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  1. hi yes i think i do....which generation hatsan you got?
  2. I have one, will try and get a video on here!!
  3. One thing I am not a fan of is the prevalence of the prince of Wales stocks on 16s, I have big hands and find them very uncomfortable. Oddly I love my straight hand stock. I think that might be due to learning to shoot with a straight hand stocked side by side.
  4. stuck mine on the scales, its just under 7lbs. that is with extended briley chokes and a fair sized extension on the stock. I am 6ft 2 so needed to extend the stock a fair amount. Not yet....
  5. mmm, i have a "white lightening 16 gauge and it is on a much smaller action than my previous 525 12 gauge, like you gents say part of the joy of a 16 is the lightness, "shoots like a 12 handles like a 20" i will stick mine on the scales, i have a straight hand version stock with an extension. if that shadow is on a specific 16 sized action that would be a temptation......
  6. Has anyone seen a 16 gauge 525???
  7. Zimtrout


    Have you got any spare pads for the mounts??
  8. I have just got a new ff6 flapper, I am also struggling with the wing pins, the birds wings keep falling off, did the original points face backwards??? Very very very annoying..... especially with what they cost.
  9. you comin to cornwall anytime soon??
  10. brocolli or cauliflower maybe..?
  11. I had fiddled with most of what i have bought, the pigeons have not noticed how perfectly tuned everything is though........
  12. I took a file to mine, just filed out a flat section on the round bar for the thumb screw to bite onto if that makes sense..
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