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  1. I have always been very passionate about wildfowling and my biggest trophy was always a Whitefront when it come to geese and a drake Pintail for the duck , with Pinkfeet , the more we have come down this way the less of a challenge it is to get one , although still good to get, they don't make my heart race as they did in the past . Like most members pigeon shooting is very high on my list for the amount of sport and variety it can produce throughout the year . I do enjoy most forms of shotgun shooting with the exception of clay shooting .
  2. I agree that some mornings and evenings come to that are magical , but not all and the only reason I turn out in rough weather is to get amongst the fowl and not to watch it getting light or dark , you can help yourself by finding where the geese are feeding during the day and where they go back at night , then depending what way the wind is blowing you would then stand more chance either in the morning when they go out ,or in the evening when they go back home , we get most of our geese go out in the Winter in a Northerly direction so if the wind is blowing hard from the north then the mornin
  3. I don't often get calls from the land owner or his workers , but there are times I get the heads up from the game keepers son who more or less run the farming side and he knows what he is talking about , last year I knew most of the stubble fields were played out and would yield very little sport , he rang me one day to tell me there were several pigeons going on a certain stubble field where they had dumped some old grain on the field before they were going to pull it up , this was at a time when there was little else about and when I shot it it produced around the 40 mark which was well wort
  4. Another first class video Al , you will remember Ted's retrieve for many years to come , it can be very nerve racking when your dog is intent in getting whatever it is going after when no amount of calling or whistling will make any difference . I had a young dog once that was only ten months old , normally at that age he would only come as company while my older dog would do the retrieving but unfortunately I had my old one put down just before the season started , so I took my young one along for some early season retrieving , going across dykes and the odd one in the river was no probl
  5. I have seen several recently in the hedge rows and it might just be me, but they look a bit smaller than the ones I would normally pick , could well be a bit early or the dry weather we have had throughout the summer . I am referring to the ones I have seen and not the ones in the photo , they look alright and should turn out some good drink .
  6. If we knew what a pigeon was thinking and where and when it would be feeding next I don't think we would have any left by now , when you look at the bags that one or two members have had just recently we know there are still a lot of pigeons about , not everywhere but they are about and the ones with a lot of experience seem to get them on a regular basis , looking at the newness of your decoys I don't think you would be up there amongst the leaders even if you had a supply of pigeons to go at .
  7. marsh man

    Game On

    Plenty now arriving at Holkham in good numbers , we normally expect to see the first ones dropping in around the third week of September so more or less bang on time , a few years ago I was shooting Pigeons about 10 miles up the coast late September on some Wheat stubble , when I got there I could already see 2/300 Pinks on the fields next door , as I was setting up there were more skeins coming off the sea to join the ones already down , to cut a long story short I didn't shoot many pigeons as I was watching skein after skein coming as far as the eye could see from the sea direction and dropp
  8. This would be the time of the year where you would only be checking your fields of rape out , realistically you wont be shooting many Pigeons on the growing rape plants until just before Christmas or even later into the new year , this would depend on what other food supply is in the area such as Oak trees and the amount of berries on the trees and the weather , it would also make a difference with how many other Rape fields are close to your ones , some fields you can look at and get the feeling that it could be good for pigeons and other fields you know they wouldn't be a lot of good , mainl
  9. Nice one daz , if the weather was the same out your way then you picked a good day to be out shooting Pigeons , I had the sun behind me and still found it very hot , I also set up around mid day and by 3.30 what breeze we had at first had all but gone and the same with the pigeons , I had packed up by four and the previous half an hour I only had the odd shot , by the way , your pigeons look in very good condition with only a small proportion of young uns .
  10. I wonder if people are getting a bit wary of stocking to many lead shells , there was an article in this weeks Shooting Times about Brussels want to ban lead by 2023 over any wetlands , if that was the case , shooting Pigeons down the marsh would be non toxic only . Maybe somebody who bought it could tell us what they propose , as I read mine in TESCO's and as there wasn't much of interest I put it back .
  11. There is already talk about Pigeons started to get interested in acorns , this might well be the case in some places but not around these parts, like you say there are 100s of acres being cultivated every day and next years rape is already in and forgot about , a lot of our grain stubbles have been direct drilled with fodder radish and from past experience these fields don't produce until later and even then not big bags as we grow a fair bit with the fields scattered over a big area . this year we didn't grow any beans but next year on my map it state we are growing three fields of Beans , in
  12. Don't despair Lloyd , the longer you wait the sweeter it will be when the time come when your first duck or goose is finally in your bag , not to put you off but you can easily go the whole season without putting anything in the bag , of course it make a difference if you live near and handy and can go at a minutes notice when the conditions are just right , as an example , I have got a dvd about the Fenland Wildfowlers and I believe it was the chairman or secretary who was saying he was in the club for two or three years before he got his first duck , I live on the doorstep and can go most n
  13. Exactly what I was thinking , or have Dave worked out if he buy any more he will be well over 100 before he use them up .
  14. I now find it depressing when we need to go up town , most of the shops are now shut and that include some charity shops , what few people go to the bank have to wait outside until someone call you in , as an instance for buying online , I wanted to renew my sun lounge roof and nobody local had what I wanted , a couple of places said they could get it and when I checked the online price the cheapest one was nearly £500 more than I could have got it for , so I ordered it online , through the virus they said it would take up to three weeks to arrive , I then got the dispatched notice and it cam
  15. I might had known the marsh man who you were referring to as I only live a mile or so from Burgh Castle , in the 60s we would practise pushing on to anything that was swimming so we could get used to handling our gun punt that was 21 foot , we would often see Spoonbills while tied up in one of the drains waiting for Curlew to flight down the estuary , when the sun was going down it made the Spoonbill look as if it was Pink with the reflection from the setting sun , strange birds indeed and highly prized in Patterson times for the taxidermist.
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