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  1. That looks smart. Does it use the fake rounds or is there a single loading mechanism?
  2. That's one I've not printed, but really want to give a go as it would be the best bet for lots of durable parts. Cheers Steve
  3. I've not used the delay TBH. I liked the foot pedals at Doveridge last week, solved both issues
  4. What do you do about buttoning etc? Just set the delay? Cheers
  5. How do you lighten the wood, remove the finish? Thanks
  6. Scope arrived today, well packaged and in great nick. Thanks!
  7. I don't think anyone would take umbrage with those who suddenly find themselves needing help, getting it. I certainly wouldn't and I'm fairly cynical! Most would probably assume, wrongly or rightly, that the system will just be abused by those less deserving to the detriment of tax payers and the needy alike
  8. I think food and clothing vouchers may be the only way to solve the issue long-term. If parents can spend their UC/Child benefit on fags, booze and phones, while expecting the state to pay twice to feed their kids, then they system is broken and kids should NEVER be in that situation. Some may need genuine help, but the benefits system is pretty inclusive and, if some can afford big TVs, expensive trainers and 20 fags a day, then anyone should be able to feed their offspring.
  9. The SMK PR900W is cheap, very light and mine seems to shoot really well. Not many shot per fill, and it's bit louder than a friend's S200, but at £190 new with 1 mag and filling probe I think it's a decent option. There seem to be plenty of used rifles for £250 upwards on MeWe though that could be better
  10. I though the same about pre-pay, so went to Doveridge instead, which was fun
  11. Naff picture, but this any good?
  12. I've got a Hills Spartan spare. Literally brand new, unused as I'm waiting for a bleed screw for it; the original was bent in the post. I've since acquired a bottle. Could do for £70 posted once the screw arrives? Cheers
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