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  1. Bless them all. All forms of opium required to drive the masses? Religion, Politics, Tribalism? How interesting. I have a vague feeling that the 'UK we' will bear the brunt of whatever loon proposals are implemented, us sitting freezing in the dark while others carry on just as they will? The frequent fliers certainly need more airports to fly to conferences on climate change and volcanoes keep right on popping away 24hrs a day? Manufacturers drive the type of plastics used to cover our food, lots of which is non recyclable anyway? The indecent push towards high tech devices supposedly to help will certainly backfire as the repair and replacement costs will be beyond the average means, never a mention of the cost of a new battery set for a hybrid car? Our power station closed with a proposed mega lithium battery installation on the part where 2500 homes are not built? All very odd? famine and disease stalk on Worldwide, eventually we will all face extinction anyway as this is the universal leveller. Never mind eh, lots of money to be extracted on the journey? I see Dave will be giving us more of an ear bashing on TV tonight, bless him too.
  2. old man


    Which simply put, is how they stay that way? Personally I find this as disturbingly distasteful as our politicians incessant push to spend billions on HS2 and so called foreign aid, spending fortunes when we still have homeless people and starving children? Make it safe and leave it? When I look at Churches and Cathedrals I marvel at the remarkable constructions and think only of the Stone Masons and methods involved all that time ago but that's just me. No offence to anyone and tin hat firmly in place.
  3. Ah, maybe a more enlightened and less anal society than here?
  4. Importantly for immediate major trauma, maybe a couple of packets of Celox Haemostatic granules?
  5. IIRC, the Marsall-Andrews's are of the legal elite so wold have plenty of ears to whisper in?
  6. Agreed opp, much more to despair to come, of course as is usual feelings only affect those with some? It never ceases to confound me with the levels of arrogance, ignorance and low intellect these so called leaders exhibit, and we are classed as somewhat lower than worms *********? There must be something in the water at Parliament? Certainly an additive of trough attractant works well?
  7. old man

    foreign aid

    Switzerland following most of the rest probably?
  8. Could only really happen here, society being destroyed from within? Where does society turn when this happens? Bl00dy disgraceful when we have people sleeping rough and kids in poverty?
  9. Maybe not because of the price of imports but price of over technical home grown? Admittedly I know nothing of the makers or specifications of any mentioned but know from practical experience that eventually poor manufacture and over complexity kills the product. Additionally FWIW my repairer loves Air Arms.
  10. That could be one step too far?
  11. Nowt wrong with that mate!
  12. A kit last week decided to keep me company for half and hour, was within 10 yards. I enjoyed his company and let him go after he became bored.
  13. Bad advice given. Don't attempt it, you will possibly lose the ticket you have, remember "all birds are protected" The general licence gives exceptions but not because you don't want them there. This could be a minefield .particularly if neighbours call RSPCA. Also remember pellet must remain in boundary of permission. Waiting for them to land? very frustrating as they are astute and movement sensitive. As for getting rid, send the the kids out to play?
  14. We seem lucky to have had an odd pair on occasion throughout the winter
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