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  1. Funny you say that it is already on the cards ( no alcohol tho). The farmer even said we could camp overnight if we wanted to . Thanks for the replies lads I thought I was right but you know what it's like once someone plants a seed !
  2. Apologies if this appears a stupid question !!. But I have a query. Can a group of say 5 or 6 mates who all have sgc organise a clay shoot for themselves as long as they have the land owners permission in fact he may well join in . We have a trap & clays . I say we are ok. but another says we need the police force for where the land is permission to do it . Can anyone clarify please
  3. Flower !! Sorry couldn't help myself. I'd say lilly family but as for specimen no idea
  4. I didn't write the section mate I copied and pasted it directly from the email I received from the organisation that ran the course., During the course I also verbally asked the question and got the same reply from the guy taking the course.
  5. Depends on what it's painted with ?. Could be old style cellulose in which case it could possibly be removed by using cellulose thinners/ gunwash. Just make sure you don't leave on longer than is needed to remove the paint. If it 2 pack you may need to use xylene thinners with 0000 wire wool. Or as ditchy says if your wanting them black get some fine scotchbrite pads and rub down wipe with panel wipe and rattle can them satin black
  6. A while back someone was on about that you had to inform your insurance company that you had took part in the speed awareness course. I done mine yesterday (35 in 30) and received an email today confirming my attendance. It also has the instructions regarding your insurance , so here is the said instructions word for word as in my email. Congratulations and thank you for completing your driver awareness course with DriveTech! As a result, we will notify the Police of your successful completion, so you don’t have to take any further action. Please note: When applying for car insurance, insurers may ask if you have any motoring convictions or prosecutions. As neither of these apply to drivers who have attended a driver awareness course, the Financial Ombudsman has confirmed that drivers attending a course can honestly answer ‘No’ to this question. However, if an insurer asks specifically about attendance of a driver awareness course, then drivers must provide this information on the application form or at any other time during the lifetime of the insurance policy, typically at renewal. Failure to do so may invalidate the insurance. Please read your insurer’s terms and conditions.
  7. back in 1988ish I booked a test drive in the cossack edition of these as at the time they were getting good reviews for off road use and the coastguard were using them . i was 6ft 1" and 13st back then and unfortunately there was no way i could fit in to it , front seats would not go anywhere near far enough back to allow me to get in so the test drive never happened
  8. Ditto since 1985 but unfortunately you'll know that vosa have what they call "grey areas" and one of their favourite sayings is as I said "testers discretion". In stead of just saying that's a pass or that's a fail . We once had a guy come to us that had been to his local ford dealer for his mondeo st to be tested , car was only 5/6 yrs old and the fail sheet was like war and peace . We went through it and only agreed on the fact 2 tyres were too low on tread . It stunk to high heaven of profiteering as they had even failed all 4 coil springs for being rusty along with all 4 shocks being rusty . Now we never tell people to report the tester / station to vosa as we believe it's putting someone's livelihood at risk but in this instance we advised him to do none of the repairs and put a complaint into vosa as the accompanying estimate for repairs supplied alongside the failure was a fortune and like I say stunk to high heaven of them trying to rip him off ....
  9. Everyone thought the sentence he got was a "token gesture" and should have been a lot longer . The saving grace in the whole thing was a friend of a friend of a friend of the guy next door was in the same prison at the same time ... and made sure he "accidentally slipped in the shower " ... And more so the 2 horses finally made a full recovery
  10. Yes .... I went to leeds a couple of weeks ago to pick up (new to me) xtrail t31 used my phone as a satnav and was very surprised at the level of accuracy of the warnings for speed cameras both fixed and the devils invention mobile ones . My phone is nothing fancy its about 4yrs old honor5 smartphone
  11. Keep fighting mike ... They gave my best mates mum 6-8 months and thankfully she lasted another 2.5yrs .... Stay positive and don't get down ....
  12. A few. Years back my next door neighbour who is a horsey man had 2 of his horses out in a field during a good weather spell . When he went to bring them in for the night at around 7pm (he had been to check in them 2 or 3 times through out the day ) both of them had crossbow bolts sticking out of them one had 1 the other had 2 . Emergency call out vet then off to an equine specialist surgery . Both animals survived but it cost him a small fortune in fees . Luckily the "horsey community " helped by sending him money & donations . It took the police about 3 months but they did catch the moron responsible for it . He had a collection of crossbows ,swords , rambo knives bought off the net . As for WHY he did it when in court his reply was "I wanted to see how powerful it was . He got 3 months jail
  13. Resistor . If car has canbus the leds dont create enough resistance for the system to recognize them so you need to compensate by bridging the + & - wires with a resistor
  14. He was a good player and was noted for the amount beer he drank during the nights game holsten pils if I remember correctly... I was watching the game when he took a bad turn and had to leave the stage . Poor guy never got back to the oce . Rip big fella
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