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  1. You do realise theres only so much a president can do ? Besides the fact that the US is a federal democracy, individual states can pretty much do there own thing when it comes to how they fight covid. Plus , as has been stated , the US is hardly on its own when it comes to corona deaths. Id like to think that is true , but I have my doubts the left will allow it. Youre right though , he definitely scares them.
  2. I disagree. At the expense of his public image , and most certainly at the expense of his media portrayal , he has done what he thought was best for the US , and ALL Americans. Most US presidents of either denomination tend to look after their corporate sponsors first, and the general public second, as long as the corporates interest are not harmed. You can demonstrate this with successive conflicts over the past 30 odd years , US involvement in various theatres (usually middle eastern) has resulted in full order books for US defence contractors, hence corporate military interests sat
  3. If you click on the bit at the bottom 'view full article' it takes you to Gunwatch, where it says sold.
  4. As long as firearms OK it, its perfectly normal, the fact that she is not an SGC holder is the only issue, but firearms normally overlook this when there is a bereavement . Depending on force area , they sometimes issue a sec 7, but in this case , where she is not selling them herself, there really is no point. As long as roadkill has room, and there are no 'limits' issues , its all good.
  5. Talk to firearms licencing, they will advise best. There is the sec 7 route, or they might just oversee an exchange onto your ticket, either way they need to be informed ASAP. Not the way I read it ? I would assume they are still safely in the cabinet, to which she may or may not 'now' know the location of the keys. Friend of mine recently passed, sec 1 and 2 guns were held , and the FEO arranged for a relative nominated RFD to receive them for selling on, they were collected and transported by a friend who possessed firearms himself , but I dont believe that is a pre requi
  6. Yes , they were £50 a brick , but last I heard theyd put them up.
  7. Had mine 3 years now, and if I needed to , Id buy another. Shoulders well , reliable, does what its supposed to do , and does it well. I really dont understand this 'Its not as good as a Silver Pig' thing ? For one theyre a 3rd of the price. Two, they dont look or feel like a Berretta , they arent advertised, or supposed to be, personally I prefer the fat chunky fore end of the ATA. Lastly , you arent so terrified of bumping or scuffing a £600 gun over a £1800 gun, to me the gun is a tool , not an ornament to be admired. Others might feel differently , but if you want a solid pe
  8. This is the bit that confused me, it should say you WILL need a 4g MiFi device to make this work, with a data plan.
  9. What do you mean a portable WiFi device? The IP needs to communicate with wherever you are viewing from, unless there's WiFi on the allotment, you only have 4g, so need a sim and data plan.
  10. SK standard plus (yellow box} and the slightly better Match {red box} are fairly common these days. Excellent in all my. 22lrs.
  11. Thats a very good question, especially when Joes continued a lot of those that the dems pulled apart when they were campaigning . The media has done such a good job of creating an irrational hatred for Trump, most haters dont even know why they hate.
  12. So hes guilty then? Morally? Constructively? It makes a mockery of the system when, if you can't get the result you want, having manipulated/bent the law to make it stick, you still declare the defendant guilty anyway {as the dems Are doing}? They've got into power, why do they need to consolidate? You would think they would try to mend the divisions in society, but they parade the dem Congress onto the left MSM, slagging off 75 million Trump voters? They are creating anger.. The purpose of which I can only guess at.
  13. So basically a little more totally un provable character assassination to try and make as much of the public hate hinm as possible, they are that scared of him? What are we talking about.? 'Trump spoke nasty words to me once' 'Trump didn't flush after using the toilet' 'He got fake tan on the wallpaper' I've said it before, if they had dirt, they would have used it already, if any comes out now ,it's likely pure invention, that can never be challenged or proven. ... But... Not content with driving a stake through the monsters heart, the left wing va
  14. So basically unsubstantiated, un provable dirt then? Bit like the last 4 years 🤣
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