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  1. I've yet to see a single one outside of a shooting magazine. It's an ever decreasing circle if they carry on as they are and they must spread the message far and wide.
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    There's no doubt airgun have come along light years in the last decade. My ultra xl is bargin basement in comparison but will easily hit a coke bottle top laid sideways at 50 metres literally all day long. Its Boringly accurate really. There's nothing special about the gun, the trigger is poor but predictable. The retained energy sufficient to humanly kill small game, often (mostly) clean through head shots. I don't doubt this fac 25 could kill at range if the shooter can place the pellet. Theres plenty of videos on youtube of people doing excatly that over and over again, good shots granted but the guns are up to the task with incredible consistency and zero recoil. The weak link being the shooter. And it does look like a ray gun. Quite jealous.
  3. Get the fit checked and then pop down the clay range, with an instructor perhaps. Then practice all summer. You'll soon be on target again. There's no reason for a cart to knock you about with an ou on any game bird within sensible ranges.
  4. Quite, bit like grey squirrels over here or parakeets etc etc. That's the trouble with introduced species in places they shouldn't be. The states have huge problems with starlings and sparrows brought over from the UK, I've no doubt nz has similar issues with other species.
  5. Have you ever tried to catch a squirrel? My dog tries most days and hasn't a hope in hell of getting that bushy tail in his jaws. A hedgehog rolls up in A ball and can just be picked up. I'd love to see a few hedgehogs in my garden but the fields surrounding it are coated in slug pellets by the farmer and badgers roam all over.
  6. Wife had a Suzuki splash 1.3 (maybe 1.3). It went pretty well and didn't go wrong in the 4 or 5 years we had it. Just a bit small for 2 kids so chopped it in. A mate has a swift and its going stong in the 10 years or so hes had it, knowing him it will be well thrashed also but doesnt sem to mind. My next car will probably be a Suzuki and if not then a golf. I agree they are underrated.
  7. It appears the nurses uniforms of little white dresses have changed in the last few years. Maybe for the best..... Glad to see you back out and in good company.
  8. I have one of these and it's been excellent in the 8 or so years I've had it. Maybe 2 fail to feeds in all that time. Lovely guns.
  9. You can get manual ones for a lot less. Once saw one lift a car up and then drop it as the chap pressed the wrong button. I howled with laughter as it limped into the yard before cutting out. A sensor needed resetting and the car was fine. Impressive really as it was lifted 4 feet easy.
  10. I remember using up some dan arms clay carts that were like getting hit by a truck every time I fired. Used comp x and apart from the noise I couldn't tell you the gun had gone off. Mostly don't notice it these days with whatever carts I use unless I mount wrong on a snap shot.
  11. A while back I went to the canteen. On my way back the receptionist said "what's the soup?" I replied "don't know I got a bacon sandwich". Her reply was " don't say bacon to a veggie" with a remarkably stern look on her face. My parting comment was "then don't ask me what the soup is". We didn't speak again and that pleased me, she was always grumpy and looked Ill. Fast forward some months I saw an old neighbour, he looked bad, really Ill . Yellow skin and eyes watery and sunken. His hair lank, his once athletic frame now resembled a pow living off scraps and forced to work 20 hour days. His cheeks that were once youthful and pink were now sunken grey and I was sure he had some awful illness that would kill him. He was 20. Moments into the conversation he told me he was vegan as all his friends were and how it suited his life so much better. I had to remark that I thought he had a terminal illness as he looked so bad, apparently a few people had said similar but he was adamant he never felt so good and tried to convert me. Needless to say the conversation ended as I ignored his attempts and carried on talking about shooting pigeons and the like with another friend stood with us. My view is this vegan movement takes hold at college and uni and spreads like a cult, echo chambers of their own self rightousness they cannot accept any other view but their own.
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