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  1. GingerCat

    Cheap rifle for Ratting

    Pop to the nearest gunshop and there will be plenty to choose from. A nice second hand bsa or hw for certain. You can get a new hw99 for less.
  2. GingerCat

    Some testy birds on peas

    I've written previously about this pea field of Jdogs. It's around 60 acres and at the top of the wolds. Surrounded by barley and has been very busy of late. So busy that Jdog very kindly asked me to join him today. We duly met at around 330, Had set up by 4 and at 415 we had 6 birds in the bag. The 2 flappers I was testing for a friend clearly did the trick however 40 minutes in and both had seized up. He won't be selling those models. I fetched the rotary however it hindered the shooting so that came in to. We left just the pattern as it was and the birds decoyed quite well but it was clear the majority had had enough and weren't interested. We stopped at 730 with 32 picked and they were a good 32, a lot from behind and some at quite a speed given the wind today . When I breasted them I found around half had barley in their crops which would explain the lack of custom we had today I'm comparison to what jdog had been seeing these last few nights.
  3. GingerCat

    Beretta A301

    I really must get the trigger out on mine for a good clean. I'm guessing you just tap the pins out?
  4. GingerCat

    Beretta A301

    My 390 is stripped by unscewing the barrel and removing it and then just pulling the cocking bar out with a but if a tug. The bolt assembly then slides out. I suspect it's the same. Try a bit of cloth and pliers to get a good grip.
  5. I found similar and ended up with a slip on for my lanber. £25 for the slip on and A quoted 150-180 from 3 (yes 3) different smiths. I'll keep the difference.
  6. GingerCat

    Smallest/cheapest pcp refill option

    Mine would easily fit in a footwell and I get it charged about once every 9 months or so. From at least a full fill every month this provides about 60 shots or so a session. Suspect You could charge the smaller one from the larger if you liked. If your shooting more than that you'll hurt yourself with a pump.
  7. GingerCat

    Smallest/cheapest pcp refill option

    Just leave the air cylinder in the car and have a 5 min break every 60 shots or so.
  8. GingerCat

    All wrong but it turned out alright.

    Good report, I can just here "it's a doddler, you can't miss" as if I'm there. There's worse ways to spend these late evenings.
  9. GingerCat

    Half past 8 and they were still coming

    I hope so.
  10. I hate working shifts. I hate it even more in the summer and I particularly hate it when its a nice warm sunny day and I'm trying to sleep just enough to convert from nights to days and not miss too much of my day off. I had messaged Jdog earlier in the week whilst on nights asking if he would let me tag along. He has rather a lot of land you see and crucially some peas. I on the other hand have a modest amount and not one single pea that isn't frozen or otherwise in my freezer. This time of year and its all about the peas (or clover if your lucky). I excitingly had a couple of new flappers to try out also. Jdog kindly offered an evening of pigeon shooting and I duly met him at about 5pm. We scouted some fields and saw a few birds, not hundreds but a tempting amount flighting from a wood and into the far side of a 6 inch high pea field. Given it was 545pm we figured you had to be in it to win it and set up. The field in question was about 40 acres and had no other pea fields anywhere near it, we thought there was about 50 or so birds were feeding, that figure was a bit higher when we walked onto the field and set up in a hollow at the far in. JDog amusingly put on some waterproofs to go with his jacket . Given it was 22.c I wondered how long they would stay on for, not long was the answer and he was soon scurrying about in his jungle hat, shorts and 3 quarter jacket clutching his semi auto (almost mad max style)….. We set up about 30 yards apart, 2 flappers out in the middle of 20 or so half shells and fuds. The birds started to come but they skirted the pattern. We messed it about a bit trying new things and at one point turned both flappers off, as sure as sunrise that they were putting the birds off only to turn one back on again and the birds to come straight in. We built the pattern with real birds what it was clear the flapper was the key to bringing them across the field. A few would set up in the middle and draw the rest until we shot one and they would all fly off again. A few memorable shots were taken including a couple of long bird we both managed and that (to me at least) makes the day. We shot from 615 till about 8pm and picked (I think) 23. Might have been 24 I'm not sure ( 3 hours sleep does that) . And I don't mind saying what an enjoyable evening it was. At 830 as we were packing up they were still coming in. Not a mega bag by any means but they were sporting birds, the company was good and the surroundings lovely. There's worse places to be on a Monday night.
  11. GingerCat

    Gardening ugh !

    Rambling rector. The most prolific rose I've come across. Can easily grow 12 feet if not 20 in a year. Flowers for about 3 weeks. It's been moved to a boundary hedge now as the beast was too much. Excellent for keeping people out and the trimming was done with a hedge trimmer.
  12. GingerCat

    Plum Tree

    It certainly won't hurt.
  13. GingerCat

    Even more plant ID

    If it has quite nice blue flowers later summer then it may be wolf's bane. Looks very similar to mine. If it is then the clue is in the title. It's poisonous. Jdog will be along shortly.
  14. GingerCat

    Plum Tree

    Mine is laden thus year. Had 10kg of it last year as well. It's 5 years planted and probably less than 10 years old in all.