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  1. There's one on freeads, I've just had email from them
  2. ladyjack

    Bipod and mag

    Hi strimmer,just seen this,I've got 3 mags,so don't need any more, thanks for letting me know, finally got rifle sorted,Mansfield guns paid for it to have all seals renewed, now shooting spot on, really pleased with it, had some cracking shots out to 120 yards, also rang feo,and gave him new farm details, he emailed me back about an hour later, and said everything sorted, I can now go ahead and shoot new farm,with FAC,so things now looking good.
  3. Go for obsilete calibre, muzzle loaders, can't go wrong, they look stunning ,in the right place Living room wall
  4. Spoke to farmer no problem putting my fa on his land,so will fo on Monday as they dont work weekend
  5. Ok mel,money transfer sorted mate thanks again Dave
  6. Bit awkward trying to size photos, but this is where its going to hang,definitely looks better behind bar,
  7. Came today mel,just need to make a frame, send your details so I can sort you out, cheers Dave
  8. Going to ring for and verify
  9. ladyjack


    New to Fac air rifles
  10. I took it for granted once the farmer said it was ok
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