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  1. I was young and naive, he was older, more experienced than I , I was putty in Mr BASCs hands, inevitably , when he had his fill of me , he cast me aside....Im stronger now ...but Ill never forget his big fat legal team, and his impressive training modules..... Well Ill say one thing to that. If the future of shooting depends on BASC , Id sell your guns now while theyre still worth something. Absolute twaddle, the future of shooting depends on people who shoot, the more who do , the more who get into it , the stronger the position becomes. BASC are good at projecting a big corporate boys club, that makes big expensive noises, then bends over and gives up. And you know why ? Because it impacts their profits. If we lose private gun ownership , it will be because WE let it happen , not BASC , they will do fine, because they will be one of the few 'trusted' organisations who will be able to continue offering shooting experiences, at hefty prices. Its all about the money.
  2. Id take a look in the mirror , no one threw their handbag anywhere. If every shop asked for your ticket for bullets, then everyone would know they needed it for bullets ! And if you get a smile on your face every time someone asks for your ticket, you either need to get out more, or go and have a chat with someone about it
  3. Theyve just emailed me to ask why I cancelled. So Ive told them straight, and about the stinking attitude of some of their representatives .
  4. You mean like powder and primers, which everyone expects and accepts ? The easiest component to make , with very few special tools, is the projectile, I suppose youll need your FAC next to buy paper targets, to test your illegal cartridges on ? I wouldnt have minded so much , but the same shop told me a couple of months back , that she wouldnt write bullet (heads) on my ticket (after I enquired , for record purposes) because it would set a PRECEDENT . Now she has set her own precedent for requiring sight of ticket for a item that doesnt require it ? Its not a problem, Ive found a new shop to buy my reloading stuff from now, they can have my business.
  5. Around £600 for a new barrel, is the bolt OK ? It still needs a visit to a gunsmith, and I mean a GUNSMITH , not someone who knows a bit about guns 😏 Or , you could buy a whole new gun ? https://www.gunstar.co.uk/anschutz-1730-bolt-action-22-hornet-rifles/rifles/1174727 for the same money. Its pointless talking about what they are new , as yours isnt new, what you are suggesting is spend near enough the value of a new one to make your broken 2nd hand one work ? Why would you do that ?
  6. The gun sounds a danger to yourself and others, get a gunsmith to look it over, I wouldnt fire again until its been checked over. Re barrelling in expensive, probably more than the gun is worth.
  7. That's the whole point though isn't it? I rather hope my house doesn't burn down, and very few do, but if it does I know I'm covered financially. We all know well, that in the cases of legal issues with firearms use, the odds are usually stacked against you, but that little bit of (very rarely used) reassurance that someone has your back, gives a little piece of mind. As they said themselves, it doesn't get used much, and it costs a million quid. They fail to give any more information than that, as we are just plebs. It could be that they only take on cases that they know 100% will win, which begs the question, why do you even need the insurance if that is the strategy? Some figures are obviously too much to ask though, either that or the figures are just plain embarrassing.
  8. Seems funny how other insurance providers seem to be able to provide the cover for around a quarter of that. But then again glossy, advert filled magazines cost money to print... Plus we certainly wouldnt want to put BASCs army of staff out of a job would we ? Next year they will probably remove the personal accident cover because 'its too expensive, and no one uses it '
  9. More contempt . ' I cant be bothered to answer your oikish questions , so heres a link for you to waste time trawling through' Even though its nothing to do with the threads subject matter. Would it have been too much to answer the questions the thread has asked ? It seems so.
  10. Why is it that of the 3 people from BASC who have visited this thread , (David looked but didnt comment) no one wants to add to the vague explanation of 'It costs too much' Is it some kind of contempt for the membership ? Is the matter not up for discussion ? Does no one at BASC care that its going to cost them members..income ? Arrogance comes to mind in your retort. Id be interested in hearing those, also the outcomes and NET costs of the 30 members who used the legal insurance. Instead of arrogance , try some clarity and transparency, it might save you a few quid in the long run.
  11. The TRUTH is , despite all the noise, BASC achieved very little. The thread is about the removal of the legal cover, what are your thoughts on that ?
  12. Just cancelled my BASC DD. Looking at Gunplan and C3 , any recommendations ?
  13. Im sure they are , and so they should be, Im a customer/member. I dont believe anyone has said that have they ? The PROBLEM is , they are now not fighting ANY cases, so if you do have a legal problem, as I once did, they will give you a few minutes on the phone and tell you to 'wait it out' In effect, they didnt do a lot before, now they will do even less, but still keep taking your money, selling advertising slots, making money from training days.... Its all very jolly and proper, if you consider it as a business . Is that what it is BASC ? (Voice echos into emptiness....)
  14. Its there but cant be ordered till saturday. Good luck with contacting them, theyve never ever answered me ! Good company but poor communication.
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