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  1. Clean shots? I watched a few of his vids, they weren't too bothered about all the birds they winged 'they'll die later man' as they experimented with their ballistic calculators putting holes in farm buildings! Besides the fact there seems to be a good number of sponsorship deals going on, it was clear they, and their equipment were not adequate at the stretched ranges they were shooting at, accuracy or power wise. It's a plinking session with live targets, not impressive.
  2. Is it ? really ? What sort of groups ? To kill something at 300 yards with a 90 ft lb ME , shot placement need to be within 1 MOA territory. A .22lr bullet at 100 + ft lb cant do it. An HMR bullet at 250 ft lbs might JUST do it , with all calculations taken into consideration, but only because its a 'match grade ' bullet. Hell, a .223 can struggle for 300 yard MOA groups at 1000 ft lb , if the operator doesnt know what theyre doing. An airgun pellet or slug , with a far inferior BC ? No chance.
  3. Very good piece, still holding true 2 years on.
  4. Just realised the uncanny resemblance with the picture above.. Jeremy 'catweasel' Corbyn !
  5. Rewulf

    Owen Jones

    But daddeee, the nasty man got me beaten uuupp !
  6. Watch them wriggle 😂
  7. Rewulf

    Owen Jones

    In other news , Jussie smollett , the gift that keeps on giving. https://townhall.com/tipsheet/bethbaumann/2019/08/18/jussie-smollett-is-baaaack-and-hes-contemplating-suing-the-city-of-chicago-n2551853?utm_campaign=inarticle&fbclid=IwAR01NqAl-0oaMDmtxU-b8P-k5Xc3xuiyMG6AVVuEkXkErdpiAI77Pi0lWpI
  8. Another question. Once weve left and everything turns out OK or better (the economy prospers, no frogs or locust plagues) will remainers still exist ? Will the tales of doom, once debunked , be the asteroid that killer the dinosaur remoaners ? Will people flatly deny ever voting remain ? Will Gina miller and the likes of soubry quietly slope off to enjoy all the soros bribes they took on some epstein style 'sex island' I see McDonut has said this morning that , 'labour will remain neutral in a second referendum' What has he been drinking/smoking ? Labour as a party have been remain from the outset, they couldnt say it outright until recently, because they feared losing votes, and so they would , by the million ! Now they fear the looming election, and scuttle back into the no mans land of 'are they or arent they ' hoping no one will notice As a party, and mainly the upper echelons, labour really are a hypocritical shower of ****.
  9. What witchery is this ? 😂 Youre actually both agreeing no deal is the way forward ?
  10. Rewulf

    Owen Jones

    Gay, POC actor, who staged a racist attack, so he could get a pay rise. Got caught out when his black assailants {who he paid} testified against him. And he still got off with it!
  11. Rewulf

    Owen Jones

    Apparently got beaten up in his idols constituency last night , while celebrating his birthday. BBC News - Owen Jones 'kicked in head' in London street attack https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-49381944 He spilled out the pub at 2am , and 3 or 4 'far right extremist thugs' gave him a couple of kicks and ruffled his hair. Quite how he knew the political leanings of his assailants is unclear, possibly swastikas on their clothing perhaps , in a particularly ethnically diverse area ? No real harm done err, thankfully, as he was immediately able to tweet and post about it on the usual media outlets, blaming the 'rise' of the far right, and obviously Brexit and the Tories too. For some reason a certain Jussie Smollet came into my head as I read about it ...
  12. Exactly. And justify it all by claiming it to be 'morally' right, the 'correct' thing to do, despite the majorities clear indication of their will. This doesnt necessarily just apply to Brexit BTW , its apparent that many things in todays society are divisive, because certain aspects are literally rammed down our throats. Surely if 1 % of the population want something thats detrimental to the other 99%, why does it seem that the 1% often get their way ? Its far easier to control a divided people , than one that is united.
  13. Ill bet hes remorseful in one way ...
  14. The absolute meaning of the word. Especially when the result is one you disagree with ? Elections and referendums every month , week ? Usually by majority. Oh yes ! Not the many , the few . Is it the same 'few' or a different few ? What happened to the majority ? Where is the middle ? Leave but dont really leave, or remain but just ..remain.. There is no middle, the 'few' wouldnt even accept the BRINO. They didnt want compromise, they wanted what they wanted , and stuff the 'will of the people '
  15. Ive heard your 'movements' can be a little strange on a vegan diet 😆
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