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  1. The Late Mc Kenzie Thorpe used to blow / suck on the back of his hand when after Hares and had them run up to him before he gave em a shot , the sound he made didn't sound anything like the sound the Hare made and yet they were drawn to the noise he made like a magnet . I was once told by an old countryman that you can get close to a squatting Hare by walking round it in a wide circle and slowly reducing the distance from the Hare each time you walk the full circle , I did try it once and easily got within shooting distance , although I only had my stick and not my gun , so maybe they knew the difference
  2. Hi ......... HIDENSEEK had one that he bought a while back but I have never seen a set at the different game fairs I have been to over the years , so maybe a one man band or a small company made a few sets and they didn't make that many ? If someone did try and make a three section pole , what about if the first section that went into the ground was two feet length of 3/8 th reinforce rod with the kick plate welded on say 6/7 inches from the bottom so it could take a bit of stick and then the other two sections were in alloy to keep the weight down to a minimum . Maybe one of these cheap linen line props could be cut down and then the bit of reinforce rod could be inserted in the inside of the smaller one to make it into a three piece rod ? I am sure someone like Ditchman could knock one up in no time , and who knows he could end up a very rich man , although he might already be one .
  3. Hares always fascinate me , like Woodcock they have got a lot of mysterious ways that we can never fully understand . I have only ever seen Leveret's once in there form that were only a day or two old , these are fully developed and look like a miniature Hare with all it's features . Nice photo and THANKS for sharing.
  4. I am sure if there was a demand for them , the guys who produce the two part poles that extend out could produce a three section pole that are a bit smaller than the two piece ones , these would then give you a bit more height at the back of the hide and lower at the front if needed , maybe they are already on the market , although I have never seen any .
  5. We also ate Whimbrel , slightly smaller than the Curlew but with a layer of fat on the breast so it stopped the meat drying out a bit while in the oven , we also had the other wading birds on the list and ( by mistake ) the odd one that wasn't. I think at the time meat was in short supply along with the money to buy it , wild fowlers were known to eat whatever they shot so Waders were often on the menu , one other bird that had a very gamey taste was the Coot , these you skinned instead of plucking and they also had fat on the breast , to me they were better eaten than the Lew and for taste you cant really compare them to anything else .
  6. THANKS old'un ....... I bought that car in 1969 / 70 while I was still learning to drive , I had two lessons a week at 30s/0d ( £1.50p ) a lesson and the instructor put me in for the test after four weeks and I passed first time two weeks later , on the test day I had a lesson first that was identical to the test an hour later. Now after all those years, and with me thinking I had an engine in my first motor that was more or less made of gold you brought me back down to earth telling me it was reconditioned .
  7. Was it a Silent night , no not you .. the mattress . My first motor was a Ford Cortina with a gold seal engine in it , what the gold seal meant ? , I haven't a clue , but you no doubt will know
  8. You most likely shot a different species of Curlew than I did 😊, I have never wasted anything I have shot or been given and as far as I can remember the only thing we ever discarded after cooking was a Curlew , September and October they were just about edible with an Onion in the inside and Bacon on the breast on the outside after they had been feeding on the grazing fields , from November they became rank when they had to rely on the mud flats and salt marshes to find enough to eat . Now you cannot give a lot of game away and is available to anyone who help out on shoots or know someone who does , I think you would have to be a poor ole way to tuck into a Curlew .
  9. They were the first ones I splashed out on , I cant say mine were used 1000s of time but they were used a lot until they finally gave up the ghost , one advantage was they were easy to get your net on and off with ease , another was they were light and yet very strong . After trying to get one in very dry and hard ground it bent at the base and after trying to straighten it out it snapped off from the kick plate , then they started to slide down with the weight of the nets , this was put right by tighten up the plastic cones on the inside of the pole , like everything else in life they don't last forever and I then bought a cheaper set and used the odd ones as spare , but all in all I haven't had any as good as the Pinewood and although fairly dear , if you want the best you get what you pay for .
  10. Mr JDog... Apart from the Peas , ( which should go in around the end of the month ) all our Spring drilling is now done and already poking above ground level , all the fields that are still bare are for for the potato and beet contractors , the only pigeons I shot during the week were on thin patches of rape , the rest of the fields have now really taken off and well over three foot in places . This weeks forecast is for better weather and I dare say before to long the pigeons will stay in the woods or drift out to grass fields where clover is now coming through the grass , so there will be some more shooting on the poor bits of rape but around here rape will only be a part of a pigeons diet .
  11. Another gallant effort from the Midlands pigeons worst enemy , come rain or shine we can always rely on P C and D B to deliver the good in the currant adverse conditions Yesterday I sat in my motor with a coffee while watching a Rape field , I could swear blind in the half an hour I was there the plants had grown a couple of inches , joking aside , each time I look at the fields now the plants are getting bigger with more and more coming into flower and now apart from still being able to shoot a few eaten off places I think this years rape shooting is coming to a close , Thankfully .
  12. Sound about the same round this way , pigeons have been in big flocks and very rarely on the same rape field for two days running , during the four weeks of roost shooting some got good numbers one week and the next week they got next to nothing . During the drilling period I think you were right in what you were saying where the pigeons might have been more interested in the previous crop rather then the new one going in. Now with some of the rape fields starting to get flowers on and in places they are well over three feet tall the pigeons are now homing in on fields that have got a lot of thin areas , this might be fine if you have only got the odd field in a good area but we have got eleven fields on the estate alone and many of the neighbouring farms have also got rape. This situation keep you on your toes but getting a decent bag is very difficult and the same old thing after a few shots they have found somewhere else , unlike some of the above posts we have got good numbers of pigeons and hopefully we can hold on to them .
  13. Without being rude , the answer is yes . Do you need any , or are you asking what sort we have got and maybe , how we use it . ? ?
  14. Trouble is bills have to be paid and pigeons don't always wait until you have got a day off , I am sure your day will come before long , peas have started to go in as well as beans . The forecast for the rest of the week is wind and heavy rain tomorrow and wet and windy for the rest of the week , your land might be a bit more lighter and lumpy than ours but the drilling down here is either devoid of pigeons or if there are any they are only on the field for a day before they move on someone else's .
  15. Your shooting wasn't that poor with having a sticky start and a strong wind to contend with , 100 day bag for 200 shells for a afternoons sport is pretty good in my eyes , THANKS for sharing and hope there is more posts to come
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