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  1. Has anyone got one or use one. How do they rate them. Or is there any good alternatives. My old oil drum has died.
  2. Always buy the cheapest,and if you don't get on with them, try the next cheapest.
  3. Express 20 bore 28g #7 Just Cartridges £309/1000
  4. 8 shot

    Ejector problems Miroku MK 60 HP

    Well to be honest i'm not convinced the quality is there any more in Browning/Miroku brand. Had a Miroku 7000 for 25+ years put tens of thousands of cartridges or more through it, didn't miss a beat and the same for a Browning 425 20 Bore,15 years, faultless. Changed for two, 32" high pheasant models one 12 one 20 three years ago, both had firing pin issues and the fore end is loose on the 20 bore after less than 2000 rounds, probably less than that in the 20 bore. Ps. Checked both and the bottom ejector is easier running than the top on both. Beginning to wish i hadn't change.
  5. What can we mix with maize to keep it standing for longer. Two or three of are maize game crops are in the open and if we're lucky we can shoot them up until December ,but then the wind blows them flat and they practically useless. It will need to be able to be sprayed with a pre em herbicide compatible with maize.
  6. Two or three years ago i used Black Gold 32g 6s , Fiocchi Sporting PIgeon 6s and Fiocchi F3 game in 6s through the season and the Fiocchi's were easier on the shoulder and killed just as well as the Black Gold and between £75 and over £100 /1000 cheaper, guess what i don't buy now. Also Eley pigeon Select if i can't get Fiocchi's
  7. 8 shot

    Family of swans shot dead

    There doesn't seem to be one broken or chipped bone on the whole body in the 60 odd pellets that you can see.
  8. 8 shot

    Name that ****

    If it's a Vauxhall then it's two heaps of ****
  9. 8 shot

    Price hike

    Someone has to pay for sponsored shooters wages and the ******** the marketing department come out with
  10. 8 shot

    .22 WMR or .17 HMR??

    Nope still getting split cases on my last batch, brought in Feb/March (500 Hornadys)
  11. Back online and a few quid extra per thousand for the privilege
  12. 8 shot

    Kahles Helia 8x50

    I have the 8 x 56 C Kahles no frills scope and i compare it to the S&B 8 x 56 version before buying it and i think its better in daylight and knocks spots off the S&B at dawn and dusk. If my memory serves me right it cost £495 new 15 years ago.
  13. 8 shot


    Trouble is they are giving certificates out like sweet now, what has happened to this guys permission(s) that got him a rifle in the first place.