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  1. A very good old, possibly French L of M gun case. The retaining strap is missing as is one of the carrying strap leather clip. if you look you can see someone's name on the case but it is hard to see and actually gives the case some character. No significant scratches (you have to look) The lid's hinge is intact and the carrying handle is in excellent condition. Very good for the boot of the car on long journeys as it can easily be hidden. Measures 30" long - pushing a tape down the barrel section gives it a 28" length. I have not got the time to take the case to my saddler so sold "as seen". £65 posted - thanks
  2. No, I do not think that there was a "robust exchange" with the intruder who was not, as far as I could see, being physical just verbal. What the other's were doing was probably a little more active. When there are thousands of UK residents literally on the breadline and no hope whatsoever I find these people very annoying as it's a case of "Look at me" and producing nothing!
  3. What I thought was interesting was the expression on Mr Field's face as he turns to confront the intruder - A look of someone who has had enough and actually wants to do something? 10 out of 10 to him! The BBC have again shown their love of the lefties with a rather heated exchange with Peter Bottomley which the latter handled very well.
  4. CaptC


    The Memsahib's polytunnel has become free feeding for mice. They have nipped the tops off all her growing plants which has caused quite considerable complaining. As she will not take any proactive measures as she does not like killing anything I set seven traditional traps about two weeks ago and the score is now into the middle twenties! I'm almost feeling guilty when, in the morning Mr or Mrs Mouse is staring at me with their eyes protruding from their heads. Strange that I have not caught any by the tail or feet? Peanut butter is deadly!!
  5. Thank you for replying - No, it is not the bolt - It's a slide that the bolt pulls backwards and forwards. When bolt is pulled back the extractor pulls out the fired cartridge conversely, when the bolt is pushed forward it picks up the slide and takes the cartridge into the breach. The bolt on my gun has only the firing pin sticking out.
  6. Now, now! No need for that! Amusing though!
  7. Has anyone got by the wildest chance an old Anschutz 9 mm garden gun extractor (or slide) that sits in the bottom of the breech please? I have been given the gun (which is Belgium proofed) but discovered when cleaning it that there was no extractor - or is it meant to have one in the first place? It's tight when the bolt is pushed to the firing position but the round would be a devil to remove? Just want the part - not a gun! Thanks
  8. I think to sum up the Cornish expression "Matter do it?" come to mind. Personal choice but if I had either No 1 or No 2 my thoughts would constantly be "Where's the other one?" And knowing there was no chance of ever finding it.
  9. Absolutely agree with welshwarrior - The gun was restocked because the owner's father fell over and broke it in half. Purdey restocked the gun and a year or so later replaced the forend so apart from the actual action the gun has had everything replaced. Another conundrum is that it is one of a pair. The pair having been split in the 60's to seperate members of the family. The double case went with No 2 gun. Does "one of a pair" have the same value as a single gun?
  10. I would imagine that the sock fitter at Purdey's matched the new forend? I have seen a lot of guns that mismatch as per Gunman's post. All to save a few pounds. My Browning had a grade 5 stock fitted before I bought it but a mismatching light forend. Managed to luckily find a forend that was exactly the same colour and grain which I refinished myself but now have different serial numbers! One picture taken outside but there is no difference in colour
  11. Thanks Gunman, The present (new) stock has good figuring but as it was stocked by Purdey it's not "brash" - Tomorrow I'm hoping to find out why the gun was restocked as all the work that has been completed on the gun is in Purdey's (and the present owner's) archives.
  12. Thank you for such excellent advice! The gun has been maintained and serviced by Purdey since 1935. Quite agree re the woodwork but this one has good matching timber all completed by Purdey. Thank you again
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