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  1. A comb raiser could help the gun shoot higher if you wanted to stick with it. Try it with tape first, then decide what to do?
  2. Not over here, but a mate of mine is in NZ and his office have a beer fridge that you can avail yourself of on an afternoon. Just don't get p1$$ed or drive home! I think it would help with the rising rates of stress in the workplace.
  3. Demonic69


    I bet there are more protesters than attendees!
  4. Demonic69


    The mint meet the cost for that from their own revenues, even for the failed Oct 31st version they had to scrap and recycle!
  5. Demonic69


    Could have a PW outing with the 12G
  6. Demonic69


    The clapper needs replacing and some structural work completing before it can ring apparently! Someone must have made a mint flogging the old clapper!
  7. Demonic69


    I bet the Indy loved quoting that as "Fact" The PM's official spokesman said there was not a "specific government fund" to meet the costs, but added: "If the public wants Big Ben to bong and the money is raised, then that is great." Or would you prefer to moan about the waste of tax-payers money?
  8. I shot a Benelli Vinci for a while for PSG. Was an incredible gun and I'd have another in a heartbeat, I wish I'd kept it and converted it to S2 (didn't know I'd be back shooting at the time). Outperformed most M2s over 1000s of carts and only suffered one mis-fire when firing from the hip and not giving it a solid backing for the recoil. It's light, even with 10 in and the recoil wasn't an issue at all. Cycled everything I threw at it! I'd give any with the same inertia system a go now, possibly a Montefeltro if I could find one cheap enough.
  9. Demonic69


    That's basically what your quoted article was about, did you read it differently? This is something the EU is supposed to prevent, not exactly fair trade if one country is getting into a huge surplus. Germany are also not spending it, not meeting agreed commitments (Like NATO spending at 1.5% not the agreed 2%) and the surplus is becoming a big issue both at home and abroad. https://www.cnbc.com/2018/07/04/germanys-massive-trade-surplus-is-becoming-toxic-ifo-director-says.html But yeah, well done the EU, clearly not favouring their German overlords as some would have you believe...
  10. Demonic69


    Finally got around to reading this. Apart from the overwhelming stench of our grapes (I said this, I told you so, me, me, me) the points seem fairly vague. What the EU want is for us to trade with them by their rules, and to trade with everyone else also by their rules so we can't compete by dropping regulation to make production cheaper (like the States did, massive boost to economy and employment). But because the EU rules make firms adopt generally stricter practices when trading with the Bloc, that somehow means we should allow ourselves to be completely governed by them and their throttling regulation? North doesn't actually seem to make a point, suggestion or other useful comment. Just spiteful digs, observations and references to his own superiority. He's miffed that his Flexit plan wasn't universally adopted with immediate effect. I think most people recognise that free trade with the EU would involve harmonisation of our regulatory practices, but that's not what the EU want. They want control over our regulation so they can skew the markets in favour of their pet projects, when they need votes or a quick cash injection.
  11. That's just around the corner from me. One of those estates with some lovely outer areas, but the centre is scum-ridden. The police rarely attend and anti-social behaviour seems to be rewarded and encouraged. Funnily enough the 4x4 was nicked from S2, not too far from the recent drive-by shooting on the Arbouthorne estate (where I grew up incidentally). Probably time to nuke it and start again.
  12. I don't suppose you venture down as far as Scotch corner do you? Drop me a PM mate. Cheers
  13. Hi All The FIL was fancying a semi-auto to pad out his cabinet, but I'm not convinced it'll get much use (except by me maybe). Looking for a wood-stock, ideally M/C but not critical, ideally 28", but again, not critical. Not too fussed about the condition as long as it shoots and is cheap Close to Sheffield but can travel if needed. Cheers
  14. There's no way to tell. Model can be almost figured out from looking at the action, though there seems to be some overlap. The age can be fairly close if you look at the proof marks. It's Pre-1975 if it's not got letter at the end of the SN denoting the year. Just done the same exercise with mine!
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