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  1. lovely write up. I have a cocker, he is a legend, a pet really, but every now and then astounds me and makes a retrieve my trialling pal is gobsmacked by. the latest one was a teal, shot at last light across a pond and into a thick ditch covered in blackthorn and gorse...off he shot, skirted the pond, then waded/swam across the corner, then disappeared, returned wagging his tail, with the teal in his gob......
  2. are you coming to cornwall any time soon....oh no wait we are locked down again.....
  3. I have a 2010 ford ranger supercab. I find it a bit tail light if that makes sense, I have fitted bf Goodrich KM3s mud terrains on it and still slide about on the mud. has anybody got any sensible ideas for adding weight to the rear. I have in the past filled the spare tyre with water, used cement bags...I have heard about filling rear bumpers with lead? any ideas lads. to answer you question, it is very handy being able to lock stuff in the cab. the bed is big enough for a dumpy bag of wheat to fill up feeders etc..
  4. has the deerhunter pro got a hood?? cheers ZT
  5. Hi all, my lightweight musto BR2 is giving up slowly..... what can anyone recommend, will be used for mainly pheasant shooting. some beating too. any thoughts?? cheers ZT
  6. I have previously never really thought about it. having recently become a father which has put a dent in my disposable income I had to have a little tot up. I am a member of two pheasant syndicates, one fully driven £1200, one beat one stand one, £200. I also try to have a few away days..£ 600. I try to get a few clays sessions in, say £300. insurances, basc dog etc £500. cartridges, having recently started using a 16 this has gone up a bit. say 4000 carts a year £1200 roughly. I don't plan on replacing any kit, boots jackets etc so...….I have also not included fuel, one syndicate
  7. Interesting, I am not a fan of any of them. I do like that silvers pad though.....
  8. I suppose it depends on what you want it for, what load you want to fire through it? I have tried all of the fiber wad cartridges that just cartridges sell. not on a pattern plate but decoying pigeons. they all work, depends on what speed you want? even though this may be purely perceived. I shot my second ever century with the lyvale load, 30g 6s (tired after 140 odd shots) and some of my best birds with the hull clay cartridge, 26g of 7.5s.....so go figure. Like I say I hanker after an English sbs ejector with 1/4 and 1/2 chokes, 30 inch barrels and a 15inch stock. (hi
  9. Be very interested to see how you get on.....
  10. I have a browning "white lightening" 16, it weights under 7lbs. I have extended chokes in 28inch barrels. It is also a straight hand stock version which i have had significantly lengthened. I don't find it too barrel heavy. At 6ft2 and 100kg odd i find it very easy to shoot with. love shooting 16s, i have never felt undergunned since changing from a 12. My sons william ford (1905) is an absolute gem to shoot with, if was and ejector it would be all i would use. Hopefully he grows into it quick, I bought it for him when he was three weeks old. he is now 14 months....
  11. Hi all, has anybody done their own. I am after the rubberised type, preferably roller applicable so I don't have to mask of the whole pick up.... Line x are an option but at 650 odd for the job I think I might do it myself.... just wondered if anyone had tried it out or had any recommendations?? cheers ZT
  12. anybody tried the INSA turbos??
  13. Zimtrout

    Pickup Drawers

    I have just got a ford ranger, been looking at the available options, all of them seem flipping expensive........ Might have to make my own, i think you can buy poly sheets, i have been on youtube looking at sliding tray systems for inspiration
  14. Zimtrout


    I seem to remember me clearing up after your double miss with a left and right eye wipe.......
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