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  1. old man

    fine for too much ammo

    Call me old fashioned but why always a kick back by some who think it ok to exceed certificate limits? No mention here but It says his guns and ticket gone, not just a fine?
  2. old man

    Cabinet Keys

    One stage away from the Met passing on certificate holders details to smart water? Wonder whether any ***** spanked over that faux pas? I suspect not, probably an award for tightening security?
  3. old man

    Cabinet Keys

    Mm, the police asking you to record one of 3 options for keeping keys secure? That indicates a level of intelligence, them for asking and the holder for telling?
  4. old man

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Simply to keep their trough topped up to overflowing for the next 50 years and allow them to create their army.
  5. old man

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Surely that's just how it works to create a super state? Remove the ability to create wealth and subjugate them further by allocating loans that are impossible to repay? A cheaper way than tried before?
  6. old man

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Why should we expect anything less than fifth rate from our politicians, that's just how they have become used to performing over the years, fifth rate in their book equates to platinum star. They can't wait for this to be over so they can return to sleeping interspersed with sessions in the trough. Panic by them is seen as meaningful activity.
  7. old man

    BREXIT - merged threads

    No problem. Available in Greece for anyone who has 500 Euro? 👍
  8. old man

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Pray where do you think that will spring from, all of the previously deposed vermin anxious to bury snouts in the 5 star trough again?
  9. old man

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Agreed, a traitorus trick by May who being a remainer probably thought we were all stupid and could slip the deal through? Some deal? Us remaining with no say in any dealings with the but still paying out endlessly. Sadly she has managed to repeat what our politicians do, leave the plebs worse off than before? I now don't see us leaving?
  10. old man

    Problems with Neighbours (again)

    Your'e all heart Dougy, just like me.
  11. old man

    Lynx reintroduction rejected

    Yep and that boy knew what he was about? Interestingly, as a digression. Just try to find any famous book of the same ilk in a public library? All gone, as it was explained to me, not culturally acceptable in this modern age? ***. Sanitisation of history authorised by local councils? Meat coming in little boxes caps it off?
  12. old man

    Lynx reintroduction rejected

    Talking of Leopards and Tigers, I was informed that in the wild, with Tigger there was usually plenty of warning but with Leopard if you were lucky you got one warning cough?
  13. old man

    Family of swans shot dead

    I sadly suspect that you will never see actual proof provided by either RSPB, RSPCA or any other so called charity dependant on misleading the population to keep the coffers full? As for MP's not worth a comment.
  14. old man

    Lynx reintroduction rejected

    Leopards are possibly more dangerous aparently but back on topic, the right decision IMO? If a dangerous animal licence isneeded to keep one in in captivity how come it could be ok to release a bunch into the wild? Nuts in my estimation.
  15. old man

    UN Immigration Policy

    Mm, I'm still thinking on about the full ramification of this proposal. A thought so far is that it is maybe a final open declaration for the real reason for the existence of the UN? Terrifying in the thought of the creation of a legitimate vehicle for spreading terrorism globally? Mass subjugation of populations for what purpose? The Marx thought that 'religion' being the opium of the masses replaced by the 'UN'? The ability to have committed a serious crime the moment you wake up? The final death knell of democracy? Us being one of the first signatories? Looking absolutely brilliant so far?