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  1. I’ll take £800 if gone this weekend
  2. Mint condition, used 5 times through the wildfowling season. 28 inch barrels, multi these guns don’t need me to say how good they are. £1000 priced to sell. 07841596798
  3. I’ve just looked I only have 1/2 and 1/4 😩
  4. Tryhunter

    Fishing pole

    Looking for a match fishing pole. Top end. What have you got?
  5. I have a few I think with a key if I remember right
  6. Little chopper how much was you wanting?
  7. Beautiful gun. Don’t suppose you travel up north at all do you 😁
  8. Revo, any chance you can ping me over some pics.👍
  9. Tryhunter

    Semi auto 12g

    Semi auto 12g Wanted, up to £500 what you got.?
  10. Thanks David. What sort of price are you looking at for everything?
  11. Looking for a good quality carp setup please, willing to swap for course match tackle. message me. 07841596798
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