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  1. old man


    Amusing the way some love the non interventionist way, of nature red in tooth and claw being the correct way but when we become ill due to nature we all scream for a doctor to remedy the situation?
  2. old man

    Hearing difficulties with TV

    In my experience most sounds broadcast these days are really substandard, mumbling dialogue overlayed with noise intended to create atmosphere presumably? A big fail from me even with a soundbar.
  3. old man


    No surprises here, to cut costs all round the globe quality control has been done away with. The quality control now lies with the end user or customer, every time the customer doesn't complain it's a win for the producer.
  4. old man

    Treating softwood for outside use

    TBH. From recent experience you can't use soft wood for any durability. Decking slats cut down as said by managing. All wood treatment now as effective as water.
  5. old man

    BREXIT - merged threads

    I just hope that the shadow chancellor is not part of the audit team we are supposedly going to use?
  6. old man

    opt out organ donation

    By flogging a few at the back door?
  7. old man

    Crime and Punishment in the snowflake age

    Henry d, you can't be serious? By that analogy, surely 100% of the population require intervention when young? Some society that?
  8. old man

    Red squirrels Scotland

    That will make having a bit of a lurk in the woods on dark a tasty experience?
  9. old man

    I’m going nuts

  10. old man

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Was simple for me, Democracy! Not wishing to be governed by non elected politicos in la la land, no fiscal sense. John Major is the one to blame for this mess, closer political union? My ***.
  11. old man

    Crime and Punishment in the snowflake age

    Undoubtedly true eventually but what a way to control society, by making the law abiding citizens into criminals for any reason?
  12. old man

    Red squirrels Scotland

    From what I have been told, Grey's larger, less arboreal and unable to access fine branch tips to escape Martin's? Fairly sure animals don't react to fear as we do, once the immediate threat is gone so is the fear response? An interesting topic nevertheless.
  13. old man

    Crime and Punishment in the snowflake age

    👍 Absolutely disgraceful!
  14. old man

    BREXIT - merged threads

    To expect our politicians to do anything other than cave in and give it all away has become a dream? If they were bright enough to turn the free money and benefits off immediately that would stem the flow? Get the troops on the borders? Sorry I just woke up. 😂