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  1. ladyjack

    Remington 1100

    Cragglands hers some more photos If this works,
  2. Sorry can't get photos on send your email address I'll try that cheers dave 

    1. Some photos 


      1. I wish I still lived in diss,ide of snatched your hands off
      2. Here here,if I am shooting crop or shooting in a wood, if a pigeon crow magpie or anything else on my licence, comes in then I am going to shoot, it, because as Ia concerned I am covered.
      3. Looking for rabbit or pigeon shooting north east, free or willing to pay, or I can take you crow magpie ect, shooting in return, thanks dave
      4. Well I've just printed GL34 and GL36,loaded up my shooting wagon and on my way to farm,to shoot some of the thousands of corvids,that's been left to flourish over the last couple of months, HAPPY DAYS
      5. So is this liscence obsolete, and gl21/gl36,because I spoke to NE yesterday, and was not told that everything has reverted back to the old liscence.
      6. I applied 6th may,got liscence 5th june
      7. Toontastic,this is what it says on my liscence, on reviewing your application, NE considers that the liscence purpose of serious damage to livestock, there foodstuffs, crops, vegetables, fruit, growing timber, fisheries or inland waters is more appropriate to the problems you have described, a liscence has therefore been issued for that purpose and for the species in your original application which can be covered by that purpose, if you still require a liscence for other purposes or species, contact NE, do you think I should apply for other liscence,or not, your advice much appreciated
      8. Thanks Charlie t,so I take it I have to phone NE and quote my liscence number,and ask for gl 26 and gl 31,PS there is no covering letter stating where my liscence doesn't cover all of species applied for
      9. I've received my liscence from NE, I can shoot jackdaw magpies feral pidgeon rooks,do I have to apply for another liscence to shoot wood pidgeon and crows,I did put crows on my original application
      10. ladyjack


        Looking for a rear cover for a l200 Mitsubishi 06,lock must be working, and good condition, black if possible
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