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  1. The Heron

    Land Rover 2.5 tdi belts.

    Sorry should have read 2.5 td5.
  2. The Heron

    Land Rover 2.5 tdi belts.

    I need to carry some spare drive belts due to the remote area where I travel am I correct in thinking not including a timing belt I need a set of three also any tips on fitting would be appreciated thanks.
  3. The Heron

    Funding the wall

    The man is a complete tit.
  4. The Heron

    Bitcoin falls 80%

    I watched a video about bit coins this afternoon the first two pieces of advice were 1/ if you make a mistake trading there is nothing you can do about it 2/ do not invest more than you can afford to lose there was a lot more reasons not to.
  5. The Heron

    Christmas light batteries.

    My good lady was putting up some battery powered Christmas lights this afternoon when she switched them on the middle battery became to hot to touch within seconds I checked, and she was using the right batteries and she had put them in the right way when I replaced it with another one it was fine and lights are working any ideas as to the cause of the battery overheating.
  6. The Heron

    Chinese inverter welder

    If you are only doing a small amount of welding (one rod a year) then probably one of those **** Chinese things will do get yourself one made in England it will last for years.
  7. The Heron

    Sports personality

    Me to.
  8. The Heron

    Court appearances

    My workmate had to do this earlier this year it depends on one or two things one of which is your age you can either be to old or to young according to the accused age in the end he was contacted by email every morning and told weather he was needed that day in the end he never had to go.
  9. The Heron

    Merry Christmas / Happy New Year

    Happy Christmas and good shooting in the new year to everyone .
  10. The Heron

    Aldi Geese tomorrow

    My favourite just make sure you get the skin nice and crispy.
  11. The Heron

    personal navigation assistant.

    On Sunday up in the highlands of Scotland I would have needed a ten mile ball of string.
  12. The Heron

    personal navigation assistant.

    Thank you for your help can you recommend any particular device for this.
  13. I do a lot of walking in remote places and all most got caught out recently when it went dark earlier than I thought does anyone know if you can set your start point in these devices and then when you want to return the device will let you track back to your starting point thanks.
  14. The Heron

    Poor mas thermal

    Using your rifle as a spotter is not a good idea.
  15. The Heron


    Anyone know what is happening at catton next year?