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  1. If it's a guided viewing it would depend on the contract with your estate agent. Ours went into specifics around liability and they came to do a trial viewing with us beforehand. They then accepted any liability as they'd vetted the house, unless it was obviously something we didn't mention or was in a poor state of repair, but not apparent at the time. It would probably be wrangled in court if it came to it, but it was peace of mind for us. It was the same for some of the houses we viewed, with a couple telling us where we couldn't go (loft specifically on one occasion) due to liability.
  2. Didn't they manage to make gazumping illegal in Scotland too? I remember there being lots of talk about it, that resulted in pretty much zero action or protection for buyers.
  3. I don't know about back in the day. I was shooting practice stands a few months ago and was waiting for a group to vacate the stand I was on next. An older gent, probably about 70, was the last to shoot and was getting ready to call it. I was idly watching to pick up some pointers. He loaded 2, shot the single, then declared that was enough. Cracked his gun, left the stand and went to slip the gun before heading to the next. I politely advised him that he'd left a live cart in the gun when he closed it. Purely an accident, just doing what he's done hundreds of times without thinking. He was in
  4. I grew up playing on, then building computers. Aside from a couple of years I've spent the last 23 or so working in IT, being a "Solution Architect" these days. I'm OK at DIY, can usually fix most minor engine issues on my older bikes and will give anything practical a go. As my hobbies evolved I ended up into electronics, with a 3D printer and a LASER cutter, then a lathe, a mill, a welder and more tools than I know what to do with. I have an idea, then figure out what I need to make it, then learn as much as I can to realise my idea. Or that's usually the plan I do wish I'd done m
  5. Demonic69

    Miroku 800

    Sorry, just spotted this It's a monte-carlo stock, pretty sure that's trap, not sporter? I'm not 100% though
  6. I'd forgotten about that, I don't get out much anyways Don't risk travelling unless you have to chaps!
  7. Rem 1100, best SA ever... there happens to be one for sale in the sales section right now!
  8. We almost just lost a house, that we were wanting to buy, to a "cash buyer". Turns out he was actually after a bridging loan and hadn't even secured that!
  9. Woodlands.co.uk have all sorts of shady covenants you agree to when buying land from them. We looked at some a few years ago but it looked, to my un-trained eye, like they'd be able to do almost what they wanted with our land, regardless of not owning it, and we'd not be able to do most things we'd want to. No shooting, camping or fun of any kind. They held the sporting rights, plus the right to claim for any tree felling, land grants, furlough (I read somewhere that that was the reason the guy set the company up, he knew the EU payments were coming), minerals found etc.
  10. We had the first frost last week, the old boys will have been out in force!
  11. And, just by reading this and other forums, there are plenty of people complaining about the newer Berettas, the faults they're having, rubbish warranty support etc. Perazzis are splitting wood, Berettas are breaking a pin, Browning are having ribs come off (can't remember if that's the order of faults to manufacturer, just some of the faults I've read about new guns recently). Can't say I've heard of a regular fault on ATAs, though that may just be due to there being fewer of them about
  12. Demonic69


    That sounds brilliant. We did similar. Flights, chalets (off mountain) and car hire was about £140 PP for the week. Drove to Jasna (the wrong way, over the mountains) and stayed in Trnovec IIRC. Then it was a short drive to the top of the mountain or to the bus at the bottom. I thought the skiing was excellent and the hot springs/spas were great too. Prices for ski hire and lift passes were similar to the other resorts we stayed in, not expensive, but not cheap. Hard to complain when Jasna was practically brand new, the equipment was top notch and the staff and service were excellent. We had t
  13. Being generic, maybe they base it on a different barrel diameter? You could probably calculate that backwards and see if the 2 you have marry up?
  14. Demonic69


    You're all far too rich for my tastes/wallet We stuck to Europe for cost reasons, skiing Austria, Andorra, Switzerland, Finland and Slovakia. Slovakia was by far the cheapest, though the resort wasn't quite up to the standards of other places. They're heavily investing though and the improvements are marked.
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