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  1. People are gullible a guy I shoot with his wife has lost £6000 because someone rang her up and said they were from her bank and needed her details to transfer money. And another thing who wants a pile of cack like that.
  2. The Heron


    Yes I must admit that when the halo first came along I wasn't very keen but there have been several instances when it has saved drivers from injury or death like today.
  3. The Heron


    Perez car catches fire and the grand prix finishes under a safety car.
  4. The Heron


    Incredibly no one injured twenty or thirty years ago it would have been a different story.
  5. A friend of mine used to get his car ariel snapped off about once a month by some scumbag walking home from the pub so he glued some fish hooks on the ariel and the next time he found a load of blood and skin on it and had no further problems.
  6. I have used them but if you push some paper kitchen towel through afterwards you wonder why you bought them I would not buy them again.
  7. Packham is on page 9 of the times to day writing about his feud with Sir Ian Botham and I quote "I'd never voice an anti shooting agenda we want legal shooting so no more killing raptors or killing birds for no reason and we want shooting to be regulated so it does not damage the wider environment" he also wants greater dialogue with the shooting fraternity. If you get a chance its worth reading the article.
  8. I did see the program and the grand parents looked after the grandkids after their mother who was 37 died in her sleep I like to think that they did what most of us would do
  9. Top three footballers in this order 1 Best 2 Maradona 3 Cruyff
  10. At the first opportunity drain the system down and replace with ordinary manual valves this is speaking from experience.
  11. The bbc is like a lot of old companies in the UK they got very comfortable a regular income and no competition then along came sky Netflix etc the bbc have been left with very few things in the box David Attenborough Wimbledon womens sports and that boring match of the day.
  12. Of all the places I have been told that it's at Peterborough in April.
  13. Agree completely for that second goal he danced through our defence like they didn't exist the best goal ever.
  14. Ebay = fakes and other peoples ****.
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