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  1. hodge911

    Tree trunk discs

    The shaft of the mechanisms are 18mm long ... I understand it will be very difficult to cut them that Sorry I thought I had sent this Wednesday but it must of gone into draft folder as it just sent now when I logged in .. Your fire and wall inc adornments look ace m8
  2. set the record timer for it I like watching him [a few don't] but I think hes pretty down to earth and will have a go at owt . the one hes just done in japan was a good watch
  3. Have you actually spoke to trading standards ? There are very specific rules that apply to motor retail industry. On the lines of vehicle must be fit for purpose and you have to (which you have done) give them a chance to put things right and I think there is a bit that says it is relative to the price paid I.e if you pay a couple of hundred £ its completely different to the amount you paid ....... You need to ring your local trading standards ASAP
  4. If my memory serves me well He had a bad to watch crash on tv but was ok .....
  5. hodge911

    Tree trunk discs

    The shaft of the mechanisms are 18mm long ... I understand it will be very difficult to cut them that thin so if I say 25-28mm thick and I can recess the back about 10mm to sink the mechanisms in . As for dia a few different ones would be good Cheers Hodge
  6. Thanks for all the replies peeps . It came as a terrific prezzy especially in the current time/circumstances
  7. hodge911

    Tree trunk discs

    Yep they look spot on m8 ... The clock mechanisms are due today /tomorrow I'll measure the length of the shaft for the thicknesses I need once they arrive
  8. Cheers martin I'm going stir crazy stuck in & not been able to just jump in car go . Even more so coz I'm missing driving the game cart for the first time in years
  9. I know what you mean bud the casket with her ashes in are on the corner of the mantle piece in sitting room . I (once I feel time is right) plan to scatter some of her ashes up on the shoot where we spent a lot of great times . There's one spot where we used to wait for the pigeons flighting over under the cover of a large single tree . She would sit next me and watch the gun go up like a coiled spring ready to launch herself to go retrieve the bird . She was,also phenomenal at hunting the cover regardless of how thick it was and would go on point when there was something in
  10. It's already on the sitting room wall.. once I resize the photograph I took of it I'll put it on
  11. Having spent my birthday in hospital after collapsing with a seizure. My belated birthday present off my Mrs came this morning . A canvas print of jess 30" x 40" (She passed in May this year after 12yrs of being the best dog I've owned)
  12. now my interest in doing a good job has just trebled . anyone fancy going in depth to describe best ways to get the best look from it ...…….....PLEASE...…...……. am I thinking along the right lines regarding precautions to take …. 1, [as already mentioned] good respirator 2, gloves 3, eye protection 4, dust extraction [ I have a vacuum that I can plug sander / tools into that auto starts when tool switched on ]
  13. hi all a Q for the wood gurus amongst us what is the best way to finish / buff to a high gloss finish on yew wood discs ? I have a post in the wanted section for trunk discs . a mate of mine has managed to get me some yew wood discs cut from a trunk that has been dry stored for over 2 yrs now . I have not seen the wood yet but I,m planning on using it for some clock faces and would like a nice high gloss finish on them if I can . do I go for spray on laquer or brushed on epoxy resin buffed to a high shine ……………………...… or does any of the P.W masterminds know a better way any info / ideas would be excellent thanks
  14. hodge911

    Tree trunk discs

    Yep ... took a so called "mate" out on my permission 3 times then I had an accident and had to have an operation on my shoulder which meant I couldn't drive or shoot for 6 weeks . I rang him to see if he fancied going out & I'd lamp for him but always got the answer "can't just now m8 got a lot on ". Fast forward 6 weeks I drove to the farm to apologize for not being up as I couldn't drive . Farmers reply was "oh I thought you had as I've seen the lamp on the fields a few times. Couple of weeks later my "mate" called in with his young son who during the chat dropped into the conversation "hodge there's loads of rabbits on your farm me & dad have shot loads lately" Needless to say he's now an ex mate ....
  15. hodge911

    Tree trunk discs

    yeah mate I cant remember the exact details bud but something on those lines . its a proper pain in the but not been able to jump in car & go out … ……. funny how the coin flips ….. lads that I have taken out and can drive haven't been in touch to see if I want a look out now that I cant
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