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  1. hodge911

    ruger 1022 factory 10 shot mag

    price drop £20 posted
  2. hodge911

    Cartridge Collecting

    I have a bag containing loose carts I was given a couple of years back was told that they were a bit old so I just stuck them in the bottom of the cupboard if anyone wants them I,ll dig them out and take some pics must be collected though now that this has jogged my memory that they are there I,ll leave for a while then just destroy
  3. hodge911

    ruger 1022 factory 10 shot mag

    we all know what these look like I have just stripped cleaned and re-tensioned it £23 posted
  4. hodge911

    antler piece

    hi has anyone got a nice straight [ish] piece of antler suitable for making a priest if so give me a shout please
  5. hodge911

    Ruger 10/22 mags

    got one here mate you can have it for £23 posted I have just stripped cleaned and retensioned it
  6. hodge911

    Freshwater gear

    Spot on mate cheers
  7. hodge911

    Freshwater gear

    Nah mate I've checked theres fair bit where any method allowed Derwent Map V2(1).pdf
  8. hodge911

    Freshwater gear

    Hi all looking at possibly getting into a bit of freshwater fishing on reservoir and ponds never done it b4 so came up with the idea of taking the mrs out for a few hours up derwent reservoir and local ponds through the day she'll get a discount on her license with having her blue disability badge .I don't really want to be putting much money into it as we will only be out maybe once twice a week so if anyone has some gear to get us started at a reasonable cost let me know please Hodge
  9. hodge911

    Ron seal one coat timbercare

    Ok bud too far
  10. hodge911

    Ron seal one coat timbercare

    Whereabouts are u can't see on phone
  11. hodge911

    Honda crv 2.2 diesel

    Lol but I've actually been further to buy car I bought my cherokee from half a mile away from Heathrow airport
  12. hodge911

    Honda crv 2.2 diesel

    Got the pics mate Whereabouts are u ? Cant see on my phone . I've got my car up for sale so hopefully it goes before yours If it does I will deffo be in touch been looking for a honda for a while but need to shift mine first all 3 of them 😲
  13. hodge911

    Honda crv 2.2 diesel

    Can u still send pics as still interested nowt received yet m8
  14. hodge911

    stock for ruger 10/22 wanted

    I have a std wood one painted with plasticote satin black comes with silver barrel band £30 posted via courier
  15. hodge911

    Honda crv 2.2 diesel

    Pics to peternmeg@sky.com Is there any wiggle room on price ? Can you also send full reg for insurance purposes Thanks