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  1. Not like it hasn't happened before , sounds like a similar thing to how Brandon Lee died.
  2. Rewulf

    New pard

    Ive got my hands on one of these now, so if anyone has any questions fire away. Ill see if I can put some footage on youtube , but Im not great with that ! Files are too big for here.
  3. I must apologise Wymondley, I have actually got it wrong, I stopped doing the mechanical part of things about 20 years ago, and have a couple of mechanics, while I just do bodywork. I asked him this afternoon if I was talking out my behind, and it appears I am 😳, for the past 5 years he says that ANY warning light is a failure. {except for disconnected items} Sorry for doubting, I'm just living in the past 😁
  4. Err, these are customers cars. You take it for an MOT, you get a failure list, quote for the work, they can decide if that's acceptable, you then do the work and retest.? You can do it back to front if you like, do work before the test, take it for test, maybe fail again, more work.... Sometimes MOT work can cost more than the cars worth, so the pre test work is wasted? Airbag/SRS issues can be extremely difficult or expensive to fix, it's not just a case of switching the light off. The light comes on for a reason.
  5. All I can say to you is I've never had a car fail on an airbag light, but every time on the SRS light.
  6. No, red airbag warning light = not failure. SRS warning light = failure. As Udderley quoted from the handbook. I'm not an MOT tester, but I take 3 or 4 cars a week for MOT, across 3 different stations, and this has been the case for nearly 10 years. Apparently an SRS system is not considered the same thing as an airbag? Although an airbag may be part of SRS systems, amongst other safety equipment.
  7. I will bow to your greater knowledge, but I've always been told an SRS light is a failure, an airbag light is not?
  8. I thought they sacked her because she refused to become a lesbian 🤣 Only joking, Brexit cooked her goose, but she was ready anyway, plus the Labour Party doesn't like its MPs to have independent thought, they prefer the hive mind mentality.
  9. I think he was trying very hard not to like it, either that , or he was using irony to make it sound more interesting ? Either way , he enjoyed himself, a lot, when he didnt expect to, which is good. Next week hes going to try other Neanderthal activities to see what they are like , hes going out on the beer, and he may try sex, with an actual woman....
  10. You know somethings wrong, when you have supposed refugees landing with allegedly nothing but the shirt on their back from some war torn hell hole. But how did they pay the £5000 fee to cross the Channel, how did they cross the Med, why do they have an international roaming smart phone with Internet? If they have 'fled' their homelands, where are their families, wives, children, who's looking after them in the ruins of their country?
  11. For starters , it's not 'getting banned ' BASC , without any consultation have offered to phase it out, how this is any decision of their's is questionable ? Do BASC pass laws now ? If lead is so toxic , we had best remove every lead water pipe out the ground also , an impossible task. Again , where's the evidence of harm in humans ? It simply isn't there ? There are so many toxins out there to do us harm , yet the one we've used for hundreds of years is suddenly the most important. It's not about lead its about private gun ownership, end of.
  12. 2003 HRV 4 door, 1.6 petrol 4 wheel drive. 68000 genuine miles , excellent mechanically, very economical Vtec engine. 5 speed manual, usual electrics , mirrors windows ect. No rust ! And looks very original body work in a violet pearlescent, there is a very small scuff on the OSR bumper. 11 months MOT I bought this as a possible back up vehicle for a recent pest control job , but was never used off road, excellent tyres, the rear ones look virtually new. This would make a very nice light use shooting truck , massive boot, and good ground clearance. Looking for £1395 ono
  13. I believe it was banned over wetlands ? Not for shooting wildfowl ? Im not an expert on wildfowling, but dont you generally use much heavier loads anyway 40 g + ? Which makes that argument a little... obtuse ? Not the most unbiased source of information, but to be fair, how would they know ? Do twitchers generally perform post mortems on dead birds, do they know the difference between shot and weights ? I doubt it.
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