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  1. On my dairy farm perm I once managed to (due to a good wind being in my favour ) slowly walk up to and tap a young one on the bum with my stick whilst out lamping bunnies .... he was so intent on digging up something he never noticed me ..... even when I tapped his bum it took 2 times before he trundled off over the field
  2. heres a couple of pics of the engine they sent with the snapped torx bits and the silicone ... on a + note ebay have made the seller give me a full refund and he has to get the engine collected from me . but be careful i am 99% sure he has the same engine listed on his ebay shop but hes listd it as " spares or repair parts only no returns!! " in the pics he has up it has silicone around the injector like this one and has the white tag attached yo the flywheel with the same number on it as this one ebay item number 163636799328
  3. On a bit of a slant .. My brother once bought a used cortina ghia and after a few days of owning it got stopped by the police (the old fashioned way) after they had followed him and done a pnc check on the reg number . They asked him why he had the reg number off a Mercedes on his vehicle ? Very puzzled he explained that he hadn't long owned the vehicle and showed the purchase receipt from the garage on checking it the officer noticed the first 3 letters were the same but in a different order .. on checking the front of the car it had the correct number displayed..... The garage apo
  4. Haha the cheeky begger ! The breaker has sent a message saying will I accept £100 partial refund and keep the pile of poop he sent ... that is completely useless . He advertised it as. Low mileage working engine but may have a problem ... ebay has thankfully agreed in my favour as I gave a full description of what they've knacked on it trying to remove the injectors inc pics. They have awarded a full refund and said the seller must pay for the return ...... hence the partial refund offer bloody idiots why would I want to pay £80 for a piece of scrap worth a couple of £
  5. It certainly is not . I scraped the thick off with a plastic scraper then let the bits sit in degreaser for 48hrs jet washed off then set about buffing them
  6. i vented my temper by cleaning all the intake system ready for when [if] i get to rebuild the engine . its got to be able to breath better and give a little more M.P.G
  7. Aaaarrrrggghhh!!!. Poxy scrap yards. I bought a S/H bare engine from a breakers on ebay as I only wanted the head . I unwrapped it today to remove the head and was surprised to see the injectors were still in considering every other removable part had been removed . On inspection they've snapped torx bits in 2 different injector bolts and stripped another 3 . I managed to remove the 2 bolts from number 1 but the injector is seized solid into the head number 3 has been siliconed in so it's going back.. I've just been on and started a return dispute as they described it as a "usa
  8. Yea I was getting quotes of around £3-450 labour + parts .... Doing the job isn't a problem as before I gave it up (back trouble & to look after the mrs ) I was a mot tester / mechanic . It's still going to be around £500+ in parts and skimming & pressure testing the S/H head ect .
  9. I've bought a bare S/H engine to take the cylinder head off , send it to the engine manufacturer to get skimmed , de-coke , new valve stem seals , valves & seats recut then rebuild with new gaskets and head bolts , belts ect GOD I HATE CARS !!!
  10. It's getting worse !! The cylinder head is off and on inspection its wrecked the holes/journals that the hydraulic tappets fit into have shattered so a replacement head is needed..
  11. 7726 is the number to forward any iffy txts to regardless of the network your on
  12. I had a bultaco sherpa in early 80s that was a right pig to start . Tried different grade plugs amongst everything else we could think of .... ended up shifting it on .... But in hindsight I wished I'd kept it
  13. Started looking into the car today and I've found what caused the aux drive belt to shred ... the crankshaft metalastic pulley has separated
  14. Thanks and apologies I wasn't in the best frame of mind the other night .. I am sorry if my replies were a tad abrupt ( I suppose I shouldn't have replied until I'd calmed down).... I was in the trade but left it around 15 yrs ago after a serious back injury... Unfortunately I can't afford to put it into the garage for repair so it looks like I'm going to have to get the tools out of mothballs and pull the head off & see what damage it's done ..
  15. Like I said in October 18 it had a new timing belt kit inc water pump all volvo and a gates aux drive belt kit .... I asked the Volvo independent garage to do what was necessary . At the time they said the clutch pulley was fine no roughness / play and didn't look that old .... The squeak was more like a damp belt squeak that only lasted less than a minute or so at tick over or until a few revs applied up to around 1.5k revs there was no visible unusual running in the pulleys .. or unusual wear on the aux belt.... It is what it is a breakdown.. I had taken i.m.o the correc
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