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  1. I don't know if the one I bought fit all your requirements but the one I bought off Ebay was a General Motors one , mine was like and cost about £15 plus postage , it screw onto the tyres valve and pump the tyre up in no time , very happy with it plus it is not to big and fit into the spare wheel space.
  2. BARGAIN for someone who want a good day out , GOOD LUCK I am sure someone will soon snap it up .
  3. I can well remember the 62 / 63 Winter when the severe weather killed more Coypu's than the trappers did , at that time they were virtually out of control , and then with the long severe frosts that went on for weeks a lot of the Coypu's were either frozen below ground or above it, we used to take the Orange teeth out of the skulls of the skeletons that were scattered around the marshes and I had a tin full that I must have left in my shed when I moved from my last house . THANKS for sharing the article .
  4. The bonus scheme was paid at the end of the campaign because the trappers had virtually done themselves out of a job , it was reported that if they cleared them up before the ten year target they would get up to three times there yearly salary , and I believe they done it in the time frame . Like you say , good money and if you like that sort of thing it was job satisfaction , you never know if things had been different after you had your interview we might had crossed each others path .
  5. I well remember when my brother worked for Coypu Control , they had White vans with Coypu Control on the sides in fairly large letters , when the campaign started their were still large numbers of Coypus about and nobody blinked a eyelid at the vans , then as they started to make inroads into the numbers and they were televised taken them out of the traps the mood amongst the public started to change with the tyres being let down or a hole put into them , when things got bad they removed all the writing on the vans and things settled down as far as the motors being damaged , this continued till the ministry finally declared the war against the Coypu was over .
  6. That cartridge bag could tell a tale or two if it could talk , it's a bit like my wallet , nearly always empty , nice to read an article on Pigeon shooting after a lean spell on the forum
  7. Cheers greenshank ... Your landscape look incredible , far different to our flatlands , our marshes were reclaimed from the sea which at one time was nearly five miles inland , we have got a Roman fort ( Burgh Castle ) which is still in good condition that overlook the marshes , this fort is now five miles from the sea which once came right up to the edge . Believe you me , I get my fair share of blanks and that is a big part of the package when it comes to wildfowling , all it do is to encourage me to go out the next time and try again . Pity about your lack of Pintail , in some places they are fairly common , whereas a few miles away they are rarely seen , still with all this global warming and the different rare birds that come down to our part of the country it might be only a matter of time before some head up to your way , lets hope so and GOOD LUCK if and when they do .
  8. Evening Pushandpull , Yes you are right, George ( Deafy ) Rose , we had the double boatshed next door to George and Billy had the one the other side , if we were up the boat shed when he came back from a trip up the estuary I would give him a hand to lift his gun out of punt and put it on brackets in the shed , you imagine doing that now , his punt was very light and made out of marine ply and he let me take it for a row across the river to see what it was like , if I remember rightly you could turn it on a sixpence and it stood out of the water a bit higher than our two , our first one we bought off ole Diamond Allen who was mentioned in one of Patterson books ( Wildfowlers And Poachers , a double punt that had a tongue and grove deck and I believe it was about 20ft long , then when that one went we had another double one that the Platt brothers made and that one was 21 ft and we had a single one made out of ply that was 18ft . Like you say it is now all in the history books with all the house boats that were scattered around the estuary now long gone and only the concrete bases left where the boatsheds once stood , George once had a houseboat at the top end of Breydon near the Berney Arms pub and later he had one on what we call Gordons Rond ( Duffels Rond ) , he was deaf as a doorpost when I first knew him when he worked at one of the boat yards and he made a bracket out of brass to put our sail into , lovely ole boy and his life revolved around fowling , I never did know how he lost his hearing then one day a chap who restore and build gun punts sent me a cutting out of a local newspaper written I believe by Percy Trett , a long past local wildfowler . How true it was I can't confirm , but it stated it was a Christmas break in the 1930s , George went up the river on Christmas Eve with his gun mounted on the punt so he could catch the tides on Boxing Day , over that period their was was a very sharp frost and unbeknown to George it had weakened the mounting , George set off and after spotting a pack of Wigeon he started to push towards them , at long last he got into range for the big gun and after pulling the lanyard all hell let loose , the gun parted company and shot down the side of his leg and it stated it went through the side of the boat , how true this was I can't say , but it stated at the end , the last thing George heard before he lost his hearing for good was the sound of cock Wigeon calling out , I am sure poor ole George would remember that last sound for the rest of his time he was on this earth .
  9. If most of your shooting is at Crows over decoys why would you want a 3" or a 3.5 ? and what cartridges do you intend to use ? , as for inland geese and even coastal come to that , a decent 2 3/4 with half and three quarter choke will cater for most of your needs , I would buy a sound second hand gun to begin with in case you don't get on with it , or you need something lighter , or heavier, plenty of good used guns available at the moment in gun shops and at auction houses so don't waste your money on a new one and then you decide to change it in a few months time . GOOD LUCK
  10. The meetings were often the highlights of the season , the club was formed in the mid fifties and I joined in 1964 , my first sub was ten shillings ( 50p ) of todays money , then the following year it I was no longer a junior and it jumped up to over a £1 , we had no marshes then in the club but most of us had friends who did have some and we always had somewhere to shoot , the meetings were held in the pub in the village where I lived and many a time my mate would come in the snug bar from coming back from flight while the meeting was in full swing , he would prop his gun up against the wall and chuck his game bag on the floor and some of the necks would be straining to see if he had anything in it , someone who couldn't see would ask someone sitting nearer to the bag if they could see anything , then another would raise his voice a bit louder to find out and this carried on till the chairman called out , order , order and everyone started to laugh while my mate was ordering his pint with a smile on his face. I have still got my first membership cards ( below ) and I am still a paid up member , mind you the subs have gone up a bit
  11. God almighty 39TDS , the car isn't worth much more than that , I am due for a change next year so I might have to resort in putting a bit of Black tape over the light and just forget about it
  12. Evening Harry ... Yes you could clearly see the air bag light on and I did mention it to the garage chap who rang me up to see where my security wheel is kept , it was also retested when the failed items were put right . You would think this would be a failure across the board but we see some members having their car passed with the same problem , it seem a bit silly failing my motor because one small plastic windscreen pump worked but don't work 100% and yet the air bag light which is a warning that something isn't right passed the requirement by the tester , I will mention it Thursday and ask them to put it back in working order .
  13. I am booked in again for a oil change on Thursday and I will sort it out with him them , I thought I would find out off the wise men on the forum before I took it any further .
  14. Morning all ..... Took my car in last week for a m o t , I knew the handbrake was slack and I had my warning light on for the air bags , I did mention this to the chap at the garage who booked me in for first thing last Thursday morning , took it in and as the day worn on the garage chap rang me to find out where my security nut was as it needed two new tyres , fair enough and I was hopping I would get it back later that day , I rang him up last thing in the afternoon to see if was ready and , no sorry I had to order the tyres and they will come in the morning , fair enough , I rang again the next day at dinner time and it was just being retested and by the time I walked from my house it would be ready for collection . After I paid him I looked at the failure note on the M O T and all it stated was the two tyres needed replacing , hand brake need attention and a faulty windscreen pump , no mention of the air bag light and when I left the garage it was still on . So should they have failed it on the air bag light , and is it safe to drive ? THANKS
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