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  1. Westley78

    Air rifle wanted

    I have an SMK 19 .22 with a Hawke scope if your interested..?? Only been used for a bit of garden pest control.
  2. Have you tried A1 decoys? https://www.a1decoy.co.uk/
  3. Guys, I revived another Covid-19 email updating as to what a certain shoot organiser is doing. Within the email was this: In addition we face another review of the General Licences under which we shoot pigeons and other ‘pest’ species. It’s possible we’ll see ever more restrictions on the shooting of pigeons, perhaps a close season, maybe even an outright ban so we are currently not taking any bookings for pigeon shooting that might take place after 01st August 2020 until we know more. I am therefore interested to hear what everyone’s opinion is, do you think Pigeon shoot will get banned or restricted?
  4. Out of interest how long do the breasted birds last before the go off and I assume that you keep them in the freezer?
  5. Like you I like the idea of larger decoys in order for the pattern to be visible from a greater distance however, my concern is that the pigeons will get spooked as they come in. As you say the only want to know this would be to test it in the field. To be fair they are light and stack well but are around 600mm long which just seems huge!
  6. Tell me about it... They are the only shells they do apart from the neoprene ones, apparently the XL version are better as they are easier to see from a distance...?
  7. I got 12 just to see what they are like... 👍🏻 I did think that mixing them in with some standard decoys would probably work better and hopefully look a bit more realistic....
  8. Guys, I have just taken delivery of some XL Decoys from A1 and they are HUGE! https://www.a1decoy.co.uk/product/plastic-xl-pigeon-shell/ Has anyone used them, do they work and are they any better than regular decoys? Kind regards
  9. Thanks enfieldsspares your response is very helpful and confirmed what i had already suspected i.e. that i need to consider an investment of some sort. You are 100% right, as my first gun and a baikal it has a higher sentimental value than it does resale value and for that reason along i will probably just keep hold of it and look for something else for me to use rather than spending money trying to change. My dad has a classic s/s and as he is nearing 75 i assume that when the unfortunate time comes that will be passed down for me to look after and take out on the odd pheasant shoot in his honor. So at this rate my son (or daughter) could end up with a nice small collection Thanks again 👍 Thansk wymberley, I did think that the single trigger on my Baikal would be a drawback when out in the field, even more reason for an upgrade 😉
  10. Thanks Enfield spares, that sounds about right as they were purchased as a set around 1990 from a dealer in Lincolnshire. At that time I was in my early teens and just getting in to shooting clays and was struggling with lifting longer barrels, hence the 26” barrels would have suited me and the 28’s were a mainly a spare set for if/when I went game shooting. I am now 6ft 4” and getting back into shooting, first some clays then hoping to get permission to shoot pigeons on the local farms, in your opinion will this gun be ok for practice clays and decoying & roost shooting?
  11. Thanks Wymberley, I would have used the open barrels for both 🤦🏼‍♂️
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