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  1. Hi I hope all is well has many people had luck shooting over charlock.
  2. I am looking for a local syndicate. Gloucestershire/ Oxfordshire/ Worcestershire
  3. Hello everybody in the next 2 years I am planning on running a partidge and pheasant syndicate on 200 acres. I was after some information on partidges as I know alot about pheasants but not to much partidge we have a small warm wood which would be ideal for pheasants. But lots of gradual slopes which is more suited to partidges. I was wondering how to go about planning drives for example where do they like to fly ie wind and do they like flying back to release pens and how to I get them to fly to where I want and where I want them to feed etc.
  4. Hi everybody, I hope your all well. I am thinking about running a small shoot next year and want to know a little more about partidges as I think it may suit my ground a little better than pheasant as I dont have any woodland. I am wondering what to do in terms of positioning of pens. where to fly them too. how do they know to fly there. This ground is shown below this is potentially only for 1 drive. My boundaries for this ground is in red and I have cover crop in green pen. The complete field with cover crop is in a slight valley Any help would much be appreciated.
  5. Thank you, I think I will go with the wild duck as not keen on floppy duck as it is just slaughter when would you put the tubes out and when would you start feeding ?
  6. I have a duck pond and next year want to provide some good duck flighting for a couple of friends. There isnt loads of wild duck in the area and was wondering how to go about putting ducks down but not for driven but to act like wild flighting ducks is this possible and how?
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