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  1. Computer problem

    Go to mouse in setting' and check the defaults. In face probably best to reset it. If not that is the ctrl key stuck? And this was stolen shamelessly from a 10 second Google of the issue You must be referring to Windows Magnifier and pin on your taskbar. Check this link http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows7/Make-items-on-the-screen-appear-bigger-Magnifier Let us know if they don' fix it
  2. Rotary problem

    A few drops of oil perhaps?
  3. Lawn care

    I get some chap round once every 4 months . Doesn't cost very much and it's weed free and green all year.
  4. JDog and the Fog.

    Good report. I know that bomb creator and how windy it gets there. Must have been very sporting.
  5. Not the best of days

    Feel your pain. Your not the first though and I'm sure you won' be the last. The moulders I used to work on had claimed many a finger and occasionally a hand.
  6. Beginning of the end?

    I've always breasted the birds out and frozen them. Can get hundreds in a freezer draw ready for whatever I want to put them in. Occasionally swap a few with a bloke at work for a nice bottle of red. Never had an issue getting rid of pigeon breasts or finding space to store them.
  7. Aldi

    Blasted auto correct predicted typo things.
  8. Aldi

    I honestly cannot tell the difference between aldi and tesco. If I could I wouldn't shoot there. Neither can anyone else who eats at my house or im sure they would have told me.I wonder how much is in the mind.

    I think it was made very clear that leave meant exactly that. As the then prime minister said
  10. Weather forcast

    The a46 earlier was only just passable between lincoln and caistor. Took me just over 2 hours to travel 20 miles. And they were a nervy 2 hours I don't mind saying.
  11. Roost madness

    last weekend I tried to shoot on a local permission. I needn't have bothered as the 5 woods near me must have had 5 guns in each scaring every pigeon that came near. There were many hundreds of birds swirling around very high all over the place. They would try each wood in turn before leaving for pastures elsewhere. Nothing would get lower than 100 metres. a mate and I watched a couple shoot at some very far away birds before calling it a day. I'm giving it a couple of weeks before trying again.
  12. Glasses and the rain!

    Zip wax. Zooke anti fog wax. There'slots.
  13. Used Beretta semi auto

    I got an al390. It cycles everything ive put through it. Doesn' have a narrow forend and has maybe jammed 2 times in the last 6 years or so. Wouldn' be without it.
  14. Glasses and the rain!

    It' been a while since I went to spec savers but you can (could at least) get a block of red wax that was polished onto the lense in about 20 seconds. They didn't steam up and water ran off immediatey. I sed to use it on the bathroom mirror, windscreen all sorts. I bet you can still get it and I shall get some more myself.
  15. Optimum Zero?

    25 metres for me in .22. Makes 20 to 40 easily achievable.