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  1. Thanks - I did see those reels some with line! For the amount of fishing I do they might be ok. Thanks
  2. Looking for a 3/4 weight fly reel for my 4 weight rod? Nothing silly money thank you! Thanks - Capt C
  3. Much the same here - Nearest PO is a two mile drive, Barclays now closed in the local town (5 mile drive) Nearest branch now a 10 mile drive! Barclays closed the local branch with the usual trite excuse that it was under used. Strange when on busy days you had to stand outside! When you drive 10 miles to the nearest bank the queue winds around the bank with usually no more than two tills open. It's all a ruse for us to "go plastic" but Barclays has said that they will encourage shops to have the availability of "cash back" but that means you have to spend first!
  4. Superb H & H canvas and leather cartridge bag that holds a good 50 plus (obviously more if using 20's/28's) Measures 9" H x 7" D x 3.5" W. Highest rich chestnut coloured quality leather with no marks at all. Looks to have been used a couple of times and well cared for. Comes with a good provenance! Slightest mark to the right (facing) the fastener (probably will wash off but I'm not risking it!) £120 ono posted thanks. SOLD
  5. Dogs has PM'd and awaiting a reply - thanks but will let you know!
  6. 12 bore cleaning kit with wire brush, mop and jag, Phillips gun oil, cloth and three piece rod - all in a well made box. Very lightly used. £14 posted thanks SOLD TO DOGS - THANKS
  7. SMK 4x40 air rifle scope - never seen an airgun! Comes with mounts and lens caps. Still in it's plastic bag with original box, allen key and instructions. A very good scope - crystal clear image. £23 posted thanks
  8. Looking for a leather barrel guard for a 20 bore S/S but please not with a logo stamped on it?
  9. It's the larger sized thread - sorry cannot help anymore as I don't have any brushes to try it - It measures approx 4 mm across the top of the thread
  10. Three piece rod - good tight fittings, some paint splashes but with a little work and some stain it will make a great addition to a case - Comes with a lovely old brass jag marked "12" - alas no makers name £12 posted - thanks!
  11. Long rifle/shotgun cleaning rod by Parker Hale. Ball bearing handle Plastic coated - in good condition. £12 posted - thanks SOLD THANKS
  12. Two piece .410 cleaning rod with wool mop marked WM 40. A few light scratches, brass joints tight. £8 posted thanks - SOLD THANKS
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