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  1. **** ******* Facebook bad news?

    I posted earlier that I got oven ready birds for a whole shiny pound each from keeper. This is what it cost him to have a dealer prepare them. It doesn' get cheaper than that. Quite how a local butcher charges £7.50 a brace for the same thing I dont know. If I had a bigger freezer I'd buy so more before the season ends. Maybe a push by a celebrity chef or 2 would change things.
  2. The only difference I've noticed between high end and cheap carts is the price. And 28g of size 7 or 7.5 is good enough for pigeons over decoys.

    Denplan. Never looked back. 2 dentist visits and 2 hygienist visits a year. Worst case if they do no work is I pay 20 quid too much. One filling or some other work and I'm winning. Well that and not having to go nhs ever again. World's apart.
  4. Not ever, never

    There's a reason terrorists/foreign armies mount 50 cal machine guns and mortars to the back of toyota pick ups that they then drive round the desert getting shot at and it' isint because the 90 is more reliable or easier to maintain or has a bit less wheel spin.

    I pay £20 a month and never have to worry. Have been private dental for last 10 years and won' go back to nhs.
  6. **** ******* Facebook bad news?

    2 weeks ago I took 10 pheasant and 20 partridge oven ready for a whopping £30. A mate had a similar number. I could have had them in the feather for nothing. He couldnt give them away to people,not even those that shot them so had them dressed and gave them to beaters etc. Shortly I shall buy some more. Great meat and cheaper than a bag of spuds. I cannot understand how or why it's wasted (badly shot birds accepted), it's like half a business model and the rest hasn' been thought through.
  7. Didn't expect that...

    Well done .
  8. Car door mirror glass loose ?.

    Used superglue on mine. 2 years on and it' still there.
  9. Wich semi auto

    I wouldn' part with my 390. If however I were forced to then it would be for a newer and lighter version.
  10. Touch of wind today

    Well done. I wouldnt bother counting in wind like today and I bet every shot wold rival any driven game bird.
  11. Webley Service Rifle MkII

    Lovely gun. There's something about the old school webleys. I had a typhoon and it always had a solid purposeful feel too it and I bet this rifle does too.
  12. Simply rude people!

    The way I read that is the ico suggest it shouldnt happen except in limited circumstances (a gun shop perhaps?). These are as far as i am aware, guidelines and not the law.
  13. Simply rude people!

    Why would that be illegal?
  14. Still on berries.

    Lots on rape and stubble round here.
  15. Simply rude people!

    Perhaps you should be. Would you want to be his next door neighbour when he loses his temper knowing he's a firearm holder? try trading standards I suspect it' well documented both ways.