for a good many years , there will be plenty of members who would be over the moon with a bag of 52 , more so in an area not renown for big volumes of pigeon , so well done getting a very respectable bag . You can learn a lot by just watching pigeons going about there daily habits , mainly how they approach other pigeons feeding , time of day , crops they are feeding on and using any wind to your advantage , you say your farmer is cutting the barley this week , if that was the case I would leave it now till the combine have done it's work , if it was bailed up you would have the added advantage of getting in the middle of the field if you need to . picking up would be easy in comparison to finding them how the laid bits . GOOD LUCK and let us know how you get on .
  5. Shooting around 50 in two hours is a good bit of sport in a short period of time , I dare say that Codhopper is a bit restricted with time and can only go when time allows , where people like ourselves with more time on our hands might have left it alone for a few days to let the pigeons get into some sort of a routine , this might not have made a scrap of difference and they could have moved off to another fresh cut field and the maximum build up was when you went , this we will never know On a normal year , which at the moment this years harvest is becoming with the changing weather , the rape is one of the last crops to be cut and as far as I know I don't think any have been cut yet , with a lot of dry , hot days forecast this week the Winter Barley should should be drawing to a close and the first of the Wheat fields could be started on with the rape shortly following the Wheat.
  6. He could well be brain washed with some of the big numbers posted on the forum by the likes of P C and Motty and co and maybe thinking he is doing something wrong by not posting the same , in most cases the above mentioned shots are very experienced and have got very good dog(s) , there last two posts were bags of 90 odd by Motty and Muncher , and around 100 by P C and D B , this would have roughly worked out at about 50 each , so by the op shooting 52 he knows how to decoy and over a period of time he should be able to place the decoys out to make it easier for himself to do the retrieving , although the barley field he is shooting over will soon be cut and we should see him losing a lot less when hopefully he post again .
  7. You must have been something right as far as decoying goes to lose a dozen , so how many did you find ? The only way to limit your loses is to only shoot one at a time and mark it , then walk out and try and find it straightaway , if the area is all ready laid , or partly laid , you wont be doing to much harm as today's combine will easily lift it up when cutting .
  8. Two very good mid week bags , D B done well to be shooting all day and then go and do a shift of nights , rather him than me . Our pigeons are leaving the Wheat fields alone for the time being as more and more Barley stubble's are becoming available with some cutting and bailing going on most days of the last week .
  9. That is certainly a lot of pigeons , would that be a new record for two people shooting ? I agree that when you put all the ingredients together to produce a bag like that is how many people could actually do the same ? , I know I couldn't at my age and you would need to pretty fit to shoot like that for 7 / 8 hours and then the massive pick up at the end , not a day for the faint hearted but well done to those involved .
  10. SOLD to Tam THANKS for the fast payment
  11. Three Labrador collectors plates , all three in very good condition with no chips or cracks and from a smoke free home . All three for £13.00 posted to your door . Wedgwood ( Danbury Mint ) Bone China Whodunnit ? by John Silver with the paper work . Did You Call ( Bone China ) by John Silver. Trusted Companions by Nigel Hemmings
  12. Strangely enough, the other day when I was shooting on some stubble I was under a big Oak tree to get some shade from the sun , my dog brought back a few that I had shot going sideways over the hedge I was on , these ones I had in the hide and they were covered in flies , the ones on the bottom were totally egg blown and these were frozen as soon as I got home and they will be used for decoys , the 30 or so I had left out as added decoys in the hot sun had no signs of egg blown and were in perfect condition .
  13. That was about the only thing at school I was any good at , all the so called normal lessons I was next to useless , although it would have helped if I had spent more time at school instead of rowing around the estuary in a gun punt
  14. You need to self heal as seeing a doctor now is a two month wait , well maybe not long but if you are going to heal up before the six weeks are up then there is no need to make an appointment As for damp enough , my old house used to be well below sea level and that was one of the reasons we were born with web feet, as we spent more time in the water than out of it .
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