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  1. thank you, going to try the yumove ...
  2. Evening all I have a ten year old cocker, he has not really been used as a gun dog but i have started taking him beating and on the odd walked up rough shooting day. He certainly flushes plenty of birds bless him. He is very fit and gets plenty of exercise. My question is this he is very tired after a shoot day and very very stiff the day after, I make sure he drinks during the shooting and up his food the evening before and give him more food on the shoot day its self. What can i give him to help sooth those aching muscles. ? cheers ZT
  3. Hi bud, sent you a pm re chokes!

    Cheers zt

    1. Hi all Looking for a skeet Choke for the above? or cylinder? anybody not using one?? got one spare? Cheers ZT
    2. I have a building fascination with side by sides. I was taught with one out in Zimbabwe, chasing Guinea fowl and francolin. Having bought a sixteen gauge William Ford and I am now Tempted to add a 12 to the collection. Why do i have an odd obsession that it must be English? I can't figure out why??
    3. lovely wood, well done for rescuing it
    4. Wouldn't know where to start. Also, with a very young son probably not got the time just yet. But like the idea.
    5. They sound good, thank you for the tip, will give them a whirl..
    6. Well done, mate, it is a very steep learning curve. We all miss and all shoot at birds we shouldn't. Enjoy yourself and be safe, polite and respectful of our quarry and you will take lots from it. Enjoy the social side of the shooting too, there are some fantastic people from all walks of life who shoot. Always thank the shoot captain, beaters, pickers up, drivers, gamekeepers, cooks, hangers on, farmers. They make it all work....
    7. That is a treasure trove for sure!! Ian Hodge near wadebridge is a nice shop too. Celtic guns in Bodmin for clay based stuff!!
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