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  1. Very good - cheered me up after last night's results!
  2. You certainly have a choice! Well done!
  3. This one is different - Again 1950's era. Very dark brown/black shaft which looks to be hard plastic - No marks at all. The ground plate simply unscrews to convert either way. The seat cleverly folds out from the tradition walking stick type curved top to make an oval seat. No makers name but English patent with a large "L" on one face of the top. Measures 35" as a stick and 31" as a seat. £14 posted thanks. SOLD to dogger with thanks
  4. Must get that Cornish tape measure out again - No, not big enough! 30.5" max!
  5. Vintage A & N (CSL) shooting stick - the ideal gift for the person (PC?) who has every shooting accessory - except this! Made by Middlemoores of Birmingham and called the "Seatanstic" and sold to Officers and Gentlemen who were sent to our Colonies. Stamped A & N CSL If you have an Army and Navy shotgun this is for you! It has a very nice "feel" to it and needs using! Nice intact leather covered "seat" that opens out. Detachable alloy "stop" to save you sinking in the mud. The shaft is covered with a plastic like material exactly the same as the old Parker Hale cleaning rods which is on good condition. The "mechanics" of the top end could do with a clean but are perfectly presentable as they are. Measures 33" as a walking stick and 28" with the seat in the firing position. I would date it to early 50's? Looking for £22 posted please - SOLD with thanks
  6. Large vinyl covered gun case typically Chinese, some marks outside but perfect (looks unused) inside. The combination locks still have their tabs so never used (why bother?) Reinforced corners! Excellent for the back of the pick up/Land Rover as a back up. Very sturdy! Measures 31.5" x 9.5" x 3.75" Please excuse the pictures - it's rather dark and muggy here yet again! Bargain at £25 posted Sold to Plink all day with thanks! L
  7. Thanks ditchy, it is a nice one! Do they have leather in Norfolk?
  8. Very nice 12 leather cartridge belt. Open loops with retaining strip below to stop the cartridges falling through. Measures 47" to the last hole so will fit most! Excellent condition - No marks, rubs or scratches. Stainless steel buckle rust free! £14 posted thanks SOLD THANKS
  9. I try and keep my powder - and everything else - dry. Sage advice which I'm sure dogger will abide by!
  10. I have used them for two seasons in my 12 bore and found them consistently hard hitting - 10/10!!
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