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  1. old man

    Police chief. ?

    The system only lets the genuine, effective and conscientious rise so far as the real politico elite are then worried that their world is under threat?
  2. old man

    Police chief. ?

    Utterly disgraceful behaviour. Sadly he will, as is usual be allowed to slip away with all of his entitlement still intact? No one other than the little person is ever held account?
  3. old man

    PCP Issues.

    Any unregulated Air Arms? ? ?
  4. old man

    Steam mop recommendation

    If you are in a hard water area you have been advised.....lol
  5. old man

    Steam mop recommendation

    Not Vax. Filters always blocking. Just binned ours.
  6. old man

    Police chief. ?

    Still ploughing through this but probably sleeps very well? It's only people with scruples that suffer from conscience? What happened to the good old truncheon? Aah, probably classes as an offensive weapon and banned?
  7. old man

    Modern life.

    Quite right ditchie, intelligence seems to be a curse. Oh to have the joy of being fick.
  8. Looking for replacement as above in any suitable wood. It's a tool and the square peofile grip on underside is uncomfortable to carry, looking to round off like 300/400. May need 2. Based Stafford. Pm please? Thanks.
  9. old man

    Is it just me?

    Certainly lightened the mood over the channel, beg to disagree about the flow. To me, sadly, just another illustration of the mess we are in. New characters for the magic roundabout?
  10. old man

    Is it just me?

    Who advises these idiotic politicos that plague our system? The dancing Theresa? How mind numbingly excruciating? I bet it caused hours of mirth in the annals of the Euro zone, reinforcing their quest for our total humiliation. I bet there was not a dry seat to be found anywhere. Words almost fail again.
  11. old man

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Looks likely. We can't be harsh or demanding can we? Being such fair minded, ( give it all away) cultured, (soft) polite peeps. Words fail how democracy is derided.
  12. old man

    Dead Squabs

    Maybe just roll off very poor nests?
  13. old man

    Ben Fogle - Another Anti

    Yes, but he's an explorer now don't ya know. A Celebrity, how and why?
  14. old man

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Sadly it isn't. Just how this rediculous system has been set up? Positions for life in or nearly in on £77.000 plus as many freebies as can be snaffled.
  15. old man

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Probably, still doing a bit under cover?