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  1. You might be able to rescue the situation with a very reasonably priced additional gadget. If you look on ebay for something called stc-1000 it can very accurately control temperature. However it works by switching the appliance on and off via its mains electrical connection, so if the incubator is digital and resets every time it is switched off it would be no good. Otherwise might be worth a punt for around £12
  2. Badgers have 5 toes, easy to spot on a soft bit of mud
  3. When you shoot regularly with the same people, as with the syndicate I'm in, you quickly realise who the usual shirkers are when it comes to dividing up the bag after a shoot. It really grinds my gears! Game shooting can currently justify itself because it is the act of harvesting wild food, so to shoot it and not want to even make an attempt to put it into use as food is a bit of a mickey-take. It puts the whole sport in jeopardy and is a real insult to the others who try to do the right thing. I'm one of the few who end up taking what's left after everyone else has skedaddled leaving
  4. Sorry for your loss. It's weird being without a dog when you're so used to having one. I had to retire one of my 2 springers due to arthritis a couple of years back so I was down to one. Then I had to leave her at home due to an injury one day last year and I felt lost all day... I kept looking down to the left almost giving commands to the dog that wasn't there! I didn't shoot well, wasn't in the groove at all! So glad to have her back the next time, horrible when you've lost your dog to think there won't be a next time. Keep your chin up mate. Get that pup trained up, the circle w
  5. Rather than trying to lug hide poles around you might be better off just carrying some spring clamps and a pruning saw, then obtaining some ash or hazel sticks on site, depending on what's available at/near your shooting location. Push them into the ground and use the spring clamps to fix the net to them. If you're going to be shooting in near enough the same location all the time you can stash the sticks somewhere for future use. Likewise, a 25L plastic jerry can or similar size bucket you could stash for a seat and if necessary it could be filled with any shot birds you want to extract fr
  6. Did you get sorted? I recently got hold of a diff from https://www.1stchoice.co.uk/ that I struggled to find elsewhere
  7. Apologies for the delayed reply, Dave. There are many folks on here much more experienced than me when it comes to decoying crows, as I just don't get the time for it in recent years. You've already had some very good advice on that. As already stated, when they're setting out to feed from the roost is when they'll usually be most determined to get to where they want to be, otherwise later in the day you might be more of a scarecrow just moving them off the field as they browse around on their way home. Regarding the afternoon: One observation I've made is that crows very much
  8. I'm a bit of a Led Zep purist so it was a difficult listen/watch at first, especially because the composition rushed through and omitted some of the transitions and fills - like when you hear someone sing a song to themselves and they don't leave enough beats between bars but rush on to the next line... However the talent involved can't be called in to question! A very emotional performance and, as a piece in its own right, excellent. The orchestra and choir certainly added a new dimension. When the crescendo of the lead guitar part kicked in I could see Jimmy Page wishing he was d
  9. Thanks, hopefully now sorted - subject to the part on order being correct! https://www.1stchoice.co.uk/ Given the tip off from a mate who looks on here, thanks JC
  10. At this time of year it's likely it's a native rather than immigrant? In my syndicate we don't shoot them until we've seen what's about in the woods come Christmas time. If there's enough about we'll call them fair game which, with our guns' abilities, means we'll bag half a dozen by the end of the season! I took a cracking woodcock one day late last season, one I'll never forget. I was involved in organising the day and just dropped in as a back gun on a few drives to keep myself amused. I stood behind a hedge, behind several of the pegs. Woodcock was called, 6 shots went off and
  11. I'm struggling to get a front diff for an '03 plate Grand Vitara 2.0TD. Have tried local breakers, merchants who tap into breakers' networks, eBay has none for my model but plenty for the 1.9 later model which looks like it is a completely different part so wouldn't do. Any other ideas?
  12. Nobody's really managed to put their finger on the problem yet. When you turn a corner, each of your four wheels all end up travelling a different distance and therefore running at different speeds. OR If running in a straight line, if any of your four wheels are a different diameter they will be wanting to turn at different speeds If you're in 4WD and your prop shaft doesn't have a centre diff splitting the front/rear axles, and the surface you're driving on isn't slippery, you're going to be suffering drivetrain wind-up - in other words, forces building up due to the whee
  13. https://www.quadlockcase.co.uk/collections/shop-mounts/products/quad-lock-car-mount Get one of these car mounts plus the right case for your phone which has an integrated shape on the back attaching to the mount. The system is brilliant, I've had it about a year now and I'm amazed it's been so good. Google maps beats the poop out of tom-tom
  14. Thanks PC. In the case of the pheasants, they would definitely not have been on the turnips for moisture because they had strayed away from a trail of feeders and water tubs taking them along a hedge from the pen to the drive! I can't speak for the pigeons... they probably wouldn't initially know what the water tubs are but I'm sure they'd learn pretty quick, crafty ****! They soon work out where to find wheat. These turnips on my bit were drilled much later than I understand is normal for such a crop. I guess I'll never know! Hushpower still in the cabinet, they seem to have des
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