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  1. Natural England are not fit for purpose, this nonsense and various things in farming that just contradict each other,and now i read in the paper there new boss has had close dealings with Packham and Avery in the not so distant past. I smell a rat me thinks
  2. Interesting question about liability though.Most shoots i've been on in the last 5 years or so have asked for proof of insurance
  3. Two friends of mine went clay shooting 6/7 years ago,long story short had a fibre wad stuck in the barrel, only noticed because of lack of recoil and the sound of the bang.On investigation it was very damp/wet powder in his cartridges, that were incorrectly stored cartridges. (In a cellar).
  4. There has been a photo degradable in there VIP range for some time so what's the difference and it's cheaper than fibre in the 20 bore
  5. I have 8 shot M2 and you can't change the tube its fixed. Had a similar conversation when i brought it, it's FAC and that's it
  6. +1 had a7000 grade 1 30" sporter for 25+years didn't miss a beat in tens of thousands of rounds, sold it for a mk 60 high pheasant grade 5, oh dear what a mistake, been back to browning twice in 3 years.
  7. Bloody Hell we're being ripped off here in the Midlands just looked at JC, £30/1000 dearer on most Fiocchi's
  8. Off the top of my head £240 ish and they are very nice cartridges too.
  9. Not always, my Fiocchi 20 bore GFL no.6s state 2.6mm on the box which is English 6 i believe and there web page does say some are loaded in true English sizes. Hope this helps
  10. £100 per thousand cheaper because he's not sponsoring a world champion and several you tube channels
  11. Has anyone got one or use one. How do they rate them. Or is there any good alternatives. My old oil drum has died.
  12. Always buy the cheapest,and if you don't get on with them, try the next cheapest.
  13. Express 20 bore 28g #7 Just Cartridges £309/1000
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