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  1. old man


    Just look for a wandering lost Vegetarian?
  2. They probably prefer warmer climates, maybe we are on the northern edge of their range but it would never be admitted? Far easier to propose persecution?
  3. old man


    Good luck getting those over the post office counter these days.
  4. Maybe only for some? Many seem to use their education to scam others?
  5. Correct IMHO, that and the fact of previous ice ages tells me what i need to know. Laughable really our tin pot politicos trying to impress the big stage, no stopping volcanoes or air travel whilst trying to make us plebs feel guilty for having the lights on and staying warm?
  6. The one I had a bit to do with was much smaller but it had stainless rods installed vertically at intervals on the bank top, these were regularly checked for position to detect slippage.
  7. Looks like August starting poorly, strange the feeder hit hard again, have they gone nocturnal? None seen even up in the tops.
  8. Just done in the age of austerity?
  9. Just an engineered structure of the age? Looks to my amateur eye that the problem is that water has been allowed to undercut the concrete skirt of the spillway causing the collapse? Lack of regular inspections?
  10. It's where the word winceyette comes from.
  11. old man

    Google Camp

    You are obviously starting to get the true message, This garbage and restriction that goes along with it only ever applies to the underclasses?
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