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  1. Drop to £350 after doing a bit more research on the value
  2. Open to offers as I'm only guessing at the overall worth. Cheers
  3. Myford ML4 (I think) in decent working order. Loads of extras too. The lathe works perfectly, belt drive and clutch are spot on. Power feed etc all work fine. The previous owner couldn't find the official motor control, so knocked up a unit that works perfectly, if a bit industrial looking. The quick change toolpost works well, some tools either need to be shimmed from the bottom of the holder needs a bit grinding off the bottom to get low enough, I've done this with at least one holder. One holder is for parting. It comes with a stand, loads of change wheels for different threads, milling vise, spare faceplate, new unused 4 jaw chuck with spare jaws, tailstock chuck and centres, knurling tool and a set of HSS and carbide tipped cutting tools. There's the original tool holder and various other cutting tools I used this loads a few years ago to learn on but just don't get the time these days with a house renovation and young kids. Looking for £500, collection from 5 mins off M1 J31 (A57) Cheers
  4. You're bang on there. They're brand new boards, sanded and scorched, but I've no idea how they'll move around as they settle in
  5. Thanks for all the info guys. I've talked her into waiting for a bit and seeing how the boards "weather", then we'll revisit with filler and varnish later on. Cheers!
  6. I've seen loads of these online recently. They ask for money to unblock their card, add minutes/data to their phone, pay a phone bill so they can get their old number back etc. Usually £40-100. Some are pretty convincing and I bet a lot of people are getting caught out.
  7. I suggested that, as well as resin. Apparently I'm wrong!
  8. Hi all We've had a kitchen island made out of new scaffold boards. It looks amazing and works really well. One thing the Mrs isn't happy with is the surface. The guys have sealed it with screwfix wood treatment, but she was expecting a more robust and smooth surface. Any recommendations for what would be best to use, bearing in mind that it has already been treated. We may need to look at some filler as well. Thanks
  9. If you're ever up this way take a trip up to RDG/Myford in Mytholmroyd. It's beautiful journey on a sunny day and their selection of tools and knowledge is excellent
  10. Is that not the point of BASC and other shooting orgs though? To represent the voice of their memberships on matters such as this on a larger scale? Why would you pay membership if they weren't representing you? Why would you not bash them for taking your money and making decisions that don't sit right with those keeping the lights on? I agree that people should be taking matters into their own hands (I don't think any of the shooting orgs are fit for purpose, except maybe the NSRA), I have, but the paid-for organisations shouldn't escape criticism just because you don't like the bashing.
  11. Batteries needn't be expensive. We overpaid for ours, when in reality it was a cheap (Sub £1k) UPS battery with a 3-5 year lifespan. I would average that most people would be out during the day, hence the suggestion, but even if you're in you'd have to use 100% or waste it. I work from home and have very rarely 100% of the generate electricity. High Output panels were seen as cost inefficient the last time I looked, only recommended if you needed to maximise output while minimising roof space as the cost was almost double that of standard panels without double the electricity generated. That could well have changed over the last couple of years though as new tech is coming out all the time, helping to decrease costs.
  12. £11k was the figure I was quoted recently. It would be really difficult to run 100% on solar too, without investment in wiring, new appliances and changes in usage. Our battery really struggled with the washing machine and drier for example. I once saw a really clever inverter that had switchable loads, so with high demand it could turn off certain circuits for short periods of time so the batteries could cope. It was about £10k alone though and required the equivalent to a new consumer unit being installed
  13. There's no Feed-In-Tariff anymore for new installations, so your repayment is purely based on the electricity you save and a miniscule amount you *might* sell back to the grid. Repayment is sitting around 10-15 years just based on savings alone. Batteries are the best investment for solar PV as they allow you to properly use the energy you generate. A decent sized installation (12 panels I think) with 2 batteries should cover a fair amount of households average electricity needs, or so 've read.
  14. Where abouts are you? Are you ever down Rotherham/Sheffield way?
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