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  1. Good advice thanks for getting back to me and I’ll give it a try. If I’m honest even on the unsuccessful trips it’s still been enjoyable being out there hearing & seeing everything come alive in the mornings but here’s to hoping to some profitable trips in the near future. Sounds like a plan haha, what decoys in particular do you have ? Thank you for your reply, I’ll keep my eye Out and see if I can find a copy.
  2. I’m from Essex and shooting over the Crouch. On this particular marsh it’s duck mainly wigeon, teal & mallard we haven’t seen any legal goose as of yet only Brent.
  3. I`m on again for some more advice if possible please. I`ve recently been out twice accompanying a friend (who`s also inexperienced) on their permission trying my hand at wildfowling. We`ve sat in the same spot both times trying to conceal ourselves and waiting for the birds to come in however we haven`t seen anything even remotely close enough to take a shot at. Both times we met at 06:00hrs in the pitch black and made our way across the marsh out to the spot, one morning a sheet of fog surrounded the marsh after a clear start and just this last Saturday it was a still calm day with fair weather again, no fog this time. Are there any particular rules of thumb to Wildfowling I should try to work with to ensure we have more of a chance to one see and also shoot at our quarry ? time of day, weather, wind direction etc ? I look forward to hearing from you, thanks again.
  4. Thanks Mice, that will be really handy ! Thanks again for getting back to me and I`ll have a look out for the book, great to hear they are capable in pretty much all areas and I must say again what stunning dogs !
  5. Hello Again On a slightly different note from the shooting world, I’ve recently had some issues with my small flock of hens and was after some sound advice. I had a flock of three until I discovered blood on the eggs last Sunday and after investigating I saw one of the hens had been pecked away at her vent, leading to them pecking further round to the top of her leg so a golf ball size open wound had appeared down to the bone. The wound was too far gone and I took the decision to be cruel to be kind and tap her on the head. When I got home this evening I found again blood again on the eggs and when I checked them again another hen had been pecked at her vent and blood had been drawn. After inspecting the wound on this bird it seemed to be the same as the last and the outcome was inevitable. This leads me on to my remaining hen and what to do with her and to why this happened. Once a hen seems to have a taste for blood as she does, do they ever snap out of it ? As I wouldn’t want to introduce new chickens only for this to occur again. Also what can cause a hen to start this behaviour ? As the three have lived happily in their pen together for the last 5 months and I’m a little lost as to what has gone wrong in the last week or two. Any suggestions or ideas are greatly appreciated.
  6. Thank you for your response, I appreciate it. I had read about the issues with kennelling them and also how they don`t react well to a telling off. I`m glad you mentioned the Vizsla society and I`ll definitely have a look in to that. As with my spaniel I done my research and studied training methods prior to him coming home and I believe that put me in good stead. Do you know of any Vizsla training books or DVD`s I could purchase to get a head start ? I`ve always been told don`t by a dog on appearance, base it on what you`d actually need out of the dog. So this leads me on to my next question, my main forms of shooting are a days in the pigeon hide, followed by rough shooting & the odd flight pond due the game & wildfowl seasons. In your experience would you believe a Vizsla be capable in all three forms ? By the way what a pair stunning dogs (apologies if they are the same dog), I`m not sure there`s ever been a more regal breed however I`m maybe being bias as I`m part obsessed with them at present.
  7. Hello, I`m after some advice again please, I recently had a weekend`s rough shooting and our host had a pair HWV that we shot over and I thoroughly enjoyed watching the dogs work and got it in to my head that they would be the breed I would look to work next. I`ve had my spaniel now for two years and he`s a brilliant dog that does all I need of him however I understand there will be major differences in training & handling a pointer compared to a spaniel and I just wondered if anyone could share their own experiences with Vizsla`s and any inside tips on them, if I was to go ahead in the future. Thank You !
  8. Thank you both for the advice, I`ll certainly keep persisting and trying different things to get the results and I`ll keep you posted on my progress. Shoot Well Gents !
  9. Thanks for the advice, I really appreciate it. Leading on from my last post we were out again on Sunday which was a lovely day, the sun was out and there was a slight breeze. We set up again with ten-twelve 1/2 shell decoys and so the birds would be landing in to the wind. We had a relatively steady flow of birds all day none in great numbers just coming in, in ones & twos and I was relatively pleased with the set up and results based on the equipment we had and the poor shooting that took place. My next question would be is there a major benefit for having a whirly & or flapper in the pattern ? As many birds just seemed to fly over the field out of range taking no notice of our pattern, I wondered would the additional movement catch their eye and draw more attention for our benefit. Your thoughts please.
  10. Me and a friend decided last Saturday was going to be our first attempt this year in the hide and we had some seriously strong winds in the South East of the country so we thought all the better for it. We had finally unloaded the car and set everything up by 10:30ish, the hide was set up backed up in to a tree line over looking a relatively freshly drilled field and so the birds would be landing in to the wind just in front of us, the decoys in an roughly placed L shape to offer some sort of a landing spot in the pattern for the pigeons. And we were off, the day started well with a Pigeon committing beautifully and a fair shot be taken to have our first bird in the bag. Two more then came in which unfortunately were not taken due to a safety catch not being flicked up for the first and a miss on the second bird. Based on this we thought we`d be in for a good day however the birds then turned out to be very few and far between and although we managed to add another pigeon for a snack that evening we were restricted to watching the birds we did see have a good look and then decide it wasn`t for them before getting in to range or taking shots at bird just on the edge of our range who weren`t fully committed. Never the less it was an enjoyable day in the field albeit a tough one, however it left me and my friend who are both relatively new to shooting a little bemused as to why the birds just didn`t want to seem to commit fully to the pattern after early success. I understand that there are a number of reasons why this could be however if anyone could shed some light on why they think this might be and what we could possibly do to enhance our chances next time out (this Sunday).
  11. Help Please ! I`m still relatively new to the shooting world and have been lucky enough to enjoy some driven & walked up days however I`m very keen to get involved with decoying Pigeons. I`ve had a couple of amateur days in the hide where we haven`t surpassed double figures (due to lack of pigeons decoying and also poor shooting) however this hasn`t dampened the spirits. I`ve got the decoys, poles, net and most importantly permission however I`m looking for a bit of general knowledge/advice as to how I can improve my chances to have a more productive day in the field. Any advice is appreciated so please feel free, fire away.
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