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  1. Putting on for a mate IT IS ON TICKET SO YOU MUST HAVE RELEVANT SLOT ON YOUR F.A.C Riflecraft hardy gen iv M14x1 light wieght £200 Low bullet count through it Any questions pm and I'll get his contact details over to you
  2. Has anyone seen the episode of above with the guy from leeds area who is legally shooting canada geese on a farm at the request of the farmer but has come under attack from antis and believe or not the police. Have a watch and see if it winds you up as much as it did me
  3. I'll admit he's one of my least favourite tv personalities "mr clean" .... But to out himself in the way he did in person (all be it holly reading the announcement he put online) it still must of been hard for him to do . My first thought was that someone must have threatened to do it so his pr people got him to do it first.... I must admit that imo the gay or vegan or any other minority group are allowed to push their beliefs to the max but people on the other side must just sit quiet and take it without complaint .... But it certainly was not what I expected to see on tv today.
  4. Wow he's just admitted on tv in person that he's gay ........ Now that must have took some courage on his part .... Well done him for having the cahoonas to do it
  5. Thanks to all who posted all sorted now . My mate who's a self employed tiler has just started a big kitchen make over job has managed to get some of the old stuff for me . Even better its FREE🙆🙆🙆
  6. Thanks guys . I've just registered on freecycle See how it goes
  7. Hi all not shooting I know but if anyone up north is getting rid of or knows anyone getting rid of any kitchen base units and worktop I'm looking for a bit 2mtr long & 2 1000mm base units to go into my shed as a work bench in an ideal world some drawers in base unit
  8. hodge911

    FAC air .22

    My mate selling his bsa ultra multi shot fac . If your interested pm me and I'll pass his number on to you
  9. Found clearing out brother-in-laws stuff ... Snap on screwdriver 12" long model in excellent condition having only been used a couple of times comes with 4 bits £35 posted
  10. welcome matey where abouts you from ? you,ll get all the info you need on here and some you don't hahaha
  11. I've got one on my m77 mk2 (.243) came with the rifle . Wouldn't have been my 1st choice of scope but now I've used it I wouldn't change it it's excellent holds zero spot on even after a couple of knocks while getting out of cabinet & in vehicle .... You won't be disappointed when you get 1
  12. Full 100 box unopened Sierra gameking boat tail 100gr bullets . Bought but never used £20 collected or post at your cost ...... I paid £35 (£33 +p&p at Kranks)
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