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  1. I had totally forgot about Horace Friend until a few years ago when I had a bus ride to Wisbeach and there on the side of a big warehouse was his name in big White letters , in the 60s , him and another firm were always advertising in the Shooting Times for Jay wings , Starling wings , duck and game feathers , our old game keeper would never miss a trick when it came to earning a few bob and would often send a batch of wings and feathers up to Friends the feather merchants , when we altered the old game larder a few years ago to comply with the new hygine regulations we had to do away with the old wooden cabinet we used to lay the game on and replace it with a stainless steel one that came out of the tea rooms , inside the drawer of the old one was a pile of delivery tags with Horace Friend name and address on them , these would have been used to put on the sack when they were dropped off at the railway station in the village , also in the drawer were ones for Leadenhall market to send the wildfowl that were caught in the duck decoy that was up and running for commercial use . Now nobody wants the feathers , Rabbit skins or even a Fox skin , in fact now you would have to pay somebody to dispose them , my how times have changed .
  2. Your fault , once you start talking about chests and Norfolk's former beauty queen to these lot who are already slavering at the gills when the drawers were mentioned you are asking for trouble , I can see the padlock being oiled up and ready to be put on this thread
  3. You have picked a good weekend both with the weather and places to go to , this weekend is another one of those heritage weekends where you get free entry to a number of museums and interesting buildings . One place worth a visit is the Time And Tide museum which is in Yarmouth , plus one or two museums along the South Quay, and it's free entry to look around the Lidia Eva also on the South quay which is one of the last Herring drifters to sail out of Yarmouth . Another museum that is well worth a visit is the Broads Museum at Stalham , again a free entry weekend , we went last Sunday and had a very good day out , it is normally £5.50 each to get in , plenty to see and you can have a trip in there electric boat down to Barton Broad , well worth thinking about. If you like wildlife ( not the type ditchman refer to ) then leave your car on Asta car park and take a walk under the new bridge for a walk around the estuary walk , it goes on for five miles , but it up to you how far to walk and how long you have got on the car park . Back to Yarmouth , park down the sea front and walk through the recently opened Water Ways , this cost £3.3 million to bring it back to how it was in the early 1900s , and again well worth a visit for the whole family , and again that magic word , or words Free Entry . Hope you enjoy your visit and if you need any more information by all means get in touch . P S ..... Forgot to say , give the town itself a miss , very few shops left open and not worth wasting what little time you have . All the best MM
  4. Must be different in other areas , if you read JDogs post last week and a piece I put on about a little go I had , we both mentioned young pigeons , in Jdog thread he was saying he shot 40 odd and nearly two thirds were young, and I left some very young ones and I finished with around half young and half old . Last Saturday afternoon we had another go and the young to old were about the same .
  5. My guns are very simple side by sides and although two them are ejectors they rarely get used to chuck the empties out as they were made to do , if I am in a hide or down the marsh in bad light I always put my hand over the spent cartridges and remove them myself , this save me looking about in the dark for a few empties . I am not saying this is the right thing to do , but I am not one of the people who clean the gun after every time it is taken out , now and again it get a birthday present with a wipe down with a oily cloth that I keep in a polyphene bag in my gun cabinet , this is mainly after being out in heavy rain and very rarely , if ever they let me down .
  6. We are classed as the Flat landers in our county
  7. Great video , like you say , a special place to shoot over , these are the only duck I have seen shot this season as most of my fowling is now done on the marshes and I don't normally start till the live stock are taken off and some water start laying about . One thing I noticed was your duck look in good condition for the early part of the season . already looking forward to your next one , THANKS for sharing.
  8. How on earth did we manage before the internet , dead easy , if you are interested in any form of field sport such as beating or picking up you will put your feelers out and start narrowing down to the people that matters . How do you get in touch with the people that matters I hear you say , well if I was new to an area that is involved in shooting I would ring or send a letter to the local estate office and ask for the head game keeper or the estate manager to get back to me about beating / picking up for the fore coming season . I would also ask the local game dealers if they could give me any phone numbers from the shoots that bring the game in , and also game breeders that supply the shoots with the young game . Same as getting perms for pigeon shooting , if you don't go out and ask then I am afraid you wont get much , like I say If you want something bad enough you will put yourself out to get it.
  9. Looking forward to how the day went motty , not sure if the weather would have been in your favour but down here it was dead still with a bit of mist .
  10. We have got a Morello or an ornamental cherry tree in the back garden and this year there were a good amount of cherries , once the Blackbirds find them all that is left is the pips
  11. I can imagine the atmosphere was something you will remember for quite a while , the fans are the pride of the county and they deserve a game like that now and again .
  12. First class report and a very good bag , sadly we no longer grow Beans so we don't have any Bean stubble to shoot over but when we did it was always something to look forward to . Well done both of you .
  13. Yea the weather was roughly the same 😊
  14. Don't you believe all you hear about retirement about having more time for shooting , as one day a week we have to stock up with provisions , although if we are back home early enough I sometimes get a couple of hours in on top of my other six days I am really glad you got some nice shooting , well deserved and good luck when you go again
  15. People like yourself are the backbone of the small to medium game shoots ( the big ones would normally have a paid keeper , plus a house and most if not all the expenses paid for ) , I have also been going on a similar shoot to yours just south of Norwich for the last 20 or so years , all the main helpers are in full time employment as although it is your hobby the house hold bills still have to be paid so all the work have to be done before work , after work and at weekends . We also have around ten days , I say we, as I like to think I am part of the team , now I am getting on a bit I am promoted , or demoted whatever way you look at it to drive the beaters from one drive to the next and then end up parking near the guns motors , I then stand with my dog behind any guns without a dog , we do have picker ups but as you know the quicker a wounded bird is retrieved the better . We all enjoy a good day and we always feel for the keeper when things don't go exactly to plan as things can go wrong and sadly sometimes do go wrong , this is a stressful time of the year for a keeper or as some would call a Pheasant feeder but for the sake of a bit of Pigeon shooting there is no need to make it more stressful than what it already is . GOOD LUCK over the next few months.
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