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  1. Hi, I am looking for a TSA recoil pad (ideally long) to fit Franchi Affinity One as GMK are out of stock until June..... kind regards West
  2. Following Fizz’s recommendation I gave them a try and I must admit the first time I used them they felt a bit weird and made my ears soar but I think that was me fiddling around with them. I’ve been out with them three times now and now I have got the hang of getting them in properly they are very comfortable and I generally forget that I have them in. I have also been very pleased with the performance as the three levels are enough for what I need out in the field or at the clay ground. I was shooting near a footpath and I could easily hear if any walkers were approaching before the
  3. Thanks guys, that very useful. As you can probably guess I am trying to find out of the more expensive models are worth the additional spend. Out of interest do you have the DX1 and if so do you find the one setting good in all situations. Or do you have the DX3 or 5 which have several settings and if so do you use the different settings?
  4. Like most of us at some point I have toyed with treating myself to a pair of digital plugs and CENS are always top of the list. But is this due to the marketing or are they actually that good? I’d also be interested to know anyone who has the DX3 or DX5, do you actually use the different modes ? TIA
  5. So I finally got around to building the trap.... It’s been out with the roof off for about a week. I’ve baited it with some white bread a few eggs but had to put one of the roof panels across the lower part of the door opening to stop the farmers wife’s puppy from stealing the bread. It’s on a flight line between two small woods but doesn’t seem to be attracting much interest yet, is it worth while putting some full bodied decoys around the area to attract the attention of passing birds?
  6. Hi, Has anyone got any mossberg 500 stock spacers that they don’t need, if so I’d happily take the off of your hands kind regard West
  7. Not sure if this is legit but though a few people on here may want to add their signatures anyway.... https://www.change.org/p/bbc-bbc-to-sack-chris-packham?redirect=false
  8. Well done that man! You did a good job and all made sense to me 👍🏻
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