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  1. ladyjack


    Apparently I have had a couple of P M,can anyone tell me how to retrieve them
  2. ladyjack

    A bit of advice please

    Yes you can take your gun/guns with you,I have stayed in b&bs over the weekend so I could shoot pigeons over a hundred miles from my home,so take it and enjoy your days on the Clay's.
  3. ladyjack

    Hammer guns

    Hi **** my email address is Cdavethegun@aol.com capital C and all lower case cheers dave
  4. ladyjack

    Hammer guns

    Hi ****. Any chance some pics pls and price cheers dave
  5. ladyjack

    Hammer guns

    I've decided what to put on my chimney breast wall looking for obsilete calibre /deactivated hammer guns sxs anyone got any maybe 3 or 4 would like them to strip cock and dry fire if possible
  6. ladyjack


    Oh sh.t wish ide seen this i would of drove down to pick it up what A lovely looking gun and for no money whoever bought this if you want rid at a profit let me know
  7. ladyjack


    No problem strummer oh if you were closer I'll get the wood you pour the drinks lo
  8. ladyjack


    Why didn't I think of making something out of reclaimed stuff I have just built this in my back garden
  9. ladyjack


    I've got a couple of pairs not sure if any good to you will try and take a photo tomorrow and post
  10. ladyjack


    Nothing there sculy
  11. ladyjack


    Cheers scull try now
  12. ladyjack


    Anyone know where I can get brackets/hanger to disp,ay shot guns o wall
  13. ladyjack

    Shotgun problem

    Top lever won't move,
  14. ladyjack

    Shotgun problem

    Yeah flyb took fore d off tried undoing every screw i can see,no joy
  15. ladyjack

    Shotgun problem

    ok tell him to come and pick them up that's Wii three for just over a fiver,I call that the deal of the century,