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  1. Hi Gas Seal. thanks for that. I've been to the gunshops this morning looking for some Biowads in steel going to try some in my semi auto and try a few little experiments of my own, and guess what three local gunshops don't have any only the BlackGold Quad Seal in lead. No plans as of yet to stock them in any number as they're to expensive to stock with little or no demand yet plenty in plastic wads though. Just Cartridges seem to be the only ones that stock them, have to make a special trip
  2. Very good point.We don't shoot until late november onwards so should know by then oneway or another
  3. Sounds perfect for a woodland or arable scenario, no good for pastures. Would be interesting to see how they work wrapped in a bale of Haylage or in a bale of hay, no air etc. No 20 bore either
  4. It’s a family member who actually does the booking he’s retired so had more time, I didn’t give the prices much thought as I assumed prices would rise due to last season. Speaking to a very knowledgable shooting man yesterday running two big shoots he said prices will go up because of demand from last year
  5. The days we’ve provisionally booked covid permitting have gone up £6/bird roughly £1000 for the day. He’s not non toxic this year but unsure for following.British made Cartridges have gone up considerably since March so it’s started
  6. A BASC rep on another thread is running with old science papers to get the bird persecution side for though who couldn’t careless about game shooting one way or another a bit like the hunting ban 90% of people couldn’t of careless.
  7. There is something else going on behind this. Jostling for a place a bigger table, looking to secure government money for future projects ? When farm subsidies go in a few years time environmental schemes will be the only way farms will make a living and game shooting will be detrimental to the countryside won’t look good for on tax payers money . Maybe over thinking it, but the most stupid person in the world wouldn’t alienate or sack the people that pay there wages
  8. Got the MK60 20 bore 32" and your right thing of beauty and brilliant handling for long barrels. Sadly Full and 3/4 so not steel ready😔
  9. A couple of us about now try to book three or four day shooting. One shoot told us his Game dealers will carry on with lead shot birds for now but venison will been harder to shift in the near future unless lead free, but interestingly the word is that the shot game market in this country will not increase at all, the supermarkets are just not interested, this lead free thing is more for the European markets. But more interestinly one of the 6 or 7 orgs has not signed up to this NGDA thing but he was unsure which one.
  10. Having spoken to a BASC rep this morning in a nutshell the transition from lead is solely about increasing the market of game in the UK and Europe. Is does seem to me Conor has gone a bit off script🤔
  11. Having read most but not all you have put up, the only limit for anything is ZERO according to all this. What percentage of these birds have migrated here, have all the birds tested lived here all there lives? What is the average age of these birds ? It's all a bit vague for me. People have allergies at wheat, we haven't ban bread, there are millions of alcoholics we haven't ban beer. What percentage is acceptable to you ?.
  12. Can't be ! There shouldn't be any there by now, surely it's silted over by now
  13. When the lead ban was introduced for wilfowling you could pretty much say that the enviroment in which they where shooting was pretty much the same across the country. The Game Shooting topography is completely different, some arable, some pasture and grazing and some woodland areas, and some open to public access. Obviously wildfowlers sleep easy knowing they've left thousands of plastic wads floating about on the foreshore and waterways out of sight of the public for the next hundred or so years, but can you imagine the negative press shooting would get if the general public found all this p
  14. Hi Gas seal, yes hay is at the mercy of many thing weather etc. so adding something that is avoidable doesn't make alot of sense, your right we don't shoot pigeons over the grass the risk is when the grass is in the arable rotation. The main problem is we have a small friends and family shoot amalgamating 3 farms shooting anything from 20 to very rarely 100 birds may be three or four times a season and has being running for 35+ years. No gamebirds sold all used for the shoot dinners and taken home by guns, beaters and friends. As you have noticed, my angst with all this nonsense is this will h
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