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  1. Hardy's had some in the last time I was there, but that was before the move/merge
  2. I had one in 177 for a few months. It was surprisingly accurate and the newer version fixed a few issues the original had with the sight, barrel sealing, magazine etc. The included moderator worked OK for me too
  3. Give me a shout if they don't go, might know a guy who's interested
  4. Demonic69

    410/20g wanted

    Kirklees guns might be a bit far, but they've got a couple of .410 and 20G in about £60
  5. It's a Brass Eagle Golden Eagle I reckon. Circa 1989! There's info on Vintagerex about them, one of the earliest true semi-auto markers
  6. https://store.lathes.co.uk/adverts/for-sale/tom-senior-junior-vertical-horizontal-miller-0 How big and how much are you after spending?
  7. I've recently bought the laminate adjustable. Can't fault it for the money
  8. Everyone loves a bit of gun cleaning porn 🤣
  9. I thought it would be fairly unlikely, but there are plenty that have had guns for years and never cleaned them on here
  10. What's the likelihood of a loaded shotgun, sleeved, being dropped and going off? I'd rather see a broken, empty gun carried properly (in the crook of the arm pointing forwards and down) or a semi-auto with a breech flag and muzzle up TBH. There's no way to ascertain the safety of a gun in a slip, if it were loaded and the user grabbed it by the trigger... I was more concerned about the plebs at Cockett with the gun over their should, barrels pointing backwards and at everyone walking past than I was about the lads carrying their SAs properly.
  11. Can you just freeze them? What's the method for preparation? Cheers
  12. The one I got was from Google Drive and just a CSV, so no real chance of a virus. But it's always worth checking, especially as they'll be looking for other hosting services now that Google have blocked it. Actually, just checked and they've already moved hosting to swisstransfer
  13. If your name's Julian, all they have is your e-mail There a plenty of full addresses, mobiles etc on there though too 😞
  14. I have a copy, PM me if you want me to check it for you pal
  15. Reported to Action Fraud, not sure if it's in their wheelhouse though. Also reported abuse to Google, I urge everyone else to do the same
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