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  1. The paint I used I had to dilute 20% on the manufacturers recommendations as when you put it through the viscosity tester supply with the sprayer it was to thick.
  2. The Heron


    You know I only intended this thread to be of interest as to a public of my age who rembered this time and a TV programme I apologise for any hurt that I have may have caused.
  3. Yes but like all paints did you filter it before you put it in the holder I filtered mine and was supprised to find how many bits of rubbish there are.
  4. The one I have is the 240 volt one
  5. Well it's that time to treat the garden fence and to make matters worse her indoors wants it a different colour so I invested in an Erbauer paint sprayer from screwfix, what a fantastic bit of kit around fifty quid fence done and sat here watching cricket only for home use but I can highly recommend the Erbauer spray gun.
  6. The Heron


    Any one watching it David Tennant is brilliant as Nelson the mass murder.
  7. I have two victure trail cameras that I mount on the outside wall of my house to keep an eye out for any four or two legged visitors the brackets supplied are not very substantial does anyone know where I could purchase some better ones from. Thanks
  8. I thought his arrogance shone through from start to finish.
  9. I was sat outside at a restaurant when a red admiral landed on the hand of a woman sat near me it stayed there for a few minutes whilst she carried on eating it was quite a nice moment.
  10. She is a coward who used status to run off and escape justice.
  11. I once ordered a knife from a local shop thinking I would be helping them twelve weeks later it arrived after that it's Amazon for me the high street is *****d.
  12. There aren't half some munters in that picture.
  13. Dear Frank Spencer please listen to your wife. 😂😂
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