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  1. Now that is good news ... Its probably got a lot to do with martins will to get what he wants with as little help as possible .... Fingers crossed he keeps on fighting and improving .... I'd hate for him to end up like my poor brother-in-law he's been in a really bad way since having his stroke 14 yrs ago . Mike get jackie to pass on PW best m8
  2. That is also a big no no in vosa rules . If you think that a vehicle has failed on something it shouldn't you can request vosa to check vehicle and if they find in your favour the garage will be in the do do .... a mot station can NOT make you have the repairs carried out by them its up to the owner where the repairs are done . The station I was at was a dedicated one only carried out the test no repairs
  3. WELL DONE EVERYONE WHO HAS DONATED !!!! Who's going to get the short straw and present the result to martin ...... Anyone who knows him will know how he'll try to not accept it ...
  4. THANK YOU SIR !!! That sounds just as I remember my old 2stroke crossers a strange but enchanting wurring but the best sound of all is when they get warmed up and you start hitting the power bands through the gears on a long straight so you can get them full chat ..... WELL DONE SIR YOU SHOULD BE VERY PROUD OF YOURSELF !!!
  5. hodge911

    Bird I’d

    Yep red kite there's a few round here they get fed in the back gardens and are regularly just above the roof of our house
  6. hodge911

    What are these.

    Yep segs remember getting lines off headmaster of junior school many times for having them ones in the heel and one in the toe of the sole of my rider boots also had the smaller wedge shaped one around the outside of sole all way round ... they were banned from our school as they destroyed the Victorian wooden floor ... Ahh those were the days .....wet the leather really well prior to hammering them in on a last watched over by my grandad (who was a cobbler)
  8. first thing is the BIG NO NO is for a garage to issue a mot pass to "promote the sale of a vehicle" whilst not making the vehicle is 100% acceptable to mot standard (which by the way is itself a grey area as it states the vehicle reaches the minimum standard to achieve a pass ) vosa will immediately suspend the station from testing if it is found to have passed it just to make a sale . most paces like you describe i.e car sales incorporating workshop and mot station will not list the advisories (even tho they should by law) as most people will see the listing of things that have been advised and query why its passed or add hey will not continue with the deal until all the advisories have been repaired therefore reducing the profit from the sale . but having said that there is more reputable dealers than not but you never know . when I tested... the car sales pitches in the area that used the station I tested at hated me as I would list everything that needed to be listed . on more than one occasion they would ask if it has advisories to just put them on a "bit of paper" and not to list on the pass certificate as nearly always the buyer would take a vested interest in getting all the advisories fixed . if you have any worries my advice would be get your mechanic to give it a good going over or better still if your in the AA or RAC get them to insect the vehicle prior to purchase as an mot is an examination to make sure the vehicle reaches the minimum standards to be safe to use on the road and only that it reaches that standard at time of test and should not be taken as a statement into the overall vehicle condition I was a tester for 25+ years before my back packed in
  9. the threaded fittings look like brass [ I haven't actually got it yet my mate got it from a farm he has permission on] I am thinking of removing them and giving them a good polish . I,m also thinking of giving it a soak in rust remover before a good wire brushing but what would be a good coating to rustproof it if I don't paint it with a colour ?
  10. the beer idea would be ok if I drank but due to strong medication I take I don't do alcohol any more but the bottles of J.D. that are sat up in the wardrobe do look VERY tempting
  11. hodge911

    Lord Geordie

    Unfortunately in hospital you can't get onto PW as the internal settings block the site . I know this as every time I've been in and tried you can't and get a message something on the lines of "due to content acess to this site is not allowed" . Not sure about recovery hospices ect . Mike keep the updates coming mate its good to hear jackie is getting news on martin and he is showing signs of improvement no matter how small . and hopefully it won't be too long before I get my driving licence back and I'll come down for a natter .... adhering to social distancing of course . I
  12. I have just aquired the trough in picture . I was thinking maybe make a garden water feature ? Or clean up maybe paint fill with soil & plants ? Or have any of you lot got an alternative idea ?
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