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  1. I fitted one for a mate through plasterboard into thermalite. We found the best way was : Anchor bolts, not pulled too tight but seated further in than the edge of the plasterboard. Threaded rod the same diameter as the original bolts with a nylock nut and washer on the end. Resin the anchor bolt in place (we tested prior and used Vaseline on the threaded rod to hold it in place and allow easy removal) and use the threaded rod to hold to wall. When removed it's easy to fill the hole like it was never there.
  2. Not sure about SbS, but I found my Benelli Vinci S1 much more agile than my Lanber OU. Even with all 11 in it was pretty light and a PoP to chuck about and shoot for practical.
  3. Would guns such as your still be shootable, or do they end up purely ornamental?
  4. Oh yeah, didn't spot that, been looking at the multi-lenses this morning
  5. I've been watching him for years and met him a couple of years ago at the world skills show. Nice chap, but he's all about his YouTube business. He's a clever lad and knows he'll not get rich smithing, so he's focused on getting more views, subs, likes and selling merch to build a profitable business and it's working for him. I helped get him some welding sponsorship, listening to him talk about the future of his sponsorship you could tell he'd got a totally business oriented head on him. The move to the sates was driven by his main viewer base being overwhelmingly American, being over there makes it easier and cheaper to run competitions, sell merch, hammers etc. There are also better sponsorship deals out there. I'll admit I don't watch as religiously as I used to, though do enjoy the odd video now and then
  6. Demonic69


    A few things on the forum changed a week or 2 ago. Ads, not having to click OK when marking a forum as read, quoting etc. They seem to be back to "normal" now, at least for me
  7. I can't get either of those deals!! Which model did you go for?
  8. Demonic69

    Hatsan escort

    I was looking at them in Kirklees the other day, they're a bloody bargain!
  9. One comes from a position of experience, training and official capacity, the other from a position of assumed intellectual superiority?
  10. Probably mate, though that'll be a low bar 😉
  11. Demonic69


    Ah, confusing Affordable Housing with the Starter Homes scheme that was pretty much scrapped in favour of other initiatives, like Help to buy schemes and ISAs etc. They've got to make sure the house builders are well supplied with Ferraris and yachts, otherwise they might not get out of bed in the morning!!
  12. TBF I think him, and most forces are following the Home Office guidance, which probably needs to be changed yet again (Or burned entirely and written not by morons). I'll ask him again soon as he was due in the office to talk about some changes this week. Just reading section 11A of the Firearms act and it makes more sense with what you're saying. I'm assuming the guidance will follow suit if it hasn't already. Cheers for the clarification
  13. I shall raise it to his superiors, "Some bloke on a forum says your FEO knows nowt" Unless it's been clarified recently the Home office deems occupier as: “includes any person having any right of hunting, shooting, fishing or taking game fish” Would that not include those with permission to shoot on the land?
  14. Demonic69


    My brother lives on a new estate with a couple of hundred affordable homes (Affordable being bloody subjective) There are rules for house builders to abide by regarding the number they must build AFAIK
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