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  1. Would you like my address - a good home is assured!
  2. Too much port! Seriously the gun (Browning 525 Elite) fitted well, I shot as good as the next man but it gradually went off the boil and got so bad it was a misery going out. Changed to the S/S and down they came. Having a nasty fall in November was the beginning of the end.
  3. My right eye dominance seems to have moved to my left eye (I shoot right handed) Tried one of those Aim Point sights with no effect. Moved to a S/S and started connecting quite respectfully. No doubt it won't last!
  4. Almost! At my age I can hardly see the target! The lightness and handling are a joy and even better if I connect with the quarry!
  5. I have two suits but neither alas would fit - 34" waist and 40/42" chest. Best of luck - Try fleabay?
  6. Thanks to London Best, panoma1 and Lloyd - you are absolutely right - I will leave the chokes unmeasured as it's the best solution! The ejector is "very tight" in the left barrel compared with the other gun. If one was to measure it I would say it was full choke. Thanks again
  7. What do the measurements translate as eg chest and waist?
  8. Having moved to the dark side and now using a 20 bore S/S it would be good to know what chokes are? I'm lucky enough to own two English S/S's one is an ejector which I use for driven game and the other is used for walked up days. I have no idea what the constriction(s) are in the muzzles in either gun and both guns are completely different. If anyone wants a 12 bore choke gauge please PM me? Many thanks
  9. Perhaps the lady who came across the "gruesome sight" might like to visit the local abattoir where, if she eats meat, her eyes will again be opened! The stalkers were a tad too casual about gralloching the deer but again it's a case of not understanding on behalf of the lady and the ****** in the Herts Wildlife Monitors and East Herts Sabs. I wonder if the incident was on a "designated path" as the Trust likes to call them? More likely that the lady was roaming around the woods? As to the National Trust and their policies on different estates the mind boggles - here they fell good mature trees, cut them into sensible lengths then leave them to rot - tons and tons of good useable wood wasted. Gripe over!
  10. Raining so had to come indoors - I tipped x 75 twelve bore cartridges into the bag (I use a twenty bore) and there is room for another box - IO would say that the bag would take 120 'ish twenty bore and 100 'ish 12 bore.
  11. I will put as many 12 bore cartridges as I can find in the bag at lunchtime - tad busy at the moment!
  12. No it's not a Brady but as good as - if not better! The leatherwork and fittings are far superior. Thanks for the comment
  13. Just what I was after! Well done and thank you! Hellis (Gunmaker) took over Hinton's business until (I think) the 70's.
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