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  1. excellent snow white, that's the industrial strength i need to sleep soundly at night. many thanks
  2. i like your idea the best as i was thinking similar fix , ie a small bolt with nut on end and thread lock to keep it there, or drilling for bigger bolt, that way the pin cannot escape if it comes loose as its locked either side. thanks
  3. yep was just looking to replace the whole sling with a better brand, made in a better chinese factory !
  4. had a catastrophic sling failure last night in the dark when the holding pin decided to part company with the sling at some point luckily i managed to grab rifle before it hit concrete and damage the nightvision unit on top or the rifle itself !! does anybody have any recommendations for a better quality sling or shall i spot weld the pin if i buy a similar one ? its a buffalo river neoprene sling i was using (as per photo) Thanks
  5. hi there, i was wondering if you still had the Browning 525 for sale



  6. yes, they look to be factory produced original disks
  7. Hi, i have 2 shooting dvd's for sale Trap shooting and game simulated shooting £8.50 posted or £6 collected Paypal preferred or bank transfer thanks
  8. Proper Made in USA Harris Bipod , no cheapy copy here or rubbish from far east ! Harris 1a2 Ultralight Bipod - 9" - 13" non tilt It has notched legs on it too £75 posted or £70 collected
  9. yes our american cousins do need extra support in clothing due to their voluptuous figures !🤣🤣
  10. brand new and unused, unwanted gift as i already have one and i cant see me wearing it out anytime in the near future It has a metal buckle and supposed to be strong enough to clip a Carabiner to it if you were on a mountain in order to climb up \ down the mountain (not many mountains here in midlands!) It uses velcro as securing method and it really strong and great quality. The american law enforcement use then to hold gun holsters and other weapons that can be threaded through the belt size 36-38" waist and in stealthy black £25 posted
  11. now sold thanks for looking
  12. purchased from Maplins originally so its not the cheapy chinese knock off one Bought it to use with my nitesite unit as it plugs straight into camera unit but only used it 2 or 3 times in the field comes with a tiny camera and some buttons so you can use it undercover through button eyes when gathering information or evidence ! also comes with power cable, video leads and replaceable back with a clip on it It has motion detection and can be used as nanny cam or just to see which family member is stealing your chocolate biscuits out the pantry when you are at work! 8Gb
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