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  1. Hmm, well actually I rather suspect in this age of austerity they will be enjoying the double pay and nice weather. I know I would be and have done previously. Their families are used to it as it happens all the time. Sad but true.
  2. Lovely pic. I have all sorts of owls round here so must try and grab a pic or two myself, they won't be as good as that though. Is it me or does he have a look of displeasure on his face?
  3. Stalin and hitler had an effect too but that does not justify way they tried to achieve their utopia either. And thats my point. I'd like to think we've moved on a little bit from the suffragets but clearly damaging property, disrupting business and jobs and threatening violence is the way forward. I'd love to see the reaction if the pro brexit lobby did the same. They would all be branded right wing fascists and punished severely. Yet when the left do it using the environment to justify their means its perfectly ok.
  4. Lost you? Your the one talking about removing individuals freedoms (cars/travel and the implications that would have on employment and socalisation to name but 2) and concentrating the population for the greater good. Presumably whilst the elite live in the utopia like countryside away from those that they've forced into the cities. From your earlier post about running 2 big diesels and regular air travel I assume that you won't be affected by the "concentration". I don't disagree we need to act and act now but and It's a big but, we cannot achieve "what we demand" through acts of civil disorder and threats of "escalation" as I've seen in the press today witbout being akin to fascists and their ilke which history has proven repeatedly on the graves of hundreda of millions of dead, does not achieve anything. What will that escalation take. One can only assume violence.
  5. Ah concentrating the population, once that's done I'm guessing the next logical step is to thin it a bit.how about we start with all those that don't agree with your position. Perhaps we can call them "interlectuals" or something catchy. Hmm, didn't Stalin and pol pot do this? Seems a bit familiar. after all they new better too and came about from forcing their will upon others through violence and generating civil unrest.
  6. China isint just a large contributer. It's larger than all, in fact it's larger than 10 of the top 15 combined. It's so large its crazy. Clean energy and cleaner manufacturing of readily recyclable materials is what's needed. Not building giant cities that can't economically sustain themselves or building on all the green land for "economies" of scale. Nor is restricting car ownership when it's the pollution caused by the fuel and not the car per say that's at fault. In efforts to move everyone to mass transit in and out of their government approved tenement no doubt. No doubt to save some plastic they can have a large horn blow at 6am and we can line up in the street with out brooms and spades and March to work. The real problem with this is not their aims, its their demands. Demands of doing as they say as they know best or face direct action until you comply. Used to be called fascism but that's the preserve of the right wing it seems and these entitled middle class left wing enviro fascists are seeking social change to suit their purposes dressed up as saving the world.
  7. GingerCat


    Never really done well on peas. Better on beans but the 50 acres behind my house have been untouched and are now 7 inchs high. Lately I've done a lot better with the air rifle in a small wood than anywhere else.
  8. I agree. I have to drive 16 miles each way to work. I often drive 150 miles a day once at work due to the nature of it. There is no public transport that I can use. No busses or trains, none. All food is wrapped in plastic and there is no choice but to but it as so far I've seen no alternative. Recycling often ends in land fill. Taxing me extra on cars/fuel will ultimately result in me not working at some point as being public sector things are a little tight as they are. There is little employment here either so alternative work ain't happening. It's all very well saying push people into town from the country but if there is no work to pay for the outrageous living cost (lived half my life in London so I have a fair idea) you'll end up with ghettos and all that goes with it which will eventually spoil the little paradise you've made in the country as they come out to take what you have. There are significant choices to be made by the next government however any impact we have will be negligible whilst China etc carry on as they are. Admittedly they are replacing 10 coal power stations a year for solar but there is more to do. I can't help it wonder why they arent protesting in China where im sure the local populace are also consumers of what they produce but I think I know the answer.
  9. It took the chap about an hour to whip over it with his machine making little holes and another 10 mins to feed it and treat weeds moss. The feed and moss is about 30 quid a quarter and the airation about 50. That's only needed doing once. Now dark green and weed free all year. Why mess about yourself. unless you've got a small lawn I can't see the point
  10. It will be their plan we we leave. We will have our own.
  11. The stats are quite illuminating. They really should go to China who produce more than most of the rest combined. I suspect the trains would keep calling at stations or the cops wouldn't be so nice when removing them which probably has something to do with their choice of venue. https://www.ucsusa.org/global-warming/science-and-impacts/science/each-countrys-share-of-co2.html
  12. Hollow tine airation to sort the compaction and then overseed and feed. May be cheaper and considerably easier to get one of the many lawn companies to do it for you. I get them round every quarter to feed and deal with moss. Works out cheaper than me buying the chemicals and costs very little really for a decent sized lawn. Lawn now looks great but still takes an hour to cut.
  13. Hard labour has long gone. Maybe if we had it there would be a few changes in society.
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