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  1. Mr T Burton ?? , he also ate my Digestive with his cup of tea 😋
  2. That would be amazing and hopefully we would be able share your trip as well with your look forward to write up's and photos to match Have you ever been to the U K ? MM
  3. Now that is quick , you didn't have some folded notes in your hand when you gave them a hand shake did you ? , or did you drop them off a brace of Pheasants off for there Christmas party
  4. Unless things have changed over the last three years since I have renewed my s g c but I found that the Norfolk branch of the police who issued out the new s g c were first class , kept you informed and my new one came through the letter box just before my old one ran out . Last week I handed in a B S A s x s to the local police station and again no problem , no charge and they gave me a receipt to prove I have handed it in and no longer have it . Certainly haven't any complaints now or in the past . MM
  5. A road trip that now I could only dream about , we thought our county was flat but on some of the photos the sheer distance were just amazing . I have been to Arizona when me and my wife toured the West coast of America and looking back although it was tiring at times with the distance we travelled it was still the best holiday by miles we have ever had , fantastic country . Brilliant set of photos by the way and a very enjoyable post . THANKS for sharing
  6. A nice lightweight Percussion quilted jacket , this can be used for general use or for days out in the fields , the outside is a polyester fabric with a water repellent finish , the model is called ( Stallion ) and you can get all the finer details from the Pecussion website , the jacket is in like new condition with very little signs of wear , I cannot see a size label and as the pit to pit is 21 / 22 I have listed it as S / M , if you need any more sizes then please get in touch. £22. 00 Posted
  7. You are not alone when you drop out of the bidding and then it goes on the very next bid , but as you say it is no good if you set yourself a limit and then ignore it and just keep bidding , mind you I have often ignored my better judgement and came away with spending more money than I intended , don't we all
  8. Wow , I am well out of touch , my T Wild hammer gun is in very nice condition and very tight ( a bit like me ) I was looking at around £200 and the Black powder hammer gun is a Midland Gun Co , that is nothing to write home about and the buyer of the T Wild can have it f o c if he or she want it , I don't use either of them and the guns left in my cabinet would easily see me out . MM
  9. Great report as per normal , nice to know the ole team are back in action and glad you all had some eye watering shots , just couldn't resist it with it being a Onion field
  10. More importantly , did you buy anything exciting ?? Although it's good to know another sale is on the horizon
  11. The shop had recently had a paint up although the colour do suit the age of the shop , only ever had one job done at Tilneys when Roberts father was alive , the gun I had at the time needed it's barrels blued , it was only alright , wasn't a brilliant job and just about passable , this might had been done by Robert rather than Lindsey , when I knew him the old man was very much into training gundogs which were mainly Labradors , our old keeper who once won the English Field Trial Championship said Lindsey was better at training gun dogs than he was at repairing guns , he might well have been right . Great video by the way MM
  12. I have sat through a few sporting auctions in my time and I used to like the one at Kings Lynn ( Collings ) , it was like a good night out for me as I don't drink and you never knew what you were going to see amongst all clutter . Horner's at Acle is fine , you can get a burger and a cuppa and you should be able to get a chair so you ain't standing for a few hours , I was told they get through around 100 items an hour but when I was waiting for my gun to come up they were a fair bit slower than that . Good Luck if you go and take a loaded wallet , unless you are after a s x s then just take some loose change
  13. We were the same , although we must have had twice as many Cormorants than you because after a time the estate were allowed to shoot Four , before they filled the outside woods up with log cabins we used to have morning duck flights down on the lake, when the first shots were fired the sky was full of the hungry fish eating birds , the roosting trees look like they had been given a coat of white paint as there must have been 100s of them , nowhere near as many now feed on the lake but there is still a lot come back last thing in the afternoons after spending the day in the North sea , while they are not feeding on the lake then we can tolerate them roosting in the trees , but every so often some of the numbers seem to drop off . I wonder if is bird flu or lead poisoning .
  14. 85 is a good ole age and hope you have got a few years ahead to relive those days of the past , tell me Grandalf , is your decision to call it a day because of age , or is there less enjoyment is shooting game and wildfowl than in your slightly younger days , I am not as old as you but last season I dropped out of wildfowling clubs which I had been in since 64 and just went on my own marshes to shoot the odd duck when I wanted one , now with having eyesight that can no longer pick duck out in poor light and losing the desire to sit down the marsh on a cold / wet Winters night I can now see the light getting brighter at the end of the wildfowling tunnel, my s g c run out at the end of next year and weather I renew or not I will make my mind up after this coming season . MM
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