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  1. Couldn't hit a cows **** with a spade with the damn things😔 used the original clear case one for everything, they were the reason I changed to Eley Pigeon Select and HV. Needed a chimney sweep to clean the barrels to.
  2. Yep post your finding please, got a twenty going to Teague in November so will be interested to see what occurs. I usually shoot 24g/25g and 28g in 6s through full and 3/4 but have been given some Blackgold 30g 6s and 32g 4s and 5s a new experience for me
  3. The Eley BioWads I tried were £12.50 a box the same as the equivalent top end Black Golds. And not anywhere near as good. I usually shoot Eley Pigeon Select or HV which were a fraction over half there price per 1000 and are better cartridges.
  4. The call for evidence questions seek information pertaining to shooting ranges, hunting, game meat, and manufacture and supply. It also includes home-loading, lead ammunition alternatives, the impact of the voluntary transition, the impact of lead ammunition on wildlife; and the effect of restrictions on businesses and shooters. This is a technical information gathering process and it is important that shooting organisations, shooting businesses and firearms and ammunition manufacturers provide as much information as possible. "Lead ammunition alternatives the manufacture and supply and the effect of restrictions on businesses and shooters" A key principle we must not lose sight of is that further restrictions must not be imposed until effective and affordable types of sustainable ammunition are available in sufficient volumes to meet demand. As said in another thread steel is in very short supply and will be for a very very long time.
  5. Yesterday went to our local machinery dealer for some weaing metal for the plough and could only get less than a 1/3 of what we needed, none for the foreseable future. Just not enough steel for the major industries let alone small insignificant industries, If we think steel shot is the answer, then sadly we are barking up the wrong tree, there will just not be the steel for it
  6. And probably the wad and case, likely just loaded here. Biggest parts of it all shipped here, carbon footprint HUGE, Lead probably kills less things on this planet than steel but hey ho everyone one will be happy 😆
  7. I'm not sure what qualifies as a tracker for insurance purposes but Apple do things to hide on things you might want to track i believe on your iphone if stolen.
  8. So yes is the answer then,I guess this will have an effect on the 18 month “Call for Evidence” that been call for .
  9. Considering the current energy issues will we see steel shot becoming none existent or at best very short supply and extremely expensive. I can't see the supply of steel for shot production being a priority for steel manufactures if they can even stay in business.
  10. Meaning ? Old stock, seconds or something else
  11. Know of a decent size family fuel company offer there tanker to oil companies for deliverys al said no thanks were good.
  12. They do seem to have favourable reviews, quite pricey ?. I've not had these sort of boots for shooting before and didn't want to go all in and not get on with them, they do look heavy though
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