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  1. I'm a big fan of open office. Totally free and compatible with office
  2. You can finely slice a courgette to add to it if you like. Works well. Another variant is with peas, mint and cream. Squeeze of lime on it after .
  3. Tbh I don't eat many full stop. Morriston is 30 miles the wrong way lol.
  4. My rule of thumb is if it doesn't come in a packet from tesco leave it alone. We have more poisonous ones than anywhere else. Personally its a risk if rather not take given the ramifications for getting it wrong.
  5. Google tells me it's in the fuel tank
  6. A hint of novichock, lovely... quite tempted to give it a go.
  7. Shame its meat free or it might be tasty. Reminds me of a year or so ago, the woman at reception saw me coming back from the canteen and asked what the soup was. I replied I had no idea as I've got a bacon sarnie. She replied curtly " don't say bacon to a veggie" and I replied "then don't ask me what the ******** soup is".
  8. And thats pretty much it in a nutshell.
  9. Just freeze them after picking. Does the same job and stops others pinching them all before you get there.
  10. Certainly has, I put it done to all that bullace vodka he's been drinking in lockdown.
  11. Clip the hair and clean the ears. Doesn't take long to do. Lots of ear cleaning stuff out there, ask your vet what they use. We did. Not really an issue now unless he doves into the stinkiest foulest smelling ditch he can find, which on occasion he does. When he forgets he gets hosepiped off that is.
  12. What??? A plant jdog can't identify and tell you the Latin name for? Countries gone to pot.......
  13. The Internet killed the high streets. Why have high costs when you can run a store online and charge a little bit cheaper. Saves the customers costs getting there too amongst many other things. If they don't move with the times they go the same way as woolworths and blockbuster.
  14. If Joe public don't then the officer has no chance. Not something I intend on losing any sleep over.
  15. If your ever in doubt bite into one. You'll know its a sloe as you won't be able to spit it out fast enough and you mouth will dry a bit as its so bitter.
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