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  1. I bet when he announced it, those words stuck in his remainer mouth like a rough old dry cracker ! But then he glanced down at his bank balance, and his latest paycheck from Facebook, and like magic , the bad taste was gone
  2. It gets better, this might hit the news later, but it does go some way to explaining why tensions were high in the Bojo household that night. Newspaper Journalists.They all reported the Warboys case on Thursday. They know the background of the original cases brought. They prefer to discredit and suggest domestic violence with lies of omission. Thursday night. I wasn't there, and I don't know the couple... But I can't imagine how stressful Carrie's (BJ s girlfriend) day was. When Carrie was about 19 years old (2007), she was drugged and abused by John Warboys. She was brave and gave evidence to get him jailed. John Warboys was almost released on parole. On Thursday Carrie spent the day listening to the evidence in the new cases against John Warboys that prove he should never have been considered for parole. If any of us suffer a stressful day like that, want to shout, scream, throw things, get sad, get angry, become hysterical... That sort of stressful day is an understandable trigger. And her partner comes home happy, having been selected into the final two of achieving his lifetime goals.... A different neighbour, Fatimah said it was loud, but the man's voice was trying to calm her down. Journalists demand - Why not explain the "none of our business" to the hustings? Perhaps it's also not for Boris Johnson to comment on the private anger, grief and stress of Carrie Symonds who is not putting herself forward as a politician? Like I say, they might report this, but if they dont, then you know where the MSM really stands. And if anyone thinks conspiracies arent real, they need to WAKE UP.
  3. After 2 full in depth probes, Facebook have today announced that there is no evidence of Russian influence in the Brexit referendum, as far as Facebook is concerned. The data was examined, and then re examined, this according to some bloke named Nick Clegg , who apparently is their vice president 😲 https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/facebook-nick-clegg-russia-interference-brexit-eu-referendum-a8971656.html He also dismissed suggestions that Cambridge Analytica, which harvested the data of up to 87 million Facebook users, had influenced the UK’s decision to leave the EU.
  4. 'Here mate, yeah you, got some quality Brexit chat for ya, itll blow ya mind man, Im tellin ya, or Ive got Eu s... trippy as , but theyll cost ya. So what'll it be bro.
  5. Dont read it then Mathew 5.29
  6. https://metro.co.uk/2019/06/23/class-war-anarchists-protest-outside-boris-johnsons-girlfriends-flat-row-10033834/?ito=article.desktop.share.top.facebook&fbclid=IwAR1UqHwhcD5U67iFAbEdtdmbnZvzFGgaHP7DtmDl_-LsO9ASc-_8D4jLzUE More fame. Boris is used to it , I wonder if Mr Penn appreciates them outside his flat also ?
  7. My thoughts too. All a little too convenient at this time. Thanks , we will.
  8. Point taken, but I dont think thats what it implied 😄 Having said that, some 20,000 people a year in the US , 'hasten' their demise via firearm, I wonder what the UK figures are ?
  9. Im advocating nothing. If I was I would have mentioned the pub name, that is not what I , or this forum is about. When you take a willful action such as Mr nosy neighbour took, you sometimes have to accept the consequences of your actions. You take ownership of what he (pretty obviously) attempted to do, which was damage BJs reputation, and damage his leadership bid. All this for political 'cool points' he could use at dinner parties with his champagne socialist mates. He thought he could get away with it by reporting to the police anonymously, and getting the guardian to keep his name out of it, he got it WRONG, and him, his partner, and quite possibly his employees will pay the price for his new found fame. This is called taking responsibility for ones actions.
  10. I would have thought it would apply to a condition where the patient is not expected to recover, cancer, motor neurone ect, where there is a chance of said licence holder, using his firearm to 'hasten' his passing ?
  11. Apparently the 'concerned' neighbour owns a pub in London, a gastro pub no less. Which until very very recently 😆 enjoyed good reviews on google and tripadvisor. I wont name it publicly. Welcome to fame Sir 😄
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