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  1. That's really rather lovely. Well done. Whoever has it will be happy.
  2. I'd be surprised if honda didn't offer something towards it if it was a complete system failure. I'd also be surprised if you were the only one given how popular they are.
  3. I suspect the neighbours have been tapped up by the guardian weeks before with the promise of ready cash. Your still allowed to have an argument.
  4. https://www.digbybrown.co.uk/solicitors/news-main/what-happens-if-pedestrians-are-partly-to-blame-for-the-road-accident Don't just take it from me, if you hit a pedestrian, even if they step out in front of you, you can expect a claim and expect it to cost you lots of money. Edited to add the trial judges comments " cyclists must be prepared at all times for people to behave in unexpected ways", Judge Shanti Mauger said.
  5. If a pedestrian is on the road they have right of over any other road user who should be doing such a speed that they can stop in time and avoid a collision. Hence the judge awarded her 4.5k and costs. If it were the other way round she Would be paying him. I'm assuming that her being on the phone was taken into account and he got less than she was due.
  6. Is it any different from a pedestrian stepping in front of a car? The car will also be at fault as pedestrians always have the right if way. Rules of the road and it always has been. He should have stopped and let her past and not just shouted at her or driven at a speed that he could have stopped. Just like a car. Or motorbike, or bus, or moped etc etc etc.
  7. I've got a spray can of shoe waterproofer that works a treat on an old waxed jacket . Literally spray on, let dry and if you can be bothered another coat. It last 7 year's and washed every 6 months and im dry as a bone.
  8. Having seen the lady in question, I can only describe her as a wailing banshee with a foul mouth and a bit of a complex that I wouldn't want to see going through my fridge at 3 in the morning. I pity her husband.
  9. It's all to do with the hold on the 45. Experiment with it. Once you've got the nack it's very accurate.
  10. Especially when you don't have to work for anything as the state will provide. Quite how they will provide when no one works is something even they dont know. I suspect north Korea and Venezuela will be on speed dial for tips.
  11. Nice report, I'm pleased to see more getting out and about now. Peas are proving tricky as we found out this weekend with the lines stopping for no obvious reason and birds just clearing off. What steel do you use? How do you rate it against lead?
  12. Or possibly, just maybe, buy something else to start with. I looked at the panda 4x4 as a run about for the wife as some of these lanes get nasty in the winter. Mostly mud and gunk from fields as well as the odd sprinkle of snow. Having seen the 0 star ncap report I stoped looking.shame really as they do seem fun.
  13. Persistence pays off. Good work and a nice report.
  14. Not too good in a crash though. Puts me off them.
  15. I met JDog earlier this afternoon whereupon we went to one of his many permissions where some pigeons were eating the peas. The field in question was probably around 50 acres of young peas with 3 or so woods some 500 yards or so further on in each direction. Parking at one end it was easy to see birds flying from these woods and dropping into the crop on the far side. This went on a some time and we felt confident of a bag full. We set up exactly where the birds had been only moments earlier and with the help of a mechanical bird scaring device we felt pretty sure that we'd do well. Alas it wasn't to be. Within about 20 minutes the line stopped. And I mean stopped. Dead. It was now at the far end of the field where we hard watched from originally and as strong as any line I've seen this year. Groups of between 4 and 14 birds were flying from a distant wood, crossing over a lone bush and then diving into the field next to the top hedge. We gave it another 20 minutes to be sure (it got stronger) before bagging off where we were and moving. Once set up again JDog remarked on one of life's great mysteries. That being why a line of pigeons just stops as soon as you get on it and before even a shot is fired. For reasons only known to themselves the line had again packed up. We moved the decoys about and raised a few on sticks but to little effect. A few decoyed very nicely and came right in. Not that I could manage to shoot them. A few more came within 70 yards before turning back. Whatever the issue was we packed up after a couple of enjoyable hours with 17 hard won birds picked.
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