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  1. CaptC

    Hip Flasks SOLD!!!

    Mesage sent! Thanks
  2. CaptC

    Hip Flasks SOLD!!!

    Two nice hip flasks - The green flask is a 6 oz jobbie with a fifties look. Chrome fluted sides and top. Stamped "Stainless Steel" - ideal for those cold days as it has plenty of grip. Leatherette type covering. £10 posted. The smaller 4 oz flask has a plain design wrapped in "Montana Calf" and made in England. £7 posted. Both have concave backs. Both in very good condition. Thank you SOLD THANK YOU!
  3. CaptC

    Normark Super Swede Knife

  4. CaptC

    Normark Super Swede Knife

    Normark Super Swede - good condition. 3.5" blade. Light marks but edge is good. £23 posted Thanks
  5. CaptC

    Ms Abbott in the news again

    I wouldn't!
  6. CaptC

    Parsons slip - Knackered zip!

    Thank you - All options are now open! Much appreciated!
  7. CaptC

    Parsons slip - Knackered zip!

    Thanks Gordon
  8. CaptC

    Parsons slip - Knackered zip!

    It is indeed but it is also very much "an old friend!" I will give it some thought!
  9. CaptC

    Parsons slip - Knackered zip!

    Most kind! If I cannot contact Brett Parsons I will give her a call
  10. Does anyone know if it is possible to repair my Parsons leather gun slip - I have just managed to knack the zip!?
  11. Indeed so with thanks! Trust your woggle is working? SOLD TO THE MAN BELOW!!
  12. I used to go out with a Finish lady - a cut above the rest!
  13. One can always negotiate - ?
  14. Now's your opportunity? A rare knife!
  15. Thank you for the info! I will explore Bushcraft UK! - Couldn't see/find any "Wanted" articles - probably quite rightly need to be a member?