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  1. marsh man

    Corvid Bashing

    Handy having a rubbish skip beside the unwanted bag P C , with having that many on the farm it might be worth the farmer investing in a small Crow cage , easy to make and working seven days a week , no noise and no further cost after putting it out on site .
  2. marsh man

    Own Up , Did You Watch It ( Or Some Of It ) ?

    Joking aside , the worldwide television audience must have ran into many millions and there cant be many countries ( if any ) who can put on a show like that , lovely weather and set in a magical location . the organisers done a fantastic job..
  3. marsh man

    Own Up , Did You Watch It ( Or Some Of It ) ?

    Can I add you to the list of one at the moment , please , please say yes as its getting a bit lonely , I am beginning to regret i started this thread off now
  4. marsh man

    Normal for Norfolk

    I am quite impressed muncher , those piles are some of the neatest I have seen and it just goes to show what respect us Norfolk boys have for the humble Columba Palumbus As for Normal for Norfolk , it might well be for north of the county but down south our Peas are 2 / 3 inches high and at the moment the pigeons are showing very little interest in them , today I checked them all out and didn't see more than 100 on all the ones I looked at, hopefully things will improve when they get a little higher . WELL DONE on another solo ton +
  5. marsh man


    My brother went to look at the guns in Holts near Sandringham , ( maybe Motty knows where it is ) and he brought the list back and believe you me , there were 100s , all the guns had a sale estimate on them , say £300 to £450 , and if you wanted one you pay the lowest estimate , they had from the top of the scale , the bottom of the scale and everything in between . you can browse without any hassle and he was saying the staff were helpful if you needed any advise. Have anyone on P W been down this road to buy a gun ? , I have bought a few from auctions and haven't really regretted buying any of them .
  6. marsh man

    Own Up , Did You Watch It ( Or Some Of It ) ?

    Surely I wasn't the only P W member who wasted half an hour of my retirement watching a wedding which had a few more people going to the reception than my own ............. well , its looking like I was the only one
  7. After my usual taking my dog down to the river , the rest of the morning I was pottering about in the garden enjoying the lovely weather , then I went indoors as my wife had done a cuppa and a sandwich , yes you have guessed it , the wedding was on . I must admit the small bit I watched wasn't to bad as I think Harry is a bit of a Jack the lad , then that American chap came on rabbiting on like Billy Graham , after a couple of minutes the boredom had set in and it was time to check out the Pea fields . So did you see any of it , and if you did , what did you think of it ?
  8. marsh man

    What Do I Need To Look For.

    Good advice and well worth knowing ....... Thanks a lot. M M
  9. marsh man

    Two Classic Gamekeepers Books

    SOLD to Mice THANKS
  10. marsh man

    It's not always a fib.

    GOOD LUCK for Monday, should be nice and warm so I think the afternoon will ( or should ) be better than the morning .
  11. marsh man

    Two Classic Gamekeepers Books

    P M sent to Mice THANKS
  12. marsh man

    Two Classic Gamekeepers Books

    Two books about the tales of game keepers , lovely books that are in like new condition with no ink writing and from a smoke free home . (1) Tales Of The Old Gamekeepers , 189 pages , by Brian P Martin (2) More Tales Of The Old Gamekeepers , 192 pages , by Brian p Martin. Both books £13.00 Posted
  13. marsh man

    It's not always a fib.

    This time of the year you might had done better by going dinner time and giving it the afternoon , rather than going fairly early in the morning till the time you packed up , you most probably live to far from the perm to keep a regular eye on it, but seeing is believing is always the best policy , and not second hand by somebody who think a few pigeons is a large flock.
  14. marsh man

    Has Wildfowling become too easy?

    As Grandalf stated ,clothing have seen major changes, from army surplus stores to the modern breathable clothing we can use now , as for water boots , the top of the notch were Bullseye , hard wearing but cold , you had to buy a size bigger to allow for an extra pair of socks , now I wear neoprene boots and I wonder how I ever managed without them as cold feet are now a thing of the past. Quarry species have also seen big changes , shooting waders was like your apprenticeship to a fully fledged wildfowler , you learnt about the different species , used the tides to your advantage , concealment , using decoys or silhouettes and shot them on the estuary during the warm and mild days in September . Although a lot of fun at the time and something I am glad I done , now I would no longer wish or want to shoot any more waders , Curlew especially ,as nowadays I would prefer watching them .
  15. marsh man

    What Do I Need To Look For.

    THANKS to all .the above advice , very much appreciated .