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  1. Just wondering what would be the effect of the water and a taser? Absolutely disgraceful behavior and I await to read what happened to the miscreants?
  2. Criminal damage? Any arrests? Makes me see red never mind the fountains!!
  3. Leather slip on but pad in very good condition - Fits standard sized butts (on guns of course) Stitching 100%, light marks (it has been used) The foam insert can be removed. £14 posted thanks
  4. Fast loader type bag (swing top) Sturdy leather with nice brass fittings. Web strap. Overall 99% , just the slightest of wear marks. £55 posted thanks - !!!SOLD!!!
  5. X 1 Pull up crow (cord provided plus the 4 pegs to hold it on place) x 1 x 5 swing type target on a prop - up stand - last used for Firecap targets (comes with several sheets of stickers) The discs are not included x 20 standard "bulls eye" paper targets Obvious signs of use but in generally good condition £25 posted - thanks !!!SOLD!!!
  6. Acme crow call - washed and disinfected - No chewed end and in good condition Very effective! £5 posted thanks !!!SOLD to Almond Slice with thanks!!!
  7. I have two tins of .177 pellets. David Nickerson Magnum Dome and Anglo Arms Pointed. The Nickerson tin is full (may be missing a few) and the Anglo Arms is over 3/4 full so around 900 pellets. £12 posted - thanks Please PM me - !!
  8. Cornish sunshine? All fixed now, I found some French polish and linseed - looking good, thank you.
  9. Thank you very much, that's just the answer I was looking for! Thank you. Cheers
  10. Thanks - I'm well stocked with Slippery "W"icks thanks but wanted to try something different?
  11. Thanks for the reply, it's not leather covered. Cleaned and sanded back ready to finish.
  12. I have just finished refurbishing a stock with traditional English finish. The stock has a Silvers type but pad that was very grotty - I have looked at old posts about applying a finish and shellac was suggested. Before someone comments - I was asked to leave the age marks in the stock as the owner did not want to loose the "character" of the stock/gun. Is there an easier method - thoughts please? Thank you.
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