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  1. Mine was a 60 plate suzuki splash. Hardly a pricy car.
  2. About 2 Christmases ago, maybe 3 we were in stationary traffic. A chap reversed out of a car park onto the main road and hit our car. Details were exchanged and the damage appeared minor. I went through the insurance as there was damage and I didn't want to pay for it. A bit of a dent and maybe a clip I thought. 970 quid later it was repaired and did involve a new bumper that they had to spray and a hire car for 2 days whilst they did it. It's not cheep these days. I took photos of everything and advise others to do the same.
  3. These are remarkably easy to use and do give a good edge. If the blade is really worn (wife chopping on the worktop or rubbing it against I brick I reckon sometimes) I will give it a bit of love on a 1000 grit wetstone and the then finish on the ceramic rods on the lansky before stroping on the back of my jeans or bit of leather if I can be bothered to get it out. Saves time. If its not worn then a few strokes on the turn box has it back in shape in no time.
  4. A 16 and a half year old thread resurrection. Remarkable.
  5. I have a westfire 1 series had it 7 or 8 years and its great. Very very efficient. Better than any I've had in the family before. If I burn coal it makes a bag last about a week or so which I found remarkable. Decent hard wood will go through the night and have enough embers in the morning to fire it up again. Puts out a lot of heat and looks nice. What's not to like.
  6. I imagine that the rail of capacitors will constitue a barrel of if not as it discharges a lump of metal at high velocity which can then be regarded as noxious, sec 5 will fit easily.
  7. I hoped I couldn't get fuel and would to have the next couple of days off. Sadly I had no issues and no queues. Just filled up. One lives in hope. On a related note, the checkout girl in tesco said they had seen panic buying in the store as a result also. I suspect the same people are still using up their piles of bog roll.
  8. That's my thoughts, if I have 7's I'll shoot cylinder and 1/4 and I've not found them wanting to 40 maybe 45 yards. That's far enough for me decoying. Getting actual 7's and reliably can be a pain so I've settled for 6's with 1/4 &1/2 chokes. Yes I get more power at range but the pattern is not better.
  9. 7's will kill pigeons to 40 yards through cylinder choke . After that pattern fails. 45 yards with full maybe. 5's or 6's don't do it any better. I shoot 6's as u can't get the 7's reliably.
  10. I can't wait for the 30 pager thats coming.
  11. Rumour has it there was a bsa Mercury knocking about Norfolk that could teach Elon musk a thing or 2 about tuning and ballistics. Know anything about it ditchy?
  12. You can do. He might just say the same.
  13. I don't shoot enough to worry about dumping them. That said I turn the lot into sausages,burgers and the like. I can use a lot of pigeon breast up quite easily. Given its good for you and tasty I don't know why more shooters don't do the same. The lack of rape this last winter hasn't affected numbers on my perm. Not very much at all grown with 5 or so miles.
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