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  1. +1 25 years ago for me too, plus the trap 100 7.5 in 32 grams for pigeons too.Would buy them tomorrow
  2. As i understand it, it's is a standard letter printed off, taken to the GP, signed posted to the FA DEPT. all in less than 15 minutes £50+
  3. Ah... yes they have lost tens millions in investments, or more over the last few years, another worthless organisation
  4. I always ring round and use the Go Compare thingy and take the average or below and knock em down. Insurance has gone down every year for the last 15 years.
  5. Had a 7000 sporter for nearly 30 years, not a thing went wrong, didn't see a gunsmith in 10,000s if not 100,000 shells.Traded "UP" to a new MK60 High Pheasant five years ago, absolute bag of s##t been back to the gunsmith every year since. The build quality has gone, probably not fired 3000 shells, but saying that it handles like a dream. You pays your money you take your chance.
  6. 8 shot


    Err.......does that mean we have to apply to NE for a GL to swot these suckers now
  7. Watched this all the way through, and all Juniper, Spain and "David" did was in true backed in a corner, was to say exactly what we all wanted to hear. Now it's all on record lets see if they're true to there word. What NE, Packham etc. need to realize is they don't own the countryside, and their contribution to it is very insignificant on the grand scheme of things. Our farm plant wild bird cover, nectar crops and wild flower strips all at a significant cost to themselves WITHOUT ANY PAYMENT. This largely due to the pathetic over complicated rules, not being paid on time and the total incompetence of NE staff. They can tell farmers and landowners what to do all they like, but at the end of it all it's still the countryside people that carry it through
  8. Wonder if he still insisted on his appearance
  9. Natural England are not fit for purpose, this nonsense and various things in farming that just contradict each other,and now i read in the paper there new boss has had close dealings with Packham and Avery in the not so distant past. I smell a rat me thinks
  10. Interesting question about liability though.Most shoots i've been on in the last 5 years or so have asked for proof of insurance
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