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  1. This law has been around a lot longer than the recent knife crime trend and isn't intended to directly stop that. Its there to stop people carrying potentially dangerous everyday objects either routinely into the wrong environment or purposefully for protection. Think about the difficulty in doing to law differently, somebody needs to be there to understand the situation vs the reason given.
  2. The law is actually perfectly sensible. It doesn't stop you doing anything and remember the same law applies to knitting needles, scissors and screwdrivers. The issue is that it relies on the police officer to interpret it. Unfortunately the world has changed and a police officers view on what is an acceptable reason has also changed. Strange that you never hear of people being done for accidentally having their knitting needles in public though.
  3. I agree on the danger of non locking knives but the svord peasant is a clever example of solving the problem. Very good knives at good price.
  4. Yes I expect its invector plus so any of those extended ones will fit wither by browning or others.
  5. Yes please. PM incoming
  6. Good luck Danny what ever you decide. I got some decoys off you a few years back and they are getting more use than ever so you oegacy lives on through every dipper!
  7. As stated above. The little plug type choke guages are near useless anyway. But it's likely your barrells are overbored so the correct constriction will still mean a bigger hole which thelay type of gauge can't account for. 0.4 mm us likely the inv plus oberbore which is 15 thou so would throw measurement way off.
  8. Well as long as your CoP is above 2.5 which nests almost impossible for it not to be in this country, should be more like 4 most of the time then you will be spending a lot less even without the grant.
  9. Yes all the time in the bread maker. I found the nicest was a 50/50 of malted and white flower with pumpkin seeds.
  10. bigroomboy

    Tilley lamp

    That looks like a beauty. I'm a vapalux man myself but that's almost enough to turn me!
  11. I dont think it matters too much on an amateur basis how many you shoot as long as you have a good time. I've dabbled for a few years with the odd near double digit days but I've just come into a permission with significantly more pigeons so I'll hoping to up my game. I'm deffinateky finding decoying more challenging this time of year than over stubbles which is what I have mainly done before. Lots of large groups, timing and location seem more specific and decoying seems harder. Probably all down to my poor field craft so I will keep on trying.
  12. Great bags those. I have all 3 sizes.
  13. I cracked and bought the Monsoon trousers for in the hide. I managed to talk myself out of another jacket luckily.
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