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  1. Hi chairman .......... When you say exact details of the field , do you mean crops or the map reference number of that particular field ? THANKS
  2. I dare say like me there are several members who are in the vulnerable age group of 70+ , I know Alan ( Lakeside1000) , Chris ( Old Boggy ) and I believe P C is , or very near to it . We should stay in self isolation for a minimum of twelve weeks and at the moment I am like a caged wild animal , we can exercise once a day , go and get food and medicines and very little else , I must admit I cheat a bit on the exercise , I take my dog out for a good walk first thing in the morning , on the way home I pop in the village shop and get my paper , after reading the paper and having a bit of a rest I look around and find something to do , yesterday I washed all the outside guttering and the garage door , then a break for dinner and another cup of tea , it is now time to take the dog out again , I walked down the main road to the nearest field and then walked all the way around and then back home , now it's sweeping out garage time before yet another cup of tea , around 4pm it time to head off out again , this time I did go in the motor as we were running out of milk and popped down to the super market , right beside the car park is the lane that lead down to the marsh so way I go again and took my binoculars , I saw loads of Pigeons sitting in the trees at the little marsh carr , our old friend the Great Egret was on the marsh ( if you have never seen one , this bird is the size of an adult Heron and twice the size of the Little Egret ) , over on the estuary there were loads of Avocets that look they were sitting on the water with having long legs , several pairs of Shelduck , Mallard , Teal and a few Wigeon , now it was time to turn back and make my way back , on the way I walked past a Pair of Greylag that were tamer than farm yard geese and could have been looking for a nesting site . Back to my car the six o clock news was then coming on so I had been out for two hours and never saw a soul , so now this caged wild animal is beginning to get used to the lock down and really speaking it is not that bad . How are you finding it ?
  3. At Tesco'.s this morning it was still £1.02 Petrol and £1.08 for Diesel
  4. Why would it had been awkward if the police had got out of the car and asked you a few questions if you had followed all the police guidelines in the first place ?
  5. Very sensible way of doing things , When you ring up would you get the o k for the farm you were going on , or just the field you were enquiring about . If it was just the field then it would rule out going to that farm to just observe what was about and the field you enquired about would only be for the one day , another day another phone call correct ?
  6. I can see where your coming from and I agree with going out in the countryside we are less of a risk than people jumping on a tube train packed beside others who are going to work , but as far as shooting is concerned we are far from normal times and have now got to follow guide lines , if we get it wrong our s g c would be at stake and by the sound of things we have got to do it off our own shoulders without having the support of B A S C to help us out . That is why questions will be asked to the people like yourself who have just got all the different go a heads to carry on crop protection . If you got stopped by the police , which it seem members are now are , you would need to have everything in order if not I can see before long somebody being charged with not following guidelines .
  7. Valid point , after two incidents with the police in recent posts , one shooting on the foot path and the other one today with clangerman you need to get it right . Just read Walkers post with the email he got from the Leicestershire police , well worth reading .
  8. Very nice and look like it was made by a man who knows what he is doing , I don't think , well I know rather than think that it wouldn't look as nice as that if I had got the tools out . Well done and thanks for sharing
  9. Who knows Dave ...... Every cloud have got a single lining , although single figures might be wishful thinking
  10. We still have to use my motor to get some food in and going to the chemist ect as our village is well away from the shops , but at the rate I am using fuel it could well be into single figures by the time I refill the tank
  11. We have to pay our subs by the end of July and God willing if I am still here I will pay mime come what may , as I now feel at coming up to 73 my wildfowling seasons left are limited and the hooks are already in place in the garage to hang my boots up
  12. Tell me , after you have got around all the red tape , and the landowner requested your services to shoot as many as you can because he is worried about losing his crop to pigeon damage , you then load your motor with 2 / 3 slabs of cartridges and all the rest of your gear , within a mile or so from leaving your house you get stopped by a police road block , after showing them the paper work that your services are vital because pigeons are attacking a food crop , after the police make inquiries to there superior they let you go on your way , you pull up to the field and yes there are few on the field and plenty flying about , with you knowing what you are doing you start building up a bag and getting through a lot of shells , then things slow down and it is time to sack all your pigeons up and head for home , on the way home you get stopped again by a different road block after telling them the same as you had told the police in the morning they let you go once again . Now getting home with a load of pigeons , what do you do with them ? , every where is on lockdown and no outlet is open , the dealers don't want them as they export most of what they take in and the E U is on lock down and now the Spannish have moved up a gear to say they are in hibernation , you can't take them to the tip because they are all shut down , and your freezers are already full. When the question was put to our good friend P C , What would you do if you could no longer offload your Pigeons ? , there was no beating about the bush he said outright he would stop shooting them , So after after all the hassle you had to save the farmers crops , you have now got to find a nigh on impossible home for your shot pigeons , and even if you did know somebody who would have them , they can't come after them and you can't take them . All I can say , if all the landowners stopped people like me and many others on the forum from going when and if this crisis pass over because we are staying off the roads and in self isolation then if you got through this in one piece you are going to have a colossal amount of land to go on . Stay in and STAY SAFE
  13. It's not so much as Pigeons causing an issue at this time of the year , it's a case of getting around the the rules and the law that we have never seen in our lifetime of anyone elses come to that . We are told only to make essential journeys and that is exactly what they mean , looking at different fields for pigeons don't come under essential , you would have to look out for a likely field the same as everyone else and now that is something we can no longer do , so you have got to rely on the landowner to ring you up and give you permission to shoot on that certain field so if you got stopped by the police to explain your reason to be out you have got a text or in writing to warrant you being on the road , lets not forget we are in very serious times with a record number reported dead today .
  14. I can honestly say at this time of the year ,or any time of the year come to that , I cannot remember the last time a farmer rang me up to ask me to go on a certain field because Pigeons are coursing problems to the crop , I do admit I get the odd call from the farm foreman or the tractor drive to say there are a few on the so so field , but a farmer ringing me up ? No. They know I go regular and I know where the different crops are so they just let me get on with it , I would most likely know where the Pigeons are before the farmer knew.
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