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  1. A few years ago I noticed 2 water cooled belt fed ww2 machine guns on the rack of a gun shop. I asked him where they came from. Apparently someone was having some work done and they were found in a false wall of the house. Police had told them to drop them off with him as he was a sec 5 dealer and 2 mins away. Each had a couple of belts of ammo and were in their boxes and greased up. I asked him what he was going to do and he replied "fine somewhere quiet and see how they do". Can't blame him. Both looked serviceable with minimal corrosion. My parents next door neighbour who died at 94 had a k98 and mp44, both with ammo on the top of his wardrobe for years. Took them in during an amnesty. Bet there's lots more out there .
  2. GingerCat

    What plant

    Mum has one growing randomly in a pot in her garden. No bird food anywhere near. Wear gloves if you pull it up.
  3. I set 2 fenns in a tunnel made of bricks and a paving slab in my chicken run. The bricks keep it narrow and easy enough to make the entrance small enough for the target species. I caught 5 or 6 rats and 4 squirrels in it. Entry either end will result in a quick death for the rat/squig. The tunnels are easy enough to make out of wood or you can buy purpose made one's. They are curious creatures and can't help exploring.
  4. Given all the hype about how things have developed and the 90 yard pheasant shoots, I expected them to been smashing pairs on the 85 yards. As it was 50% were eliminated and only a couple did 95 yards. Could it be the pattern had long since failed and it was just a lucky shot?
  5. I dislike it as well. Seems quite common at some grounds. Previously I've asked them if they would like to take the shot for me, fancied a kiss or mostly just eject the empties at them. All work well.
  6. An old rag will do but pointless as the first you you will do is pick it up and clear it in any case.
  7. Well done mate. 11 on the first outing ain't bad.
  8. Deckers, the point I'm making is this - it's not within your rights to refuse if you think they are not competent.. competency doesn't come into it, just that A constable has made the request. The law maybe an *** but it is the law. People will read your posts and at 2am on a wet morning may decide to argue the toss and get arrested for it, maybe lose there cert or fac as a result. The majority of people don't tend to read the law as the recent pigeon shooting ban proved and the ignorance of those that really should know better was only too apparent, often carrying on as that's what their mate said or they read on a forum or even worse, that's what they've always done. The last time I wanted a firearms officer (to check) a make safe it took 2 days. Yes 2 days. There's few of them and they are very busy. Outside of a city there a even less and spread thin. If nothings going on then maybe 40 minutes would be a better average. I'm not waiting 40 minutes as you dont feel comfortable that I'm "competent". Neither am i explaning my training in firearms handing when you decide not to let me inspect the gun that's quite probably in your hands at the time. Sorry but that's the way it is. I like to go home each day minus any holes that shouldn't be there. From the police I know (quite a few now) I'd say it's the exception rather than the norm if they don't know how to make safe or what an sgc/fac looks like. It's not like they don't do it weekly. Be it dealing with arrested fac/sgc holders, revocations etc. What I can almost guarantee however is if someone decides not to play ball they may make the decision for you and with the the law worded the way it is It's simply not worth it. Everything is captured on camera these days and there will be no denying you refused or were otherwise falling below the standard expected "Fit and proper person". Hence my post (not aimed at you btw as it's clear your a pest controller and have a working knowldege) to actually read it.
  9. I'm not launching off on one but I do worry when some people take advice off here rather than read the law.
  10. Powers of constables to stop and search. (1)A constable may require any person whom he has reasonable cause to suspect— (a)of having a firearm, with or without ammunition, with him in a public place; or (b)to be committing or about to commit, elsewhere than in a public place, an offence relevant for the purposes of this section, to hand over the firearm or any ammunition for examination by the constable. (2)It is an offence for a person having a firearm or ammunition with him to fail to hand it over when required to do so by a constable under subsection (1) of this section. (3)If a constable has reasonable cause to suspect a person of having a firearm with him in a public place, or to be committing or about to commit, elsewhere than in a public place, an offence relevant for the purposes of this section, the constable may search that person and may detain him for the purpose of doing so. (4)If a constable has reasonable cause to suspect that there is a firearm in a vehicle in a public place, or that a vehicle is being or is about to be used in connection with the commission of an offence relevant for the purposes of this section elsewhere than in a public place, he may search the vehicle and for that purpose require the person driving or in control of it to stop it. (5)For the purpose of exercising the powers conferred by this section a constable may enter any place. (6)The offences relevant for the purpose of this section are those under sections 18(1) and (2) and 20 of this Act. 48Production of certificates. (1)A constable may demand, from any person whom he believes to be in possession of a firearm or ammunition to which section 1 of this Act applies, or of a shot gun, the production of his firearm certificate or, as the case may be, his shot gun certificate. F1[(1A)Where a person upon whom a demand has been made by a constable under subsection (1) above and whom the constable believes to be in possession of a firearm fails— (a)to produce a firearm certificate or, as the case may be, a shot gun certificate; (b)to show that he is a person who, by reason of his place of residence or any other circumstances, is not entitled to be issued with a document identifying that firearm under any of the provisions which in the other member States correspond to the provisions of this Act for the issue of European firearms passes; or (c)to show that he is in possession of the firearm exclusively in connection with the carrying on of activities in respect of which, he or the person on whose behalf he has possession of the firearm, is recognised, for the purposes of the law of another member State relating to firearms, as a collector of firearms or a body concerned in the cultural or historical aspects of weapons, the constable may demand from that person the production of a document which has been issued to that person in another member State under any such corresponding provisions, identifies that firearm as a firearm to which it relates and is for the time being valid.] (2)If a person upon whom a demand is made under this section fails to produce the certificate [F2or document] or to permit the constable to read it, or to show that he is entitled by virtue of this Act to have the firearm, ammunition or shot gun in his possession without holding a certificate, the constable may seize and detain the firearm, ammunition or shot gun and may require the person to declare to him immediately his name and address. (3)If under this section a person is required to declare to a consta ble his name and address, it is an offence for him to refuse to declare it or to fail to give his true name and address. F3[(4)It is an offence for a person who is in possession of a firearm to fail to comply with a demand under subsection (1A) above.] it's not within your rights to not hand it over. You commit an offence under the firearms act. no where in the act does it make mention of an afo and neither does it say you can refuse "if you have concerns". it does not mention sgc or fac, nearly that they suspect you have one in your possession. Possession is a whole other topic and does not necessarily mean physically on your person. I'd recommend all read the firearms act and amendments before offering advice on what you can or can't do.
  11. I don't think I've ever seen one.
  12. Breast them out and freeze. I make mine into sausages and burgers. Pies, stews and nice salads aren't bad either.
  13. Not good advice. If you doubt it's a real cop call 999. If they are real you'll get a very quick response. No cop is going to follow you to a station and to suggest "what you do if they don't is up to you" as if a cop not following you to a station is somehow proof that they are not, is not very responsible at the least and will absolutely not help the individual they are speaking to.
  14. GingerCat


    Loads on auto trader.
  15. I'd take 1 every 5 mins if it's regular.
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