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  1. Something I've noticed lately is the amount of calls telling police about people breaching the new laws. If you were shooting and an anti sees you whilst walking, you can guarantee a call would be going in and that you may well get a visit. Given that it is in fact law and not guidance and you would most likely be breaking it, your feo may take a dim view, or the duty inspector may just revoke it on the spot as they sometimes do. Leicester seems ok with pest control, others probably also ok however it's a gamble you may not want to take. If you were in a field, not far from home and no footpaths whilst controlling pests then It would have to be a very very determined officer to do very much about it. They simply have more pressing matters to deal with given that a lot of the force is off with Corona virus as the only protection until yesterday was gloves and hand gel. Yesterday saw face masks introduced that have to be reused. A friend could have done with that when spat on.
  2. Dangerous I know. The government may call it advice, much like advising you not to drink drive or steal things but it is in fact law. At some point they may stop calling it advice. I may worry when they do.
  3. It's been law for a while now. http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2020/350/contents/made
  4. Pigeon and pork belly with a leek and chive mix from anywhere online. Lovey. Used wine, beer or cider instead of water for added flavour.
  5. Why she still there? Didn't he resign as leader? Is he clinging to every scrap of power like every marxists before him?
  6. GingerCat

    Light bulb ID.

    You can get a straight led replacement for those. No heat and hardly any power use. Whole house is led now. Must save 30 quid a month.
  7. If it bites your head off when you get too close then it's a trifid.
  8. GingerCat

    Lawn Care

    Just be careful of hot weather this time of year if you do that, autumn is preferable.
  9. How about a bit of self policing. Like anything entering the food chain has to be shot with steel and certain things can only be shot to enter to the food chain like pheasants etc. That way vermin shooting can continue with lead. I suspect a lot less lead than game shooting. Public health will be protected and everyone else can carry on. Then say in another 5 years it's all steel. Plenty of time then to work out any new loads etc.
  10. I used my cheap mower to clear the brush along my lane. Sharpened the blade after and it took a couple of passes. Neighbour has a petrol scythe that he sometimes gets out and to be fair it takes half the time but it did cost £000 more. These days I weed kill the nettles and don't worry about it.
  11. I'd love a cheap ride on, not seen one.
  12. What does proper cartridges have to say about this? Not seen him on here for a while and I'm sure he has tuppence to give on it
  13. Got a cheap 100cc self propelled mountfield. It's done 7 years with zero maintenance and starts first or occasionally second pull. Mows large lawn. I'd Like A honda but can't justify it when this cost about 120 and does the job just fine.
  14. Years ago I worked at a wood mill. There was an old grumpy chap that took delight in annoying people at every opportunity. Threats of violence would follow if you didn't stand for it. On a particularly scortching summer day, the sort of day where everyone would have their windows open and be in the garden,i overheard a young lad take a call that was similar to "just dump it on the drive mate, I'll sort it when I get home". Curious I asked what he had delivered as I knew he didn't have a drive as he lived in a flat. " 3 tons of pig manure" was the reply. Sure enough the old chap came in the following morning and was going ballistic. He had arrived home to find a massive pile of steaming manure on his drive blocking his access. The neighbour's soon complained about the smell and he had to figure something out. It didn't stop his behaviour but it made it tolerable to picture him shovelling poo in the 30.c heat after a day at work.
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