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  1. hodge911


    price now £12.50p posted
  2. hodge911

    ex army dpm shirts & jackets

    we all know what ex army dpm looks like so no pics unless you really want them of each item for sale all in very good condition with all zips buttons in full working order dpm shirts with zipped front & buttons 1x shirt army size 170/96 1x shirt army size180/96 1x shirt (cant read label) I would say medium size 1x trousers army size leg 75 / waist 92 / seat 108 1x jacket army size 180/112 1x waterproof parker with hood army size 190/120 shirts £5 jacket £8 parker £9 trousers £4 all plus postage @ cost
  3. hodge911

    nissan alloys

    from my xtrail there is 5 alloy wheels 4 have just legal tyres on and the spare has no tyre and needs a coat of paint as I started to rub it down (I may paint if I get time ) theres is also 4 decent tyres with the deal they do have some light marks on them that will easily rub out and repaint which I was going to do before the engine went £100 collected or if you want them couriered it up to you to arrange and pay for
  4. hodge911


    for sale green gilet with cord panel across shoulder has lots of pockets in good condition no rips all zips and fasteners work as they should size I would say large but if you want any measurements from it just ask £17.50p posted
  5. hodge911

    CHEAP PUMP ACTION 12 BORE 3 SHOT , in good working order,

    Got my nephews magtech on my ticket for sale its virtually new having only fired less then 250 carts £100 + rfd
  6. hodge911

    Help valuing a picture

    My dad would have loved that mate ... He used to work on them during the war . I used to love sitting for ages listening to his stories over a few beers . God I would love to still be able to ...... If your going to sell it giz a shout m8 I may well be interested if I have the funds ...
  7. hodge911

    whats it do

    dash cams are 5v mate do not connect direct to 12v or you,ll fry it you can get drop down connectors from evil bay for a couple of £ . I think I have a spare one somewhere if you want to cover post on it they have a + & - wire that you attach black to ground red to 12v+ and that's it they have the correct end for most dash cams
  8. for sale due to scrapping my xtrail brand new in box never fitted (in fact he box has never been opened ) aircon condenser / radiator inc new air dryer cost me £75 +vat sell for £56 posed to you via courier
  9. hodge911

    t30 xtrail intercooler

    from my 2003 xtrail 2.2di good condition turbo intercooler £35 + p&p turbo on manifold in excellent condition no play in shaft approx. 2.5 yr old £110 posted ( pictures sre as it came off engine and has not been cleaned)
  10. hodge911

    Road Bike

    +1 had mine for 5yrs and loved every mile I rode it
  11. hodge911

    nissan xtrail 2003 SVE 2.2DI

    hi mate engine was running sweet as a nut before chain snapped started at the touch of the key first time every time and returned xlnt MPG. I,LL pm you
  12. hodge911

    nissan xtrail 2003 SVE 2.2DI

  13. hodge911

    nissan xtrail 2003 SVE 2.2DI

    Yeah gutted mate I've done whatever it needed until now as it's one of if not the best vehicle I've owned . But just can't afford to keep at it so off it goes 🙇🙇
  14. hodge911

    nissan xtrail 2003 SVE 2.2DI

    well there lies a STORY I thought I was doing the right thing changing mine because it was rattling on start up and on tick over when hot so beginning of 2017 I had a FULL chain kit fitted while doing it the garage checked the bottom end bearings while they had it stripped lucky they did as the mains had just started to pick up so it got new mains and big ends at the same time . then a while later he box packed in so I got a recon one fitted along with new Lockheed dual mass flywheel and clutch kit and now its gone bang big time so I,m cutting my big losses and scrapping it
  15. hodge911

    nissan xtrail 2003 SVE 2.2DI

    should be matey they are both T30 models later 2007 was change point