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  1. Now youve done it ! Get your tin hat on for the rebukes on that one .
  2. I know its an old thread, but I found this Spectator piece interesting. Its taken a while , and its been barely reported over here , but crime has continued to rise and 'evolve' in Sweden. But maybe the Swedes are beginning to realise they really do have a problem... Sweden’s new epidemic: clan-based crime A summer of violence has left even jaded Swedes reeling From magazine issue: 19 September 2020 Stockholm ‘We have an obvious problem,’ admitted the Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven recently. He was referring not to the Covid pandemic, but to a summer o
  3. I see what you mean now , those eyes.....
  4. Vegan diet, and lack of proper hygiene. What as, bait ?
  5. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-britain-climate-protests/bare-chested-women-lock-themselves-to-uk-parliament-in-climate-protest-idUSKBN2611WF
  6. No , you shouldnt. I paint cars, and have done for 36 years. If I told a customer their rust would be back within a week or 2 , they would quite rightly not use me , or go elsewhere. Work has to be of a standard fit for charging the money for, and if they cannot guarantee that work, they shouldnt undertake it, or make sure it is VERY CLEAR , that it will not last very long at at all. In this case I would advise the customer he would be wasting his money, and alternatives offered, including not bothering. Next stop would be trading standards for me.
  7. Rewulf


    Well said Sir. The hypocrisy of the Catholic Church is beyond compare.
  8. Not everyone has a range/club. Plus , are you confident your setup will hold zero for a year of use ?
  9. Rewulf

    Tony Abbot

    Who is moaning ? You are the one having kittens because some one mentioned hiring Abbot I see , if you dont agree with someones point of view, they are 'uneducated' Now where have I heard that one before ...? You didnt say that when toxic Tony B offered to help out I suppose the whole CV situation could have been avoided if we had a nice labour government too ?
  10. Rewulf

    Tony Abbot

    We are not outside the project if they can still dictate how we run the country! We are the smaller trading partner, yet they still want to fish in our waters. They are asking for a deal they know we can't give, hoping, even now, we won't go! And, if Abbot is a half baked donkey because he doesn't believe in same sex marriage, then there's a lot of donkeys about🤣 It didn't prevent him from being a decent PM though did it?
  11. Rewulf

    Tony Abbot

    Let me ask you a question . What was the £80 billion 'bribe' for ? A deal ? Would that be a free trade deal, or the same deal thats on the table now ? Which isnt exactly free, when you consider what Brussels is asking for..now...or was it always going to be like this, we leave..but still have to do as they say ?
  12. Rewulf

    Tony Abbot

    This is a good point. His 'unacceptable opinions' mainly regarding same sex marriage, mostly stem from his Catholic upbringing and faith ( he trained to be a Jesuit priest) It always seems funny to me how we are told to respect others beliefs , but it would appear to be dependent on which ones ? That aside, would he make a good negotiator ? Yes. Do we NEED more negotiators ? Its all a bit pointless really, as the EU team have been told not to give us a 'deal' unless we agree to stay under their control. A decision that , if agreed upon, would bring down this government. Is th
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