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  1. 1 big buck today, came for afternoon tea at the feeder. Total 195.
  2. A new DG methinks, sounds like he gingered the staff up a bit about profile association? Ref Packham's exploitation of Aunty for own self aggrandisement? ITV. BBC. growing ever closer via *hitbox?
  3. 1 last night, just on dusk. Fat balls again. Total 193.
  4. ! this morning on the fat balls, a recovery from poison baiting locally? Total 192
  5. Nope, don't think so when a text takes 30 seconds, communication being a two way street.
  6. There always seems to be one to ruin everything? I seem to have lost my Squirrel cull area over lock down, no replies to any communications about it, Thought I had responded as requested, safe and reliable but now looking round again as beginning to feel like a stalker over it.
  7. 1 tonight, a buck off the fat balls. Total 191
  8. 1 this morning. Male kit. S200 and Hades. Total 1215
  9. 1 more juvenile, off the fat balls. Total 190
  10. 2 more this morning. Ratling. Total 185.
  11. ! more just, ratling on ground by water. Total 183
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