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  1. Aaaagh - forgot! Sorry - Medium but loads of room - 40" - 42" chest
  2. Laksen Thrie Estaits tweed shooting coat/jacket in very good condition - No rips, marks, tears or signs of misuse. 100% Wool. No bobbling anywhere - hem untouched so it's not been bramble bashing! 40" - 42" Chest - I'm 5'9" on a good day and it dwarfs me! The sleeves are quite long! Gortex lined for warmth and keeping dry. The lining is unmarked. Two internal zipped pockets including a phone pocket. Two hand warmer pockets with tags for the two large bellows pockets. Vented at the shoulders on the back for easy swinging of your gun. Laksen are very expensive - the same coat/jacket at this sells for nearly £500!!! A great coat (unintentional pun) for the peg or just for smart casual wear. A pre season bargain! £200 ono posted.
  3. Strangely I was at a saleroom today delivering a bottle of wine to the very lovely lady owner when, out of the corner of my eye I spotted a very long barrel (at least 4' long) It unfortunately has a bad case of worm which had caused the stock to part at "the hand". The lock was missing but the lady thinks it might be in a box with the rest of the clearance bits and bobs. It was originally a flintlock as the touch hole was eveident.
  4. Not at the moment but it's a big shed! Keep watching!
  5. As new, very little use David Nickerson lightly padded rifle slip. Ideal for the 4x4, rough days and pigeon shooting! Ghastly plastic fittings ergo cheap at £8 posted! Thanks
  6. Penn No 9 level wind (3ON-9) no salt marks - in fact amazing condition for an older reel - £14 posted thank you Sigma SBC2804 4 bearing system also in good condition - £12 posted thank you Both reels have line. They have been checked and work perfectly. Neither reel looks like they have been used in salt water. PM for more photos if needed? SOLD TO WHEEELIE with thanks
  7. A very good used Nikko Sterling Gold Crown scope - Very light marks - perfect image. Parallax corrected shock proof adjustment 1/4 click Original box. Comes with mounts and rail (maker unknown) £33 posted thanks
  8. Yes, standard choke 20 bore - thanks
  9. Looking for a Browning 20 bore full choke please. Different tactics this coming season - last years did not work!
  10. I had that on my honeymoon!
  11. How times and prices change!
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