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  1. marsh man

    Pink numbers building

    That is a proper mixed bag , would that be a Cambridgeshire Mc Nab with one or two extra species thrown in for good luck ? . Well done to Conor During this dry / cold weather I enjoy having a roam round all the rough bits of marsh now that the cattle have been taking off and try and trim out a few long tails , my young dog is doing alright but he still don't know the range of my gun when on the scent of a Pheasant , his tail change gear and the chase is on , some you win and some you lose , those crafty old cock bird often double back past you when you think he is front the dog put him up 50yds behind you , but sometimes I am craftier than the pheasant and his luck had finally run out
  2. marsh man

    Pink numbers building

    Cant complain Boyd , One of those mediocre seasons up till now , not brilliant , but enough about to keep you happy , had a wander around some rough ole fields last week and ended up flighting near a over flowed dyke as the marshes are still bone dry , this was the end result of a very rough shooter
  3. marsh man

    Pink numbers building

    Some of the farmers near mine wish your statement was true Boyd 😊, without naming the clubs or going into to many details the clubs limit for geese have now been lifted next week to try and keep the geese off the winter sown crops , I have seen more in the past but at the present time we have got more than enough for the hardy ones who try and put a few in the bag.
  4. marsh man

    Smeggin Crows😵

    I dont think its about the amount of people who find them harder to hit , I recon its down to the amount of people who now bother shooting them , I know a few chaps who will shoot a few to keep the land owner happy and might put them out on a few canes but I don't know anybody who will decoy them all day purely to shoot big numbers. One area where I used to do a lot of shooting had a serious corvid problem , while I was shooting pigeons on the peas the Rooks , Crows and Jackdaws would do far more damage than the pigeons , no one in that area would shoot them in any numbers , two blokes I know got together and made a large crow cage that was in sections so they could transport it from one farm to the other , I know after the first year they accounted for well over a thousand , the landowners paid for the fuel ect and the cage was working seven days a week out on the fields and even in built up areas where shooting might had caused complaints with gunfire noise , now when you go out there you will still see Rooks ect but the big flocks are now a thing of the past .
  5. marsh man

    Smeggin Crows😵

    You are not the first and wont be the last who find the difference in the speed of the two species hard to come to terms with , I most probably shot more Rooks ect when I first started shooting than I did pigeons and to tell you the truth I don't find the difference in flight between the two species to difficult , if anything the corvids I find easier than the pigeons although nowadays I don't no longer go out of my way to shoot the Black ones . As for advise , I cant really give you any as my way might make you shoot even worse than you are now , but I am sure the more you do the better you will get at it , the only thing I am wondering is weather you are thinking to much of the combination of choke and shot size while you are shooting instead of blocking it out of your mind and concentrate on what you are aiming at. Good luck and I hope you get it sorted out.
  6. marsh man

    Third Week lucky

    You and DB deserve a bit of luck now again with the amount of work you put into finding some pigeons to shoot, and there is no denying that when a bit of luck do come your way you two have the skill to take full advantage of it . Another bag from the top drawer .
  7. marsh man

    hushpower on rape

    A very entertaining four hours shooting , it now seem a long while since I had to lay 40 pigeons out and I think it will be a few more weeks until we can think of shooting a good bag like your one . Your rape look like it have been taking a bit of stick , the majority of our rape is well up to the top of your wellies and need some serious frost to drop it down a bit , this coming week should be a fair bit colder than it have been so some shooting might not be that far away .
  8. marsh man

    Wigeon numbers

    We are now more or less exactly half way through the inland wildfowling season and everything seem to be on hold at the moment , our marshes are still bone dry with hardly a splash to be seen , the cattle are only now been taken off which is nearly two weeks late . Geese are here in good numbers but with the sugar beet campaign started nearly a month late this year it is only the last couple of weeks where they are moving around . Widgeon are on the estuary in reasonable numbers and that is where most of them stay now only a small part of it is shot , so to sum the first half of the season , I would say it have been poor up to now and lets hope things change for the better in the second half .
  9. marsh man

    Crop contents.

    Sound very nice ditchy boy , sherried carrots , cherry sauce , but way out of reach for us coastal boys who think chips on the market is five star meal 😋 Have you got a recipe for the few I have been getting lately with bits of sugar beet , old spuds and with the odd acorn top up with small snails ?
  10. marsh man

    Three Shooting Related Books

    SOLD to tomquin THANKS
  11. marsh man

    John Wilson

    Saw it on our local news tonight , he died today following a stroke at the weekend at his home in Thailand age 75 . I was never really into fishing as most of my time was spent shooting but I loved watching his programs on the box about fishing and the different places where he went , for the length of the program you just forgot about about lifes little, and sometimes big problems , you smiled at his laughter and admired his skill at fishing , a very likable person . R I P J W
  12. marsh man

    Three Shooting Related Books

    THANKS Tom Payment details on the way .
  13. marsh man

    Three Shooting Related Books

    Collectors book .... GAMEKEEPER : Memories of a Country Childhood by Leslie Rawlings . This was printed as part of the BYGONES series by Anglia Television , printed in 1977 . GUNDOGS : Training And Field Trials by P R A Moxon , 256 pages and well illustrated with photos. Tales of the Old Gamekeepers by Brian P Martin , Classic book by the old gamekeepers , well worth reading. All three books are in very good condition and from a smoke free home .. All three books £13.00 POSTED
  14. marsh man

    A few more 100m pigeons.

    Nice report as to be expected Mr JDog , but the photo look like a job for MI 6 the Secret Intelligence Service , far to much for my small brain to sort out , I will just imagine what it look like. .
  15. marsh man

    Strange Seed

    Could it be some old Rye seed ? , very similar to wheat, or might be one of the organic strains that are not widely used in the UK.