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  1. Happy days, nice to know there are other shooters in the area.
  2. Evening all, Looking for any permissions in the Cambridgeshire area - or if anyone’s nice enough to have me help them out. BASC insured. Reliable and keen - I don’t mind going further afield for any opportunities. thanks, Jake
  3. So I hear bud, trick is getting involved in it!
  4. Hi all, already posted a couple of times but thought I’d introduce myself. I’m Jake recently started shooting in Cambridgeshire, really enjoying it. Wondering if there’s other shooters in Cambridgeshire around? Found the pigeon watch forum very helpful already! Happy shooting! Jake
  5. Thanks dan I’ll bare that in mind
  6. Appreciate the comment, just seeing what worked for others - not necessarily looking to get a perm via this just seeing how others have done it and hopefully persisting myself shall pay off - but all the input is more than welcome for a new lad like myself.
  7. I’ll have to look into it, not sure how I’d go about getting involved but it’s something I’d definitely be interested in
  8. Going to be a long thirty years lol
  9. Christ, sounds like you managed to hit the jackpot there. Unfortunately I’ve just had a few polite no’s and I’ve Left cards to no avail!
  10. Yeah been through multiple threads and have seen what others have said - just after any new input
  11. Hi all. been out recently and have been speaking to farmers even leaving cards trying to get permissions (I live in Cambridgeshire). Wondering what’s worked for others? Also been looking for a shooting buddy but was unable to post in that section? Any help on the posting or any advice on getting any sort of permission would be very much appreciated. many thanks, Jake
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