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  1. Very interesting. How does that work with certificate, do you already have those calibres?
  2. I’ve had it a couple of months and I can spot rabbits in light cover which I wouldn’t have seen with anything else. Obviously the bigger the animal the larger the heat signature and the easier you can spot it through cover, so squizzlers in trees in full leaf may be an ask but once the leaves have fallen I think you’ll have a good chance at spotting them from a distance.
  3. I have the 10mm for bunny bashing and it is an excellent piece of kit for the money and would not be without it….unless I forget to turn it off after charging and the battery goes flat again Doh! If you were using a rimfire or higher cal then the 15mm would probably be best as zooming in on images over 150yds become pixilated
  4. I have one… https://www.gunwatch.co.uk/guns/23052-Mossberg-Hushpower-Stealth-for-sale
  5. Hi, I am looking for a vacuum sealer for bulk freezing pigeon breasts, rabbits, venison etc etc. I am usually a “if you buy cheap you buy twice” kinda guy so don’t mind paying for quality but there seems to be a lot of options ranging from £30 up to £300 and with no brands that I recognise I am truly bamboozled. Any help would be greatly appreciated 👍🏻
  6. Hi, I ended up getting a GSP mate…
  7. I went for the Affinity One as the 3&3.5 hadn’t been released yet and like you i intend to use it mainly as a hide gun so I went for the synthetic stock as I hope this will be less susceptible to damage and would look better being all black as l knew I would have to have the extended pad.
  8. I went through a similar process a few months ago when I was deciding upon which semi-auto to get as a hide/pigeon gun and for me the Franchi affinity One for the money with a 7 year warranty, inertia driven so no cleaning was a no brainier. Like others I had to get the extended pad to increase lop and play around with the shims so try and get the gun fit as part of the deal as it will save you some time and faffing around. All in all, so far I have been very impressed and I’ve not had (or expect to get) any issues with cycling even with 28g loads. For the money I personally don’t think you can go wrong 👍🏻
  9. Nice video mate and great to see the old fella still enjoying himself 👍🏻
  10. Hi, I am looking for a TSA recoil pad (ideally long) to fit Franchi Affinity One as GMK are out of stock until June..... kind regards West
  11. Following Fizz’s recommendation I gave them a try and I must admit the first time I used them they felt a bit weird and made my ears soar but I think that was me fiddling around with them. I’ve been out with them three times now and now I have got the hang of getting them in properly they are very comfortable and I generally forget that I have them in. I have also been very pleased with the performance as the three levels are enough for what I need out in the field or at the clay ground. I was shooting near a footpath and I could easily hear if any walkers were approaching before they knew I was there. Considering they are less than half the price of the cheapest CENS and have better NRR to me it’s a no-brainier and I would definitely recommend you try them 👍🏻 P.s. thanks for the recommendation Fizz 👍🏻
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