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  1. My mrs is never away from me and definitely 100% not on the 8th of this month ... If the caller I.D gives a number that she doesn't know she passes the unanswered phone to me . So I can for certain say there in no way on this earth that she spoke to him on the 8th and even more so she didn't request a call via the internet...
  2. Just had s call from "the coop funeral plan" . The guy said good morning its Stuart from coop funeral plan .. have you received the brochure I sent you ?" I reply sorry mate haven't got a clue what your on about ... His reply ... I spoke to your wife on the 8th of this month and she said to send them... Now red flag starts as I'm my wife's full time carer and due to her epilepsy I deal with all stuff like this ... I tell him that he's most definitely wrong and didn't speak to my wife on the 8th ... a couple of seconds silence then he replies " she requested a call
  3. As title .. Had a domestic with the Mrs so locked myself in my man cave and cobbled a little pressy for my mate who stalks .... for his man cave All done with old pallet wood
  4. People that live a few doors away from me got a brother & sister from same litter border x terriers 3 years ago . Nice looking litte dogs would have made great ratters! But a classic case of dog owners not knowing what to do to train their dogs. From day 1 the pups pulled like steam trains and continuesly yap,bark,scream whilst on leads now 3 years on they are exactly the same if not worse and have a serious lack of recall if they do get off lead . If they do manage to escape they are like greyhounds out of the trap .... you then see/hear the woman and the grandkids runni
  5. I drive a 2018 (bought new) model on the estate as a game cart during season and the keeper lets me use it to drive the estate when shooting ... they are a cracking bit of kit .... it even has a,heater great considering the previous 2 we had didn't and didn't even have doors
  6. Words don't make things easier at times like this but we all know that ..... time does help eventually but memories are what really help people get threw cack times like this ... So if you read this martin please rest assured everyone on here that knows you really feels for you and wishes you chris & jakie all the best .... Small words I know but seriously IF THERE'S ANYTHING I CAN DO YOU GOT MY NUMBER ..... Get well soon mate
  7. I only ask because I knew him REALLY well and used to work for him off & on in his little garage where he worked on old moggy minors & the like. He still had one of his old sidecar out fits on the roof of the spray bay. I loved listening to him tell of his racing in the 60s & 70s .... I only learned how good he actually was at his funeral service when he passed away in Nov 2018.. This picture is him & mac in i.o.m.tt 1970
  8. Can you rember a guy from up Newcastle-upon-Tyne who used to race sidecar outfits he was called GEOFF ATKINSON ?
  9. Laminated glass can be drilled for wipers etc, toughened cannot.
  10. A little long but mint Payback is mint ! https://youtu.be/eq8cKjdNpCo
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