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  1. Struggling to resize pics so if you need pics send me email address via pm And price drop to £200 ( but don't let S.W.M.B.O know in taking a looser please) Or if anyone can resize and post on here for me I'd appreciate it
  2. Set of 4 next to new Bridgestone duelers H/T tyres Done approximately 800 miles . These tyres would cost over £600 new and new ones wouldn't have any more tread on . Size is 265/60 r 18 . They are in superb condition no damage what so ever !! Bought to put on my Volvo xc90 but unfortunately too big and foul on suspension ...... I paid £220 for them last and would like to get my money back if poss ?? Will put pics up once I've resized them
  3. Thanks mate . I've got to have a look see what I can sell to raise the funds for 1 first but I certainly think I'll try my best to get 1
  4. on my ruger m77 mk2 .243 fitted with mtc mamba lite brno mod2e .22lr fitted with a hawke scope
  5. is anyone using the above unit ? If so how do you rate it ? The pros & cons would be appreciated Considering getting one
  6. I'm sure he must of used my 1st girlfriend as the model for those 😂😂😂😂
  7. Another vote for the white piece to left in
  8. I know they've out for a while but I followed the first one I've seen yesterday and I must admit I.m.o they look good in the flesh (well metal) reminded me of a shrunken defender . Better than the new real defender looks
  9. welcome to the madhouse that is PW there is a LOT of good people on here who will at the drop of a hat give you as much help as they can . but there is also some who like to digress and put not so useful input ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, but you,ll work that one out for yourself
  10. I.M.O you can sum her up in 1 word PUPPET Both of her parents are reportedly "eco activists" ? So I personally think they are playing puppet with their daughter to have more publicity than they could drum up themselves
  11. I now have info & pictures of it If interested send me a mobile number and I'll whatsapp you the pics ect
  12. My mate has a bsa ultra set up for sale if you would like me to enquire for u
  13. Martin that is a spot on bit of kit and worth every penny it costs to get it up & running as intended and even more so as its gone from your grandad to your dad now to you . I love things with history .... imagine what its done while on your g/dads wrist all those years ago ! I inherited a small collection of bayonets 3 yrs back & there's 4-5 of them from the early 18 hundreds . When I get round to it I'm going to contact the armouries in leeds to see if I can make an appointment to learn more about them .
  14. there was a programme on tv quite a while back about urban fox and there was a pest controller called in to deal with a Charlie that was taking the families chickens . he came and baited a spot in the garden with dead chooks then sat in an upstairs room and shot 2 foxes that came into feed all shown on tv and he used an anshutz .22rf with mod all legal
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