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  1. You are very lucky, I am struggling to find a Farm near where I live around Warwickshire area. Really enjoyed reading your blog 🙂
  2. Well done.. I take we don't have any licencing restrictions now on the woodies?
  3. Hello Everyone, We are going to try our luck at our usual place in Northamptonshire tomorrow. The farmers have reported a lot of movement over the last 2 days after strong winds have calmed down. I shall keep you all posted with all the details 🙂 Wish us good luck !
  4. Oops I meant January it was actually on 31st Jan, last day of the season during a rough shoot 🙂
  5. I have a Bretta and it has never let me down. Specially with long and difficult shots. Downed a very difficult wood cock in February January and that will stay with me for a long time 🙂
  6. Thank you both. I am hearing similar news from others around the country. A friend didn't get much up in wales either
  7. Thank you.. Partridges in those hills and Wood Pigeons here are real fun and bring different types of enjoyable challenges. We did rough shoot at the end of the season this year and that was good fun as well. Had a good bag of Wood cocks and pheasants with few hairs 🙂 Well the game watcher said due to warm weather birds were not staying at one place and then there was hardly any wind to do the setup and usually they say blue skies are not ideal for pigeon shooting. As I am still new (1 year experience of woodies) at this so I am learning but glad all the theories were proven wrong 🙂 Thank you
  8. Thanks March Man. Good luck fort the next time 🙂
  9. Thank you 🙂 This was at our usual place near Northampton. Sorry should have mentioned that in my post. 1st day as we just couldn't get time out due to work commitments. Planing another day in a week or so. Thank you and yes will be more around 🙂 Thank you all. Yes I was new to Pigeon shooting last year but been doing shooting for sometime. Mainly Partridges and Quails in the Northern hills of Pakistan 🙂
  10. 1st day of the winter shoot over rape. What a day we had with 5 guns, the total birds in hand 180 with at least 20 to 25 birds lost in the wood. The expectations were not high when we planned the day as it was blue sky and hardly any wind. But we were surprised with the number of birds came our way. The guns never stayed silent for more than 10 mins across 4 fields of rape. Hopefully more such days to come and I shall keep you all posted. This was near Northampton 🙂
  11. WOW... What a day including the Ducks. Well done :-)
  12. Thank you.. Got similar complements from my experienced partner as well 🙂 They were decoying fine on the bean Stubble, we brought them to this filed for the Photo. The reason being was most of the fields were empty ready for drilling in that area. Agreed but We couldn't find game dealers who would take them, so it was all family and friends who took them. Thanks for the tip 🙂
  13. Our farmer called me on Last Thursday when they were ploughing the fields for drilling. They reported significant numbers on the two Beans stubble fields and that was enough encouragement for us to show up on the Saturday morning at 8am. The weather was just perfect, plenty of sunshine and gentle breeze.. We were two and decided to sit in the two opposite corners of the field. I got into action as soon I was all setup around 10 am. I didn't get much rest till 3pm and ended up with 70 in hand and about 5 lost in the bushes. My friend who was was sitting at a much busier and better hidden place ended up with 72 as well. There were plenty of birds but they were equally challenging as somehow only few decoyed even after changing the pattern 3 times.. I personally prefer challenging shots :-). The last hour was better as at that point they were dropping just fine. We had mix of adults and young ones so no issues there. I could have gone over hundred on my own but gave up as I didn't want to waste the birds as we couldn't find many people who would take them. If you know anyone in Birmingham area who would take birds (even free of cost) then let me know please., We will keep them in mind next time we go. The grand total in hand was 142 ! Thanks for reading 🙂
  14. Hi Fellows, We are planning a shoot in Notinghamshire in a couple of weeks time. The Farmers are going to drill Wheat and Barley and have invited us to keep an eye on the woodies. If anyone got any tips over these crops, then that would be much appreciated 🙂
  15. Great day mate and well done. 🙂
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