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  1. Possibly just using the vendors bible? 😀 Charge up until they squeal than back off just a bit.
  2. Now that's a superb picture of endeavour?
  3. Caused by frustration henry, you may find a similar condition afflicts you as the years of this carp and destruction continue?
  4. You may consider looking at the RSPB site?
  5. Seemingly here it's only the males about much? Would be interesting to know if females mostly nocturnal when feeding kits?
  6. 1 boar today. Not as well hidden as he thought. Total 962
  7. Yep, that and the instruction to enable them to sign?
  8. Yep, also IMHO the use of fluffy toys is a major factor with attacks on children?
  9. Apologies if you are aware but please make sure your Dad is fully switched on to the rules concerning shooting birds as all are protected but allowed for certain species and conditions. Hot water can await the unwary?
  10. Thanks Simon, always useful to know load information. What scope?
  11. Superbly controlled shooting Simon, out of interest what bullet/powder combination do you use?
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