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  1. CaptC

    Stock oil

    Red Kite - excellent traditional finish
  2. CaptC

    Leather Shotgun Slip

    May I ask the maker please? Thanks
  3. Laksen shooting vest/gilet size L measures 23" underarm. Suede shoulder patches - right handed (darker doubled sued) 3/4 length zip. Four external pockets. Adjustable waist. Suede trim on the pockets. Heavy cotton - just washed so A1 condition Ideal for game/rough shooting. £25 posted thanks - Christmas bargain!!
  4. PM replied thanks
  5. Walker's Razor ear defenders - very slimline and comfortable to wear. Easy to use on/off volume control. Far superior to most makes - these have been imported from the States. No signs of use - almost new. Two new AAA fitted plus an unused spare pair thrown in. SOLD TO TIGHTCHOKE WITH THANKS
  6. CaptC

    Charities CEO Salaries

    National Trust CEO allegedly £191,000 - the mind boggles because on the estate where we live there is no money in the budget to repair the tenants houses which are falling apart! I could write a book on the wastage and PC correctness!
  7. CaptC

    Shotgun problem

    Still see a gunsmith - might be something simple and at the same time have the barrels measured and checked for pitting. .410's were/are notorious for never being cleaned!
  8. CaptC

    Shotgun problem

    Treat the one in the middle as if it's loaded! Very carefully pop a cleaning rod down the barrel(s) one at a time with the gun facing away from you. Measure the length of the rod (or dowel) against the breach face - if you have a 2" - 2.5" difference see a gunsmith!! The lower gun with the octagonal barrel looks to be Belgian. Check the proof marks on the two that will open.
  9. A good and originally expensive (£95) shooting vest which is suitable for clays or game due to it's colour. Comes with a d30 "intelligent" recoil pad. Four inner pockets, synthetic suede panels, four outer pockets. Measures x 20" across the back (under arm) and 32" long Mesh back (not your flimsy mesh) with rear pocket. There was a BASC cloth badge on the nape. Light mark where it lived (badge included) No rips or tears. £48 posted signed for - thanks
  10. CaptC

    Knock Down Targets SOLD!

  11. CaptC

    Knock Down Targets SOLD!

    X 4 Air rifle targets - The two yellow ones are not self setting and require a tug with the supplied orange twine. The three disc target is self setting as is the brown bird (hit the yellow disc below the bird and it resets the bird) Yellow targets (bird and rabbit's head) - £13 each posted Large target with three discs (heavy frame) made by Knockdown Targets - £16 posted Brown bird/yellow disc £14 posted SOLD thank you Thanks
  12. English leather 12 bore x 25 cartridge belt that could easily be mistaken for a Brady. It is in very good condition. It has a leather strip under the loops to stop cartridges form sliding through Big brass buckle SOLD Thanks ed - thanks