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  1. Rifle slip - Measures 128 x 29 cms. Good all round condition. Well padded with large side pocket. Full length zip. Shoulder strap. £15 posted Shotgun slip - Measures 50” long. Top closure and full length zip. Carry handles. Well padded but small side pocket zip u/s. Shoulder strap. Some wear to muzzle end but does not affect use. £12 posted Buy the matching pair for £25 posted!! Thanks
  2. Pigeon Shooting by John Gray and Will’s Shoot by Will Garfit Both books in A1 condition. £12 posted thanks
  3. Three books all in A1 condition (Working Gundogs has a dedication inside) £15 posted for all three. Sorry but I’m not splitting them. Sold to Bov 1 with thanks
  4. Getting closer - The sketch I remember had one of them chopping off her fingers (I think she fed them to the dog?) All very gung - ho.
  5. No - thanks but in the sketch I'm looking for it has F&S as two country ladies who are very upper crust. Searching has come up with the sketches being removed?
  6. The sketch had, if I remember, a Labrador dog. It wasn’t the two fat “men”.
  7. I was telling the Memsahib who is a few years my junior about a very amusing sketch that French and Saunders did about two very “loud” county ladies. Not the two fat ladies that they parodied. I can remember one of them cutting off her fingers? Youtube seems to have deleted them? A link would be much appreciated! Happy New Year to you all!
  9. We shoot 10 "main days" then a clear up day at the end of the season. Full or half gun but work days and a dog essential. We are a very friendly bunch, the emphasis is on having a good day rather than the bag. A prize draw runs every week with cash for the winner - the rest goes towards paying for the Beater's shoot dinner.
  10. If there are £30 ish RFD fees at the buyers end surely, £30 ish would cover fuel?
  11. BSA Italian made 3” chambered.410. Condition is 8.5/9 out of 10. Stock (14” LOP) Forend has a couple of light marks as does the stock. The stock and forend are varnished - Stripped and reworking would make nice woodwork. 28” barrel retains it’s blueing. Internally again some tiny marks but would polish out. This is a good knock around gun and a knock down price! Happy to RFD at buyer’s cost. £60!!
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