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  1. Maybe, not seen any in the garden before.
  2. That's the thing, I've not noticed any squirrels apart from in the summer and they had an unfortunate end, the bait stations are for routine maintenance near the chicken run. They have never been moved before, it could have been wind but doubtful. It's looking like sqigs if the mighty jdog says they eat them.
  3. No chance of a pig, no kids either. I saw a couple of small piles of husks along the top of the stream and 2 rat bait stations had been moved. I wondered if it was badgers but I can't see any poo or prints and they would have to climb the stock fence.
  4. The airgun shall be getting dusted off then.
  5. So yesterday there were many hundreds of conkers strewn over my lawn down by the stream. Shopping great big ones I intended to pick up today with my daughter. Today there is not one Conker left. Just the empty husks they fell from the tree in. I can rule out my 3 year old as she was making cookies and then eating them. I can't see any prints in the few patches of bare soil and the garden is otherwise inaccessible to people. What eats them?
  6. The omega is quite easy to get into with a current applied to the reverse lights or something like that, could be the senator, memory is fuzzy now. Good cars though and they go like the clappers.
  7. The met are facilitating lawful protest where possible. Arresting those that are acting unlawfully. A benchmark of a democratic society. It's not their choice, it's their job. When they no longer do that and break up demonstrations heavy handed with water cannon and big sticks as some don't like it, we will have a problem not seen in europe since 1933 Germany.
  8. Get a mincer. 2/3rd or even 1/2 pork belly or shoulder (belly is better) and the rest pigeon. Great burgers and sausages. The mixes and skins on the net are cheap and easy enough for the sausages and you can do as you like with the burgers. My preference is a leek and chive sausage mix as it goes well with pigeon and make it in 12kg batches. A dehydrator and jerky mix (or your own) and you can make jerky in 4 or 5 hours. You can soon use up a lot of birds and may wonder why you ever bothered selling them. It's also remarkably easy to give away or sell at cost when it's a sausage.
  9. Wife's got a cockapoo. Comes up to my knee at his shoulder. Never cost a penny at the vets and is in perfect health (touch wood), 5 years old now. Clever as a clever thing and hunts like crazy if you let him. Loves water too. If I had the patience I'm sure he would be a good gun dog as it literally takes seconds to train him to do something but I haven't so he spends his time fetching balls, chasing rabbits and squirrels and lazing in front of the fire. Occasionally he eats my socks.
  10. I much prefer fibre in both my guns (lanber and a beretta) and find they kill as well as plastic at any range I can hit them.
  11. Well done. I would have gone but had to get some studying done, the 3 year old would have made it impossible at the weekend.
  12. Might be worth lining that case with something, perhaps over some polystyrene to keep it all together and make it look posh. Shouldn't be hard to do as the box is already done. Project for the winter nights perhaps? Personally I like biakals, was my first gun and never should have got rid of it.
  13. GingerCat


    Hahhahahahah. Love it.
  14. My long departed grandad used to tell stories of netting off the hedges in the church yard to get sparrows to make into pies. He never really commented on the taste other than "tasted like sparrow" which doesn't help much. His dad was a butcher his uncle a poacher and a bit of a card shark and this was deepest darkest Hampshire pre war. Mum says as a child there was always something hanging up by the rear door and once a pike soaking in the sink reanimated itself and smashed all the drying plates on the training board in the middle of the night. She claims to have never eaten sparrow pie but grandad said differently. He did say it took a fair few to make a pie and I got the impression it was more hard work than anything else.
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