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  1. Whats happened?

    I have to agree with jdog on this. I'e never seen so many pigeons as I have lately.
  2. Charging PCPs

    Pumps are all fine and well but a bottle is by far quicker and easier . I simply plug mine in and turn a little knob, it fills with air. Bleed it off and then pop it away. This takes maybe 30 seconds from empty. That' a slow fill with a pause to let it cool down. You'd be pumping a pump a long time after I've gone shooting. And 80 odd shots on this gun (more on most others) is far more than I need to worry about carrying a bottle or pump about. I'e not had to refill te tank yet and had it ages. Done loads of charges from it. When it needs filling I'll get some pellets whilst I am at it. Hardly a chore.
  3. Recoil pads

    Abuout an inch. My eye is too high over the barrels so I need t bring it back back.
  4. Rust in my Hornet Barrel

    Are you leaving the mod on it when you put it to bed?
  5. sky high pigeons

    It' not your fault mate. If you could predict the birds it wouldn' be fun. And the birds we did get were excellent. When the wind changes to a sw or w we shall try one of mine.
  6. sky high pigeons

    I joined Jdog earlier today, a few minutes in the car and we were suddenly in the middle of the Wolds. And what beautiful Wolds they were today. Not a cloud in the sky and a partial moon visible. We set up at the bottom of a rather large rape field, in the far end was a good dip and a thick hedgerow. Behind it was another field of rape as well as bean stubble leading to a cover drop and a large wood much higher up than us that spanned the width of the two fields, some 800 yards long easily. Jdog assured me he had seen birds every day at 1030 on the dot; piling into the field and stripping it bear. Having seen some rather large flocks flying over exactly that spot and from looking at the devastation in that little corner I had no reason to doubt him. The birds would be sheltered from the cold north wind that was blowing today so it made sense. We set up and had a rotary some 45 yards out and up wind, a mixed pattern a touch closer with us hidden away in the hedge in 2 separate hides, from the rotary you couldn't see either of us, then we waited. And waited. Now considering we had seen somewhere near 100 birds flying over in the short period we watched and confirmed Jdog's observations; this was odd to say the least. The first bird came into the pattern from my left, it was high, really high, probably some 50 to 60 yards up. She closed her wings and banked round from my 11 o'clock to come in from behind us at a rate of knots. I dropped it at 45 yards out as it quartered from my left to right heading straight for the rotary. The second did something similar and met the same fate which made "the dog" remark I was on form today. He was right. I was, and so it turned out was he. A large flock of some 200 odd birds came in from behind. I spotted them and called out to warn my companion. Ever the gent "You shoot first" he said. So I held off, then a little longer, they were nearly on top of us now. All of them coming into the pattern. Far to many really. I open up and dropped one and then missed two more as they scattered in all directions. Jdog did similar. The remaining birds that came in all came in from a great height, many more flew over far higher than we could shoot them. On occasion one would present a target with JDog dropping a rather excellent bird that I wouldn't have attempted. We didn't shot many in the following couple of hours however those we did shoot were all very sporting, I dare say the shoot taking place in the wood behind us would have paid good money for.
  7. Recoil pads

    I've called some smiths and it' over 120 quid any which way we slice it. I'l try a slip on, if I was going to pay that much I'd px the gun for an ata 686 .
  8. A pleasant turn of events.

    I did the same on Sunday and found the line I was shooting got far busier with it down. Sometimes it works sometimes it don't but there' only one way to find out.
  9. Recoil pads

    Anyone had a replacement one fitted lately and know roughly what it' costs. My ou (lanber) is a bit short for me as the Mrs used to use it mostly. Now shes not so bothered I wanna extend it to fit.
  10. RC4 Red shot 32g 6

    I'm a big fan of RC. All their carts that ive used seem to hit hard and generally perform well. The same can' be said with some other makes.
  11. It needed a good wind.

    Good work. I was stuck in an office looking out the window at flock after flock of pigeons drifting about on the breeze.
  12. kofs shotguns

    Do you have one Chris? I was looking at an ata 686 but perhaps a kofs will do?
  13. Game Dealers

    Such a shame. It's great meat. Breasting and legging a pheasant takes under a minute. why waste it?
  14. This nearly didn't happen.

    I can picture the birds dropping in.quite jealous. Good work.
  15. What’s the scam here

    It dont matter quite what the scam is here. It's clear there is one. And for that reason I wouldn't spend anymore time thinking about it