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  1. hodge911

    Anyone recognise this wheel?

    Poss BMW
  2. hodge911

    18650 batteries

    Where did you get the checker from ?
  3. hodge911

    18650 batteries

    Need 3 or 4 18650 batteries in good condition . Yes I know their cheap enough on ebay but I've had a few off there that I'm sure were not the rating they should have been and have knackered in a couple of months..... So if anyone has some for sale but cheap as they don't get used a lot
  4. hodge911


    Like I said in my reply m8 easy fix as long as belt never jumped taps are easy to get to clean the threads still got the 1 I bought in shed just in case I get an opportunity like that one
  5. hodge911


    Need some help Is there anyone on here rewind electric motors ? I was given a frankford arsenal tumbler (brand new in unopened box) opened it up and it had a u.s plug fitted so I chopped it off and fitted a uk plug (found out correct code for u.s wire colours) plugged in switched on 👍 . It ran for about 20 seconds then went up in a puff of smoke , so I stripped the motor out only to find its rated at 120v 60hz 0.6A . The winding on the motor has fried but everything else is still like new .... I've looked around the net and its a shaded pole motor .... I've read that it is possible to get it rewound up to 240v so is there anyone on here that can do it . Will put some pictures up when I resize them
  6. hodge911

    Tumbler media

    Thanks I'll look into it Thanks for info we have a large reptile seller not too far away I'll pop in there & make some enquiries
  7. Hi all I've just been given a new & unused frankford arsenal tumbler ...... As I have never used a tumbler before (I use an ultra sonic cleaner) I am wondering what the best media to use would be ? And where to get it from at a decent price ?
  8. hodge911

    Kent county show

    Thanks my family live in strood & whitstable . As a young lad of 12/13 I used to fish the medway next to the the bridge in rochester from the little jetty near the the castle .....
  9. hodge911

    Kent county show

    How do you men of kent (or anyone from anywhere) rate the kent county show in july of this year . I've never been and planning on visiting family in kent around about the time of the show and wondering if it would be a idea to incorporate the show in our trip .
  10. hodge911


    my shogun 2.5 was like that as long as the belt has not jumped and done any damage its quite easy fix new belt , tensioner , pulley and bolt I bought a tap and carefully cleaned the threads up fitted new key with Loctite studfix and a new pulley from milner 4x4 ran spot on for 2 years afterwards before I scrapped it due to corrosion DO NOT GO EBAY FOR PARTS CHEAP NORMALLY MEANS COUNTERFIT OR BAD QUALITY ON THERE !!!! as I learned at my expense use milner 4x4 or euro car parts you may pay a couple of £ extra but its a saving in the long run
  11. hodge911


    Mmmm now thats an idea !!! Looks like the glue guns going to get dragged out of the dust and
  12. hodge911

    7 Seat 4x4

    Its getting on a bit its a 2005 but with full dealers service history ...... if you look on youtube there's some videos on there of the xc90 doing well off road . I bought from down Sheffield and on the run home I set the cruise control to 70 mph and it returned 48.6 mpg which doing the calculation on how much it cost in fuel is not that far away from being correct
  13. hodge911

    Swan cctv cameras

    Gone to pigeonbasher 1 Money a bit tight at the min so I bought a system off the selling app WISH Got a full system of dvr and 4 cameras delivered for £70 (no hdd but had the one from old system) I must admit I thought it would not be up to much for the price but how wrong l was Its just as good as the swan system if not better
  14. hodge911

    7 Seat 4x4

    I bought a mk1 xc90 4 months ago 2.4td auto (semi) . First ever experience with volvo but up to now its probably the nicest 4x4 I've owned . I know its not in the disco league but having owned ; Disco 300tdi Toyota hilux surf Jeep grand Cherokee Shogun Xtrail It suits my off road needs very well (not serious green laning or mud plugging ) and is very comfortable on road . So if I had your budget and depending on what you need it to do I would certainly give the xc90 a serious thought
  15. hodge911

    Swan cctv cameras

    Free just pay p&p Having had my swan cctv system changed (swan dvr failed) . I have if anyone wants them 4 swan cctv cameras all in decent fully working condition all you need to do is pay the cost of getting them to you or if your local come collect them