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  1. Excellent job and really pleased you are happy with the end result , as you say , it is now like a new gun , it suits you and will give you many more years of good service . My problem , well not really a problem is I don't look at a gun as a work of art but as a honest work horse , I have bought them all second hand and at the end of their life they have ended up in the melting pot , the only gun I sold which I regretted was a Midland Gun Company 3 inch hammer gun , it was full and full with 32 inch barrels , believe it or not I gave the bloke I knew what he wanted and that was £20 for t
  2. I fully agree and their is no excuse , as you say it is stupid and are asking for trouble , by more luck than judgement I have had very little trouble with any gun I have had until they ended up well past the sell by date , my everyday gun at present is a second hand B S A , s x s, ej ,I bought at auction for just under £200 a good 10 or more years ago , in that time I have fired on average 2000 shells a year and to date I have had a top lever spring put in and that is it , not so much now but in my younger days I have been out in all weathers virtually every day of the season with often doing
  3. Look like a job well done and a costly one at that , I dare say this day and age if I had the same work done on my guns apart from my ( best ) one it would cost more than any of my other four guns are worth , so for the rest of their time in my cabinet they will continue to get a drop of 3 in 1 oil and a rub down with a bit of fine wire wool if they show signs of rust if after been left in the gun sleeve for a few days after a night out in the rain
  4. May and early June are normally lean months around our way , our Peas are now showing above ground although we don't get any problems until they area few inches high , others might get them when they first get above ground level but we don't . We have still got a few on patches of stunted Rape and the afternoons seem to attract more action than the mornings . Another reason is this time of the year they tend to stay in the woods eating the fresh buds and not forgetting a lot will be sitting on the nest. So depending on what crops you have got to shoot over you might have to wait
  5. Just made the Duke ten years older than on my previous post , when you think maths was my specialist subject on mastermind you can see why i didn't get far
  6. Going slightly off course from your thread , I did like the front cover photo of the Duke of Edinburgh in a gun punt on the Wash in 1953 the same year we had the East coast floods disaster , if I worked it out right he would have been 21 at the time the photo was taken
  7. Sadly you didn't pick the best of weeks for a caravan holiday but I am sure you will still enjoy the area when you can get back out once the rain stop . I have been up that way a few times but never taken my gun , we are lucky compared to some as far as pigeon shooting go , not the best area but certainly not the worse , like most places we have good days as well as our share with the lean ones . GOOD LUCK , today the sun is out and far better than yesterday .
  8. Why not buy two standard 2 or 3 ply 5 meter long x 1 1/2 meter wide nets and adjust them to your liking , I always take two nets in the same sack , they are light weight and the hide can be made to allow for a dog and give you as much room ( within reason ) as you want . Pigeon decoyers are very practicable , well most are and can easily sort out any problems similar to the ops ,hide wise , it is down to the person who is shooting , what will suit one might not suit another but with a little thought put into the problem it can normally be sorted out with very little work and above all , c
  9. I would say it is a little early to shoot young Rooks , more so this year with it being so cold with the strong Easterly winds , when I used to shoot them many years ago it was always around the 12th of May and it would only last a week before it was all over for another year , now I get more enjoyment watching them growing up than I do shooting them , needless to say I haven't shot them for a good many years .
  10. With tomorrow being the last day of April and no rain forecasted around these parts it is already been one of the driest and coldest on record , according to the weather man the other night the average nights in April where the temp dip below freezing is eight , when he was reporting he said in our region it had already been eighteen and tonight look as if it could be another . On many of our drilled fields we haven't had a drop of rain since the seed was put in the ground and our Peas are only just poking it's head above ground level , irrigation have now being on non stop for the last f
  11. Another well thought out write up and a deserved bag in the very cold , windy conditions , they say you only get out of what you put in and you certainly put in the time and work load , on the news dinnertime they were saying this April could end up been one of the coldest and driest on record , so your heated waistcoat was a good investment , I will blame you Alan if the grand children notice a few bob have been removed from their inheritance and spent on grand dads welfare
  12. At one time the turnaround was around 10% of the membership , now it might be slightly more leaving than new members joining , new and ( old ) members soon find out wildfowling is not an instant bag filler , very soon the novelty wear off when the lovely sun rises are replaced with wet , cold and dreary ones and not a shot have been fired , if these new members are still trying after five years then their is a good chance they are in it for the long haul . Around our way the big influx of geese have changed what I would call traditional wildfowling like shooting duck and geese on fresh ma
  13. Sound like a decent place , it might be cold but at least it have stayed dry and glad you are enjoying it . The first time I went to Devon / Cornwall was on the Cornish Express from Paddington ? , fantastic journey .
  14. Might be a daft question Dave , but which one would be the best one to run a rotary , our nearest Halfords have still got some in stock . THANKS MM
  15. GOOD LUCK with whatever club you decide to join
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