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  1. As for write ups , way above of what we have come to expect from our talented members . If we had a leader board , Jim would be perched on the top and could there for some time to come . THANKS for sharing Jim, and now get back to the decorating and tiling
  2. To be fair to Jacko the camera don't always show you the true picture and what look dangerous with shooting under the wires he could have shot before they reached the wires or when they were well clear , we wern't there so we can only judge on what we see on the video , trouble is there might be youngsters and people who are just entering the sport watching the video who would be thinking it would be perfectly normal to be shooting through the wires which we all know is far from normal and could be highly dangerous , as for the shooting skill we all have our own way of when to pull the trigger
  3. Evening Chris .... Unlike the bigger game fairs the Fenland wouldn't take a huge amount of time to organise , if everything goes to plan all restrictions should be lifted by mid June , and it will another wait and see if the show go on , trouble is we are heading towards the sell by date so we don't want to be waiting longer than necessary
  4. When we joined the E U a lot of pigeons did continue going to France but not by flying across the English channel , these went all stacked in grates on the back of a lorry heading for the restaurants . I agree there are a lot more suburban pigeons now than there was when you and I first shot pigeons , we have far more Wood pigeons come to our bird tables than any bird , and the same as you , I can look out of our back or front and see pigeons throughout the day .
  5. Restrictions should , or could be lifted by then but I would have thought the decision to go ahead or cancel it would have been made by now , I know all our local shows were cancelled up to well into July , not sure about the Fenland and Sandringham which are in August and September , fingers crossed.
  6. Some nice shooting , and like my old teacher use to say , there is room for improvement . I have set up against pylons and telegraph poles in the past but always shooting away from them , I always thought it would be just my luck if I took a bird between the cables my shot would chop through the wire , I went out with a electrician once and when telling him about shooting through cables he recon it was nigh on impossible to cut through one , that might well be , but to me , prevention is better than cure
  7. Yes I fully agree , nothing we use is 100% perfect and I can easily put up with the odd tear as two nets on top of each other would make the odd hole obscure , we have come a long , long way from the ex army sack and scrim nets that we bought from the back pages of The Shooting Times , these were the only ones available at a reasonable price so you couldn't compare them with other nets , the ones we used to get came in a big bundle and must had been about 12ft x 12ft , and I well remember hanging one up on the linin line and cutting it down the middle to make two nets , when they got wet they
  8. I agree with the ones that say they rip far to easily , setting up near a bramble bush you can bet a pound to a penny you will catch one of the branches and like Alan ( Lakeside ) actions , I tend to use brute force rather than try to be gentle and ease the net and the snag apart . I would also recommend buying the 5mt rather than the 3mt length and not bother with the clear stealth net as it is next to useless , two or three ply are fine and if you are going to buy two nets then buy them in different shades , although by putting two on top of each other I don't think it make that much di
  9. Brilliant ....... Could do with more of the same , Please don't leave it for another year , what with the virus and the new strains that keep cropping up , some of us might not be around to read it
  10. Your rotary might well be the same as mine , as well as the arms extending the base have got square rod inserted in the hollow length of metal to raise it up if needed on tall crops and a screw under the small square rods that the arms marry into , the screws can raise or lower the arms again if needed and can also be used if you want the arms to go round at two different levels , although by now everything you can try with a rotary have already been tried many times over and over again , or have they ?
  11. Peter Scott terrain dish and lid from the Mid Winter range , 1950s? , semi porcelain and Made In England ( White Fronted Geese ) , No cracks or chips and from a smoke free home .... £15.00 Posted.
  12. marsh man


    Indeed it was time well spent , looks superb , If you don't eat it all , How long would it last for ? , most super market bread last for two days at the most and then it is only fit to feed the birds .
  13. Glad the after effects from the jab haven't dented your enthusiasm , good going in the short amount of time , plenty of fresh air , daily exercise and t l c when you get home , sound like you are nearly back to your old self
  14. Last year we had a Great White Egret around for most of the Spring and early Summer , this morning if it was the same one then it had found itself a mate as there were two standing on the grazing fields about 100 yards away from where I was standing . haven't seen the Lammergeier yet , think it have been seen in the mid Norfolk area where there is plenty of forestry land around the Thetford area .
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