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  1. Rewulf


    https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/1102958/christian-persecution-france-catholic-church-christianity-religion-edouard-phillipe-isis Church attacks in France in the last 12 months.
  2. Not really, but you have to wonder at a system where a party like UKIP get more votes than all the minor parties combined, and get 1 seat. But that's the system, would you like it if more seats were taken by parties like UKIP?
  3. Don't you find it funny, that the electorate keep voting in people who promise to destroy the EU ? That's what I call democracy 😂
  4. You know if you look down at the objective lens, can you see the locking ring, you can sometimes turn it without taking the shroud off, use some blunt calipers. But like I say, breaking or scratching the lens just isnt worth it. If youre not confident, Id take it to someone who is , a camera shop, or even a gun shop that knows what theyre doing. But its a bit difficult without seeing it.
  5. Why do you keep replying, if the posts from Pinfire are peurile or unworthy ? Im OK with anyone posting theyre opinion, for both sides of the argument, and Ive never said yours are objectionable, but you are BIASED , as am I , I know I am , its what I believe in, you need to recognise it in yourself is all. Where did I call you patronising ? Never said that either, but the tone of yours and some other remainers here and elsewhere has the underlying accent of ridicule, whilst leavers dont tend to do it back. Are you saying that Ive got this wrong ? You tell me, do you not have a little chuckle when someone mentions the pink faced ,uneducated, racist, Brexiteer 'who didnt know what he voted for ' ? As above.
  6. Easy tiger ! Have you actually tried the scope yet to see if the parallax is a problem ? You dont want to be breaking it now do you ?
  7. Rewulf


    And a very diminished yellow vest riot this Saturday too 🙄
  8. Rewulf

    foreign aid

    https://www.whitehelmets.org/en/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_Helmets_(Syrian_Civil_War)#Partnerships_and_funding https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/funding_given_to_white_helmets_i Didnt seem too hard for them to extract government and private finance, with virtually NO oversight on what the money was spent on. Cant seem to find their charity commission number anywhere ....
  9. So let me get this straight. You dont like what Guido posts, youre not bothered whether its based on factual evidence, or is the considered opinion of the owner of the blog, its just wrong ? So to 'prove your point' you post a link to a website that gauges the bias of such blogs/media and publications, a website that is quite possibly the considered opinion of the website owner ? What have you proved? That we can safely ignore what Guido says because hes 'extreme' right wing (in somebodies opinion ), and sounds like a news of the world headline ? But then whats this ? We can ignore facts , because they may have been manipulated to someone 'elses' ends ? Surely a fact is a fact, an undeniable truth ? Your thought processes in some of these issues defy logic, which is strange because some of the time you come across as very intelligent. I think you need to come to terms with where you actually are with Brexit, you have a job that you believe is highly reliant on being a member of the EU , and for this reason you are a staunch remainer, nothing wrong with that at all, your opinion, your vote. But then you say youre trying to understand the mindset of leavers, how can you do this when you cant even recognise your own bias ? I can see why people voted to remain, they are not idiots , drones, or lacking of patriotic fervour, they are people who for economic or social needs and opinions, consider it the best way. Where is the hatred and sarcasm been directed towards remainers ? Even now the remainer mantra is 'The less intelligent, the Sun readers, those who didnt get higher education and therefore, dont get the 'big' picture, caused Brexit' This insulting , and totally incorrect stereotypical idea, will come back to bite you in the very near future. Distorting the truth, and denying facts, whilst trying to rubbish anything you dont agree with, wont get you any closer to understanding anything, least of all yourself.
  10. Rewulf

    foreign aid

    Tell you what, its a good thing theres rules like this, so no one can abuse charitable donations, or set up a charity to benefit themselves. That would be terrible !
  11. I used to be of the mindset that a holiday in this country was quite often more expensive than going abroad. Obviously depends where and what level of comfort you fancy, but Ive had many a week in Scotland, in a decent hotel, and by the time youre fed and watered, its cost £1500 for a couple. Ive done Spain and Turkey for half that all inclusive. We often went to the Hilton in Dalaman for around £550 - 600 each in May, before the main season starts, when the price doubles that, great hotel , 24 hr all inclusive excellent food blah blah. Im going back there in a couple of weeks, first time in 5 years, and bearing in mind the lira is around 7 to the pound (it was 2.5 back in 2014) the same holiday has cost me £800 a piece. So Im not surprised people are wanting to stay here !
  12. You share a link to a website that has no factual basis, what did you want me to say ? Lets dismantle this, He hasnt encountered any No deal execs ? So they dont exist ?... But the REMAINDER are split down the middle ? You know full well there are high profile execs who want no deal, so I didnt consider it worth answering the point really, sorry about that 😄
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