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  1. I bought a shotgun off gt the gun was as described and the person I met was an absolute gentleman who has kept in touch since, so yes there are still some genuine decent sellers out there .
  2. The Heron

    European bison

    Sounds to me like the people who have three sheep two hens and a duck pond and call themselves farmers they are usually townies from the south east who have sold up and moved north.
  3. The Heron

    Raccoon Dog

    Never heard of them until now I suppose can they cross breed with wild and domestic dogs and possibly foxes
  4. The Heron

    Hand sanitizer

    Where I work we manufacture the alcohol and the polite answer is no
  5. The Good The Bad And The Ugly.
  6. I admire any one who can paint my sister is a good artist but my best efforts are confined to doors skirting boards and walls
  7. Left hand side a little bright light behind some leaves
  8. Well done and the best of luck to you speaking from personal experience there is not a woman on this earth that is worth a/ going to prison for or b/ getting depressed about keep up the cycling.👍
  9. Top marks for this I will find it very useful good pictures
  10. Reading all the comments with a large piece of homemade coffee cake in my hand.
  11. Does anyone on here own a. 410 semi - auto that they would like to share some information with me, make, barrel length, reliability, chamber length etc. Thanks.
  12. Do you squeak when you walk?
  13. Yes you are quite correct alexa does collect information about you I said to mine alexa why are you so ******* nosey to which she replied I can't answer that.
  14. Extremely talented. RIP
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