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  1. old man

    Tony Blair

    Just the way it is I'm afraid. This little tin pot country always gives the highest rewards to the most undeserving? All part of the merry go round of our democracy?
  2. Specsavers for test Asda to prescribe, as Flyboy says.
  3. The more I hear of these strange peripherals and hangers on the more I feel for her Maj, after a lifetime of faultless service to have it all rubbished with regularity?
  4. One can but hope that the current Netflix financial prevent the follow through?
  5. Mel, seems like no incentive to investigate either end of the spectrum?
  6. Correct, if the repair is useless your buyers protection has gone presumably whereas with a new one it's renewed? Your contract is solely with the supplier.
  7. Years ago one local to us had to employ security and glass screens. Good to know we sit on millions of tons of energy but the powers to be would let the populace freeze to death, says it all to me.
  8. Good luck bud, they are tough intelligent birds that soon learn, let us know how or goes.
  9. I see where you are coming from and maybe I misunderstand the supply system but when ownership of all utilities was sold off how can there be any control? All done under the guise of competition being the best for the consumer? Just off to lie down as the hilarity of our situation now is bursting my stitches.
  10. Good to see you too Sir, a warm welcome as always. Look for another as i had one down each leg. i had become afraid that the lack of tree rats would encourage you to drop asleep more often. You certainly have a fantastic area which does you and your fantastic chief scout huge credit, a real haven. Lots of work involved. Good tyres on the Landie too.
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