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  1. Boshington, whats the choke on this? I need back into pump club and this could be the ticket.
  2. Pump Club

    Have fun tomorrow gents! Gutted I cant be there.
  3. Protected no claims?

    I've only ever taken the minimum insurance cover, I've saved ALOT more in the last 25 years not paying for extras than it would cost me if I lost my no claims or the like.
  4. Licence Renewals

    Same here for Devon & Cornwall, sent in my renewal, had a very quick chat on the phone and all done, the new cert was with me within a couple of weeks.
  5. Fac shotgun.

    I got one conditioned for vermin and clays, reason on aplication was simply vermin (clays added later) and was granted without question.
  6. lots of leather shooting goods.

    All good thanks Mel, both me and my eldest lad are loving the .410! Initials would be G.A.S I'm not sure on the width, being so light same width as the swivel would be ok?
  7. Bought a .410

    I also got a 410 recently, a cracking old school hammer sxs... great fun to shoot with the extra challenges it brings.
  8. lots of leather shooting goods.

    Hi Mel I'm wondering whether you could do a simple sling with my boys initials on it for the 410 I got off you? Cheers Steve
  9. Common sense

    I dont watch or read the news for this reason, for the majority its dramatised scaremongering with an agenda.
  10. Find some UHU Por, its a contact adhesive but doesnt eat foam
  11. el faisan .410

    I'm sure I wont regret buying it
  12. Narcos S03

    FIrst two seasons were brilliant! Cant wait to binge watch S3!
  13. Intensive Driving Courses.

    I did intensive back in the day but growing up on a farm I had quite a bit of driving experience under my belt before hand. It worked for me, I passed first time.
  14. new air rifle

    To get into pcp have a look at the Hatsan Galatian, £500 will get you a new rifle and bottle. https://www.sportsmanguncentre.co.uk/hatsan-galatian-iii-carbine-th-syn-blk-22 I've got one, cant fault it.... maybe a bit heavy but thats the only negative I can think of.