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  1. After a stream of emails to what seems to have been a time waster, this is still for sale. cheers ZT
  2. not sure i need them.......if they were 6s or 5s i would have ripped your arm off
  3. Do you travel south west at all??
  4. Great advice lads. I have found this 16 to be a touch front or barrel heavy in terms of Ballance. It's a straight hand stock presumably lighter stock?? Once I have the chokes, extended or not..??? I intend on getting it balanced perfectly...
  5. Evening all, does anybody have any experience of Briley chokes, I am think of getting some for a Browning 16 gauge over and under. It takes Invector chokes and i would probably get extended versions. I shoot game in the main. Any thoughts or experience of them?? cheers ZT
  6. Thank you lads!!! Forgot to add i can deliver or meet for a viewing at a mutual spot, i am up Exeter/Plymouth way reasonably frequently!
  7. I just cant understand why they "the vegans" are always so angry?? on top of being completely unable or unwilling to see any other opinion or way of life as being that persons choice. If the shoe was on the other foot, and "we" were as single minded aggressive shooting/hunting would be banned almost overnight?
  8. If you are walked up shooting mainly, an English side by side will be considerably lighter. if you don't mind it not being an ejector model there are lots to choose from??
  9. thank you, going to try the yumove ...
  10. Evening all I have a ten year old cocker, he has not really been used as a gun dog but i have started taking him beating and on the odd walked up rough shooting day. He certainly flushes plenty of birds bless him. He is very fit and gets plenty of exercise. My question is this he is very tired after a shoot day and very very stiff the day after, I make sure he drinks during the shooting and up his food the evening before and give him more food on the shoot day its self. What can i give him to help sooth those aching muscles. ? cheers ZT
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