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  1. Well you obviously no the loads and all the other things that enables you to shoot muzzle loaders
  2. Well I sort of copied your idea, if you blow up photo you will see,cheers
  3. Finally finished my front room, and got some guns on walls
  4. Just pmd him cheers tightchole
  5. ladyjack

    Remington 1100

    Pitted around ejector
  6. ladyjack

    Remington 1100

    I agree,I've got one bought brand new, lent it to a friend to hide shoot pigeons,got it back 4 days later and took for granted he had cleaned and oiled it,WRONG it must have rained when he was shooting, he just put it in gun slip and left,when I got it out to sell,it was pitted around ejector and opposite side,never used it since,sitting in cabinet,ide only fired about 200 carts could not get used to it,here's a photo,
  7. ladyjack


    Sorry wildrover,I thought ide already answered your last message, I put lot numbers on message, I get out of here 2morrow (hospital)will try and put on then thanks Dave
  8. Having racked my brain trying to think of ways to hang my muzzle loaders, to show them off best,a pw member directed me here to ask for ideas, so if anyone like to share some ideas ide be more than great full,thanks Dave,these are my guns
  9. ladyjack


    S58 rook rifle,and some powder flasks,I am presuming the rifle come under obsilete calibre,trying to verify
  10. ladyjack


    Southams auction Wallis way ,mk42 0pe
  11. ladyjack


    Anyone live in bedfordshire,willing to go to auction and pick some items up and send them to me if I win the bids,its not until March 14th,thanks dave
  12. I sent mine for renewal 3 weeks before it expired, got a phone call from fo,asked if anything had changed I said no everything still the Same as last time, got ticket a week later,no visit.
  13. Anyone in Newcastle shoot old muzzle loading shotguns, drop me an email, please, willing to take you out on branches,when time comes, PS there is literally thousands of them to shoot
  14. ladyjack

    Powder flasks

    Looking for anything old shooting related items,shot moulds powder flasks etc,anything considerd, to put on show below my wall mounted antique muzzle loading shotguns,
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