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  1. Well said , as far as I'm concerned protection from foxes during lambing is essential work ,keeping the food chain moving is essential work, and my farmers will appreciate that and support it. If I dont do it ,they will find someone who will.
  2. Rewulf

    FFP scope

    FFP scopes can 'blow up' the reticule if you are using it with an NV add on. My Falcon M18 was un unusable even at 4x with a 16 mm Pard 007.
  3. TBH my experience the Pyrodex pellets I use dont smell to bad , leave less residue, clean easier ect. Whether or not they 'shoot' better is anyones guess, but besides being quite expensive, are a damn sight easier to use.
  4. As above, Sec 1 FAC. Good reason, approved club. Fun to shoot, not fun to clean afterwards!
  5. The WHOs director General has all the credentials he needs to do the job. 😕 http://www.madote.com/2015/03/ethiopia-tedros-adhanoms-20-million-lie.html?m=1
  6. Yeah, experimented with vaccines on African kids for decades. Cosied up to various pharma companies, whilst pushing the agendas of billionaire 'philanthropists' Poked its nose into, and attempted to bask in the limelight of any successful attempt to stem the tide of disease done at national level. As above, paid its employees exorbitant salaries for doing... What? An arm of the UN, a useless non entity.
  7. https://www.ant-supplies.uk/rails-and-adapters/dovetail-weaver-compression-adapters.html Or Use any of their flat rails (you may need to drill some holes in the rail.
  8. Rewulf


    Looks good, just done a similar thing myself. Cheap Zomei tripod, and a £5 vice, slight mod to the vice to accept a captive nut for the tripod stud, cost £45 all in. To buy something like that is around £300. Whats holding your rail to the rifle?
  9. Rewulf

    Red Diesel

    Exactly 😂
  10. Rewulf

    Red Diesel

    When it happens I'm wrong, there's 2 years of people protesting about it yet. At the moment it's just a threat 😏
  11. Rewulf

    The Budget

    Apparently, according to (soon to be ex) supreme leader of the Labour Party, it proves the 'failure of austerity' That's the best he could do 😂
  12. Rewulf

    Red Diesel

    Not happening for 2 years, and that's a long time in politics, besides the fact that due to a, shall we say 'parting of the ways beginning with B' next year, according to you, that's the least of our worries! As a good bit of that is liberated into the tanks of our resident travelling 'folk', I wonder where the rest goes, is construction really the biggest user?
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