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  1. https://claypigeonshoot.co.uk/regular-clay-fixtures/copfurn-s-g-margaretting-chelmsford/ Nice little shoot and there will be people happy to push the button. Might be closer for you. If you can tag on to another small group you can get some free pointers.
  2. I dont know which jacket but could you use seam sealer tape on the shoulders?
  3. I would guess (not being a stalker) Holly, Ash or Hazel would be good choices.
  4. It is quite stiff even when everything is workong correctly so it may need some lube. My steps: Remove barrels, reset top lever, push safety past fire till it clicks (takes a bit of effort), hold trigger guard with left hand and push top lever (awkward) as it clicks the trigger group should pull out. Ether put it back in now or repeat steps to get back to the open position.
  5. I dont know about that. There are examples of exactly that happening in the US all the time.
  6. Well there is the problem then, should have got the real deal.... I guess you could wax the fancy pants fabric, might make it waterproof....?
  7. Have you waxed your Barbour in the last 15 years?
  8. Foredom (knockoff) everytime if you are serious. So much better than a dremmel and these seem to work fine. Eleoption Pro FOREDOM S-R Hanging Flexshaft Mill Jewelry Design&Repair Tools 220V 230W 4mm https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B012723QYU/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_6FisDbMYZVF0K
  9. Either the above or its the bar studs /nuts. They are the only things that affect chain tension.
  10. Ive switched from MacWets to Ariat gloves. I wasnt that impressed with the MW. Goid grip but they started to fall apart way to quick amd were rubbish in the wet on game day. Ariat are cheap, seem better built and do mesh back, normal and insukated ones which im hoping to use on those wet days out in the field next season.
  11. Its always in the handbook. Best to look there for the definitive answer. Also it will tell you the actual engine code.
  12. Very nice offer. Just wish i wasnt on the south coast or I would take you up on one!
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