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  1. Hi all i have a seat i made from a heavy duty ironing board. I am looking to upgrade slightly to one of the bespoke hide chairs. Dose anybody have any experience of them good or bad?? which ones are best?? cheers ZT
  2. Good news, good to have some clarity. We are still being asked to act responsibly.
  3. Zimtrout


    At Neots Cornwall??
  4. Hi

    i would be open to an older dog too. our little boy will be one mid summer when i would be looking to pick the dog up? good advice all round though, with my shifts i will have time to spend with the dog and my little lad. 

    1. Good afternoon all Right The boss (her indoors) has finally broken, i have been given permission to get another hound. I have a working Cocker (he is 9) and am after another one. As we have just had a little boy my training time is going to be a little limited, so I am after a part trained dog. I live down in Cornwall but willing to travel to find the right dog. Preferably would be looking to pick it up mid summer, a dog would be preferred. Thanks for any help.. cheers ZT
    2. i would be interested too..
    3. Hi anybody know one? or have any experience in getting it done?? cheers ZT
    4. After a stream of emails to what seems to have been a time waster, this is still for sale. cheers ZT
    5. not sure i need them.......if they were 6s or 5s i would have ripped your arm off
    6. Do you travel south west at all??
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