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  1. Update., The idiot from Saturday messaged me today saying Is the car still available if so I'll give you £1600 and take a gamble on it 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬. I took great pleasure in replying telling him that it was sold for £2100 and the new owner loves it 😂🤣😂🤣
  2. Had a guy come Saturday to look at the Audi .... Great He turned up on time .. great But if you go to view a car would you come on your own adult wise but then bring your 2 month old baby and your 2 yr old son with you . Or would you arrange to bring another adult or at a time when someone could look after the kids ??. He asked if he could take it for a test drive I told him it didn't have any child seats fitted his reply was "that's ok I'll leave the kids strapped in my car the baby's asleep and I'll jus give him my phone with YouTube on " so he put toddler into his car locked the doors and handed me the keys 😏. He was away for round about 10 mins came back and said there's a problem with the g/ box . Now that really pressed my buttons as the car is faultless . He said he'd take a gamble on it but would only offer me £800 below my asking price 🤬😡🤬😡. I told him to take me in car and show me what he meant . The flippin idiot was trying to put the automatic transmission into tiptronic mode and get into 7th gear going up hill at 30mph..... So when we got back I politely told him if he was going to buy a car he should know how to use the bloody thing properly ... And that the offer he made was a joke ..... He left saying I'll get back to tomorrow if it doesn't sell I'll buy it . I was hard to not let fly but I managed to keep calm so he couldn't play the racist card as he was of eastern European decent .... Yesterday a lad came drove the car checked it over and we agreed on a price £150 below my asking price .... He messaged me this morning saying he drove the car the 80 Miles home and it was a dream to drive and used next to no fuel ....
  3. Never had anything to do with the breed I was absolutely amazed at them running up the wall , tree ect . As for the "bite work " I'll go with what you say as you know way way more about the breed than me . They are a stunning looking animal tho
  4. Wow .... I'll do it for you for chicken balti and a couple of pints of cobra .... Got to be a bargain offer that But just for fellow PW members
  5. £65 a month to talk to a dead horse and they pay it !!! Whose the mad one
  6. Unfortunately this is not as uncommon as people would think happened to my sister's lab a few years back. Last year my nephew's lurcher ., A cracking lamping dog on the bunnies,.. was full chat on the tail of a bunny and when she put her head down to grab it she hit a tuft off rush grass and instantly went AoverT and didn't get up . She'd broken her neck and passed on the spot .. My nephew was gutted to say the least ....
  7. Having had 2 t30 xtrails and really liking them I bought a 2008 2.0l diesel automatic a few months back and love it . On Tuesday teatime I took it out for a drive around the estate I've got permission on There's some pretty steep hills involved . The t30,s didn't have hill decent but the t31 has so I decided to give it a go on the steepest hill on the estate and as this is the 1st vehicle I've had with it I am pretty impressed with it 👍
  8. 🤔🤔🤔 well my niece sent the other party a message telling her that her parents have advised that she goes through the insurance and she needs the other parties insurance details and up to now 3 days later she has not had any reply ..... I've checked via the internet and the other party registration number comes back as insured / taxed & mot,d
  9. +1 it's not news now it's media scare mongering to boost their own agenda .... I watch 1 main news Programme a day and for ages now they are more or less all the same Yes the govt has messed up big style and continues to do so But it has had its good occasions granted far and few between , But then again which party would have done better ? None I guess !! I'd love to "get out more " with gun & rod but since my sister unexpectedly passed away 2 yrs back it's a major task getting help to look after my disabled wife so I can have some "me time" . But as the saying goes there's always someone worse off then me
  10. The others party car is a 15 plate C4 grand picasso they have " Self repairing bumpers" stupid sounding I know but they are Flexi plastic bumpers with a polymer inner that can absorb slow speed bumps without distortion to the main frame / body ... Like I say there isn't even a mark on my niece's car ... I think the other person is trying to pull a fast one .. it doesn't take 3 weeks to get a car looked at in a accident claim estimate . I've worked for many years in the motor trade ( mot tester / mechanic ) retired now to look after Mrs H
  11. Just had a call off my niece down I Kent . Three weeks ago she was in a very low speed bump in a nose to tail jam .. she at approximately 5-10 mph max bumped the car in front of her (yea we know it's her fault ) . There's no damage to her car or even a mark . The woman in the car in front of her got out checked her car and apart from a small scratch that she claimed was due to the bump but said " it's ok there's nothing there really " . They didn't exchange details as no one hurt and no damage but my niece gave her phone number . F/F 3 weeks today my niece got a text saying not good news my car needs a new rear bumper and it's going to be £1000 . I've told her to call her bluff and ask for her insurance details as she'll have to go through insurance . And if needs be go through insurance.... But to absolutely contest the damage claim and tell the insurance exactly what happened then and now . My only concern is that the other party has had another bump and caused more damage . Unlucky my niece didn't take any pictures of the other car at the time
  12. My mate has just had a visit from f.a.o ( he is squeaky clean and stick's to the rules completely) they checked all security , serial numbers, cabinets and even counted every round of ammo and shotgun cartridge . Was there for over a hour
  13. Police worker who issued Plymouth shooter Jake Davison with gun licence investigated for gross misconduct Martin Evans 6 October 2021, 2:19 pm Jake Davison, 22, killed five people with a shotgun before taking his own life Two members of Devon and Cornwall Police staff have been issued with a gross misconduct notice over the decision to grant Plymouth gunman Jake Davison a shotgun licence. The notice was also issued over the later decision to return it to him weeks before he killed five people with a shotgun, the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) said. The police watchdog has earlier revealed that Davison had kept his shotgun licence despite admitting assault on two teenagers. The licence was taken from him in December 2020 following the alleged assault last September and it was returned to him in July, weeks before the shooting. It was claimed that he had the shotgun for sports use and had the licence reinstated after he attended an anger management course. The IOPC regional director David Ford said: "Based on the evidence gathered so far, we have now served disciplinary notices on two individuals within the force to advise them their conduct is subject to investigation. "The serving of such notices will be kept under review." Davison, 22, shot and killed five people, including a three-year-old girl and his own mother, before taking his own life in a 12-minute attack on August 12. As well as the coroner's investigation and IOPC inquiry, the National Police Chiefs Council is also looking at the Devon and Cornwall force's firearms policies and procedures. The Government is planning new statutory guidance, including asking doctors to undertake medical checks on anyone applying for a licence and inquiries into social media usage. Davison received mental health support during the coronavirus lockdown and had been in contact with a telephone helpline service in Plymouth run by the Livewell Southwest organisation. Social media usage by Davison suggested an obsession with "incel" culture, meaning "involuntary celibate", as well as an interest in guns and the US. Reports have suggested Davison's mother had been struggling to get help for her son, having become concerned about his mental health
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