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  1. You should easily be able to see out to 100+ yds, sounds like the ir wasn’t on or working….
  2. Found this in the back of the shed collecting dust. Very powerful machine and will shred anything up to 35mm hard wood branches. Was circa £400 when I bought it a few years ago. Only been used and handful of times so got plenty of life left in it. £200ono collection from Hertford
  3. I have a NV008P LRF if he’s interested….
  4. Hi, Yes this is still for sale, post code is Hertford SG13 Regards West
  5. Does anyone have one of thess surplus to requirements...??
  6. This is a good side by side comparison of the Hik range…
  7. Yes these are great as you will find things that you never knew was there with a turch or NV. Range really depends on the sze of the heat source but you can easily pick out rabbits at 200yds plus, you can even spot them when they are sitting in long grass or light cover.
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