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  1. If that's the most pressing concern it can't be too bad.
  2. Mine have been fine, even in heavy showers. Wouldnt put them under a tap though.
  3. I suspect you've hit plenty but they've not dropped immediately. If travelling at speed they may be on the floor 100 yards or so away. 40 yards won't be a problem, even with size 7. Thats a pretty high tree though, maybe your giving it too much lead?
  4. I have a set of these and they are great. Haven't gone wrong and do the job as well as any over ear protector I have ever had. Bonus being I can chat away happily between shots. At least as good a friends 200 pound pair and he agrees.
  5. Have it swept every year regardless and if u used it more then twice. Hardly any soot or creosote out if mine but I'd rather pay 30 quid than get a chimney fire. I find coal normally chucks the heat out and end up turning it right down. Is the fire new as well? Has it been used much? Have you used the coal before? Some takes a while to get blazing.
  6. About 1970 something my parents and older siblings moved to some god awful Welsh valley. Apparently it was early December, about 5.c and clear blue skies. Mum popped to the shop and the old lady told her it would snow later. Mum laughed it off and returned home to cook for the family plus her sister, brother in law and 2 of their kids. She said she was washing up when out of the clear blue sky fell a snow flake. This was followed by many others. The following morning there were feet of snow and somewhere in an old album is a picture of a rabbit running along the wire on the top of a tele
  7. Perhaps an airgun for when your not there and he will learn some valuable field craft stalking rabbits.
  8. You may have a drain on the battery and not using it for a few weeks will kill it. The weather being colder also impacts the stored power by up to 50%. I used to disconnect the batteries in 2 of my cars when I used them once weekly as they would be dead inside 2 weeks. 1 modern and the other not. At 2000rpm your alternator will be kicking out a bit more.
  9. Suddenly I'm liking the sound of the electric revolution.
  10. My al390 has been faultless for the past 9 years or so. Toying with getting rid as I shoot better with my lanber
  11. Of course not . Just a left sensationalist headline. The media has a bit of a slant to it these days and very critical when not necessary. I'm displeased with boris but I wouldn't have fancied my chances with Brexit and covid either. I strongly suspect the labour party will come in next time round and only hope something similar happens so they can show us how its done, drama free, faultlessly. I don't think they will. Just higher taxes and lots of preaching.
  12. I know 3 lads that have fled to Canada and another to oz. I can't see them returning. My uncle is in Canada and suggested I go too. The wife wasn't having it no matter how much space there is. I even tempted her with the states but it was a no go sadly.
  13. I have a yellow berried rowan the pigeons prefer over the red and pinks ones in the garden. They sit in them for hours plucking berries off. The red one is the last to be eaten. Currently it has no leaves and an abundance of berries dragging the branches down but not a single one has been eaten. The yellow one is almost bare.
  14. I rarely hang anything as haven't the time. Exception being if a friend shoots a deer and I collect it the following morning. Stops it from being overly gamey which is to my taste also
  15. Nothing beats a good boot. I've had to do it. The owner was going spare but my dog didn't get hurt and she was put right about how the world works. I have little time for poor animal owners, they raise children badly too.
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