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  1. Two catapults - some good "hits" but they tend not to be terminal! - Oh - .22!
  2. Looking for the above thank you. .22 please. Not daft money and willing to post? Squirrels eating the emerging fruit buds!! Cheers and Good Health!
  3. We had a WhatsApp shoot meeting and have more or less decided to skip this year. No one knows when this will end. My thoughts are with the game farm, feed supplier and above all the farmer who is so generous. May I wish everyone good and safe times!
  4. Since posting earlier the consensus seems to be to reduce the birds by half and if we sre still around have a few walked up days
  5. What is the opinion of PW's about the coming season with Covid 19 at the fore? Will game farms be supplying birds, will we be allowed to even attend shoots? My Shoot Captain has just phoned and suggested three options, (1) Carry on as before, (2) Reduce to half the amount of poults, (3) Take a year off. Our landlord, a very generous farmer has offered us the year rent free if we go for option (3) - Thoughts please?
  6. Indeed and quite legally - until used in anger!
  7. How about these for the "Man Cave" (or Woman Cave being ultra PC) - An old fencing sabre an a Leon Paul epee? The sabre has a great "feel" to it - Cleaned lightly, the bell guard was originally (possibly) nickel plated but it has worn off. The blade has a nice patina and the cutting edge is of course being a fencing sword blunted on purpose. The epee is made my the world famous Leon Paul - it's all there, a good drip, polished guard and a good blade (cleaned lightly) While away the long hours of isolation by taking up fencing? £40 posted (big box) Thanks !!!SOLD!!!
  8. Handy for what - the mind boggles!
  9. I will go and have a look - three "fierce" one moderate and nearly a missing finger!
  10. Three cleaning rods - Two piece vintage brass rod with "T" handle not sure of the thread but most unusual 36" long - £20 posted Parker Hale rifle/shotgun rod with male fitting 33" long - good condition £10 posted !!! SOLD !!! Parker Hale two piece rifle rod 22" long - £8 posted All lengths are the rod lengths and do not include the handles Thanks
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