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  1. I thought that the frogs surrendered when the cannons were fired as a tribute to Prince Philip.
  2. I Love woodland stalking.
  3. There is a 99. 9% chance that it won't be amicable dig in now and get prepared try to be one step ahead.
  4. Noodles what utter carp. Yes then after they have held everyone up they go and miss.
  5. Chauvin took the life of a handcuffed man when he did not need to he has apparently a string of similar offences of over use of force and only a few have been recognised he has got what he deserved a bully in a uniform.
  6. Its the same shape as my missus 😂😂
  7. Football really is the business to be a manager in the Premier league become a manager win nothing or get relegated or nearly then get the sack and walk away with millions in the pocket and then get employed at another club and repeat the performance, I see that Mourinho is now favourite for the managers job at Celtic.
  8. A good post unlike some on here who have used the occasion to slate landrovers.
  9. I had a top grade turf lawn laid and the first thing the dog did was to dig it up so now I have replaced it with an artificial one very little maintenance and it frustrates the dog.
  10. Just watching cnn and so far today there has been 837 deaths it doesn't say if they were caused by Covid 19, guns or the police.
  11. When did this happen?
  12. A sad day for all may he rest in peace.
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