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  1. Some of the best songs I've had the pleasure of listening to He may have passed but thankfully his music will be around for ever . Have seen him live years ago brilliant .
  2. Thanks for input guys but they are going to Steve b he's asked for them and is going to drop a bit to his local dog rescue shelter and that's fine by me ...
  3. I have inherited a small collection of stamps from around the world . Pm me your mobile if you have what's app and I'll send pictures (too big to upload) .. Free to whoever wants them just put a donation of your choice to help for heroes
  4. Poop never mind my luck strikes again .. It's a pain being a left hooker as far as guns are concerned
  5. Imho His profile does seem a little 🤔 iffy. Let the mods know asap. Years ago now I got ripped off by a member on a xbox . Was listed as new in xlnt condition .... Arrived but didn't work stunk of rolling tobacco and smoke dirty marks all over it . I informed the mods. didn't get my £100+ back but the mods banned him so couldn't rip anyone else off ....
  6. Hard to see from pic is it R.H or ambidextrous stock .
  7. But I'll be piling out the zzzz,s by 12 o,clock in fact probably within the next couple of hours. Back playing up big style for last 3 days ( had back trouble for years had a spinal fusion in 2012 when they fused the last 5 vertebrae together and put some scaffolding around it). So here's wishing all P.W. members new and old all the best for 2022 ... And to all our departed members rest well friends
  8. Police are stuck between a rock and a hard place at times ... We as legal owners want them to do their jobs CORRECTLY and then there's Joe public/ antis asking why are they issuing certificates in such numbers ... And the icing on the bitter cake is the media who blow the majority of stories out of all proportion to suite their needs .. a story comes to mind where the press said a guy was in possession of an arsenal of illegal weapons which when all came to light were in fact all legally held air rifles and pistols ... Yes there are people who buy / sell / accumulate firearms illegally . And deserve the full weight of the law to brought against them . But as all too often the press get hold of an incident put 2 and 2 together and come up with 6 before ALL THE FACTS are known .
  9. Ooohh yes . Had a mate used to race sidecar outfit and used to follow him a fair bit . My big regret was I never got to go abroad with him . He used 500cc honda engines in his outfit, for the life of me I can't remember the name of the modified ones he used . If I remember correctly at the time he was racing, a rider called "Ethridge" was champion, and had a stonking fast outfit and my mate managed to scrape enough money together to buy a couple of his old engines
  10. Used to stand behind the starting line at meetings just for that reason .... Aaahhhh CASTROL R !!!! racing 2stroke oil ..
  11. Yep I broke 3 a good years ago and Jesus it hurts like hell . As said deep breaths hurt but no where near as much as laughing . Took weeks to stop hurting
  12. In my local shopping precinct there's an eastern European woman who plays a squeeze box (VERY BADLY I'VE HEARD FIGHTING CATS SOUND BETTER) and begs on numerous occasions over the 2 years she's been there I've actually witnessed a 2yr old mercedes car pull up 2 E/E guys get out and go to her speak in Thier language and then take all the money from her bag leaving a few coins in the tin in front of her .
  13. Inherited these and won't use them they are in perfect working condition and very clean in original cases with paperwork £10 each + p&p (o.n.o) Can't get the pictures to upload but they can be seen in the DIY section
  14. As instructed ... I have to put a price up that I'll accept So £ 50 will buy it all
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