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  1. Did mine in June .and runs out next June when 70 .it says on the license when it runs out . you may get a letter to tell you
  2. How many on here would do the same if it was there animals .he paid for the plane which has nothing to with the government.he also said said he would fill the plane with Afghans in the spare seats did the government take him up on his offer .there are plenty Of planes sitting idle us them .the mod will not have enough planes because of all the cutbacks . it said on news why can not the uk hold the airport on its own .because we don’t have enough troops .due to cutbacks again . and we rely on the Americans to save us
  3. Why can the uk gov not hire the planes stood doing nothing.as no one is allowed out . they are stood doing nothing.
  4. Ask your local mot test station .but if you look on net it says it’s not included in mot
  5. Revo

    Car Tax

    If you are picking your new car up on the 1st September.i would not tax it if you call drop it off the day beforec
  6. Revo

    Semi auto 12g

    Hatsan mossy oak break up £300 For got these
  7. Revo

    Semi auto 12g

    We’re are you I have a hatsan mossy oak break up 12 g
  8. https://www.sportsmanguncentre.co.uk/beretta-a400-xcel-x-g-sporter-m-c-12g These have them in stock
  9. https://www.airgunspares.com/ John knibb has them in stock £32
  10. Is this what you are looking for .which version escort is it .mk 1 -2-3
  11. I will try to get a costing in next couple of days and get back to you
  12. Nothing .but how would you get it this is a .22 not been fired for about nearly 2yr
  13. Webley tempest I think ..does work
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