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  1. Mike links aren't working for me I've downloaded them and get message saying file can't be opened
  2. I'd say vets for a good check over ... my sis had virtually identical with her fox red had a tumour on spleen caught it in time vet operated and after a few meds he was fine again Not trying to scare you ...
  3. Yep had one & also had the revrods dragster and revrods demolition derbi cars
  4. hodge911

    Duty of Care.

    Well said that man... A good few years back when I was a delivery driver (7.5 tonne) on a trip to Sheffield carrying a full load of stillages full of clutch facings on the A1 at scotch corner a disco pulling a twin axle caravan came down the entry slip road so on seeing it I pulled into outside lane so he could enter the A1 but to my suprise / anger the muppet came down slip road across the now empty inside lane straight across into the outside lane and I jumped on the brakes of the ford cargo and otherwise I'd of had a caravan as a front end .. only for me to hear a load pop and lose my brake pedal .. It had popped both front flexi pipes . Thankfully I managed to avoid hitting him and had to make it across onto the hard shoulder ... the idiot in the disco disappeared into the distance . I walked back about a mile to the northbound garage and phoned the office to tell the boss what had happened . His reply was can you get to Sheffield to get the load off . I said you really want me to try with no brakes ?. He said go back to the wagon and I'll see what I can sort out. After walking back to garage three times in the 5 hours (and explaining to the police that the boss was sorting it I was told he'd gone home and told the Secretary the next time I rang in to sleep in cab and ring in morning ..... I was fuming... So I bought 2 pairs of mole grips clamped the front flexi pipes off waited until the road was really quiet and nursed it back to the yard ... He rang me next morning and said "how did you get back " I told him and he again said could I not of managed to get to Sheffield to unload..... I left after another 6 weeks after another big row with him .
  5. Different types of batteries for stop/start and standard start vehicles.
  6. Yep deffo a brake servo problem . Check all connectors on the vacuum side normally a pipe from inlet manifold to servo it normally has a one way valve in pipe .. if no vacuum leaks I'd say a duff servo. Could be the push rod from servo to master cylinder adjustment but be careful with adjustment as can cause progressive brake bind if over adjusted or bad performance if not adjusted enough
  7. All this and how many uk soldiers who put their lives on the line (many losing their life leaving loved ones )are living in cardboard boxes under bridges ect can't get a penny in help . But come across from france in a dinghy and you get put in a 4* hotel fed and £40 a week spenders .... This country is screwed
  8. Omg just heard on news that france wants £30 million before they'll help stop illegal immigrants leaving their shorelines
  9. SPOT ON if no one bought the pups at rip off money making prices puppy farms would not be able to make the scum that run them a nice living while the bitches suffer pumping litter one after another . and genuine breeders who are in it to keep good bloodlines and the like correct whilst charging an acceptable price to cover their time and experience of rearing good healthy pups .... wouldnt be tarred with the same brush and genuine people who are looking for a dog for all the right reasons would be able to afford them and make sure they go to a good home as i am but at the prices there is no way i can afford a new shooting companion
  10. home engineering at its best
  11. Australia has right idea Its getting beyond silly now
  12. Some of the old french cars hub discs were just that a disc with a hole in centre held on by a screw / bolt / or what you have as the domed wheel had a threaded hole in centre https://images.app.goo.gl/MujhmuV8zQUMvjMa6
  13. Have a look on L.S. Engineering website https://www.lsengineers.co.uk/?gclid=CjwKCAjwjqT5BRAPEiwAJlBuBd4ZInB9wWw8e0Xi9SYg4_tj596MiP1MFmlCE8W9ntc3ttCfrjz_3xoC2vkQAvD_BwE
  14. Nigel farage highlighted it a few weeks ago along with the govt putting them all into 4* hotels and giving them spending £.
  15. a year gone may my best companion in life and shooting for 12.5yrs passed very suddenly and unexpected ..... i cried like a little kid .. it affected me more than my fathers passing as we knew he was dying with cancer . i still miss our morning routine and especially how excited she got if i got the gun out ( even just to clean it) but my thoughts of "thats it no more dogs for me" is now changing to mmmm maybe i wouldnt mind another family member to come shooting with me
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