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  1. Sorry for lack of response guys been off colour (kidney stone) As n8ess was 1st to aak for them and as a follow up via pm they are both gone to him (read his 1st post he does say he'll thake THEM)
  2. not sure as I have not opened them . I,ll check and let you know
  3. hi all having a bit of a spring clean and I,ve come across 2 smart water kits that I got ages ago they have the serial number to register them but I do not know enough about the stuff to say it is still in perfect working state . I presume so as they have never been opened therefore I offering them for FREE as long as you cover the postage and packing so I,ll say £5 posted to you . I got these ages ago to mark up mine and my mates motorbikes but as all ways never got round to it
  4. This will undoubtedly ruffle a few feathers but its just MY OPINION as everyone is entitled to one ........ Yes its the british army (one of the if not the best in the world) but those lads are putting their lives on the line 24/7 and none service men women will never understand the pressure put upon them and as we all know far far too many of them have lost limbs and lives fighting an enemy that does as they want when they want without any repercussion . So if letting off a bit of steam shooting at a piece of paper with a picture of a numpty politician who if he had his way would allow all & any into the country and give them all monies & houses needed and with the other hand completely ignore the injured service men /women SO WHAT !! If shooting that picture is such a crime this country is more upside down with its head up its behind than I thought
  5. hodge911

    edd oakley

    JUST A QUICK BUT WELL DESERVED TO EDD OAKLEY I have just bought a set of 17" A/T tyres from him and he has been a true gent and a pleasure to deal with . I will 100% recommend him as a genuine and honest guy !!!!
  6. im with Northumbria as well mate and I asked for 2 x 22lr one for dedicated NV and was granted no problems in only 4 days
  7. About 9-10 months before it went I spent £850 + getting the gearbox refurbed and refitted with a new dual mass flywheel and clutch ..... Oh by the way I have the gearbox here for sale if anyone needs one £125 & that's CHEAP
  8. bought just before my engine went bang a brand new unused in unopened box air con radiator inc dryer £75 posted cost me considerably more
  9. Thanks appreciate it
  10. Thanks mate I'll look forward to hearing from you
  11. hi I,m after a set of 4 tyres to put on some rims on my xc90 for when I drive the fields. I am thinking on the lines of A/T or M&S or 50/50 as I do not really need a harsh mud tyre [but if that's whats available I,ll consider them] . don't want to fork out for new ones well the truth is I cant funds are VERY low having just had to get the rear discs and pads along with the intercooler done it ideal size would be 235/65/17 but other sizes are ok as long as all 4 are the same
  12. hodge911

    18650 batteries

    Where did you get the checker from ?
  13. hodge911

    18650 batteries

    Need 3 or 4 18650 batteries in good condition . Yes I know their cheap enough on ebay but I've had a few off there that I'm sure were not the rating they should have been and have knackered in a couple of months..... So if anyone has some for sale but cheap as they don't get used a lot
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