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  1. THANKS , much appreciated .
  2. THANKS deny ....... Give that idea a miss , I bought it from a car boot , look like a nice little charger with three lights on it ( Red - Flat . Amber - Part charged and Green for full ) it says charge at six amps , excuse my lack of knowledge , What would it be any good for ?
  3. marsh man

    A start to 2018 harvest

    Excellent bag and a very good account of your day out with Tan , we are going through a hectic period at the moment with combining going on every day , our last rainfall was the 9th of June and that was only 2mil , they started on the rape yesterday and were still cutting today which now makes it nine days on the trot , I can find pigeons every day but after some shooting they can cross the road and find more food . still its better to get some shooting than no shooting .
  4. marsh man

    Could have shot 100+

    One day the shoe might be on the other foot with Ryan taking you out for a days shooting ☺️ , nice time of the year to be out and I am sure your boy enjoyed himself and is already looking forward in beating his personal best . Well done to both of you .
  5. marsh man

    Guidance required!

    The hardest one to get permission on is the first one , from then on, you can refer to that farm when you ask nearby farms , example , I have just been shooting pigeons Mr XXXX farm on his Peas and noticed a lot were going on your laid wheat near the cross roads , any chance having a go tomorrow ? , if the answer is yes then you are already building up a sizable shoot . I am not sure if you are after shotgun shooting or deer shooting with a rifle , the later I have never done so it might be a completely different ball game in gaining shooting rights .
  6. marsh man

    Tomorrow in Northamptonshire

    Even if your bag is light at the end of the day , you will learn by your mistakes , with pigeon shooting you never stop learning , start by doing all the basics and you will improve in time , let us know how your day went ...... GOOD LUCK
  7. marsh man

    First Stubble Outing

    Shooting a decent bag off barley stubble can be difficult when there are so many fields that are now cut , one good thing is they can bale up quicker than they can get them off . Having said that ( and some of you might disagree ) shooting pigeons on barley stubble can often be the easiest form of pigeon decoying , yesterday and today I have been on baled stubble fields. Yesterday was slightly harder because the pigeons wanted to go on the rape ( which was being cut when I was on my way home tonight ) and a lot of them didn't want to know . Today I went on a different field that was cut and baled last week , thank god ( not ditchmans one ) I am still strong enough to push a bale around to block the wind out , no magnet , just two floaters , one each end and around 20 decoys , shells laying on top of the stubble and full body on cradles , when a pigeon come in it seem to hover for a split second looking for somewhere to land , on these shots its a case of getting your timing right and fire straight at it , also when more than one come in its often a case when one is shot the others don't know where the shot had come from and often carry on flying towards you giving a fairly simple right and left I find three hours shooting is long enough and it don't any harm letting the late ones feed undisturbed and with a bit of luck you might be able to get some more shooting in a weeks time. So my vote is , Barley stubble from a bale hide is the easiest form of decoying , What do you think and do you agree or disagree ?
  8. marsh man

    Second time on the stubble

    Enjoy your session out , I remember your outing last year when you covered the landy with netting and shot a tidy bag with your mate , if at any time you want some pigeons for yourself or your daughter then just give me a shout and I will only be to happy to drop you a few off.
  9. marsh man

    Tomorrow in Northamptonshire

    When you say ( we ) how many are going ?, are you or the person you are going with going to set the decoy pattern out ? , are you all novices ? , are the fields cut and if so have the barley field got bales on , it might pay to give out a few more details about weather you are being guided or not . Depending on what experience you have got between you , I would watch the intended field , walk any pigeons off and wait till any come back to see where you intend to set up , and try and avoid looking into the strong sunlight .
  10. marsh man

    Second time on the stubble

    That sound like my ideal day , I just love the marshes and I am in my element when I am down there with just the wildlife as company As far as I know we haven't got any rape cut yet, for the last eight days the combine have been busy cutting the winter barley every day , yesterday I had a couple of hours on a big stubble field that had rape over the other side of the hedge , the pigeons wanted to home in on the rape and showed little interest in the barley stubble , with this heatwave showing no signs of coming to an end I recon they will make a start on the rape by the weekend . By the way , nice detailed report .
  11. marsh man

    Using satellite images

    This Google earth is all new to me and I dare say if I had access to it years ago I would have used it to mark crops and boundaries . When I first started to get a few permissions I used to draw a plan of the pea fields and mark North , South , East and West on the edge of the field , then on a Friday night I would look at the weather and I would know what field I would go on by the wind direction .
  12. marsh man

    Using satellite images

    Maps would be handy once you have got the go ahead , but I don't think they would be much help to tell you what crops and any potential flight lines. Going around the area where you hope to gain any permission is best done in your motor with a pair of binoculars , first find the pigeons , find out what crop they are feeding on and then find the owner , estate manager , farm manager or game keeper , they can , or they will put you in touch who can give you permission , be prepared for a few knocks but keep trying , you will need to be quick while the crops are still in the ground as once they are out they are less keen to let a stranger go on the stubble's as the game season start approaching .
  13. marsh man

    Ditchman and God

    If this is the result of pushing on a bit , then I am not looking forward to getting there , having said that , I must be under one of Gods junior doctors who also like a bit of pigeon shooting as he is doing a good job of keeping me going . I like the way you are facing up to these set backs , if anyone can make light work of what lies ahead then I am sure you will do your best to get it sorted , mind you , if you put on any photos of your ( willy ) then it will have to be after 9 pm , or at least when we have had out tea 😊
  14. Prevention is better than cure , if in doubt give him a shout , then ask him if he needs to know when you go .
  15. THANKS for that , same problem with a lot of the poles from the suppliers , the length of metal is to short from the point to the kick plate , if the ground is soft the kick plate stop it going in deep enough and its forever more moving about , someone , someday will come up with the ideal solution , but when ?