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  1. marsh man

    Where did they go?

    You are already on the first step of the ladder by having somewhere to go , use your permission to good effect when seeking new places to go , once you start adding to the one you have got you will find the more names you can give to new land owners the more likely they will let you go , everyone on this forum more than likely only started with one permission and then over a period of time built up a lot of land in the same area so they can end up going where the pigeons want to go and not relying on a small piece of land for all there pigeon shooting .
  2. marsh man

    Where did they go?

    I can fully understand with you only having the one field to shoot why you are prepared to hope for the best and pray they return , rape is a godsend for the pigeons survival throughout a long cold winter but is a nightmare for pigeon shooters in trying to learn why they prefer one field and not another a few fields away , so with you enjoying a day out in the countryside, why not try and find where they end up once you put them off , then seek out the owner and tell him while you were shooting pigeons on your own patch you noticed quite a few going on his field , then come out with the crunch question , Is there any chance in me having a go at them ? You never know , you are then having a day in the countryside and as a bonus going home with a new permission.
  3. marsh man

    Where did they go?

    Was the op in to much a hurry to start shooting without doing any homework before hand ? To save lugging all the gear across a muddy and wet field and then ending up with a wasted journey, why not walk them off and go back and sit in your motor for half an hour to see what happen , if you don't see any come back in that amount of time , then it would be a strong possibility they have found another food supply and are not likely to come back .
  4. marsh man

    OSR Shooting time?

    Watch the field for a few days before you decide when to start , some fields will shoot better first thing in the morning and others wont show any interest till later on the morning , Have a look at JDog's post on Sporting Pictures ( Short And Sweet ) on Monday . Started shooting at 5 past 8 , fired 21 shots and killed 18 pigeons in 25 minutes , no more shots and all over by 9 am . So have a look and see if they are active first thing in the morning and if so give it a go .
  5. marsh man

    Gun christened!

    Certainly look a nice gun aga man , it's always a good omen if you connect on it's first day of action , you will no doubt have good and bad days with your new gun , but after a good start on it's first day out you are unlikely to blame the gun when the cartridges seem like they are void of shot .
  6. marsh man

    ditchmans winetasting

    Are you sure you didn't have anything in it to liven it up a bit , I must be hooked on it , I can drink a good half a bottle on a shoot day and still drive about with no ill effects
  7. marsh man

    Beaters required Northumberland

    Hi Minkie .... I am sure what you are saying go for the majority of people who help out on a shooting day , as I said in one of my posts the top pay for a beater I have heard of is £40 and no doubt a bit more for the drivers and the ones who pick up. On one of our shoots it is £30 for beaters , for some of the retired chaps it's a day out in the fresh air , a bit of exercise and dare I say it , a day away from her left indoors Where I am on Saturday I used to do it for nothing and the guy who run it would let me go down to his flight pond and let me shoot as many duck as I wanted , he knew I wouldn't shoot more than four and this carried on until I retired then he insisted I took the pay to at least cover my fuel, we all have lunch together and the bottle is passed to the beaters as well as the guns at 11s, for the last few years we have had two beaters days to make it fair for those who go on other shoots and the beaters day clash , a very good and considerate shoot .
  8. marsh man

    Puds when you were a kid. What was your favourite ?

    I am not sure if the dumpling mix in a muslin cloth that was put in a steamer was a Scottish tradition or was used all over the U K , my old grand father done exactly the same and spent a fair bit of time in the Scottish ports while catching the Herring , He done the same with steak and kidney puddings , I remember him during the dumplings most days of the week and he would often have them hot , cut in half with butter .
  9. marsh man

    ditchmans winetasting

    Try Budgen's at Acle , they seem to have a nice selection of wines , I dont drink wine so I cant recommend any. I stick to Orange Lucozade , nice flavour , build your energy levels up , no hang over and only a pound a bottle , go on try some
  10. marsh man

    Would You Say Anything ? If So What ? .

    Scotslad .... As for tipping the beaters , this is new to me and something I have never come across , yes we have had the odd bottle of drink or a tin of chocolates on the pre Christmas shoot from one of the regular guns or the owner . Some years the keeper pays for the end of season meal , or if there are a lot who turn up he pay for a round of drinks , he then thank everyone for there help throughout the year and hope we will all be able to do it all over again next year , a nice way to shut the curtains on another season
  11. marsh man

    Gun Auctions

    Very true , as panoma 1 stated about the commission fees which is roughly 20% on the selling price , also a auction house near mine used to charge £10 for a gunsmith to check the gun over and say weather it was safe to sell , although I am not if this still apply . If you selling a run of the mill s x s then don't give up your day job , they are making very little money and the buyer can pick up something decent for around a £100 . You can look on some of there web sites to see what the guns made at the previous auction to give you some idea what's what , this also tell you what to expect to pay if you are buying one , and remember the buyers premium on top of the selling price .
  12. marsh man

    Would You Say Anything ? If So What ? .

    I wouldn't have liked that situation neither Scully and knowing some of our beaters neither would they . I can only comment on the two shoots I go on , the one concerning the above thread I have been going on there for just over 50 years with only a three year break while serving in the R N , the other one where I am Saturday I have been going for around 30 years and the only days I miss is if the other shoot dates clash and then I give the top one priority due to my free hand at pigeon shooting and being employed for nearly 30yrs until retirement . Both shoots are excellent on beaters ( day's ) as we often have two on each , on the big one , it is two teams walk and stand with eight drives ( cocks only , duck and a limited number of Woodcock ) and a 100+ bag expected. The smaller shoot is stand all day while the guns do the beating , both cocks and hens are included as they start afresh each year , we often have two days because not everyone can make it on the first day , last year the bags were close on 80 both days. Overall we don't hear many beaters knocking other shoots on there beaters day , maybe there are a lot of shoots in the area and ( good ) beaters are well sort after , I know one commercial shoot where a 300 bird day on beaters day is often talked about and there are no shortage of commercial shoots .
  13. marsh man

    Tweed shooting coat for sale. (3)

    Some very smart jackets there Mr JDog , sadly I would have to go nearly back to my school days to fit into a 38 - 40 inch jacket , 44 - 46 and I might had broke into the piggy bank. GOOD LUCK with the sale .
  14. marsh man

    Would You Say Anything ? If So What ? .

    I am not saying this ( gentleman ) thinks he is better than others because that's not the impression he give me . Mind you I would say that wont I ☺️ , when I used to put the guns on there pegs and generally looked after there needs throughout the day like getting them a packet of fags if they ran out , gave them some of my Lucozade if they had a bit of a hang over , a couple of my strong pain killers if they had aches and pains and so on , well this old boy wasn't feeling to good and his boy rang the office to say could I keep an eye on him as he was in two minds in turning up for the day , anyway when I got the message I went over and asked how he was feeling and he didn't seem that bad apart from feeling a bit weak , when we left the hall and got to the first drive I took his gun and cartridge bag across to his peg and done the same when the drive was over , this I carried on for the remaining drives and he got through the day without feeling any worse , when we got back I carried his gear back to the car and after the hand shake there was a £10 note embedded in the palm of my hand , so maybe he isn't so bad after all ,
  15. marsh man

    Stewardship Scheme

    Very good question and I am sure you will get some good answers from better educated members than me . I wonder if we did leave what other ways we would be affected directly and indirectly in our sport , like would the E U still be buying the same quantity of both game and pigeons ??