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  1. Couldn't really ask for wellies for cows, I don't need 2 pairs 🤣
  2. Hi all. Following on from the excellent post about wellies recently; I've got big calves (leg muscles you sex-starved maniacs), 60cm round at the widest point, about 56 where wellies seem to sit. I was hoping for some warm neoprene ones but most seem to fit to scoot about 45cm. Has anyone seen any with a wider top for fat legs? Cheers
  3. If only it was filth It's a client's laptop and pretty secure, but bloody branded all over!!!!
  4. For those of you who, like myself, spend far too many hours hunched over a keyboard, Costco have a Tresanti powered adjustable height sit/stand desk in for £240 inc vat. Cost me an extra £25 for a non-clamp style dual monitor mount. Picked up and built mine yesterday, only took an hour or so including re-fettling my monitors, laptops etc. Stood typing at it now and it feels better straight away. The desk is nicely made, with a tempered glass top, capacitive touch buttons, 3x2.4A USB ports and a lock button on the side to stop you from accidentally moving the desk. There are 4 user-settable heights from 30" to 47" that store by holding the button for a few secs. It's got a handy drawer for filling with ****! I'm not affiliated in any way, just been after something similar for ages and this is one of the cheapest by a long way! Might help some of you prevent the inevitable back-ache from working too hard
  5. Even when I'm pretty ****? Would it make thay much difference with a cheap gun and little practice? Im all for it if so 😁
  6. Thanks for the info Seeing a fitter is my plan eventually. I don't think I'm good enough currently to benefit from proper gun fit, though that could easily just be a wrong opinion 🤣
  7. Demonic69


    3 should be required for a Veto these days. The EU changed it a while back because a few countries, us included, were getting a bit shirty.
  8. You could always go multi-choke. Teague do one barrel for £165, plus about £44 per choke. Might make it more versatile in the future
  9. Have you tried plugging your phone in for Android Auto or Apple's Car play? They've had a few different models of stereo and not all come with the same features, especially in the higher models (that seem to have fewer features as standard)
  10. Don't you just hold on the button for the station you want to save? I'll check with the Mrs on hers
  11. Sounds like trap to me then. I'll see if there's any way I can test the gun out before buying. Cheers Scully
  12. Where do you tend to find Damsons? What time of year is best for them? Thanks
  13. Hi all The father in law is after an extra cabinet. Needs to be taller than 50", ideally 60" + internal. Hoping for something around £50 but there's the right money for the right safe. Cheers
  14. I'm looking at a Monte Carlo Miroku 800, non-adjustable, standard looking rib.
  15. Not yet, it's on the list though. Any good?
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