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  1. Probably not your problem here but the other thing worth checking is that the gause in the exhaust isn't blocked. I've found that if you are an occasional user of small engines that using aspen fuel is well worth it. Its expensive but avoids many of the common issues with carbs, fuel lines and exaust. Probably cheaper when compared with how many people throw out perfectly good equipment in frustration.
  2. bigroomboy


    I think you need to start thinking outside your echo chamber box or the things we enjoy, like the shooting season, may not be there for the next generation.
  3. Just to be clear I actually think its a good (but complicated) gun if you realise what its intended for.
  4. bigroomboy


    We just need a change in infrastructure and culture. Ban cars from urban roads and give the roads to the scooters and other sustainable transport options.
  5. I've got one (original alloy action) and not had any problems. Its really a field gun so very light. When wearing winter clothes I don't have any issues shooting a few 32g 5s. Shooting clays is fine with 21 or 24g carts but there are better clay guns unless light weight is important to you. Ive not had any ejector issues but disassembly and deepcleaning are definitely more difficult.
  6. I find the handling of browning/miroku 20b is fantastic as a game gun. The weight around 7 lb suites me but has great balance. I also prefer the proportions/aesthetics of the browning action in 20b - it feels less bulky. I've got a Miroku mk60 20b g5, love it, shot my best season with it last year, but the ejectors do seem to be a bit of an issue. My top one is fussy on cartridges and a friends 725 would hardly extract the cartridges.
  7. Go - outdoors was great about 10 years ago. Then it just became a race to the bottom to satisfy the buy a trolley load of cheap **** st Easter and bin it brigade. The problem is those were not the return or loyal customers.
  8. If you can fit the RL7+ go for it. I have a RL5+ and live it but access is a bit nicer with the bigger cabinet and you will always need the space.
  9. As above but if the its properly empty then its going to take quite a few more to register on the guage. Getting to 200 bar is relatively easy. After that it can be a work out.
  10. I appreciate the offer but I assume there must be people local struggling with too many pigeons?
  11. Well if anybody has some going spare around Southampton let me know. I could do with some for the pot.
  12. Was it alcohol gel or one of the liquid spray type? There are quite a few different spray type that have things in that may tarnish a finish - hypochlorous acid being one obvious one. Also some sun sprays, normally the oils rather than the white liquids.
  13. I have a no name 3/4 gun cabinet and a brattonsound RT5 for scopes rifles. The Brattonsound is so much better made I would probably only got for them from now, but look for the RT7. The single key opening is worth it alone. Have you considered rotating to the opposite wall or corner? Also I find the foam inserts no good. I always take those out and make my own from wood to hold the guns barrel down.
  14. I've been playing with the bread maker and having fun. I've not added milk powder yet, is that the secret?
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