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  1. Sold to blade with thanks subject to the usual
  2. PAC remote dog training aid - Good condition, charged up this morning and tested - works perfectly. Box contains : Remote trainer with collar, dummy trainer with collar, handset, charger (for trainer and handset) test light, two spare "prods" with spanner to replace them, lanyard with clip. No instruction book but YouTube and Google provide all you need! Selling this for a friend - He asked me to say that used sensibly with compassion and discretion these trainers really can make a difference. £150 ono inc postage Ideal for Chris Packam?
  3. PM'd at 2317 hrs slightly squiffy due to an imbibement of home made wines (not mine!)
  4. Hi. I'm 45" chest. If the large one is of this size I'll have it please. 

    1. Both are in good average condition - fully working zips and no studs missing. Both quilted (but not balky) for warmth. Two bellows pockets and hand warmer pockets. £12 each posted - Thanks
    2. A dual-purpose 3" blade with a minimalist style, the Bear Grylls Paracord Fixed blade knife is unique. Featuring nearly 4 foot of paracord woven into the handle, a full-tang body and a drop point tip & fine edge, the Bear Grylls Paracord Fixed blade is incredible versatile. The handle remains functional with or without the paracord attached and can be replaced with more paracord if used. The paracord itself is 45 inches long and can be used to fashion an emergency splint, or replace damaged shoe laces and much more. Until used, the paracord serves as a padded, lightweight grip, and can is even fully customisable. Includes a slim-line sheath that allows either tip up or tip down carrying and can be attached to belts and packs. £22 posted Thanks SOLD THANKS
    3. Replied thanks Sold with thanks to dogger
    4. Gerber folding lock knife - easily used single handedly. Good condition Over 18's of course! £18 posted - Thank you SOLD TO dogger with thanks
    5. My own jig saw, bought for a kitchen job and unused since. It's been sitting in the shed. Good condition, slight loss of chrome on the "plate" on one side. The guide light works, exhaust tube present as is plastic nose piece and the instruction book. Original case. These Hitachi's are the best jig/scroll saw you can buy! SOLD - Thanks
    6. You have won today's prize for observation! With no disrespect for those who live in Redruth (or 'Druth as it's known locally) chances are that the culprit is one of the more "intelligent" inhabitants and was out on licence?
    7. Sold to Tedward with thanks! .22 rod still for sale!
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