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  1. Hes been shut since because of this lockdown he didnt charge for getting it " repaired " no wonder he didnt with the trick up his sleeve.
  2. You're welcome thank you for you're help and advice.
  3. Yes I will do to be on the safe side , if I dont get a reply I will wait till after lockdown at a local gunsmiths . I have found online a site what sells firing pins and the screw it looks similar so I have messaged them also .
  4. I have been on the website today and emailed them as some one mentioned him on recent posts so I will wait for a reply cheers .
  5. Yes mate I do the reason I took it back to the gun dealer was because he said he uses a gunsmith who repairs some of the second hand guns he sells but obviously in my case it didn't work out too well .
  6. No mate that's where I am struggling I will just have to go a gun Smith's as I didn't no they could make them I thought you had to buy them ready made .
  7. Thanks for trying much appreciated Mate.
  8. Thanks for the Reply mate , are they expensive ? The guns only worth about £400 so I dont no weather just get rid of it .
  9. Hello Sorry to bother you alI I have a spanish side by side 12g shotgun . It's quite old and I cant find a make . When I am out in the field it miss fires a lot on the right hand barrel, so I sent it off to the shop who I brought it off as it was a snapped pin , since being back out with it the issue was still happening . So today I have looked at the pins my self and he hasn't changed it at all as the pin is snapped still on the right as before . Can you help me out on how measure it so I could buy a replacement. Or has any one seen one like this before . Thank for your time Sean
  10. Thank you I have messaged him and hes going to contact me when he's back from his holiday . Cheers sean
  11. Hes only come out as gay so he can have a good look at Holly's tits
  12. Thank you very much I try look for him now
  13. Good morning . I understand the season has just finished so it might be pointless posting this so early . I am from Staffordshire and I am wondering if any shoots / keepers require a experienced beater . I am not after permissions or anything like that in return I am just passionate about shooting and beating . Kind regards sean .
  14. Thank you for all the positive feedback and giving me a positive look into this situation. By the weekend I am going to take him in and let him get use to the new surroundings of a new home . Would it be best if I let him him settle in for six months before any training was giving or would you say straight away . Thank you all for being understanding.
  15. Morning all . Just wondered if I could get some advice if you wouldn't mind . So my sister in law had a great idea to buy a springer last year with out putting in any thought what's so ever . It angers me to say this but after only 8 months she wants it gone because she has 5 kids and complains it has wet accidents in the house and chews everything ( because shes to lazy to walk him ) . I wanted a bitch when the time is right to train for beating . I am no where near intelligent yet to train a dog because I have never done it . If you were in my position would you take the sister in laws dog in or let it go as I have heard bitches are more loyal . Apologise if this post annoys any one
  16. Brilliant photos what a credit to you 👍
  17. Wow that sounds like hard work at least it keeps you fit .
  18. Yes I totally agree , I have a big long list of the wife with all the Jobs that need to be done as I have made every excuse in the book to go shooting then out with the guns and beaters afterwards then end up to rough on the Sunday 😂
  19. Hope you enjoy the last 2 days of this season , and I'm sure you will
  20. Good evening all I would just like to say that I hope you have all had a brilliant shooting season . I cannot believe how quick it has gone and sadly all come to and end , yet felt like we waited for ever for it to start . If any keepers in the Staffordshire area are short of beaters in the future seasons or need any voluntary help for free then feel free to message I would be more than happy and willing to help . Cheers
  21. Wow brilliant i really appreciate the advice and information you have given to me thank you. I will take this on board and by looking at what you have sent there I think I will take a look at the BSA. 22 ultra multishot . Once again thanks mate
  22. Thanks for the reply I want it for rabbit and rats cheers for the recommendation inwill take a look into the hw99s . Sorry to sound thick but is there much difference between a .177 or a .22 Thanks for the reply i will look into this as you're the 2nd person to recommend the hw99s . Are they accurate and with you mentioning silencer is the silencer good on those . Thank you
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