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  1. She is with me all morning as my partner has to go out there are no kids about but when we go for a morning walk she meets lots of kids with their parents going to school and they all want to stroke her there are never any problems she gets really ancious wating for my partner to come home and goes mad when she comes home but then it turns into biting.
  2. We have a 16 week old puppy the problem is that she continually bites my partner but hardly ever bites me or anyone else. Any ideas why and how to make her stop.
  3. Hi Sparkie , Due to family problems I will not be able to come to the weekend at Garlands if any one on here would like to take my place I will not be asking for any money just go in my place.
  4. Ay up looking forward to Gardners with this being my first time there what format does the day take.

    Ta Heron.

    1. I saw him race many times a great driver and a true gentleman.
    2. Sparkie have you got a post code for the shoot ?
    3. Thank you every one I will start with some brand new clays and check the trap to make sure it is clean and set right.
    4. The clays are breaking when they are dropping down from the loading stack onto the firing tray. Ps the trap is a promatic Hobbit.
    5. More than one torch foil blanket and a portable phone charger and a whistle.
    6. The Heron

      foreign aid

      + Another one.
    7. ITV are just as bad for this if they have something new coming on they show the same clip time and time again for weeks before so I end up not watching it.
    8. The Heron


      Having spent time in Paris enjoying all the sites and gallerys I find it very sad to witness the destruction of an iconic building.
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