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  1. Just been looking at cartridges prices and Clarks Of Walsham were advertising Gamebore Wild Game 12b 30gm 6s at £179.04 a thousand , these were on special offer and they will deliver any quantity over 500 for £10.00 , seem a good offer to me , might try a few slabs while they are on the cheap side . Have anyone tried these cartridges ? I did hear they were very much like Clear Pigeon .
  2. Holy moley

    I used to use the soil from a Mole hill to grow my tomatoes , an old boy once told , you don't get any weeds from the soil from a Mole hill , how right this is ? I don't know but someone on here will sure to let us know if it is right or not .

    Well at least you wouldn't have fired that many shots if you were sitting at home beside your wood burner , you can always do that when the weather is cold , it would have been like a warm Spring day here if it wasn't for the cold wind. Had a look round just after dinner and saw a nice lot going back on the rape , for how much longer ? , I don't know but the land is now dry enough for the land to be worked on again and the tractors were making light work of the conditions . no rain for a few days and with warmer weather forecasted Spring is well on its way.
  4. Rotary problem

    I have got a really old one made from a wiper motor , my mate gave it to me around 12 / 15 years ago and I can run it all day if I want to on a golf buggy battery , I would say it is nigh on bullet prof , out in all weather condition and I believe it have two speeds depending on what terminal you put connector on . a quick spray with w d 40 is a full service , if it aint broke then there is no need to mend it .
  5. NE Wildfowling consents consultation.

    Our estuary was once well known for wildfowling and more so for punt gunning , when I joined the local wildfowling club in 1964 the estuary was free shooting for everyone , you could shoot when you liked ( except Sundays ) and with whatever size gun you wanted to shoot with , then at the meetings the first rumours were brought up about the estuary being made into a nature reserve , the rumours got stronger and stronger for the next four years, and then in 1968 it was made into a reserve with restricted wildfowling , part of the agreement was punt gunning was banned and a 8 bore was the biggest gun you use and no shooting on a Monday , Permits were introduced and bird hides erected and that was the beginning of the end as far coastal fowling goes , we haven't seen a punt gun fired since then and we will certainly never see one fired now .
  6. Roll on summer....

    Lovely looking trio of dogs Walker , just seen the weather and by Wednesday or Thursday this currant cold weather will be in the history books and it should be dry and in double figures
  7. NE Wildfowling consents consultation.

    I would have thought the majority of law abiding wild fowlers have there own self imposed bag limits and don't need to be told what amount they can and cant shoot .
  8. Very strong wind

    I agree with the above statement , As you get older , pigeon shooting is all about sport and enjoyment and the cold wind of late offers very little enjoyment when you are to cold to enjoy the sport. I spend more than enough time to keep the farmer happy in the decent weather ( when we get it ) and he wouldn't think no more of me if I was sitting on a wind swept hedge trying to keep the pigeons off , far easier to put a gas gun on until the weather improve .
  9. Very strong wind

    My brother used to recon a 15mph wind was ideal , I would say 10 / 15 mph is about right , more so from behind or sideways , blowing head on is something I hate and try to avoid , half the fun of decoying is watching pigeons reacting to your decoys in front , I don't like sitting there for ages and a pigeon comes from behind and in a split second it is all over .
  10. Very strong wind

    You done well to keep your hide up around an Oak tree let alone shoot any pigeons in that wind , well deserved bag , I often wonder what is the worse , having to much wind or not enough ?, today I think was to strong .
  11. Nearly To Cold To shoot Pigeons

    THANKS Mr JDog , we have had no laying snow and the showers were only light , the wind though was the killer , I walked up the river first thing this morning and it wasn't to bad with the wind on your back but turning round and walking back made your lugs tingle and your eyes water , more like January than mid March. THANKS muncher , nice to know I wasn't the only one out today , did Motty bring the dark chocolate Hobnobs ?, no chance of them melting , the beet campaign must be running late as I cant remember lifting and carting sugar beet as late as this, have they finished up your way yet ? THANKS Walker 570 , no point in getting to cold and laying yourself up , I had the protection of the wood and with two pairs of just about every bit of clothing on to keep the cold out, I just about lasted the three hours out before my fingers went numb , one consolation , there wasn't any flies about
  12. With light snow showers and a strong bitterly cold wind the thought of sitting on a hedge today wasn't that appealing after only getting small bags during the week , so after reading the paper and a bit of breakfast I thought I will pop down the road and see how they are getting on lifting the beet . As it turned out they had lifted about three quarters of the crop and must have decided to have the weekend off as all the equipment was on the field but no one to run it , there are always some pigeons on these fields as they never get shot due to houses nearby and today there was 150 / 200 , with the strong wind they were going backwards and forwards to a nice little wood on the edge of the marsh , walking down to wood a nice lot got out while there was some trying to get in , is it worth going back home and putting the magnet out for a couple of hours ? , yes of course it is , so an hour later I had the magnet and a floater out , no decoys in case it snowed hard and I wanted to make a quick exit and no hide as I could stand behind some brambles . Pigeons started to come back straight away and I managed the first four out of five shots , good start but it wasn't to last as the wind must have been nigh on gale force and for each one shot the next two lived to fight another day and this went on for the next three hours. With my coffee all drunk and the cold had penetrated my extra layers of clothing it was time to call it a day , after I had walked across the field to pick one up that dropped out of the tree I didn't realise how cold it was walking back into the wind , still I had 19 to lay out in the garage when I got home , not a big bag by any means , but the sport was lot better than I have done lately and very little work was involved , GOOD LUCK to anyone else who braved the conditions today.
  13. "im mainly (at it again)"

    I never dreamt there was so much technical engineering goes into making a knife , for donkey years I managed with a boy scout pen knife then when I started work I treated myself to a proper pen knife that was made in Germany , when handing over a ten bob note and getting 2/6d change I thought at the time I hade just spent a fortune , now after reading this thread I now realise how much work went into my 7/6d pen knife
  14. JDog and the Fog.

    I fully agree , if the field or surrounding area haven't been shot they will carry on feeding late into the afternoon , in fact talking to the tractor driver he was saying one field of rape I went on last Saturday afternoon was full of pigeons when he left off at 4pm early on in the week , we have got several rape fields , some border each other and odd ones half a mile apart . It don't take long to find what ones they are feeding , you normally get a few shots more or less straight away once you have set up , there is only one flight line and that is from the wood nearest to the field , once the wood have been emptied of pigeons that is it , you can then ride round to the next wood beside the rape and that will be full of pigeons just sitting about , once a few are brave enough to drop in onto that field the rest will follow so when the farm hand pass that field on the way home he will plenty of pigeons feeding on that particular rape field. At the moment ours are still in big flocks and all I am doing is making them jumpy , but at least the farm manager can see I am doing my bit and before long things will improve with the weather and hopefully the pigeon shooting will follow suit .
  15. JDog and the Fog.

    Thirty six would have been a respectable bag during decent weather , in todays dreary misty , murky conditions , you two done well in finding where they were and for sticking the conditions out . One thing I noticed in your report was it came to a standstill during early afternoon , I have been out lately at mid morning , dinner time and just after and each time it stopped around 2 pm with hardly a pigeon to be seen anywhere in the area where any shooting have taken place . and yet when P C is out he get shooting well into the afternoon , no doubt I have still got a lot to learn about pigeon shooting