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  1. In answer to the op AA less complex and cheaper to repair maybe?
  2. Nice few long shots. Out of interest and ignorance is that a red dot, if so which one please.
  3. Yes, no doubt encouraged by the local authority who knew this would occur? The long game is more dosh from hundreds of houses when the offender has been closed down due to complaints that the council has a duty to investigate and act on.
  4. Agree entirely. Know of two diverse locations so affected. A sprint track and church bells. Go figure
  5. Yes it would, late 59 or early 60's. Is the Italian S.G?
  6. Excellent IMHO. A good understanding of our position finally?
  7. old man

    Light aircraft

    Slightly off topic....... A while ago i had the pleasure of missing a few clays with a new acquaintance, it soon became apparent he had about 100 times more ability to locate, track and destroy the clays despite being new to the sport. In conversation one day he admitted to having spent his working life as a pilot, first RAF then involvement with development of the Nimrod for spotting at sea. He said 100 knots at 100 ft in a Rod sharpened the senses...lol He lived and was based HK at the end of career training new pilots. A very good companion on the clays and a joy to watch.
  8. Just ask him for the evidence.. However I wouldn't use one by my dog if I still had one.
  9. Faceache adverts seem popular here?
  10. Surely when able. You have the same invitation Sir. it was only a fleeting glance but quite unlike anything else to my eye, If these aliens are left we know our natives will suffer the consequences of our neglect? Urban parks due to political luvvies seem to offer greys and parakeets safe havens to spread from. if an orchard owner neither would be welcome?
  11. No surprise there bud, sure I saw one when driving through Orton on the Hill some weeks ago? Still on GL? must check.
  12. Thanks. Super Grayling news. I have a very foggy memory as a sprog being taken Sheepy way on to a small river bridge to see loads of trout rising to being fed? I may be dreaming though?
  13. OMG, pencil and paper was never this much trouble?..........Thankfully.
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