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  1. Ive got one , check clearance between barrel and stock , also check the scope mounting blocks are tight. Other than that , ammo issue, which is why I dont use mine anymore.
  2. That depends whos paying for it I suppose ?
  3. The real question here , is how this relatively young , fit and healthy individual died of covid ? Couldnt they get him into an intensive care bed and ventilator in time ?
  4. Yes , definitely sharpens up 'hot' object detail, you can switch it on and off in the menu if you dont like it .
  5. SOLD, subject to the usual.
  6. Lets hope Republicans give them 4 years of spite and allegations to match the 4 they gave Trump. Just wait till they slide Harris into POTUS , and a lot of the Democrat voters see how theyve been deceived ?
  7. Contact Lee Poland on Facebook, he makes them, or you can go through N8visions site and pay more.
  8. Yes , if youd like to PM me we can sort out details ?
  9. As above, boxed, everything as originally supplied with 2 batteries. 6 months old , so 18 months of warranty remaining. Excellent condition, latest firmware with image boost. Upgrade forces sale, £1250 ovno
  10. Rewulf

    PCP virgin

    Its years since I had an S200 , but isnt there an O ring missing off the valve ? Edit ,Sorry its irrelevant anyway as it wouldnt make the valve leak, plus I dont think its Oring is missing anyway from the pics Ive seen
  11. I was going to say everything good in Nottingham, until I tried to watch something saved to Virgin via Prime. It showed the header , but when selected , disappeared , and searching revealed it wasnt there anymore at all. I streamed it from my phone to the TV in the end, so it wasnt Prime that was down, very strange.
  12. Ive still got it but used it a little bit , unmarked and still in the box £700 posted
  13. Surely the media are more guilty of that than anybody ? Inherently biased (one way or another) they are not adverse to some misdirection, blatant fake news, and often downright lies, to get their preferred candidate into a power position. The question is, is this down to the media outlets preferred political stance of , A: Its owners. B: Its perceived audience ? Or is it tied in with a business or ethical interest with one or more political parties ? I think we can dispense with the idea that they are unbiased, as this is clearly fantasy. What can be seen , is that often business
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