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  1. Looks like an offset boring head to me, being used in an imaginative way!
  2. The Premier Top Guns come with an insert and only have a top frame. Evolution Horizon RX are frameless with an insert, only £70 for a 4 lens set
  3. Demonic69

    bullpup .177

    You can get the Zbroia Kozak in a long barrel version. I've seen a few others like the Uragan and Kalibrgun too
  4. The air powered ones are usually more comfortable if you have a suitable compressor. Clarke do one with a slimmed down handle too, I'm gonna grab it when/if mine breaks
  5. Hi All I'm after the above, for an Escort, if anyone has a spare knocking about. Cheers
  6. Cheers DerbyDuck I thought bullace were larger than sloes? That's only what I gathered from a quick Google though. Is there a definitive way to check? Thanks
  7. Are there any pump deals around at the min? I'm after a cheap pump, but most are around £200 and I can't justify that for a bit of fun
  8. Even my kids don't trust me when I suggest they try something new 🤣
  9. Hurrah! Cheers TC I was tempted, but didn't want to look like a loon in front of the estate agent 🤣 Going to put in an offer tomorrow, don't think we'll be in before Xmas, so might need to be next year's harvest. Not convinced it's good form today pick all the sloes before we've completed. Cheers
  10. We're looking at buying a house with this tree in the garden and I'm really hoping they're sloes, as I love sloe gin and really fancy making my own. There are also apples, plums and blackberries too! Cheers
  11. TPU may be suitable and the rigidity can be altered by changing the parameters of the print; infill, wall thickness etc
  12. Picked up from Guy yesterday. A pleasure to deal with, a true gent.
  13. Ignore me, been a while since I used a Rem 700!
  14. Have you looked at hiring a soda blaster? They weren't dear last time I looked and a couple of days a 2-3 tubs of media should sort you out? Might be cheaper/better to drive to TC and get a pro to take a look though
  15. Demonic69


    They've already set precedent with their handling of Naga Munchetty. If she can voice opinions on national TV about the President of another country, how can they expect to stop their twitter warriors?
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