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  1. Some great suggestions guys. Still not decided! Honestly, I spent less time deciding the name of my first-born son (I just swapped my first and middle names around 😅) Already got a Willow, we lost a Roxy last year, Pip is the name of the pup's mum...quite a few of the names suggested are already dogs that come out on our syndicate shoot so it might get a bit confusing! This should be easier but you get yourself more in a pickle the more you try to think! My favourite is Wicket which the mrs isn't too keen on but I quite like the Ewok reference, being a Star Wars fan, and she's br
  2. 🤣🤣 That's a lot more polite than the names I called mine on that particular evening!
  3. I never managed to "fully" crate my last 2 springers. They used it as their bed but I couldn't shut the door on it without them going ape. I concluded that if it was causing them distress it was doing the opposite of what is intended by crating them, so I just left the door open. They both toilet trained pretty easily and quickly regardless.... except the dog was a p**s-pants up until he was way past 18 months! He used to get incontinent when excited, which was pretty much whenever you moved a muscle. His best effort was one night at about midnight: I got up from the chair at my desk
  4. Cheers Some friends of ours got a cocker recently and called her Tilley! We go on dog walks (ok pub trips) together.. you see the problem there!! Good name suggestion though thanks Tips.... I like that! Tipsy? Hmmm.. thanks mate
  5. I’d just like to thank everyone who’s offered their help and advice to me during my quest to find a new pup, I really do appreciate it. My decision is made. I've got a liver cocker bitch coming at the end of May! I just need to get over the hardest part now, and decide on a name. My son’s best suggestions are Pickles or Runny! Of course the mrs is coming up with all sorts of flouncy ones like Felula-Tinkerbelle I just want something that won’t make me sound stupid calling it out in the field, and is a nice positive sounding name so she’ll r
  6. Exactly that! In my experience, and according to the general consensus of anyone I know in farming/shooting, plastic wads ARE specifically forbidden on grazing land by landowners, because of the choking risk to stock. As with many things in shooting & farming, "I heard" or "I was told" is the basis of a lot of things....but there are numerous reports of sheep lost to plastic wads that I know of. Regardless of the risk to livestock, I simply will not shoot plastic wad cartridges anywhere because it's just unnecessary and unsightly littering in my opinion. The word "plastic" st
  7. Has anyone found out what the actual substance is that these bio wads are made from? Because I think that is a really crucial matter. It’s all very well saying it “disappears” but if it simply remains as a plastic but in smaller particles then it’s not in the least “bio” or “eco” or whatever you want to call it. Someone mentioned above my major concern. These wads don’t land in a glass of water. They are discarded in their entirety, deposited on the top of a meadow just the same as any other non-fibre wad To anyone who’s championing these bio wads I have a challenge for you: pop on
  8. I'll amend that statement WE are the turkeys and they have NOMINATED US for Christmas.
  9. You're in cloud cuckoo land if you think you're going to get that done for £200 because nothing's as simple as you'd like it to be From my point of view as a professional in the floor care industry, I have a few thoughts (working on the presumption from your description of 1" thick 6"x6" clay quarries which are unglazed): Old reclaim quarries are nowhere near as easy to work with, and therefore slower to work with, compared to modern ceramic tiles. Their porosity will be the governing factor in several decisions I don't know if a floor layer would want to stick to the traditio
  10. I remember as a 14 year old boy being on the verge of tears in a 1-to-1 session with my maths teacher when he was trying to help me get my head around algebra. "BUT YOU CAN'T ADD NUMBERS TOGETHER!!" I protested! Took a while for the penny to drop but credit to my teacher for his patience, we got there in the end. If in doubt, say the answer is 42
  11. I really do appreciate the insightful and detailed replies and opinions, many thanks 👍 I think my mind has been put at ease - I suspected that the COI wasn't a deal-breaker but I'm glad I ran the idea past a few people with more knowledge than me. I've definitely learned something! Have fixed up a visit to see the dam & litter on Sunday Again, thank you everyone 👍
  12. Lloyd thanks for that. I’ve got to dash out to work now but I’ll have a proper read later when I’ve got 10 minutes, cheers 👍
  13. I need a little advice from those more knowledgable on the subject than me, if anyone could oblige. I'm currently on the hunt for a working pup. Many of the options are without KC papers, which unfortunately seems to be the case now with a lot of litters available. But with several of the litters that are KC registered I've put the sire & dam info into the COI calculator on the kennel club's website. There's one that's coming up a bit high, at around 18% whereas the breed average is around 10%. My knowledge on the subject is limited, and I do understand that the COI only r
  14. This morning the shaded half of my outbuilding's flat roof was covered in frost whilst the other half was steaming in the sun! I drove through a village this afternoon in glorious sunshine at about 1:30 with my t-shirt on and windows down, van heating turned to cold... and drove past a small snowdrift at the base of a stone wall!! Very bizarre weather we get at this time of year.
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