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  1. I didn't mean shooting pigeons off your own back to make a living from what you shot , I know that would be impossible as your 30p quoted is now down to 15p. What I meant was being paid by a consortium of farmers or large estates , I was reading in one of the sporting magazines a while back where one of the goose guides used to be employed by one of the big Pea producers for the duration of the Pea campaign to control the pigeons. My brother was employed by Coypu control and I am not sure if he sold the pelts as a perk , I know he had to cut the tip off the tail as prof of how many he got , but he was paid an income off the main body who organized Coypu Control until they finally got rid of them .
  2. After ready the thread Jacks Game it got round to Archie Coates , when he was is the army he came home on his weekends and shot enough pigeons to pay for his expenses and no doubt put a few bob in his pocket. When he came out of the forces he took the plunge and shot pigeons for a living , the land owners and estates paid him, and as far as I know he didn't get any income for taking people out pigeon shooting , and I believe at the time there was one or two others that were full time pigeon shooters. We are told that the pigeon is the number one pest in agriculture and yet as far as I know no one is employed full time to shoot them . On my place they used to employ a full time warrener who caught rabbits for six months of the year and then help the keeper for the other six months , then when the head keeper retired he took the job over , they then employed a warrener for three days a week , they also employed a chap to catch the squirrels but never considered taking on somebody part time let alone full time to shoot pigeons . I think one of the problems is there are to many who would kindly shoot them for nothing let alone expect to be paid to do it. So is there anyone out there who do it for living and not relying on paid clients ?
  3. marsh man

    Opinion on Drilled Wheat and Barley

    Not to disappoint you but not all drilled barley and wheat fields will produce enough pigeons to warrant a decoying session , our estate have been drilling for the last two days on last years rape fields , there is a very narrow window on drilled fields due to the efficiency of the drill , if I shoot any over the next few days it will most likely be the rape seed that have been disturbed rather than the new grain crop going in . You will need to keep an eye on things as soon as the drill have left the field and shoot it when you think there is enough pigeons worthy of a go , if the land is ready for your farmer it will be ready for other farms as well and you will soon find , they are here one day and gone the next . GOOD LUCK when you go .
  4. marsh man

    Jack's game

    I still glance through the pages when I am in Tesco's or Smiths but most of the time find very little of interest , so the money stay in my pocket and the magazine is put back for someone else to glance through it .
  5. marsh man

    Jack's game

    THANKS for the information , I believe Colin Willock first met both Archie Coates and Mc Kenzie Thorpe through his survival programmes . I have got quite a lot of wildfowling books both old and new and I still think Kenzie The Wild Goose Man is the one I enjoyed reading the most , and Archie Coates pigeon shooting book is still the bible of pigeon shooting . One of the reasons I bought the Shooting Times for most of my life was for the likes of Colin Willock ( Town Gun ) and John Humphries ( Country Gun ) , when they both passed on I could never find to much of interest in the S T and I stopped buying it and I doubt I will ever buy it again .
  6. marsh man

    Jack's game

    Yea , I'm not really sure why his first name wasn't printed , I am sure if the old boy was still alive he wouldn't have thought his christian name was a swear word , after all he was never known as Richard Joice ☺️ . By the way , some of the early Survival programmes were also well worth watching .
  7. marsh man

    Jack's game

    Another good one on Anglia Television in the 60s which often features country pursuits was Farming Diary and Bygones by **** Joice , he had a huge collection of old country tools and relics from a bygone age , the collection is ( or was ) on show to the public at Holkham Hall in Norfolk .
  8. marsh man

    Just what the doctor ordered

    I went to the game dealers today , I normally get there around 11 / 30 + 11 / 45 , today I got there about 20 to 12 and the gate was locked , the youngest one of the sons was cleaning his car and came and let me in , he said he now shut at 11. 30 on a Sunday instead of hanging about till 12 , I had 240 frozen and 65 fresh and they made just over £33 , and to tell you the truth I cant see them going up in the near future , today they had around 100 crates of Pheasants thawing out to be processed next week , these Pheasants were last years and they still have more to come out of the freezer , the last lot of pigeons I took up the woman who work there said they had 15,000 Pheasants in store and the market for pigeons is getting harder to find , so you can see what problems they are going to have with game this season when they haven't cleared last seasons before the new one have started . Same with pigeons , people like ourselves will take pigeons in even at a small loss as long as they are being used but with the amount still going to the dealers it isn't helping to reduce there stock , with your 700 and my 300 that is 1000 pigeons off two people , multiply that by the amount of people shooting pigeons and you can see what they are up against . We have been in the same situation in the past, but was there the same amount of people shooting and selling pigeons then as there is now ? , I very much doubt it .
  9. marsh man

    Potential move to norfolk, good or bad idea?

    THANKS for that PPP , I certainly didn't marry one of them , the only designer clothes she had were designed by Tesco where she worked 😊
  10. marsh man

    Just what the doctor ordered

    Yesterday afternoon I got 27 on wheat stubble although mine were decoyed or coming to the tree I was under and not flighted , 66 pigeons on a flight line must be an excellent bit of sport and on par with any game shoot with the added bonus its only a fraction of the price , well done to all concerned . This must be one of the first years I haven't shot any on Beans or the stubble , some years I have shot good numbers just prior to the harvest when the Beans are Black and a few falling out of the pods , then better bags when they have been cut and even when another crop have been put in on the same land , no two years are the same and in a way that's the way we like it , always trying to keep one step ahead and not relying on what pigeons should be eating .
  11. marsh man

    Potential move to norfolk, good or bad idea?

    Iv'e led a fairly sheltered life PPP , so can you explain was a Sloane is please . I aint very good at counting L G , so could you give me a HAND ☺️, if not I would have to stand on my 24 inches which I believe is two FEET
  12. marsh man

    Midland game fair

    I have only been once , this was several years ago , we traveled up there on the Friday night ( 5 hrs ) rather than go early the Saturday morning , we slept in the camping area and the atmosphere was brilliant with the camp fires and a bit of music going on , the fair itself was huge and it was a job trying to see everything in a day , at the time we went , I dare say it was one of the best fairs I had been to , now we just go to the local ones , last week was the Sandringham game fair and me and my wife ( plus the dog ) thought it was an enjoyable day out and well worth going.
  13. marsh man

    Potential move to norfolk, good or bad idea?

    Norwich city itself is a lovely place to visit , plenty of shops , a first class museum set in a castle and just about everything else you will ever need , Broadland is another place worthy of a visit , both on and off the water . Plenty of game shoots , good pigeon shooting and some first class wild fowling , Norwich Wildfowling club have got some excellent land to shoot over and have got vacancies if you wish to join . You might find the pace of life a bit slower but do it really matter if it takes a bit longer to get somewhere☺️ , and wherever you are in Norfolk you are not to far from the stunning coast . GOOD LUCK if you do move to our county and if you need any information about the shooting side of Norfolk by all means get in touch and I will do my best to help you out .
  14. marsh man

    A day at the Seaside

    Excellent report and well worth the travelling , it often amazes me where the pigeons come from when you are shooting on the coast , I have got a large farm to shoot on which is only a half a mile from the North sea and some of the land is just inside the sea wall and yet over the years I have shot 100s of pigeons while watching the different ships going backwards and forwards . The geese should be hitting Mottys area any day now and some might already be there , we have to wait for a few more days before we see them coming down here in any numbers . A few years ago , I went to have a go at pigeons on a stubble field in late September that is about eight miles from mine and around a mile from the sea , when I got there I could see around two hundred Pinks on the next door neighbours stubble that had just recently arrived , while I was setting up there was more coming off the sea that were very high , as soon as they saw the ones already settled they tilted there wings and came to the ground as if they had just fallen from the sky , no sooner had one lot landed the next lot were in view and this went on all the while I was there , time I packed up the numbers must had ran into the low 1000s . I didn't shoot many pigeons but I had one of them days I will never forget. PS ..... Hope Mr JDog is keeping well and look forward to reading his posts after his recent break.
  15. marsh man

    All the rape has been drilled

    With all the food available on the old grain stubble's , Bean stubble , acorns , beech mast and now they cutting or about to cut the maize it is very unlikely that pigeons will start eating the rape as early as this , in fact if the above food was about for the next few months I think they would give the rape a miss as long as they find something else to eat , as I am led to believe , a pigeon will only eat rape if nothing else is on the menu .