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  1. I saw him race many times a great driver and a true gentleman.
  2. Sparkie have you got a post code for the shoot ?
  3. Thank you every one I will start with some brand new clays and check the trap to make sure it is clean and set right.
  4. The clays are breaking when they are dropping down from the loading stack onto the firing tray. Ps the trap is a promatic Hobbit.
  5. More than one torch foil blanket and a portable phone charger and a whistle.
  6. The Heron

    foreign aid

    + Another one.
  7. ITV are just as bad for this if they have something new coming on they show the same clip time and time again for weeks before so I end up not watching it.
  8. The Heron


    Having spent time in Paris enjoying all the sites and gallerys I find it very sad to witness the destruction of an iconic building.
  9. The Heron

    Tiger Woods

    Is anybody else sick and tired of hearing about him all he has done is win a golf competition if he had performed a heart swop on somebody with little more than than a swiss army knife and a ball of twine in the jungle then I would be impressed but no all the people on tv talk about is the pressure he has been under what ******* pressure the only pressure he has had is because he brought it on himself people like him and all the other so called hard done to pros need to take a look at what they have and what other people have to do to get by and as for mard **** footballers who cant take name calling then pack up early and go and work for minimum wage instead of thousands per week you will not be missed.
  10. Has anyone on here bought and received there Pulsar Digisight Ultra N455 Digital night vision from Scott Country yet.
  11. I am about to become the proud owner of a new puppy her mother is a working gun dog what I could do with some help with is how do you introduce a dog to gun fire I have seen people bring dogs to clay grounds and the dogs were terrified so how do you introduce them to the sound of gun fire. Thanks in advance.
  12. I use .308 never had a problem on any deer some estates insist that that you use a .308 on everything.
  13. The Heron


    I know we have mentioned this before but I was surprised at the level at which the value of second sxs have dropped to if you go to the auction houses you can pick up one for as little as £30 even a decent AYA can be had for between £100-£200 the only guns holding there value are London guns.
  14. When I was young I used to wonder why my granddad had a shed now I am about his age I realise why.
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