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  1. I sort of hope recent times with the doctor notes and the lead phasing out announcement the BASC get the shake up they deserve, and actually listen to its members. Because if not they might not survive and I’m not sure lots of little orgs are can carry much weight in important issues.
  2. Sadly that is the one thing that is lacking all over the world at the moment. And is one thing money can’t buy. NO
  3. I can meet all the BASC criteria apart from the risk of an emergency service being called, which I doubt anyone can as that is down to someone else. I would be on my own and travel approximately 2 miles from home. But the answer is still a definite no.
  4. We have electric fences three sides of a 50ac wood and that hasn't stopped the rabbits, as a guess in two to three weeks a 38ac field will be gone. I've all ready explained are situation, but it was made very clear no is no thank you and good bye
  5. Not according to a TVP FEO, they cannot and will not guarantee you will not be fined or worse for shooting as crop protection.
  6. Packham was at it as well, asking for money for his charities, in desperate times like these they certainly show there true colours. Keep feeding them the rope.
  7. They’re the farming version of the BASC, no teeth, not up for the fight, they’re just interested in trying to make money, or not if the last year or two are anything to go by, to pay the over inflated wages there top brass command.
  8. We’ve lost crops to crows, geese but mainly to rabbits and once to pigeons (rape). It does need to be done regardless and it being such a wet autumn, there is more pressure on the spring crops to make a reasonable return.if possible.
  9. Packham was scrounging for Money for some charity he is involved with on hisTwitter page last weekend, I believe. Shows the mark of the man with all that’s going outside his own important little world.
  10. Drilled just over 150 acres in the last three days of barley, oats, and beans, at 2 o’clock this afternoon there were 600/700 rooks, jackdaws and pigeons all feeding on it. Whoever said they don’t need controlling, are deluded. Most of the rooks came from the rookery a couple of miles away in the middle of the village which obviously never gets shot. They will be “controlled” this weekend.
  11. It STINKS ! Which ever way it was worked out, could be the end of both Eley and BASC. There just had to be more to this than first reported, Someone at the BASC should face the chop to, someone at the very top
  12. There is a place in LIncolnshire that will do it, as far as I know they have franchises across the UK. You can google it.
  13. That is exactly the irony of it all, they’ll eat processed **** and fast food full of sugar, salt and fat and pay a fortune for it, but the tiniest bit of lead and the world ends.What is this world coming to.
  14. I’ve been trying to read some of these papers on lead v non toxic, it’s very tedious, to many variables and supposition for me. Lots of very site specific tests, birds are in there nature very mobile, and how can the history of any variable be taken in to account if it can’t be 100% verified.
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