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  1. Depends how far you want to ID at. An entry level £800 should ID a fox at around 200 yards, whereas a £2000+ should at 4 or 500. XM 30, Iray E2, hik 15 or Hti a3/4 £800 to a grand. More you spend, the more you see.
  2. You do not need an SGC to possess non slug carts , but you often have problems buying them without one. If the shop/ground 'knows' you its not normally a problem, and it may not be a legal requirement, but usually you are asked for it when buying. They always ask to see a sec 1 shotgun on FAC for slugs in my experience.
  3. Depends on budget , a basic thermal is around £800 and upwards from there ?
  4. Rewulf

    New pard

    Its a LOT shorter than the Ward, and around an inch shorter than the older 007. This gives it virtually normal eye relief to your day scope without Pard attached, no more butt pad extensions or mounting the scope forward.
  5. Rewulf

    New pard

    Profit margin was always tight on a 007, thats why the price slowly increased over time. The current A model is a bargain compared to similar stuff like the Vulpine, or Ward 800 at around £700 and £900 respectively, although those 2 might be slightly better in image, they also lack a built in IR and recording facilities. If they do end up at £500, its really only £100 more than what a retail 007 used to cost, and its supposed to have a better camera.
  6. 😆 Madame Jupiter is indisposed at this time, she is writing the story of her intrepid husbands pursuits, and heroic exploits in the war against the gilet jeunes 😐
  7. Apparently Le Jupiter himself , Monsieur Macron has arrived to take personal charge of the blockade 🤭
  8. At twice the price of a new Pard it needs to be Seriously though , a 007 with a separate IR laser like a Sirius, and on the right scope, is a potent NV , quite capable of 500+ yards, far beyond the usual foxing range of 99 % of us. The Ward has arguably a better camera, but thats about it.
  9. It all depends who you listen to Certain Pard retailers were quite keen to play down the existence of a new model while they were/are trying to get rid of the old ones. Just business I suppose 🤷‍♂️ The new S model will highly likely be back up to the original £400+ price point though.
  10. Definitely no new model in the pipeline , Oh wait ....
  11. There were precious few in the British media too, unfair, or just plain accurate ? Either way, she was astute enough to use that to create a 'victim' label for herself, which some find endearing, as they identify with it. To mix in a racist element, either created or perceived, compounds the victim status, especially considering last years media furore with BLM ect. 'We had to leave because of all this abuse !' Although she probably had that planned all along, she used a few newspaper front pages to confirm how much the British 'hated' her, and her only alternative was to go to the
  12. Cant be that different surely 😏 "The original 2.5-litre Duratorq turbo diesel engine is a tough nut but like the majority of pick-up engines of the day, it's constantly in your ear reminding you of the fact. This durable unit grumbled on until 2006 looking more and more of an anachronism as the years passed. In the first rear-wheel-drive single cab models, it delivered 77bhp and that was later upped to 83bhp, still some way from what's required to shift a Ford Ranger with any great purpose. In the 4x4 models, there was 107bhp to play with at a time when Mitsubishi's L200 could call upon 1
  13. https://www.thestalkingdirectory.co.uk/threads/howa-mini-vs-short-action-223.190302/#:~:text=Yes%2C they're different sizes,far no aftermarket alternatives AFAIK.
  14. Not sure a mini action fits a short action ?
  15. 'He described his alleged attacker as being black, around 5ft 10, with stocky build, short black hair and a prominent gap between his front teeth. He added that he was clean shaven and spoke English but was not fluent.' Sounds like a cultural misunderstanding then ?
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