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  1. French state visit to USA

    If she looked THAT good , he'd have grabbed her by the *snip*
  2. India got it right

    What did you expect, an apology and a back rub ?
  3. India got it right

    So you berate us for not debating properly, for calling people names and bickering, by doing just that back ? Im surprised the thread isnt locked its gone so far away from the subject.
  4. India got it right

    Circles. This thread is about the death penalty in India being bought in for child rape. What are your views on this Henry ?
  5. India got it right

    Oh my days ! Theres a question mark at the end, its not a statement its a question to you!
  6. India got it right

    Henry seriously, I know WHAT they are ! And so do you, you use them all the time. Once again, you have completely ignored the 'meat' of the argument, refused to answer the bit you find unpalatable or difficult, and dismissed me with an 'educational' link 'So I can better understand' - condescending much ? Why dont you just reply to posts with your opinion? Instead of trying to belittle the poster from your (supposed) moral high ground. Theres nothing wrong with disagreeing with a thread subject, I do sometimes, and take stick for it, but I dont try to dismantle the other persons view by calling into question their morals or intellect. Again ,practice what you preach.
  7. Another example of NO justice

    One of the 'wrongs' is a matter of perspective, he might enjoy it But then you could say that incarcerating him was 'wrong' he just needed rehabilitation, putting back on the right path? Which is pretty much what has actually happened, with judge Statman taking a keen interest in the young mans life path, he was obviously 'touched' by his story. And there you have the conundrum, whilst all efforts have been made to accommodate and nurture the interests of the offender (Because like you, they believe that no one is a lost cause) the victim is left to fend for herself, and wonder when she is next going to bump into the man who sexually assaulted and strangled her. As per the thread title, was justice served in this case ? What effect has this left on the local population, who now believe that the large 'refugee' population in Kent are pretty much above the law, and can do as they will ? People of the more left leaning variety scratch their heads and lament the rise of the far right, how could this be ? We are such a liberal, welcoming and tolerant society... And the vicious circle continues.
  8. India got it right

    Youre a very funny man Henry. You say lack of 'logical argument' Its logical to me, otherwise I wouldnt bother writing it, but its not logical to you ? Perhaps its your logic that is flawed ? Are you taking me under your wing ,to put me right ? Bless You understand me ? ? But what about my 'lack of logical argument ?? Now Im confused. Whats even more confusing is your education level ! I thought by your superior moral and intellectual stance , I was dealing with a multi Phd level brain! And here we go with the 'dismissive' tones of the logical fallacy (ad hominem) retort, not for the first time either. Its a way of nullifying my argument, because you cannot find an answer to counter it, or (heaven forbid) agree with it , or find common ground. If part of your job is to educate people, I certainly hope you dont use the same tone as you do on here, otherwise you will not be Mr popular. Yes I come here to be educated, and I am on a daily basis, my mind is very open, always has been, and no I dont take it personally, I am an extremely laid back person. Your views are your own, and mine are mine, if I see a different perspective that works with my current worldview ,I will take it on board. But you need to practice what you preach.
  9. India got it right

    You do know how British law works don't you, you don't have to PROVE it, you have to demonstrate, using evidence and testimony, and present it in front of a jury, who then decide guilt, under the instruction of a judge. If we had 100% irrefutable proof, why would we need the jury?
  10. India got it right

    You are being somewhat pedantic. Some evidence could be planted yes, but when it comes to samples of things like blood, semen, skin, fingerprint, hair, and the transfer of such markers from perp to victim, or vice versa, in what way shape or form can these NOT be concrete proof of guilt. If a woman is raped and battered, semen left inside her, and the perps skin left under her fingernails, and her blood on his clothes, can you give me a scenario where he could plead innocence?
  11. India got it right

    So basically, you don't like the way I word my posts 😆 It makes me wonder why you reply to them to be honest. It's funny how no one else seems to have a problem understanding me, perhaps you are just too intelligent? You have a very dismissive manner Henry, and it's not just myself you seem to have issues with, as a 'youth worker' I would have thought you would be more accommodating of us plebs.
  12. Another example of NO justice

    No Henry, you are reading what you want to see. Thats what the judge said, as well as the fact he couldnt be economically rehabilitated for his sex crimes. The fact he is still seeking asylum, should also be taken into consideration, but wasnt. Surely you should be making a effort to be accepted into the country that has given you sanctuary? And not sexually assaulting young girls, in a drunken state at 5am. But Im sure he will go on to make a model citizen, why wouldnt he ?
  13. Another example of NO justice

    You forgot the 180 hrs community service he was given. That he cant do because he cant speak English. I was talking about the sexual offenders course he cant do, but hey ,never mind. Also the fact hes on the sex offenders register, means he is pretty much unemployable for 10 years, but thats fine too. Get him living with you if you think hes OK?
  14. India got it right

    Can you see that bit Henry ^ Do you even read peoples posts properly ? You completely avoid answering the bits you dont like or cant answer, and try and find something to pick apart the argument. Usually for arguments sake. What is your opinion on capital punishment, thats what this thread is about isnt it ?
  15. Another example of NO justice

    Makes you wonder why they bothered convicting him then, or why the CPS bothered pursuing the case, or why after he was arrested, and the police realised he could nt speak English , they didnt just let him go ? If you cannot rehabilitate an offender, especially a sexual one , what do you do ? Just hope they dont do it again ? Because if they do , your going to have to let them go again. Can you not agree this is not the way to protect the public, or deal with crime ?