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  1. DIY Shoot Hi all,we have 2 & 1/2 gun spaces come available at our DIY shoot in Herefordshire. We put 4/500 birds down 100 duck & possibly partridge this season. We shoot 8 days have 1 beaters day then a clear up day on Feb 1st. The average bag is around 20 with a few days higher a few lower. There are work parties & there’s also a feed rota maybe 1 evening a week. Like I said it’s a DIY friendly shoot beaters mix with the guns & everyone mucks in. Cost is £1000 full gun £600 half gun Dates are below Thanks in advance Andy
  2. Just putting the feelers out for the up & coming 2020/21 season for beaters. This is for a friendly DIY shoot located between Worcester & Hereford,not going to lie it’s quite hard work & we can only afford to offer £10 & beaters day shoot as a thankyou.The dates are below. Any more details please message me,thankyou.
  3. Nice write up & cracking buck well done Andy
  4. Great video again,they were some excellent birds well done,cant wait till next season Andy
  5. Well done,they both look over the moon Andy
  6. Great video,what do you use some kind of helmet cam ? Andy
  7. + 1 on Paint it Black & Brothers in arms (dire straights)
  8. Well done Snowz cracking shot Andy
  9. Well done John great start to 2012
  10. Merry Xmas to you & the rest of PW Andy
  11. Well done Stu,great write up Andy
  12. Hi ive inherited a spanish 12g sxs,& was wondering if someone can help with the choke numbers or convert them to understandable meanings such as (full choke,3/4 choke etc )the numbers are choke 17.3 on one barrel & choke 18 on the other thanks in advance andy
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