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  1. My wife and I would like to have a Labradoodle dog preferably a golden type, one of the reasons for this type of dog is that I suffer from asthma so we can only have very short haired dogs or the doodle cross dogs we have no idea where to start as to finding a reputable breeder etc as we have seen many horror stories about puppy farms so if anyone can help with information, recommendations it would be most appreciated.
  2. As per the title I have never used one but I have just watched on you tube hare shooting with one on a shotgun are they a good idea and are they any good on ground game and pigeons and crows etc any opinions or help would be welcome and are they worth the money thanks in advance.
  3. Yes you would expect England to beat Italy there was still some poor play from England and they still pursue that kicking game when possesstion would be a better idea, I cannot wait for next Saturday.
  4. Yes spraying delivers to much oil I clean the barrel every time and just wipe everything else as above I will strip it down completely about every 1000 cartridges there are some great how to videos on you tube I find just a spot of oil on the end of your finger goes a long way when oiling guns, a gun smith once told me he had seen more guns destroyed with kindness (to much oil) than misuse.
  5. Fantastic news the relief must be unbelievable.
  6. Thank you to everybody for there input it shows the value of pigeon watch.
  7. She should have watched outback truckers earlier in the day where they had two days to load 20,000 cattle on to a ship from cattle trucks.
  8. The Heron

    Lathe wanted

    Check for wear in the head stock and tail stock look for knocks and burrs on the lathe bed and also the morse taper in the tail stock should not have any burrs in it on the plus side try and buy one with as many tools as possible boring bar, lathe tools knurling tool chuck and drills etc I hope this helps.
  9. Sorry not enough information my gun is a Benelli 12 gauge semi auto.
  10. Would people give me there opinion on the best cartridge for geese and also duck. Thanks.
  11. The Heron


    Yes thank you TIGHTCHOKE sorted me out.
  12. Only bet on the Irish horses.
  13. I used to buy sporting rifle but depending on the time of year the front page and content was the same as the year before and yes the internet has taken over from magazines priced at £4-95 and more in my local shooting ground there were copies of the field on the table for free I am afraid that newspapers and magazines have become dinosaurs in the modern world.
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    How do you pm somebody on here.
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