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  1. GingerCat

    Heads up

    https://www.decoydeals.co.uk currently has a 10% discount. The code is LOYALTY10
  2. GingerCat

    Opinions please on co2 pistols

    A friend had a Beretta 92 with the rotary mag. Was great fun and accurate enough with the relatively limited power. I think it did about 50 shots per capsule.
  3. GingerCat

    Not So "British" BT

    Recently a new built house managed to cut the phone and broadband lines to mine and a few other houses. Bt were told over a week ago. 3 of us work from home and have child care arrangements. The wife had to travel 50 odd miles to MIL and she had the baby whilst wife worked from there. child care cant be cancelled at such short notice so we are over 100 quid out of pocket for that week alone. I alos had a couple of days off to make up the shortfall. Bt arrived and dug a hole. Apparently it wasnt big enough and didnt go far enough to the right so they filled it in and booked the dig team to return the following friday. Almost unbelievable really. An engineer wad there whilst it was dug. What private industry would tolerate such behavior? By friday i will be 200 quid out of pocket for un used childcare and would have been without a phone line for 2 weeks. Next door estimates shes lost over a grand in business as a minimum. We get no mobile signal at home. Bt couldnt care less. I pray for virgin media. We had no such issues with them for over 10 years. Id drop bt in a heart beat.
  4. GingerCat

    How accurate are PCPs?

    I find most springers are more accurate and consistent than the shooter. A pcp more so and is boringly accurate and consistent these days. So much so that at 35 metres (measured) with little effort you can do a thumb nail group of 10 rounds ( as a mate who hasnt shot for years demonstrated this weekend) Rested it's good to 55 metres easy (not tried further). My Springer 99s or 77 could only dream of that and They are pretty much as good as it gets. Hunting I dont go past 40 and that's a personal choice not a limitation of the rifle. I enjoy a good Springer but their days are numbered.
  5. GingerCat

    Fishing Knife

    They dobt exactly break the bank over here either. Great edge on them too.
  6. GingerCat

    opt out organ donation

    When I go they can have what they like if it's any good. It won't be any use to me and I won't be there to worry. I'd pity the poor chap that got my liver though. Seems a sensible idea and given the number that die each day, should go some way to helping those less fortunate and in need.
  7. GingerCat

    Surprised by Tesco fuel

    I have no idea. I do know that my actual mpg is higher with esso fuel. We all know the real mpg is somewhat lower than manufactures claims as per the vw scandal.
  8. GingerCat

    Surprised by Tesco fuel

    https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/earth-talk-nitrogen-enriched-gas/ https://www.esso.co.uk/diesel https://www.bp.com/en_za/on-the-road/south-africa/products-services/fuels/bp-ultimate-unleaded-with-active-technology.html https://www.allstarcard.co.uk/this-matters-fuel/fleet-news/supermarket-fuel/ Given that all major fuel makers say on their websites that they add various detergents and additives to help fuel burn cleaner and more efficiently. And given the amount of litigation that would follow if this were untrue. We can reasonably assume they are right in what they say and they do infect add those items on top of the en590 fuel standard (diesel) which makes sure the base product is the same. Some notice better mpg with branded fuel over supermarket fuel. I do. Others don't. I suspect it's down to driver style and use, after all I don't tow livestock with a 4x4 or go cross country in low gear. Others do. I imagine the savings would be insignificant to notice in those examples. Is supermarket fuel that bad? No. I've used it for years but as I said previously the car performs better with esso fuel and i get better mpg from it and that's a fact. Either that it magically my journey is shorter when I use esso.
  9. GingerCat

    Surprised by Tesco fuel

    The cars lying then. I'll tell it off tomorrow
  10. GingerCat

    Surprised by Tesco fuel

    If I fill up from Tesco I get 48 mpg. If I fill up from esso it's 52-54 mpg. The a big difference. I'll take the Pepsi challenge in this any day. It's the same journey and I have nothing to gain from paying 5 p more per gallon. The results speak for themselves. Shell is similar to esso.
  11. Won't save us as the very second we leave the world will be plunged I'm ww3. Apparently. All because we left. So Dave says anyways with his mate Obama pointing the finger. Totally poppycock of course but the remainers will spout it as biblical fact regardless with endless excuse as to why it hasn't happened yet.
  12. GingerCat

    what do you recon to this, legit?

    It's a well known scam. You lose the car and the money. Oddly people still fall for it. Right up there with the estranged prince/political exile who need a a stranger's bank account to dump funds in or the bank manager that wants 20% etc etc. They never cease to stop trying it though so it must pay out
  13. It was at Lincoln castle not long ago. Try looking there. As much as I like shooting and shooting sports; there are far bigger issues at stake. Ignoring the will of the people and undermining democracy to start with should it not go through. No government will allow it's people to starve (outside of communism) as they will be out of post pretty quickly. All this 22% nonsense. Frankly I'm still waiting for ww3 that was promised by Cameron and being at the back of the queue, quite surprised none of it has happened and they are long up for trade deals -new Zealand canada, us at all. (Wait for it " we haven't left yet" yeah yeah) The eu is only a small bunch of countries who we import more from than export. They do need us buying stuff, a lot more stuff than we need to sell it. The 140 other countries we trade with under wto rules don't seem to have an issue with us leaving.
  14. GingerCat

    Dsc1 requirement becoming more common.

    For the short amout of time and small expense it would take, its a no brainer to get it done and shoot the deer yourself. A couple of deer and it's paid for itself.
  15. GingerCat

    Is this true?

    No its not true. Not even nearly true.