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  1. Agreed. Could hardly roll my barrel the right way up on my own, must have weighed over 200lbs and that's pre insulation which must be another 100 odd lbs easy.
  2. Laser thermometers are a must. And a pokey meat thermometer also.
  3. If you want slow roasts you may struggle with the exercise ball method as it will have no thermal mass to stay hot long enough. I can light mine, get it to temp, say 700.c and close the door. It will be warm enough to cook bread 14 hours later. If you want pizza or the odd bit of fast cooking ikes chops and steaks then the exercise ball is probably the way to go. Material wise the difference is a few bricks (about 20) for the roof and less again for the floor, and the barrel which you can normally scrounge. I had one from the garage at work and just lit ahot fire in it to cle
  4. It was on this thread. https://forums.pigeonwatch.co.uk/forums/topic/411930-bread-making/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-3809861 The barrel is an easy way to go. You lay the bricks upside down and turn it over. Thought about clay but it got costly and labour intensive. Don't go smaller than 55 gallon drum though. Its been big enough for me to do pizzas and roasts and things with ease.
  5. I made one last summer. I've posted on here somewhere about it if you do a search. Used a 55 gallon drum lined with bricks. Very easy and gets very hot. Done all sorts from pizza, curries and roasts. Well worth the effort. Pearlite and cement in 5/1 mixture is an amazing insulator. Engineering, red, or fire bricks are required for thermal mass if you want to slow cook. They absorb the heat and hold it for ages. The insulator stops it leaking out. The whole thing was made with a bucket, chainsaw, bricklayers trowel. Cost less than 100 quid as I had bits and bobs laying around
  6. I don't think ditchy is wrong. Its said we are long overdue an ice age. The poles should have flipped also. Global warming is clearly a thing, regardless of the cause and needs to be addressed.
  7. Ignore me. Talking carp. Thought u needed it for the radio but you don't.
  8. My perm has hardly any rape and that he does have is very very poor. Not a bird to be seen earlier today. The farm behind my house, the field immediately behind it specifically was due to be rape. Its still stubble and has been untouched since harvest. I think I'll finish some jobs in the garden.
  9. A long time ago I read a book about airguns. I think I was about 13 and the book about 30 years old then, if not older. I'm 41 now so its knocking on. That said he recommended mixing chalk dust with 3 in 1 oil and rubbing it. I had a slightly old rusty pistol and it worked a treat with a rag. Now days I tend to use any gun oil and a bit of a rub with a scouring pad or lighter. Be gentle as you can't put the blueing back.
  10. We've had a bit of snow round here the last week. I run all seasons on my 4x4 and its gone everywhere without issue 82 mile round trips each way across the top of the wolds. 3 days ago it took me up a steep incline with cars pulled over unable to get up, 1 was a range rover and another an m4 along with a fiesta. I nearly didn't see the fiesta as it was white and blended in with the blizzard. Thankfully a 4x4 police car had its rear reds lights going and that gave me a clue. I'm confident that I won't get stuck unless deep snow and then I wouldn't be going out anyway. The wife however had
  11. Lanksy sharpening block. Very easy to use.
  12. This. It should have been changed in 2015 or at 100k whichever was sooner. Have a look at the service book or near the Cambelt where some garages write the date of change.
  13. An sp30 will make little if any difference to your insurance unless you a 17 year old boy.
  14. Very doubtful. Just get winter or all season tyres.
  15. Sorry, I just re read your post. You have a lan cable already there. Simply Google "wifi repeater with ethernet port" and plu it into a plug socket and the network cable you have in the shed. Vola a WiFi hotspot.
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