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  1. When you're nickname at work is old ******.
  2. The Heron


    My auntie went into hospital for a routine operation but sadly died the cause of death was recorded as sepsis due to complications in the removal of the appendix which as her brother pointed out (my farther) was interesting as she had them removed 35 years earlier.
  3. So sir Kier Starmer has been elected as the new Labour leader his first plan as part of a ten part plan is to increase the income tax on the top 5% of the country, nothing changes you could elect a dog to lead that party.
  4. Looks like we have a convoy no daganham dust bins allowed.
  5. I think the problem was that originally I was with the AA and the lads on there were top notch but the AA decided to get out of Central heating and passed it over to Home Serve the engineer that turned up was 19 and admitted that he was inexperienced his solution was a new boiler.
  6. I personally would not recommend home serve I put a thread on here a while ago about the poor quality of service but a lot of people seemed to be satisfied with them perhaps I was unlucky.
  7. That has got to be a mistake ring them up.
  8. That is expensive are you sure I'm with bg and my quote is nothing like that I can only think your boiler is very old or it is a mistake.
  9. Save your money there won't be a next holiday year if you look at the history of the last pandamic it went away then came back twice as strong estimated deaths 50,000000 to 75,000000 so enjoy what you have now belive or not I am usually a glass half full but this is serious I would like to be on here next year with everyone taking the **** out of me pointing out how wrong I was.
  10. And I thought I could ruffle feathers
  11. They must be desperate have you seen the price of oil a barrel of oil has not been this cheap for nineteen years petrol prices should follow.
  12. I bet all of you above go out and buy a copy. 😉
  13. If you look at China where it started it is only just starting to receed and there has been reinfections from returning Chinese I have not booked any days yet as like a lot of people I am waiting to see how it pan's out.
  14. I have just read an article on hedge laying in the shooting times I have seen it often but never realised how much there was to it worth a look.
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