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  1. Much too wet here too.
  2. Spot on, that looks like the new future with the ruling few % raking in the fat profits from their monopolised import companies.
  3. Thanks for the info. Don't have the necessary to be a politico. I agree with your sentiment but whatever happens as a result it will not happen because I actively wasted a vote on any of the present shower of ****.
  4. If no Reform candidate, no vote may sadly be the only option? I will not ever vote to support any of the current greedy shower around at present.
  5. Tried that didn't we but someone broke someone elses gun?😇 I have Deerhunter Rusky kit but far too wet and muddy for that at the moment. Would need a winch to extract me. Unfortunately I'm static bud.
  6. I agree entirely. The Starmer wet dream maybe to link up the loonys in Scotland and Wales to create his wonderland?
  7. Just an illustration of fine things to come maybe?
  8. I am fairly certain that she will succeed based on current trends. The lawyers no doubt have a conveyor system so that the money never stops? No doubt based on the likely outcomes of each case?
  9. It certainly seems to be guided that way?
  10. Thanks bud, regularly monitored. Thanks bruno22rf and RF. Bought now. om
  11. No doubt another loony tune waiting to be launched?
  12. Mm, thanks guys. I have layers, thermals etc but really felt It this morning so looking for heated kit. Price not an issue but always balanced against use and performance so the search continues.
  13. Same in my HO, barking and unfortunately here.
  14. Help required please. Mods please move if needed. Finally the cold has got to my core. Personal recommendations needed on heated jackets etc please. Thanks
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