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  1. PM me you email address please? I can send via iPhone? Cheers
  2. I will measure the maximum diameter (I’m out with the dog) I’m sure it’s wide enough for a scoped rifle.
  3. Wonderful patina - rich honey coloured leather. Full length zip. Thick faux fur lining with inner “safety flap” Marked Conway London Measures 50” long and internally it measures 7.5" on average. A few obvious age marks but quite stunning More pictures a pleasure - please PM me £85 posted thanks !!!SOLD!!! I also have a full leather Conway 12 bore cartridge belt that matches - £100 posted for the pair Farlows full leather slip, super order - 48" long, carrying handles and shoulder strap. Top flap and a short zip - Pictures on request £125 posted thank
  4. Good evening Thanks for your reply. I'm after an Air Arms, HW, FX or similar. Calibre not important but would prefer a .22. A good scope and as many "extras" as possible (bipod silencer etc) We/I are plagued with squirrels both at home (Nation Trust estate so no "offical" shooting) and on our shoot despite an alleged game keeper! Cheers Paul
  5. CaptC

    Tesco's fruit .

    Absolutely agree about Tesco's fruit - We try and buy locally but even sunny Cornwall does not produce bananas. Two days max and it's gone off. The Memsahib has a theory that their fruit is already stored "up country" and by the time it gets to the stores it is already beginning to go off.
  6. Thanks for the comments. Not a single reply! The same gun is over £18,000 today.
  7. Looking for an S410 with a budget of £550 - Anything out there please?
  8. An old launcher - The dummy has a chewed end and the little jobbie on the firing rod has long gone. A new “O” ring might be needed in the near future. Works perfectly and can give a quite vicious kick. (I taped it on a broom handle which also gave the dogs the possible impression of carrying a gun) £24 posted thanks !!!SOLD!!! Photos not loading on iPhone so will add some later
  9. Musto jacket - x 4 external cartridge pockets and one zipped internal wallet pocket. Fleece lined. Surprisingly lightweight. Sized as medium but it’s very roomy. Condition is very good. No marks, bobbling or damage. £60 posted thanks.
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