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  1. GingerCat

    Brexit? This is much more important.

    This. Honey always comes back to life with a little heat.
  2. GingerCat

    Bruised pigeon breast

    Bread it, clean any bits you don't likebthr look of under the tap and dry with kitchen roll. I bet it's all pretty good still. If very close then as jdog says probablyvbest feeding th dog/cat with it (mine go mental for it). Personally little goes to waste round here and what I wouldn't pan fry or turn into a pie goes into the minded with 40% pork belly and turned into sausages or burgers. Edited to add they look perfectly edible to me.
  3. GingerCat

    Off to pairs tomorrow.....

    Good jobs it's pairs and not Paris your going to. Bit rough there right now. Joking aside it will make for some interesting holiday snaps.
  4. GingerCat

    Fruit of the oak

    Seen lots and lots on beet tops on my travels this week. I've got none to shoot over sadly. Well worth a look if u do.
  5. GingerCat

    It's an ill wind.

    Excellent report. Persistence pays off.
  6. GingerCat

    which cart? for a 725 noob!

    Still works for me too.
  7. GingerCat

    A very lucky find.

    Excellent work there. Given the closeness of the serial numbers jts not unreasonable to assume they were made within a few hours of each other. Did you get a new bolt for the other one?
  8. GingerCat

    Some like it fast!

    If it's clays I wouldn't bother. Just choose one that you get on with. The saving isint much. For game the above advice of forgetting about the claimed speed is spot on. There is a post on here with lots of chrono data and the claimed speed is mostly no where near the actual speed. This speed also drops off pretty quickly and the (questionable) benefit over any distance evaporates. Pattern is king, a nice smooth consistent cartridge will do you a lot better than chasing numbers with a wibbly wobbly pattern. That said, each to their own and if it makes you happy crack on.
  9. So we are using a less ballistically efficient material (steel) and shooting bigger birds (ducks and geese now) and have managed to increase the range from 90 to 100 yards. Siting unnamed pigeon watch members as witnesses. To top it off there's 7 year olds that have presumerably done such a thing as well and keep doing it 7 days a week for the last 45 year's. It write more but I'm shooting 704 yard hares in the morning with my sub 12 Springer and open sights so must sleep (lead free pellets of course).
  10. GingerCat

    4 gear leavers in a series 3?

    Isint it incase your landy (mysteriously) hasn't got an oil leak, you pull the leaver before setting off to release some so that others think it's functioning as it should.....
  11. I suspect you saw the flash upon ejection and had not mounted correctly. Ie your too far over on the stock or it was tilted towards you. I've done it myself a couple (or more) times when hurrying to shoot a pigeon.
  12. GingerCat

    Rules..for the many, or the few ?

    The courts knock off for the day some time between 4 and 5 mostly. The case is then adjourned until 10am the next day (some times 0930) Where it continues. Sitting in a court all day listening to all the evidence and directions is a tiring business and you can't rush them.
  13. GingerCat

    Gun opens itself when fired

    Let him fix it and I'm sure it will be fine. Guns aren't like cars and are mostly pretty simple beasts and normally can be fixed without much issue. As for its appearance my lanber has easily done 20k+ (probably did that before i got jt) and looks like new. My Beretta has probably fired enough to employ a loader at gambore but also looks new despite being 15 years or so old. If it fits you and he's repaired it ( or sent it to someone to fix if he's not a smith) don't worry about it. If you have lost confidence in it then px or sell it when he's fixed it.
  14. GingerCat

    You couldn’t make this up

    Can't you just move the ironing board nearer the plug socket ? Why would you need a 10 foot lead on an iron?
  15. GingerCat

    Rules..for the many, or the few ?

    I suspect no verdict has been reached and the jury have been told to come back tomorrow. No one wants to go back to work on a Friday after 2 weeks of jury servuce when you can finish up a case and half the rest of the day off.