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  1. I paid direct, plus shipping one way which was £30. It is alot of money though but does secure it resale value. They are very good guns
  2. Browning told me my two fixed choke Miroku High Pheasant (3/4 and full choke) Warranties would be invalid if i'd used steel in them and if i'd alter them in any way ie. multi choke them. Lucky the 12 bore ran out last year 20 bore in November this year i think
  3. But that is all I’ve heard from The BASC etc. May be we’ll never know ! May be this will sieve out the sh!t and we’ll hopefully end up with a completely new shooting body that truly represents shooting.
  4. Ah..... the minimal risk in eating game shot with lead and the same proven minimal risk to the environment
  5. If there are allowances for Olympic standard, professional clay shooters how will any young decent shooter get to compete to be able to become an Olympic shooter, there will be no next generation.
  6. A very healthy food is still being produced though.
  7. Sounds like Teague Choke prices, had my Miroku High Pheasant multi choked last year, from memory the £30 extra was for HP Steel Proof which I had done. I may be wrong but they discharge an overloaded cartridge in each barrel then it’s stamped with the appropriate markings , Fleur de Leys etc. Or you get a box of scrap back if it failed. I have to say they did a first class job on my gun took about 3 to 4 weeks though
  8. Might be cheap, looking at the price of wheat today, futures price for next year looks better or worse depending on which side of the fence your sitting
  9. It will all eventually come under the Game Alliance scheme as it has in agricultures Red Tractor scheme. Then in the long term become a new department in DEFRA, Food and Fisheries etc, stricter controls, MORE compulsory regulation training etc. there for more, alot more expense.It will be endless regulation, comply or no shooting
  10. Mother used to do B+B for endless Europeans coming here pigeon shooting most brought cartriges here always lead and they ALL took pigeons back with them, popular in Europe by all accounts. And as i understand it the "Pigeon Guide" had a very healthy business supplying pigeons, shot with lead back to French and Belgium restaurants.
  11. NO !!! as i've said in another thread most i've known have if not all used lead for pigeon and game some still use plastic wads. It's a myth they prefer Steel.
  12. I would love to know what the experts think the actual area as a percentage of the UK is contaminated with lead shot. Compared to the area in which lead covers on roofs. Our church roof is nearly flat on the back of the church and Is a good 80ft x 40ft approx. All the gutters from that roof run straight down the drains to a water coarse not 100 yrds away🙏
  13. We’ve just started drilling game and cover crop and talking to shoot owners the signs aren’t good. They’re all looking at scaling right down or folding which means no game, cover or bird mix crops, a much bigger picture needs factoring in here. The few shoots we do work for spend on average £10,000 a year on seed alone. All will revert back to arable without shooting.
  14. From his CV he has done work for the RSPB. Which are another shambles wasting plenty of public money
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