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  1. Outboard engine forum??

    I had a look on there, altho its just outboards there doesnt seem to be alot of activitey, which is odd for a US forum.
  2. Outboard engine forum??

    If you find one let me know! I've got two in the shed that I need advise on fixing. Infact the current one on my boat is playing up too, pretty sure it the electronic advance...££££ :(
  3. Offensive Weapons Bill

    is a big stick not an offensive weapon in the wrong hands?
  4. .410 side by side

    cost wise...chop it up and get another
  5. Cheap Guns vs Expensive Ones

    I shoot best with my ex clay ground scrappy old 1967 remmy 1100, I've tried many other shotguns but the remmy just works for me, its like an extension of myself. I also think because shes such an old rat costly little I'm not precious with it so shooting is all about the shooting, no worry of looking after the gun or the like to distract from the shooting.
  6. Pensioner arrested after fatally stabbing burglar

    the poor guy has been through hell, being in a life threatening situation, had to defend himself against an attacker and killed said attacker... I cant imagine what he's going through, he should be getting counselling not banged up!
  7. Alarms.... over 6 guns

    My FEO was happy with one of those cheap shed alarms and was even happier with my massive man eating South Russian Sheepdog
  8. Depression

    I've been through it a few years back with health anxiety and I'm still on medication to help keep an even keel. I was/am open with my doc and FEO and at no stage has there been talk of removing my guns. Infact my FEO was incredibly understanding and supportive saying that removing my guns could make it worse as shooting is a great way to get out, meet people and improve state of mind....and she was right. As has been said, go talk to your Doc and do it as soon as you can. I'll offer up some advise, you'll get help but the person who can help you the most is yourself, challenge your thoughts challenge the lethargy, when you're down... get up, grab the gun and the dog and get out in the sunshine, walk hard, watch your dog enjoying itself, marvel at the sky, take in nature.....you will feel better for it. It may surprise some that I'm so open on a forum but I'm a firm believer that openly talking about these things is the way forward. Its not something we should shy away from. Get some help but remember to help yourself! hope you feel better soon. Steve
  9. Opening FAC

    same with me altho think mine was about 6 months
  10. Remington Synthetic 1187 12 gauge

    here you go... https://www.brownells.co.uk/epages/UK.sf/en_GB/?ObjectID=2058841&ViewAction=ViewFaceted&FacetValue_CategoryID=12615&CurrencyID=GBP
  11. Are you British

    I'm whatever it says on my passport.
  12. Hi from Cornwall

    I eat them! give them away, sell some, dog food...whichever....most of the farmers I shoot for just want them gone, they wouldnt care if I left them where they were shot.
  13. Hi from Cornwall

    I presume you're after rabbits, so I'd be looking for rabbit burrows damaging hedges, crops being damaged, grazing being hit hard etc
  14. Hi from Cornwall

    fellow cornishman here, I'm down on the lizard pen so cant help with perms, best way of getting perm I found is to look around, find a problem with rabbits or the like then approach the farmer to help with that specific problem, I found that general permission on their land soon follows if you do a good job. Have fun!
  15. Thinking selling up

    Is it how much land or why you need a FAC for said land? my field is only a few acres but because I farm rabbits and have pultry I need a rifle to control foxes and wild rabbits.