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  1. Mogg doesn't associate with terrorists and despots though. Whilst proclaiming a failed political ideology to be the way forward.
  2. Do you mean BAME or the new version BME.? Black or minority ethnic, a buzz phrase to differentiate between whites and non whites, from the same people who bleat about inclusivity and equality. If you treat someone differently because of race ,religion or colour, that's not being inclusive or furthering equality, you are creating mental ghettos, and division. Both sides use this as a vote catcher, but labour have always tried to target the diversity vote, its got tired , and in recent years they've had to lose one section , as that section is in conflict with another. For the many , not the few...a cynical numbers game, riddled with hypocrisy.
  3. Its not really a 'growing' factor , its been like this for 20 odd years. And its not 'impolite' to talk about it, its downright dangerous in these PC times, no one DARES mention it in the media, for fear of being tarred with the racist brush. What is massively important, is labours loss of the Jewish endorsement , something they seem to care little about ? I will say it outright, labour have gone for the Muslim vote over the Jewish, purely on a numbers basis, knowing they cant keep both.
  4. What a weird question. What if every person he hurt, raped, molested, degraded or otherwise incurred damage in his latest round of mayhem, turned round in their entirety and forgave him, and decreed he should receive no punishment, then yes, let him go. Maybe they can can be all smug and charitable? And the next time he did it?
  5. If channel 4 can get away with it...
  6. Rewulf

    Battery needed

    18500 are 50 mm, same width as 18650
  7. Rewulf

    Battery needed

    Could be 18500s then, I'd take em out and check.
  8. Rewulf

    Pard 019

    Do you have a link? Could do with a couple, cheers!
  9. https://www.opindia.com/2019/12/daniel-shravan-social-media-rape-murder-women-condoms-hyderabad-mother-family/
  10. Rewulf

    Battery needed

    Looks like 2 18650s in parallel , with a bit of tape round it ! Very easy to make using your existing cable.
  11. Not following you ? Are you comparing this to the US and its 25 years on death row style execution ?
  12. The problem is, this scumbag probably likes prison, its not punishment for him. Plus it costs us money to keep him there, with no chance of rehabilitation. Capital punishment should be an option, and needs looking at once we leave the EU. I dont think there would be a shortage of volunteers for the job !
  13. What if theres no question of guilt ?
  14. Rewulf

    Pard 019

    Amazon sell them singly too, not sure where they come from , but they take ages ! Oh and its the back diopter they fit into , not the front , but I know what you meant .
  15. Prison and social services did a good job of rehabilitating him didnt they ? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7760395/Joseph-McCann-tearaway-14-receiving-one-Britains-ASBOs.html?ns_mchannel=rss&ico=taboola_feed_desktop_news
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