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  1. Rewulf

    School children on the streets protesting

    I'd much rather see some actual sea temperatures, rather than the assumption, because there is fish there that shouldn't be there. It's like saying females from Newcastle wear next to nothing on a night out, so it must be warm, when it's actually about - 2 😁
  2. Rewulf

    Should She be Allowed Back in to the UK

    The situation is complicated, she's not stateless, her mother is Bangladeshi and this gives her daughter implied Bangladeshi nationality. Its by no means the end of the matter, but I applaud the bravery of the home office to take this course. For her to do the things she's done, then say the things she's said, justifying the crimes of IS, shows she is not fit to return here, and would likely leave us with a bill for 24hr protection for her.
  3. Rewulf

    School children on the streets protesting

    Yes they do, but it seems to be more about earlier or later summers and winters, topsy turvy weather. I want to see someone point out steadily increasing temperatures globally, and a specific sea level rise that is not down to erosion or plate shift. Climate does change, sometimes very severely , mini ice ages and the warming during the end of the first millennium (maunder minimum ?) neither event can be put down to man made activities.
  4. Rewulf

    School children on the streets protesting

    No one has disputed this. The threat of a legal challenge and associated legal/compo costs IF she is denied, or more specifically delayed entry back to the UK are very real. If her baby catches a disease or injury from continued habitation within the refugee camp, and the delay in bringing her back can be shown to be a contributory factor...the list of possible ways and means is extensive. Do we have a British consul or embassy in Syria, has she asked (as is her right) for assistance ? Has it been denied or delayed ? Who is paying for her lawyer ? Perhaps ,as is his experience, he knows there is a pay day at the end of all this ?
  5. Rewulf

    Rear end shunt experience?

    Its irrelevant whether you are TPFT, you have the same rights, it is a non fault accident, and you will get everything you would if full comp. Use a management company if you wish, they will arrange courtesy car, personal injury claim and repair or disposal. Or use your insurance company , thats their job ! You may be approached by the other parties insurance company, which isnt necessarily a bad thing, they sometimes resolve things quicker. PM if you want any other advice.
  6. Rewulf

    School children on the streets protesting

    I have gone by the 450 returning jihadis that have already come back, 40 have faced prosecution, most of those did not see a jail term. As a non combatant, I find it highly likely she will not either. If she is blocked or delayed from returning to the UK , it can reasonably be ascertained that, as a UK citizen, her human rights have been infringed ? Therefore a compo payout is also 'highly likely' And as I clearly stated, 'some people' will blame the EU and ECHR for the fact that nothing can be done to stop any of this. Please feel free to blow holes in my opinion on this.
  7. Rewulf

    Lighter loads Rem 1100 .... ports ?

    This And this. Invest in a seals kit, keep in lubed with light coat of oil, and it should cycle 21g , mine does .
  8. Rewulf

    School children on the streets protesting

    10 years ago, when my kids were in primary school, they had many lessons about 'global warming' and how we had to act NOW to prevent the sea levels rising to such an extent that we would have to develop gills to survive. The question is, in what way were these impressionable kids going to influence the world enough to prevent this catastrophe ? Especially given the short time we had to act. 10 years on and its the same story, except theyve dropped the global warming bit, because for the most part it got colder. Apparently weve passed the point of 'no return' now, but theres still time to act to save future generations from an unspecified 'climate change' disaster. It is without a doubt a not so subtle conditioning, to make us think that WE ,and that includes the children, are doing something wrong, 'hurting' the planet. Never mind the corporations and industrial level consumerism that is rammed down our throats daily, its US to blame for that. So we need to feel that guilt, and pay that tax, and eventually accept the controls imposed upon us, for all the bad things we have done. Using the children to further that aim is just a small cog in the machine. No, the first step is debating about whether it exists, you take it as a given, because you are told so, and YOU have accepted that word as truth. Look around your own environment, and tell me where you see non seasonal climate change. All of us being the operative word. Do as I say, not as I do ? How many private jets, unnecessary journeys do these climate change promoters make, how come they dont feel the guilt. China, India, Brazil, where are their policies on the matter, and their 2.5 billion people ? And thats the problem. The facts get manipulated to the agenda. You didnt like a result, so you ignore it.
  9. Rewulf

    .17 hmr velocity

    Whats on the box 2550 ? Doesnt seem 'that' hot ?
  10. Rewulf

    Are you brave enough?

    Top man ! http://justacarguy.blogspot.com/2017/02/there-is-dangerous-work-and-then-there.html
  11. Rewulf

    Should She be Allowed Back in to the UK

    You know thats not going to happen, Ill be surprised if she spends a single day in jail. Its more likely she'll receive a compensation payout for the delay in getting her 'home', human rights infringement ect...her delightful lawyer is already on the case. As far as distractions goes, yes sometimes, in this case no, news is news, you can either keep it under wraps, or release it to the hungry public appetite. To many people (rightly or wrongly )this just reinforces the need to make a clean break from the EU , as they believe EU policy is partly to blame for this type of conundrum.
  12. Rewulf

    Are you brave enough?

    Tilt your head clockwise 45 degrees , and its not so scary ....