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  1. I can see where you are coming from LIoyd when joining the beating line or as a member of a rough shoot , you wouldn't normally take your dog beating unless being asked by the keeper who will or should know how steady the dog is , same with rough shooting , you don't want a dog that is constantly chasing Rabbits , walking and hunting beyond the range of a shotgun and turning a deaf ear to any instructions . With Pigeon shooting a dog is not essential and the sport can easily carried out without one , although having had working Labradors all my life I would now sooner leave my gun at home than my dog , yesterday afternoon I just got into double figures before once again rain stopped play , I don't mind a drop of rain but when it thunder and lightning it is time for me to get back home in the dry , the ones I got I let my dog pick up during the time I was shooting and ones I left he picked up when we were putting the gear back in the motor , as I said a dog is not essential but to me it's half the pleasure of shooting , and a good half at that .
  2. Good going to shoot 90 odd in three hours , no sign of any rape been cut down here this last week , the weather is making this years harvest another stop and go and like today we have had heavy thundery showers this afternoon , the farm don't mind as it give them a chance to clear the bales off and leave it ready to start cultivating .
  3. Yes we heard all about it , some of our beaters went to Gillingham and I used to buy some Partridges from there , at one time they were 10 for a couple of quid , about 20p each , I think the keepers name was Paul and when he left an ex police inspector called Lenny took on the keepering , when our beaters went on there cock day at the end of the season they would still shoot a 2/300 bird day , Andrew used to have a shop on the place and one day I was in the shop and I enquired about some cartridges , we went into his house and his Spaniel had scattered the plastic rubbish bin all over his room and the dog was stuck in the bin , he dragged it out and let it go without saying a word , look as though he was well used to the dog causing havoc .
  4. Glad the waiting is now in sight Steve and the sooner you get it done the better you will start feeling , you will always remember the date as the Glorious Twelfth , the start of the Grouse shooting season .
  5. Could be extreme change's in weather conditions , or is the bush a one off ?
  6. Your Partridge day must have been a very big day and would have been for those with very deep pockets , if that had been on ours we would have packed up after, or even during the first drive and gone home for a early bath , tell yer what , there must be some well off folks in the Cantley area
  7. Shooting a 100 Pigeon day with air rifles would certainly call for some clever decoying , having said that I did read in one of John Humphries books where he shot a three figure bag with a 22 bullet gun , so yes it can be done but a few times harder than using a shotgun .
  8. Also , if you are in a game shooting area like it is around our way , seeking pigeon shooting over the next week or so will be a whole new ball game , say for instance someone saw some Pigeons going on our Beans which are now turning from Green to Black and will be combined in two to three weeks time , he send the land owner a letter or try to ring him up , when the owner receive the letter or answer the call he then pass it on to the estate manager , who in turn pass it on to the farm manager who then pass it on to the head keeper as the Beans are near some game cover and when the poults come home they will go straight into the release pens , the keeper won't want anyone shooting near or even within sight of pens being put up in the game covers so the answer will certainly be NO , he will then get in touch with someone he know well such as myself and advise where to go, or stick on a gas gun for a couple of weeks , like Muncher said in his report on shooting the Rape stubble , after he got the one day permission off the farm manager he then had to get the go ahead from two keepers , if they had said no then no it is , simple as that
  9. I dare say that some areas are different to our area , I have never known anybody paying the land owner to shoot Pigeons / Crows ect , giving the farm manager , head keeper a bottle of drink for Christmas is different , For the newbie riding around and seeing pigeons on stubble would be a waste of time in seeking the owner out and trying to get the go ahead ,stubble shooting is normally for somebody who have looked after the crop before it was turned into stubble , from a farmers point of view the Pigeons / Crows are doing very little harm on freshly cut stubble and while they are munching away on the stubble they are leaving the standing crops alone . We all had to start at the beginning and that was finding feeding pigeons and then knock on a few doors , there were setbacks but once you got your first foot on the ladder the second rung was just around the corner , a lot of running about and at times it was frustrating but you carried on and all the time the perms were building up , then you started to attend game shoots and more doors began to open and word got about if you were doing things right , on the other hand if you started to put a foot wrong it would be on the grapevine overnight and your perms would be lost a lot quicker than when you first got them , so tread lightly and only go on what fields you asked to go on and above all go by yourself until you have gained the land owners trust , if you want shooting bad enough you will somehow get it , but sadly it is unlikely to be off the forum .
  10. A class video with shooting to match , no sign of any Rape cut yet down this way , it look ready but I recon the Winter Barley is taking priority with still a good amount to cut .
  11. Morning Chris ...... Same advise as T C , our one was getting on a bit ( 8 to 10 years old ) and the drum was making a lot of noise when spinning and sounded like it was going to take off , if we had it repaired I think it would have only lasted a short while before something else on the machine would have needed replacing . In the end it wasn't worth messing about with so we ordered one from Curry's which we found was as good as any on price with free delivery . We put the old one in the garage and the delivery guys brought the new one into my kitchen and unpacked it and offered to remove the fixing bolts , excellent service by Curry's , I plumbed it in and I rang up a chap who collects old washing machines for free , a chap came by himself and I told him I couldn't give him a hand as my back isn't that good , no worries , he had a sack barrow and took it to his truck and lifted it up by himself without breaking into a sweat , oh to be young again .
  12. Apart from gloss paint I have used whatever is available when needed , White undercoat , White eggshell and I have even gave them a drop of White Sandtex ( masonry paint ) Mine only get touched up once a year and normally early spring when I give them all a good wash and touch the wing and neck bars up when they dry off . mine are a good twenty years old and apart from a few air holes coursed by stray shot they still look good and will more than likely see me out .
  13. I will pick it up for you and P M you for postage details .
  14. Evening Mike ...... I will be round yours around dinnertime tomorrow , strangely enough I was going down the track near the neb cottage to have a look at the Rye fields to see if any of the fields are laid , now I will be able to kill two birds with one stone. If alright with you , I would be happy to post the Crow caller to the above member ? All the best John.
  15. Yes please mickanies , Just need the flapper , cord and the cleaning rod. Can you p m me your address and will pick up sometime tomorrow , Do you fancy or need a few fresh Wood Pigeons while self isolating ?
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