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  1. ladyjack

    Lab pup

    lady friend looking for lab pup not bothered about colour or sex,anyone know of one going please let me know,thanks
  2. ladyjack

    Lab pup

    OK, cheers
  3. Hi sam, are you available anytime ,or do you work,
  4. ladyjack

    Lab pup

    OK cheers, its for a lady I know
  5. ladyjack

    Lab pup

    anyone got or know of any lab pups for sale,ready now,cheers
  6. No I bought this brand new from shop
  7. Can mods remove this,
  8. I've got a CG snipe,30 inch Multi choke not sure what they go for
  9. Looking for CG SNIPE 12 gauge o/u multi choke,anyone got one for sale
  10. I've got one,not sure what there worth
  11. Anyone been shooting branchers yet
  12. Just had FO on phone,about my SGC AND FAC RENEWAL, after a few questions she said my cents would be posted to me,she also said that if I go shooting at this time,(lockdown)for the protection of crops and live stock, could I make sure that I continue with social distance, so therefore I for one are now looking forward to being able to go out shooting, (straight from the horses mouth)as the saying goes, so branchers beware, so once again I have to say, WELL DONE NEWCASTLE FIRE ARMS DEPT,
  13. That's what we said last year
  14. Just had a call from one of the farms I shoot,farmer has asked me to stay away, until further notice, gutted as there are thousands of corvids already nesting, look like another year not shooting branchers, hope other farms don't react the same way
  15. Not bothered how it's done,just as long as I get it in time for branchers,I have been to 2farms,and there is thousands of blacks,all nesting,so looks like a number year
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