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  1. Well done, mate, it is a very steep learning curve. We all miss and all shoot at birds we shouldn't. Enjoy yourself and be safe, polite and respectful of our quarry and you will take lots from it. Enjoy the social side of the shooting too, there are some fantastic people from all walks of life who shoot. Always thank the shoot captain, beaters, pickers up, drivers, gamekeepers, cooks, hangers on, farmers. They make it all work....
  2. That is a treasure trove for sure!! Ian Hodge near wadebridge is a nice shop too. Celtic guns in Bodmin for clay based stuff!!
  3. What load are you using. Mine is 114 years old....
  4. I have a 16, it's pretty light weight. William Ford. I found 30g 6s gamebore regals give me quite a thump. Found eley 28g 7s better. Very little choice down here in Cornwall. I have recently discovered a supplier of Hull high pheasants In 28g or 26g 6s. They also sell the hull three crowns but only with plastic wads. The search for a felt wad paper cartridge goes on..... certainly in Cornwall.
  5. Thank you gents I have had some fantastic help Fromm JJsDad, dated at 1905-1906, making it 76-77 years older than me! Taking it out on the 5th, very much looking forward to it!!
  6. I can't upload many they are on my phone and too big
  7. Ideal, i will put them up this evening, Thank you. Just remembered 7912 is the serial number.
  8. Good afternoon all, does anybody have any idea what is the best way top get a rough age of the above gun. I found it locally and the gunsmith did not have the books or records anymore. ( he has stopped trading) . I have the serial number, and it is stamped on the barrels, action and fore end. cheers for any help, hoping there are a few gurus on here who might be able to help. Cheers ZT
  9. Beautiful gun! well done for saving and using it!
  10. Hi all As above looking for a set of the stock weights. Cheers zt
  11. Zimtrout


    Thieving ****** can rot in hell!
  12. Mmmmm. Think second with the curvey recoil pad???
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