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  1. My personal thoughts too but a real Jamaican curry goat is divine?
  2. Only the tree rats know when they will appear? I once had 15 total blanks over a 19 week period? Go figure?
  3. Straight peanuts can be quite expensive to maintain, as said a mixture cheaper?
  4. We mustn't deny the poor under privileged little boy his opportunity to tell the world of his situation? Possibly cowardly?
  5. Superb as usual Simon, how do you estimate the wind allowance over such distances?
  6. If you are near Colwich parish you can borrow my Sierra edition 5 and my Lee modern edition 2? Just pm me.
  7. Maybe an orthopaedic cushion to take the pressure off the coccyx? I have one and that improves my fishing chair. Thanks to you and Mice for the heads up about using a bit of the keepers feed, will ask just to be sure.
  8. ! old boar today. 1894 Good job someone can count?
  9. Didn't get wet today either bud. Sat for 4.1/2 hours just for 1 old boar. I seem to have picked up a bit of a habit change relating to their preferred feeding now from the grain in pheasant feeders in preference to my offerings of kibbled maize, bird seed, sunflower seed and peanuts dripped with a tiny bit of aniseed oil. Will have to reconsider things maybe. The one today was shot on the ground at about 8 yds heading toward the pheasant feeder placed right next to my hideaway. On arrival , I saw a squirrel under a different feeder so who really knows?
  10. Frustrating but I hoped for better as I had not been able to go the previous week. Hey ho, can't win them all?
  11. Sitting by 06.30 this morning, first boar within 15 minutes. Second candidate by 07.45 lost in the brambles, left for the night shift. Nothing then for 4 hours.
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