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  1. I sent mine for renewal 3 weeks before it expired, got a phone call from fo,asked if anything had changed I said no everything still the Same as last time, got ticket a week later,no visit.
  2. Anyone in Newcastle shoot old muzzle loading shotguns, drop me an email, please, willing to take you out on branches,when time comes, PS there is literally thousands of them to shoot
  3. ladyjack

    Powder flasks

    Looking for anything old shooting related items,shot moulds powder flasks etc,anything considerd, to put on show below my wall mounted antique muzzle loading shotguns,
  4. ladyjack


    Thanks for all the replies I am going up on Friday to have a look around, and have a word with my pal who owns all the land,not sure if I will be able to take everyone who answered this post even though there's loads of separate woods to shoot, but will ask, PS anyone who can offer a bit of shooting on there permission will be asked first,if we hit this on the right days,there are literally thousands ,will try and post a video of them when they start to nest .scaffman73 can verify what this place is like as he shoots a few miles further up th e valley.
  5. ladyjack


    Did you get my reply about trip wire bits you have,derby to alwinton maybe a bit far, it's up to you if you fancy,I stay for a couple of days if I hit it right if not on weekend I have use of a caravan,or I stay in pals hotel usually give him £20 per night with full English thrown in,post code is ne65 7bg, if you want to see some of the land.
  6. ladyjack

    Trip wire

    Sorry b725,just seen you're reply I am in Spain back Tuesday will take them let me know how you want paid,cheers dave
  7. ladyjack

    Wanted nv

    I've got a NV kit for sale if interested
  8. ladyjack


    Is April/may the time for branchers,I posted a couple of years ago,toast if anyone wanted to give me a hand to shoot some of the thousands of crows Jay's jackdaw, I missed last two years due to illness, not sure of time of year, misses wants a holiday end may beginning June, so I've told her no chance not if its season for shooting branchers, thanks dave
  9. ladyjack

    Trip wire

    Ok much you looking for, posted,to ne62py, mate
  10. ladyjack

    A few bits for sale

    Pistol gone pellets gone.binoculars £20 plus post,or collect.
  11. ladyjack

    Trip wire

    Have you got the ser clips and pins,also much you looking for ,
  12. ladyjack

    Trip wire

    Just bought 2 from bagnall and Kirkwood's in Newcastle £18,99 each on Ebay for £13,50 each but postage was about a week, I needn't them straight away, blanks were £16 for 10,then a mate told me make your own, could of told me before I bought the blanks Are you selling these
  13. ladyjack

    Trip wire

    Secret squirrel,sorry mate got caught up in a few things mate haven't forgot will go in shed 2morrow deffo
  14. ladyjack

    Trip wire

    If I alarmed this with a smoke bomb,I wonder how long it would take my misses to clean it up
  15. ladyjack

    Trip wire

    Why do you have to file the hole!! And where