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  1. CaptC

    Plastic Browning 20 Bore Choke Case

    PM'd with thanks
  2. Has anyone a Browning choke case (20 bore) that fits into a Browning case please? There is also "something" missing that fits in the left hand side - could be an allen key? Any knowledge much appreciated as the gun came with a "bare" case. Thanks CaptC
  3. New unused Beretta cartridge/range bag that will hold approx 200 boxed cartridges and a lot more if "loose". Full length zip around the top. Shoulder strap (detachable) and carrying handles Internal zipped mesh lined security pocket and a large external pocket for tools/chokes etc Measures 20 H x 30 W x 18 D. The bag collapses for easy storage. Nearly £50 new! SOLD TO Mac93 subject to the usual
  4. CaptC

    Very Old Decoy Duck

  5. CaptC

    Very Old Decoy Duck

    Hello Agriv8 Many thanks re the info on the SD card. I have had then go wrong before and this present one will be changed asap. Quite agree about the duck, it's driving me quackers CaptC
  6. CaptC

    Very Old Decoy Duck

    Thank you peck - I think the decoys that sell for daft money are possibly signed or made by a recognised decoy maker? Mine is, without hurting his/her feelings rather basic ergo £50!
  7. CaptC

    Very Old Decoy Duck

    Very old decoy duck - must be at least 100 years old. His/her condition shows the years! It's a Mallard drake carved out of cork. Showing some light dents and a little damage to the breast but it adds to it's character. Measures 12" long. Below decks it looks as if the decoy was once varnished - there are many, many layers of paint! £50 posted - Thanks - Sensible offers considered! Apologies for the strange colour(s) below - I think the memory card is faulty. Please note - I have been asked by several PW members of the decoy is a fake! It most certainly is not! It would take a very clever person to fake the age/finish/patina.
  8. CaptC

    Leather Gun Slip for 28" Barrels (42"slip)

    I'm afraid not, the zip is too long and the hacking about is never worth it. Still looking!
  9. CaptC

    Leather Gun Slip for 28" Barrels (42"slip)

    Have a look at Holts new catalogue? Commission and VAT on top though!
  10. Looking for an older leather slip for my Browning 20 bore which has 28" barrels. My present slip is far too long and looks ridiculous! Thanks
  11. CaptC

    Samsung Tab a6 16gb tablet

    Very interested - Does it have provision for a SIM card and, if so. is it unlocked? Thanks PM'd
  12. CaptC

    Cartridge Bags - New!

    PM'd - thanks
  13. CaptC

    Cartridge Bags - New!

    Small (50 cartridges) Napier cartridge belt that can be converted to a waist pouch - Sold thank you! Medium (100 cartridges approx) cartridge bag. Waterproof lining so ideal for the marsh? Very strongly made . No makers name but similar to a Napier bag that retails at £29 - £20 posted Both bags dark green - sorry for the photo! Neither bag has been used. Thanks
  14. CaptC

    Vintage Pole Traps

    SOLD TO fandango with thanks! SOLD TO fandango with thanks!
  15. CaptC

    Vintage Pole Traps

    PM Returned