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  1. hodge911

    QB78 whole gun / parts

    got 1 here full working gun has been mildly tuned and had a degassing port added has 1/2unf silencer adapter fitted if you want to make me an offer
  2. hodge911

    54 reg L200 Warrior

    Damn if it had been an automatic it would be making it's way back to Newcastle on tyne
  3. hodge911

    Lab X gwp pups for sale

    My first dog for years (she's 10 now) jess a gwp x English springer she is the easiest dog I have ever trained you get the best of both (along with the worst) she hunts & quarters like a spaniel then if she comes across something stands on point until I tell her to "get on" then flushes it . And even at 10 will go all day
  4. hodge911

    sherwwood realtree trousers

    for sale a pair of Sherwood clothing realtree trousers which are lined for winter shooting all zips & studs are fine no rips or tares says size 40 waist I would say 38-40 but are elasticated £30 posted
  5. hodge911

    Jeep Cherokee 3.7 V6 LPG

    can you send some more pics inc interior please also what does the mpg work out at on lpg I,m looking for a new 4x4 but its also going to be my daily driver and also 3-4 runs down to kent a year send pics to ; ph002d0009@blueyonder.co.uk
  6. hodge911

    Hilux radio sat nav off

    give these lads up in the toon a bell their a good bunch http://www.autosounds.co.uk/
  7. hodge911

    Pigeon Watch Poloshirts

    they do I can speak from experience ............... I need some new ones at xxl 1 black 1 dark green but must add they have lasted very well
  8. hodge911

    Homemade Night Vision

    not ben funny but youtube is full of fake videos I made a couple and spent ages hunting the net for the bits and no where could I get all the bits to make a working one that gives you a decent image for that price I think if he has not listed on the video where he got the bits from and the cost I would tend to think hes stretching the truth a bit mate .......................... just my opinion
  9. hodge911

    Gutless Antis

    yep could not agree more my thoughts exactly going back a good 30+ years when myself and another 3 lads used to work terriers for a local hunt we had 1 or 2 run ins with the muppets but as it was in the days before mobiles with video cams ect it was not unusal for them to get a stern talking too if you get what I mean may I add I do not condone violence
  10. hodge911

    Cammo net

    price drop £40 collected from ne16 3hy
  11. hodge911

    painting not print

    can,t remember where I got this from but I,ve had it a while now . I,m no art expert but I think its either oil or acrylic on canvas but I do know its deffo not a print a spaniel lifting a woodcock size frame 22.5" x 18.5" painting 20" x 16" no idea who painted it or what its worth so I,ll say £35 posted or if you know better let me know
  12. hodge911

    Cammo net

    Done its yours how do you want to pay
  13. hodge911

    Cammo net

    Ok . Looked around the net at places selling army surplus and nets of this size are surprisingly expensive at 3 figures so I'll say £50
  14. hodge911

    Cammo net

    Mods please remove or move if this not allowed . I have a LARGE cammo net size is approx 30+ft x 25+ft . Would cover vehicle I would think I don't think I'll ever use it and have not the slightest idea on what its worth so if anyone with more idea of value for sale could let me know please I would be grateful
  15. hodge911

    243 powders

    ive had good results with different grn bullets all with varget powder put through my ruger m77 mk2 .243