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  1. balsamic vinegar and olive oil mostly.
  2. I think this about sums it up. I also think the system should change a bit, namely anyone running to be an mp should have had 5 years continous service in an emergency service or armed force's so they can see first hand the results of ill thought out decisions and the depravity of the human race. Rather than the popularity contest from the same public schools we currently have.
  3. The stickers aren't bait, they just look like a sunflower, flys walk over it when buzzing against the window.
  4. All the electric ones I've had seem to just push the flies away and rarely zap them. We do have a blue light thingy that gets a few but those window stickers kill them in their thousands. I saw a fly walk on 1 and 4 seconds later it was in its death throws on the window sill. Really rate them.
  5. The vaprona stickers in in windows, the non sticky insecticide ones, are excellent and claim many thousands of flies in my house. Also surrounded by farmland and stock. Horseflies in the garden are the ones I hate.
  6. Can't moan at that. Good report.glad you had the op OK.
  7. I had a 99s for about 7 years, traded for my first shotgun. No galling and really rather accurate. No issue at all bar a new spring which is to be expected. Many rabbits and pigeons with it. Worth the money and really as accurate as you can be with a break barrel springer, mine was under an inch at 30m standing easily, albeit I used it a lot. The .22 is better they say than the .177. Mine was .22.
  8. Dougy perhaps u can see my point. Police are damned if they do and damned if they don't. Without someone willing to say, on oath, in court that whatever it was happened happened, then there is no evidence. Its that simple. So no power of entry or search, or seizure, or checking the crossbow etc etc etc. The crossbow act 1987 governs crossbows. It's pretty short and simple. Possible criminal damage offence, maybe even aggravated however they need something to prove it. Should they have gone and searched the house recovering said crossbow then the same on here would be pointing out the outrageous abuse of powers. Rightly so.
  9. Tact doesn't cover it. Terrorism is the use or threat of action, both in and outside of the UK, designed to influence any international government organisation or to intimidate the public. It must also be for the purpose of advancing a political, religious, racial or ideological cause. As that doesn't apply to him in any way, it doesn't apply never will do either. And unlawful. An unlawful entry search and seizure , maybe another post on the corruption thread eh?
  10. Really? On what grounds? Please explain the power they would be exercising to enter his property, search for, and then retrieve the weapon in question when they only have an anonymous report? Perhaps add it to the police corruption thread.
  11. GingerCat

    MS Word?

    I like the open office suite. Completely free and does all you need
  12. Jdog kindly took me on some peas earlier. The field is on top of the wolds, sloping down some 400m with a road running across the top with a thick hedge. About 2 miles into the distance and apart from the wonderful view, is a thick mature wood. This was going to be awkward. Mostly because the line was 200m or so long with birds appearing over the hedge and plummeting towards a patch some where far into the distance. We sat with out back to the hedge, wind in our faces and a rotary some 15 yards out. There was no other way to shoot it. The pea crop was mature dense and not far from ready but the birds had done some damage that was clear. The first 8 minutes yielded 5 birds. The next 2 hours involving frantically scanning all over as we would have no warning and only time to take a snap shot. The dog bagged a nice double and we both had some great birds. I think the total shot was somewhere in the 20's without any trouble but even with jasper the mad man we only picked around half that. All in all it was throughly enjoyable but exhausting 2 hours.
  13. Just make sure you have cut all the stems and leave a good gap between.
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