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  1. Joe Irving has written a few books worth seeking out, should be on amazon at a reasonable price P.R.A. Moxon, if you want a trip down memory lane!
  2. You've raised a realist there!
  3. Jim Neal


    I've got log shed envy.
  4. Wow. They certainly don't miss a trick do they! Had they tucked in already or were they just putting their napkins around their necks?! I'm fairly convinced round here they've learned to go and check it out when they hear a shotgun popping away. Whether it's roost shooting, decoying or driven game they come flocking in and circle overhead, often getting very brave and swooping quite low. I think they've learned that there's always a bird or two that never gets picked. Smart creatures, opportunists! I've had to pull away on a few shots when roost shooting because there's been a k
  5. Cracking images. Red kites are common as seagulls round here! Honestly if people come from an area where seeing a raptor is a rarity, you'd wet yourself at the sight of 50 or more red kites in a vortex swirling up and down over a field.
  6. Jim Neal

    Light aircraft

    Touched down in Riga during a particularly cold January, plane literally kicked its back end out just like tail sliding your truck in the mud. That sorted out the constipation. At the bottom of the steps my feet went straight out from under me.... I think it was so cold they'd given up with de-icing the runway as it wasn't having any effect! Coming back in to Stansted one time the pilot must have thought the plane was a tennis ball, he bounced it that many times along the runway. I hate flying.
  7. Jim Neal


    Yep oak if you're lucky enough to get your hands on it, wonderful when seasoned a couple of years. But realistically, ash if in plentiful supply you can literally chop it down and chuck it straight on the fire and it still kicks out massive heat and is pretty long lasting. Gets you out of a hole if you're short of logs. Let the ash season a year and you're in even better shape. I love the smell of ash burning. If you've got access to woodland where ash is in abundance, especially if it's suffering die-back, the landowner shouldn't mind at all if you ask to tidy up the self-set poles f
  8. My FEO has always checked the fastening of my cabinets, which are rawl-bolted into the wall - by grabbing hold and supporting his whole body weight off them whilst jiggling up and down! "Yep, that ain't going anywhere....."
  9. Not a shortage of jays around my patch. We also have tree sparrows, lesser spotted woodpecker, cuckoo.... quite a few other red listed species. So Mr Jay cops it when the opportunity presents itself which, to be honest, isn't that often because he's a crafty sod. Last time I shot one whilst mooching about on my own must be 2 years ago, and have never been able to tempt one into a Larsen trap.
  10. Frame 9. Wow. Had me on the edge of my seat shouting at the screen! A thoroughly deserved win for Yan, let's hope this isn't a flash in the pan for him and he goes on to enjoy prolonged success 👍
  11. It's not the whistle. There's guys who handle multiple dogs... probably 5 or more... with the same whistle in their gob. It's just about rapport, which comes with time and repetition and positive reward. I can't stress enough: start at the basics, go SLOWLY and work up from there. It's as much about training you as it is the dog. And don't let the dog train you either!!
  12. We put some whites down this year, all of them too timid to depart the pens and all of them nailed by predators!
  13. I've used a bread making machine in the past, but th bread always turns out really dense, heavy and claggy... sticks to your chest! Used to be OK to dip in soup but not very nice for sandwiches. Does proving/baking outside the machine avoid that problem? I'm wondering if it's the flour/yeast making it a bit undesirable or just the fact it's baked in the machine
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