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  1. Rewulf

    Interesting..Kashoggi !

    Me too ,thought they'd stopped selling it years ago, then I spotted some in a shop. Wasn't tempted though🤣
  2. Rewulf

    Lincolnshire Police

    Theres little doubt this is coming nation wide. Nottingham bought it in beginning of September, I got a nice letter from BASC last week telling me about it, and how they are going to protest it. Theres also little doubt the next edition of the HO guidlines will enshrine it too. Then what? the whole argument of it 'not being in the guidelines ' will be moot. My personal take on it, pay it, if its £50 for 5 years worth of shooting, its not exactly a massive cost is it ? If BASC or CA come through and get it chucked out , demand it back.
  3. Are there no clubs within your range that will give supervised access to a round of sporting or skeet ect. You shouldnt have to have a lesson to shoot, especially if you have already had multiple lessons ? Id have a word ,and see if you can tag along with someone and use their gun (supervised) It certainly wouldnt be a problem at my club.
  4. Rewulf

    Interesting..Kashoggi !

    Oh dear ! Did you wake up this morning with a horrified thought that no tin foiler had put forward a conspiracy theory on the death of Mr Kashoggi ? Did you fail to notice that myself and Hamster agreed early on that the official story was the correct assumption. Maybe you didnt notice Gingercats attempt to do just what you are doing now, and try to resurrect Salisbury for your personal entertainment ? Perhaps you also fail to recognise they are 2 completely different scenarios and narratives. Or maybe didnt get last nights news where the Saudis have virtually admitted that they did it, albeit not on 'official ' orders , more like a rogue element within the consulate, committing an accidental killing, via torture dismemberment and acid ? Anyway Im glad you accept the BBCs reporting of the matter, and Occams razor is still your friend, your common sense however is a little suspect Have a dig at this if you like though, as a bit of a bonus. Why does one murdered man get worldwide media attention , when the Saudis are killing innocent civilians by the bucket load on a daily basis in Yemen , using banned weapons, supplied by the US ? Where are the film crews and journos reporting on the ground in Yemen ? The Israelis shoot civilians 'for fun' as well as flouting just about every human right known and accepted by man regularly, yet get virtually no media attention ? Was it because he was a WP journalist, or maybe that story is more 'interesting' ? Troll away on that.
  5. Rewulf

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Spot on .
  6. Rewulf

    Part time man/woman

    Ha , true , and you can see them half cooked in the pub every dinnertime too, before going back to their imaginary jobs 😃 Hang on a minute, thats what happens in Eastenders and Coro as well ! I think youre on to something...
  7. Rewulf

    BREXIT - merged threads

  8. Rewulf

    Part time man/woman

    Tell me about it Plus the fact that in a village of maybe 200 people, they have a violent murder every other week !
  9. Rewulf

    Interesting..Kashoggi !

    Well err no ,you got that wrong didn't you ? I'd spend less time worrying about what I think , and get on with your own life if I were you, instead of trolling, trying to get a reaction. Have a pleasant evening.
  10. Rewulf

    Interesting..Kashoggi !

    Why ? Do you think because I don't believe one story, I don't believe any 'official' story ? And what's the glaringly obvious?
  11. Rewulf

    Not guilty - but pay up!

    Most rape cases are .
  12. Rewulf

    Direct Line insurance

    Operations[edit] The Group owns a number of general insurance brands operating within the United Kingdom, including Direct Line, Churchill, Privilege and Green Flag. Direct Line is a company that specialises in selling insurance and other financial services, sold directly to consumers by telephone and the internet.[13] There may be others that are underwritten by the above mentioned companies. I will add this, because I was told it some years ago by several well informed people, however, I can find no internet source to substantiate it. Churchill ins was once owned and operated by a religious group called the Plymouth Brethren, who have some very strange and strict practices regarding business.
  13. Rewulf

    Interesting..Kashoggi !

    Um , sorry to disappoint you, but unless Mr Kashoggi turns up, alive and well, with arms and legs attached, and maybe with a bad headache and a poor excuse for his fiance, hes dead. And the last place he was seen, by his fiance, was going into the Saudi embassy in Istanbul, unless....shes lying...😎 Move along now , nothing to see here...
  14. Rewulf

    Interesting..Kashoggi !

    In short , a Saudi national, who the Saudis dont like because he says nasty things about them, had to go the Saudi embassy in Istanbul for some documentation. Once inside, hes then interrogated, tortured, murdered, and apparently chopped up and disposed of. Trouble is, the Turkish intelligence service had the place bugged, and the Saudis have been caught pretty much bang to rights on it. Obviously they are denying everything, but the alleged victim has ceased to exist. The Turks arent happy, neither are the Americans (He worked for the Washington Post )
  15. Rewulf

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Sorry I couldnt help it