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  1. We don't know how old the op is and how long he had been using his s x s before he decided to change to a over / under , If like me , I have been shooting a s x s for most of my life and must had developed many bad habits , but at the end of the day I shoot fairly well and to me that is all what matters ,..... if it ain't broke then it's no need to mend it
  2. Don't include me in your guess
  3. That is exactly what I would have said , we don't know why ( dad ) changed in the first place and how well he shot with a s x s when he was using one , he might have his own logical reasons and I hope he get it sorted out one way or another .
  4. We have got pigeons but not in big numbers , when I say big numbers I would say 4/500 on one or two fields , down the marsh near me is some rape that is close to some farm buildings and private houses , on these fields there are a good 200 , instead of risking a complaint I go down and stand near the wood on a windy afternoon and get a few to give my dog a few retrieves , yesterday we had a game shoot on a good location for pigeons , we were out all day and in the woods around 4pm and if it was the first week of roost shooting we would have had very little shooting , mainly due to the calm conditions and the lack of the main ingredient.........Pigeons ........ GOOD LUCK over the next few days if you are out shooting again.
  5. Reports on PW at the moment are far and few between , so getting a nice little bag in a short session give hope for the many who are finding it hard work at the present time . Well done , and THANKS for sharing .
  6. How ironic , you drove 140 miles to make the grand total of 140 , now that is dedication Mr Walker .
  7. marsh man

    Pricked Duck

    Not saying your dog is hard mouthed but would he / she had nipped a vital organ if the duck was flapping to get away when your dog was in hot pursuit ?
  8. When the estuary became a reserve , a part of the agreement was no shooting on a Monday , so with no shooting of wildfowl in Norfolk on a Sunday and the agreed Monday there were years when depending on how the weekend fell we only had 14 days of the 20 days in February .
  9. We have to accept the climate is getting warmer , take this season for example , we have now got less than two weeks of the inland season left and I cannot remember a past season where we haven't seen any ice on the dykes or the splashes are frozen over , apart from the odd morning where I have had to de ice the windscreen this so called Winter have been more or less frost free . As the older generations move on , or the older ones who call it day with wildfowling , the younger generation seem less and less interested in the 1st of September , and can you blame them , last year a lot of the flight ponds dried out completely , same with the marshes , dry as a bone and every field had cattle or sheep on them , with our area being popular with holiday makers the coast draw them in droves in the hot weather and to be honest who want to shoot wild fowl in shorts and wearing sun glasses while the holiday makers are about enjoying the sunshine , then if they happen to shoot a few of local Greylags they have to pluck them within hours before they start decomposing . The days are gone where people walk up Partridges on the 1st of September and who want to shoot Pheasants at the beginning of October ? , a lot of us now would be prepared to give most of September a miss , more so if we got something back at the end of the present season . I no longer take out a permit to shoot the estuary to get the extra 20 days , but it seem strange to me where I can shoot at a duck on one side of the river wall in February and it could drop on the other side , and yet I couldn't shoot at it from where dropped because the shooting season for wildfowl ten foot away is finished
  10. Seeing is believing , and if someone had told me a dog can bring back a deer that look triple it size I would have had my doubts , that is some retrieve in anyone's book , on one of our shoots a couple of weeks back we had a gun who shot a Fox , when the drive was over his little Black Labrador bitch went out and picked it up as if it was a Partridge , that was also a good retrieve .......Thanks for sharing .
  11. With the last decade the warmest on record and the one before that was just the same , it must be getting to the time where both inland and coastal could start on the 20th of September and finish either on the 20th of February , or better still at the end of the Feb , far more chance of colder weather then the heat we get in September .
  12. The best result was Mr JDog getting back in the countryside and making a comeback after feeling well below par , oh and not forgetting his carers who done a good job in getting him back on the field and looking after his needs . After a very cold start it was a good day to be out in the fresh air and when we finished our game shoot at 4.30 it was still fairly light , still a fair bit of winter left , but we are now going in the right direction .
  13. That seem a long time to wait from September to getting on towards the end of January , why didn't they let you know how long you would need to wait ? , £150 is a lot of money to me and I would be getting anxious . Hope you are not out of pocket when this is sorted . All the best MM
  14. Why not be a bit more enterprising and use your off cuts to make bird house feeders , you could also do them in kit form , looking at them in the garden centre a basic one is around £30 , your boy could then use his engraver to put a name on the front , or what the buyer want to name the bird box . If you know a small builder who repair roofs , or renew roofs he would have stacks of old slates you could use for the roofs , tell yer , this time next year your lad might have his own company and employing you .
  15. From a very early age I have shot either kneeling or sitting , kneeling in the tram lines on laid wheat fields in the summer was no problem as the stems of wheat were a lot longer than they are today, you then had the advantage of getting in the middle of the field and using any wind direction to make life that bit easier . When I found it to much for my knees I would then sit , this had advantages and disadvantages , sitting down create a lot less movement , but it also restrict the amount of shots you can take on . I also look for a evergreen clump along the hedge in the Winter months, but this is to keep the cold wind off my back rather than to minimise my movement .
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