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  1. So the BBC ans W Yorks Fire are calling for an end to controlled burning, it seems without any evidence as has become their MO. I can't see anything saying it was definitely started by a controlled burn, and the clue is in the name... controlled. Do these regularly get out of hand? With some Welsh fire forces now looking to reintroduce controlled burning to protect from huge fires, I can't imagine this being the case. Considering the last few were started by BBQs and campers, and the imminent lock-down has wazzocks flocking to the countryside, I'm surprised they're targeting land management.
  2. The Evolution ones are the best I've found for the money recently. I noticed that I was missing some really high clays with the Top Guns, possibly due to the top of the frame blocking my sight line. The Evos are frameless and I was hitting those same clays a week later. Could have just been psychological... I have swapped lenses once or twice, but tend to stick to yellow/amber. The purple ones can really make a difference on bright, overcast days though
  3. Are you trying to sight down the rib? I shot a few months ago and, for some odd reason, decided to subconsciously sight right down the rib. Ended up with a bruised cheek and took me a few days to figure it out. Hadn't shot like that before, haven't since and no bruised cheek.
  4. BSA Tactical is £50 on Amazon, folds out as a shooting mat. Only 48" long though
  5. Park Lodge has closed. Cockett Farm are still open for now, though with restrictions
  6. Use your phone for contact-less, simple!
  7. Another great sound place an hour away! I'll add this one to the list! Cheers
  8. Looks more like a tailstock tap holder to me, opposed to a mill or drill press. Friction baby!
  9. Part of me feels that this is more about the embarrassment of being so unprofessional that you can allow cheating in the first place. I agree cheaters should be punished, though I don't know how far the cheating went on this occasion. If every establishment out-right banned every cheater there'd not be much sport left anywhere!
  10. Demonic69

    Six Nations

    So Marler gets a ban, fair enough. Tualagi gets a ban, seems a bit unfair after a red card. Parkes gets away scot free with a dangerous high tackle and Eddie Jones gets a rollicking for calling out bias. Are the BBC running rugby union now too?
  11. Genius! I'll give them a go. Thanks
  12. Do they have lube on the cartridge then? Not seen those before!
  13. I've been looking for a seal, they're out of stock everywhere! Good shout with Umarex, I'll contact them. Thanks
  14. That's pretty much my job mate (I work in IT) so that was my first port of call Followed a few guides etc but nothing that helped. Cheers
  15. Hi All I've got a Umarex morph CO2 pistol that leaks when I put in a CO2 bulb. I've tried PTFE and silicone grease and the seal looks OK to me. It comes out at the top of the grip, though I can't see exactly where. Anything obvious I should check? Cheers
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