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  1. old man


    Sadly, experience tells? The only certainty here is that whichever clowns win, we, the plebs will inevitably be worse off? Having made us the weakling laughing stock of Europe each will pursue it's own version of subjugation while having their own snouts buried to the point of drowning in the public trough? Boom and bust will be forged on the issues of climate change, NHS and HS2? Fortunes made and increased?
  2. old man

    Elon Musk

    Wouldn't want him anywhere near me.
  3. Plenty more around as stupid as her?
  4. Same old lies that the opposition always use, non traceable invective? .... good enough to further their aims as the majority are unthinking anyway?
  5. No use commenting about the lack of punishment, IMO will only get worse? There doesn't seem to be an appetite here to make anyone responsible for anything? This stems from the top?
  6. Probable by then that gas heating will have been given the kiss of death by Chris, Greta and good old Dave?
  7. Personally. avoid a regulator and a tad heavy to carry?
  8. old man

    London bridge

    Seemingly, this is how the judiciary are promoted, by individuals and a system which holds similar attitudes that believe the perpetrators are of greater worth than the victim?
  9. old man

    London bridge

    Just the standard way that those in charge salve their collective conscience, by making pay outs with someone else's money? Their peers deem any activity to be worthy of praise?
  10. An absolutely correct summation IMO.
  11. old man

    London bridge

    The so called experts who allow this cringing ineptitude to happen should be under a very public spotlight to explain?
  12. As TIGHTCHOKE says. Personally never had proof that anything other than food works? Tried Primos etc and stone clicks.
  13. Mice, meant to say was in vehicle at the time. The keepers presumably but not for me have opinion.
  14. Out Thursday, saw 2, both at about 75 yards. both cleared off at high speed without looking back straight into dense cover. Not able to use anything other than Air during the season so just stepping back a bit and waiting for new crop of youngsters and season end. Not close enough to trap, that would be the keepers but have some aniseed essence to try next week. My total for November..... Zero.
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