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  1. Made my mouth water for sure. Excellent.
  2. Well said that man I couldn't agree more.
  3. No doubt. Hence the use of the word "decent". Apologies if we are cross wiring. The area I talk of is one of the very popular stone dykes that traverses from the reed beds towards the main channel on a popular east coast of Scotland firth. These dykes most definitely do cover the roosts and require absolute zero field craft to bag a bird. The difference between true wildfowlers and get a goose at all cost getters.
  4. Have shot the Tay for decades and still love the place.
  5. Well done finally some common sense creeping in. If only this could be enforced throughout Scotland.
  6. I never saw this personally as I don't have any kind of social sites but I can tell you this page was removed at the request of one of the local wildfowlers. Although more than many would want the numbers of geese killed was not so much the issue but the fact that they used the stone dykes in the middle of the roost as cover was an issue. Why people (I won't call them wildfowlers) cannot just use the cover of the reed beds and avoid the roost baffles me. Another issue was the fact that these people boasted about shooting over the same dyke for three mornings in a row. Tell me, would a decent goose guide shoot the same field three mornings in a row????????
  7. Hi all, and thanks for having me. I am very new to all this technology so please be patient with me. I live and work in the east of scotland and very much enjoy my fieldsports, wildfowling being my main passion. I look forward to some interesting debate.
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