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  1. What are the dimensions mate?
  2. Yes please if you have one. Cheers
  3. That's a good shout mate! Pretty sure I have some knocking about. Cheers!
  4. Hi all Before I head off to the evil bay I was wondering if any of you guys and girls might have a spare divider foam for a 3 gun cab? The cabinet had a basic foam strip but it turns out it was EXACTLY where I needed to drill to fit the wall using existing fittings. Cheers
  5. Passives don't really bother me. They're comfy, I can hear talking when a want to, tune it out when I don't, and they reduce the bangs significantly. I'd go for electronic if I could justify the cost, but passive are fine for my normal clay ground use
  6. Demonic69

    DBS check

    I've got/had all sorts of clearances over the last few years. One did show I had my FAC, think it was the MET police one. Conversely when I applied for my FAC the FLO asked me why I had something on my record that even he couldn't see, turns out it was one of the clearances he wasn't cleared for!
  7. There's a company in Sheffield that will make doors to your exact specifications, including hinge holes etc. Then it's a simple swap over. There's probably similar local to you. We were looking at online places a few years ago, the prices weren't too bad at £20-30 a door, probably more these days though
  8. Ikea. Just make sure you get their worktops and fit the units according to the instructions
  9. I get you. I suppose for 90% of shooters tat would be the easiest way. The rest would do what suits them best. My magnetic stick is just a spare magnet, cleaning rod and some electrical tape As a mate of mine said about one group we followed around Park Lodge: "can afford a £25k gun (after one of them bragging off at every opportunity) but can't afford manners, and they cost nowt!"
  10. Nobody has ever insinuated that catching is the only way to deal with empties. Picking them up afterwards has been mentioned several times. If you're capable of shooting, you're capable of putting your rubbish in the bin.
  11. Not picking them up is just pathetic. Either catch and bin if you can, or collect afterwards. My brother shoots an SA so we carry a stick with a magnet and pick up every shell he fires. It's a matter of attitude. Too many shooters treat clay grounds like practice for their "real" shooting, where someone else does the picking up for them. They're self important and not the best for the image of the sport, but they're usually "considerably richer than yow"
  12. Demonic69


    I've spent far too many hours watching short films presented by Dust! If you have Netflix try Love, Death & Robots.
  13. I know it's not on your list, but have a look at a Zbroia. I've got a Kozak and it's an an excellent rifle for the money. The new Kozak 2 is even better, with a better regulator and improvements they've made over time. I compared mine against a Kral Puncher Breaker and it was far superior, but the Empire X looks pretty smart. I've had decent groups about 50 yards, not FAC though and haven't gone out to 100. I borrowed a mates Wildcat and it was nice and accurate, not sure if it was worth double though Cheers
  14. I'd check for stuck keys, usually ctrl or alt. Then check the FN keys to see if there are any to disable the keyboard, as some can be turned off when using external. It may be prompting her for a pin, opposed to a password if she's locked it out.
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