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  1. Yeah, it's amazing that you can still converse with them in, but shooting 200 clays causes no irritation at all
  2. I bought mine at the last shooting show. Shot a fair few times with them since and they're brilliant. The only time they were awkward was when it chucked it down and I got soaked. Pulling them out of your ear when wet isn't the nicest feeling
  3. I've got a Zbroia Kozak, £550 new and it's been pretty impressive!
  4. Do you find the holes at the bottom good enough as air intake? I was going to make an adjustable one but I don't have the energy 🤣
  5. I filled mine with water, left it 2 days. Emptied it, filled and emptied again. Still smelled of gas so took it to a safe area and put a torch to it. Queue massive flame out the top and a loud roar for about a second. Brown trouser moment indeed! Glad I checked though, would have been much worse if I'd been using the grinder at the time. I wonder if washing up liquid would have helped? Does Butane behave differently to other gasses?
  6. Funnily enough I've just emptied an old extinguisher. Bloody thing is aluminium 🤣
  7. You could try dry moly lube or Cermark for stainless. We have varying results using CO2, would be interesting to see what these diode lasers can do with it.
  8. We used to run a pub frequented by wagon drivers. Even though they had access to the toilet, shower block and massive set of bins, I still had to dispose of dozens of bottles and bags of human waste every week. Pretty much every night I had to shout "There's a farking toilet JUST there!" at least once. I always worried that they were bombing up the A1, desperate for relief, tinkling into a random pop bottle at 56mph
  9. As they all use the same infrastructure (for the most part) you're paying for customer service and the router. The Sky router we had was pants, needing constant reboots to maintain a decent Wi-Fi signal and the customer service was so-so. The TalkTalk router was better, but nothing sparkling, same for the CS. We've just moved and switched to Plusnet, customer services seems decent so far and the router isn't terrible. In a 4 bed, brick built dorma bungalow the boy struggles with a decent connection in his bedroom, as far as you can get from the router indoors. Most "internet" speed problems I'
  10. Is that not normal? That's how I landed half my PPL flights many moons ago, still passed That's a brilliant bit of engineering!
  11. Demonic69


    While house shopping, we've seen a massive surge in Southerners coming up north, mainly because of COVID and working from home, but many because of HS2. One estate agent warned us against trying to buy a house within a few miles of an HS2 station as we couldn't compete with the money those from the south were bringing, usually mortgage free. One colleague reckons it's a form of wealth redistribution, but only for the statistics; move a bunch of fantastically-well-paid southerners up North, then claim the average wage has risen. He's pretty cynical though
  12. "I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard." That's the line his defence will use. "We fight like hell. And if you don't fight like hell, you're not going to have a country anymore," That's the line the prosecution will use. While I don't doubt he got people riled up, he never implicitly stated they should attack the capitol building or anyone in it. If they're going after him for this, they'd better be careful; Harris, AOC and other Dems have said much worse, far more direct incitemen
  13. Could be gunk in the system blocking the valve. Try taking some water out to see if it's dirty. Might want a flush out
  14. That's not a bad idea if they're safe enough! I'll see if I have any 🤣
  15. The main issue with using an old router is that it will, most likely, have DHCP enabled. This hands out IP addresses to devices that connect to it. This DHCP scope could be on a different range/subnet to the main router in the house, or could try to hand out IPs that have already been allocated. Some routers have Access Point mode, but most of the routers you get from a provider will have this feature disabled as they don't want you re purposing their kit. The easiest way is to turn off DHCP and make sure the router IP is on the same range as your main hub. Sometimes they can be set to ge
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