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  1. The centre fire tac handguns took the pressure with minimal effort. The cylinders were .38 and the barrels. 22. The intention of the naughty boys buying them was pretty clear and literally they were the gun of choice for many gang members. For every real pistol I'd say 10 of these were recovered converted. As an engineer I'm sure you can figure the rest out.
  2. Given the choice and power level I'd stick with the .22. It will do all the plinking and some small vermin without issue. I know the .177 would as well but over 12 I'd prefer a 22.
  3. They were nice guns, the change in law was sadly necessary, they became the gun of choice for a lot of people that shouldn't have them. I have literally lost count of the number I seen "adapted" to fire live ammo. Literally took minutes.
  4. Labour will never help those they claim to or they'd have no voter base. They want you all to be subservient to the [their] political elite and rely on the state for fear of starving or whatever. I liken their power to that of the church, the more educated you are the less you believe it.
  5. I find it amusing labour claim to be for the working man but in reality they are for those that don't want to work.
  6. My money would be it being low in power and not the pellets. A check on a crono will tell you.
  7. I dont know what the fps would be for the .177 but you want it under 950fps to avoid issues. Maybe the .22 would be better?Someone with an fac (you need not worry) that has experience of both (ultrastu) will be alone I'm sure no youve said what it's for.
  8. Or spray with wd40. Can't say it's ever really been an issue for me though and I have tins that are a couple of years old, part shot and still group just fine despite not being shiny
  9. If its plinking I don't think you can beat a springer like the old tempest and similar.
  10. I'd never made one before so picked a haslet recipe off the net, they were all pretty similar, and not unlike this one http://allrecipes.co.uk/recipe/29737/haslet.aspx Then used 50/50 mix of pigeon breast and pork shoulder, minced together. The pigeon is a little stronger than the pork and you can increase increase the flavouring another 25% without issue which I did. Don't be shy about that. Follow the instructions. Voila. You'll love it. Even the kids liked it. Great cold with fried egg and chips, in sandwiches etc etc. That 50/50 minced ratio does pretty much everything from
  11. I've made pigeon haslet 50/50 with pork and it was epic.
  12. It hasn't stopped last 4 days. The resident mole is causing havoc, even dug a trap up and discarded it. War has been declared .
  13. Try this https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/spiced-roast-lamb Serve with a salad, the dressing being half a glass of olive oil, some of the same seasoning as above and half a glass mango chutney. Stored and poured over. Cut the meat into chunks and use pitta bread to make little kebabs. Takes the fatty taste of the lamb (puts wife off) and is delicious.
  14. I had falken as210 on mine and now a contential (cross contact uhp I think) both coped with snow well, up steep inclines other cars were stuck on without issue. Standing water no issue and have travelled across muddy fields etc etc. Not got stuck yet. Wife has verdstein on hers and they are amazing. I took it to 45mph and slammed the brakes on. The ground was frozen compacted snow and ice 3 inch thick. The car stopped effortlessly and under control. The same stretch 30 mins before with normal summer tyres tyres resulted in an amusing few moments. All of the above are fine in warm w
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