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  1. You can't take too much off the receiver because of the way the trigger group is secured. I'll be looking to see how far I can go without cutting into the throat. I haven't looked at it that carefully yet.
  2. Points very naturally for me. Possibly need another 1/4" on the comb to be perfect.
  3. Hi All My new (to me) SXP. I've only used it a couple of times but loving it so far. Anyone know a good source of spares? I'm not expecting it to go wrong but it won't be long before I take a file to the loading port.
  4. I've got a pot of GM3 to hand and looking at the burn rate chart it could be good. I've read about people using everything from Bullseye to Blue Dot???
  5. Hi All This could be the wrong place to ask but it can't hurt. I want to put together a load for the Lee 7/8 slug for Target Shotgun and PSG. Having tried a friend's load which worked fine in his gun, it was too tight in mine. It shot fine (semi-auto) but frequently didn't go fully into battery causing light strikes. We have the same gun so we think my chamber is just that bit tighter. I'm thinking of using either once fired Lyalvale Power Blue cases that I've already got or new Cheddite or Fioccchi primed. All straight walled I believe. Lee load data from the slug mould manual suggests:- Given that I would prefer to avoid filler if possible can anyone suggest a suitable european hull/powder/wad combination? I'm only looking for around 1300-1350fps initially but accuracy is going to matter. I believe I need a thin walled wad to avoid any bulges in the case and the gun seems to like 70mm cases. I know it's a lot to ask but any thoughts or ideas would be much appreciated. Cheers Rob
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