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  1. Cats had 3 nearly full grown rabbits the last 2 weeks. He likes to eat their brains and then snooze it off on the kids chair upstairs. Seen a fair number about, especially over the wolds and wondered if its getting to the peak in the normal 4 year ir so cycle.
  2. Lincs do it online and it was a very simple affair and done in good time.
  3. It's incredibly easy to do yourself. I do a fair bit each year. If your interested - get a pork loin or whatever bit you want to make bacon from. Purchase the cure from amazon or make your won from a recipe freely available on the net. Cure the meat as per the instructions which basically means putting it in a bag with the cure and shaking it before putting in the fridge, turning each day for about a week. Then wash off and leave to dry in the fridge for a few hours. Purchase a smoker of amazon for about a tenner. Mine looks like an over engineered peanut feeder. Put some wood chip in(also amazon but other places sell it). A cardboard box or metal bin with a hole in the top and bottom will suffice, fix your soon to be smoked bacon on a skewer light the top of the smoker, get it going all nice and smokey and put it in. Go away for 4 hrs before taking the meat out, back in the fridge for a few hours to firm and then slice. All in its 30 minutes of effort and a week of waiting, costs pennies in comparison and taste amazing.
  4. Good effort. I hate the things. Have 1 knocking about, seemingly disappeared but he'll return I'm sure.
  5. Earlier today Jdog was kind enough to take me out, kinda still the field was less than 5 minutes from my house. We met up on the edge of the road, the field some 10 minutes walk away. Nestled at the bottom of a slight hill with a stream running behind us. Tall fir woods some mile or so in front and a comically strong wind blowing right to left. The gusts were easily 40-50 mph and i had to borrow some tent pegs. The sky overcast with sporadic sun that was exactly in the wrong place and an odd crop that wasn't rape but similar. We set up around a willow and chucked the rotary out with 2 floaters. We didn't wait long. The first screamer tore through the pattern before pulling some serious g force, stopping, turning about and then tried to enter. Needless to say I missed. The next couple were similar. Jdog dropped the first few birds whilst i battled with these rockets. Eventually dropping some. Some came straight in front and these jinke and diced, closing their wings like mini rockets and often sailing past untouched by the ozs of lead We sent its way. ⁷ A few from the left appeared motionless as they approached but this was deceiving, those from anywhere else could easily be over 80mph and provided the very best sport. The main line had moved to the far right of an adjoining field. We could have moved and the birds would have been considerably more numerous and easier to hit but that wasn't the point of the day. We had some fantastic fun in the relatively brief couple of hours, I stopped a screamer coming from the right at about 20 feet,, it landed about 40 yards past where it folded and turned upside down due to it's speed. The dog had a similar bird to the left and behind that must have been 50 yards when shot and going like a bat out of hell as well Great day.
  6. 190000 troops, field hospitals and now moving tanks within 2 miles of the border(marked with friendly force identifiers) are pretty big clues about what he intends. Field hospitals and the support services to maintain a campaign being the big ones. If your not invading but just posturing you don't need that. Just after his mate has finished the Olympics they didn't want overshadowed by a war. Could be interesting times ahead.
  7. Some of the roads in this neck of woods I wouldn't drive a tractor down let alone a car.
  8. I'm not an mot tester but my understanding was changing halogen to led results in a fail.
  9. An RPG from an upstairs window would do it, failing that stoneparks fenn trap idea is pretty good. I favour bits of chocolate to peanut butter but each to their own. I also liked to have 4 traps in the chicken run, they are cheap enough and last years. Tunnels can be made easily enough.
  10. If its worth the effort I have no idea. The chap I watched was making quite a lot of them in a large bucket with a stirrer attached to a drill, he had soaked it for some time and turned it to mulch, added thr sawdust and used a bearing press to compress the blocks amd squeeze the water out. They looked substantial.
  11. It's not a public space and never has been . If the car is in a public space it can be searched/stopped/examined etc where grounds (if necessary) and legislation exist. If its not in a public space (like in your garage or on the drive)it can't.
  12. A few on YouTube mixing the cardboard etc with sawdust, seemed to make a big difference to the burn time and heat.
  13. Try some winter rated all seasons. Wife has verdstein quatrac (new asytremic design) and I have used a couple of similiar designs (tyre reviews is a good place to start). Seen me fine across muddy fields and tracks and the wife's Honda jazz was great in 6 inch of snow, icy roads, wet roads etc etc. I wouldn't have summer tyres again unless it's a performance car and not used in wet/cold. The difference is night and day. Winter tyres don't do it all year. Winter rated all seasons (euro all season) are great and it's mostly the rubber. AT lack true Winter performance and you don't want to be found wanting. Having driven 100 mile round trips daily in both the 4x4 and the jazz, across the wolds, in blizzards and all sorts many many times I know where my money goes.
  14. Fires a paint ball (effectively) so they can run about shooting each other and not get shot. I've fired a few and they do their job. Used by military and police.
  15. I do like Sony and Samsung tv's. Sony picture quality is great. Go to curry's have a look and find something you like and then buy it cheaper somewhere else
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