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  1. Looking for second hand really. But thank you!
  2. Hi allLooking for some 1lb 2lb and 3lb canvas dummies. Bringing on a sprocker who needs time heavier dummies.Please drop me a PM if you have any going.Happy Christmas all!!Cheers Zt
  3. Got some down in cornwall.......
  4. Hi all Due to a change in circumstances I am selling the above. 28inch barrels, 15 3/4 inch straight hand stock, Professionally extended with walnut. I think 7 chokes, 3 extended briley chokes imported from the us. A pretty rare gun indeed. Please message me for photos. I live down in cornwall but will travel up to somerset at a push, failing that i will RFD it at my expense. Looking for £1250. cheers ZT
  5. pretty good. the girls in the shop are very good, know everything! as good a dairy farmers gunshop can get in my opinion!!
  6. Hi all has anybody got a set of the above for sale? I have bought a sako 75 and am after a set....... cheers ZT
  7. Good evening all i am hopefully picking up my second cocker in a month or so... My first is a pet/gun dog, he only started working at 8 years old. this one i want to work more, are there any must reads? He will be in the house and hopefully be my 20 month old sons best mate.. cheers zt
  8. Hi all I have used a few bismuth carts in my 16g this season, i wondered.....do they pattern the same as lead? I think I understand that bismuth is slightly lighter that Lead, so a bigger shot may be required. so many questions, it only occurred to me sitting watching the sun go down this evening on a flight pond.
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