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  1. I know its India and your expected to face extreme spin but surely these type of pitches don't help anyone ? India included in that. England would be torn apart for producing a green seamer back home and then you get this when you tour out there, just doesn't feel right to me.
  2. The ball to Sundar any front line offy would of been proud of ! I like Root as an option he lets it rip !
  3. To be fair I think Pope will be a key player in that England middle order for years to come, he just seems to have hit a bit of wall. India is always a tough place to tour and two tests ago they looked like world beaters, it will come back around but I think is the reality check they may well have needed. They won the toss which was key but couldn’t put it to any use and fell apart, the wicket of Kohli is huge but sadly I think the writing is already on the wall after a day but we’ll all tune in tomorrow I’m sure.
  4. Leach's fielding on the boundary pretty much summed up our day, terrible viewing ! Also the stumping review did anyone think the third umpire was very quick to give the decision ? Two quick replays and he's not out. On a positive Kohli has just gone and Pope must be rather chuffed with that.
  5. Don't get me wrong it's a fair way up for us but not impossible, also slightly concerned about travelling up at the moment with the lockdown in place. I'm after a fowling dog as you may remember from my previous posts and I'm looking for a dog in either black or red and my friend who is also interested but he is after a black dog. What puppies does he have available in the litter ?
  6. Don't judge me but I'm down in Essex however I don't mind travelling for the right dog.
  7. Great write up here mate ! and well worth taking the gun with you again on such a day whilst working on the house. All the Best !
  8. Morning All, Unfortunately the breeder who I was looking to purchase my Labrador from has missed the bitches season so therefore I am back to square one and I was wondering if anyone would be able to recommend any breeder or potential litters they know of coming up for working labs ? I understand you may not want to put too much info on the topic due to the recent spate of dog napping's however please feel free to message me if you feel more comfortable. Thanks Again !
  9. Well worth that early alarm, can’t beat the sounds of countryside and it’s inhabitants stirring early morning !
  10. Thanks for this mate, my whole reasoning behind going down the lab route is my shooting has turned towards inland goose shooting and wildfowling out on the marsh and I believe you'd be hard pressed to beat a lab for either of these, as I've heard numerous times you want the right tool for the right job. I'll keep this all in mind when the time rolls round to bring the dog home and look to put it in to practice, thanks again for the advice. Thank you for the heads up I'll keep my eyes peeled for them !
  11. Thank you both and I can imagine that's quite a treat working your dogs alongside his. I'll happily work from the same techniques as I did for the Springer as I say I'm pretty knew to the working dogs and to be honest wasn't sure if it was a complete chalk & cheese approach between the two breeds. Would you think that is best for me to do then ? Just leave the parts out that really only apply to a spaniel but my only worry is would I be missing certain things that would apply to labs ?
  12. Hello All, I've finally taken the decision to increase numbers in my "kennels" from my one Springer to adding a Labrador (I was sold on a HWV but my shooting path has led me towards a Labrador). The bitch is due to be covered in the coming weeks so all being well we are looking at having the pup home June-July time. As I mentioned I have a Springer already and this leads me on to my reason for posting, my springer was my first working dog and when it come to training I worked from the David Lisett springer training box set and in all honesty is was a great help for me being
  13. Good advice thanks for getting back to me and I’ll give it a try. If I’m honest even on the unsuccessful trips it’s still been enjoyable being out there hearing & seeing everything come alive in the mornings but here’s to hoping to some profitable trips in the near future. Sounds like a plan haha, what decoys in particular do you have ? Thank you for your reply, I’ll keep my eye Out and see if I can find a copy.
  14. I’m from Essex and shooting over the Crouch. On this particular marsh it’s duck mainly wigeon, teal & mallard we haven’t seen any legal goose as of yet only Brent.
  15. I`m on again for some more advice if possible please. I`ve recently been out twice accompanying a friend (who`s also inexperienced) on their permission trying my hand at wildfowling. We`ve sat in the same spot both times trying to conceal ourselves and waiting for the birds to come in however we haven`t seen anything even remotely close enough to take a shot at. Both times we met at 06:00hrs in the pitch black and made our way across the marsh out to the spot, one morning a sheet of fog surrounded the marsh after a clear start and just this last Saturday it was a still calm day with
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