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  1. Check out this link to see some New Zealand pigs in action and you will get an idea of what your up against, Regards David http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=k6Cjzuzq-WY
  2. Sorry Link now added on previous post.
  3. Hi there, I am a NZ firearms licence holder and wondered if anyone knows if, during a upcoming visit to the UK I can purchase a firearm on this licence and export it with me on my return to NZ approx 1 month later, If I can, How many hoops do I have to jump through? and to which authority do I have to apply to. Regards DH Thanks for the quick reply Rick, It seems that I cant buy a firearm on a visitors Permit. Will look at other options.
  4. Follow this link and you should get some photos and specs etc, the guys down here use these out to 1000m. Regards DH OOPS http://www.fishnhunt.co.nz/forum/YaBB.cgi?num=1203733099/30 Specs are on page 1 Photos on page 3
  5. There are still loads of 303 out here, seems to be they average about a 3in group at 100m some better,some worse, depends on how old and barrel condition, Most of the older ones seem to be pitted due to the corrosive ammo and not being cleaned properly, There are a few unfired ones that were imported in the original cosmoline and paper wrap as part of a cancelled irish army contract, that ended up on a website called trademe, sort of New Zealand ebay, they went for about 1300 dollarsNZ, Lots of people still use jungle carbines or Mk 5 for hunting over here. Regards DH
  6. 2 years ago I moved from the UK to NZ and bought a .308 to stalk south island reds and wild pigs and was very happy with it, But....... if I see a 6.5x55 at the right price in a nice light mountain rifle the 308 will never get a look in. The 6.5 does everything a 308 will do with less recoil., if you fit it with a moderator you will almost be able to watch the bullet stike.But everyone has there own opinion and this is only mine. PS My best mate has a 25.06 and loves it, loads of .270 and 7mm08 down here as well, actually you should check out 7mm08 as well, less recoil then 308. Regards
  7. Hi there, I was wondering if anyone is using NV on a centrefire and if so what type of kit they use, Im thinking of investing but dont want to buy a load of **** that wont do the job. Cheers Dave
  8. I was wondering if anyone has used these and found them effective, because in theory they could be very good for 30 calibre weapons, but I have never found anyone who got decent results from them, Also does any manufacturer factory load them? Cheers David
  9. Ok, I have recently purchased a .308 brand new, and as this is my first New rifle can anybody advise me on A universally accepted method of breaking in a barrel, I have read several threads on this subject and they all seem to contradict one another. What I am looking for are either manufacturers specs or recomendations or failing that at least two people that can agree on cleaning routine,( what with etc) to number of shots fired, From someone not wanting to ruin their first new centrefire. Cheers Dave.
  10. A few poeple might remember about 6 months ago I was asking for advice regarding a suitable 308, I am now in New Zealand and have purchased a 308 weatherby, Many thanks to all who offered advice and I will endevour to keep posting whenever I have a valid question or quandry, Regards David.
  11. It takes a different amount of time for every puppy to settle, Buy yourself a set of earplugs before the puppy works out its a game. And persevere it will be worth it. Regards Dave. Ps have got a black lab I wouldnt be without now but would have willingly swaped her for a decents nights sleep for the first week.
  12. Thanks very much Henry, Im just trying not to make expensive mistakes, and learning about other peoples experiences and opinions. Regards David. PS , Would love to hear how dunganick is getting on with his howa?
  13. Just to be a pest again, is it worth getting a rifle with varmint barrel or is the extra weight not worth the tradeoff? Cheers Dave
  14. Allright ,Having read everyones comments I am erring towards the howa, mainly due to a initial price that allows me to purchase decent optics. I will just have to be choosey when it comes to buying one and not just take the first one I pick up, Hopefully it will not be a bitch to sort out but that is why blokes have sheds anyway, Regards David.
  15. All right, I will definatly not be shooting somthing that will not fit on a quad bike, so thats wapiti out of the equasion , I think that goats and pigs are a definate as well as the odd deer, will get a rimmy for the possums, Does this help to narrow it down? Regards David. Sorry to sound bewildered but I have only used 22.250 and 243 up to now and I am pretty sure that they will leave me undergunned.
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