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  1. Why don't they just stick to kissing because one of there grossly over paid team mates scored a goal.
  2. Yes I helped to pay the war debt back and I wasn't even born then
  3. The images of the houses that took the hit are incredible.
  4. The Heron

    Trail cam

    Are trail cameras on my property classed as cctv they cover the rear of the house but do capture other people's gardens
  5. Americans have been dying from Covid 19 at the rate of 2000 a day and he did not care its all about him.
  6. On January the 6th when he was making his big gob speech "we are going to march to capital hill" yes when they got there he was no where in site *****.
  7. Yes I know a lot of people who do that.
  8. Having had three teenage daughters I certainly know where you are coming from
  9. So sad your post brought back painful memories you have my deepest sympathy.
  10. Cheese tomato lettuce pinch of salt and salad cream.
  11. I have been watching the Ireland Italy game while I was having a sandwich Italy are dire I am going back outside in the shed
  12. My father has always said that the university's should be closed down and the students made to work in the fields in winter so that they would appreciate the life they had in uni, seems a good idea.
  13. Well after all the recommendations on here I have just ordered a ten x six.
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