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  1. GingerCat

    Lure Fishing my Local Canal. Hard graft !

    Years ago I went to county mayo and fished on loch mask. If you look up Brian Joyce he runs a self contained (and quit nice I might add) cabin or 2 with rod room. There is a private beach 30 yards away for the boats and an almost empty (of people) make 10 likes long stuffed full of trout and pike and with lots of little islands dotted about. Quite beautiful country. We caught a 30 lb pike exactly 1 metre long. It was the third fish like that in 2 days. We had it stuffed and mounted. The locals like you to take them as they eat the trout. For pike and fly fishing I know of no where better. The place is called Derrypark Lodge Tourmakeady Co.Mayo
  2. GingerCat

    range rover 4.6 petrol

    I could only imagine the fuel bill on that monster. I bet it's sub 15 mpg
  3. I think the pattern is just a touch wider than with plastic but that said I notice no real difference in performance between fibre and plastic. At the ranges I shoot (sub 40 yards decoying mostly) I find 1/4 and 1/2 chokes just fine. If I was shooting over that on say high flighting birds (rare) or those that skirt the pattern but won't commit (more often than I'd like) then maybe I'd tighten up with fibre and not with plastic. That's when I have noticed a difference but only then. Under that range I couldn't tell you in a blind test which was what, nor can i tell between 7.5, 7, 6.5 or 6 as they all do the job if you hit the bird but that's a whole other topic.......
  4. GingerCat

    gas boiler fault

    My advice is not to mess about with gas boilers as they can easily go wrong and kill you. Get it serviced professionally and see what the guy says. It may be something simple like a diaphram or pump or something more serious. Either way I wouldn't want it in my house if it was in the condition you describe as carbon monoxide isint funny. When I had a gas combi it was 70 quid servicing once a year and they would change a part free as part of that. Every other year it would need something. Normally due to the hard water we had.
  5. GingerCat

    Film Title Required

    I watched this when it came to the cinema in about 1987. I was 7. 32 years ago now. I can still remember it like yesterday. Makes me feel old. Good film.
  6. GingerCat

    HW80 tuning advice

    There's nothing confusing about it, if it's over 12ftlbs you need a licence and he can't, by law, give it back to you. Invest in a chrono as already suggested for future tinkering.
  7. GingerCat

    Semi Auto Advise

    My 390 is a easy to clean as can be. Not had a 391 but it's pretty much the same gun bar the gas parts so shouldn't be that hard. More importantly the 390 has jammed maybe once in the last 8 years or so. And that was because I hadn't cleaned it for a considerable time. It even cycles 65 mm carts without issue. Can't fault it really.
  8. GingerCat

    Semi Auto Advise

    Beretta 390, 391. Plenty of change for carts.
  9. GingerCat

    Baiting garden squirrels

    I seem to have an increasing number visit my bird feeder. Specifically the peanuts and to define it further the peanut holder with 1 single bit of wire missing. The more i feed the birds the more squiqqy mcsquiq face visits. Swmbo would go nuts (pun intended) if she were to see me sit in my upstairs window with my pcp and coffee whilst listening to the radio. About lunch time and early morning are the best times i find. So to sum up- peanuts and lots of them, the birds will thank you too. Edited to add - humane trap and dispatch (peanuts inside) as above but not as much fun.
  10. GingerCat

    Lanber sporter delux/classic doubles clubman

    I've had a lanber sporter 28 inch 12b with multichokes for a number of years and it's been issue free bar when I first got it and had to have the trigger sear adjusted as it often fan fired. Was a second hand purchase. Since that it's been great. Must be 15 years old. Looks like new. I'd certainly recommend one based on my own experience.
  11. I prefer fibre and always have. Never noticed any difference on birds or clays from plastic. I miss them all the same. The ones I hit tend to die quite convincingly as well. Range wise it's the same again. My preference comes from not leaving little bits of plastic all over the place or trying to remove the fouling from my barrels.
  12. GingerCat


    I often break watches in my line of work so bought a cheap and cheerful timex expedition. It's been through the mill a bit but tells the time just fine. If it breaks I won't cry either. Always wanted a seiko dive watch though. Might treat myself.
  13. GingerCat

    2016 on Kia sorento

    I've driven a lot of sportages and really like them. No idea how they would be off road but on the road I prefer them to the rav 4's, quasqai and kugas.
  14. GingerCat

    To Multi Choke or not ?

    If your hitting what you aim at then leave it alone. Doubly so if you get on well with the gun. If you really must then buy a second hand multi choke and pocket the difference.
  15. GingerCat

    Steel rated shotgun

    Pop down the local gun shop, tell them you want a 3 inch steel proofed gun for under a grand. Let them fetch you various guns to have a look at. Say things like "oh that's nice" and "um" and "ah". Decide which one fits best. Buy it. If your lucky you'll get a coffee whilst your there. Dont tell the wife. As others have said you'll be spoilt for choice.