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  1. CaptC

    Sling stud washer?

    Thank you all - Yet again PW helps out. I should have measure the diameter which is (Cornish measuring) approximately 1 cm
  2. Sling stud washer or stud wanted like the one in the photos - it’s a white plastic jobbie or suggestions please? The butt end stud is missing a washer and whoever fitted it tightened it too much Thanks.
  3. CaptC

    Which bipod?

    No sling stud - If I drilled the stock I would end up coming out the other side hence the 3d idea!
  4. CaptC

    Which bipod?

    That's more like it! Thanks
  5. CaptC

    Which bipod?

    Just looking at the bipod factory -----
  6. CaptC

    Which bipod?

    That'd the one! Thanks - just need a bipod now!
  7. CaptC

    Which bipod?

    Thanks will have a look!
  8. CaptC

    Which bipod?

    Thanks - I think its possible to buy an "add on" picatinny rail that attaches to the air cylinder.
  9. CaptC

    Which bipod?

    Thanks Gordon - I've got a tripod for "stalking" - I meant a bipod to fit the S410 Not in Cornwall!
  10. CaptC

    Which bipod?

    I'm looking for a lightweight bipod for a AA S410. Nothing with complicated "mechanics" - many thanks.
  11. CaptC

    Gamo GX 40

    Looking for a second hand Gamo GX 40 as recommended by oldypigeonpopper preferably .22 with all the bits please?
  12. CaptC

    What is it?

    Why ginger? Rumours gave started it might be for catching Cornish pixies Now that’s good! Just needs the monogram deciphering
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