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  1. We have at least 1000 yards clear.
  2. The Heron


    I have just read that in Germany Tesla have had an injunction put in place against them because where they are building a site to produce their electric cars and batteries they have cut down thousands of trees, talk about smashing a life boat up to build a raft.
  3. I wouldn't mind but when you have built it that's it it doesn't do anything.
  4. The Heron


    Is there any way of filtering similar to guntrader in the guns and equipment section.
  5. I watched the same minister state that they had a pump in place that was pumping 50 tons of water Per Second that's some pump 180,000 tons per hour.
  6. Yes no problem I'll be back next day to plug you in.
  7. Depending on what you call expensive like I said about the shooting show £20 for a day out is quite reasonable considering in London you can spend £100+ to go to a football match.
  8. Thanks for your experiment and the results I found it really interesting in that we have a little private clay shoot once a month and have had concerns about pellet distance travel but looking at your results we well with in safe limits.
  9. 28g 7 1/2 any make I would buy cheaper cartridges than say game bore or Hull as you are only shooting for fun.
  10. Are 8 bore shotgun cartridges commercially available or would I have to learn the art of reloading.
  11. AYA 25 side lock choked 1/4 1/2 a good one for around £800_£1000 it will do anything you want
  12. The Heron


    I used to have. money then my daughter came and told us that she was pregnant and she was getting married in 4 weeks.23 years later and my grandson is a lovely man
  13. Be careful and think before purchasing my old mattress was 32 years old when my wife decided we needed a new one my old one was so comfortable when you went to bed slightly drunk all you had to do was sit on the edge and it automatically rolled you down to the middle but she complained about the spring sticking in her **** so we had to have a new one, I really miss that mattress
  14. The Heron

    is weekend

    I thought I would get myself a pair of trainers and go mountain climbing in Scotland or go surfing in Hastings there is bound to be some Richard Heads today and tomorrow.
  15. Went yesterday on the train the signs to the show were non existant and we had to ask the security and there were a lot of them for directions enjoyed it very much met old friends there was plenty of room this year and bought a toy for my dog and enjoyed looking at all the guns and accessories, for £20 a good day out
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