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  1. Cat, meet pigeons. Most people who claim to be dyslexic are just borderline-illiterate. There are a few rare cases, but the majority I've met are also thick. They just use dyslexia as an excuse for being thick, regardless of the fact that they're thick in general, not just when it comes to literacy. Not a personal attack on anyone who struggles, you could be in the few.
  2. Don't forget that Floyd had been making excuses since the police first arrived, including being claustrophobic and not being able to breathe, even while half-in half out of the squad car. At which point does the boy crying wolf get his own way? I agree that Chauvin should have reacted differently, but I can imagine it being hard to take every complaint at face value when being presented with excuse after excuse from every criminal you try to arrest. I'm only addressing the "I can't breathe" issue though.
  3. The last time I went I just pre paid for a card and went shooting with the foot pedals, far too easy to blast through 150 clays and carts in under an hour! They didn't ask for my SGC, probably assuming that, without my cert, I wouldn't have the means to shoot in the first place 🤣
  4. I've not seen that myself. I've seen a group of lads with some semis and some pumps enjoying themselves. They were being a bit loud, but no more than other groups I've seen. There have been a few All The Gear, No Ideas giving "lessons" to groups of people who clearly don't want to be there, probably family. The worst gun safety I've seen is from experienced shooters, usually just small lapses in concentration while chatting to mates. Not opening the gun when taking from the rack, closing it before putting it back, not watching the where the business end is pointing etc.
  5. I'm happy with that TBH. The attitude of the staff, rather than the rule is what's put me off going back. I'm not being sneered at for not wearing head-to-toe tweed or a skeet vest with my name on the back (regardless of not being in a team). I was just surprised with it being such a large ground, when all the other's I've shot at have been fine. I did find it on their website in the end though, you just have to scroll all the way past the relevant shooting information, past the bit about the cafe and competitions, booking forms etc. That'll teach me to not read the full site
  6. With the rise in promatic style traps it makes sense that shooters are getting less instruction and guidance. Originally we'd go round with one of the ground staff who could supervise, now we're off on our own. I wonder if we'll see a rise in inductions and mandatory training?
  7. That's our usual ground mate, always have a good day there I fancied the new ground because we'd not shot there and they have a gun in stock I wanted to try before I buy. Doveridge and Cockett have always been great too.
  8. Possibly yeah. I could understand if they'd had a bad experience. That makes sense. TBH I'd happily have some form of induction as a first time visitor. Just having a cert doesn't make a shooter safe, probably less so in some cases. When I shot PSG we had to attend the safety course before we could start shooting at other clubs. I was a bit surprised when I started clay shooting that anyone with an S2 could just turn up and be expected to be safe. It's good that we're trusted for a change though.
  9. Wrong. The question wasn't "who's fault is it?". Got to love the toxic attitude of shooters, start apportioning blame to fellow shooters straight away. Notice how I didn't name the ground? Out of the 6 grounds I've shot at in the last couple of years none of them have had an issue with guests. I've learned my lesson and will ask the next time I try somewhere new, as I did with N&DGC. So my question, is this normal? Do you have a clue as to the justification? Also do you guys know of other grounds that don't allow guests?
  10. We checked online and I even called to ask if I needed to book. Just didn't think to ask if they required all shooters to be licensed as I've not come across it before. He was advised to wait by SYP due to COVID delays. It should be going in any time now
  11. My brother and I went out Thursday morning for our first shoot in a long time. I've got my S2, he normally just shoots under my supervision. We've shot several clay grounds but felt like trying somewhere new (plus most places are closed on a Thursday). Drove for an hour an 1/4 to a modern looking, large clay ground. Went to check in and the lass asked if we both had our tickets. I explained I had by my brother shoots under my guidance. She said they don't do that there and that he'd need to go out with an instructor. When asked if they'd not got the Police exemption she responded with "No, we
  12. Cheers OPP As said above, it's usually easier to measure up and re-draw. Especially taking into account the idiosyncrasies of 3D prints. Unless you could get it sintered from metal the strength of the parts won't be amazing. You could always use the printed part for a casting if you needed. Good luck!
  13. I just had to Google that. I'm amazed that it's an actual thing!!!
  14. Not selling mate, just thought they were interesting
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