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  1. Rewulf

    BREXIT - merged threads

    I dont know if you caught Question Time on Thursday, DDs penultimate hosting. Some of the recent posts on this thread are examined. What I found interesting was the SNP talking head, whos version of democracy leaves something to be desired, banging on about how the parts of the UK who voted stay are underrepresented , and the process is being subverted by May and parliament. He wants the whole thing reversed, independence for Scotland (Obviously ! Despite 55% of them voting against it ) because , and here we have it ....'Scotland voted to stay' Well Im not sure the ENTIRETY of Scotland voted to stay Sir , but hey ? Whats 40 % of youre electorate matter. when you can use it to gain independence that the people probably still dont want ?
  2. Rewulf

    fine for too much ammo

    To be honest, Im struggling with that as a reason for the limit. Doesnt really make sense. Although thats true about the fear of uprising, did we even have limits on ammo back in those days ? Was firearm ownership as tightly controlled ? This is interesting reading. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/7056245.stm What about reloading too, Im sure its not a new practice, how would the state control that? I know you have limits on assembled cartridges , but if the use is illicit, what then ?
  3. Rewulf

    BREXIT - merged threads

    They seem to have a number for the counter demo ( 15000) but no concise number for the TR demo, was it really a few thousand ? If so why don't they say a figure ? If they can count 15000 for one side, why not count 2000 for the other ?
  4. Rewulf

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Has anyone heard any figures on how many people marched in London today ? I've heard 'thousands' but that could be 2 to 999 ! not that I'm expecting to get any media coverage on it 😎 Just interested.
  5. Rewulf

    17 hmr

    Don't think an HMR is immune from ricochet, it's better, due to the frangible bullet, but the same care needs to be taken.
  6. Rewulf

    Problems with Neighbours (again)

    Contraception Lifestyle choice Loss of traditional hetero style partnerships
  7. Rewulf

    New Pard NV007 NV Add-on

    Very happy with mine (I didnt get it off ant.mass though) As he said , good for 200+ yards depending on scope and conditions. The tiny onboard IR is VERY good, and despite my various IR torches, I dont bother with extra IR. Its compact, very light ( i worry about dropping it !) It comes with a (usually) 44 mm bayonet scope adapter, some scopes (my MTC being one) need the bigger 47mm adapter at about £25. Once this is fitted you can quick release the PARD and use it as a spotter, very handy ! The buttons are TINY , and some of the features like laser, record ect , I never use. This is my only bugbear with it, forget about trying to use it with gloves on, these buttons are about 5mm/1/4 inch You get used to it in the end though, a stripped down version with less features and bigger buttons would do well. I have an Xsight , an E700 add on and the PARD. Since I bought the PARD 3 months ago, Ive used nothing else. Edit , forgot battery life is good and swappable in field 1x18650 type , same as most IR torches.
  8. Rewulf

    Wanted left hand 12 gauge

    Why do you specifically want a LH gun ? I use a RH S/A all the time left handed , its really not a problem. Ive tried plenty of other semis ,and had no issues with them either ? In fact, I find the top lever on an O/U more fiddly on some guns. Are you worried by ejection ? I would try a few RH drive models and see how you get on, your choice and budget are then massively improved. Alternatively have you considered an Armsan 612 for about £400 in LH ?
  9. Rewulf

    fine for too much ammo

    Im not sure 'going postal' is the point of the limit, and I quite agree the idea of the limit doesnt really make sense, as does the mod issue. But thems the rules Im afraid, and as been demonstrated, breaking them wins stupid prizes. The funny thing is, when I first got my FAC ,I asked for 2000 rnds of 22lr, back in those days I was shooting at my target club (on probation) 100 -150 rnds a week, I didnt believe that amount was excessive. I was told straight a 1000 was as much as they were willing to allow. These days I dont shoot at my 2 target clubs much, and if I do go on my perms, ammo use is low. Guess what ? Ive been told if I dont start buying and using more ammo, my holding limits will be cut by 50 %. So obviously sales are checked. Go figure.
  10. Rewulf

    BREXIT - merged threads

    OK ? There was a time a lot of the world flew a British flag. This is called diplomacy, the art of fighting without fighting, which we excelled at. This country decided by majority that it didnt want to be part of the EU anymore, its government thinks differently it would seem. This is the fundamental issue, do the government act on the will of the people, or they do what THEY THINK is best for the people ? Put all this BS of 'You didnt know what you were voting for' and 'The bus lied' or 'Youre thick , you shouldnt be allowed to vote' aside, and ask yourself the question , if the will of the people is ignored after a vote that was said to be binding, what kind of government are we living under ?
  11. Rewulf

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Surely not !? Why , that would be biased, a hidden agenda ... Anyway , everyone knows Brexit it a Russian conspiracy. Last estimates by Bellingcat were there are 75000 Russian agents in the UK , and 17.4 million sympathizers 😂
  12. Rewulf

    Rules..for the many, or the few ?

    3 generations of hard left corruption. Hiding behind their colour, any attempt at criticism, swatted away with the racist accusation. Not a peep out of Corbyn, wonder what dirt they have on him ...
  13. Rewulf

    Problems with Neighbours (again)

    https://metro.co.uk/2018/02/15/killer-urban-fox-attacks-baby-bouncer-sneaking-family-home-7314171/ https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-21399709 No course they don't, or lambs. Foxes are just lovely fluffy...killers , of anything they can get their paws on.
  14. Rewulf

    BREXIT - merged threads

    In that case will you let the great battle of 2016 go and accept that we are leaving the EU ? 😂 Joking apart, I agree , can't really keep needling the French and Italians about losing territory, when we didn't do too good ourselves in France,and HK /Singapore ?
  15. Rewulf

    fine for too much ammo

    I think this is the story the OP was referring to. https://www.eveningexpress.co.uk/fp/news/local/court/north-east-man-fined-for-having-more-ammunition-for-firearm-than-allowed/ It seems harsh, but it doesnt mention his ticket getting revoked ect, and as Walshie said , its clearly stated on your FAC what your holding limit is. It comes back to that same thing when it comes to firearms ownership, be squeaky.