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  1. I am pretty sure you can still go sea fishing from Yarmouth , but I think it would be a day and not half a day . I used to take parties out on a Sunday with my brother and to be honest I wouldn't advice taking your lad in the Winter , you would need to book up a few days ahead and not knowing what the weather is going to be like on the day , apart from a strong N / Easterly wind we would be out in most conditions , if you had a gale from the West then you stuck close to the beach to get the protection from the cliffs , the roughest bit would be going out of the harbour with the big rollin
  2. So in pre 2005 were we well within the law shooting long tails up a tree at night , or was there a , ( not during the hours of darkness law ) to spoil it , mind you that was that long ago , it was in those far off days when you could get more for your Pheasants than the cost of fuel to go out a few miles to carry out our night time activities
  3. Cheers figgy , How have your season been going up your way ? , we have got a lot of duck , but not sure if we have got as many Pinks as we normally have . Thanks aister , Touch wood I have had at least one dog every season since my early twenties and I am now well past three score year and ten , rough shooting would be very hard and fowling harder still , when I am flighting , all I have to do is to put the shot in the right place and as you well know that all birds you hit and bring down are not dead , this is when your dog come into play , our marshes are covered in water with
  4. Best not to ask those sort of questions On the same sort of subject , I was always led to believe that the 1st of Feb was a extra day to trim the cock birds out , whereas the inland duck season finish on the last day of Jan , a couple of years ago we were shooting Pheasants on the first when a good Redleg came sailing over right above me , I left it alone thinking it was out of season , the captain got out his smart phone and assured me they were still in season on the Feb 1st , so did the Partridges get an extra day as well to trim the cocks out ? , strange laws if you ask me .
  5. Would stretching there necks in Feb / March be classed as killing game out of season , not that I am over bothered , just wondered if that was legally allowed .
  6. Traditionally , full scale roost shooting is done in February , our ones are the four Saturdays in Feb unless the first one is on the 1st which if it was we would normally be shooting a few cock birds , our roost shooting is always on a Saturday although since being on the forum I have learnt some of the boys up north shoot on Fridays . If you want regular shooting in your wood I would pick a windy afternoon and not to shoot in to often . GOOD LUCK
  7. We have had some nice sun rises and sunsets lately and a perfect excuse to be out at that time of the day with the added bonus in shooting a few pigeons . Just seeing the numbers give you hope when conditions turn more favourable and you have got a bit more time on your hands . Good report along with the photo , Thanks for sharing .
  8. You sound just the person most small and d i y shoots would love to have , pity you are so far away as I could easily fix you up , or give you the name of a few shoots for you to get in touch with . All the best and I am sure when and if things get back to some form of normality you will soon be in demand . MM
  9. Nice one aister , glad your got some water that is attracting a few duck , excellent photo and THANKS for sharing .
  10. With all the posts lately about spelling mistakes and phases in French , I am glad you managed to spell nite rite
  11. Evening Nic .... You would had been more than welcome to had a pint in our local but sadly it have now been demolished and turned into four houses , our wildfowling club was born in that pub with the landlord and his son both into fowling , the edge of the marshes and the estuary were only down the end of the road and I can remember the odd meeting night where someone had been shooting and got back to the pub just as the meeting had started , when he came into the room there was the normal bit of leg pulling , he had no more to do than prop his sleeved gun up the corner and drop his game bag o
  12. Until I just watched your video Big Al I was beginning to forget what a driven Pheasant looked like , always worth watching and I am really sorry your shooting is not put on hold , I know how much we all miss it and it can be very depressing , Do you know when you are likely to be able to carry on ? , or is it like asking how long is a bit of string . GOOD LUCK .
  13. We must be two of a kind with the same way of thinking , we have only lost four shoots including the one tomorrow and I am beginning to miss it a lot , the only saving grace was we were still allowed to go fowling and rough shooting , this have been a godsend as I find both of these sports just as enjoyable as a full day with the game shoots , as we are now in tire two we can at least carry on doing outside sports , so if all go's well , we will catch up with the gossip and shoot a few Pheasants next Saturday , although this time next week we could be on a different ruling , but for the time b
  14. If you were allowed to keep your shot Pigeons then I would say a complete bargain , just think you could get up to ten pence for each fresh pigeon , although it might cost you more for fuel than what you would get for your Pigeons , with all the talk on here lately about the lack of shooting situations then where on earth do these so called guides take you for some shooting , mind you I wouldn't mind dropping three or four blokes off on some of rape fields for £250 and any shots they take they can have them free of charge, now that is what you call a bargain , Nice little earner if you c
  15. First of all many thanks for reading my post and your kind words , much appreciated . I dare say that the ones who shoot with a dog go through a phrase where the retrieved bird or animal is more important than the retrieve itself , I know that some retrieves are easier than others but we still expected our dogs would find everything it was sent to look for , after a while we realise this is no longer the case and no matter how hard the dog try we have to accept that some birds are lost forever , this is when we start getting more satisfaction from a good retrieve than the retrieved bird i
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