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  1. Is it possible to fit an air brick to the outside I have a cellar it is below pavement level but allowed me to fit one.
  2. You are absolutely correct this small payment is well deserved, what you could have done is have a load of illegitimate kid's ****** off and not bothered and left the country to pick-up the bills or stayed in your free council house living on benefits watching your sky TV.
  3. You and many others can look forward to problems in the future with this type of fitting.
  4. I'm thinking of purchasing an empty caldwell tackdriver gun rest,first are they any good and if so what is the best thing to fill them with. Thanks.
  5. I have 3 victure trail cameras doing exactly what you said easy to use and set up and when the card is full it goes back to the beginning and starts again the images are clear I find that the battery's last around 3 weeks.
  6. Thanks for the replys its an oil finish.
  7. Can anyone recommend a liquid that I can use to safely remove the grease and muck from my gun stock without damaging it.
  8. As above I'm looking for an adjustable rifle bench rest does anyone have any recommendations on what or not to buy. Thanks.
  9. I absolutely agree I'm sat here with my dog I would never treat her like that.
  10. I took an aya to a dealer in px for another gun, rather snotty he said I need to check the ejectors so he put some snap caps in and pulled the triggers when he broke the gun the snap caps came out with force and hit him in both eyes, are they alright I asked yes he said now rubbing his swelling eyes. To his credit l did get a good deal.
  11. Julian Clary or Lilly savage that would satisfy all camps
  12. And there's the rub proving that the seller new it was faulty.
  13. You are correct had this been a sale from a business it would be a different tale.
  14. I don't know how they will decide who wears the dress.
  15. Me and her indoors have just had an exchange of views I said that William was good in his day but has been superceded by better authors for example Fredrick Forsyth, J K Rowling and Harper Lee. Any thoughts.
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