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    Hand sanitizer

    Some years back I know of a hospital that had to move the sanitizer from near the door and add a purple dye to it due to street drinkers coming in and bottling it. The dye apparently made it undrinkable. The type of alcohol used would make you go blind but seemed to go well in orange juice.
  2. I think there's too much choice for them at the minute. Earlier I went to pick up my airgun and drive past field 1 or 2. There were lots birds on it but they were flying over it and onto rape across the road. 40 minute later I drove past again and not a bird to be seen on either. 1 little thing upsets them and they can dissappear a few hundred yards in pretty much any direction and feed elsewhere
  3. I met up with jdog earlier in the heart of the wolds. He had 4 fields to choose from and they all presented slightly different challenges. The first was peas, bordered by a road and involving a bit of a walk. There was 1 main line into it and it wasn't overly busy. The second was also peas and had birds from 2 lines. A horsey woman would need speaking with but we could drive to it almost. The third was a field of peas we had shot before with a line going along a hedge row. Last time we shot this the line ended. The fourth was rape and appeared busy. A couple hundred birds got off the field and we could also drive to it. No horsey people about and the birds would be challenging. I elected for the rape and jdog being the gent agreed. Off we went and set up with 2 rotarys in a couple of blow holes. As we approached 50 or so came off again. The wind was perfect and the sky overcast. A random shooter appeared 5 minutes too late. He went off into the distance and set up on some peas. He didn't get much traffic either. We shot 3 and the line stopped. Totally stopped. Not a bird to be seen. Jdog suggested we go to a spinny at the end of the 3rd field. With nothing to lose we set off. No rotarys, no decoys, no net. A pea field in front, mustard behind and some birdy mix scattered about also. In no time at all we had birds coming in, a few from behind, some from in front. None were easy. It didn't help i shot poorly and missed some easier birds. I realised at the end they weren't actually moving forward but were drifting sideways and dropping. Everyday is a school day. Jasper the crazy dog made light work of retrieving the fallen in the tall crops and hedging. In the end we picked 12 for about 16 or 18, the remainder having fallen into the nettles and bracken behind. Very enjoyable however and to me at least, its more about the shooting than the size of the bag. From the behaviour of the birds I get the feeling there is too much choice currently and they just go elsewhere, although the first field was busy when we drove past on the way home I'd wager it wouldn't be if we had set up there either.
  4. I've been stopped plenty of times for all sorts of things. On foot and in a car. Even in an unmarked police car. at least 5 times that happened and more than once on London Bridge going into the city. Never once have I refused to cooperate and every time I was on my way in minutes. Never felt the urge to film them on my phone and shout or challenge what they were doing. All were polite. A couple surprised it was a police car, some more surprised I was a police officer. Police don't stop people for a laugh, they do it for a reason, there's not enough time in the day to play games these days.
  5. You'd like to think so however, the iopc are now involved and they won't release a thing until they are done and that might be a while.
  6. The dps don't mess about when it comes to investigating cops. They would have reviewed the lot, from the body cams, radio messages, pnc checks, cctv, witnesses, door to door, previous complaints about officers, interviewing officers, officers statements, pocket books, the footage from the woman, whats in the press, mobile phones of the officers, etc etc etc. Its not a nice experience. If they can sack a cop they will, if they can't sack you for what they initially had but find something else no matter how trivial they will sack you for that if it solves the problem. They can investigate everyone for anything including murder and deaths in custody. What they are not is a few old sweats looking to make something go away before popping out to lunch. As for not arresting him, they don't have to and really there is no need to, the driver could be reported for summons later. You don't need him in custody and the justification for arrest was probably not met. you know his name and address and it can be dealt with later. As for stopping the car, any car on the road can be stopped at any time to check the drivers details ie licence insurance etc section 136 of the Road traffic act 1986 says so. Suspicion of other things can be formed from their behaviour and answers (if any) and that may or may not lead to alternate outcomes.
  7. I do realise that, the black and white footage and the date 1955 in the description gave it away. The point I was making, was that despite seeing the film hundreds of times since a child (dad loves old war films) and me thinking "they could have done better than that even in the 50's". The footage was actually very good when seeing it myself for real. Superman's top lip has to be in the top 10 of bad cgi. He had to keep his tache for another film so they cgi'd it. Once you've noticed you can't unsee it.
  8. I always thought the bit in dambusters when the dam breaks and water spews out was very bad special effects. Not long ago I stood and watched water spewing through an earth bank and on its way to flood a village, it was in similar light and i realised the effects in the film were actually 100% spot on.
  9. I strongly suspect they have a reason as the dps (professional standards) have reviewed the incident twice and said nothing was wrong. That department wouldn't hesitate for a second to sack the entire patrol if there was any shred of racist behaviour. They would dine out on it for months. The officers paraded in the press in a similar fashion as a big game hunter posing with his kill. The commissioner would read lengthy statements about stamping out racism and sacking the officers involved. Their families would be hounded for comments. They would no doubt be charged with misconduct in a public office or something like that, put before the courts in record time. Their social media trawled and school friends approached for stories about how so and so was always a racist wrong-un or whatever. Boris would come along with snappy statements and the press would pat themselves on the back for a job well done. None of thats happened. It would have by now. The met has released comment, they must be very sure about what they said. The car was seen, challenged to stop and it didn't . The area is experiencing violent gang related crimes. The occupants were detained and I presume searched. No one was arrested. They don't need to be arrested to be prosecuted, given the changes in procedures (legal) and the law a lot of stuff is dealt with at the roadside in a few minutes. Often words of advice like stop the car next time are sufficient. The cars windows are heavily tinted, I'd suggest you'd struggle to see who was inside the vehicle that failed to stop and you may be on your guard when you approach it given the gang violence in the area. The matter is with the iopc now so nothing will be released until they have finished. I too want to see the rest of the cctv and not select parts of it from one side or the press.
  10. I think one of the rules is to drive as slow as possible with as big a line of cars behind as you can manage and never pull over.
  11. Been with ee for years. Not bad overall.
  12. My lanber started doing it some time ago. Took a gunsmith about 10 minutes to adjust the sear for the second trigger than was letting go when the first barrel fired. A fan fire rather than double discharge. Never done it since.
  13. They were used in Vietnam in 12b guns as it apparently cut through the bush better. Bigger ones are fired by the apache.
  14. It might be worth putting it over the crono as the pressure drops.
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