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  1. For a ten minute faster empty train maybe?
  2. I had mine done with my beard trimmer immediately after the dog was trimmed using them, don't mind sharing his fleas.
  3. Vinegar can cause tempered glass to craze.
  4. One thing for sure ig, we will never know for sure.
  5. Could be the clue is in the sizes? 1 female with males in mating display flight?
  6. Have both and can't use either yet. Sounds like rutting warthogs........lol.
  7. Saw first grey kit today in nearby public open space.
  8. A bit much for munties at 100 yds maybe?
  9. Wherever they are we probably foot the bill for that?
  10. old man


    No need to pay pc, we are all mongrels, the proportions just vary? Professor Alice always worth a gander?
  11. Agreed, just what happened to the other interested parties? Their members might like to enquire?
  12. I know the feeling, could be almost worth a life ban?
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