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  1. Wishful, I'm afraid.Most seem to celebrate by feeding the greys? We just have to keep on, keeping on. Out again tomorrow.
  2. Sadly, doesn't solve the problem of the judiciary being out of kilter due to political interference?
  3. That's just too much common sense and far too easy to legislate, so beyond the intelligence of the powers that be?
  4. Definitely. They can be an absolute menace. Should be mandatory.
  5. Takes a particular type of person to become a Judge?
  6. old man

    Garden bird ID

    Whats your thinking Chris?
  7. Can see it already, he sneaks back after much hand wringing from the establishment then we have provide protection for him for life?
  8. Words almost fail, he knew what he was about and so seemingly did his parents? 15 months suspended? Bet he comes back too?
  9. Nic, you should probably be in therapy by now for having expectations placed on you for having self responsibility? A lot of this stems from them expecting someone else to be responsible for their actions and futures?
  10. Agreed Gordon but with regard to reputation not really sure now that any politico can claim one? Lying, stealing, ignoring the electorate? Sums up most for me, personally will never trust another one at any level.
  11. Just the training ground for under cover special forces operatives?
  12. Sadly they are all, "also ran's" Boris will probably win, to stay in post just long enough to get the golden packet then opt out saying Euro zone Burghers won't play? Don't trust either of them personally with the big job.
  13. Please don't take this the wrong way but......... Not wishing to rain on your parade but......all you know is they have to be soft points and you are looking 100/250 mtrs? I think the deer deserve a bit more respect and a bit more practice first? Maybe I get this the wrong way, if so I apologise.
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