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  1. Absolutely Sir! Missing them already.😀
  2. It would, wouldn't it? Sell it for scrap?🧓
  3. You could try Norman Clark the gunsmith?
  4. My 1700 diesel costs the same as yours, We are all cash cows as they don't have money of their own to waste. All about cash conversion, tax the older stuff till the peeps buy new with loads of VAT?
  5. He will take some shifting, sticking like .......... to the blanket? Just like the rest?
  6. 👍 It could be that over there they want to?
  7. OMG, what tripe. Wonder who the expert isn't? Strangely the other day a few starlings were on a neighbours TV dish support. The local Sparrow hawk blasted in from nowhere, he missed, starlings did a loop and landed where they had been? Hardly a ruffled feather.
  8. old man

    squirrel control

    I'll second that, a definite no from me.
  9. A waste of steak pies Sir.
  10. I don't think Kasi has the same design, slick action or superb ejection?
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