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  1. RWS subs very accurate and consistent through my CZ 511
  2. Yamaha rd350 ypvs hybrid

    cool bike!
  3. Closing one eye

    same here, no probs hitting what I'm trying to hit.
  4. Well thats that then.

    Its more you get a higher chance of a friday afternoon car from the french, you might get a good one or you might get a dog!
  5. Well thats that then.

    Some versions were fitted with the ford/mazda 2.0 L RF/RFM I4 engine, I'd avoid the french engines versions like the plague!
  6. The Walking Dead

    Agreed TWD has been poor of late, the past couple of seasons have been lacking.
  7. Junior Air Pistol/Air Rifle for Youth Club

    SW Cornwall
  8. Super Man Flu

    yeah its not a fail safe but if you do get it after having the jab symptons should be better than not having the jab.
  9. Hi Guys I run an Adventure outdoors style youth club and for the older kids (parent permitting) who are interested I'd like to offer a session on target shooting, however being a social enterprise funds are very limited so I'm after donations. Its a big ask I know but you may well have something tucked away unused/unwanted that you'd be willing to donate to a good cause. You'll get to feel all warm and fluffy inside knowing you've helped some younguns get into our fantastic sport. All the best Steve
  10. Super Man Flu

    Having had influenza twice over the years with the second round being pretty serious I now get the flu jab every year, I never want to feel like that again!
  11. Chalk paints

    Ah that explains alot, varnishing would be to hard work for her!
  12. Chalk paints

    My wife likes this stuff, many pieces of furniture have had the chalk treatment... I hate the stuff! even when sealed its not that hard wearing resulting in well used furniture looking tatty in a short time. She likes it for its little need for prep and quick results.
  13. Not ever, never

    Thats probably more your driving style and not being used to a rear wheel drive vehicle... its a rear wheel drive thing not just a hilux thing.
  14. Not ever, never

    I have a 24yr old hilux, bar the odd bush or the usual consumables i.e brake pads etc it doesnt cost me anything year in year out, starts on the button, doesnt leak oil and is warm and comfortable. I love the thing. On the flip side a mate has landrovers, he is ALWAYS doing something to them and his drive way is more mortor oil than drive way! Having said that, I do love a landrover, but would never own one!
  15. DPF cleaning fluid

    My understanding is that DPF dont stop the soot they just hold it until full then dump it out/burn it off under certain conditions e.g. a good drive down the motorway. It goes into the environment eventually no matter how you look at it.