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  1. Mmmmm. Think second with the curvey recoil pad???
  2. Hi all anybody shifting on a set of 28 or 30 inch barrels, give me a shout! or where to get a set? cheers Zt
  3. interested to see what the pros say on this one......
  4. Hi all being made in France (I think??) does anybody know if these are English size 7 shot or true 7.5 English shot?? cheers zt
  5. That looks good! With you on the big version too!!
  6. Hi all whats your best pigeon pie recipe the all?? cheers ZT
  7. brilliant boots.....wish they were an 11....
  8. Some good pointers thank you, I concur re barley........
  9. Will do, been out to watch again, never really thought of watching them land with other pigeons......I am a new dad so time is very precious at the moment. But I am going to wait till its cut, I just cant stand wasting birds. They taste so good....
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