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  1. I've got one and won't part with it as I seem to hit things with it. loads about in gun shops. Didn't think they were worth that much to be fair. Bosher was selling one for about 100 quid the other week.
  2. GingerCat


    Is it regged? How many shots do you get per fill now? And is that enough?
  3. Mince on the mincer and stuff with a stuffer. Simpler. Easier. Quicker.
  4. Personally wouldn't bother. The card was cancelled, the card company is the victim and they won't want to know. The police will smile and send you on your way as it's a 3rd party report they can do nothing with.
  5. It's very possible and depends on the condition of the gun. If authorities are involved it will be tested and if possible replicated and documented. Safe gun handling is never accidental and I am firmly in the nd camp. In keeping with the sa80 comment, I can remember that you could hold the muzzle and bang (not very heavily either) the butt on the floor and it would eject and chamber a fresh round very easily. Never saw a sear give up but wouldn't surprise me.
  6. It doesn't matter in this country what the power is if you rob a bank (or any other offence involving a gun for that matter). Possession of it will tick the box.
  7. Window cleaner does mine charges about 5 quid extra.
  8. What does he want it for? Proper off roading,the look or something in between?
  9. GingerCat

    London bridge

    Teacup is quite right, it's t zone for ied' s on the person. That's what's taught and has been for a while. Good luck achieving it and I suspect if your the chap pulling the trigger you probably think you haven't got long left. Unless of course you can achieve a 704 yard have head shot from a moving landy or whatever it was.
  10. 49 at this time of year is nothing to be sniffed at. Well done. I walked round my patch and a fair bit was under water, some huge ponds have appeared with ducks and swans on. The stubble will be staying in till after Xmas apparently as it's all too wet. Not a pigeon to be seen.
  11. My grant with thr met was 8 weeks from posting it till it landed on the mat.
  12. GingerCat

    London bridge

    I'd say plotting to bomb a trade centre in an isil cell is a pretty big sign. He should still be in jail. Until about 2029 when his sentence ran out. On day release no less. It's a wonder this country ever got as far as it did.
  13. GingerCat

    London bridge

    Let's not forget that one of those was a plain clothed btp officer who took the knife from him having chased him across the street also. And as for little or no danger - you tell me of a suicide vest it real or not from looking it at. They thought it was real enough until expo came along.
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