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  1. Immaculate Bonart shooting waistcoat - Suede shoulder patches and suede edged pockets. Not a mark on it anywhere - looks to be little worn. Large bellows pockets at the front with two "hand warmer" pockets. Rear has open pocket across the back. Sized as 2 XL - Measures 24" across the back (actually bigger as it was measures loosely) 32" from nape to hem. These sell for around £60 - £23 posted thanks SOLD to fallowbuck pending payment
  2. CaptC

    Should She be Allowed Back in to the UK

    Listening to her brazen comments re beheadings knocked any "forgiveness" from me. As to the spawn of Beelzebub that she is about to produce please stay where you are!
  3. CaptC

    Das Boot

    Used to watch the original series when we farmed in France - Visited the Bordeaux and La Rochelle U Boat pens soon after which the French almost deny are sitting in the middle of their city (they cannot hide them as they are truly massive) There was a small side entrance at Bordeaux as if the French were ashamed of what the Germans left behind (I wonder why?) Inside there was no information about the pens or the slave labour that built them only a very bizarre photographic exhibition that had nothing at all to do with "the war". The original series was brilliant with Jurgen Prochnow (Captain) Erwin Leder (Chief mechanic) etc etc - Alas we do not have Skye out of principal so maybe there will be a boxed set? Incorrect Sir, many, in fact most merchant ships were armed. Many were disguised as merchant ships to entice the submarines. Whatever and whoever it was a bloody awful place to be - either above or below the surface. Have a look at the PQ 17 convoy - carnage!
  4. CaptC

    Wyatt Twerp Film - Bloomer?

    Nothing like a well trained woman's eye - provided that they are not full of Madras curry at the time!
  5. CaptC

    Wyatt Twerp Film - Bloomer?

    Thank you for your concern, I had the rather envious job of lifting her heavily jowled head free of the curry and, with the greatest care easing the left overs out of the creases. It appears the dear lady was watching a Christmas recording of James Bond withDaniel Craig - As her eyelids fluttered in response to my sponging she mumbled something about Daniel Craig and her juices. Rushed off down to the cellar for some fresh fruit juice made earlier by Wanita our new Mexican maid who leaped the fence and worked her way to the UK. Stunned to find that it was the wrong "juice". I shall have to lock my bedroom door again this evening!
  6. CaptC

    Wyatt Twerp Film - Bloomer?

    You are reading far too much into it - There is certainly no euphemism's implied - by his "rig" I mean his gunbelt but I can see where you are coming from - interesting! Must go, the Memsahib's head has fallen into the Madras curry that chef prepared and I have over heated for her. Must say the tumeric has an interesting effect!
  7. CaptC

    Wyatt Twerp Film - Bloomer?

    No Sir! True multi tasking is conversing with TIGHTCHOKE, cooking, pouring G&T's, opening the wine and avoiding the news that the Memsahib had blaring whilst she downed yet another G&T!! It's the gin - got confused with bloomers then thought again because I was wincing at the thought of the Memsahib's over knee bloomers!
  8. CaptC

    Wyatt Twerp Film - Bloomer?

    Whilst conversing with TIGHTCHOKE , recording the Italy v Wales game plus preparing tonight's dinner as its the Memsahibs night off (now known as multi - tasking) I was watching Kevin Costner playing Wyatt Twerp. He left a house of ill repute wearing his "rig" for a cross draw i.e right hand to left hip. The next scene he had a standard rig and had only walked across the road. Anyone else bored?
  9. Beretta moleskin shooting vest with suede shoulder patches in superb condition. Expensive lining - This is a very high quality vest with a thick lining, rear zipped pocket, two bellows pockets (L/H one with pocket above) and one x round pocket. Two zipped internal pockets (one "easy access") If you can translate Italian the inner label says " Tessuto Duca Visconti Di Modrone" - I think it's about the Duke Visconti of Modrone? The buttons have "Beretta Sport" printed on them. Measures 22" across the back = ergo a large 42 (too big for me hence the reason for selling) This vest would look good either on the clay ground or a driven day. £35 posted - SOLD TO TIGHTCHOKE with thanks! PS - The photo looks like the vest is marked - It is immaculate!
  10. Wilkinson Sword Company pewter oil bottle made when Wilkinson manufactured and sold guns. Paper label with 27 Pall Mall address under the Royal warrant. "The Wilkinson Sword Company Limited Factories : Oakley Works, Acton, W., and Colonial Works, Sheffield". Round pewter bottle with nicely turned brass cap. (No sign of there ever being a dipper) Remnants of oil still inside! Stands 3.25" high x 1.80" across the base. Condition 9/10 If someone has a Wilkinson gun this is what you want! £40 posted please
  11. Verdun trench art - Dated 1914 - 1918 with stippled effect and flowers. Originally a 37 - 85 Hotchkiss gun shell. As found so not polished. (9.5 cms high x 4.2 cms across the base) Comes with another 4" shell case which has what looks like unusual plating? Stamped R.A.L 1917. There are some other lightly marked numbers but hard to read. (21.5 cms high x 10 cms across the base) Fluted top and crimped above the base Getting quite rare and hard to find. £65 posted for the pair which is a very fair price! Thanks More photos available if requested?
  12. CaptC

    iPhone SE and two iPhone 5s for sale

    Is the 16gb 5s unlocked? Thanks