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  1. Sadly, correct? I sincerely hope that the murdered unknown homeless person has the same vigour applied to the apprehension of their perpetrator?
  2. As usual I always end up feeling sad for the few real triers in the professions criticised? The malaise is everywhere, shirking, ducking and diving has filtered down from the very top? I had a spell with a local authority once when engineering collapsed and I needed a job to feed my family. Going in from industry was an eye opener I wish had been denied me. Soured my view forever. Judging by recent interactions with planning, roads and environment it's thriving still. Frighteningly simple things seem impossibly wreathed in secrecy.
  3. Still have the hook to make them. Yep, and proud of what we are?
  4. Mm, I do like that. What maker please Daf, Holland?
  5. Sadly our surgery seems to be trying to qualify for the worst in the county, very poor for everything unless they can make a call and get you shipped off to hospital? Pedantic to the day over prescription costs to themselves too. Hey ho, all part timers.
  6. You were lucky yours was 30 yds away? Used to enjoy the newspaper strips twice in one visit. I miss the lino flooring and rattling sash windows too. Thinking on about the old spud sack hanging on the cistern and paraffin lamp behind the door. The stove boiler in the kitchen, rag rug on the floor. Count myself as very lucky, We will need real help in a catastrophe?
  7. Mm, shame that didn't seem to apply when the Met gave away the details of FAC holders to so called S**** *****. The excuse given? To help improve security? I'm afraid they seem to maybe have forgotten that their duty is only allowed by the consent of others?
  8. Sadly, again, it's no good caring too much because obviously the ones who can create change to make things better don't give a rodents derriere about such lowly matters? I don't see any politico giving a flying fig about any rising cost as they just claim it back on expenses, giving us again the opportunity to pay it for them?
  9. I for one, fervently hope he and his mates practice population control?🤣
  10. Not good enough, any largish employer is expected to perform better than Bob down the road employing 2 people. Use their formal procedure? Enjoy every day.
  11. Isolation may be good for character building then?
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