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  1. Hi 1st and 3rd September fully booked 2 places available for the 2nd September Cheers Fenny
  2. Hi 11th September fully booked 2 places for the 4th September available Cheers Fenny
  3. Hi as per previous post have a couple of days shooting available. The day will consist of a morning duck flight followed by pigeon decoying and finishing with an evening duck flight. The cost per gun will be £80 per day . I have 3 places available for both days. A full shotgun license and insurance will need to be provided. Cheers Fenny
  4. Hi I now have the remaining days left for shooting over stubbles in August. Monday 2nd , Saturday 7th, Monday 9th,Tuesday 10th,Thursday 12th, Friday 13th,Saturday 14th, Monday 16th, Wednesday 18th, Thursday, 19th Friday 20th. The cost per gun is £40 per gun per day.Pm if interested can cater for all. Equipment is available if needed Cheers Fenny
  5. Hi Lloyd Will be looking to shoot some duck and maybe greylag geese in the morning flight, pigeon during the day then finish with an evening duck flight. I have a drain about a mile long with 5 pallet hides we predominantly have mallard and teal visit them . I also have some fields around a fishing lake these attract greylag and mallard. We have a good few farms and shoot pigeon on them. There will be 5 guns shooting my friend myself and 3 paid guests. The postcode is Pe13 4JQ Cheers FENNY
  6. Thanks again. As I said £40 per day per gun is reasonable. Really appreciate all the interest Cheers Fenny
  7. Just giving people a chance to get out at a reasonable price Cheers for comment J Dog
  8. Hi I am advertising pigeon decoying over the rest of July August and September. Anyone interested must have a valid shotgun license and insurance.Kit can be provided if required. The cost per gun is £40 per gun. If interested pm. Cheers Fenny
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