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  1. Ok mel,money transfer sorted mate thanks again Dave
  2. Bit awkward trying to size photos, but this is where its going to hang,definitely looks better behind bar,
  3. Came today mel,just need to make a frame, send your details so I can sort you out, cheers Dave
  4. Going to ring for and verify
  5. ladyjack


    New to Fac air rifles
  6. I took it for granted once the farmer said it was ok
  7. I've got £75.000,just a **** cook,wonder if there is any single white females out there, great opportunity, ATB with the sale.
  8. ladyjack


    When the gun shop replaced seals,they said it was doing 23ftl s,that's all I know, we to fac air rifles
  9. ladyjack


    It was supposed to be 28,but its 23,its a webley fx 2000
  10. ladyjack


    Is it possible to turn up power on my FAC fx 2000,? If so is it easy,and is it legal.
  11. ladyjack


    Got in touch with a couple of members on above site they say as long as clamp is not touching barrel then should be ok,maybe I'll go with studs,I'll ask next time I am in Weldon gunrooms,cheers
  12. Thanks for info will contact 2morrow, I have been shooting my FAC air rifle ,on new farm,I just took it for granted,was the far er said it was okay
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