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    so sorry to hear the sad news martin . having lost both my parents at fairly young ages [both in their 60s] it is a pain like no other as they have been with you every day of your life . the pain never goes away mate but believe me it does fade to an acceptable one over taken by all the good memories . I found an initial relief coming to terms with the fact for her the suffering and fighting is over . best wishes and condollences to you and yours mate
  2. Well she's had a dent repair guy out today . Its going to cost her £270 for the pleasure of putting right the damage caused by some irresponsible muppet who didn't have the guts or decency to admit they had damaged her car
  3. ]here to start ............apart from ………………….. there is some utter a/oles driving these days! my niece who lives in kent graduated from U.C.L and has grafted her backside off both at uni and work to be able to get what she wants ultimately a career in law [she has been taken on by a good firm in London].. she has scrimped and saved and borrowed from bank of nan to get her dream car a white 1 series BMW [not my cup of tea] and as of Saturday afternoon she became a proud owner of a 2015 1 owner from new with full BMW history .. boy was she happy £10k poorer but over the moon ………….. fast forward to sunday morning around 10.30am she was parked at her boyfriends grans house for their usual sunday visit when leaving they were horrified to find out some body had bumped her car and done a runner shes absolutely gutted to say the least its not a huge amount of damage but that's not the point the car was mint until this scum felt it was acceptable to damage another persons property and abscond it really boils my wee that someone will do this without a second thought
  4. since unexpectedly losing jess in may [had her 12yrs] I,m still not up to getting a new friend yet but posts and pics like this are slowly bringing the thoughts into mind stunning looking pups and mum maybe one day I,ll take the plunge again
  5. WOW !X! THANK YOU EVER SO MUCH ..... Apologies for late reply I haven't been on as much as normal ....I have been taking my sis to her appointments . She starts her treatment next Tuesday 1 strong chemo then 5 radio . Was at the epilepsy specialist today with the wife. .they've reached the limits to what they can give her medication wise ..... until there's any new ones come out . They can't operate so for now where we are at is it ...... which in all honesty is OK considering she used to have 20+ seizures a day now she's down to around 10-15 a month a few less in a good month .... I'll tell her of your more than generous offer rimfire4969 Again thank you
  6. again thanks to all who have posted a reply . they are starting treatment today on my sister . they have said they don't think they can cure her but may be able to extend her time with us [fingers crossed ]
  7. THANKS EVERYONE.. (Unfortunately I know how hurt works with things like this having lost 2 children to sudden likenesses).... I just hope I can help her as much as possible in the time she has left . Being the youngest of 6 (54yr old) I've had to deal with losing both parents & my next in line sister but it never gets easier . All of your kind words are greatly appreciated
  8. My mrs suffers from amongst other things pretty bad epilepsy that the Drs know will never cured they try to keep the fits as well controlled as they can via meds but she still suffers multiple fits a month and cannot be left alone ... So to enable me to have a break from caring for her (have been since 1996) my sister will come and sit with for a few hours ..... and what a god send it is ..... until today . She was told at hospital yesterday that she has lung cancer that has spread to the lymph nodes and only has 3-6 months left with us .... I'm still a bit upset over losing jess the way I did and know its different losing my dog to my sister but I'm just a bit pee,d off off with all the poop at the min. Sorry peeps just venting
  9. I read it as adam Cameron winery warehouseman
  10. I visited kent gunsmiths on Monday and had a chat with the lad behind the counter . at the moment he has a small sock level as he has not been trading for long but he is expanding the premises so he can enlarge his stock . he does however have an excellent workshop set up and I think will turn out to be a very good addition to the shooting industry and he is a nice guy to talk to. I will most certainly visit each time I come down to my sisters only down side is its a begger of a place to find for the first time customer
  11. 3 fingered purple plant sorry martin couldn,t help myself some body will be along with the correct answer soon
  12. hodge911


    You are my friend 100% correct . It even used to say on the old certificate "AT TIME OF TEST" And during all the refresher courses I was on while I was testing it was ALWAYS stipulated that the mot test was to make sure the vehicle met a basic minimum standard to be allowed on the road . (mot tester for 20+ yrs)
  13. My brother has a 05 plate and regrets ever buying it (haha I told him not to ) its had the cylinder head replaced with a brand new one along with all bolts gaskets radiator & water pump & timing belt kit only for the head gasket to go again 13 months later . So I took head off again ! Sent it for skimming pressure testing thinking it may be a faulty head all ok with it so rebuild with new bolts gaskets & another belt kit (due to belt getting very hot) and told him to go part ex it but has he listened ....... has he hell .... . I've told him if owt goes I'm not doing it I've spent enough time on it for "love job"
  14. I've had a t30 2.2ltr bought second hand kept it for 5yrs until timing chain went & wrecked the engine (14 months after getting a full new kit fitted) had a td5 (that's all I'm saying on that 1) shogun 2.5td was good until bottom pulley went , toyota hilux surf needed an engine replacement after 6 weeks of owning it got a good S/H one & fitted myself kept it four yrs then sold it on still going strong .. automatic vehicles I've had a jeep grand Cherokee 2.7crd and regret every minute of selling it then had a couple of 2wd cars now got a Volvo xc90 d5 auto My order of likes 1 jeep grand Cherokee (not as good as the t30 on fuel) 2 xtrail t30 3 Volvo xc90 If they done the t30 in automatic diesel that's what I'd have now but they don't and the Renault engined ones aren't a patch on the 2.2td nissan unit (as long as you keep on top of the chain)
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