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  1. Good evening all i am hopefully picking up my second cocker in a month or so... My first is a pet/gun dog, he only started working at 8 years old. this one i want to work more, are there any must reads? He will be in the house and hopefully be my 20 month old sons best mate.. cheers zt
  2. Hi all I have used a few bismuth carts in my 16g this season, i wondered.....do they pattern the same as lead? I think I understand that bismuth is slightly lighter that Lead, so a bigger shot may be required. so many questions, it only occurred to me sitting watching the sun go down this evening on a flight pond.
  3. Well done that man, where did you get the carts, i have discovered i rather enjoy sitting near ponds watching the sun go down, oh and the odd duck coming in. looking for a good wildfowling steel cartridge for a 16g. mallard and teal mainly. I have a box of bismuth but they are eye wateringly expensive especially when you shoot as badly as i do.....
  4. beretta 626e or i think fabarm do a sbs that matches your description..
  5. Please excuse my ignorance, what does the vaseline do??? do you rub it in?
  6. dang it If they havent sold i will take them.......
  7. I use a 16, if you are shooting large volumes of clays they are probably not the wisest choice, as you say not really a great range of clay carts available. The joy of them to me is that they are lighter than a 12 in general, well the ones that are fun to use for game shooting are, this lightness/quick handling etc does not necessarily mean that they are a great choice for a clay gun, I have shot a few rounds of 100 plus carts and I feel it afterwards. being lighter they are not great at soaking up some of the recoil. It terms of game shooting, I have found it more capable than me and ne
  8. Morning all anybody found a tough waterproof pair of breeks?? any recommendations? cheers ZT
  9. I have two 16s, a browning over an under and a william ford sbs sadly no ejector. I am on the hunt for an ejector sbs. I never feel underguned.
  10. lovely write up. I have a cocker, he is a legend, a pet really, but every now and then astounds me and makes a retrieve my trialling pal is gobsmacked by. the latest one was a teal, shot at last light across a pond and into a thick ditch covered in blackthorn and gorse...off he shot, skirted the pond, then waded/swam across the corner, then disappeared, returned wagging his tail, with the teal in his gob......
  11. are you coming to cornwall any time soon....oh no wait we are locked down again.....
  12. I have a 2010 ford ranger supercab. I find it a bit tail light if that makes sense, I have fitted bf Goodrich KM3s mud terrains on it and still slide about on the mud. has anybody got any sensible ideas for adding weight to the rear. I have in the past filled the spare tyre with water, used cement bags...I have heard about filling rear bumpers with lead? any ideas lads. to answer you question, it is very handy being able to lock stuff in the cab. the bed is big enough for a dumpy bag of wheat to fill up feeders etc..
  13. has the deerhunter pro got a hood?? cheers ZT
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