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  1. No cooper and tanner standerwick, here's is under £10,but don't pickup and pack, anyway the auction is 14th,so probably not enough time now, Hermes is under a tenner
  2. Hi pigeonpopper,not bought yet,just wondered if anyone would be willing to pick items from auction, its a brass companion set,but its unusual, would look great next to my log burner, starting bid is £12 they want £45 to post,
  3. ladyjack

    Pickup item

    Is there anyone on forum from frome summerset, that would be willing to pickup an item from auction, and post to me,thanks dave
  4. Don't know how much in motor bike shop,but in c e f electrics on bottom road wallsend, there £9.46, ray
  5. ladyjack


    This is seller and I think eBay number
  6. ladyjack


    Try this gordon, if no good let me know and I'll try something else
  7. Hi Ray,did you put a battery on magnet,
  8. ladyjack


    Hi Gordon Just tried magazine works fine just orded another 2,this picture is for your hw110, cheers dave
  9. ladyjack


    Was a con to get you into shop Gordon,let you know what the ones fron chec Republic when it comes,cheers dave
  10. ladyjack


    Just seen ad for mags for under a £5 and the shop is 10 minutes from my house,going 2morrow and see what they are like
  11. ladyjack


    The one for £9 odd from check Republic only comes with 1,the one for £21 comes with 3,I've had the £21, before they were fine,until I lost them let you know what cheaper ones are like when it arrives
  12. Hello mate can you message me about 5ish as iam at work, ill get it out shed later,here's a picture
  13. ladyjack


    Cheers will let you know 👍
  14. ladyjack


    Hi cant get on air gun site,I've ordered one from the first ebay you sent me, only £10,so I'll see if its any good, thanks for help,I'll check those other ones, cheers
  15. ladyjack


    Will do,thanks for your help
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