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  1. Florida School Shooting

    Crime rates in certain areas are staggeringly high. Heavy drug use, access to guns, it all adds up. Nearly 1% of the entire population are in prison, nearly 2% are on probation/parole, sobering stuff. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Incarceration_in_the_United_States
  2. Florida School Shooting

    Reading your post again, I can see you implied school shootings, so apologies for that. Because the media, with its agendas, seems pretty keen on publicising US mass shootings, it seems to ignore the shooting atrocities in other countries. Mexico has a massive gun homicide rate at the moment you will hear little of.
  3. Optimum Zero?

    You really need to seriously set a maximum range for which you are comfortable shooting at. If you say 50 yards max, then a 30/35 yard zero is your best bet, but at that 50 yard mark you need 5 inches of holdover and 1 inch holdunder at 20yds. A play with chair gun will help.
  4. Florida School Shooting

    Im sorry, but the weapon used in this case was an AR15 ,as per usual, and you said , 'Why should/ would civilians want or need an assault rifle ?' So it would be safe to assume you ,like 90 % of the rest of the population would think that is what is used in US mass shootings, its not. True, but what he said was, only Americans have mass shootings, which is not true.
  5. Florida School Shooting

    First off, its not an 'assault rifle' an AR 15 is semi automatic, to be classed as an assault weapon it needs to be able to switch between full auto and semi auto. To be caught with a full auto gun, in a state that doesnt have the very stringent licencing for such weapons, you will be going to jail. Its calibre of .556 or .223 is a popular choice for fox control in this country, so its not like there isnt a legitimate use for such a 'war' calibre, even in the US. There are lots of semi auto centre fires in circulation in the US, some that fire projectiles 3+ times more powerful, and some that dont look like a 'war' rifle. They are no less deadly, no less accurate and can carry just as many rounds. There are tens of thousands of .22lr semi autos in this country, some look like 'assault rifles' again, they are no more deadly than a bolt action one. Stop looking at the gun.
  6. Florida School Shooting

    Lol ,the source is some what suspect for your link about the 2nd. The advert for the antifa handbook, kind of gives it away But hey , thats your prerogative , you dont like Americans, or you dont like the US or its government, its a free country. Maybe its because your mother country is at odds with US ideals and expansion ? IT wouldnt be the first time we have been down this road. What is clear is this, you level a lot of criticism, but offer no solution.
  7. Florida School Shooting

    I think you will find that statement to be a complete fallacy. Most South American countries have massively higher gun homicide rates, Jamaica, Swaziland again ,far higher. And with less guns per capita.
  8. umarex colt saa pellet question

    If you can shoot a pellet into a water tank, so it can be retrieved , see if it is actually deforming the pellet. The cylinder being loose is not good, see if there is any way of tightening it up, likewise the fake bullets, a bit of tape round them ? It seems to have quite a long barrel, if its rifled I would expect reasonable accuracy up to 10 yards, I have used umarex P88, P99 AND Beretta 92F pistols ,and always been surprised how accurate they are at short range, even with quite short barrels.
  9. Florida School Shooting

    I dont think gun ownership is compulsory, even in America ! Yes Ill go with that, what is has to do with Trump though Im not sure. Im not sure its scraping the barrel at all, we have more gun crime since the bans , fact. So has gun control worked in the UK ? Yes, if you count not getting legal access to pistols and semi auto centre fires. Have we had any more mass shootings, yes we have , you may remember a man called Bird, who managed very well without pistols or centre fire semi autos. How we didnt get more restrictions after that Im not sure, but it was definitely talked about. You can talk about American gun control (usually in the wake of its latest mass shooting) all you like, its not going to change. Because that illustration is how those 'simple minded' Americans think. There ARE bad guys out there, they do have guns, do you bring a knife to a gunfight ? No. Call it hogwash if you want, they call it their 2nd amendment rights.
  10. Florida School Shooting

    I dont think youre following the argument. Taking away, or licencing further the legal owners of firearms , doesnt stop gun crime. Weve done this argument so many times ?! Ill put it another way, you are a criminal ,armed with a 9 mm handgun, and you are going to rob/burgle someone(s)/ house. You know there is little chance of encountering an armed victim, so proceed with confidence. Now think about whether the victim is armed, behind that door he may well be waiting, watching you with his CCTV ,with a short 12 g with heavy load. How confident do you feel now ? Switch it round, you live in a rough neighbourhood, there has been home invasions in the area. Would you rather be armed or not ? What do you mean ? By definition a mass killing is more than one. How many people a week get shot in the UK? Add them all together ,you probably get a mass killing very week ! All with guns they shouldnt have, legislate that if you can. Or are we talking about something else ?
  11. Florida School Shooting

    Therin lies the truth of the matter. However ,the big question is accessibilty and or availability. There are so many guns in the US that, even if they were licenced and restricted tomorrow, there are decades left of unregistered guns and ammunition lying around. Then you have the issue of more guns being imported across its thousands of miles of borders, ports ect. Its not worked here, we have more gun crime than before the bans, why would it work there ?
  12. Florida School Shooting

    It differs state to state, but you can be sure that when it comes to checks and security, its pretty damn lax.
  13. Florida School Shooting

    Thats not what I said. I said if you are planning an atrocity such as this , you arent going to go through the procedure of gaining an FAC are you ? Do you think the recent terrorist attacks in Europe were committed with legally held AK s ? Or do they not count ?