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  1. If we end up with the same dry conditions we had last year you can more or less forget about shooting over laid cereals , on the plus side we had one of the earliest starts for the harvest ever ( July 11th ) , and then when they started it was non stop for 17 days , another record . this created stubble everywhere and the pigeons had a vast choice of fields to feed on , although at the moment the stubble shooting have got quite a few question marks to contend with this years harvest
  2. Around our way we have had very little in way of a good rain fall for ages , irrigation have been going on the different crops virtually non stop for the last few weeks , today was one of those hot humid days that attract every fly in East Anglia once you lay a pigeon down in your hide , but no sign of rain . I know it's early days. but if the dry weather continue we will be looking at another early harvest and more problems for the live stock farmers .
  3. We buy them from Meale's , at Stalham , I think they have got more taste in them than the Jersey Royals , When we done some building work at Smiths crisp factory they used to have some early spuds from Egypt , they were good spuds and they looked as if they were grown in Red(ish) soil .
  4. That sound very nice and I am a bit partial to a nice bit of belly pork , we had a nice joint during the week from M + S , not that dear and had very little fat on it . Hope you enjoy it , which I am sure you will , we have got B B Q flavored chicken , new spuds from Morocco , carrots and a couple of Leeks , oh , and not forgetting the gravy😋
  5. Believe it or not , I like to see pigeons in our garden , the other afternoon me and my wife were watching a old one feeding a young un on the fence and it was nice to watch , I am not saying I would like to see loads but I can tolerate 3 or 4 and after all , it's all part of the sounds of Summer listening to them cooing in the early hours of the morning .
  6. THANKS cragman , they take you back to the carefree times of old , unlike today's problems with the G L ect.
  7. Two Out Of Town D V Ds by Jack Hargreaves , both original copies , Volume 6 + Volume 9, three episodes on each one , On one is Cod Fishing , Charcole Burners , Pigeon Shooting , and lots more , and the other one is , The Hidden Stream , Deer Shooting , The Shooting Master , British Finches and again lots more . Both D V D s £9.00 Posted .
  8. As for clay shooting . will the day come where you must use non toxic shot on all sites ?
  9. I dare say fishing is very similar to shooting when it comes to timing and weather conditions , I accept that not everyone have got the time to watch and wait till conditions are in your favour , but during these quite times by getting the times right and the wind conditions can increase your likely hood of success . At the moment I have got 2 / 3 places where you can pass the time to get a few shots , I have looked at different times of the day and mid afternoon seems the most promising , next would be wind conditions , luckily enough , two of my fields have small flight lines along the hedge , one field face the East and the other one face the West , so if the breeze / wind is blowing from a Westerly direction then I go on the field where I can get the wind sideways or ideally having the wind directly from behind , no point in having the wind blowing in your face if you avoid it . As you say homework is vital , yes you can just pull up to a field and get your gear out and start shooting , but these sort of fields are getting far and few between and even then you need to know the field to get the most from it . GOOD LUCK with the Bream fishing .
  10. If the truth is known we spend as much time watching as we do shooting , both goes hand and hand with each other and as they say , time spent watching is never wasted , or words to that effect .
  11. Glad you are trying to get back to normal after we were rudely interrupted by Mr Packam and co , our Peas are around the same height , mornings seem a waste of time and movement around here seem to be from mid afternoon till 6. 30 / 7.00pm. By the way , while out yesterday afternoon the sky was full of Swifts , these were the first ones I have seen this year .
  12. You must have went to a posh school to be served up boiled eggs in a cheese and curry sauce , all we ever had was a plate full of cabbage with little bits of meat underneath that you could never find , for afters , it looked like a dish of thick wall paper paste , a dish of pink plaster or some other rubbish that looked like frogs spawn , and that was on a good day when the school inspector was paying a visit , you would know the school in the market place , it is called the Hospital School , no doubt called that for a very good reason
  13. If I was buying one today my maximum budget would be £500 , agreed , I might not get a puppy from a litter of top trialing dogs , but as I have never put any of my dogs into trials I am not to bothered about buying from the top guys , all my dogs have come from local stock and have been honest and genuine working dogs . One example , the head keeper where I worked was brilliant with dogs and in the late 60s won the major trialing event at the time , he bred his bitch with a good looking local dog and all the puppies bar one were sold with two of them going to Sweden , the one dog puppy left had a strip of White down his chest and that alone put people off , my old dog at the time was getting on a bit so I offered to buy it and as it was the last one and nobody wanted it he let me have it for £100 , if I had to say what was my best dog I have had throughout my life , I would say that dog , as he got older he had a double coat and his White strip wasn't that noticeable and he relied on his own instinct , he marked well and used any breeze to his advantage and not relying on me for instructions like a lot of today's trialing dogs do , as a lot of my wildfowl shooting was and is in near dark conditions the dog needs to think for itself and that one certainly did . I am not knocking trialing dogs in any way as there are some excellent ones about , far to clever for me , but I am more than happy with what I have got.
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