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  1. hodge911

    Air rifle

    travelling from Newcastle on tyne
  2. hodge911

    Air rifle

    got a qb78 here with original stock [and a replacement thumbhole stock that needs sanding and oiling ] silencer mount I,m travelling down to Whitstable on 2nd july if you want to meet me somewhere enroute £80
  3. Sorry all for late reply been pretty sleepy with the meds... Fleece sold to dogger pending payment . NOW SOLD & PAID FOR .
  4. Sorry everyone hodge got took into hospital last night I'll get him to sort eveything out when he's home
  5. dogger has pm,d 2 hours ago asking for 1st dibs once pictures added I will keep every one informed
  6. Years ago I did .... I suppose youthfull crushes still linger deeply somewhere😂😂
  7. The programme as such is not too bad (especially Michaela) but on principle that numpty packham is on has stopped me watching it the man is a ****
  8. Ridgeline fleece jacket in in olive green perfect condition all zips work fine size on tag XL from non smoker £10+ p&p I'll put pics up once I've resized them
  9. Numpty packham the "wildlife expert" 😂😱 needs to be taken down a peg or two (I.m.o) I think that that email and reply should be put into s tv program brodcast at peak times so that the unfortunate members of the general public can see his underhand methods of promoting his personal garbage
  10. Apologise and thanks shaun
  11. Thank you. Any bit would ok as long as it is no smaller than 100mm x 100mm . I have a table saw and planer/thicknesser & band saw so just let me know how much please
  12. SORRY if this seems pushy but has anyone managed to see if they have any thing suitable... Or point me in the right direction where to get something suitable ..... I've even had the idea of visiting the local charity shops to see if there's a small piece of furniture that I could cut up Again I apologise if I am being pushy
  13. Fully or semi synthetic
  14. Thanks everyone Fingers crossed
  15. hi do any of you that use hardwood have a nice grained bit about 5" x 4" by about 1/2" thick that I can attach a brass plaque to to make a comemerative stand for where I bury some of jesses ashes and toys in the garden. I need a nice bit to oil finish and fit a brass plaque to anyone has something let me know what it is and how £ inc postage thanks hodge
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