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  1. Evening all. I use a 525, in it were a set of chokes that have "Plus" above the description on them. In the box in came in were some extra chokes these say "invector plus" on them. the choke key that fits the "plus" variant perfectly but does not fit the "invector plus" chokes. my question is are they safe to use? cheers ZT
  2. Hi all What are reasonable auction sites? I have a hankering for an old English side by side. I am told that you can pick them up of the auctions? Cheers zt
  3. Should have said, would have put the kettle on....
  4. Good Afrernoon After my first full season game shooting on a local syndicate i am looking to get going with some pigeon shooting. Is there anybody else on here from Cornwall, looking for someone to show me the ropes a bit. I live near Truro, but happy to travel. chat soon Hopefully. cheers ZT
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