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  1. You are absolutely correct but unfortunately most people haven't worked out the correct way to slip a shotgun.
  2. True but it isn't expensive if you buy secondhand or even new in the sales. I have a full set of gear that hasn't cost more then £60 either off here or ebay. You also dont have to shoot a lot of birds to enjoy a day either.
  3. I love his videos, they are so well shot and I think he is doing a great service to shooting as his videos are likely to bring a new generation into the sport.
  4. Interesting. Copper may be bad for some things but it's not as toxic as lead. I do wonder if such a thin coating reduced the amount of lead in the meat? I guess it must to some extent?
  5. Sounds like it to me.... in which case the person you sold it to probably needs legal advise as well...
  6. I've driven both and would definitely choose automatic. In the most challenging conditions and if you are really good you may have more control with a manual. But an auto with a torque converter is very easy and well controlled off road with the feeling of more power when needed. But then these days I would choose an auto for everything.
  7. A longer shot string is not necessarily a bad thing. It's just part of the pattern you get from a scatter gun. Shot deformation could be the problem but you can see this on the pattern plate if it is a problem. You have potentially less pellets to start with so you don't want many flier but I dont expect it would be a problem. It would be interesting to see on the pattern plate if the chokes were regulated by constriction or what the pattern throws. That could make a difference against a 12.
  8. Cragman, how do they fit? Correct for size?
  9. Excellent account of what sounds like a great day shooting!
  10. If it's a simple DC motor then the speed is controlled by the voltage. So give it less volts and it will go slower. Either by providing less voltage or introducing a resistor to cause a voltage drop.
  11. Thanks guys really helpful. looking to ideally be handy for the Chelmsford - Braintree area?
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